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My Dear Poet Jun 26
I’ve never found my way back
to a place I’ve never been

I’ve never known which way to go
On a path I’ve never seen

I’ve never gone to go again
But this one thing I’m keen

To live and learn on my return
and every road redeem
Shofi Ahmed Mar 20
I will be back
where the sun returns.
Goodness knows
shunning how many stars
it comes on the way.
For me just meeting you is fine.
cleann98 Jan 15
cold autumn waters
rushing its way
underneath my feet
weaving through
             toe to toe
          hacking its way
                   through the legs of my seat--
so naturally shining
the reflected beams
of sunlight
          knew how to pick
                which stream
        of which inch
                      of which hairline
               of the river
                            to show oh so clearly
            straight into my eyes--
this was exactly how
                                    i remembered
    the words flowing
                singing and dancing
         all so merrily in my mind.
                      and yet
   i sit and stew
              in the comfort of my room--
          the fan spews nonesense
       whispering frigid sweet nothings
                      it distracts me
                  so i turn it off.
                      the light shone too brightly
                showing me far far too much
         it annoys me
                         so i turned it down.
                   the natural sounds
               the allure of the wild
                        the little chirps and peeps
                      and the babble of the brooks
i remember none of them
sounding like the clicks and clacks
        that i hear with every press of my finger
                             and every character i delete
                it discomforts me
                        i took a deep breath.
             and another.
                             closing my eyes
       i still saw a faint red through it's thin lid
                   i tried to picture
    the same magical world
                             i used to write in
               back when i was a bard
                     and everything
         the light touches
                                       would be my kingdom
                            my muse.
               and i smiled...
                     all my vivid recollections
       the people and worlds i breathed life to
                  the words that used to be so so alive
             it all felt empty
                    so i opened my eyes
    and tried to write again--
and it turned out... subpar •.• sorry, it's heen two years! i promise my writing senses will thaw out eventually °^°
Karijinbba Sep 2021
Not in voice?
If I want to know
if he really loves me so
  in his kiss there's fire,
nowhere else I can know.
I felt this flame in one love
I find it again!
Because it's right
because I own this fire
and my lover owns same

No it's never too soon
or too late for true love
to meet half way masked
The Kiss! Anxient fire
ages asleep awakens díer
twin flames unrequieted.
Memory ignition the key
We long to see that face,
we die to hear that voice
our beloved breaths on.

Our grail lost found
so many times before
so many lifetimes on and on
twin soul ancient divine
the cosmic law of attraction
pairs up beings knowing
what we cannot unravel
we ask to see to marvel
as life times we struggle.
May we meet to tangle.

Let's not live of trinkets
dreams and memories
alone, sharks we are
no liquor can makes us
a sharks meal.
Why become ramora!

We're rascals Rhett
and his Scarlet renewed.
This world will never
own us, let's own it
we are the authors
of our own life and destiny
We know, we intuit
we are loved cherished
in ways so deep no words
exist to describe our
joy and happiness
the battomless loss
abyss free us in courage.
what we ask to see lifetimes before
is now reveled and revered.
Oh the silky breath
my Angel once withdrawn
in sadness
my love returns priceless.
Softly as rose petals tikling
memory chip's lock snapping
the long gap banished.
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2021
The Umbrellas
of Cherbourg,
around the room,
blocking all of the exits,
in Doppler shifts
it all turns and returns,
indeed there's daggers
in a woman's smile,
from a grain of sand
to mushrooms in the sky,
say it in a letter—
a hostage crisis,
and catlike,
load the cartridges
and let them fly,
(flutter of wings),
face the sun and
bargain with flowers,
(flutter of lashes),
grow as clingstone and
follow my warlight home,
(flutter of heartbeat),
just close your eyes
and make believe,
it all turns and returns,
I will wait for you,
la petite amie,
I will wait for you,
anywhere you wander,
anywhere you go.

Karijinbba Jul 2021
Here is us in vortex divinely sligned
You read me like my book
I wrote a million times,
In secret, yet, never alone
Dreams of lullabys for us amor
We read each other's mind!
We've  become poems divine!
We travel in virtual modes, for now,
To deeply dig, in all you give me love.
In poem or in song, our verse exactly rhymes, divine it stems factly.
It's still *US * the memory aptly
in vibe lives true in yesterday's.
wings of love and marry gay.
Sweety pie

Angel k- Rd is also us.
It's HOW I love you cosmic grace
And no
It's never too soon or too late!
True love returns as Seasons do.
It's Fall yet we relax, not too late
for spring will soon return,
Like seasons my love returns
In vortex wing's  
of two halves in love divine
Re United
My Love.

one hankers for summer's return
to again feel a warmer burn
the balmy touch shall so elate        
basking in the sun's genial sate

oh depart gelid winter song
you've tarried around far too long
come back one's most favoured mate
basking in the sun's genial sate

in time one's yearing shall subside
on a change to the season's tide  
one awaits until that choice date
basking in the sun's genial sate  

one hankers for summer's return
basking in the sun's genial sate
Andy Chunn May 2021
It’s just a tiny village, a wide place in the road
The pace where life is steady and it’s slow
You find your comfort zone, no matter what the load
Campbellsville is the place I know

Brighter lights can call me, and travel makes me smile
And city life can seem like such a thrill
But nothing feels so easy, just like a country mile
As coming to my home in Campbellsville

When you find you’ve lost your way, and don’t know what to do
When everything is headed straight downhill
Think about the place you love, where everything was true
And come on home again - to Campbellsville

A little town in Tennessee, with history through the years
The Campbell home, the Springs, and the hills
The high school that so many loved, the victories of the Bears
I’m going home again to Campbellsville
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