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I have to remind myself
That I made a promise
That I am not
In the business of giving up
I made myself a promise and nowhere in that promise does it say "Adrian".
Irene J Oct 10
just for once,
can you look at me,
and tell me if I really there?

All you can say is,
"You are here."
But I never there.
In your heart.
How can I make him notice me?
Thedrop Oct 9
I have changed.

Through the addition of each day,

Through everything I am part of.

I hope I am better,

But it is hard to say.

I do know I am different.

I see the new through everything that has gone before;

Today through yesterday, and the days prior;

Through memories, all memories, each one in its place,

as now mixes with old.

I feel it.

This must be what they call age.

I am reminded..constantly reminded,

That at the passing of each moment,

Of every thought,

Of every memory,

Of everything that has happened,

Of every strong pull,

Of every touch of the heart,

Of every tear that falls,

Of every wound,

which longs to heal,

I can only be here
Eliseatlife Oct 6
What you see
It isn't me

I didn't go there looking for you
I went looking for me

But here you are
and somehow in finding you
I think I've found myself to
Simon Soane Oct 4
When you sit & nonchalantly beam
it is such an enchanted scene;
oh you,
you'd turn a grey sky walk into a sunshine mile,
with your here,
with your smile.
I swore I wouldn't love you
But its true
Theres something about you
That I cant find in anyone else
One conversation is all it took
To make me love you again
I just got over you, the guy i dreamed abt for 9 months
And here you walked in and talked to me like
Like u care
Just one look was all I needed to fly
But u have me more than a look so
Is it more than am love now
I'm here, I'm near, I'm close
I always been, I always will be. Just close your eyes and see, just close your eyes and feel me.
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