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The Kimbeaux Aug 9
is essential
for the breakthrough.

Not spirit-break.
You can’t break
my spirit.

Can you feel it?
My restless soul
running wild?

You can’t break me.
Don’t try.
I’m not meant to be broken.
Heartbreak is essential for transformative change. My spirit is strengthened.
Ken Pepiton Jul 23
One more silver dollar
buy another time a chance,
it was a time, not a dream, and

now has been, after that ever since
wisdom swept over me, my reality,

yours, in the same time, our reality
on starship earth, where the ancient
spells have been found to loose oath bound,

if you read this far, I wrote this far, and loved
the company in a same yeast state, define
state in states where war is made possible,
by treaty, representational power,
aimed at the child in the old man
being given worst, worsted wool's my first
right twist to be available in culturally npc
blend, walk by, that guy 120 fps

You could always see first he was not there.
Window's open he couldaflew the coop. Dime'sup.
irinia Feb 3
my lips feel ****
I a bit vile
I feel decisive
I'm burning down
the my oh my
Van Gogh's turquoise
self portrait in the wild:
a woman loves to
toast to cloudburst

I think I might
recycle the devil
for poetry's sake,
tonight it smells
of cinnamon,
of flemish paintings
IC Dec 2022
As obligations take up my free time
my wild spirit has been put in a cage
with perfection and accomplishment as my keys

Under a carpet of snow
when the first 'lenteklokjes' come peep from under their blanket
my keys will slowly rise up from the frozen ground as it thaws
and clear my way to the light.
Good luck to all the students! It will all be over soon ♡
Mark Wanless Oct 2022
The call of the desert is wild
The sea relentless
Mountains peek unreachable
Wind blows my tears away
Sunset always beautiful
Ken Pepiton Oct 2022
The fee'back, feed me, monstor,
of my own ****** mind,
made up.

Destroy the destructive force of nature,
harness truth, deny the chance,

we all may learn to read, and write,
we all may gain time to spend speaking
often, one with another,
having all things needful, and readiness,

for any weather, as we come to expect,
the low place fills with fallen rain,
freezes and makes for a terrible death,

unless, that's the rush, that's it, that's
what makes us feel, it is possible,
look, I swam, to thin, edge ice,
and stood, ha, am I not
as a Phrygian god who slew the old bull
and fed the hungry who knew to make fire.
Dangerous songs... beans in my ears, sprouted, back then....
xavier thomas Sep 2022
You were the one hitting my line, throwing me signs, trying to catch my attention. Then I give you the time of day, & now you’re unsure???? Stop being indecisive🙄😑
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