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return to the past
it was recently been now
return to the past
was recently was today

return to the past
collision with gray leaves
return to the past
happening happening right now

Brynn S 2d
To feel alive is to have stars in my eyes
Unity for the sun and moon to arise
The times where I’ve lived until the night has died

Each line of words has a meaning to me
They are mine for you
I share them for that one day you understand me
One day you’ll know me
Until then these are left here
If only i could, I would !
I wish !
I wish i could,
If i could,
I know i would,
If only,
You'd let me.

I wish i could,
Let you let me,
Make you feel the way i feel,
Hold you, caress you, and
Show you to the world,
The world, i want us to be.
If only !
You'd let me.

Every breathe, every moment,
And Everything that i own,
I'd give up !
I wish!
I wish i could,
be with you !
If only,
You'd let me.

Give you everything that you deserve,
Treat you like a queen,
If only i could,
If only !
You'd let me.

Love you with all i've got,
My soul, my mind, my heart.
If i could, I know i would !
if only,
You'd let me.
How i wish for that someone to enter through the door i've been holding for so long.
sushii Nov 28
i almost abandoned you, my old friend.

i apologize.

it's just lately i haven't the time

to pay you a visit since the last.

but now, i am twisting Time's leg

for time with you again.

what do i call you?

never mind that, how have you been?

oh, silly me...

you don't exist.

for the one i abandoned

is really

Ana Roe Nov 28
My feelings for you resurface,
like the undead they rise from their grave
as if they had never really died at all

All it took was one thought
and I fell back into the deep
as though I had never left

You will always possess me
no matter where I go or what I do
you will always come back to haunt me

Some part of me will always want you
will always wonder what could have been
and will want you so deeply that it will terrify me
Ilion gray Nov 24
I will love you,

Until the heavens  
Of earth collapse,

I Will live for you, Never ending

you were formed
Above the firmament,
Before existence
You witnessed,

              All things,

My child, your mother is a mighty moon,

she can not be tethered,

Your father,

     I, Am the wild fire,
That's walks with rain.

were made between
And rock;
In the ****,
Of her mountains.
Just Below heaven.
On a night that
the density of light
set the clouds aflame,
And the sky,
could not be mapped,
And the stars,
Revealed their true names aloud,
in the hidden
The names *** gave them.

Amid all of these things-

You were made-

         Drawn From Rivers
That carve
out of the earth,

And drip,

softening stone,

a creek
A forest floor-

It was here
That the almighty

forged Existence-

With His hands of wind...

you slept through many lives,

resting Until, the heat
escaped the fire.

Every night,
That summer
I listened
to the sound
of your
Body sleeping-

the silence.

Here I am,
a fire-
running wild
through the
sun burnt,
tall grass Of days-
Watching them Wither,
                   And crumble
To dust as they pass...

I, Could not make them- stop.

I, could not keep you.
now everything is a cage-
            here I am;

Without the immensity
Of your laughter
embracing My heart;                                                      
                                                                ­        I am un-done.

I've sat awake for months,
Replaced the  blinds with blankets,
These days,
it is the light;
that can not escape darkness,

each minute;
makes a feast of seconds,

The starving  hours,

Eating away Every minute.

             Here I am.

And the weight of
dreary day

devours everything.

I, am barely breathing.
Traveling,  through the world;
Wading through
unending hours.

The heat of your tiny
Being Wrapped, In gypsy golden
Hanging from my shoulders,
           Sliding   down
                          my back,
                                        Or resting across my stomach
Bringing me morning,
               The presence of your breathing--
                                                     ­                    I, am un-done

I curse the sun,
                I  reject its rays--
                           Always arriving,
And yet--
It Leaves
Before it comes.
                                     I am         un-done,
And I am never awake--

  I knew,
I would
Have to
              watch you go...

I knew How, 
   I would miss you.

when, the foreign moon
That wild fire needs something beautiful
to burn;
                    I watched her,
                  wrap you in wind;
Where stellar clouds
Begin, and end--

                                   And time

   swallowed us whole.
(For: Ilion, my son/From:Ilion the Gray, your father)
President Jo Nov 14
3:27 am is for the student who weeps
Facing so many failures, forcing himself up,
battling for high numbers

3:28 am is for the alcoholics getting wasted
Drinking themselves into sleep
Trying to forget someone who left

3:29 am is for the poets who can't sleep
Words coming out of their longing heart
Writing for someone who wouldn't listen

3:30 am is for the artists expressing themselves
Into artworks, because their minds are alive
With the scenery of someone who is not there

3:31 is not for the lovers making love all night
Nor for the lovers asleep in each others arm

3 am is for the lonely,
For those who loved
and never loved in return
Inspired by a quote.
Asante' Nov 9
He walks around with a piece of me
And I doubt he even knows
That he carries a fragment of my heart
Wherever it is he goes.
I just wonder if he felt its thump
Or heard its tiny beat
If he’d return it to me carefully
So that I could feel
I was taken hostage
By my own mind
Till I lost it
Use to be blood In my veins
Now my heart pumps Pain
My Soul was a source of peace
Now it's a lost piece of me
Each breath gets heavier
It's an increasing burden
Without any barrier
I am handcuffed to myself
Lost the key
Now, I'm no where
And If you do care
Remember me
I may return someday
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