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No ESP here
So tell me
I don't know why some people believe that depression is just a joke
nothing about depression is a joke I've been there and I'm still there
every time I need someone they aren't there they're all busy
every time I need someone to cry or to lean on they aren't there
doing something else than to talk to me for even just a minute
**** they even forget about me when they are away ignoring me
even if I'm depressed I would love someone with the same mentality
love someone who has depression show they they are special
prove them that they are not alone; that you're always there for them
Side notes

there are countless contradictions
in the elements of the work we do
and conflictions as we strive
but bring these not to table

for I am you
and you are me
and we are all together
in this constant labor
for our daily bread

and this toil to sustain the body
this does not feed the spirit
this is not our true work

to lift someone in need
to measure well in tolerance
to seek the components of peace
to create enduring possibility

this is the true work
in the final sweep
'round the face of time

this is what the soul eats


rob kistner © 2018
Contemplation on the level of sustenance required by a whole human.
JAC 6d
Dear man in the moon,

I wish to know what it is
you've to teach me from this,
and would you perhaps consider
taking unsolicited requests?
I seem to have found myself
the happiest I've ever been;
please allow in the thought
of not taking this away
from me, from them
I'll not say this lightly
*but I need them.
I’ll hold you tight
Like a memory you think of when you’re low.
You don’t let go,
Smiling and singing ‘til your heart is full.
We’re slow to realize how quickly life can change
And how fast these days roll by.
It’s like a tidal wave and we’re just floating on.
So let’s look to the sky and know
We still have tonight.

As the fire dances on,
I can see us in the flames.
So vibrant, so alive.
Oh I’d write it out on paper to remember everything,
From all the days and nights we shared
But I’m so lost inside this moment
I hope I’m never found.

After tonight
I’ll be alone again driving home beneath the star light.
When all that’s left of you is your scent,
These memories will get me through the days.
Whisper to me what you swore you’d never say.
I’m hanging on every word.
The hardest tears and the hardest years ahead,
But I look to you now
And feel so safe in your eyes.
Harley 6d
Depression, obsession, this voice inside my brain...
I try my best for you but you still just walk away…
You were my light, my love, and joy
All I was to you was a ****** girl, practically your toy…
Many people ask me why I continue to fight for you...
I always tell them that because this is just a little bump in our road, we are bound to make it through...
A year has almost passed, months since you have loved me...
I am getting nervous, are we truly not supposed to be..?
You are doing you and being with any girl that comes in your path...
I just stay alone and yearn for you and the love we shared in our recent past…
The day has finally approached... This year October eighth, 2018
You still don’t want me... You still ignore me... Im starting to think this “love” thing is just a big joke...
A new guy has walked into my life..?  I don’t trust love, I've been too beaten down and misguided...
He shows true compassion and is there for me I still don’t trust him, sooner or later he will push me out as you did...
Now you know and you are upset... What do I do? I love and trust you with all my heart...
But this boy is trying to help me up.. Trying to make me think I was never hurt from the start...
You tell me you can never make me happy but I know that's not true...
I can’t lie to myself and be with him, I don’t want to be finally over you..?
You are my true love, my happiness, and joy.
Im not ready to move on... My heart still cries your name.. My eyes still see a future in yours...
I can never truly be his if all im thinking about is you behind closed doors…
Depression, obsession, this voice inside my brain...
One day I hope you’ll come back to me, I’ll show you I’m worth it, then maybe you’ll stay…
alone 7d
I want to cry
I want to scream
I want to break
I want them all to understand
I'm just a soul
A single pink soul
I'm far from perfect
I don't want to be ******* perfect
Perfection is boring
Why is it so hard to understand
That I don't want what they do
I want to be me
I want to be free
I also kinda want to die
But we don't talk about that
So please
Don't pull
Leave me be
And maybe
I'll make my way back to you
family issues ;-;
We need a reason ...

as a nights needs a lights ...
to make it beautiful ...
by it's moon and stars ..
to take off darkness ...
and all loneliness ...
from a our souls ...
to feel a poetic life ...

as a life needs the sun ...
every day ...
day by day ..
with every new morning ...
to give a hope  ..
and a love ...
to every one ...
to make our day ...
more beautiful ...
with every new morning ...
for a new reason ...
to love this life ...

as a night's  needs ...
as a day's needs ...
we also need a reasons ...
to feel this beautiful world ...
to make it more better ...
by love ...
and sharing love ...

yes ...
we just need a love ...
only love ...
it's the only reason ...
to make our world ...
more great ...
by love ...

hazem al ...
Is death the final option?
the only option,
other than crippling depression?
Just listen to me,
you can hear me I promise
but not understand.
That's what pushes me,
not understanding.
I don't want love anywhere else
just here,
but I need you to understand
my life depends on it.
Within my soul I am lost
Weak for a need to comfort me
When I can't feel your presence
Your energy distant & cold
Within my soul , I am lost
Searching for the desire
I desire to be desired
Sadly no desire do I find
When you go you take away
you shatter parts of me
cutting & left bleeding
all over my soul
Within me , I need to hear
I need you to speak to me
any way you can
Within me , I need to know
I just need to know
© Jennifer Delong 10/14/18
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