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mysa Sep 6
the earth shifts
feet cling to ceiling
knives dance in my chest
up is down
but down is not up
silver drips off of my fingers
a sheen falling up
or was it down?

a deer is on the ceiling
or is she on the floor?
she whispers
"you cannot be what you wish to be
if you do not first wish"
the earth shifts
her coat gleams
her eyes shatter and repair
the earth collapses

she is gone

i put my fingers to my lips
all i taste is metal
I want to be a greeter to the new seasons
to allow the new love, new sunrises and sunsets
the moon looks different from here
I gave away the old shirts and kissed the new lips and let the old worries stay awhile
change is the only thing we're promised
I made my old bed in a new room and danced in the kitchen in my same socks
I welcomed the softer skin and sugar-coated voice, the life that changed when I stopped looking back
everything shifts and I adjust
it's me, a new me, the same me
somehow different
somehow just as marvelous
Chris Jan 4
I tried to assemble
The pieces of Osiris
But all the stars aligned so
That i should fail again

I tried to revive the
Body of Lazarus
but the tomb had swallowed
The words of the messiah.

Long rang the bell
My soul had come to bitter end
Desperate chants
blood does glimmer on their hands
Hammers dance on nails
They urge the dead to stay contained
Slayer eats the slain
Til the end of time til last of days

I struggle to awaken
I'm morally brain dead
But all the ****** effort
sticks me to the ground

The burden of Atlas
Lays on my two shoulders
if I drop my sky
will anyone notice

Long live the king
The reaper hand in hand with me
choir commence to sing
heaven weeps for apathy
Hades take away
All the strife and all the pain
Pie Jesu Domine
dona eis requiem
Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem- Merciful Lord Jesus grant them eternal rest
-This one is about futile attempts to right the wrongs and getting crushed in the process.
*Osiris- Egyptian god of the dead/underworld
*Lazarus-The dude revived by Jesus
*Hades-Greek god of the underworld
*Atlas- Titan cursed to carry the heavens on his shoulders lest they fall down
Amanda Oct 2018
I know you do not need me
Act like you care
Inside I see you are broken
Pain so great can hardly bear

I give what relief I can
Need you to take it from my lips
Memory wraps me in a blanket of peace
Soft like your fingertips

Find myself discovering
In my thoughts signs I couldn't read
Truth I tried so hard to figure out
All along hidden in front of me

Be honest and joy will come to you
Able to accept flaws and mistakes
The sooner you will succeed if you do
Have to dig deep whatever it takes

I wonder if you've forgotten the facts
Showing who you really are
It comes naturally to you
Dishonesty is masked with charm

No chance of falling for your facade
Done that many times with you
You crossed a line, our trust broke
When I see you I see the pain you put me through

Do not think compliments and affection
Will magically vanquish the past
Are words all you think it takes to win?
Come on, you can work harder than that

Starting to see you're faceless
Shifting shape from head to toe
Will you stop deceiving all who gaze?
Are you satisfied living out a show?
Round and around we go
You're living your life but it's only a show
A Simillacrum Sep 2018
A Windsor knot
binds my
fickle neck
to my dour
Plastic ties
elegant wrists
in pair.

One question:
Head up or down?

I lied.

Another question.
Atop a question.

Am I

headed up or down?
Give me redemption
or else,
how can I ignore it?

One bedroom.
An eager clock,
from my set,
or expected
The End,
leaves me to my

One question:
Head up or down?

I lied.

Another question.
Atop a question.

Am I

headed up or down?
Give me freedom
or else,
how can I ignore it?

Can I really be who I want?
Can I really be what I mean?

Will I ever solidify?
Will I ever come to?

And who will come?

(. . .)
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Calm before the storm
I've been wondering
Searching a safe space
Shifting my short stay

Near around,
Daydreaming break,
A walk of infinity
The time to close those eyes
Comforting the disturbed.
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Being Gypsy
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
CJ M Jan 2018
I know of love; I know of lust, I know what's fair and what's unjust. I've seen the light, I breathe the dark. I've had a whole and broken heart. I've kissed your lips and felt the bliss, and felt things I will truly miss.
Simpathi Dec 2017
Life is like snowflakes for not one moment is the same.
For you can never repeat and go back to a day,
Where you enjoyed life and lived it with purpose.
And yet we struggle with it because we think it’s not worth it.

Every moment, every breath will never repeat.
So make the most of each one so that when you look back and see,
Your history and wasted time of your past,
You’ll recall that you have to make every second last.

Moments are snowflakes for not one is the same.
Not one is identical in form, color or shade.
There may be many of them in the wind but they’re still unique.
But they are always there for you when you feel so tired and weak.

The wind surrounds us and tells us we can’t keep drifting,
Causing our confidence to melt down and start shifting.
Not one snowflake is the same for they’re so beautifully complicated.
Each pattern is so intricate as if it stated,

“I am myself and that is okay.”
“For if I never wake up I can still say,
‘You are loved.’”
After all, your patterns were created with the Father’s hands above.
s Jul 2017
I came in naive and unassuming
My life in bags and eyeballs gleaming.
Sun poured through window grills,
flushing the room in a rich gold fill;
And that's all it took for me to embrace
this 10 square feet of snug space.

But the room grew generous beyond its capacity,
accommodating all flavours of friends & familiarity;
And soon I learnt things about my own disposition,
such as my lack of appetite for solitude & isolation.

The mirror saw me through my worst,
While the cupboard held my secrets closed;
And the glowing stars have, many a times,
watched me through them nightmare cries.

The balcony made me believe in magic
Over sunset chai or a Midnight cigarette.
It mothered my plants despite my carelessness
And fostered friendships with unknown faces.
It showed me colours I'd never seen
of the cinematic sky and my own self-esteem.

And now that the moment to leave has arrived
A chunk of my heart aches to stay behind
for there's so much more these walls need to hear
and so many more nights that I want to spend here;
Between these sheets stained with love and Chefkraft sauces,
Between those Netflix reruns and alternate *** poses.
Between ukulele evenings and fried egg mornings,
Between gusts of wind that stole all our cloth pins.

Between Oscar nominee films that I slept through
Between 4am phone calls and the sound of that flute.
Between washing dishes and power cut storms,
Between tangerine showers and hugs so long;
Between gin & tonic and the dance of bare feet;
Between folding clothes and deciding what to eat.

Between conversations that ended at dawn
Between agarbatti smells and deliveries from Amazon.
Between making plans for imaginary tomorrows;
Between the creases of unironed shirts I borrowed.  
Between food care packages and the smell of mutton curry.
Between the echoes of kisses and forgotten worries.

Five hundred days of three zero two
Flew often too fast, often too slow
Enough at times, to fill a book or a century
And sometimes too fickle to last that memory.
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