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A spur of the moment your thoughts     Fly high
                                                                   spirit- within 
            The half- Angel  
           Wings of a falcon  
         Whole family rooftop beacon
Spirit of darkness pulling you through
But you had enough what else can you do?
The inner light afternoon hiking strong sun

Heart- jump the darkness knight  
Turn of the wing lovers- flight
Waves form a word to far__ out- of- sight
Bright karma spiritual meditation
Magical forefinger western saloon
Are we doomed gunslingers
Spiritual voice awakening

Sun full force
The sun of his face
So penetrating/ everlasting  
Spirit foretelling minds/ crashing
Foretelling a tale news/ flashing
Breathe in all the goodness to inhale  
God-like prophetic exhale

Born free feral wild

Certain events foreseen
Spirit touch  us

             as a child*
      Spirit foretelling  
Eloquent of a real man lives us
To his duty

Time is unruly
Middle name Joy
Meaning Something like you
Do you feel its still you
Spirit change inside you
Starting to heal feet its
          S h a k y

Holding the pen
Where are your hands maturing
What then?
Exquisite gardens
   Open and play
Japanese Zen
A beauty to stay  
Spiritual star foretelling
Love- Every Day
Spiritual world angel wing heart that jumps inner-light what we see  I would love to see a sign someone's loved ones words stay happy who you are
CIN May 2022
Its terrifying here
The kind of cold that makes your bones ache
Is this hell?
Is this some kind of agony?
Am I still drowning?
They say that drowning is horrible if you hold your breath
But if you give up and inhale the water
You get some kind of relief
Your brain is starved of oxygen
Your lungs fill to full capacity
Why does it feel so tempting?
The salt water stings your eyes
There's nothing left to hope for
Nothing left to breathe
You can pray to god
Or you can curse him for a remedy
But you still drown
And your body sinks
There's no fighting it
You are drowning
Just as you've always been
i wrote this while stuck in school during sol testing. there were maybe 30 people in the whole school. It was quiet and lonely at lunch and for a while it rained. it was a beautiful melancholy experience.
Hamna May 2021
I inhale forgiveness.
And exhale all my vengeance.
Like taking a word from my right ear,
And throwing it out from the other
It hurts to say this:
Saying "Marhaba" to misfortune with warm hugs
Know why I do this?
I wait for serendipity
To surprise me with a confetti of lilies.
I'll fly with each petal...
Why do I forget that there's always a purpose behind an accident?
Bipolar Poet May 2021
Love is easy as breathing,
but around you I can't exhale
Is that why my chest hurts,
holding onto my every breath when we inhale?
Love has it moments of hurt.
Lupe M Dec 2020
The heaviness on my chest feels as though there is a boulder that decided to rest there for eternity

The heaviness on my chest never seems to waver since it rests so peacefully.

The heaviness on my chest rests peacefully, but I do not feel peaceful

The heaviness on my chest makes me feel uneasy

The heaviness on my chest makes me feel breathless

The deep breath I let go is to exhale the heaviness on my chest

The deep breath I let go is to waver the heaviness on my chest

The deep breath I let go is to feel peaceful despite the heaviness on my chest

The deep breath I let go is to feel at ease even with the heaviness on my chest

The deep breath I let go is to inhale again without the heaviness on my chest
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
Stay awake

You are no longer
Who you were
If it is
It will

Don't worry
If you are aligned
To yourself
You don't need
Anything, anyone
Any more
Trust the timing
Work out within
And let it be

Stay authentic
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Authentic self
Author's Note: Dignity project is a part of better human project
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