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Stay, my frigid heart,
the night-song will come again.
Winter will not last.
The winter's silence rings blaring anathema to those who dwell in sound.
Why is home so cold?

The fireplace burns
And the birds have returned

But why is home so cold?

Come, lay with me, she said
But that’s a stranger in my bed

Why is home so cold?

The sapling has bloomed
The threat of summer looms

But why is home so cold?

It’s quieter than ever
Unlike it’s been in forever

Still, I ask,
Why is home so cold?
Gazing out towards this ocean
This endless blue sea
Warm water
cool breeze
Coarse sand
Under my feet
Waves crashed
Waves beat
I understood what it meant
What it meant to be free
As I gazed towards this ocean
This endless blue sea
Just a soft, easy experiment.
mark soltero Oct 11
sometimes I lay awake at night
and fixate on things I shouldn’t
whispers of my own transgressions linger

although it seems disingenuous
I am eager to fill the space
between this world and the old

please ward away the chilling breeze
make them apologize
because silence was one of my worst decrees
Gea Venise Oct 9
Like the ocean at night
She's calm
As the moon reflected in her eyes.
You thought, perfection.
You wouldn't wish for light to return
Where you can hear every crash of the wave
Running across every shore.
Where everything is exposed
Seeing things you would never want to see.

What you failed to remember is
Without the light
She's an ocean at night.
As you keep sinking further.
Jonathan Oct 2
Sun lit
Eye slits

Sun slit
Eye lids

Sun sits
Eyes lit

Longing for the night
Kitten Yvad Oct 2
I appreciate the immensity
of our battle and your smile
through this we are somehow

still beautiful.
Well i speak too soon
only wishing you'd find me so

being being unable
to love every treasured
fiber in your soul
would strike a much lower blow

god I want to touch you
but my love, i maintain patience
i feel so deeply

i burn so steadily
but caress my patience

when I fall in love,
the empathy of it all
heals fractured nations
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