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caught off guard
by yet another downpour
unprepared again
he could shelter
from the torrent
and tempestuous
beneath the hung branches
of this laden tree
beyond its means
but he knows
it cannot keep him dry
for as long as
he might need
from bough to branch
to leaf and bud
down the back of his neck
through layer upon layer
soon sodden and soiled
those discomforting drips
will expose that
which he didn't want
Cloudburst, downpour let it touch down, top down.

Make tears of the clouds wash off negativity till infinity.

Flush away diseases in the life's systems.

Let it fall top downpour vaccine, ignite the  machine.

peace Earth pleases hearts. đź’•
A darky rain set.
Yashika Jul 2022
Rain, rain come again...
with lots of hope in my lane...

For some rain is evokes love and excitement..
for some rain is messy and violent...
for some rain brings serenity..
for me rain is necessity....

I love drenching myself in rain
to wash my tears away...
forget what had happened...
and dance in mizzle once again..

rain has always been benediction..
as it had intensified couples passion ...
farmers find salvation...
while for me downpour is divinity...

Rain, rain ..come again
with lots of happiness on my lane...
a wonderful poem for showing love for rain....
Sally A Bayan Jul 2021
'/( '|/\'
) '/( / '\'

A gloomy feeling accompanies the rain.
harvest season sometimes reaps none,
the sun is weary, it rushes to descend
humid air wanes as darkness spreads.

sparrows and yellow warblers retreat
how do they stay dry in their nests?
newly-woken bats emerge at sunset
amidst the rain...they try their best.

in the waning light, trees start to play,
their shadows graciously sway,
they dance by the firewall
telling their stories by nightfall.

through a worsening weather
sounds, loud and clear,
the roaring thunder
July's long sunset showers
pour, to cool the dimming atmosphere.

then, darkness claims all the glow.

thunder, lightning, the heavy downpour,
and the warm shelter of our home
are like heaven and hell,
situated side by side.

monsoon season has come without delay
the mischievous puppies dare play
under July's cold pouring rain,
their eyes invite me...but in vain.

sally b

©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
   July 4, 2021
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2021
My heart is not a room for  rent
Or helping hand for hire
Not a bundle of hay or stack of sticks
To blow down or set on fire

And for that I am so grateful
My walls erected high
So far the top not visible
Bricks reaching past the sky

I am not honey melting on your tongue
My body is not an ocean in which for you to drown
I may make you feel like you are on cloud nine
That just means you have further to fall down

I am not your once-upon-a-time
No longer believe in fairytales
Wish I could be your pussycat
But I am a monster with horns and scales

My affection is not a sunset
Have no glow in which for you to bask
I want so badly to love you like you deserve
Too incompetent to accomplish that task

My time is not a rolling wheel
Spinning forward sure and straight
It is a large looming labyrinth
Impossible to navigate

My happiness is not a prize you can win
Although I wish it were that way
Smiles breifly graze my face in your presence
Why can't one find the determination to stay?

My company doesn't play a melody
Loyalty is not a song
Just a sequence of sad lyrics serenaded
But the notes all come out wrong

My soul is not a shooting range
Target not painted on my back
Yet feel as if at any moment
I will be suddenly under attack

My feelings are not a falling star
Shooting from the sky only for you
Nor are they dandelions or eyelashes
I won't make your wishes come true

My attention is a turning top
Twisting and spinning all over the place
I'll make you so dizzy you can't even walk
Then you'll fall right onto your face

My care is a consuming cancer
Killing every last cell
You're better off without my disease
Stay away and your health will stay well

My mind is an active volcano
Over and over erupts with no warning
Sometimes rage bubbles up from within
I can't stop the molten lava from forming

My companionship is a sleepless night
Kept up by thoughts racing in your head
Questions fighting with each other
Unless I am with you in bed

My devotion is a heavy black cloak
Worn like a ball and chain
Weighing down shoulders like sandbags
I don't think you can handle the strain

My efforts are fistfuls of sand
Slipping through your fragile fingers
Gripping so tightly that when you are done
Only a few wayward grains linger

My adoration is a roulette table
Risk getting hurt by my behavior
Yet you gamble anyways despite the fact
That the odds aren't in your favor

My compliments are Band-Aids
To cover wounds inflicted in haste
You'll get cut by words so sharp
I carelessly misplaced

My desire is a running faucet
Full blast with no way to turn it down
Which means eventually if in my proximity
The sink will fill and you will drown

My intimacy is a roller-coaster
Ascending high and dipping low
There will be moments I let my guard fall
But I also harbor secrets you'll never know

I will remain suspended in your throat
A lump too large to swallow
Too tough to chew to pieces
So your stomach still is hollow

My love is thunder and lightning
A storm that never ceases
No matter how calming and comforting you are
The downpour only ever increases
You have no idea how I will destroy you if you let me
Krizhe Ming Oct 2020
These tears pouring out
Like I am the most deprived
In this world
Like I am hurt
Like I am lost
Even if I should be fine
Lesser worries
No losses
No pains

Looking at me closely
I should be okay
Should be doing good
But there are still tears
A sudden downpour
I can't comprehend

I only hope
To understand myself
Better now
This time
And again
This was a product of a sudden push to write - freely and at the moment
Do you ever feel like this? Like there seems to be nothing seriously wrong with your life but you can't feel good either.
Has this happened to you? Suddenly tearing up, feeling pained, without clear reasons why?
Kashish Lahrani Oct 2020
Weeks passed, so did days and months
Half drowned in your love, I am now living a barren life
The shards of hope that once glued us together
Are now crushed to death, reflecting my shattered self

The echoes of deep silences no longer scare me
They are way better than your silence
Your last hit is etched in my mind like our first kiss
It haunts me so much that nothing at all makes even a tad bit of sense

I don't shy away from darkness. I now try to live with it
Even if I am free from your shackles, my mind is lost
It is trying to find enough strength to gather hatred plenty
So it could stitch the bruises you caused

No longer in your arms, in an empty hole, I feel trapped
Getting out of which seems completely unimaginable
So drenched in the rain of emptiness I am
That even in the heaviest downpour, though alone, I aim at being stable
Kolawole Zainab Sep 2020
Heavenly downpour is here
To wash away every fear,
Cleanse the impure souls
And actualize unachievable goals

Heavenly downpour is here
To make the leaves and flowers
Bloom by her superpowers;
The birds dance happily and stare

Heavenly downpour is here
To carry the burdens we couldn't bear;
Enthrone the gloomy slaves
And enliven corpses in the graves

Heavenly downpour is here
To drown faithless failures and sins
And celebrate the lasting wins
To prove that she truly care

Heavenly downpour is here
To announce another harvest year;
Farmers till and toil the land,
Hoping for bountiful harvest as planned

The cloud cackles and tickles
As she sent down her blessings
To the deserted earth in trickles
Touching the trees by caressings

Children play hide and seek
Both the strong and the weak;
The pitapats of hails on the roofs
Invigorate homes to sing and hoofs

Couples savour the blissful breeze,
The scented moment drew their lips
As their hearts and mouths freeze,
Holding hands and waists in grips
Arden Sep 2019
Maybe I can’t stop
The downpour But
I will always join you  
For a walk in the rain

Together we will flow
Through an ocean of  
Ever-changing tides  

The sunrise  
Will never look brighter  
Then the day we become  
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