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Lyn-Purcell Oct 20

I feel the cracks pulse
Though they lay so skin deep
I'm so weary
And fearful
And then I wonder, why
Why do I seek healing from
the thing or things
that harmed me most?

Kitten Yvad Oct 17
need to be small
             need to be held
  my chest screams sobs and rebels

Its hardly real;
of it I won't make more.
i love and startle myself...
well ..I try to ignore...

you know, i startle and
          try to outrun
            all the things I adore!
Lyn-Purcell Oct 15

Under the light of the moon,
my mind races as I chase its tail
The sweet taste of happy thoughts
soured by the bitter screeches of life

Everything seems to scuttle through the cracks,
jumping and voiding every lance of light
As the flowerheads bobbed in the hooting wind,
ever earnest and every more grateful

But I am voiceless. Agile I may be to skip and
stay keep my cloak of shade, the panic grows in
its fat and I can't stop hearing hums
For the warmth in me comes in waves

In flames that flicker and smoke my lungs without fear
As I race forward to find my tranquillity
so I can stop feeling so wild, to **** that feeling so fierce
And not face the light that will scorch me so

Been a while since I did a new form of poetry. This one is called a Nocturne - a free form poem that set at night. It has 16 lines in total and sometimes can come in 4 stanzas.

Not feeling 100% but I want to make use of what's going on in my mind,
which is a thousand things a second these days with anxiety burning very hot in me.

The more I remain lost in my head, the more the urge there is to escape it. Have you ever thought of the mistakes you have made, and feel like the worst person alive? Even though I am scared of being in the dark,
I fear the light more as it feels somewhat like a scope at times, y'know?

Especially in this day and age, so I suppose the symbolism of a rat scurrying in the dark is rather apt. But it is a cycle of thought I am trying to break,
The more I read about poetry and study it, the more I am both grateful for it...and in a way, heartbroken too. I feel like I need to trust my skills more, I suppose.

I'm still making the list for the Women of Myth series as I have some new ideas in mind. Maybe next year, I will take a short course on poetry as well.

It feels good to write free verses again, I'll admit.
I miss writing really long ones so I'll definitely go back to doing so.
Please stay safe and hale, everyone.
My regards to your families.
Have a wonderful day!
Be back soon with more.
Much love,
Lyn x
Elymaïs Oct 10
Maar ten spyte van al die seer

wat ek regtig verdien het —

daar was ook pyne

wat ek stil gedra het

wat nie my las was nie.
Kitten Yvad Oct 2
I appreciate the immensity
of our battle and your smile
through this we are somehow

still beautiful.
Well i speak too soon
only wishing you'd find me so

being being unable
to love every treasured
fiber in your soul
would strike a much lower blow

god I want to touch you
but my love, i maintain patience
i feel so deeply

i burn so steadily
but caress my patience

when I fall in love,
the empathy of it all
heals fractured nations
Norman Crane Sep 17
The luminous grey undersides of clouds
Travelling a charcoal sky, speak my thoughts aloud
As thunder
                    Reflections of my mind's wandering eye
Norman Crane Aug 25
and one day the world will end
a winding road
missing its final bend
Norman Crane Aug 24
Ducks upon the surface of a lake
Of man-made run off
What great ripples they make
Diving under, flapping their wings
Without asking I wonder
Why for ducks water is water
Glacial or sewer-bound
Backswamp or uptown reservoir
It's not maker but mark which matters
So why is this distinction so profound to me?
Why Nature's acts
     Do I endeavour to explain
Whereas for man's
     I seek firstly to lay blame?
Gabs Aug 12
Beating out of my chest even.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Lips Quivering,
Teeth lightly nibbling the inner lining of my mouth.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Clouded Vision,
Constant tears dripping down my cheek.
Deep breath in, deep breath up.

Hands Trembling,
Objects easily slipping from my grasp.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Unruly Speech,
Unwanted whispers rolling off my tongue.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.

Limited Oxygen,
Panting heavily in a struggle for air.
Deep breath…




Why must we always take a breath?
Why must we be forced to push away our emotions,
Masking them with the habitual action of meditative respiring?
Why must we always breathe in, breathe out?

But are we really disguising our emotions?

Are we not just calming the soul,
Clearing the mind of unwanted thoughts and anxieties?
Are we not just providing ourselves with healing,
Alleviation from the painful memories engulfing the mind?


Yes, we are.


Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Quiet the pounding of your heart.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Tranquilize the tremulousness of your lips.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Stop the flow of your once never ending stream of tears.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Relax the overactivity of your limbs.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Replace your anxious whispers with peaceful meditations.

Deep breath in, deep breath out,
Rectify your oxygen flow.

Don’t mask your emotions,
Regulate your responsiveness.
Evaluate your situation.
Intelligently weigh your decisions.
Dominate your way of thinking.

Deep breath in, deep breath out.

It works.

I promise.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 1

Integrity is a virtue that is a choice to learn and uphold,
Not something that we are born with

I shouldve posted this back in July but here we are...
This is something that has been weighing on my heart really...
I've honestly made strides to be a better person with better integrity in life.
I have made alot of mistakes in my life...
And there are times where I dont even feel worthy or deserving to be wordsmith. As much as I practice my craft, I always feel like I truly dont deserve the blessings I have when I think of past mistakes.
As I get older, it's really dawned on me the magnitude of my bad choices.
And I do want to work towards being a better individual.
I really fear the day where one of my bad choices will cost me all I love dearly, because now I truly understand and appreciative the writing craft as well as art in general. I've vowed to start again, I'm reading and relearning from the greats and more artists what it means to be an artist.
This one is for you, Cessna.
I made such an injustice towards you and no words can express my deepest sorrows. But know that I own up to my mistakes, my bad choice and i have learned from the very beginning again. I'm becoming more relentless in studying the written word.
I truly want to begin again...
I may not deserve such forgiveness but I wanted to make it know at least.
I'm truly sorry.
I'll keep working on myself and keep moving forward.
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