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He was my story
My history
My line
My love...
He was all things.

A tingle mingles my heart
As I drive to his door
Switch off the engine
And enter his dream.

He laughs, coughs and sniffs.
Toking on his cigarette.
Pink, his flesh, soft, unbroken
Armoured for life in youth

He stretches
Away the sleep
He always had.
Crumpled bedding
And crazy hair!
We share, a smile
Him and I.

I touch his life
I gave him
He smiled...So many times my way, the child
The man !
Crazy crazy love
Still there
Star BG Oct 4
Here I am
standing on threshold of breath
inside new day.
Where birds whisper in ear
with divine song.
And heart beats
in vibrations of moment.

I feel tickled.
Tickled to sing
dancing gracefully.
Tickled to move
with gratitude
inside dreams.

I feel blessed
Blessed as avatar  
weaving in life’s breath.      
Blessed to  
create with
spark of ***.

Here I am
standing in my own creation
inside new day.
Where mind patterns disintegrate.
And miracles expand to reality.

I feel free.
Free to live
aligned with purpose.
Free to explore
with compassion formula
in this changing world.
Inspired by TS Poetry. Thank you.
With Formula of compassion one  is able to forgive all those who brought you challengers in life For they played a role for YOU the soul to expand and evolve. This includes the dark government that is now ending. It includes relative, friends everyone and can free the self when applied. They need to be thanked as you let them go.
Maria Etre Sep 27
What if
I wrote
about what
I can't talk about
would that make

Would that
turn me into
a magician?
Maria Etre Sep 24
"Permanently delete"

No one ever
wants to
look through

"New document"
Madison Sep 20
Though you might be having a bad day
I want you to know something
I will always be here for you
And I will always love you
I don't care how ****** it is
I will listen and try to help
You are not worthless
In fact, You are worth the world
Never think down on yourself
Because you are amazing
The world shouldn’t own you
You should feel like you own it
EP Robles Sep 20
THE shouldest wind.  My never dream I should
         //--ME.  I might then should.  Did Dream.

Cold coal::coals  Time hammer now into
a brilliant thunder of what'if's that stun time
--where all flesh become amazed ages
       --welcome to life

The elder generation adores you
    that we are you. Were once.    And now.
(A whispered mystery)   ?

   so Open your window and let some
air into your room!

:: 08-20-2015 ::
Would have, should have, could have...
Emmah Sep 19
Am I bubbly and happy?
Am I grumpy and ******?
Angry and snappy?
Romantic and sappy?

Am I cheerful and alive?
Ready to bloom and thrive?
Am I just here to survive?
To destroy and deprive?

Am I one to be desired?
Perhaps to be admired?
Left until expired?
Always to be tired?

Am I healthy and well?
Am I a story to retell?
Do I belong in a cell?
Am I embodying ****?

Can someone please tell me
Because I have no idea.
is there some way in which
the past
the present
the future
are all the same
are all wrapped up
are all on one line i wrote write will write
instead of three separate?

in some ways
4 dimensional space-time
says yeah
that's kinda sorta it:

all the space that exists in
this time
is simultaneously existing in
this time
and in
this time
and in
this time

so all the time that exists in
this space
is perhaps also
all simultaneously existing in
this space
and in
this space

but mostly
the world looks at me
nah dude
you're just insane
Maria Etre Sep 17
She couldn't
- - - -c- - - -u- - - -t- - - -
-----f- - - -e - - - e- - - l- - - i- - - n- - - g- - - s------
so she
- - - -c- - - -u- - - -t- - - -
- - - - - h- - - - a- - - -i- - -r- - -
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