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You are what you were
Your thoughts are absurd
You place your faith in other words
You have no worth

You walk through this life
Fairytales are your lies.
You place your faith in other words
You have no worth

The light in your eyes
That fear grows in size
Faith is your surprise
The irony is quite wise

Go drink those tears that you cry.
Go walk with the other blind
Go walk with your kind
This won’t be new
You do it all the time

So stay quiet
I am recursively finding past writings.  This one was originally a song from two years ago
SaintMethyl Aug 26
For in chaos we found beauty,
Undisturbed by the night,
The essence of adolescence seemed broken by the light,
How mindless and self serving it seems we all must have become,
How loathing of indifference a toleration down to none.
Open minded and sacrificial is what you all claim to be,
All in disguises none of which you ever seem.
The essence of adolescence i suppose was lost in hindsight,
We were fooling ourselves,
Such as flies to the light.
Ian Aug 23
There is, a back and forth,
Between the burning desire of confession,
And the cold despair of anxiety,
That spins my mind in such dizzying circles,
Only solution being: inaction.

The strife that comes with such a choice is staunch,
Unwavering in it's indecisive nature,
Ironically enough, this feeling is reflected,
Like a mirror image, that much is quite certain.

Perhaps more frightening then this inaction itself,
With it's insidious grip on my thoughts and wishes,
Sending my worry into a fury so blinding,
The mind incapable of dwelling elsewhere,
Only solution being: longing.

Oh, the melancholy that comes from such a deep longing,
It's influence tugging not just at the heart, and the spirit,
But at the being, the pain of seeing so clearly your wants,
Unsure of how to truly take grasp of that which you love.

It is a wonders if this longing is just like that mirror,
One of the greatest wonders to cross this weary world,
Because in knowing such an intimate truth,
There then remains not a moment unfettered by anxiety.
Taking a different approach to the storytelling here, thoughts on the feelings it conveys?
Cameron Alix Jul 17
the stars, quite literally,
aligned for the sweet & sour
meddling of the human race.
an artistic, feuding mortality now born,
thanks to the haphazard and
wildly unlikely mix of
tingling elements.
humans, we are in a
tiny sliver of time.
the stars, oh wow, they gave us
our legs and quickly enough
an unearthly load of growing pains.
a prophecy, a gift, a humble endowment
of neuroplasticity.
the tiniest sliver of time, where the stars
aligned, for the tiniest burst of
clumsy, hopeful light.
in these star-kissed structures we grow,
fail, fail more and fail again until
finally we decide which failure defines
our livelihood– a raw and honorable
pursuit which is not our ultimate
footprint. the starts, they know,
they die.
we must live our lives knowing
that we are in a sliver of time.
we're so lucky to be here
Little Green Jun 19
Rise of the blood moon
I wake at 11:11
Then again at 12:12
I watch the solar eclipse at night
A burning sphere in the sky
Raging red at first
Then red is eaten by a blinding light
Illuminating clouds of silver haze

I stay on the rooftop for hours
Chin tilted to the stars
Feeling myself align
With the cosmos, space and time
Breathing deep and tuning in
To the Universe I am made of

I reflect, I am present, I dream
As the blood moon slowly turns
In its final minutes I sing
In a whisper of a voice
A lullaby for the moon
And feel our souls intertwine

Night becomes morning
I wake to my love
Our sensitive spirits merge
Our bodies become one
Slowly, slowly
Like the solar eclipse

I am reborn
Little Green Jun 17
I enter my own bubble
It lets me see the world with love
Spread my wings like a white dove
And soar above the seas

We make our own reality
Perhaps I am naïve
But, I love our world
With an untainted purity

I am a little green
julian May 26
its been a month
funny how time flies
it seems only yesterday
you were there
holding my hand
singing along to showtunes in the car
we were happier than we had ever been
i shouldve known it would end
life has a hard-on for ******* me over
ruining all the good in my life
whyd it happen to you
of all people
we had a lot of plans
college together
an apartment in the city
maybe getting married
adopting a kid or two
spending another thirteen years as best friends
and then some
but those plans never work out
do they?
i dont know how ill move on
i listened to the cd
the karaoke we did at the arcade two years ago
livin on a prayer
we were fifteen
freshman in high school
even when youre scream-singing
you have an amazing voice
you had an amazing voice
i envy the angels who hear you singing now
save a song for me
i hope this finds you
wherever you are
i figured polaris would help
you are my home
always have been
always will be
ill see you soon
martha May 11
Surface tension
Snips away at the inner bruising
Behind the eyes the windows are shut
And the curtains drawn
Run fingers over hidden ribs in the early morning
Witching hours
When fairy dust can decorate the pores
For imaginations sake

Morning skinny is now a norm
I plaster the walls of my subconscious
With posters of picture perfect shells

What they want
What you want
What I have convinced myself I think you want
What I want

What we want

I want to stop
I have told tall tales as unstable as my legs
Written them in invisible ink
Doused with sour lemon stings
So only I can see them
They appear before I eat
And in the quakes of my stomach aches

I know it is there to protect me
The most important parts of my body
The bubble which constantly pokes at me to ask
“what if there was nothing more than me
What if we couldn’t see
Shapes or sizes or colours or better
What if we couldn’t see pretty

Would that make you happy?

do I make you happy?”
Ian Apr 23
Dreamy thoughts of the future meander,
Leaving a desire, dare say a fire raging within,
Endeavor to never allow the present the power,
To capture, and smother what presses valiantly forward.

Despite the dreary realities lying before me,
What comes beyond is the enticing peak of the journey,
A bastion of becoming what is so desperately sought,
The person I've endeavored to be.
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