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Mark Wanless Feb 7
when ever soft love
graces the ground of this mind
sweet rest so happy
Past Jan 10
You are trying so hard to distinguish yourself.
But you are despairingly plain hoping that you have a sliver of uniqueness any other person holds for granted.
You pride yourself to be different, to walk on a different path.
Yet we are all the same.
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2020
Sky is a roof
we can never touch.
Our feet stuck
on the ground
can't get rid off the dust.

Neither can we breath
without drowning
into the air.

Then we can say
every morning we can
scoop up a new sunrise!

Then there is an expiration
date set for each of us.

Gained all that in store
in the world?
But which way
is the way out?
Can anyone find
the exit time
before it comes?
LC Dec 2020
when her heart flutters faster
than the wings of a hummingbird,
his steady heartbeat anchors her
to the solid ground underneath their feet.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Porcelain cracks
My heart is made of plastic

Earth will quake
Glass will shatter
Ceramic vases and statues falling to the ground and breaking apart
China plates will smash
Pieces scattering zillions of different directions

But me
Body will remain strong and unscathed
While others try gluing themselves back together in vain

Holding head in place until the shaking is through so the screws holding it on don't rattle loose

And I am not sure when this transformation occurred
It used to break often
After one too many beatings it evolved into this cold lump in my chest
Safe and sound regardless of who tries to destroy it
Because it is safer this way
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
A longing ache has settled in
Took hold
Body and soul
Anguished heart is drenched in sin
I've missed the chaos of losing control

A rosebud sprouts darkness
Into bloom inside
My thoughts turn morbid I guess
Towards death or suicide

Raw emotions torture mind
Trust a rare commodity
Truth is challenging to find
Light impossible to see

Strength no longer fills bones
So difficult to accept
Something inside sinks like stones
Pretend I don't feel the effect

Hiding behind bursting false assurance
Behind closed doors
All the while wandering without insurance
Own chains will lift off the floor

I lost faith in what's above
Realizing vulnerability shows
The very thing I am afraid of
My unspoken woes

If only to soothe throbbing
Live in a state of peace
Fully expose the root of my sobbing
Stripped entirely of suffocating release

Dust creeps down throat
Then recedes
Plant regrets in the mud
Sprung like dandelion weeds
Invisible blades in my gut

Friends twisting handles carelessly
To and fro feelings spun then stopped
Chase fragments of what we'll never be
Off ground pick up the heart that dropped

Wandering world in a state of defeat
As I seek tomorrow
Side to side on clumsy feet
Under weight of all my sorrow
Juno Nov 2020
my feelings threaten to take hold of me
like frost to the ground
i know they’ll leave me frozen solid
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