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Will, there be time enough for me to get done whatever Is left for me to  do before this life Is finally through to finish anything
I started there are poems of my wife still I have to write

But when all Is said and done to what will be for me then when my writing Is all done and I cannot write any more to
what will I do them because I live with the fear
of not being able to

For writing to me about my wife has become like an addiction a necessary need to write every day If I miss a day feel I've failed just got to write every spare moment

I have In a day total dedication devotion
an undying love for my sweetheart even though she gone I live her, breath her every second of the day she Is In my thoughts

I live for her memory It's the only way I know how to survive In a world I'm no longer happy In I knew the day l lost her my whole world would crumble because she was so ill I'd feared losing her for

But tried to push the thought to the back my mind but the eventually the Inevitable happened
and she was gone my whole world gone with
her no fairy tale ending
no sitting together In retirement on a porch watching the sun go down
or watching flying geese across the morning

I'm struggling to comes terms of the loss or maybe
I don't want to perhaps It's that I'm comfortable to live In sadness because at least she still with me If I were to cure grief completely I'd lose her I don't want to do that
Will I have enough time to finish what I started In life
Rain 3h
I can't fix all the problems in the world, I know,
So how do I choose which ones to address?
To truly help them, I must let go
of my own selfish happiness

Instead, I will strive to mend what is broken,
Though broken is what I may be
Simply living is indeed a heavy token
A token of which I admit, I wish I was free

So how do I choose who to throw a lifeline to?
Each lifeline takes a piece of me, it's true
And I'm not sure how many pieces I have left

But in bringing others joy,
One must often sacrifice their own happiness
Yet I

I can't save every starfish,
but in saving a few I  must watch the rest die
As I selfishly choose which ones to let live and let lie
I see my friends hurting, and I want to be there, but I can't heal every person  I meet in need of my help. I'm afraid that someday the weight of all their burdens will crush me, once and for all, but until that time, I'll guess I'll keep trudging onward, cracks, broken pieces and all, until the day I just can't move any farther.
There are feelings,
I haven't
discovered yet.
My soul needs time
to come across
Sometimes laid awake and watching my wife sleeping she was locked In dreams
unaware that I was there
sleeping safely In her dreams

To what she dreamed about I guess I'll never know, but she sure looked happy as she lay asleep watching her so beautiful to me as I watched her lay sleeping

I knew she was happy In her dreams no way would I disturb her as she lay safely In her dreams but maybe her dreams were that of me, so I left her to
carry on

I laid until eventually I fell to sleep with my sweetheart by my side but now she passed on to another place so It to now my dreams I have to turn to at night
In Dreams I would let her sleep whilst awake I lay watching In hope her dreams
we're perhaps of me
Sabrina and ****
On my mind
Reading through old convos
Sweet girl
Your insight inspired me
These tears
Of joy
I only want you to be happy
I’m happy knowing you did what you had to do
For you
Not for me
For you
I love you so much
Will always love you
Simple times
It’s passing like the dart on a summer day it was our time and you weren’t meant to stay

I guess though bro and ****...
But u know
I be here
Just here
Ready to take on anything

Want to hear your voice, but I’m patient
Even if I never get to hear it again
I’m patient

dear human
It was more than a relationship

But I mean
It’s always too late

And to easy to regret

In hopes of nothing but a greater now

So much... inside to express
In different ways
If was a connection
Desyrae 1d
I stopped writing
Because the only thing
I wrote about was you

You filled my mind.
You left blue paint
On my yellow walls
Left notes
All over my desk
Left tears
In my carpet
You left marks
On the Windows

In paintings were you
In mirrors too
In books
And words
And letters
Were you,
I saw you everywhere

I replayed your record
More times than i should've.
I replayed your record
But you seem to have played me

I stopped writing,
Because my reality became my words,
My words became my reality,
You molded my thoughts like playdoh
And shaped them into knives.
You split my heart in half

YOU! Split my heart in HALF!

You... Are no longer present
You... Is no longer present

Was the reason I stopped writing
Reeled me in and tossed me back
Like a fish


Is not the reason I've started to write again

He is
He brought me up when she kicked me down
Skywlkr 1d
So I've planted an old seed,
I've smoked some **** I know its Pointless with it a mind wouldn't be Freed so Mabey Time To Replant an Old Seed Once Again And look Apon Something of Life to sustain without it its hard to Fight The Pain But I Know I can Take the Strain just aslong as you Stand Beside me In the Rain!!!!
Been writting stuff I'm not ready to share thought I should give you something though and figured had to be true sorry but tell me your opinions
Today,  the weather is
  grieving with me. I share my tears
  with the rain. I share my pain with the
  wind. I share my mood with the
  dark sky. Today, we have
  many things in
Tears and rain
Star BG 2d
TO CRY is to release and recenter into love inside heart
TO LAUGH is to release and center inside the heart

To live in the heart everyday in every way is the BLESSING.
inspired from jRaw Rodriguez Thanks
What can you do
When you can't give someone a third of what they deserve?
Where can you find some more happiness to fill their eyes?
Why does this seem to happen to me all the time? I meet someone amazing and yet I still feel like I'm not worth anyone's time?

But enough with the self deprecation
For once my heart and head are United, unlike the nations
But this sensation, this feeling won't go away like pain without aspirin or julie Andrew's in a shop for sashes

What can you do? Leave it all on the table and hope they grab it
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