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you’re the kind of high i like,
the one i can’t get enough of,
you are my favorite flower.

and i’ll watch you lay on a blanket,
and wrap your arms to cuddle me in,
let our emotions ride the waves
feelings all so raw and real.

and i’ll inhale you deeply,
hold it in,
plant the seeds to grow a
garden of you.

your aroma, your scent,
it thickens in my memories,
my lungs tastes of you.

and exhaling all that anxiety,
my mind has turned a switch
and all the noise i once drowned in
are muffled whispers going into silence.

and i smile by the way
i’m addicted to you that
all i want is more of you,
i don’t want just the bouquet
but the paradise garden that is you.
on the spot writing so might tweak in the future but you get me as high as a kite
Mark Parker Sep 7
Apollo’s chariot rests
below the horizon’s layers
yellow, pink, and blue.
Breathing in the sunset,
night’s chill takes the air
with chirping crickets
hooting owls
and starlike fire flies.
Nature stuns me on a regular basis.
Maria Etre Jul 2
We took the
to -----> a brilliant conversation
till.......(inhale)......we (exhale)........ran.........(inhale).......out.........(exhale)..­......of.........(inhale).............breath
I no longer want to see
I no longer want to breathe
Knowing you’re with her only kills me
I tried to hide the pain
But fighting it drives me insane
I wanted you to hold me
You’re the only one who knows me
I still want you to love me
Although you put others above me
I needed you to be my everything
Now I’ve become so lonely
We’re nothing
It kills me
I can’t breathe
Lakshita May 1
Me and the inhaler,
Go hand in hand.

Neither I nor him,
Can exist without another.

Am I suffering from the insomnia?
Or is it just the absence of him?

Wandering whole night,
Just one thought in mind,
"Only if I had him by my side."
Life without an inhaler is tough.
Amanda Apr 17
I sit in the dark in solitude
How did I get here?
Know how to get out
Paralyzed by fear

Bleed good intentions
I'm running out of red
See all my weakness
Instability in my head

So pretty appear to be
I perfectly play the part
I'll feel how I look one day
Til then inhale myself apart
I am a hot mess
Amanda Apr 10
Do not smoke if you want to breathe

You cannot inhale polluted air expecting your lungs to continue being clean
Don't smoke if you can't inhale
Amanda Apr 7
How I wish I showed more of the love held captive inside the walls of my heart

Would be lucky if a person listened to my sincere words of adoration and those words sent them sling-shotting to the moon

In any breath could inhale courage and exhale truth
But I choose instead to idly savor the silent smell of your newly-scrubbed skin
Without saying one single word
This doesn't really flow like a poem when I read it aloud but it felt like poetry when I first wrote it so not sure how I feel about it for certain. Any thoughts?
Amanda Dec 2019
Trust is a flickering flame
Perfect to warm coldest of hearts
Freeze if wind snuffs out it's glow

Do not smoke if your fire is shaky
Can't inhale after it's smothered
Once out must start all over again
New flame
When that dies
Writers block continued
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