A hush of hundred wings

Flocks of geese rise in unison to the blue

Onward to faraway lands of their home

Spring beckons, to a world of bloom anew

Sky ward they rise and turn with the bend of the river

Wet reeds nod and whisper a farewell song

The morning breeze sees them off with a passionate shiver

They would perhaps return again in the hue of winter

Or perhaps, never, ever.

Olga Valerevna Mar 23

what ever comes in Spirit to bring Life into your me
embrace it with the same respect it's given unto thee
accept that which is feral but remember what is True
forget the words this world is always pouring over you
one single contradiction can be magnified to death
to take away the peace you're granted every single breath
be quiet when you listen and be humbled when you speak
be shaken by the presence of each Word that makes you weak
and feel your broken bones as they are perfectly remade
"you're here because I'm not," He said, "I need you here today."

“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also. And where I go you know, and the way you know.””
‭‭John‬ ‭14:3-4‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
Nessa dieR Mar 15

Time has passed—painful, long years
My words have ceased to flow,
And I am drowned by all these tears,
since you left long ago.

This river—my own torture— flowed passionately in and out.
Rains of my own sentiments poured into a hollow beach.
Helpless cries of restless doubts.
It was you they failed to reach.

Finally, after everything I had seen
Red skies and starless nights
I became aware of what it means
Having you once again on my sight.

I found you in the shadows of the moon—the brightest of all stars
And now that you returned, I can heal the stitching of love’s scars.

Zan Balmore Mar 10

Define normal
Within deviations
Sound limited, what could I say
To truly reach you?
Defended, I pray only
To breach through

What's wrong? You're looking kinda funny.
Nateive Son Feb 14

Give me cash back,
So that when the banks fail,
I'll have something to paper my goddamn walls with!

And oh Georgie,
You look so nice,
Pressed up against my ass.

These are the thoughts,
Of a man with too many coins,
Jingle janglin' around,
In his pocket oh again.

A wallet full of cash,
But no online presence.

At least that's what I told Wells Fargo.

maxime Feb 13

my fingers curl around my pen
a pleasant breeze blows by
i have returned to where i belong
i heave a pleasant sigh

i miss writing. i have to start again without allowing it to become my own self harm
andromeda Feb 10

versailles has been waiting for your return
this time you will be reborn
out of bitter tears and infant screams
you have been baptised
and now the light of apollo will be in your eyes

the squinting girl will return
but now you are a lion-heart boy
and the twelve years that have passed for them
is twelve hundred for you!
versailles has been waiting
and you will go back

Alex Negri Jan 30

I spent a long lonely year exactly where I wanted to be,
I'm not sure where, but It was out upon a cold black sea,
I let my emotions run so far I thought they would fall of the earth,
but to my intrigue they didn't, and I was able to continue my search.
How far I traveled I have no idea, how long I was a away I'll never know,
But on my vessel I found a friend, he could be famous now in a sideshow.
I don't remember how I got back...I don't remember if I got back,
but something inside me changed, my heart's now a lighter shade of black.

But know its time, time to return, because I cannot lie to myself anymore,
I spent many days looking at my old home even if it was just a distant star.

Solaces Jan 30

I tried to limit myself from moving about.
The more places I moved the more darkness I spread..
But I also noticed, the longer I stood in one area.
The darker it became.
I was a misunderstood shadow..
In a world made entirely of light...
I need to get back home..

I returned to the place I was before. It was easy to find as I tracked my dark steps back to the light door I came through.  Seemed every dark step was being analized by a light being.  All of them had an object I remember seeing right before I came here.  It was the same objects I saw the three figures take into the light door right before I went through.  The object then seem to absorb my dark step returning it back to its light state.  It soon got to a point where the light beings were following me with these dark absorbing objects.  I was like a moving car leaking oil. I know soon that I will be found.  I then heard thunder above.  A glowing light blue rain fell from the light clouds.  The raindrops that fell on me became dark drops as they ran along the light road.  My darkness was spreading! I need to get to cover!

But needs to steal light to stay alive..
Alia Feb 2016

Trust was a must
For us to last

For us to never break
For us to never fall apart

But when its lost
Its never back again

For us to return
For us to burn the past

Trust was a must
For us to last

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