What is it like?
To fit in with everyone around you
To not feel so small
To not be too soft spoken

What is it like?
To have countless numbers of friends
To constantly have plans
To never feel alone?

What is it like?
To get close to people
To smile so genuinely
To laugh so full heartedly

What is it like?
To not be me
a man
in his
cerulean fit
always flight
his fascination
there with
his striped
shirt clean
that wimples
shall lie
in bed
with asters
attached in
beanie caps
today tonight
& tomorrow
in bloom
university town
Heed and Repent fear Wrath thou shalt Regret
Slow to Vent Pay thy rent
Those bent befriend
Cautioun him who chooses defense  
Lend family a helping hand
Live off the land Thou are
Kings and Queens as the Lord
does command
Thus hear my crys
Lessen demands wisely take a stand
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ®️©️
Alison Ilene Feb 10
No such thing as
No knowledge known as
What lies between
The lines
Is a perfect paradise
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ®️©️
Alison Ilene Feb 10
                              No emotions
       In between worlds
             Only emotions
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ®️©️
            Never had a place like this before. I
         don't ever remember feeling so quit at
         home. Thank you to my loved ones
          whom have done so much for me.
Airned Feb 13
What am I?
I know the obvious answer is "human",
But I mean it in a more focused way.
What am I to you?
Am I the one whose heart you wish you never broke?
Or the one you wish would fade away for his own good?
Am I the one you kissed so much out of appreciation and maybe unspoken affection?
Or a sullen reminder of the things you may have thrown away?
Am I the sweet sullen soul with a constant smile on his face, who always saw the good in you, and was never angry when you didn't speak, for I was fluent in silence?
Or am I the angry and bitter soul with fire in his eyes, who voices his grave concern and disappointment with the roads you have taken?
Am I the friend you hold so dear, and swore to never let go?
Or am I just a secret now, and nothing more?
The answer is simple
As clear as day
I am not one or the other
I'm both
I'm the one you wish you never hurt, and wish would let you fade, but I'm still here.
I am the one you showed such grand affection to, but you try to downplay like it was nothing, because from here it seems you still feel pain for it all, but I'm still here.
I am happy and bright soul who knows the good you are and can do, but also the angry and sad one who looks on you and asks "What the hell are you doing to yourself?", but I'm still here.
I am still the friend you hold so dear, but also a secret you don't wish to have, because even though you hate lying to him you still do, but I'm still here.
And that shall always remain the same.
The yin and yang.
But one constant will always remain:
I'm still here.
Because to me, you were always worth it.
I was never as simple and one note as I seem to some. I have always been at a balance. I never changed. I have remained the same.

For the person looking for tone, or just a new song to jam to: "The Same Boy You've Always Known" - The White Stripes
her here
we were

calm on her lips
the winters were cold
shivers here

for me
her lips
here were

she shapes me
as though
she will
blue lip hazard

dare me to read this
in any fasion
up down
check out how my love for her
has been applied
read this from bottom up
just check it out
sew me stitches of your time
allow me to allow you
what tat
let me
i was to
i ain't
are more

we made that shape
She wanted to drown herself
In her own puddle
But her tears is still to shallow
Her body feels numb and hollow
She tried to run like theres no tomorrow.
Thinking that someone will follow
Now she's broken and a mess
But she realized she couldn't care less.
Uhm I don't know what to put here
Sam Feb 3
Sleepless nights, go away
      I came to your life
     and I’m here to stay
When everything shatters
and feelings start to decay
Know you’re never alone
I’ll head with you to the fray
   With my soul on the line
I’ll kill for you, I’ll fight, I’ll pray
      You’re my precious
I’ll preserve you night and day
I’ll hug the darkness out of you
  hold your hand all the way
    In this cold cruel world
we can be each others’ getaway
   The shoulders to cry on
the resort to seek in bad-day
Don’t let life change your gorgeous self
          don’t just obey
       Be fierce and wild
  own it and make life your play
Cuz even though you been through hell everyday
You’re truly beautiful
you are my sun ray
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