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Desire Feb 24
so there was this worm…
but there was also a book...
and an early bird…
and a fish hook…
A Worm's Life
Khoi-San Nov 2018
Rare Misty mornings

Birds chirpy pecking happy

Worms stay up longer
Misty morning just having fun
looking back on it now,
the worms burbling up
out of the ground from the
thunderstorm’s aftermath,
I watched the hungry birds
swoop down and swallow
the worms bit by bit and
that instant transition
from life to death
as it was once whole
began to vanish,
reminded me of our
simplistic acceptance...
as we too are submissively
swallowed by the world
bit by bit without flinching

we must accept liberation
in the first 4 or 5 years of life
without knowing what to do
or barely remembering it

we must accept an educational system
that doesn’t prepare
us for the real world

we must accept a full time job
as a part of life
that takes us away
from living

we must accept lies as the truth
and the truth to be crazy
because lies are easier to accept

we must accept marriage as a
grandiose victory where majority
are miserable and disappointed

we must accept reproduction
so that our offsprings can
continue in the same loophole

we must accept a law enforcement
that strikes brutality
instead of protecting

we must accept a corrupt justice system
that lets killers, rapists and thieves
walk freely on the streets

we must accept a war
that we do not choose

we must accept the rich
the executives,
the 1% of the world’s
population to stand
on top of the hill and
keenly look down
on the 99% of inferiority
as we blissfully
run around in their circles,
devouring their spoon fed lies
and make more money for
them while we struggle to
stay afloat in a sea of green
because we are contempt
and no one ever stops
to even attempt
to run up the hill
and dethrone
the elitist’s rulership

we just accept this life
as a certainty
like death and taxes
and continue to play
the part of the worm,
roaming around in the
mounds of dirt and
mindlessly eating away
at whatever product
was given to us,
while the prosperous
brings the thunderstorm
and force to expose
our sacrificial bodies
to the ravenous world
with sharpened beaks as it
swoops down to begin again

I see many lives but much living
and what little living there is
there’s not much magic
and what magic is left
leaves hardly any satisfaction
and what satisfaction that’s there
only lies with the greatness
of our death
Bryce May 2018
Tube worms hellish creature
Centurion of pitch and isolation
No internal altimeter

Pressured to bake and cook life
Take energy from pressured light
Press and push and valve and close
Entrenched, in line to another world

A planet a dot, a dot a spot
a spot a rock, a rock a dot

Wiggle waggle struggle straggle
Life and death, dream and cot

It is hot down here
In passion of dream
and the brain can easily
Jim Musics Apr 2018
Yesterday – a very subtle petrichor
My sensitive nose told me:
One anemone bud
The rising stalk of pleated swamp leaf
Tiny earthworms under the old oak chopping block
The block itself
Wet granite
Greenest Sphagnum moss

'Wish you were there
'True story
Jim Musics Apr 2018
Worms in the gutter
Dropped from above
How'd they get there,
A passing white dove?

In living dark soil
Enough for a seed
'A Norfork pine,
Just what it needs

Life is resilient
Lucky for us
Ma Earth knows this;
Worms are a plus.
No apples were harmed in the creation of this poem
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