Peace Jun 11
Puff, puff,
the need,
of their cigarette,

The incomplete feeling,
of not having,
the freedom,
each huff,

The tips,
of their fingers,
just for one,

the smoke,
into their,

the filter,
as if it's a lovers,
each line on their lips,
savoring its taste.

Lifting their heads,
slightly high,
as they blow,
the waves,
to the sky.

Thinking deeply,
and releasing,
stressing less,
the craving,
of their addiction,
under control.

The tingles,
within their nerves,

Until the beacon,
of its poison,
calls again.

a servant
I watch all walks of life, inhale the same, smoke.. It accepts all, it's universally, unbiased. As long as you, keep buying.
N E Waters May 2013
[Making this habit] tons at a time

Prisms echoed into blue
as fate
faced you
fainting.  Slightly.  To her right side
bearing to selective few her

Memories faded long since into
of minds in collde; bodies intertwined
I me thine then
softly.  I me mine.

Tracing circles--
This pattern understanding
greater design.

yet not criminal-
not yet unkind
Your breath inhale,
exhale mine

These backs broken
twice in one time

Then thrice under dark skies
bleeding hearts did cry,
breaking hearts remind:
rational words of deep roaring depths inside.

Repentance dates in great time
Spirits, broken, crying
but with healing entwined.
As I declined
I rise,

now finally.

Inhale my breath
exhale thine
Inhale you in my lungs
Inject you in my veins
Memories of you still stuck in my brain
Connected as one
Soon to come undone
You were not the one
Tøast May 17
What I would give for another cigarette.
An ash stained mouth and a lung full of smoke,
Spiralling up from the death wish I hold so delicately between my finger tips.
Well I quite a while ago, and yes I can breathe, but why would I want to when I'm as self destructive as I am.
So let me drink from a volcano and inhale the fumes, exhale in one breathe and clear my mind for a while.
Helene Marie May 1
. . .
e x h a l e
let go
of all that
weighs on your soul
put your mind at ease
feel the seaside air
smell the roses by your feet
fill your heart
with blank delicacies
and sweet imaginings
something lighthearted to help you just breathe..
love, compassion and kindness.
care, positivity and happiness.
Your soul needs it’s replenishment,
before you exhale it out as others encouragement.
So sow and grow fields of flowers,
flourish, bloom and bathe in the sunlights nourishment.
Then give, give and give.
For what we give,
enriches us as well, from day to day.
Jean Sharlot Apr 24
Seeing you now still hurts
but I know I'm stronger,
thinking that I was
but now I'm starting to melt

So now I said to myself,

Don't look at his eyes
it might deceive you again,
chin up and don't forget
that person left you hanging.
lib Mar 7
thunder, lightning
rain pours on our heads
you look up and smile
a not so rare moment
of pure happiness and
you are beautiful
your long locks now wet
and dripping and
you are still smiling
glad to be alive
i wish i was like you
but i am not
don't you realize
you are the only reason
my heart continues to pump
and my lungs continue to
i feel your warm breath
on my skin
and we finally meet
in a passionate kiss
i wish my dream was a reality
i really really do like him
Amanda May 2017
I take a deep breath and open my eyes,
It looks like morning has come again,
I roll over and peek at the clock,
"Perfect timing," I think, it's not quite ten.

Not too early, not too late,
I take a shower and get dressed,
Then I load a bowl and get ready,
For the part of my day that I like best.

I sit on my bed and sip my tea,
I grab my pipe and take a big hit,
It feels so good i don't even care,
That it makes me cough a little bit.

Now it's time for another toke,
I take a breath and inhale once more,
My lungs fill with smoke. Damn, this one is
Even better than the one before.

The THC runs through my body,
I'm finally starting to feel high,
My weed is slowly disappearing,
I'm out of tea and my throat is dry.

The haze in the air is dank and sweet,
I can taste crystals on my lower lip,
Life feels good and wonderful today,
So I smile and take one more rip.
Kwamé Feb 20
Bic flics as you
place me
between your fingertips
Guide me to your lips and
Taste me on your tongue
Before you cast me out
In a cloud of smoke
And watch me disappear
French inhale
As I swirl around you
Bring me back in
For round two
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