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Anmol Mago Apr 30
Like the cinders of incense
Escaping out of an altar
With broken panes
Or the smoke billowing
From an unceasing pyre
(Hope diffused into
Norman Crane Apr 25
in living we all walk toward the dawn,
through moonless nights,
through cold and touchless mist,
yet sunbirth come: only some shall carry on,
the rest remain,
in pain,
to on departed souls subsist.
Anmol Mago Apr 21
In the dark bleakness
An interplay of shadows
moon (blinded) looks on
Two dark sides converse in glinted eye,
we judge between few subtle signs,
vibrations bend which speed up time,
what sad masks we wear, when occupied.

Allow yourself some pause for thought,
searching around inside of you,
whichever form this may flow through,
to find that place of peace and solitude.

Importance of imprinting reflective memories,
we hold onto questions of our visions set,
remembering of what was and came to be,
a fabricated formulae.

The varied receptive connections of others,
helps us engage respond and occupy,
to release the grey that builds inside,
heaviness escapes through focused sighs.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Michael Apr 6
Deep inside the ocean
There’s beauty in the dark
There’s peace within the silence
Though beneath it lies the sharks

Deep inside the ocean
Your secrets will be safe
Hidden from the surface
Until your final days

Deep inside the ocean
The pressure is too much
Bring your hope down with you
It will be your only crutch

Deep inside the ocean
It’s littered full of mines

This ocean can be toxic
When the ocean is your mind
The ocean is also vast and unexplored, much like our own minds.
Nasty Poet Apr 6
There are times when i'm on top of the world
There are times when i'm at its core
There are times when i accept it
There are times when its a chore

Time heals all wounds, or so the saying goes
What about the naked eye, blind to my bones
How long does it last for? does it ever end?
it's a hard path to walk, going around the bend

Time is a strange way to measure an emotion
Since when did time cause this much commotion
The sound of silence interrupted by a ticking clock
Time once again is running amok
Written at a time when i was angry all the time and didnt know why
Learn to invest in yourself,
Water your mind and soul with nothing but love, admiration, pure thoughts and faith.

Because we're only the product of what we feed ourselves on a daily, Remember it is okay to be alone even on the days where human nature reminds you to be passionate.

Be your own healer,
Don't expect people to rescue you because demons are resting on everybody's inner peace,
Some hide in the past,
Some disguise themselves in the future,
And some are standing in plain sight in the present time.

Happiness comes from within,
If you truly learn to love yourself you can give your demons wings and make them Angels again.
The pearly snow
Beneath my feet
As I tread

Sky unfolds before me

Bright blues
Your silver-lined clouds interrupting the otherwise smooth ocean of air

The white-capped mountains zig-zagging along the distant horizon

Trees laid bare in front of eyes
Waving branches
As if in distress

I am inhabiting a dream

Believing found poignancy to be a temporary illusion
Too beautiful to exist in actuality

Reflective sight reminding paradise does in fact take residence on earth
About a beautiful almost enjoyable winter day in alaska
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