Daisy Marrow Jan 2014
It's so quiet.
It's so strange.
I've never heard silence so loud before.
The drum beats loud and echos out
leaving us alone in this emptiness.
Come on, love
don't leave me hanging from this cliff.
Don't leave me alone to die.

I know times are hard and you can't stand on your own,
but that doesn't mean you have to leave.
Don't run away from this pain.
Just come into my arms and stay.
At the end of the day
the rain will be blown over and all the flowers will be bloomed.
Even the toughest storms leave beauty for the eyes to love.

Don't get swallowed up in the shadows.
I'll be your light.
I'll guide you,
just follow my feet.
I'll lead you into me and hold you until your numb.

You're standing in the ocean
welcoming the salt water into your body.
Dry your eyes and swim to the shore
because I'll be waiting there.
Just please don't go.
Because if you leave I might just have to follow.
Blake 1d
I love a quiet boy
For him I pine, I long
I see his simple joy
Then swiftly he is gone
I watch him reappear
As fair and calm as ever
And Cupid tugs my ear
And gently whispers “never”
Jazz 4d
Silence is nothing but evidence of an empty mind
A clear indication that you've had more than you can handle
Everything in you windshield view is blurred
Faint outlines of people you used know
Now remain vague and distant
As you slowly become disconnected from reality
Your mind is polluted with nothing but white noise
Oblivious to light, you roam the distant halls of thought
As you dwell in the dark that somehow feels open
Slowly falling into the abyss of a conscious mind
mysa 1d
i stumble over my words now.
it's a fight to wrestle them out of my mouth,
when before the flowed out like a river.

i'm fainter now.
it's a struggle to remember
that my new friends don't find me annoying
and that i don't need to lag behind,
waiting for an invitation.

i'm worse now.
summer is ending and all i have to show
is a quieter me
    a nervous me
    a wish-i-wasn't-here me
    a why-can't-i-just-do-something me

    a second-rate me
i stumble over my words now. this poem included.
oh boy have i been having Problems™ lately. :,) it should be an easy fix, but i can't will myself to fix it.
Helena 6d
I'm a shameless liar
lost in translation
consumed by the fire
Trying to see through the haze
exhaling is dire
I was counting on you to find
My Telephone wire

But don't worry, love
Any words I could have said have been all said before
So sorry if I seem quiet tonight, love
the trembling in my voice
Shaking lips and broken words
Are worth the itching in my tongue
Sleepy, rest your head
Shh, don't regret
All that you met
Along a rocky road
I know right now there's a lump in your throat
a sea full of tears, you stuck on a boat
This boat will keep you safe, I promise
Close your tired eyes, there's nothing to miss
the arms to hold you were never supposed to be his
Don't worry now, sleep off your yesterdays
Lie silently in comfort and dream of simpler ways
Dream of softness and love that stays
My mind has molded
Into the shape of a bullet
It's running through my thoughts
Violent screams of the innocent
Fleeding through my ears and eyes

My mouth sewed shut
Told to keep quiet
I sit here still and silent
Not a word to be shed
The only white noise you heard
Was a bullet to my head
tiamac Aug 13
I am a crustacean
stuck in my shell,
hard to crack open,
and softest at my core

I am a crustacean
buried deep underwater,
difficult to catch,
and palatable only to a few

I am a crustacean
hidden inside my house,
impossible to hold,
and shyest face to face
Shyness is not my best quality.
Kaylah S Aug 9
She spoke little
But the girl had a lot
More to say than we thought
She never really felt the need to speak
Unless given reasonable cause
Like a forest she seems calm, cool, collected
But on the inside
She has ecosystems
Like a bull
She shows aggression
But on the inside
She’s joyful
Like a Venus fly trap
She snaps when she needs to
Beware of her looks
Because they may be
I wrote this one a little while ago, I'd love to hear some feedback! :)
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