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Butterfly Aug 2019
My mental health is like a rubber band.
If you pull it too far, it will get tight.
Until you pull it to hard.
definitely not one of my best
Deep Sangani Aug 2019
You always complained to me
How I never held your hand tight enough.

My mother once told me,
That like the warm sand
On the summer beach,
The harder you hold onto something,
The faster it slips from your fist.

And maybe that’s why
When your hand
was in mine
I would never close my fingers.
I love you
wildflowerpetals Aug 2019
Why am I so tight?
I don’t know.
Perhaps I am afraid of stepping on landmines
everywhere that I go;
perhaps I am afraid of the warzone
that lives inside the same walls that I do;
perhaps I am afraid of the nightmares
that visit every time I close my eyes;
I am simply
But it doesn’t make sense—
this fear that has stitched itself
into the seams of my soul
and whose whisper is louder
than even the slammed doors
of my battlefield house.
I was always taught
that the darkness of my bedroom
was never something to be afraid of,
and the monsters respected this
until age nineteen and one painkiller too many.
I was always taught
that wise friends were good friends,
and good friends were trusted friends—
but the first time I trusted my secrets to one,
my parents punished in blind offense
that it was not them
who were trusted.
Why am I so tight?
Perhaps I’ve learned that the more you open your mouth,
the more you regret it;
perhaps I’ve learned that the safest secret keeper
is your own heart and soul;
perhaps I’ve learned that watching your skin bleed
is the most calming medication there is;
I do not consider myself
a friend.
Words must be weighed
before they meet any outside ear,
and if the inner heart does not wish to weigh them,
they will remain unknown.
So for as long as I am
afraid of myself,
I will not know myself—
and neither will any other soul.
am I still someone you want to know, friend?
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2019
I love you,
When you tease me,
Play pranks on me,
Burst out in laughter with me,
You blossom,
You look adorable.

I love you when when you sleep,
With one arm and leg on me,
You look way cute,
With your curls on your face too.

I love you when howl in the shower,
Sing songs we both love,
Care free, content.

I love you when you look into my eyes,
Hug me tight,
Kiss me long,
Whisper in my ears,"I love you too."

Let's grow old together and have fun,
My heart you have won.
Goodnight, sleep tight
I'll love you even after the days light
Dreaming for another embrace
Hoping to see your beautiful face
I'll never leave, I'll stand with you
Over the years, you'll see it's true
I'm yours, I'll try to be like no other
I'll try to make you happy, while I tuck you under the covers
Please, have an amazing night everyone <3
martha May 2019
push down-
claws tighten around thinning arms
grasp until they graze the bone
no bandaging to camouflage a scar
branded by burning red worry in waiting
no cure for calming relentless waves
a recipe for burdening left to cool
as eyes glaze over with inconsistency
back broadens until shoulder blades realign
muscles take their time to redefine
themselves amongst the plethora of shrinking cells



collect the fragments flung beneath floorboards
piece together the puzzle once again
and sit
for the imminent swell
Faith May 2019
Torn out
Tightly yet intricately woven
Pulled up high
Excessively washed, cleaned, and dried
Surprised it hasn't all fallen out yet
Erian Apr 2019
When I'm with you
My worries
My cares
My wounds
Blows away
Gone like a kite
With its string held
In your grasp
Poetic T Mar 2019
If you want to walk in another's  
           always tie the laces..

That way you can
                    feel the tightness,
  And the holes in there soul.

            let them walk
with you for a while.

That way they know that
every path
                    isn't walked alone.
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
i want to hug you the way,
winnie the pooh hugs the piglet
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