To you
     who are afraid of heights
   Not because you're afraid to fall
   But because you're afraid
     you will not know how to get down
   Because sometimes you need to
     when you've been way way up
               You can keep chasing the stars
               But you will need to feel the ground
               Don't lose someone who makes you feel so.

Fear of heights. I have nothing to lose.
Timothy hill Mar 31

Sounds of your flaws disrupt tress with once gentle moves.

Now they shade other aspects of movements.

Hot summer, flowers green from the rains.

In bloom effect you should try this spot out.

Summer flowers bloom

I fell, far far to the ground.

Far, I fell for you.

Far down there I drowned,

with neither time or view.

I wanted to know how you feel.

But you hid it a riddle.

I don't know what is real,

so I'm stuck in the middle.

If you had said no

I'd die under the water

If our relation could never grow,

I'd give myself to slaughter.

leaves of many hues
were strewn on the park-land's ground
as fall confetti


the leaves never get angry to the wind even making them fall
the ground always humble even the rain pouring the water on it


Qweyku Jan 16

where do probverbs go to die?

do they expire with the ink of thought
penning themselves out of imagination?
simply tire of expectation?

tell me and i would scourge
that ignorant grave site,
guillotine its keeper,
decapitated him,
upon a writer’s block.

show me and i will breach earths bowels
wrenching words from darkness depths
with the light verse of celebration
and a calligrapher’s paragraph of praise.

only then could i rest in peace
from wordy passion and its novel pleasures
when spent, 
upon my epitaph do write;

'He brought words to life'

© Qwey.ku

Raegan Meyer Jan 13

how can i possibly be standing
when everything
around me
is falling?

how can i possibly be falling
when everything
around me
is standing?

i've lost the ability
to determine
whether i'm standing
on solid ground

or falling straight down

when the ground is failing you, look to the stars.
Poetic T Jan 6

I am not cognitive of the realism
of where my feet tread upon this
illumination of understanding.

Am I standing on solid matter below
my lingering movements or is this a
focal point of a mind perplexingly confused.

I jump, listen to that which is speaks
in unheard volume, can you hear
it scream with each mentioned movement

Step inside my reasoning,  and listen
to the fractured fusion of a cradled
maddening tip toeing inside.

"I cut the ground and wait for it to bleed in pain,

George Krokos Jan 1

There was sunlight pouring down
in the park and on the ground
where it could also be seen
the grass had a brighter sheen.
All the shadows that were cast
would for a while yet still last
and the beauty of  that sight
was distinguished in the light.

Written early in 2016 to go with a graphic art piece posted elsewhere on the 'net.
aarvie angelica Nov 2016

Light awakens with shrieks of thunder
In the sky, a breathtaking wonder
Grief of rain, within clouds it reside
Half parts meet when heavens collide

Tremble in sky, It longs to fly

Never get close, it just wants to clash
It screams with its fascinating flash
Never afraid of fall, it takes a leap
Ground it's salvation, it was born to seek

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