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Amber Nov 17
I hate him
I hate him
And you know what else....
I hate him!

I waited
I was patient
I was there everytime he called
I made him laugh after not wanting to
I made him comfortable after the wreck
I opened myself up to him
I let him treat me as if we were in love
I told him my feelings had surpassed
I waited
I gave him space
I tried

He lied
He changed his mind
He found something "better"
He droped me flat on my face
After I was on a cloud of enjoyment
And now he cries to me

He comes back when things are wrong
He talks to me when he is stressed
He jokes about seeing me soon

But he's still not mine
I am forgotten and unwanted
I am alone
While he thrives with her
After I put in the work
He still choose her

And I will always be pushed away
I will still be in pain
I will still crave him
I will still be alone
Julia Gorrie Nov 8
If I wasn't scared to do so, I would have left the world.
It has given me more pain than not.
I smile less and less each passing day.
My mind shuts down with each ticking of the clock.

My soul keeps getting picked at by the crows who remind us that death is coming with each mindless caw.
They love to scream it to the skies.
As I lie there with my essence bleeding out I think to myself "can it come any sooner?"

I would do it myself, but I'm too afraid, and who knows, maybe there will be a light that clears my path soon or that lifts this unfair burden off of my shoulders.
Despite this naive hope I have, if I was "brave" enough, I would have left this place already.
Sorry this is a little dark, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has felt this way before.
I was in there rooted,
inside the hole you created.

The words were resonating,
yet the memories were only fading

The cold in the hole was too quite, quite,
that I fell in love with it at the first sight.

Though I thought of never leaving the shattered hole,
even if I had a chance for it,
but then some lights just dwells in the beloved darkness,
and I too couldn't resist to it.
leaving the self-created hole, while
following your illuminating light, which
adorned my everything.
Sillva Oct 17
I have reached a breaking point
that has slowly led every thought of you on to the ground.
My tears have reached onto this paper,
Before this letter surfaced up to the light.

Day by day
This message has become a nightmare
And maybe this will fall onto Depth Ears.
Maybe you'll never read this,
Perhaps you'll never find it.
Maybe one day, you will see
I  was sincere with my words,
spilling them out like  a waterfall.
It's a unwanted power
As if a Queen left golden strands of hair behind.
All these years of assumptions
have become worse
A Gore to bare with.

A Lost color for my soul

sushii Oct 11
joy, i’m joyous.

smile, i’m happy.

kiss, love is definitely near.

embrace, clear is my mind.

if you’re reading this right now,

he left me behind.
duncan Oct 10
i might leave a greener pasture
for a field of blue roses.
and some time spent
on the coast.

these hands were built
for bricks and
failure. made for
disappointment like a
bowling alley gutter.

dont even get me
started on the rest of it.
i have too much of a
bad thing and we are all
children at play.

i am known to leave
a good thing behind.
but ive never had
a great thing before,
so im not sure
how to feel.

i could start softening
the mortar again,
or just suffer in silence.
Eric Babsy Oct 8
Snow like embers to the skin.
Been searching without and within.
Fragile as a flower start cringe.
Blinded by storm wicked dreams begin..

Then the cardinal lit the flame.
With her voice a glorious aim.
Only one of it’s kind.
Only looking forward and behind.

See this is also true of passion and love.
The kind of heaven that is sent from above.
Only way they can have love.
Is to receive what they lost, freedom of a dove.

Only one can have the gift.
They say with a grunt, a ***** gist.
They return every season.
Only for mating, a certain kind of reason.

They guide my way.
Through the storm a certain way.
Only to be left behind again.
This is the kind of love I send.
Ali Ashraf Sep 29
I have left those days behind
when instead of sun
your smile used to shine,
when you were mine
I have left those days behind.

© Ali Ashraf
for all those who are trying to move on
Blake Sep 24
Do you ever feel like you’re running?
Like, you’re in a race, and you’re running faster than you’ve ever run before
You’re in last place
And you can’t seem to catch up
In fact
The harder you push yourself to run faster
The farther away everyone else seems
Like in every situation you’re in, be it learning in school, or sports, or social interactions with friends, there’s this big chunk of stuff you’re missing, and everyone else is in on it, and you are left feeling confused, clueless, and less than yourself.
Do you know that feeling?
The one that you experience when the teacher always has to explain things to you a second time only they have to explain them differently, simpler, slower, every time, to the point where you no longer even listen to the first explanation.
The one when you’re with a group of people, and someone says a joke, implies soemthing, or even just speaks to you, and you turn to your friend so they can explain what’s going on.
The one when you begin to procrastinate everything especially school work and you begin just not even doing it, because if you don’t do it then no one can say you’re dumb, instead you’re just lazy.
The one when you start to understand why sometimes you are offered the same extra help as the kids seen as “special cases”
The one when you always feel lost, and start to believe you have no chance in life because you how could you go anywhere if you are constantly behind everyone else.
Do you know that feeling?
I know that feeling well.

I’m tired of always being behind everyone
Sometimes I feel like I actually might have a brain disfuntion. Like I’m slow. And that scares the **** out of me.
Maxim Keyfman Sep 24
somewhere there behind the clouds for
clouds behind the forests beyond the seas
behind the clouds behind the apple trees for
oranges for orange for
somehow bright bright color
where is where you are there
where are you where I am somewhere
there we are somewhere somewhere

where there are large and
powerful and strong and strong and airy
where we live and where there
we love there we are inspired and there we are
with you we live and breathe andwe die somewhere
there where that there where that there behind clouds
somewhere there behind the forests
beyond the seas behind the clouds
behind the apple trees behind the
oranges behind the orange and
that's how we all live in flight and in running

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