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Andy Chunn May 3
It’s just a tiny village, a wide place in the road
The pace where life is steady and it’s slow
You find your comfort zone, no matter what the load
Campbellsville is the place I know

Brighter lights can call me, and travel makes me smile
And city life can seem like such a thrill
But nothing feels so easy, just like a country mile
As coming to my home in Campbellsville

When you find you’ve lost your way, and don’t know what to do
When everything is headed straight downhill
Think about the place you love, where everything was true
And come on home again - to Campbellsville

A little town in Tennessee, with history through the years
The Campbell home, the Springs, and the hills
The high school that so many loved, the victories of the Bears
I’m going home again to Campbellsville
Time has passed
Since I was last here
And I wonder,
Is it because
Im happier now?
I wanted to write you this piece
But thought that these words
would rob you of your peace

This paper would ran out of space
As it flows with emotional ink

Numb emotions hug me like a mother hugs her young child
These thoughts run wild
Like the tracks on a black queens head
Outside I smile but inside I’m dead
Feeding on false hope
That one day you will return back to me like an addict relapsing back to their deadly drug
Hoping you inhale my presence
And remember the love as you forget the mistakes

We walked on clouds just to fall asleep in loveless coffins
Jay M Mar 25
Sirens sing, call, and plea
But I only wanna hear your melody
When I am lost at sea
I call into the tides and sing
Hoping for the harmony to ring
For the waves to finally bring
Take me right back to you
From across the great blue

- Jay M
March 25th, 2021
For you, älskling. (Darling or my beloved in Swedish)
You get my hopes up just to slash them back down
Yet for some reason I still want you around
You play games with my heart
**** with my mind
So why am I unable to leave you behind?
I know in my head I am better off alone
But my soul is convinced that you are its home
So no matter how many times you leave me broken
All it takes to gain forgiveness is a few sweet words spoken
By now I have learned that your recycled phrases are lies
Yet they somehow still retain the power to make feelings rise
It's like you are an expert at getting under my skin
I try so hard to stay strong but when it comes to you I never win
My worst addiction
My sweetest crutch
I hate the fact that i need you so much
That no matter how bad you treat me my love never wavers
Each minute of your attention is sixty seconds I savor
But its apparent that you don't care about me the same
This on-off routine is driving me insane
I wish for just once you would open up to me
And be honest about everything you are scared to let me see
I love you unconditionally although I dont why
So you can trust me with vulnerable parts you hide
I thought I was your ride or die but now I realize that's not true
Because if it were it would still be me right next to you
You threw away our relationship without a second thought
Now you think it's that easy to waltz back in my life
Well it's not
You have hurt me too much for me to put myself through it twice
You claim to love me but how can you?
Your heart is made of ice
I would have never done you like you did me wrong
But I am grateful you did because it's made me strong
The pain I have suffered at your careless hand
Has given me room to grow and understand
You just miss me when you are lonely
It isnt fair
You have no intention on actually being there
But it's my fault I guess for giving you another chance
Fully aware that you are now involved in a completely new romance
I dont know if I am stupid or if you were right when you said
That I get off on sadness so I amplify it in my head
Why else would i make choices that i know will lead to bad?
Any rational person would be done with you but i am simply mad
So i endure more torment as you manipulate and deceive
I cannot any longer put the blame on me being naive
I've grown wise to your tricks yet I still participate
Because deep down I believe we were brought together by fate
We had something special and something truly rare
I dont think it's possible for anyone else to compare
If you are happier with her than you were with me
Than I won't interfere
I'll let you two be
But if you cant stop thinking about my face
Then go with your gut and return to my embrace
Katie Miller Jan 26
Well it has been
A while
And I'm still writing
Just haven't been able
To bring my heart
To admit what I'm actually feeling
Want to be the stronger part of me
And forget the side that cries
And breaks
And shatters and aches
But still
I live and I write
Mostly on paper
Revisiting a page from when I was still loved
And in love
But I'm here now
To admit what I'm doing
What I felt
How I feel
And how I fell
And picked myself back up again
So stay and listen
And I'll show you
What I've been up to
I haven't written on Hello Poetry in over a year. And so so much has happened. Personally, romantically, worldly, everything. So I decided to come back, I think about Hello Poetry sometimes, they strength and support it gave me. And so I'm back. Let's see what happens when I post some thing's I've written recently. Please stay, I could really use your feedback. Lots of love, as always... -KPM
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2020
I may be foulmouthed to the core,

let alone when we have our very own

\\ tête-à-tête //

but honey---

I know my heart is genuine.
Hit me up after your Saturn Return, girl.
Derrick Jones Dec 2020
I can see the grass that carpets the sky
I hear the waves, never once asking why
I watch the birds as they effortlessly fly
I know one day I will die

Like a wave returning to the ocean
Like the water in perpetual motion
My form will change, dissolve, disperse
And then perhaps it will reverse

In and out
Like the waves on the shore
Like the breath from my lungs
Like the day and the night
A cycle, cycling, recycling

I’m one with you
And you with I
So if I expire
Yet you still respire
Am I truly gone from this widening gyre?
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