halsey 6h

But right now
I am chaos to your thoughts
and you are poison to my heart.

If loving you completely,
As I found myself in you,
Could be termed as a sin,
Seen through spirituality,
Then I don't mind my life's sin,
And I'll proudly carry the guilt,
As I have you as my happiest gift.

My HP Poem #1673
©Atul Kaushal
Lure Pot 21h

I am like my poems
And they're like me
Like I write about you
And you're like the sea.

I am your language
And you're my thoughts
Like I write about you
And you're like a lee.

I am a small garden
And you’re its flowers
Like I write about you
And you're like a bee.

I am the blue skies
And you're my dreams
Like I write about you
And you're like me.

I am the early morning
And you are the new day
What you look like today
I would like to see...

W 1d

Don’t worry, I just love to reminisce
Time will come all of these will be erased
Like the season that always changes
My memories will be replaced
By better ones, I hope
By better ones, I pray

Like the paint that used to cover
The place we used to meet

Like the heart-rending sonata
now on its closing beat

Like the coffee on the table
Slowly diminishing its heat

These painful memories
One day will recede
Winnowed down by time
To small and smaller residues
These painful memories
Weathered down to humus
Where blossoms
The cosmos of change.

the cosmos is a very serene flower.

poet Nat
took great exception
to writers
who started poems
with the personal pronoun

I was of the belief
that the word I
where the I person
was coming from

given that I is telling
of I's experiences
it's quite legitimate
to use any I

I think poet Nat
hasn't looked into I enough
as his critique
of I has been rather tough

I happen to like
a poem beginning in I...
and at my earliest opportunity
I'll give I a try

Do you know me at all?
Do you know what I've seen,
Where my mind goes when it drifts off?
Off, off, off
Until it falls right off the Earth.
Favorite song,
The one I sing to break my heart
Over and over again.
Favorite movie,
That always excites my personality.
Favorite book,
That always leaves me inspired and craving life.
What brings tears to my eyes?
What gives me the warm, fuzzy feelings.
Am I just a toy to you?
New and shiny, for the moment?
Until I'm thrown into a corner.
With all of your discarded things,
thought, and feelings.
Left to collect your dust.

U 2d

In the time before,
I was empty, miserable inside,
A wretch whose every smile was war,
Whimpering for a curtained place to hide.

The day, desolate;
Night, in its black stillness much the same.
Pitched pain, itching for an exit,
Legs set to cease the heaving hate and blame.

Now, I feel my heart
Beating love-blest power through my chest.
Before unfelt, its bucking start
Divests the owner, all along mere guest.

Symphony, rise, crest,
Condescend to my low-sighted view.
I sleep to wake, straight-up obsessed,
Eight letters and a period for you.

Careful now, don’t jest,
Lest my past peers profitable heist,
Dethroned selves sing out through the mesh,
Anguished, set to vanquish their sole poltergeist.

So, patch; never cease
Paragon of love’s delightful dawn,
Persisting for the barest piece
Of you, the whole of why I am not gone.

A little something
I've been working on
For my one and only
Truly only one.
HYA 3d

I look at you
   looking at her
      while she's
         looking at
            H   I    M.

The question is... is there someone looking at me?


One, two, three.
In just three seconds
I fell for you.

One, two, three.
In just three seconds
you told me you liked me.

One, two, three.
In just three seconds
you said you love me.

One, two three.
In just three seconds
you promised me forever.

One, two, three.
Who would've have thought that in just three seconds
you could easily leave me.

You left me so easily.
HYA 4d

I love poetry.
  Every word I write
      leads back to you.
          Therefore, you are
                my poetry.

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