A M 3h
it's so easy

to laugh when nothing's funny

indifference through one's body

feelings to wash away

silence to mask the din
Tara 2d
I’ll never kiss you
Clear sad fact
You make me smile
My heart sometimes hurts
A pain I’ll bear with

I think of you lots
One day you’ll reject me
I’m taking my time
Treasuring each moment
Dreaming of forever

Three words you’d be fine
We weren’t ever together
A casual odd stranger
I don’t want you to go
I’d rather keep dreaming

Living in a fantasy
I’d rather escape my reality
Don’t ruin this quiet moment
Just simple idle chatter
Still do you like me to?
I don’t like anyone currently but here’s a lil poem I wrote about the times
in the quiet of the night,
i lick my lips in slow motion.
the flavors of the night sky
lay on my tongue, all too comfortable, and
rock back and forth
to the rhythm of the ocean’s heartbeat.

i think of your bed -
and how i never slept
under the sheets
until i met you.
i feared the gentle, soft caress;
i did not acquire the taste
for something so ordinary as cotton
until i knew what it was like
to wrap myself up in it:
beside you, with you.

your lips tasted like
the language i tried to learn
in high school - three years of
tying my tongue in a knot.
your lips took me back
to the silent prayers of my youth,
the ones where i asked
to be released
from the loneliness i felt -
day or night, light or dark.

against the quiet of the night,
we talk. we laugh. we overshare.
the dissonance becomes a tune
i learn to miss;
it follows me on my loudest days.
on the bus.
at the movies.
at a dinner party.

i think                      about the space
                                              between our lips
when we first pull away
                                  from a kiss
                                              and how
the waves
bring us back together.
he smiles to himself
as he walks away
away from the crowd
the noise and hustle
to his secluded home
the calmness fills him
as he steps in the door
another day completed
I was quiet
never spoke
Held my breath
Closed my
and yet
you looked
and you knew
I love you

My i love you has no words to tell
Eno Jun 13
Sometimes you make me feel a little restless
I can see it in your eyes
How you don’t understand
I can’t stay
Sometimes just being there feels wrong
Like you really want me to leave
I can see it in your eyes
And I don’t understand
Just what I’ve done
That’s makes you want rid of me
Sometimes I feel betrayed
All those 5am’s
Spent talking about the future and the past
You were the sunrise for me
But our friendship must have fallen asleep
Oh I miss those times
You look like you’ve already forgotten
Our memories are already rotten
And have joined a compost heap
That now grows negative weeds
With my name
In your bittersweet brain
You’re just so easily swayed
By the ones who shout the loudest
And come to you
But now I’ve gone quiet
You don’t look for me
-    And you always said that was your strategy
Well that seems hypocritical to me
i shift
farther from freedom
when fueled by these flames.
i laugh
frightened by the fiction
that is a fabrication
of my favorite friday afternoon.
i grin
but it falters; it fades -
faster than my fears
on a quiet morning.
i freeze
Seanathon Jun 10
Quiet is the honest whisper
When all the distractions are at an end

When your head hits the pillow
Your heart hits your ribs
And your mind's eye opens
To these inevitable ends

How we seek to wear ourselves so thin
How we think the future is better than
This present moment known to you

But the quiet whisper knows no lie
The honest whisper knows the truth
From the Sleepless Feet collection.

And I'm not commenting on depression here. This one is about the frailty of humanity. About the inadequacy of human works which are devoid of the Lords blessing. Because all we do that's for ourselves, will hold no worth beyond this world.
Doug Miura Jun 9
I can still be strong
I go there sometimes, calms me down, a temple, retreat.  I'll get away, one day.
sometimes I
feel like I am
not here

as if I was stuck
under water and
I just float farther
away from the

concerts don't
feel as loud as
they are in reality

my favourite songs
are quiet
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