Audora 1h

You were broken glass
But i still touches you
Even though I knew
I would get hurt
With all the pain
You've put me through
You must love me
More than I could ever
Love you.

I fully understand because
I've been there in the dark
A world that's ruled by emptiness and sorrows
pulsating heart
accepting its solitude
in the shadow of yours.

halsey 20h

I hate waiting
and i miss you more
than you'll ever understand
but i will wait
forever and a day just four with you

my heart doesn't lie

Audora 21h

I want to feel the life
of someone’s at arm’s reach
to feel
that I am alive

Audora 1d

I have searched for you for lifetimes,
And been disappointed at every turn...

Audora 3d

My heart longs to be somewhere
to where I see myself

No matter how hard

I try to mould myself

To be more like her

The clay fails to hold

And the look you give me

Is a reminder that I keep failing you

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