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im trying my best to abstain
from the thoughts
that make me want to eat you alive
i used to rely on the hearts of others
nutrients of their blood to fulfill my thirst
the things we do more than satiate me
no longer do i need
to break the ribs of empty promise
in order to breathe
I need a love that paint my world from grey to rainbow.
When I was young I wanted to be older
Nowadays I wonder whether I should walk on my hands so that gravity can pull my skin in the opposite direction
Gravity can be so unkind, yet I guess it keeps me grounded
I see miserable people live long lives
And the good die young
Like and Love ... some still battle the difference
Many get what they want
But is it what they need
Or just a need for want ...
S. Achilleos
October 23rd, 2020
and even when I say I need some space
I don't mean any words I say
please don't go too far away
Alice 6d
the birds are flying backwards
(you and I are still together)
the fish swim on land
(you unpack your bags)
the attic is below ground
(you walk into my room)
the sky is red
(you tell me you always loved me)
the grass is gray
(you tell me you still do)
I cannot process the world the same way anymore
he’s head was full of greed
and all of she was in need
grasping a reality full of dreams
an hour is enough, by all means.
third work! < 3
Sarah Flynn Oct 17
what can you say
to someone who is slowly
sinking into their own self-hatred?

to a person who can’t even
cry themselves to sleep?

to a dreamer
turned insomniac?

to a hopeless romantic
now only hopeless?

to someone with tired eyes
and bruised knuckles?

to someone who flinches
at your touch
as if it hurts,
but can hurt themselves
without a second thought?

to someone who drives
down a small-town road
at 76 miles per hour,
who isn’t trying to crash
but wouldn’t care if they did?

to someone who loves the earth
but hates the people
living here?

to someone who assures you
that everything will be alright
despite not believing in
their own words?

to someone who you are
terrified to lose,
but who claims
to have lost themselves
a long time ago?

you can say
β€œplease don’t leave me”
β€œI love you”
β€œI need you”
β€œI’m trying to be ok
and I’m doing my best.
but I don’t know how
to get through this
without you by my side.”

you can say
all of this and more,
but you have to realize
that they might not be listening.
mark soltero Oct 14
looking at you leaves me petrified
too close for comfort
invigorate me
give me your pain
like you take mine
feel this love
of all this
i now know how it feels to free fall
i just need to learn
learn how to create something worth while out of it
hours in ecstasy
burning against the pavement
just to call you mine
let’s make sure i don’t ruin it with my mind
BSween Jul 7
An apple and I can go on till dinner
A kiss and I yearn to the core for another
Prompting one more still
And while I do not dwell on details of that apple
The kiss leaves me wanting
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