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Everyone understands
I believe, they will
If not today, some other day

But what to do
With their
Preoccupied contents

I can lead them to the light
But what, if they enjoy

The same air
Inhaled exhaled
By the stubborn heart
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Why change is hard to accept?
these ingredients
are essential
to my soul
like a potion
I inhale
its potent sweetness
so light on my tongue
it slips past my teeth,
tumbling down my throat
to reside in my belly
glowing in my heart,
awakening my bones
so I can sleep
as though I'd never
been born
Esther Sep 17

be aware
of what is on your mind
all the worries
all the hate
know them
feel them
steering every movement
spinning your thoughts
into oblivion
so that you can't remember
the you you once were
now stop

I died on a Sunday.
My body numb from her words
Punctured in my heart .
Breathless. I could not inhale the change . I buried the pain and turned the page .
My life was traded with the unknown.
I mourned the loss of the future and not the past. Everything I had hoped for was ripped from my grasp .
That was the end of me .
Madison Aug 28
The icy air surrounds us,
Your scent almost overwhelms,
I feel your heartbeat on my cheek,
Your warm hands on my back,
The whispers in my ear,
I breath it all in.
I inhale our beauty
Heartbeat on my cheek cuz I'm short lol
Leash Aug 9

20 years on the *** forsaken planet and i forgot how to breathe
Constantly grasping for a life guard,
not because i cant swim
more like, well lets put it this way
I'm an Olympic athlete, or at least so i tell myself i should be
I must swim like i've been doing it my whole life
but i just started trying a week ago
so why am i not a pro?

Everyday we put this extreme expectation on ourselves
expecting to climb mountains when we spend the past 3 years smoking a pack a day

Think about that

We would never get mad at someone if they lost a race when they have broken legs

So why get mad at yourself when you just cant today

"why cant you get out of bed"
"Why are you so lazy"
"No one wants to see your **** face"




"it will be okay"
"Practice hard everyday and you can be an Olympic athlete"
"Practice Everyday and you can learn to love yourself"
"Practice everyday and those overbearing thoughts will soon drown themselves in the flow of self love"

xak Jul 15
I’m better
When i think about you i don’t feel like
I can’t breathe anymore
I don’t hold my breathe anymore
I don’t take it for granted anymore
I inhale deeply
And i remember what it feels like
To be deprived
To be suffocating
Peace Jun 11
Puff, puff,
the need,
of their cigarette,

The incomplete feeling,
of not having,
the freedom,
each huff,

The tips,
of their fingers,
just for one,

the smoke,
into their,

the filter,
as if it's a lovers,
each line on their lips,
savoring its taste.

Lifting their heads,
slightly high,
as they blow,
the waves,
to the sky.

Thinking deeply,
and releasing,
stressing less,
the craving,
of their addiction,
under control.

The tingles,
within their nerves,

Until the beacon,
of its poison,
calls again.

a servant
I watch all walks of life, inhale the same, smoke.. It accepts all, it's universally, unbiased. As long as you, keep buying.
N E Waters May 2013
[Making this habit] tons at a time

Prisms echoed into blue
as fate
faced you
fainting.  Slightly.  To her right side
bearing to selective few her

Memories faded long since into
of minds in collde; bodies intertwined
I me thine then
softly.  I me mine.

Tracing circles--
This pattern understanding
greater design.

yet not criminal-
not yet unkind
Your breath inhale,
exhale mine

These backs broken
twice in one time

Then thrice under dark skies
bleeding hearts did cry,
breaking hearts remind:
rational words of deep roaring depths inside.

Repentance dates in great time
Spirits, broken, crying
but with healing entwined.
As I declined
I rise,

now finally.

Inhale my breath
exhale thine
Inhale you in my lungs
Inject you in my veins
Memories of you still stuck in my brain
Connected as one
Soon to come undone
You were not the one
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