ST Rossa 36m

"So to what end do you write"

I write to take my family out of their misery.
It's prett numerous family
with seven billion in counting.

Marie 8h

pull up your bootstraps
wipe off your chins
our mouths may bleed
but these hearts
are iron armored
lets keep them out
just like we practiced

Hasani Nov 27

I find it amusing
That most of my favorite
Black male writers, singers, and poets
Ended up with caucasian women

I wonder deeply
If its strange that
I, a writer,
Has never had a snowflake
Fall on my tongue
Or to put it another way
Has never craved the taste of a
A snow bunny

Its not that I find them unattractive
If anything,
Angelina Jolie,
Drew Barrymore,
can get some

But I must be a conspiracy
That as soon as a black man
Gets a piece of the pie,
He has whitey by his side
That ain’t right,

Go ahead, call me racist,
But why cant black women
Live at the top of the hill?
Especially when they were with us
While we struggled to reach
The top?

Aren’t they just as beautiful?
Cant they be tokens?
Why aren’t they the prize?

You smile when I am sad
you don't miss me
when you are glad
I want your happiness
because I love you
but you want my sadness
because you got me wrong
you don't love me
but I like your song
Do you feel like I love you?

I cry when you are sad
you don't even know my name
you just call me a lad
Please, I am not a game
I have feelings and love
but you can't feel me
and my silence
I see, you don't like me
but I still believe you're my princess.
Tell me, what do you have?

“You should die
You shouldn’t cry.
You shouldn’t lie.
You should die.”

“You're not wanted anymore can’t you see?
You have zero friends and no parents
Your life isn’t good enough.
You have no reason to go on.”

“It’s funny how persistent you are.
Its weird that you are optimistic.
It's just not fair.”

It's not okay to be me.
It's not supposed to be easy.
It's not going to be better.
It's all downhill from here.

Why am i still here?
Why are you still reading this?
Why can’t i just leave already?
Why am i still here?

What am i trying to accomplish?
What is this thing called life?
What is your deal?
What is my deal?
What is anyone’s deal?

What if i wasn’t alive.
What if i died today?
What if all of us die?

I have nothing else to do.
I have nowhere else to go.
I have no one else to love.
I have no one at all.

I am alone. I am alone.
I’ve said so many times”I am alone?”
I have no will to live.
I have no motivation.

No will to live.No love.
No desire to move on.
No hope.No one.
No thing.No where to go.
Just. No.

it's another dark poem. i don't know what got over me. it isn't true to me but maybe to others.
if any of you got a good reading voice, please send a video of you , a friend, or anything with this poem.

sleepless nights taunt me in the pitch darkness that mirrors shut eyelids and butterflied lashes,
the same ones we wish upon,
and wish away.
the hours tick on by and i cannot drift;
my mind accompanied by other things than dreams,
and you,
yes, you, too, my sweet.
imagining anything,
i suppose is unhealthy for a lonely girl like me,
though i wasn't always this way.
when i found you after journeying through the beyond,
the nights were easy,
and i'd never wake in the midst of sweat and fear,
for you were safe.
a lifeboat for saving you kept rowing back to me,
and i'd come close to slipping under the water,
but i always felt your hand,
at the last moment your hand clasping mine.
and when i would open my eyes and throat above the surface
i no longer saw that dark of the night,
i saw you,
in your light you were everything.

This is about an ex-boyfriend that I am still in love with. Speaking to him I realize how much my heart aches.

I spend all my days
Wanting and forgetting you
Leaving and breathing you

The absenent taste
Burns bitter
Like ashes
All around me
My teeth grin
With pain

My own absence
Ignores me
Then wakes
Me alive
Just to come
Back down

Why must I
Ever come down

When you are
My bed
Hurried dry dying
To become a
Strawberry stain

The planets re-aligned today
and I thought it was, just me
being special, in my way
a quiet wishful, plea

The sun came up this morn
and I, narcissistically
believed I was re-born
after all, everything, is me

The girls, and boys, fawning
it's just this effect I do
new day, and new way dawning
myself, always, coming through

I'm your gift this season
I'm cause, for all your joy
I'm just saying, I'm the reason
Cuz I'm, the real, McCoy

Just saying, a day without me, is like a day.....
without me ;D~

Yeah, right! LOL
liv 5d

take me back to those days at the fairground
where it was like our own playground
where your smile seemed to wrap around me
and in your arms i felt safe and sound
take me back to when we weren't so stressed
when we didn't have to worry about time
when we knew we would see each other the next day
and i didn't have a reason to say i miss you

we live in the same town, yet we're miles away

I feel like I need to tell
you, my life is very easy
and maybe so crazy
sometimes I am happy
sometimes I feel unwell.
What can I do with my life?

I just got started loving someone
but nobody knows about it
because my Love is still shy
that's probably why.
What can I do with my Love?

but Idk
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