But I must say
Petty looks good on you
Why don’t you make it rain
Since you think you’re so cute

I wish to tell you off
To tell your tainted truth
But I ain’t got the time
To waste my voice on you
I have plenty of my own issues. I have absolutely no time to deal with yours at the same time.
Don’t ask me why
Cause I don’t even know

tell me why
You stared at me and not the sky
Remember that freestyle
You were well aware
Right then
And there
That I couldn’t
Put a crown
Who seldom

If you don’t care
Why did you stare
why did you notice

Why do I care
Here I go getting
I’m another thousand yard stare
I know
My content is getting
But it’my reality
It’s shitty
But I’m working on it
My life
My relationship
My Attitude
my everything
I’m working on it...

It’s all I can do..
I sit here in front of my keyboard trying to utter these words that I write, but I cannot. I sit here picturing a future with someone I've lost a long time ago. I determine what I cannot truly comprehend and if that makes no sense I do not know

I have no words, but too many emotions. Usually I could express myself in my poems and release the pain. Sometimes spit out some words that mean something or that can be put together, but now I cannot even utter the words I conclude or ink the words I think

When love strikes neither parties are the winner, the words I try to finish don't even come out, maybe I should just end my own...
Not suicidal, I just want to wake up one  day and think I'll be alright
sanaa 2d
if not for you, my life would be empty
my stars wouldnt shine, theyd fail to align
my limbs would give out and droop like spaghetti

if not for you, laughs would be sparce
my heart lodged in my throat, voice bleeting like a goat
sound would be as silent as a fart from my arse

if not for you, i wouldnt know love
my mind would be mindless, time is what binds us
despair's cold shackles im finally free of
I believe in the Sun even when it isn’t shining
I believe in Love even when I am alone
I believe in Happiness even when the world is crying
I believe in the Lord even when it seems I’m on my own
I believe in tomorrow even when I feel like tonight will never end
I believe in all these things because they always come back again
For every dark night, there’s an even brighter day
For every hollow path is a more fulfilling way
In every dark cloud, you can find a silver lining
So I keep my faith, and my faith keeps me grinding
Against the icy metal, like the rose that grew
From concrete, with its scratched and hardened petals
When no one in the world was here to love me
I held my head to the sky above me
And I was happy because I kept my faith
Cries for help
Are not cries for attention
I mean
A little attention
Is all that person
Ever really needed
Just to know
You're not alone
You're not the only one
Who lies awake at night
And waits to die
I'd be a lie
If I said
I haven't tried
And these people
With their masks on
They tell me
All you ever write about
Is suicide
But they're wrong
I write
For hope
I write
To cope
I write
To let you know
You're not alone

It's ok to not be ok
I look at this blank page
And I just write
I don't think about
What comes to mind
I'm able to find
A silver line
Among the black clouds
That try their best
To block out
The Light
It gets you through
The night
every person is beautiful
own unique way
search passionately
behind masks

lines have beauty
dare to find
poor grammar
poor vocabulary
creates poem
high thoughts
poor form

words -> boring form
easy realization of thoughts
great realization
perfect one

action -> beauty
take the action
own unique beauty
show beauty to the world

sure you good at something
manipulation of a particular person
walking from A to B
knowingstars/arts/music/history/them/self/dead/alive/animals/series/nature/culture/how to make love/how to give love/how to cook meal/how to kick him/how to make bomb/how to dig tomb/how to switch on/how to vanish zone/how to go out/how to groow tree/how to smoke pot/how to die young/how to climb top/ how to clean dno/ how to be a bitch/ how to blowjob ritch/how to jump/ how to jank/how to sell stuff/ how to grove up/ how to be cool/ how to play games/ how to fuck kid/ how to rape her/ how to kill them/ how to be racist/ how to burn atheist/ how to consecrate a car/ how to open the bar/how to speack honestly/how to make mistake/how to kick her ass/how to fuck her face/ how to bring pleasure/how to aim/how to fuck brains/how to treat/how to threat/how to choose/how to snooze/how to pass exams/ how to break arms/ how to chew gum/ how to write Elizaveta Bam/

do you like knowing?
do you like pass knowledge to others?
knowledge of something else
not about you
we don’t care about you
nobody cares
somebody cares
just for self-profit

fuck war
fuck tyranny
fuck hatred
fuck god
let’s share the beauty
hard to understand
                              easy to give up
searching for her truth.
forgotten facts emerge
more questions arise.
lost in time and space.
will she ever know the truth?
elizabeth zenk.
Two Haikus about all I know,
looking for the truth I'll never find.
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