tiptoe into the book store
be quiet - don’t exist
warm lights
hot chocolate pressed to your wool sweater
comfy and soft
you browse in the heartbreak section
flipping pages
calming sounds of murmuring
sip on your coffee
lounge on a couch in the corner
and with strangers
you feel less alone
than with your friends
never leave but you’ll have to
the book is lovely
you finish your drink
and tiptoe out of your haven

shh - disappear

I am the hurricane
I will tear you apart.
Run away.
Before it is too late.
Just leave me here
I will be fine
Just as I always have been.
I am my own peaceful quiet in the storm.

Phoebe G Nov 13

I wanted to find Him so I decided
To rid myself of all the things
that held me back like puppet strings
and made a solemn effort to be silent

I wanted inspiration so I started
To read stories of courageous lives
where people learned to train their eyes
to chase their wild dreams and the Divine
inside them

I wanted company till I discovered
That there were worlds inside of me
Of endless possibility
That I, and only I, could see

With clarity, alone.

Laura Nov 13

I can't hear
over the sound
of this silence
can't breathe,
can't think,
but god,
can I feel.
crouched in a corner
in a ball curling tighter
and tighter
trying to block out the sound
of this silence
my mind filling it
with paranoia
and insecurity
so loud
as I try desperately
to ignore it
to not
misjudge or second guess it
but this silence
is aching
and leaves me quaking
so loud
and no matter how much background noise
I add
chattering numbly away
filling the space with
it's still there
encroaching on my space
as I crouch in my corner
and curl into a ball
and tighter
trying to get away from it
and this silence
so loud.

Eliza Snow Nov 11

Listen to that soothing voice
A soft and unheard solice
Safe if you do make the choice
It frees you from wordly malice
It comes if you just listen

Maya Nov 10

When the quiet girl stands up
She warbles the constant messages her mind signals
Her head is filled with demons, darkness, and sudden shivers
Built with waking up even though she feels much more significant when she lays asleep
Grilled with details about not killing herself because that is selfish
Not killing herself because it is simply but a mere problem and she should build a bridge and get over it
Not killing herself because there are so many wonderful, new opportunities that awaits her.
But when the quiet girl stands up
She is unfulfilled
Unfulfilled and unsatisfied
No, those two words do not mean the same thing, they are synonyms to one another.
She says,
“The so-called ‘psychotically depressed’ person who tries to kill herself isn’t selfish.”
She says,
“When she’s  surrounded by all these people, it can be lonelier than when she’s by herself.”
“Do you know why?” She asks.
“Do you know anything about depression, about wanting the depths of depression, the epiphany of blackness, lethargy, hopelessness, and loneliness grabbing her soul into a deep, dark pit of despair feels like?”
“Do you know why people feel this way?”
She says,
“Ask her. Ask her how it feels like and you won’t get an answer but a stare. You’ll get a stare because there is no direct solution as to why she has depression. She just does.”
She says,
“Every single time she raises her voice and bellow down to the faceless fiend feeding on her fallible mind, she cannot capture the moment or the focus or the fking reason why there is an anonymous ghoul resting upon her brain.”
She says,
“The brutal brute that lays a nest in her mind spreads his eggs and continues to make a mass production. ‘There cannot be room for any positivity!’ he recited. She waits and waits and waits until she wants to die, until she wants to be gone and get rid of herself and make the world a better place.”
She says,
“The brute does not care who she is or the extraordinary things she has done. The brute does what he wants and until he done, she will be gone.”
She says,
“She will be gone because she cannot thrive within herself. She is losing sleep, not eating, and most importantly, not talking. That’s why she’s so f
king quiet. So the next time you ask her to talk, remind yourself that there are things that you do not understand and have to learn. Remind yourself that you cannot say ‘Just think positively’ or ‘It’s all in your head’ because that does not work. So the next time you speak to her, respect her.”

The Dybbuk Nov 10

And so I've spoken,
In burning, silent actions.
Long live the quiet.

alan Nov 7

Oh lovely Xú zhēn ōu,
you're on the edge of time, did you know?
I'll hold your hand from a mile away
look at the stars at the end of the day
close your eyes and walk along
we won't say a single word, the wind will be our song
I love you Xú zhēn ōu, we're on the edge of time you know,
we're on the edge of time.

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