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Zywa 5d
The mouths are open,

wide, as if they are screaming:

the leaf ***** in air.
Stomata (of leaves)

Collection "Bruises"
Mark Toney May 15
good to perceive a need - better to fulfill it with a deed

Mark Toney © 2023
5/15/2023 - Poetry form: Monoku
We found our best sly roundabout way
Moving money from government sway
Bitcoin is strong - they cannot halt
The elegant network, or break the vault

Hayek foresaw the deeply set need
To better the money, minus the greed
With interest rate that’s naturally found
And not distorted, lowered or bound

Bitcoin, the peaceful revolution
A useful decentralized solution
Stops debasement & halts the power
Of looters who seek to steal each hour

Enhances freedom across the lands
Adds real value into people’s hands
Friedrich Hayek had this truth to say
We must find a sly roundabout way
You can see this poem on a background here -
lua Jun 2022
i am a god that created the human
i am the human that the god created
but the god wants to be human
and the human wants to be the god
and it's a back and forth
the discontent
the want for more, for land and riches
for wealth larger than seas
and the need for simplicity,
to be held and to be loved.
Zywa Feb 2022
Unsatisfied needs

will accumulate to waves --

of ferocity.
Collection "Between where"
Zywa Jan 2022
Happiness: beware,

if you prefer to spare it --

you will choke on it.
"De troostzoekers" ("The comfort seekers", 25 december 2020, Mareike Lucas Rijneveld)

Bundel "Om Armen"
JKirin Jan 2022
I’ve been feeling blue
searching for a while.
Love eluded me—
Such a cruelty
can’t be wished upon.
Autumn days drag on.
Must lose hope, I know…
I’m a fool,
it’s true—
Under this first snow,
I can’t hide a smile
at the sight of you.
Don’t need love,
just you.
about longing
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2022
I know I make you suffer because you remind me all the time
As if yelling words helps me over this mountain that I climb
For a moment why don't you put yourself in my shoes?
Sure if roles were reversed it'd be a different life you'd choose
I want you to be satisfied with me the way I am
And wish you could see that I actually do give a ****
I care about opinion more than you realize
Not able to escape the crushing disappointment in your eyes
Well at least you have made your point crystal clear
Cut ego down daily then have the nerve to say I'm wanted here
I would walk out
Have nowhere else to go
I get high yet somehow still feel just as low
My pillow wet from tears almost every night
Zero point in arguing because you believe you are always right
I wake every morning hating myself more
Isn't your fault but you escalate the war
Internal conflict my ever present curse
Battling with you only makes everything worse
Chasing unrealistic dreams like dog after their tail
Subconsciously aware I am doomed to fail
I wish for once you could take a chance and put some faith in me
Allow room to make mistakes even if you disagree
I know how you feel so there's no need to rub it in
Deragatory remarks remain etched into my skin
I hope someday I will find the strength to rise above
Conquer demons
Discover the parts of me you unconditionally love
Trust when I say I wish I was different just as much as you
It's not that easy to change simply because you want me to
I love you when you make me feel so very bad
And apologize for the countless times I have caused you to be sad
No matter what we go through you will forever be my mom
In the future we can both work on staying calm
I'd corrall moon and stars for you if I thought it would make your smile last
You can't enjoy the present when you're caught up in the past
We wear the same size
JKirin Sep 2021
I need you to walk away,
to forget about me, be happy.
I'll live with this pain each day
but I won't let it ever break me.
My love is my own mistake.
Don't be sad for me, please, forget me.
"Go back to him, now!" I ache...
"I'm in anguish, with you!" Be happy...
I need you to walk away.
I need you...
about loving a man who is happy with another, sending away but not able to let go
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