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Color May 22
you are

poetry and flowers
oceans and cliffs
books and sugar
blue and green
coffee and stairs
letters and hallways
pictures and lockers
Grey May 15
"I love you" is what
I want to say, but instead
I just walk away..
Rishawn May 13
frigid, fragile, flustered

unrecognizably nervous

my name? what could it be
lover boy

Im just her toy
play with me? only when it works for you

lay me down to charge, you've got a new fascination

but where would I like to be?
nowhere else but next to thee

its inescapable my love for you
idiotic, irreversible and irrational

yet im your lover boy

it comes down to a smile
when i spend time with you
even if not a while
my ***** turn blue

lust, trust, i hope you dont ever see me with disgust

not sure if i could handle it

woah woah who am I ?

I'm your lover boy

set me free or be with me

set me free or be with me

leave me be or set me free
if you cant bear to be with me
ardnaxela May 5
It's silent
screams of delight.
It's hidden
blushes behind a hair swipe;

It's wanting
to always get it right.
It's having
not to think twice.

Loving you

It's like a test -
It's like
the breath
before you roll the dice;

Why can't I even
think of you
without my chest
getting tight?

Loving you is pressure.

Will my love even suffice?
Alexa, play 'Hard Place' by H.E.R.
JustMK Feb 22
My tongue and my heart have betrayed me.
And though I curse
these wondering and doubts,
I do not regret
saying those simple words.

We lay together in bed,
and while I showed you all my scars,
you counted all the things
you loved about me
on the tips of your fingers.
You moved closer-
close enough to hear the hammering
of my hopeless heart.

Your elbow brushed mine.
          and I allowed myself to remain within reach.
Close by, where your still-damp hair
begged for my fingers to caress,
reach out - tenderly touch.
It would have been so easy
to weave my fingers through yours
or to rest my head on your shoulder.
But my mind wouldn't leave me
and before I caught them;
my words had betrayed me.

"I really like you"
slipped out somewhere in the dark
and the echo returned to me.
You threw your arm over me then,
pulled me close enough
to breathe the smell of rain and earth
you carry like a perfume.

You let me let you hold me
until we could bear it no more.
And I fell asleep listening
to the rhythm of your breathing
singing sweet songs in the dark.
So, I didn't wait until valentines day, and like the fool I am, I blurted it out at midnight. And surprisingly she felt the same. But that was three weeks ago...
Evan Feb 13
i write out my feelings.
are they true? are the words i put out true?

hell, i don’t even know.

reading your poems about her, god




i don’t know if i can do this.

i’ve gotten better, honestly,

but now the scent of food makes me gag,

the sight of you makes me warm.

and she glares, making me stop.

i want to hug you.

to call you mine.



but it’s okay.

i’m a bit jealous, is all.

oh well.

at least your happy with the person who took you away
honestly, i wouldn’t like me either dude
I had the pride but was able to keep it humble
I walked around as if I was a God...
which made everyone surprised when I fell for you

They couldn't believe you made me weak

They couldn't believe
you were the one
...Cause I don't fall for people

I don't get too close to people

Remember that little joke;
that I'm a psychopath and you're a creep...

Well if I'm insane
and you're just not right
then let's give it a try;
it's like a perfect two -

whoops, didn't mean to send that
I meant to say
it's like a perfect couple -
I mean match -
I mean pair -
I mean...

I don't quite know what I'm trying to hide...
Well, at least I don't know why I try to hide it.
Ya ever meet someone that you don't know why but they've got you trippin' on your words and you don't know what you're trying to say and you sometimes feel like you look like an idiot even if you don't? Haha, funny story...I can relate
Kai Dec 2019
It’s hard to breathe when I see
A body that doesn’t belong to me
It’s hard to rid water drops
When I ponder when will it ever stop

Cascading brown hair of mine
Dreamed to cut it for a couple of dimes
My lilted feminine voice
Reminds me I am a girl with no choice

Who is that in front of me?
An imposter, a demon, could it be?
My soul breaks into a weep
Until, there stood somebody just like me

Hair silky, smooth, white like snow
His porcelain complexion barely glows
Peach pouty and heart shaped lips
Eyes are deep black caves, like a mystic maze

Earbuds glued into his ears
Face of dopiness or could it be fear?
Slender, short legs carry him
When he passes by I stupidly grin

When will I see him again?
Forget it, he’s likely graduating
Dejection bounced in my mind
Where I’m from, my kind of love was a crime

Two and a half years passed by
I’m in the big school and no longer shy
Walked the great halls with belief
Until, there stood somebody just like me

He did change and so has I
I cut my hair, but he’s got the same eyes
Tousled rough black hair, shaved sides
Much less heavy, which came by a surprise

Our eyes locked like magnets
Studied his lips, my gaze hard as granite
His shoulder brushed against mine
Stomach tingles and my heart intertwines

Staring at him paralyzed
I cannot look away, I don’t know why
He looks like someone I know
Someone I knew back a while ago

Is it wrong if I pursue?
Do you think it’s weird that I follow you?
Hopeless like a winter tree
Until, there stood somebody just like me

Once it’s over I’ll feel blue
When you graduate I won’t forget you
Hope you’ll remember me too
It’s nice to have someone to relate to
This is a poem I wrote for a guy in school who inspires me more than anyone ever could.
Grey Dec 2019
I never meant for it to go this far
That's what I said.
I never thought that I would fall
That's what I claimed.
And yet…
kmr Dec 2018
What makes you smile,
What makes you laugh,
What makes you cry?
What keeps you awake
At 3 AM
When the world around you
Is asleep
But something is squeezing your heart
And eating at your nerves,
What is it?

I barely know you.
I don’t even know
Your favorite color
Or your middle name.
I know you always look
Lost in thought
And that you don’t smile a lot
When you’re alone.
I do know,
You love math
And you wear blue frequently.
I know where you’re from
But where do you want to go?
What are your dreams,
What are you plans,
What are your sisters’ names?

I opened my heart to you
Without meaning to.
Now you occupy my thoughts
Day and night
And I doubt
I ever cross your mind.
I doubt
You ever really saw me.
I was just some girl
Who needed help
And it was your job
To help.
I was just another person
Whom you tutored.
I am just another face
That got lost in the crowd.
Another name
That means nothing
To you.

I don’t know you
And you don’t know me
So why do I feel like
I have fallen
So deeply?
I have a habit
Of falling in love
A little too easily
But this was too hard,
Too much,
And too fast.
These feelings
That I have for you,
They frighten me
And I have no idea
What to do.
I might not see you again
But I still want to know
What makes you smile
And what makes you laugh
And what keeps you awake
At 3 AM.
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