You think that I'm ok
I guess the mask works too well
why won't you save me?

You say you love me
But why can't you see my pain?
that ache when you leave

Oh I wish you'd stay
but it's better for you to go,
I will not stop you.
A haiku
from me to you:
a story of pain
smc Feb 13
tiny jewels

the ones
w     e
in peru

and she laughs like
fairies dance around her

she knows
what she did
to what was once
Fifty days without you and I'm a mess
Can't take the pain out of my chest
Reminiscing our memories in the past
Tell me, How'd you forget me so fast?

Can you come back pleas?
Right now loving you is my nemesis
Lugubrious covers me
Darkness is all I can see

Were promises really meant to be broken?
Easy to make and break like a pen?
Were fairy tales only in our dreams?
Not as true as it always seems?

Have I done grievously wrong?
Or you're fooling around all along?
Is it because I'm hard to get?
So you turned around without a word and left

Did you ever love me in the first place?
Or is it just mere infatuation you felt
Am I just a toy you'll throw after you embrace?
Or an ice you're just waiting to melt?

Can't stop thinking of the possible reasons
Why you left with not a single explanation
Please do forgive me for not moving on from you
And please help me forget the past too

I might can't carry the pain anymore
And you'll see me pleading with my eyes sore
So help me please by staying by staying away
'Cause of not, on the 51st day, I might pass away
Silverflame Jan 31
front line; left behind
a steady battle cry crawls
into the death drum
Grandeur. Elegance. Vanity.
He strutted through streets reveling
in his glory and majesty.

he was lauded.
his name whispered through crowds.
What an honor it was
to cross paths with he.

The luster of pursuit.
Yet his eyes were
caught up in another
behind his Lady’s back.

Streets cleared before him.
Tails of jewels,
perfumes, and roses following
closely behind him,
on bent servants’ backs.

he held. Fame
he knew. Beauty
he owned. Power
he supposed greater even than the king’s.
Cassius had everything.

Even the greatest cannot
pay the poor enough to die in his stead.
A thoughtless mother
to name her son the name that
meant nothing.
But surely,  his legacy would
live on in the world.
it could not go on without him.

Surrounded by the throng,
his money filling their purses.
Empty, now, were their hearts.
His soul spiraling,
leaving his earthly world.
Cassius, with his honor and prestige,
was gone away

The bustling crowds remained.
The stars shone on.
Children's games continued.
The sun pressed on in its descent.
And the world forgot his name.
i barely get ma palm pilot sized
   dear derriere i.e. gluteus maximus in the air
just a cat whisker across the DeMilitarized Zone
  (DMZ in military parlance),

   when the Earth shuddered from blare
ring fusillade expressed detonation
   issued by Kim Jung Un,
   whose craven dark excitement clear

motive predicated
   to lob Holiday nuclear missiles,
   and South Koreans (no matter
   mostly innocent victims), whelp hay dear

for siding, identifying, fraternizing, colluding,
   et cetera with the enemy (in general,
   the NATO bound countries) 'ere
really quiet, as preparation (H) gets made

   to bring out the big guns
   (actually shaped like a fleshy
   posterior man bun) in truth one
   dead reckoning sphincter muscle

   that doth flair
impossible to espy, cuz sieve
   all the flak whistling induce sing a glare,
but...the Hermit Kingdom got another

   bad a$$ bombardier deathly, stealthily quiet,
   hence released turd Jed
  eye ordnance impossible to hear
yet this silent deadly ass sass sin hated

   hard as a ribbed rock stainless steel
   guaranteed to wreak havoc, with loathing
   and other emotions hints sin sere
which top secret (never bottomed out

   during test practice trials,
   whereat Johnny spot on)
   proved to vaporize underwear
and caused a "big stink"
   that lasted about one year.

what information divulged
   ye moost promise never to share
else...any turn coats
   can not muster posterior haste,

   yet will need to seek out specialty
   of proctologist who doth rear
lee suck seed unfortunate victim
   blind sided immune to any prayer

so...upon confiding this tidbit,
   I strongly advise tubby not near
as you might already correctly guess,
   when while mooning Pyongyang

well taut smart cheeks,
   with blasting buttocks akin to
   young Frankenstein blazing saddles
as sole oozing gaseous
   flatulence majority

   of North Koreans will not here
amidst din and clangor "bad medicine"
   propelled rectal bowel
   movement game changer

   will hit designated target precisely clear
t'will invite "freedom fighters"
   tubby regaling with a jubilant aire
total mortal Kombat levels threat of "Fat Boy",

whose po' country mutilated,
   reduced, wasted to ashes after
   every nuclear and
   traditional military contrivance,
  an IC a BM (mine) did destroy.
Mister J Jan 9
Cherish the small sweet moments
Savour the nourishing morning kisses
Remember every beautiful memory
'Cause when everything ends it's a twisted tragedy

You'll be left in bed thinking like crazy
Asking why she went out that door
Never to be seen and touched again
Bringing with her a big chunk of your brokenness

When it all ends, what would you do?
Will you rise up and try to move on?
Or would you mope bitterly until you lose all reason?
3am thoughts.

Tyler Grace Jan 5
if they told me to leave you at heaven's gate

i'd decide it wasn't worth the wait

for you are my reason for living

and i heard god was forgiving

perhaps he'd let it slide

if he knew how much i cried

when you were no longer around

you and i, hand in hand, we are hell bound
Vacuous Jan 3
If you love something let it go,

that saying it pains me so,

but if one thing is clear

from New York to here

is the future is never a know.

See, i'm leaving old people behind,

there's comfort in changing one's mind,

the relationship we had was scary,

and now that it's over you're wary.

It's sad that we played our parts,

but you'll always exist like the arts,

so when night turns to dawn,

and we've both carried on,

just know you're a part of my heart.
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
I captured,
Clicked them.
They were documentaries,
About fashion,
Fine arts,
Action like sports,adventures,daring feats,
Corporate events,
Parties and weddings.
They were in different forms,
Black and white,
They recorded history,
Made an impact of sharing emotional truth,
Carried memories,
Held important documents,
Reproduced a moment,deep feelings,
Raised awareness against poverty,famine, abuses and disasters.
Reshaped public opinion on Government,
Conveyed emotions,moods, narratives,ideas and messages.
They are my Photographs.
Photography is my hobby and my job.Captured in an instant it tells a history.
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