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GaryFairy Oct 2021
It's apples and oranges. They are both fruit, and variety is the salt of the earth. We love dividing people like fruit though. We are rotten. At least fruit ferments. We decay

You are the apple of my eye. I will watch you rot, then i will throw the core away. What do I need seeds for? A bad apple in my eye now. *******

Orange you gonna hit like? I accept good apples too.
Tell me more about what a poet should not be...that's all i want to be
Nat Lipstadt Jun 2020
”these thoughts, become yours, more than mine, for
in the taking is the additive chemical that enhances,
making the distance closed to only those closest, here I pause,
fearful, you hesitate, do not understand, that sunshine can
blind any man, sickness humble any body, we are un-alike despite
our commonality, more than different, for we are all riddled

the words clearly clear,
thinnest writ for your gaze to penetrate.
do you yet understand?
we are all riddled.
the world presses upon our back.
we do not understand why.
riddled with the worst, bullet holes shot through and through,
some wounds old now, others anticipated and yet to arrive.

in this we have a stake, all humans can die in the same ways.
ah death, the theme that keeps coming back, endless reruns.
I am ruined, riddled with doubts, value and worth, how it is
humans exhibit the polar opposite, of qualities, features disparate.

are we not all riddled?
we are all riddled.
Leal Knowone Dec 2019
A thinly veiled disguise
Is really what you want on their mind
So they never see the wall you hide behind
The ones put up in your mind.
A heart like an open book riddled with redactions
Your actions an abstraction
Longing to forget the obstructions you encounter and create.
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2019
From my parents I
Learned the strongest love is one
Riddled with hatred
It seems like you can't have true love for that many years without a little hate too
Kathleen M Aug 2015
She talks to me
Her voice is saccharine poison

"Picture it
Those last seconds
Those beautiful seconds
When you will finally know with all of your being there will be no more pain
You will not be plagued by memories
They eat you like cancer
You're soul is riddled with it
The scars on your skin my have healed
Such trespassing leaves more permanent brands on the inside
Wounds that don't quite heal
Imagine knowing you'll never feel it again
Imagine how free of it you can be"

I want it
I want it
I want it
I sit wrapping myself into a knot
No moving until her song is done
Dancing in my head
Unwelcome and uninvited
Inviting my hands to take action
Follow her sweet instruction

I made it through this spinning round
Until the next serenade
Gemella H Apr 2015
Why all the insecurities?
I love you.
Isn't that enough?

I see no one else.
You're that soft, gentle breeze
That touches my skin.

A beautiful hibiscus
In a garden of roses
You're the only thing that makes sense
In a world riddled with confusion.

You bloom in a field of stunted growth
A picture of hope
Tearing away the tangled vines
That surround my heart.
Àŧùl Jun 2014
Here I am happily satisfied with my love ultimately.
Neither I have chosen you, nor you have chosen me.
Destiny brought our hearts this close.
Thank you for accepting my proposal.
I do not roam this land as a nomad lion.
But unlike you, I am not awestruck by it.
I will say many, so many more love poems.
To you all of my poems will be dedicated.
Cackles will fill our household one day.
It may often be seen as love in nature.
Love's the most beautiful nature trait.
We can never be done apart as long as we breathe.
Twinkling in the sky we will talk even after we die.

Saying your beautiful name instils positive energy.
I am imagining our future being united in a home.

Our home is not just walls & furniture.

You will see, madam, you will observe.
My HP Poem #649
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —