moon 2d
i'm reaching out my hands to the night sky every night,
i don't know if you can see me giving you my heart but i'll do it until the end of my days.
your voice still sounds like honey and pillows.
your face is still how i remember it,
i remember falling in love with the chocolate brown color of your eyes
and how when you smiled your eyes shut tightly and your nose scrunched up.
so tonight,
like last night and the nights before,
i'm calling to you.
i smile saying your name and although there are tears of longing some nights,
i can hear you telling me to get back up again.
although i can't see you now,
i know that when our eyes meet again
i'll then know that this whole thing was worth it.
i can't wait to see you again. please wait for me up there.
i hate the feeling
electricity zapping
panic rising up

elephant sitting
when you have to breathe to live
but breathing kills you

frantic brightness fills
my eyes become not my own
this rollercoaster

the ride is rising
imminent crescendo comes
makes my brain explode

frantic morphs into
the manic part takes over
breath is optional

heart racing pumps blood
this is my brain not on drugs
fuck this high on life

is this how he felt?
fragmented thoughts shooting pain
in constant motion

he was bi-polar
only 26-years-old
manic made him shoot

powder burns gaping
bullet isn’t only a word
it’s self-inflicted

is this how he felt?
ghosts collide with memories
make sense make sense again

is this how he felt?
i can’t get out of my head
south polar-trapped north

reality shifts
welcome to my Upside-Down
make this go away

perspective shifted
shattered doesn’t begin to
put name to sorrow

i miss him so much
every breath i take is laced
knowledge of absence

i welcome the pain
i feel him trapped inside me
can i do this life?

my world has shattered
i will never be the same
fuck this time and place
Just GS 2d
A beautiful creep
Deny me my sleep
A wonderful dream
Life of a sheep
Wednesday broken-needy
Friday you feed me
Finely, we're eating.
Seasons change grieving
Saturday's screaming
Wake up fool you're bleeding!
lauren 4d
He disappeared like the hazy sun over the vast horizon.
The mellow, delicate rays disguising the pain that his exit would bring.
A tragically beautiful departure.
The vivid oranges and warm yellows were now faded and weak,
Gradually diminishing,
Barely visible.
And that’s when he slipped away.
The blanket of darkness had displaced him.

She ends her evenings with a long gaze at the sunset as tears brim in her weary eyes.
A view that’s strangely melancholic.
Maybe it’s because the grand display provokes bittersweet nostalgia.
Memories of her beloved husband,
the golden sun amidst her darkness.
The soulmate that departed too soon.
And took her light with him.
shaun 4d
layers upon layers on the wall and i've bared all -
peeling the wallpaper
fresh start, better days
moving forward ?
the purple underneath is more than a colour
an emotion, time -
reminder -
you once stood here, too
wondering who the fuck plastered these walls
the cracks are taller than me
but a mere fraction of the size of the ache i feel in my chest

half of you remains in the room next to mine,
well-polished & cared for,
but the small wooden box fails to reflect your big heart
or the hole left in mine
i will continue to talk to you
until my mouth dries up
or i lose my speech -

you are home
very messy, just like my thoughts
Four halves
No wholes
One father
No dad
Two wrong moves
Three wrongs ones
Five broken lives
painting pictures
of grief on
different canvases.
I saw her walk through the cold chamber
She was wearing her old pretty dress
Her face was pale, she looked so sullen
I'm seeing her ghost again, I guess

She has long past died and I knew it
I guess I just can't move on, Oh why?
Mourning so deeply full of sorrow
I ask Thee, "Why does she have to die?"

I still remember the olden days
When I had held her close in my arms
And I could feel her breathe securely
I know she feels safe from any harm

But why, my dearest love, oh why?
Why leave me here broken and alone?
Is this a dejavu, I'm grievous
Grief-stricken, because of you I moan

Every time, I open my eyes
I just look at the sky
remembering the times
before you said goodbye

Standing here all alone,
heart shattered into pieces,
turned into stone.

Seeing your shadow, wherever I go,
regretting the things I should have said,
and you should have known.

I missed calling your name
but things went rough
and you thought our feelings were the same.

I thought of leaving
but you chose to stay;
making me realise
I'm worth the wait.
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