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Amanda Oct 10
I did not think this day would come
The love in your eyes fades away
Would do anything to fix us
To make you stay

I wonder what you are thinking about
How you actually feel about me
I want the most to know the truth
Parts you don't let me see

I am not sure what's real or not
You are so good at telling lies
Pointless yet I am determined
To break your disguise

I love you unconditionally
Always and forever will
If you no longer feel the same
Why continue to say you do still?

If it's because you are scared of being alone
Can tell you right now you'll be fine
Many girls are just waiting for their chance
The moment you are no longer mine

And you deserve the best
The happiness you desire
Should have known that eventually
Of my foolishness you'd tire

You do more than I could ever deserve
From the start I knew
You were far too good for me
Was lucky just to be with you

I know good things never last
So I do not know why I'm surprised
Guess I was naive to believe
Feelings would never be compromised

Our love for eachother so strong
Was all I could be sure about
Despite ****** up things we endured
Connection remained free from doubt

We went through worst together
Lived to experience the best
It wasn't always easy
Relationship passed each test

Now out of nowhere **** starts to change
No reason I can find
Are you growing apart from me?
Scared I'll be left behind

I am desperate for a solution
Be what you need once more
It seems like you're ready to end it
Halfway out the front door

I love more than I ever have
The harder I try the more we fight
Can tell you're getting sick of me
I can't stop holding you tight

I wish I could behave more like her
Down to have fun
Used to have such good times together
Seems like those days are done

Stressed under heavy pressure
Both work to lift the weight
Do my best to lighten the load
My worry makes it inflate

She may not nag
***** at you
I bet if you put her in my place
Years of games and illusions
Would not be as eager to replace

History between us hard
It's filled with so much hurt
I understand why it's nice to escape
Hang out with her and flirt

But you do not know eachother well
Hasn't seen your darker side
I'm sure she has her fair share as well
Secrets and flaws kept inside

You know inside and out
My absolute worst
Can be a lot to handle at times
I will never quit putting you first

I support whatever you pick
You want a break to see how it goes
However long you need
Trying people like shoes or clothes

I do not want anyone else
For your sake I will pretend
Don't want concern to hold you back
You are scared my heart won't mend

I deserve to be permanently broken
All the mistakes I have made
Perhaps the suffering would be gone
If only then I would have stayed

I will forever call you my soulmate
If you leave and never return
No one else could ever replace
Your touch I'll always yearn

Hopefully find your way back to my arms
The happiness you couldn't find with me
Even if I give somebody else my heart
You will always have the key
If it's me
That you don't need
Then when your eyes light up the sky tonight I know you're gonna find your way back to me
Olivia Sep 30
come back,
that's all i request

why'd you
have to go

i hate being in love
with someone i
can't have
Iska Sep 19
There is a forest,
Under the sea,
To which I desperately
Long to see.
I’m back :) been ages
Nathalie Sep 19
As I collect my
Thoughts in the quiet
Cove inside my room
I am inspired to write
Of tales that speak
My heart
There is an aura
Around this shape
From the invitation
To love
By withdrawing
From the doubts of
My ego and opening
To this song inside
My soul
I have given my all
With no worry
About the return
But simply by the
Gift I was being given
With trust
I surrendered

-you came back
to give rest to this fatigued relationship
in hope there was a chance to sleep
without the ghosts whispered into your side of the bed
running their fingers along somebody spineless-

i can stretch across the length of the bed now                                                    
and not feel guilt.                                                                  
like rescue has arrived
in the form of  a goodbye ~  

like it was worthwhile                                                              
suffering to better appreciate my own smile.
Ces Jul 28
A relapse into forgetfulness
Time never loses its deceptiveness

The tragic seeking of something
that is not lost
I found myself again through

My heart smiles
as I write.
kim Jul 27
I've returned,
I've transformed,
I've found love and comfort,
I've sought out for the unknown,
only to realize that it is faster than me.
I've not yet discovered my true self,
my passions, my drive and my goals.
and yet, as I tread, growing tired,
I realize that sometimes the unknown
will remain unknown.
I hope you're all doing well! it's been about two years since I've last posted. I hope you continue to seek clarity and truth from yourself and from others.
with love,
Bhill Jul 26
interesting and unfortunate explain our days
humanity smiles as we lose our senses
the kingdom of today has been plundered
we must overcome the enemy, to return to yesterday

Brian Hill - 2020 # 203
I walked through the door from my own ignorance
To find the stars awaiting me
Laughing and asking me what took so long
I simply replied
I cried and I died
The growth soon came after
So did my ride
But I wouldn't call it pride
Just Inside
it's been a while. Time to dust the ol pen off...
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