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Cc 20h
I looked longingly...
Wrongly. Comparing myself---
When love is enough.
Was hard fitting this large emotion into a short haiku. Late to the game learning this lesson.
I'm now in week 2
Learned about Instagram
Curious but bored
Hard to believe that I'm in week 2 already.
Today went fast but I was slightly bored tbh.
Personally speaking, I'm no fan of Instagram. I don't think I'll use it...
Just not for me. I don't really like taking pics and sharing them...
Anyway, got alot of work to do!
Be back soon, folks!
Lyn xxx
I’m drunk and surfing dating sites,
what a terrible combination,
what the heck happened to us humans anyways,
it’s 2018 and I’m online looking for a date what a predicament,

online but outta line,
not inline but still finding the time to go offline,
on nature walks where Nature talks,
telling me that it’s not all about the money and the fame,

depressed as fck but I guess that’s a blessing,
gives me the motivation I need,
to write these lines inline with the divine,
so I guess that makes me one with The Divinity,

I’m drunk what the fck,
I don’t even usually drink,
but then again I often do,
things I don’t usually do jeez,

humans are such a strange species,

humans are such a strange species,
but we’ll all be dead in a 100 years anyways,
so who cares take a sip take a trip,
smoke a spliff and let yourself lift,

see they say the only way,
to find your self is to lose your self,
not sure what that means exactly,
but they say a lot of things so oh well,

oh well,
spilling my heart out online,
in my feelings feeling all emo,
can’t have a good time but Lord knows I’m trying,

can’t have a good time or keep it together,
and this constant state of deja vu keeps washing over me,
pouring myself drinks from a bottom of Kettle One,
that was left over from a girl that came over then left me,

but I can’t blame her I probably deserved it,
because I’m damaged goods anyways,
broken hearted so I break hearts,
she should’ve known better anyways,

what’s my point,
this isn’t a poem,
this is a warning,

stay the fck away from me,
let me die in peace,
leave me alone so I can write these words,
so that there’s something left in time when I leave,

going soon,
but until then,
I’ll write these words,
using a laptop instead of a pen,

because it’s 2018,
and everything is strange,
“When I was a kid we didn’t even have cell phones!”,
oh well holmes I guess I have aged,

I’m drunk and surfing dating sites,
what a terrible combination,
what the heck happened to us humans anyways,
it’s 2018 and I’m online looking for a date what a predicament…

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆
Joe Savarese Sep 16
I am an escaped prisoner from barred disillusion,
A personable recluse fighting the illusion
Of an introspective extrovert who finds solace in confusion.

I wonder how it is that I find optimism alone,
When collective pessimistic thoughts condone
The woeful tales that howl and moan.

I hear voices of people that aren’t there,
Yet find myself in calmness aware
Despite their tormented accusational affair.

I see ideals living and thriving out there
Even when apathy or indifference ensnare
Battered hearts and worn out minds in despair

I want nothing more than to ‘want’ so desperately
I hold onto desire so restlessly,
That I’ve tired the being of my entity,

I am an anomalous paradox captive to the sea
Where waters churn in active disharmony,
Yet comfort as it may my tranquility.

I pretend that I’ve already staked my global legacy
As if my words, thoughts, and feelings,
Have changed the world entirely.

I feel everything as I believe it should be,
Riding the waves of intensity
In emotionally humble serendipity,

I touch the stars in remote prose,
Wandering the vast expanses without close,
Wherever my mind goes, it goes.

I worry about the future of humanity,
As if I was merely here to watch observantly
From some unknown eternity.

I cry for those in silent pain
With fake smiles of disdain
Who dare not speak for thought in vain.

I am a quiet observer of the human condition
Checking and balancing sedition
Though never granting my submission.

I understand the fallibility of the mind,
Gathering as many perspectives I can find,
Theorizing everything to which I’m inclined.

I say it’s all relative but it’s all relevant
Prone to be dominated by the prevalent
Missing the subtleties that are heaven sent.

I dream when I’m awake through my ideals,
Even when they’re still just spinning wheels,
Hoping they gain traction as time reveals.

I try to better than the day before,
As that’s the best way to keep score,
When the world has us compared to others so much more.

I hope my legacy is genuine,
I regret nothing even when I sin,
As time wears down my wrinkled grin.

I am only human, to live and to die,
That’s about all we can be or rely,
And honestly this notion breaths me a sigh.
An I Am poem with a little twist
Churning with the shells of critters
Foam infused with flour hues
Reaching and receding
Timeless yet awash in currents
It learns in waves
The perfect pupil
Relying on all it can see
Awash and adrift
Ian Wissler Jul 22
No, I don't want to get a tattoo with you,
I may not have a mark on you, but I'm covered in you.
Our past has brought with it a dizzying myriad of hardships,
Some by my hand, some by yours,
The only difference is I've changed,
And you still lie.

No, I don't want to get a tattoo with you,
Why would I share something so meaningful,
When you keep so many secrets,
Omit my existence to others,
And lie to my face?

No, I don't want to get a tattoo with you,
Because the idea of looking at my body,
And having a permanent memory of our lives,
Is a sickeningly sweet lie I cannot face.

No, I don't want to get a tattoo with you,
It'd be fake, just like our relationship with one another,
A lie we should've gave up on sooner.

No. I don't want to get a tattoo with you.
When I'm happy a tornado of o's and 1's cascade
from my heart, a why-
an endless carousel of binary;

But to be happy should be enough,
in those moments when I freeze and smile
I should ask for no more than that,

that last little star in the background
before the lights go dim,
and extinguish everything.
A poem about me and a poem about the universe and stars.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 5
Have you ever known a rose
to be born with soft thorns

Have you ever known a heart
to be a still sea

Have you ever known a mind to
be a mere, simple garden
I'm feeling very reflective today, so I gave myself a lil task.
I wrote down on two A4 pieces of paper different words, (one paper I wrote different objects, the other I wrote random words) I folded them and I placed them in two small separate bowls. After shaking them, I closed my eyes and I picked a piece of paper from each of them.

The task was to write a line based on what you got, all starting with
'Have You Ever'
What I got was:
Flower + Beauty
Heart + Calming
Garden + Outlook

Just a lil fun, I enjoyed it!
Be back soon!
Lyn x
Ian Wissler Jun 1
Is it truly hard?
Telling all, laying it bare,
Lowering your guard?

After all this time,
Are feelings still hard to share,
A mountain to climb?

You have been it all,
Friend and love, the whole affair,
And now you won't call.
This effect you hold
At this point I shouldn't care,
Feelings getting old.

Maybe it's on me,
Head in the clouds, unaware
That it would not

It dwells, haunting
Phantom feelings of you there
Always so daunting.

The silence is strong
Will you break it, would you dare?
Show me, prove me wrong.

Perhaps I'm a clod,
For trying to mend the tear,
I don't mean to prod.          

I thought we had won,      
Rekindled a perfect pair.
At least we had fun.

Given its last rites,
This feeling will go I swear,
End of sleepless nights.

This here marks the end,
In this dream that went nowhere,
No time left to spend.
Valerie Apr 15
in a world full of colour,
i am a blank canvas.
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