Nayana Nair Apr 20

The direction you have looked at
all your life.
Looking for the lost.
Searching for the reasons.
Waiting for your life.
Look opposite that direction.
You will find a kind heart.
It won’t be what you want or need.
But it will be enough
to live your life.
Enough to make you
never want to look back.

Sean Scribbles Apr 18

I need to know
Or else I'm afraid, that I must go
Quietly into this good night

Because not knowing
Of this so and so
Destroys my heart and plagues my mind

Every... Single... Time....

At midnight... Because the night will fade. Equally... Every time.
Acacia Apr 15

just say you want me,
i don't know how i'm feeling
so make me feel something.
thank you.
make me feel something intense
and the way i used to feel
before i started taking abilify.
make me spin faster than a ballerina,
make me crash into my lows like a car accident,
let me spread my legs for you
like spreading butter on bread.
drink my soul like its orange juice,
and you buy me groceries.
i'm biking in slow motion, trying to
unravel your heart and pedal over
your head.
i know you want me
but is it because you're scared?
just say you want me.

just say you want me
Mary Beazer Apr 12

Sometimes I wonder what we really need to do.
Do we try to be successful?
Or "Go with The Flow Type"?
What do we do?
People say be yourself,
But what is yourself?
Why do we have these Labels?

Thank you For reading!
Oskar Erikson Apr 8

Keep on chasing:

Elise Jaco Apr 7

I can't be your light
your anchor
your sun

If I go much longer,
black ink
starts to run

And yet,
doves above
singing faith and trust

but blinded am I
by the strong
hold of lust

A poem a day keeps depression away, amirite? Haha...


                           A MIND
                                A LIFE
                                     A SOUL

Alan S Bailey Apr 3

Over and over,
this smooth sound is going through one
ear and the other, the settle sound
of the rushing of blood
flowing through my ever shedding,
ever alleviating body, by nature? NO.
Still accompanied by the "truth," my human
parts being made without molded clay,
all of them free now, a part of something many
find "naughty."
You can find similarities in the mountains,
in the various hills arches, like the back, the neck,
the lift of the full volume of your chest,
You reach for the toothbrush, the comb,
ashamed; your hair in tangles, of the teeth that decay,
though one time you shall see how the
chest is so filled with pain. Nevermind.
We all don't care about that pain until it happens that
eventual day. This human body made "without perfections,"
it continues to smell, to pleasure or suffer, to be hungry,
to find itself wrapped up in it's sole need for sex.
We must remember to be clean for inspections.
No exceptions, no matter what is being said.
It will keep clawing, keep scratching, until it finds it's
way out, once it escapes it's metal cage.

April Mar 31

Why did you do this?
To me? Your mother?
I thought we were considered friends.
What happened?
Why couldn't you talk to me?
Try to get help?
I need to understand.
I wanted to help, it seems I was too late...

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