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Fahad shah Apr 28
And how does one ask for help? Or plead and not feel
Pity, shame? And does one ever grunt and say what one needs to say?
At some point in the yarn of the time, how does one
Look over one’s shoulder to reconcile,
How does one open a mouth to say
“I am lost. I think” But does one truly think,
Or act on the impulses.
Or calm oneself to ask. Ask!

And “When should I think?” I ask
“soon,” I say, “soon, on some wintery night,
When my windowpanes creak in the cold,
When my steel glass never gets warm,
I might think or ask, how does one not think?
and find a reason to reason with it;
The weary long journey, how it doesn’t end
And seems to start at every corner of the road”
“Perhaps, I shall shave my head
and wash my face with some fragrant soap
or trim my beard to look sharp and address it,
perhaps, soon!”
well, it sure has been a very long time. I think 5 years or so. Anyway, hello there!
such a wild thing to think.
how these thoughts,
romanticize your voice.
it’s all that i can hear,
all that i want to hear—
as if everything ever derived
from these id-driven impulses,
is to ask for only your voice.
only your voice.
i hold a shaky palmful of death
noting that it is surprisingly light

i swallow reflexively
feeling shocks through my hand

i could just do it
i could just do it right now and it would all be over

why don't i do it

my body, fighting to survive
my brain, begging to die
and i am no man's land
Moe Jan 2021
A faint tiny tear
Can feel like a replacement arm
Leg or eye
John McCafferty Sep 2020
Our systems show myopic woes
Foresight floats instilled in days
Who gains the most from short term aims
So easy to consume at pace
Routine breaks what hunger takes
Dilated weight from piled plates
To run on empty drives our kind
Spurred on by impulse
Mind caked in space

Clear your clutter on our way
Can shortcuts passed inhibit growth
Will we endure effective change
Sustain slower long term flows
To enter a fairer age
Filled with wisdom of younger days
Which ambitions reign supreme
When the state of fullness is temporary
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Dante Rocío Jun 2020
In seclusion and focus
long enough to settle in,
every word or phrase
becomes an understatement
with a greater pause
and reflection to it,
whether we sense it
or not
Of hanging unfinished or dubious words
Dante Rocío Jun 2020
You shall know thereby
a word or message’s
been right
if your Bowel Heart
trembles at it
whilst Mind can’t wrap its head
around it
(pun intended,
as they say)
Hit the top notch
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