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Joanna 4d
The quiet consumes like a hidden river of peace.

There's a strength and a purity
that gives release.

The sunsets and my spirit rises, knowing it's time
to stop asking why.

Daybreak arrives, and there is an array of colors,
as this journey becomes

an adventure like none other.
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دema Oct 5
i’ve taught myself
to be silent when
i shouldn’t,
and now i’m not
when i should,

there i go,
obliviously, relentlessly
and uncontrollably making
my voice worthless and worth less.
Ackerrman Oct 4
Where is your head?
Is it here?
You won’t answer.

Did you not hear?
Should I ask again?
You won’t answer.

I am intimidated,
Feel cold,

I am not comprehending,
Banging my head silly,
My stare is more vacant than yours.

I assure you,
I don’t know what to do,
I’m here to help.

But I guess you don’t comprehend that,
The need?
My need to help you.

You have no need of me.
I am more scared of you
Than you are of me,

As default!
I think I admire you,
Your silence.

I don’t know how to push,
How far,
Will you break?

What can I ask?
How can I help?
I can’t.

Can’t I even look in your eyes?
Will it make you uncomfortable?
Can I try…

Again tomorrow?
Or the next day?
Let me stay.

Sit down
Next to you,
Please don’t be uncomfortable.

I usually say,
“I won’t fail again”,
But I think

I will have
To fail
A lot with this one…

Bede Sep 27
Cleaned up my poems
And my act.
May I take this as
Another gnomic lesson
Ken Pepiton Sep 27
beautiful lady, widowed some time back.
only visits
her home in the hills these days.
we were discussing our sunsets
and our dogs, she noticed I was
tokin' on an old zig-zag size
normal joint,

she axs me, djever know a mean

woman, high on ****?

I said, no.

She said, Me, I get mean, like a mean drunk
in a fatboy bar,

so I stick with tequila.

I say, not to her,

She paints mean sunsets.
musing around bedtime on a saturday night
Enas Sep 22
December 10th 2016..

She tears not in tears..

She woes in words..

She cries in colours..

She is neigh nature..

A scenic soul..

An oceanic oblivion..

A looming lotus..

A delightful darkness..

A ballerina of blues..

A revelation of fire reds..

A puzzle of purples..

And a quiet question.
Ms L Jul 18
It's a chaos.
They rumble and jumble inside me.
Something's throwin',
Something's turnin'.

I plead.
It's breaking.
Deep breathing.
Can you please stop?!

Be quiet.
Stay still,
Or hold me atleast.
Please help me gain peace...

I just want serenity,
A cup of calming tea,
Phrases to keep,
And a good night sleep.
Liam Hunter Sep 19
in the middle of an empty room, a ragged rug lies peacefully in dust and ***** sunlight

filtered through the only window, whose glass has aged with the wooden floors, the sun feels warm

i am sitting on the chair that sits on the rug, surrounded by books, and dolls, and many things
i am in that empty room, so overwhelmed

it is dark, illuminated only by a crack in the roof through which the sunlight has squeezed

there is nothing on the floor of the room that i'm sitting in, the walls are bare, the window is wide open
the moon rides the gentle breeze through the window and onto my skin

nobody has set foot in that room in years

just a ragged rug, and many things
in an empty room in me
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