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Arden Sep 23
Maybe I can’t stop
The downpour But
I will always join you  
For a walk in the rain
This poem is self translated version of my Hindi language poem titled "गीत का जन्म" published in Hindi Literary Magazine 'Veena' in June 2013

Whe­n the wounds given by you gave much pain
Lightening occurred and cloud thundered
Downpour started, Poetry sprouted
It consoled and fed ambrosia
Relieved wounds, brought relief

Brick should be answered with stone
The poet also knows this
And also believes somehow
But throwing Brick is beyond his nature

In response to the brick and stone
He recites poetry
He sings a new song
On hearing his song

The one who wounded him, barks first
Then loudly bursts
Throws brick and stone again and again
The poet again recites a song

Keeps Smiling and Smiling
Creates a new poem
This proves beyond any doubt
Brick and stones give birth to Poetry.

गीत का जन्म

तुम्हारे ज़ख्मों ने जब दर्द बख्शा
बिजली चमकी और बादल गरजा
कविता फूटी और जल बरसा
उसने मुझे संभाला, अमृत पिलाया
घावों को राहत दी, आराम पहुंचाया

ईंट का जवाब पत्थर से देना चाहिए
कवि भी यह जानता है
पूरी तरह से मानता है
पर ईंट चलाना उसके बस की बात नहीं

ईंट और पत्थर के जवाब में
वह कविता सुनाता है
गीत नया गाता है
जिसे सुन सुनकर

पहले तो मारनेवाला भुनभुनाता है
फिर जोर से फनफनाता है
पुनः ईंट और पत्थर चलाता है
कवि फिर गीत सुनाता है

खड़ा खड़ा मुस्कुराता है
नयी कविता बनाता है
इससे यह सिद्ध होता है
ईंट पत्थर कविता को जन्म देते है|
Peoetry and Song are born this way also. Do you Agree with me???
Amanda Jun 6
Dark clouds collect overhead
You are as hidden as the sun
As far from me as the moon
Joined life we knew is done

It has been storming since we parted ways
Raindrops falling all the time
Friends tell me to keep my chin up
Starting to think the sun lost its shine

I am tired of this poor weather
Heart colder than winter snow
Drafts slipping through the front door
Sneaking in the crack below

I look towards the sky for freedom
Releif from this torrential curse
Although buckets of water dump from above
Only your kiss can quench my thirst
Why is it always gloomy in Amandaland?
lovely Apr 29
when will it stop?
these teardrops,
the downpour?
the rain beats on my back
as it mixes with my tears.
i can’t make it through the storm alone
so please stay with me.
i don’t want to get wet with rain
and tremble with cold.
it’s just a passing downpour,
i tell myself.
i won’t let it stay like this,
i can’t.
i need to be dry,
i need to be happy.
what happens when i stay in the rain?
i will let it win the war,
and the rain melts me away.
slowly and softly,
so no one notices me gone until it’s too late.
i’ve been struggling with depression for a long time now and there are days when it’s good and days when it’s bad. i think that’s a part of life though and i’m doing my best to get through it. if anyone reading this is struggling like me... it gets better. it doesn’t seem like it now and it seems like it never will but i’m here to say it does.
Aurianna Feb 19
You know those days when the sky is completely grey and we're afraid it's going to pour rain at any minute?
You know how we make it through the storm, but still, we have to acknowledge that the clouds will eventually be back?
You just never know when, and you'll never know how hard It'll down poor.
It speaks to me on how I, myself express my sadness.
These thoughts accumulate over time, they're there.
I can sense them,
sometimes I can forget them and they'll drift away
and the sun will shine,
the birds will sing,
the sun rays will dance across my skin
and all is at peace.
Most of the time, that's just not how it works for me.
  When I pour out I'm not just displeasing myself, I soak the people around me without warning.
I don't want to be like that.
I need to learn to love the rain.
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
The storm that dares
To snap up a bubble
Brews up the thundering
Only to sing out in raining!
Beyond the serene meadows
One still rests in the cool shadow
Swallows the downpouring
just like an ordinary daily dose!
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
Our secrets followed us here
Into this aged room
With dusty walls
And a stale smell
That reminds me a lot of us
Stuck in these patterns
Of not telling the whole truth
For the sake of others
For the sake of ourselves
Saving face as if it were a race
To see who can hide the most
But my hands our tied
I can no longer be the one that lies
Because lying next to you
Has become a painful facade
A ridiculous charade
A song that’s been overplayed
A novel that needs an end
This is the moment that breaks us
When I stop biting my tongue
Until my mouth is filled with blood
This is the minute where truth floods
Downpour of rain
Drowning you in disdain
Lydia Aug 2018
for the past few weeks I just haven't felt good
like the downpours I hit on my way to work
I've just been waiting to fall
astraea Aug 2018
hey moon,
you look like my girl.

but you fell, even when a soft not-so-country singer begged,
begged you to stay in the sky.

the only falling i’ll ever do,
it’s for you.

i fell for you,
as fast as a stone,
a jewel thrown into the sea.

glittering along those most beautiful things in the world.

i fell for you,
like rain from the north.

relaxed, slow,
then all at once.

northern downpour sends love,
i’d sing sardonically.

but with love?
based on northern downpour (panic! at the disco)
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