This world of black and white
filled with words bursting of colors
I hear things,
wind chimes swaying softly
in the warm, night breeze
the sound of pure bliss
yet there are still
the beautiful soft words, of
a young soul, drawing inspiration
from heartache
and a very quiet pain.

Night is gone
I am safe

No one here
To confine my space

No one talking
No one breathing

Just me alone
No one seeing

Life is gone
Everything I know

Something taking over
It continues to grow

Nothing is normal
Nothing is good

Nothing is everything
I wish I could

Holding me back
Holding me down

Holding on tight
Wearing a crown

Sometimes I wonder
Sometimes I dream

I know it's now over
Why be so mean?

the words are there,
I swear, I can taste them
on the tip of my tongue,
I taste it, but the words wont come
and I can't get them out
because I've found I've been bound
shut up, shut up
lips seals, eyes down
tasting of blood now
biting hard on the words
my tongue wont say
a numbness I've come to face
with a smile and a slim waist

rough idea of a bigger idea

Honestly, this dishonesty is hard to keep up
It's easier said than done
"I'd rather be with you than on my own"
He doesn't say it out loud
I'm not sure his heart even knows
Consciously unconscious
He's blinded by the attention
He wants to feel the love
Do us all a favor kid,
Be vulnerable for once
Let the pain change you
See how it feels to be alone

I've been watching you do this, it really isn't fun. I wish you would just listen to one of us for once

There in the stillness, the whisper of angel's wings
There in the stillness a place for beggars and kings
There in the stillness a fluttering of the soul
There in the stillness someone broken is being made whole

There in the stillness and silence of this room
Like standing there in Easter's empty tomb
There in the stillness and silence of this place
I open my eyes and find myself standing face to face

There in the silence I think I feel you say
There in the silence that all will be okay
There in the silence I hear my heartbeat still
There in the silence you hold me and you always will

There in the quiet a word of blessing and peace
There in the quiet there is freedom and release
There in the quiet I sing and praise and dance
There in the quiet a part of the sacred romance

There in the rest a river of life overflows
There in the rest a fruitful garden grows
There in the rest I am anchored and secure
There in the rest is a joy so real and pure

There in my life a battle day and night
There in my life a war between darkness and light
There in my life the Lord is always by my side
There in my life my God be glorified

Praise and glory to God on high
Prayer and song fill the sky
Lift your heart and raise your eyes
Please dry our tears and hear our cries


I don’t know how to create anymore
Nothing seems good
Nothing seems right
I let moments pass
Turning days into nights
While I sit in my room
Watching sunsets
And staring at the moon

Mary-Rose H Sep 14

In a
of quiet,
through the
busyness buzz,
a soothing thought
to my consciousness,
consoles my heart:

"I'm going to be okay."

Ashley Sapp Sep 12

The quiet of my mind
I'm trying to crawl out of it,
The engulfing pressure upon my ears,
It tricks me into thinking I am hearing myself
(...and yet…)
I never quite make it out,
Never quite speak aloud.

Lyn-Purcell Sep 9

My mind is so quiet
that the death of a flower
can be heard

Currently looking at the sky, waiting for the stars to appear.
Ollie Sep 8

Have you ever pondered
The waste of a quiet man's skin
He's screaming beside himself
He holds it within
His thoughts are a waste of a quiet man's skin
Because skin covers skulls and skulls cover brains
He screams on the inside, within holds his pain
The quiet man screams his thoughts to us all
But beside himself and his screams, the quiet man falls
Down below to his dreams
End his pain
Out the light
Watch this young quiet man
Here late at night
He whispers his thoughts
And wastes up his skin
Because he no longer holds his loud screams deep within
The quiet man's brain holds all his thoughts
It's a waste of his skin if he doesn't tie it to knots
His stomach, you see, is also a waste
For quiet man can't remember the last time he ate
And quiet man falls, and quiet man screams
But his calls fall silent
For he owns a blade that gleams
In the lights
In the dark
In the night
His skin sparks
Sort of red, I would say
Though I really can't see
For my eyes have fallen silent
To quiet man's screams
In the light of day
Silence befalls quiet man
But inside he screams
Because his skin says he can
What a waste of skin, on quiet man's bones
We can just drown out his screams with a pair of headphones

idk? Levi said he didn't get this one. Neither did I. But it rhymes.
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