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Miss Luna May 2019
Oh you,
delightful man -
you find beauty
in everything.

I hope, one day,
you'll be able
to see
also in me.
Mahati Jul 2018
High in the sky
there is a passing plane
  up in the space
   where stars shine bright
    bright as the light
     you flash into my eyes
      your eyes reflect the sky
       I know your secret
  You're an outer space creature
The light darkness
  that makes the stars
   feel so special
    i see the light darkness
     in the background of life
      the feeling's like the moon
       but incomplete
        there is a missing piece
  Have you lost a star
Aaaaaa aa
There's a missing star
  in the space
   a bright light
    in your face
     an outer-space creature
Mystic904 Sep 2017
Feeling the lovely cool breezes
Cracking jokes, can't hold sneezes
Magical touchy scents the wind releases
Healing the hearts, broken into pieces
Drizzle drops splashing over the faces
Aromas like jasmine savoured by the gazes
Millions of things to enjoy if one traces
So lost, just eyed the wet inked pages
My pen aside, staring the lovely horse races
Laughing, conversing like never in the ages
Dancing the winds, roaming around places
Gazing with smiles at what the rabbit chases

Weights off the chest, lying in solace
***** doltish thoughts all erased
Humor spread in the roots of the heavenly place
Just the perfect definition of a colourful space

Watery turf in palms with tight brace
The period's short, no time to waste
Every moment that I spent with you
how much was delightful
how exciting and delectable it was
but it is the reflection of the past
I passed every moment with you until tomorrow
now are the remnants of memories only
had the pleasure of heaven in your shadow
I still remember those sweet moments
when your heart would palpitate only for me
now tears start flowing from eyes despairingly
but those are now hazy and blurry memories
now why do you keep me sulking
my baby heart now in your arms
why feels sadness
and loneliness
where gusts of cool breeze smiled till yesterday
why suddenly hot winds began to wave
now every moment with you
is like simmering heat
and your arms
appears to be a flaming volcano
what happened to those vows and promises
we had taken for an infinite relationship
why do you remain so sulking to me
why are you so heartless to me
can you return my past
can you return my eternal love
I will wait for your return
my arms are curious to hug you
my sweetheart come To rejuvenate our relationship
in the shade of banyan tree
where golden memories of our dreams
are waiting for us to embrace our love
I am waiting
and will wait till my last breath.

(By Kishan Negi)
True feelings for love wait till last breath
Kathleen M Jul 2016
Twisted brain shiver spine tickle
Morbid curiosity has the wheel and lead feet
The torch is melting your face
Death beats you with a fire extinguisher
Death keeps screaming "it's for the irony"
You high five with exuberance.
Joyce Jan 2016
A friendly face.
From another place.
With such gentle eyes.
Words are spoken.
Conversations so delightful.
I can almost see you here.
Sitting next to me so touchable.
Always finding time
to talk to each other online.
So far away and still close by.
This beautiful friend.
I love his open mind.
No matter our long distance.
Just caring and sharing.
My thoughts of this moment.

Extremely enjoyed picking up forest strawberries

among quiet zephyrs.

Imagined     by     Impeccable Space~Poetic Love
Kindest                      Memory
Cori MacNaughton Jun 2015
Leaping light
Flashing fire
One moment he is gone
But to return
Then with a splash
Delightful play
He dives
And disappears
And we are left alone
And longing

I wrote this poem in between phone calls when I was working in an insurance company in Pasadena, California, shortly before I moved to Florida.  It remains one of my favorites among my poems.
Obviously, for anyone who has done any boating, the subject is a dolphin; in this case, a Pacific Whitesided Dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens), which was one of the most common - and beautiful - species common to California.  The dolphin in question was leaping between our boat and the setting sun.

This poem first appeared in a poetry anthology dedicated to California poets, and though unfortunately I do not recall the name, it appeared around 1983 or 1984.
oui Feb 2015
while you look delightful
i still feel so frightful
i'm drawing a blank,
"say something insightful!"

my toes start to curl
my fists become tense
exhaling my thoughts
i've lost all my sense
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