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YOU'RE not only who has problems here,
RISE above your grief.....
Look up,
SKY have SCARS too!!!!
Turns colourfull, Burns his BLUE ......
I know all about oblivion
Have weaved it into my soul
Made myself whole
With all of its holes
Apathetic city skyline
This must be Drum Street
There's critical thinking
Digital tendencies

Pigeons on the roof
Kids in the library
Hail and flashpoint
Their final resting place

Who of you misses the bleak missiles of youth?
And how they used to hit like needles?

I can count your sufferings on my fingers
See them hidden in the tall grass
They move in secret
With shadow blister
As much as the caterpillar:
Elusive and eruciform

Sixteen crane wives
Collect on the guide wire
Their weathered plumage
Strangely displayed

Airplane debris on an uncharted wild
Macabre flowers growing out of air masks, gone quiet
The magic word is drear
It's a sorrow-filled caw
As if feathers from the grave
Clothing our fears

I can count the flock on my fingers
See them separate in mid-flight
Each a solitary path
Fusing rage and grief
Each a solitary path
Fusing rage and grief

They told me to get over someone you must get under someone else.

They said time heals all wounds.

I'm here to tell you I tried, and it didn't work but it served its purpose.

The anger that I hold inside,
the grief of knowing love like hers.

She was my lighthouse, without her,
I felt lost.
Aimlessly wandering.

I thought she was mine forever.
Now my outlook on forever is nothing but jaded.

What do I miss about her most you ask?
I'd say her nurturing side,
how she always had time to listen to my manic thoughts.

She held me and hooked me with her tenderness.
Her love was like the sun,
the longer it stayed out the longer you get burned.

And in the end, I did end up burning.

I burned so much that I became a phoenix,
rising from the ashes.
3 years passing.
Everyone has a story of grief, here's mine...
Kelly Mistry Jun 18
How do you grieve
Someone you never knew
Except as a role
Assigned at birth

A role played half-heartedly
In name only
Or not at all

“Grandmother” and “Granddaughter”
“Mother” and “Daughter”

Never really connected to the person
Within the role

Treated as an obligation
Or a convenience

The people behind the roles were strangers
Their wants, needs and desires

I grieve
The possibility
                            of that role
The lack of grief
                               for the person
                                                          ­who I never knew
And who never knew me

It's a common story

The ideal version of a family
Where everyone knows, loves and accepts each other
Seems to be false
more often than it is true

But it is a wonderful fantasy to imagine

The death of the possibility
of fantasy
                   becoming real
Holds its own pain

Deserves its own time
                                         and space
                                                           ­  to grieve
Prince Adofo Jun 17
I'm filled with sorrow
My heart breaks at every turn
Tearing up at even the joyful news

Pity floods me like rain
As I embrace this pain
Sadness is me today
Grief, Pain, Loss, Sadness
Today will pass
And so will the days that follow after.
It will not be the same,
But it will be okay.
The pain stings, numbs, and sometimes
Leaves a stain,
But you have to make sure
None of this is in vain.
Don’t meet it with eyes that analyze
And try to quantify the pain,
There’s only so much you will discover
All to your disdain.
Sometimes it feels as though you’re not worthy
Of making good things last,
But that’s why the present is the present,
And the past, is the past.
alaska jade Jun 13
For only so long can you be the girl
Empty-eyed and cold
Because they will grow sick of your behavior
Jealous of the blank stare you’ve become
The shell you’ve polished so well
And that’s funny to me
Because to them
Sunsets are still just sunsets
And to you
Every ray of warmth
Is just another joy
His skin will never feel
He will never again squint in the sunlight
He will never again feel the beads of sweat dripping from his brow
But to them the heats a nuisance
Another reason to hate life
Another reason to hate the living
The grief of a lover
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