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Before I go, can I try and make you happy?
Should I rewrite that line since it's a bit sappy?

Before I go, is it okay to give one last smile?
I know I know, I've cried for quite a while.

Before I go, can I tell you how much you mean to me?
I'm sorry that I will be leaving, but you'll be free.

Before I go, can I write out my last few lines?
I'll keep it happy with my "I'm fines."

Before I go, can I try one last shout?
I want you to be happy without a doubt.
I want  happiness
x want happiness
x xxxx  happiness!
Alex Oct 11
do you think, when god created us,
they immediately realized their mistake?
the angels must have hated us
they should
they do.

imagine being the perfect epitome of a being,
only to be cast aside for those who create nothing but unbridled chaos.
"it’s what makes them perfect"
they said once, when one of the angels asked about it
"the chaos?" Gabriel asked
"their humanity."

i'm convinced none of them understood exactly what “humanity” means,
and we don’t either.

the day that i reach the end of the road,
when i meet earth, and my soul is the only thing left
and it just so happens
that the god I write about turns out to be real,
i hope they let me ask this question just once
KHY Oct 5
You’ve infected that part of me
that cries when I’m alone
Now my tears are iron chains
that block me from the sun
I feel none
I feel none
M Srisaravana Sep 25
I once saw death and asked why?
So much fear, freezing with fierce,
That could be it; He then asked what why?
Why so much fear I asked,
A dark, cold smile and he vanished,
For there once again light and warm,
But then it was not the death,
Who answered my question,
For his absence did the trick,
Once again, I saw someone familiar,
This time it is life, what a joyful blessing,
Happiness bloomed for she is the mother,
I asked her why once again as I did,
She gave a warm smile and yet,
Again vanished once more without answers,
But death returned with a grim smile,
What is this game you are trying to play,
For he spoke, at last, breaking the silence,
I am the death; I am the life,
In this worldly manifestation, I am both,
It is you who saw the way I was,
Dark and freezing, warm and welcoming,
I am not the darkness nor the light,
I am not he nor she, the mother nor the father,
Listen to my voice; I heard her whispers in me,
At last, deep down I know what it means,
At last, I know what it means.
why do she hate me, i dont understand
I did all i could as your man
she ask me to love her so i ask for her hand
my attempt seem to go without justification,
when she became mad i became a sentive man
it was never a thought i was bring her love to an end

her request was never by past without grateful planning so many acts right on my *** but i never gave in, stayed gratefully just that chance to express this enter love of this man
ended with lack of understand placed so bluntly
why do she hate me ?

I tryed my  best but her hate continue to manifest without just each passing day
I cooked cleaned, i love above means so, why does she hate me then as if there was never any love to begin why do she hate me so much why so much...
just something on my heart. hurting..
Ruheen Sep 13
Does living need to hurt?
I thought God was kind.
Were they all lies?
We might just be blind.

Oh wait,
I don't even believe
In him; it isn't real.

If it was, we would all
Be fine.

I pray.
I pray. Just don't know what I'm praying to. I don't think it's God.
Kai Sep 6
Eyes beaming to boisterous belly laughs of old friends-
pursuing painted sunsets and cold winds.
Made me feel like a man, from your alcohol and wine.
She said, “where were you when I wasn’t fine?”

Deluded her with my plausible lies, truth be told-
You were forgotten, but I’m not your foe.
Is he a better charmer whose eyes light up your den?
Lost a good friend, cause’ I left for some men.
Oh, how foolish I was, I cried more than I could chew.
Truth is I am not a man without you.
I hope your best friend is better than what I could have become.
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