When I'm happy a tornado of o's and 1's cascade
from my heart, a why-
an endless carousel of binary;

But to be happy should be enough,
in those moments when I freeze and smile
I should ask for no more than that,

that last little star in the background
before the lights go dim,
and extinguish everything.
A poem about me and a poem about the universe and stars.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 5
Have you ever known a rose
to be born with soft thorns

Have you ever known a heart
to be a still sea

Have you ever known a mind to
be a mere, simple garden
I'm feeling very reflective today, so I gave myself a lil task.
I wrote down on two A4 pieces of paper different words, (one paper I wrote different objects, the other I wrote random words) I folded them and I placed them in two small separate bowls. After shaking them, I closed my eyes and I picked a piece of paper from each of them.

The task was to write a line based on what you got, all starting with
'Have You Ever'
What I got was:
Flower + Beauty
Heart + Calming
Garden + Outlook

Just a lil fun, I enjoyed it!
Be back soon!
Lyn x
Ian Wissler Jun 1
Is it truly hard?
Telling all, laying it bare,
Lowering your guard?

After all this time,
Are feelings still hard to share,
A mountain to climb?

You have been it all,
Friend and love, the whole affair,
And now you won't call.
This effect you hold
At this point I shouldn't care,
Feelings getting old.

Maybe it's on me,
Head in the clouds, unaware
That it would not

It dwells, haunting
Phantom feelings of you there
Always so daunting.

The silence is strong
Will you break it, would you dare?
Show me, prove me wrong.

Perhaps I'm a clod,
For trying to mend the tear,
I don't mean to prod.          

I thought we had won,      
Rekindled a perfect pair.
At least we had fun.

Given its last rites,
This feeling will go I swear,
End of sleepless nights.

This here marks the end,
In this dream that went nowhere,
No time left to spend.
the water crystal clear,
yet ice cold to the touch
like sorrowed whispers of agony
by the poolside i keep my clutch
on scorching sunny days,
and chilly, ruthless nights
the water wants to pull me in
with it's frigid, ruthless bite

these days that i keep close,
they're memories i hold dear
times with sweet friends of mine
times of crying but no one hears
these things happened by the poolside,
where fear and love have been
the water cannot drown me now,
for i have learned to swim.
Valerie Apr 15
in a world full of colour,
i am a blank canvas.
I’m in a daydream doctrine
mind wandering
soul splintering
as I echo through the obscene
trying to find my way
with utterances of poignance  
few and far between.
are wearing me thin
my lightbulb flickers
as the dim light
drifts through the air
choking on the smoke
projecting light upon what’s in front of me
for all to see
but you’ll never see
what is by my side
just the cold remorse
on the concourse of the wandering palpitations
that run like wild horses through my veins
Ben Meraki Jan 25
Still need to show her
that I am ok with this.
Then all will be fine.
Tony Oquendo Aug 2014
I took your hand and held your pain
close to my heart whispered your name
and shared your joy while all the while
consoling the sorrow behind your smile
A reflection on true friends who don't need to comment, criticize or judge.  Who will laugh while you laugh and all the while hold close your pain and never let you go.
you're ok
you're fine
you're ok
no your not
what are you talking about
no stop you're ok
you're fine
no you're fucked
dont you know it
ur ok
its alright
you're ok
you're fine
fuck u
you suck
why are you like this
no its not u
no it is
no your good
you're fine
you're ok
ur alright
you're fine
calm down
you're fine

AHH i hate you
just breathe
you're fine

its fine
it’s alright
calm down

hey dude are you ok?

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