Arsène 4h
Drowned in pills
Her morbid gaze and soulless eyes would send me chills
A relationship empty but a foundation of thrills

Her beauty piercing as to be posey
I just delighted she chose me
Her slightest whim I would mosey
Or she'd batter, bruise, and expose me

Why me I wondered at times
As her white powders were sniffed in reverent lines
Too petrified to ask
Her actions ignominiously grasped

So I left
My feelings undealt, as I wept
And all of my friends were gleaming
But I didn't know what to believe in
Value your self!
Bryce 23h
C'mon out to the rattled caves
the deep-sea malaise
rested in the grey metamorphs
of an ancient coastal chain

Where Sisyphean slips of tectonic rifts
pull the molding clay
like play-dough
and old rock that turns anew
churned into
great catacomb stele
Babylonian towers far away
from the great

Surrounded by the militant trees
the military sharpness of their pine
quills writing their mark in the dirt
for a hundred turns or so
only to be rearranged
into the great intercontinental soil

And on the aggregate
held open the mists
of the vast expanse of ocean
beyond L.A
and stole the fruits of the tiny parceled condominium rainwater
from distance far away
angry men shouting--
"Give us back our life blood, GOD DAMN YOU!"

Filling the tanks of their fleshomobiles
running around and sweating it out
trading it for cloth and wiping their brow on
brown shirts
perturbed and disobeyed

But that great man with the chin muscatche
brought the rough riders out of their dome
into the frontier, riding trains
Off they go!
Seeking paradise in the sands
and the trees
and the coastal breeze
of a world owned and seen
by the world
by man
and by all these things

It would be grand

But that rock has been seen before
in Luarentian islands long ago
or perhaps a great FUJI-SAN of the west coast
worshiped by critters and dinosaurs
You are late to the game, sweet dreamers, you!
These monuments give to honor due
not you,
no sir did you build these things?
did you mold these things
with the patience of a father
with the consequentiality
of the womb
and a motherly affection
for all things true?
the gift is for you,
remember your father's gifts
sweet princes of the earth
because they will outlive you.

And I walk along the stream
stepping upon these little bits of Yosemite
Pulverized mountain rocks
Renal Stones of the diseased
to which the water flushed out deeply
and cured the grey things from all that left them
hoping for more than just selfies
and sticking it to god's face
laughing at half-dome
climbing it and getting the better of ourselves
Believing we have achieved bliss

When in reality,
there is nothing to this which we can reach.
I mouthed the words while we were lying on your bed
Your fingers tracing my arm
Our faces so close
Our legs so tangled
Your eyes were closed
You tell me I am the only person you feel comfortable talking about 'feelings' with

My arm on your neck
I mouthed the words I don't yet know if I could ever say to your face
I don't know if I will ever understand them enough to
"It's different with you"
"It's never been like this before"
We work so well
You make me so happy
"I'm usually a depressed piece of shit in the summer, but this summer is so different. Not all because of you 'cause that wouldn't be healthy. But you changed something in me."

And I know you're not perfect
And you know I'm not perfect
But together

We're pretty damn close.
Jordan 1d
On days like this

We could we would should

Wake up super early

Write sweet letters too our creator

Deep breathing stretching

Just for a few till we get lazy

We would get high as mount zion

Cook a buffet of food just for the am

Pages of books would turn
Weeds too burn

Stillness will pervade in us

Bliss love fill every corner of the house

The kids still dead asleep

One wakes up smelling ethnic herbs

Tunes of bob marley find its way

Its way too all rooms

Little spirits awaken

He's the happiest on these days

Especially with you (them)
I willing and able so i throw my cards on your table
I know a boy, he holds in a lot
He tells me he's fine, but i know he’s not
He says he’s okay, and hides behind a smile
But i know whats wrong, and it's been going on for a while

Once he opened up, told it all to me
We were both still awake, when the clock turned three
Here on the earth, he doesn’t want to live
But i tell him no, he has so much to give

It kills me inside, to know why he hurts,
He’s always neglected, and left in the dirt
The reason he hurts, is not what you think
He’s in pain all the time, his feelings on brink

On brink of explosion, to hurt him for good
I tell him to stop, but he thinks that he should
Should hurt himself, do something he’ll regret
And if the day comes, i'll never forget

Never forget the boy who holds in a lot,
Who tells me he's fine, but i know he's not
Nothing to be ashamed of, just a chemical imbalance
And it really shouldn't stop him, from expressing his talents

