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Amanda 31m
She looked pretty even when crying
Gorgeous when she flashed a smile
She was the most beautiful
When dancing free and wild
Not really about anyone in particular...
She pressed her lips against her dying ciagratte bud like a painter would with his paintbrush.
It was almost poetic,
The way her beautiful mouth caressed something so poisonous to her soul.
She had the eyes of a wild lion,
A deep brown that looked like melted chocolate on an immense summer day.
She fluttered her eyelashes like a gentle butterfly taking off into the breeze, her light conplexion made the rays from the sun look so warm and inviting.
Her wild soul danced in her lion eyes as her calm expression and relaxed body sank into the empty air around her, swirling with that grey cigarette smoke.
Curling hair.
Gentle waves.
The calm before the storm.
The roaring storm took on a life of its own in her wild eyes.
Losing vision on the mountain, sun begins to set
Find us standing at the summit, shaped by silhouette
Search for answers in the wild, or find inner peace
Let what you know begin to flow, spiritual release
As worries numb, answers will come, time is only now
Succumb to senses, drop defenses, find oneself somehow
Jo Swan 3d
Faraway from home and lost with the wild
the mystical fog has surrounded my sight
From seeing the road that lies ahead.
should I despair and sensed be in fright?
My predicament has left me in dread.

Fog slowly suffocates me from my breath.
In my anguish, I cry out to the Lord,
“This path could lead me to my imminent death!
I’ve no guts to walk through the forlorn fog.
Must I walk alone through gravel road and sward?”

Through the smoky fog, a Lyre Bird flutters-
fans his feathers in majestic manner
and sings sweetly like warm days of summer.
Has the lord listened and made his answer?
In the fog, the dusk of doubts dissipate.

Though I walk on this unforeseeable path,
My body burns with vitality of hope
as I've finally found faith in the fog
Maya Oct 10
the word for not changing is
and the word for constant change is chaos
and the word for swinging wildly between the two is
S Rose Oct 10
Love me like a dandelion.
Bask in bright colors of the summer sun,
But appreciate the beauty of wintery whites
Then set me free with the wandering wind
Only to hope it begins again.
Apporva Arya Oct 8
My emotions run wild,
But the words confine.
Even if I murmur a word,
My wetty eyes will cry.

Back then,
The world was so big,
And I so small.
The whole empty me,
has no scent of her own.

But You made me begin.
So we Begin for us.
And now has come so far
And still many miles to go.

But now,
Amid all the Chaos,
Amid all the love,
Amid all the hope,
Amid all the seeking,
Amid all the Euphoria,
Amid all the grief,
Amid all the bewilderment,
You are leaving.
Leaving me,
To carry on all own my own.
As it is said.."For many who begin with us will not complete with us"... Whether It was destiny or coincidence we met ,we shared same dreams so begin same journey but somewhere in between our goals changed, priorities changed and I guess parting ways on a good note is best for now.
shiv Oct 7
you take what you get
and you learn to live
with the way it all ends.
rob kistner Oct 4

I will not be confined
always in motion
constant ebb and flow
perpetual like the seas

my spirit eternally liquid
in everlasting surge
expands unrestrained
seeking my own level

I will not be defined
my nature is fluid
my essence is turbulent
deep but ever changing

my wild heart
challenges constraint
seeking boundary that is mine
to turn at will

reach not for me
I will not be held
do not name me
I will not be yours

rob kistner © 1971
The situation with my heart has occupied my mind in recent weeks.
I vaguely remembered this poem I had written years ago.
I sorted through my folders of handwritten work and found it.
Here is a piece from my wild and crazy years.
Mona Oct 3
Another desperate and dark night
You cradle your pain and resign
Trade hope and joy for this pain
Guilt dances with regret

You took a dive into the magic glass
The space of nothing that numbs
There she was all laughter and dance
Strobe light to your lost soul

As you reach to hold her in your arms
Like a breeze she slips till morning comes
Running the track of your mind
The wild woman captured your heart
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