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Eryri 6d
Wild Honey Badger:
The Punk Rocker of the wild.
Fight for your right to party.

Wild Honey Badger:
The Chuck Norris of the wild.
Fear itself fears you.

Wild Honey Badger:
Comedically psychopathic,
Like Frank in Blue Velvet.

Respect the Honey Badgers
and they will, mostly likely,
Still not respect you.
I think our hair
tells a lot about who we are.
Like my hair,
which is curly, crazy, and wild.
Or my mom's hair,
which is short and puffy.
Or my friends' hair,
which is straight and thin.
Or my teachers' hair,
which is perfect and in order.
Or my brothers' hair,
which is just all over the place.
Something that just came to me. I thought that it is mostly true, that our hair can sometimes tell other people about who we are, though some might not agree.
loving you
is as dangerous
as running through the jungle
under hanging branches dressed with wild monkeys,
swinging violently above your head
and when you escape the green maze
like a speedy snake,
you are met with a
yellow swamp,
with alligators, and venom
and your
cut up
but you dive in-
for love,
and when the alligators kiss your tender belly,
you swim faster-
and jump out as soon as you see the land that
is being soaked with powerful rain and
the lightning just struck a tree, and the
tree is on fire, and your love is on fire-
and you’re alive,
love’s alive-
you are alive.
I whispered
“I love you”
And he smiled,
(The kind of smile
That drives me
To drive miles and miles
Just to see.
The kind of smile
That could drive me wild)
“I love you too”
A 7d
Take me off the wall
And scatter my memory on the floor
Shove every reminder of my existence between bed frames
And under piles of forgotten laundry
Demolish every notion that i was ever a good person
And bury it under the tree in your yard
Leave me to be the one to blame
Whisper about me in secret conversations
And insinuate that i was the one who didn’t deserve you
Tear apart the final pieces of me you still possess
Scream about every little thing i did wrong
But don’t you ever try to come back for me
forget me
ChrisE Nov 28
there was a storm in your eyes
Ready to destroy and make me cower at your feet
crocodile tears you coughed up could cause even the Nile to over flow with emotion

your eyes are wild
not everyone could see the crazy in them
the hunger in them
the readiness in them to devour my soul
and the readiness in me to just let you
because you consume my thoughts
you are my only thought

you could run me over with the car which is your words and I would still forgive you
you could leave me, without a trace , come back and cry those crocodile tears to me and I would still forgive you
one thing I won't forgive is if you peel off the layers of my skin and plunge your claws into my heart and make it bleed
by loving someone else

I can't accept you leaving me
without a heart to fend for myself
leaving me in the wildness that isn't yours
Marsha Nov 22
on her wild nights,
she smells of
delicious sweat.
Kore Nov 21
release me
***** down my skin
shed the timorous flesh
of humanity

release that
beast that lives
in the notsosecret heart
of hearts

release me
let go my womanflesh
let my teeth out
of their prison

release that
tearing ripping ancient
moon beast
of days past

she longs
to stretch her legs
test her teeth
be released
i literally just want to be a werewolf that's what this is about
Kore Nov 20
          tried to take
a girl

          sunk his teeth
in to that girlflesh
          and ran

shot dead
           by the cops
in less than a day

           that we are

            animals to our humanity
when they know
of our lives

            the girl lived
       bearing the mark of teeth

the coyote perished
            for human vanity
i just find it really strange that we drive animals out of their homes, give them no replacement, take them nowhere else, just leave them to fend for themselves in the middle of suburban developments and then expect them not to do what animals do and try to get food any way they can. there's nothing okay about a wild animal trying to eat a child but i think the PD's resources could have gone to better use than killing that coyote.
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