All the horrible thoughts, swarming in his head
He can't get them out, so he ignores it instead
Shuts out all the thoughts, the people, the feelings
And it doesn't do much, just stops him from healing

Then one night when we lay under the same stars
He rolled up his sleeves, and showed me his scars
I didn't know what to say, no idea what to do
So i rolled up my sleeves and showed him mine too

but why did you ruin, such a beautiful boy
why did you put him here, if all you do to him is destroy
destroy his feelings, control his thoughts and his mind
take everything and leave nothing behind

hes not the same as he was, and he never will be
you’ve ruined him for everyone, and he can never truly be free
he was so kind before, would never hurt a soul
but now he’s bitter, and it's because of your control

why do you ruin, the most promising ones,
the ones who can't overcome you, do you do it for fun
depression. why did you do this to him
i hate you so much, i don't know where to begin

so i know a boy, but hes not the same anymore
he still tells me hes okay, just like before
the only difference from then, is i don't know what to do
i truly don't think i can help him, but someone has to.
Kaitlyn 3d
it always seemed like you could never be mine
always too good for me
always someone better than me for you to love.
until you were mine...
the chase filled my eyes my heart my soul with adoration for you.
but when you finally wanted me to be yours, you wanted the whole world to know
which led me to wonder why you weren't content with just me.
always going to show off to the world what you have
show her off as your latest capture
your greatest possession.
temporarily, as nothing is ever here to stay.
and i present the first damper you put on our relationship.
a month is all we lasted.
i couldn't do it anymore
i lost my best friend pretending he could be my first lover.
or did i lose someone who loved me while i convinced myself he was just a friend.
closure will never be given as i dont know the answers to your questions.
but you dont even know how to ask the questions anymore.
but you still have the ability to snap me in two with a single decision.
and when you move on i can guarantee my heart will ache.
and theres nothing left for me to do
because i was the one to let you go.
and now ill never know what we could have been
because youre right, i gave up too easily.
i should't feel like this. i have no right.
You are always there... Even when I don't want you to be

Walking either right next to me... or behind me

You know when I'm alone... and need a loving embrace

You knock on my door... demand that I open it... so I can look into your baby face

I have tried rejected the love that you offer, I have tried ignored your company

But you always found a way to make me accept and deal with it...and all so suddenly

When I am in tears or in the midst of run and sit beside me

A partner... A friend that sticks closer then a brother... I know you will never abandon or leave..

Your eyes speak words that I know you could never speak..

and you stare at me so heavily, especially when you see me walk away and leave...

Are you bothered that you can't come along?

I can't help but want to turn around.. since this feeling of separation feels so wrong

I have corrected, forgiven, and rebuked you several times... I'd thought you hate me for those times...

But you only grow closer... and become all the more attached to me... which is more then fine

When I sit alone, and try to ignore the atmosphere I live in

You come walking up to me, sometimes bearing gifts or something to share, making me give in

But you always make sure your emotions are clear and made known

I know most of what you go through... I see you so much... how can it be ignored or thrown?

Feeling so locked up and caged? Several stair cases under?

Sometimes you come to me for guidance and comfort.. but I don't know the mind of a boy... but I do wonder...

I'm still here... I miss you so much sometimes whenever  I'm away

But I have that glorious image... of you running to me with such a big happy smile. Don't delay!!

Greet me with a kiss on the cheek, or sometimes on the hand

Your such a little fella... but you think of your self to be a proud man

But oh... the boy I love... the boy DOG I love...

The best friend that I need and don't came from above

You mean so much to me... I love you my slobbery, fluffy, Pomeranian MUNCHKIN!!!!!!!

What?... Did you think I was talking about a real boy?
...Soooooo... How many of you did I fool? XD HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously XD I want to know how many of you I fooled into think I was talking about an actually boy lol

Don't get me, wrong, it would be a great poem for a lover but i wrote it for my close companion... Munchkin, a Blessing from the Lord

Dog's always have that tendency to leave a paw print on your heart don't they? ;)
Phi 4d
feeling the breath co-mingle
when our chests are pressed
dancing to the in-and-out-
smitten with rhythm
indignant of dignity

invigorated significance
in figure eights and sycophants

given and taken
hidden to shaken
win it by faking
I don't know
I was on the roof
With a cup of red tea.
Looking at the moon
And counting the stars.

You were on the roof too
But with a bottle of pure red wine.
Waiting for the sun to shine
And waiting for the birds to sing.
Just an imagination.
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