This is a poem about me
Myself, I
To set things straight,
Clear the slate
I am the epitomy of bold
Wisdom spills off my lips
And sways in my hips
I hear the blood pumping my ever beating heart
Reminding me where I am
Why I can't restart
Yet I wonder who I will become
Who my hands will hold and my heart to touch
I see the nightmares, but only as victories
For I have overcome even my own worst enemy
I want to be the source of happiness
The pride reflecting in your eyes
I am everything I see

I pretend that I'm okay
With smiles on my face saying my goodnights
Then tears down my face
When I'm alone at night
I feel okay that I'm not
My tears hug me with a warm embrace
I touch the hearts of those around me
Shine my love and give my rain
I worry about my performance
Will I succeed and follow my dreams?
I cry when I am overwhelmed
The weight on my shoulders brings me to my knees
I pick one foot up
And rise to my feet
I am a warrior

I understand perfection is beyond my grasp
Too far for even the keenest eye to see
I say I will persevere
Make it through all my fears
I dream of completeness
No negativity to bring me defeat
I try to stay positive
And rise above the common man's believes
I hope to follow my heart
I'll show them who I can be
I am a dream catcher
A promise keeper
I am
While writing poetry I typically do not use myself as the subject. And even when I do I stay away from pronouns. So for this poem, I made it a point to be very obvious that I was the subject! Hope you enjoy :)
open your eyes
why can't you see
past his disguise?
you know he's not
like other guys
wish you could see

ask the question

how much he cares
he gets as close to
you as he dares
but inside he's
so scared
doesn't want to stare

meet him halfway
what i hope my guardian angel is saying to her rn
Sam 4h
I thought that I should try

To rhyme another rhyme

But all I can think instead

Is I just want to go to bed
i wanna be
the guy that you need
i wanna treat
you like a queen
because to me
you are a dream
with beauty
like i've never ever seen

i want to make
your every day brighter
i want to make
you laugh and smile
and even
if you are upset
i want to try
and help you forget for a while
i grew up learning to
appreciate the value of a dollar
especially since they were few
and far between for my father
mom had to stay home
take care of three boys
first glance it looks nice
but she didn't have a choice
didn't go on vacation
can't afford the plane fare
whole lot of complaining
why mom? it's not fair!
other kids get to go
and see aruba
why the bank always gotta
be doing this to us?
but we were all raised
on the value of character
even if you're dead broke
they can't take that from you
so we all learned to live
fuck we learned how to strive
set us up for dreams
for the rest of our lives
and writing words
was a portal to another world
when i am in love
or when i'm discouraged
i've got fire in my heart
and the next step on my mind
and i like to think
i didn't forget to be kind
so here i go following
this yellow brick road
from pennsylvania avenue
all the way home
and i'll never stop dreaming
goals are just a checklist
set the bar a hundred meters high
they can't best this
part of a new thing?
I have written many sad poems.
I have run out of sadness.
I spent it all desperately.
Like a drunkard on another shot of whiskey.

I've spent all my sadness. Now only happiness remains.

I walked on a rainy muddy road this morning.
I nearly cried from sadness.
Then a woman with a baby stopped for me.
I got in at the back and just then, I saw it.
It looked at me and struggled successfully to sit next to me.
It held my cold hand and gave me all its warmth.

I realized I couldn't be sad. Happiness and warmth filled my heart.

I will sit at my house tonight.
Open that coconut whiskey and dance to any song on my TV.
I will take time looking through every room and drink to it.
I will text my best friend and tell her I love her.
I will celebrate this newly found happiness.

I've run out of reasons to be sad, now I will look for happiness.
I've re-written it.  When i read it over this evening I hated it.  The sequences needed adjusting, the whole thing made more sense of.  it was too abstruse, downright vague the way it stood.  Crap.  Here it is:  I hope it's better, clearer, stronger.

       Vanity Or What?  Or Not?

Will they miss me when I’m gone?

Would they miss me if I went?

Is the Facebook thing, this Instagram,

Snapchat, this and Snapchat that  -

Is only just to reassure, insure and all the -sures

An immortality that’s hardly possible

With such as these?

A question and a statement.

If you should land upon an isle,

No phone, no clothing, just a smile,

Who’d care that you’re not there or where?

The ego takes a jolt when true result is that

A lively world’s been going on

In the short while you’ve been isle borne.

When you take up, upon waking,

Cell phone, laptop out and working,

Think about your motive deep, some path new chosen.

Leap into the seasons, steeping self in new horizons.

Public profiles pass from sight, from mind, from heart

Once they depart.

Querying the motives that define,

I’m off to take out, open mine,

The whole controlling

‘Spite the knowing.

Vanity or not?

Vanity Or What?  Or Not? 3.18.2018 Circling Round Vanities II; Circling Round Egos; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Corwin
You’ve mastered the act
You’ve turned off emotions
Now everything’s black

I am truly sorry
I slowly grow colder
It’s always my fault
She breaks when I hold her

He’s bitter and angry
There’s pain in his eyes
He bleeds from his struggle
His will slowly dies

There’s things I’ve done
The things I regret
The problems I caused
I won’t easily forget

But i’M nowhere near perfect
And neither are you
Let’s all hurt each other
I’ve lost you two

It’s easy to blame yourself when you think you weren’t good enough to save other people. At first I placed that burden on myself , but when I failed, I never stood back up. That’s what I regret. I lost two friends , that I won’t forget. I really miss them.
At one point in time
When all is said and done
The only things that remain
Are the ashes of good intentions

It is a general rule that
People maintain an underlying
Need for gratification
A facade of “I don’t”

No fucks given

This is false
We’re all liars inside
To your friends, families

To look in the mirror
Whether model or mould
Is a painful reminder
Of this stark reality.
Writing in this state of mind is a dangerous thing. And doesn’t make sense. Don’t misbehave and write people :D
she uses smallish words
medium, i guess
she wears converse
and she’s nice, i guess
she’s funny
and she cares
she’s stylish,

and i love her
but she doesn’t know
to what extent
i guess
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