Janae Jul 6

You quickly unraveled
my fragile heart
like a yo-yo.

My heart was the axle
as it was dropped to the ground
when the string snapped.

something old that i found

shards of shimmering sunlight
sliced through the tree canopy
to lay a bed of bright beams
on the soft earth's ground

Here's to me and
here's to you and
the thing we used to do
and used to be
now we don't.

You're just bended and
I fell shattered
I'm on the ground and
you've forgotten
how we used to love
and we used to matter.

alan Jun 2

Put dirt
in my shirt
when it's always in my mind,
pull down
to the ground
when i want you on mine.

In the stalks
I smelled the rain
Before it spilled

My temple
Blood was roaring
Fog and fantasia

The field
Shivered beneath
My uneasy steps

On the cold black ground
In the centre of it all
I watched it come

The rain fell

And it was good
To sleep and dream

Shofi Ahmed May 16

I wanted to reach out to the sky
not to touch any star
just to whisper to the Moon
'How beautiful is you'!

I was still stunned, on the ground  
wandering down the sunrise hill.
In the midst of the morning breeze  
I heard of a whispering
‘The eyes above gaze on the ground’.
So close to me it drew
as if hissed to me ‘tell me about you’!

Arcassin B May 8

by Arcassin Burnham

Am I alive or just breathing in a dead corpse,
The silence is where my heart use to be,
God coming through for me,
Harvested the honey tree,
O! How I was just a simpleton to everyone's superiority
In bashfulness and disloyalty,
But I'm me,
What about you,
Like what about you,
I don't like you,
You didn't believe in me when I was kicked down on the
Ground with a hundred feet stomping me,
Doing things for myself is always the best company,
I wondered what I would've done if I hadn't been just doing
Things for me,
It's the best cup of tea,
That myself gave to me ....... of that makes any sense,
I don't know maybe this is my cure after all.



The wind in my hair whispers that I can fly when I look from atop tall buildings.

The trees trick me into believing they'll catch me with their green pillow tops.

The ground doesn't occur to me as a consequence, it merely signifies that the ride is over.

Today I dug and shoveled away, at an old box, at an old sin.

And upon finding it, I opened it, and stared at its contents. The realization stored within.

For inside I found the truth in this:

"That you can stare at the monster all you want, but in your future, don't ever let yourself desire his life, or become like him."

Not ever, not once, or ever again. But instead be reminded of who he is and how he is. And why also, such things exists, within this life.

Don't embrace the monster locked away. But be a better man. Be more than this. For that is the truth which I found in this.

Just a random thing. A random remind.
Idiosyncrasy Apr 26

To you
     who are afraid of heights
   Not because you're afraid to fall
   But because you're afraid
     you will not know how to get down
   Because sometimes you need to
     when you've been way way up
               You can keep chasing the stars
               But you will need to feel the ground
               Don't lose someone who makes you feel so.

Fear of heights. I have nothing to lose.
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