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Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2022
I heard your music
Off-key and beat behind tune
I still tapped my feet
If people were melodies
Keen Apr 2022
were a
a monster
Eyes are swollen, everything is falling, to pieces, tiny ones.
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
Can I hold your hand once more
Before you walk
through the next door
And leave me behind forevermore?
Farah Taskin Jul 2021
Everyone has unhappiness
A paroxysm of distress
Humans want to cover their unhappiness
Beyond joviality
Beyond laughter
Beyond music
Behind the roistering jubilation
We suppress our sadness
Underneath our liveliness we're stoic
Our hearts don't love sadnesses
We try  to laugh now and again
We ought to laugh for living
We ought to live for laughing
sigh ...
Winnalynn Wood Apr 2021
They easily left in a remorseless goodbye
I tried to forget and seemed to get by

The hardest part of moving on
Is always remembering that they’re gone

Even if they’ve forgotten about me
Feelings can’t be erased nor the memories

Friends stick together and lovers depart
I’ll say I’m better but always feel the spark

With a promising brandish it died on your end
My heart sunk and drowned, trying to pretend

That I felt okay, that I was going through some phase  
Everyone assumed, but it never felt that way

What does it matter, you have a wife and kids
To be trusted and lusted by you  
I’d sacrifice anything to give  
But dreams like that never come true

Happy ever after seems a faraway thing
Effervescent laughter inside two rings

That sparkle on both of your intertwined  hands
How left behind I feel you’ll never understand
I wrote this after listening to right where you left me by Taylor Swift.
Butch Decatoria Apr 2021
Akward Me upon my knees
Worshipping that ****
Watching minute hands
Upon the old clock
Feeding on Freedom
Left behind.

If I'm to be made into a prisoner of my own life,
I will light up if I so choose,
Feeding on freedoms while
Left behind.
Abandonment issues.
Behind every smile
Was a sad frown
Every moment that we have.
Our own small little world
That we often hide together in.

Yet I cannot help but be afraid.
As you sit beside me making promises.
Promises you cant keep.

You coat my eyes with honey.
The numbing feeling that keeps setting in.
You always know what to do.

But I know that promises
They are not meant to be kept.
Even as you sit next to me.

The dreadful feeling sinks into my depths.
As you hold my hand and swear to me.
All of you and what you'd do for me

It is only a matter of time as you walk away with your loss of warmth and fading dreams.

You cannot keep empty oaths as fragile as porcelain plates.

You're scaring me.
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