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I wonder where you go
When you are gone
Where do you go?
Beckie Davies Oct 15
you will always be here
like the moon that hovers
stoically independent

you will always be here
unequivocally present
luminously magnificent

you will always be here
like a God that loves abundantly
forever omnipresent

i may no longer see you
but you will always be here
death did not destroy you
Maria Etre Oct 14
The confessional between my body and the world
is in my hand
Marmaelady Sep 21
The next time we meet again will probably awkward as frick
Like if Jupiter and Uranus collided
In which they'd probably pass by each other because they're gas giants
(Or fuse into one big gas giant planet, but I'm too tired to explain)
And being in one room we'd might as well
Be two unmoving pieces of stone each waiting
For the other to make a move
After all the years without touch
(Cause a pandemic had to happen)
I guess we'd be stiff like that.

I mean, can't you see the stiffness in the way my hands
Wave at you wishing yours could just come through
The pesky screens holding us back
Just wishing they could make a crack at all the ice
My hands have been gathering throughout these years?

Cause it seems holding you will take ages
And I'm now left to read hundreds of pages of young adult couples
Huddling beside bonfires
Making it look so easy to move closer and closer
While realistically, we're stuck here miles and miles apart
Only huddling beside this hurt we call distance

By the gods, I pray to be a gas giant so I can permeate
Through all these physical walls
And give you the one long hug I've been saving since fall
Cause I badly need the body warmth right now.
Do I sound too hypothermic? I hope not.


But anyway, still and awkward hugs will do
I've noticed it's a bit cold here --
Is it cold there too?

I know you might've grown accustomed to it, you might even like it, but for just one night
Let me imagine what it's like
To warm you.
I am in need of body warmth. Brr. Help XD Also, inspired by Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero. Piper and Jason's scene.

Spoken word for the nth time. All my poems are becoming spoken word.

; - ;

Well, I'll see and listen what my hearts says.
Laokos Sep 18
it's obvious,
isn't it?

it certainly
like it

you see
it too,

i'm imagining it?

it's probably


your head
is upside

facing inward
laughing at

and there's
a light in

that's always

you should know
Chelsea Rae Sep 13
I don't know if I stopped writing
Because I wanted to make sure you
Never saw the deepest parts of me Ever Again
If it's because you broke me
So badly.
So deeply,
That it ripped out the deepest parts of me altogether.
You ruined me and you know who you are if you're pathetic *** is still stalking me from the shadows.
Mark Wanless Sep 1
there are no exits
but the ones we do create
this here is just now
if I can't find beauty in what's here now
I'll always live for a happy past and future
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