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Jennifer West Feb 17
I won't be quiet
When you stifle my voice

I won't lay down
When you walk all over me

I won't be give up
When you crush my soul

I won't let you
Get me
Poolza Feb 12
Crushing on you is
Just like cutting my own skin
It only hurts me

ōkami Feb 5
i think we all have these kind of moments where we are totally attached to a stranger. your heart stops beating and you just can't believe how breath taking this human being is. you're confused because sometimes they just do some normal things like listening to music and you just sit there and ask yourself why this person got your whole attention.
so you sit there and try to stare at the person as long as you can, because you know this moment isn't going to last forever. and you hate it because you'll feel this awful sad feeling in your chest when the person needs to leave. so you just sit there, your heart hurts and all you can do is thinking about the little moments you had together. you think that this feeling will fade away soon, because the person is a stranger but **** you were wrong. you never saw the day coming where this stranger was the only thing which brightened up your day by just looking at you. you never missed these warm brownish eyes so much like you do now. it really is a ****** situation for your feelings now but somehow you're thankful as well, because this stranger showed you that you matter and this stranger showed you that you can always do your best. my stranger let me feel alive again, my stranger showed me how much the small things matter in life. oh my stranger, i miss you. i miss you so much and my heart hurts. i know that i won't ever be a part of your life and i know that you wont have these kind of feelings for me but i just want you to know that you're a kindhearted human being. thank you for looking at me at my worst day ever, you really were the only one who made my lonely and numb heart beat again. thank you for making me feel alive again.
in a few days i will see you again
When the world falls upon you and more,
   To gaze back,
Eyes glazed over the destruction.

The heart bleeds as if cut a thousand times,
And bleeds some more.

As to the beating tune beneath,
   It rages on.
...and so does the war.

The fight with oneself,
and the carriers of the pains you've now taken for granted...

There's only so much earth to break.

   Spread these ****** bones across the fields of my unvisioning,
Blind wakes close behind...

Warpath, I have taken.
   Shaken, is the thought of finding peace, again...

Until my end.
I will fight.
Elisa Benaggoune Dec 2018
I know
I fancy you
I got a notification on my emails
Telling me that you messaged me
And I was surprised
That it gave me butterflies
But that message was from
Yesterday when we were
Both busy

I know
I fancy you
Because I’m nervous
About when we’re
Going to be alone
Instead of
Always hanging out in a group
If I’m leaving
or staying  

I would stay if
It was just me
And you  

I know
I fancy you
Because I know that
On the other side
Of the phone
You’re probably nervous too
About someone whom I fancy
Lana D Dec 2018
I looked for love
but could not find it
before I met you
your grin spread wide
my small smile could not compare
you talked of poetry and philosophy
laughing when I corrected your words
you sang of music from your heart
no darkness could shroud your strings
I didn't let myself feel
for the feeling hurt too much
to look on you and know
that you were not feeling what my lungs clutched
That if I let out a exhale
it might blow you away
far from me, across the sea
never to speak again
so we sit, sing, and lean against each other
and all the while I hold my breathe
waiting for you to exhale
Total crush on best friend
Ayushi Gupta Nov 2018
Whom do you tell ,
When you fall for a like?
Or for the blink of an eye?
Or for the sweet of a smile?
Aren't those people friends?
But how do you differ,
That who really tries?
And who just tastes and enjoys.
I wish I knew the answer.
MicMag Nov 2018
He wants none of it
The unrelenting fame
Paparazzi's lights
Never out of sight
The crushing weight
Of a well-known name

He wants none of it
The life-******* fame
Endless demands
From legions of fans
Happiness funneling
Right down the drain

He wants none of it
The soul-deadening fame
Prestige a cruel mistress
All joys turned to business
Dousing his spirit
To extinguish its flame

No, he craves anonymity
For stardom to cease
To be happy with less
Freed from the stress
True glory found
In a life lived in peace
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018.
"write a glorious poem"

Prompt from Writer's Digest:
Danielle Oct 2018
She supposed it was more than just rain.
It was a touch, light and rough upon the skin.
A harsh tap tap that seemed to echo through the world.
Eventually, it took over as she knew it would.
It felt cool, running down her soul
Not that she wanted the cracks cleaned out.
But the rain was insistent, formidable, and crushing.
It was, after all, more than just rain.
Tyler Oct 2018
I love you so much I feel like a ticking time bomb
At any minute I will explode
Splattering wishful thinking and pieces of a swollen heart all over
Your breath in my neck is a prison
Because it’s all I can think about
All I can feel
I ache for your fingertips
I ache for the softness of your palm
Your scent paints patterns on my spine
Tracing it carefully, just like you would
Trickling down a curved back
Waiting to swallow my presence whole
And send me down to the abyss of your loving
I need to come home
Home to your softness
Home to your body
Home to you.
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