reviewing memories of the ago
a log containing a spectrum's hues
times where light recalls stayed
so too the dark passages
the mind ambling of step
finding a happy tone
the black storm's cloud
betwixt them
photo shop
the glass reflections
of prior complexions
roads gleeful and sorrowing
all in a chronicle's gallery
looking far behind to ruminate
on the range of shades held in the eye

A poem inspired, by my good friend and fellow poet Richard Allen Beevor.

But tomorrow I will try
To get all answers asked by time
What is right, and what is mine.
Yes, tomorrow I will fly.

I will turn, and I might burn
All I had to conquer.
Will burn to ashes.
Is to follow your heart.

Don' t tear it apart.
Just push the re-start
And don't look behind.

Poetic T Oct 11

The voices are withering  the vine,
with every leaf that crumbles..
they speak louder than mine.

When they talk, they do not scream..
softly spoken needles are driven in
to my mind and they whisper things..

See what they what they say,
painted emotions white washing
all cognitive responses of mine.

They look behind you, not me...
you reading this see the darkness
piercing you with chills while reading..

Lilly frost Jun 2015

Death and
Life challenges us
To face
That in which
Lay behind and ahead

Ben bryant Sep 30

To evolve is to suffer that is a fact
only your emotions and thinking cause you to react
There is no good or bad, thinking makes it so once you realise this you'll know which way to go

It's a futile search when you seek happiness Freedom comes with awareness and worrying less

Leave the past behind, be present in the now
It’s ok to ask for help if you’re unsure how

Don't buy into drama and all it's demands
life is always now the future is in your hands

Poetic T Sep 12

vacant walls hanging
scratches dislodge protection

demonic eyes drift

alan Aug 12

open door
I'm out here searching for something more
it's something that is in front of me
I know
but it's something that I can't see
window pane
I'm trapped behind the chances I had
I'm stuck behind the dirty glass
peering through the broken cracks
because I'm stuck
in the past
thinking of what I could've had.

2:59 AM
Nylee Jul 16

IT is there
just in front
but you can see it
from behind
the colours mismatch
eyes attract
but cannot focus it for more
but still linger over
not near , nor far
just staying there

Apporva Arya Jul 15

M sick of this blame game
Which will make me loose
Even if I wins.
It don't matter anymore
U right and me wrong.
M leaving it all behind,
That love and arguments
Jealousy and care.
M setting u free.
Don't worry for me, time will heal me.

Saint Titus Jul 14

Born right, if this incongruous line is to be believed
Damn, from everything I've seen, why won't you let me be?
From the way they make it sound, I think i'll just pass up that pension

With this luck I'm not sure why I don't pass tests just guessing

If its multiple choice at least
(and it always is)
You can tell I'm more than fed up with the lack of agency
Developing around our common enemies
Festering, on the bloated ass of this so called society
Becoming a myiasis

And I'll never hear the end of it
From the kids to ugly to earn the extra credit
And from the back half of my grey matter
Turning numb from mindless chatter


Society will silently suffer
Burdened down with crowns churning from an endless gutter
Plastic trash meshing poorly, piling into a funeral pyre
Ever burning and choking out the fat-ass cooperate liars

No wonder gas mask production is up
As I'm getting ready to upchuck my lunch
Sorry for getting stuck, or regressive
But batter up, cunt, get ready for restoration

Claiming good as bad
With every passing fad
Distracting all my would be comrades
Zombify the undergrads

I don't have time for mindless upheaval
And replacement

Smells like teen spirit. Lol
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