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There's a sense in which
I could be anywhere—
everywhere is the same
as here.
Karen Lang Sep 15
How often do we drift and fall into a story of the mind?
A memory from the past
A fear or projection in the future
Or a story on repeat from an event we had this morning
Where are you now?
To be fully aware means we must open our hearts
and invite every experience in
Only then can our minds be free
It's not easy to open our hearts, allow vulnerability,
and be present in this moment.
It takes courage to trust we can live in this space.
Mark Wanless Aug 27
i dreamt in my mind
reality was kinda
like this here and now
Mark Wanless Jul 27
the construct of the
universe is you my friend
you are what is here
Mark Wanless Jun 21
i am here because
of help so much i wonder
Mark Wanless Jan 21
i see a pattern
ten thousand years old
new colors new voice
same oh same oh
nothing new is here now
same oh same oh
see the past here now
same oh same oh
julius Dec 2021
you will never understand how much i hate myself.
how my throat collapses and closes in on itself.
and how tired i am. this aching body is an empty vessel.
sometimes my veins still ache to bloom red roses.
i put my headphones on and the whole world becomes a drone.
a blur of colors and half assed dreams bleeding together.
do you remember that january night in the snow?
we held each other close so we breathed the same smoke.
rosy cheeks and ripe noses, gray eyes and frozen toes.
someday, maybe soon, i'll choose to go through my skin.
by way of rope or knife, i'm not quite sure yet. but it will be scarlet.
my white tissue paper sliced and torn apart by your fingers.
my favorite time of day is any time spent with you.
your arms are home to me, and my heart rots inside out.
i want to scream far and wide into the cold dark sea.
and drown in your recycled oxygen, kneel at your feet.
i will never be more than a kicked dog, a hollow corpse.
oh darling, don't cry for me, this is how it's supposed to be.
this is the epilogue to something, somewhere
Norman Crane Aug 2021
accepting nothing
think without disconcerting
the unity of—
Bailey Apr 2021
My universe left me here
My God left me here
My upbringing left me here
My environment left me here
My blood left me here
When in reality
I left me here
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