warm rocky outcrops
lead to hot springs below
a pleasant respite

I am part of the way dead
heaving breath with collapsed lungs
just trying to make it another day
all whilst hoping I don't see the night

Life is a tragedy.

A strong crushing feeling on the edge of existence
  Investigating a never-ending black tunnel
A crypt of hopeless souls forever seeking shelter
  Without a lamp to guide their fruitlessness
I see the ghastly faces set upon every person still
  Cold, pale and downtrodden with weight
Devoid of any glow to indicate they are alive
  They are obscure and discarded remains
Theirs is a cell of forgetfulness and tragic pain
  Forever feeling along the walls of torment

Jack Jenkins Jul 15

I can run
every monster in
my nightmares
I can't run from

Jack Jenkins Jul 13

You could never fathom my heart,
You could never accept my love,
You could never trust me,
You could never love,

So you broke my heart,
Just a splinter at a time,
Everyday another crack,
Because you can't love,

Now I am a bitter man,
Cuz I can't forgive you,
I can never forget you,
& when you left, I died.

The stupid fucking cliche of love always winning in the end is a joke, kids.
Jack Jenkins Jul 11

To trust
to believe
that which
When the storm closes
its eye around
There is no way out
but trust
   to a hope
that it's not
the end
just a road you take
to get to
         the peace
you desperately hope
              and believe in

Jack Jenkins Jul 6

Kept behind gates rusted shut
All my words are locked away
Shrouded in fogs of uncertainty
A mural of misanthropic dreams
This art shuttered from my heart
A colorblindness to ink and paper
Rolling my thoughts over and over
Like a roast pig over a spitting fire
I can no longer find my way out
Escaping from my mind's maze
Where no light dares twinkle

Writer's block in extreme depression is a bad thing for me to have...
Jack Jenkins Jul 5

I can't help but think of you often
You're the chandelier to my mind
I find you in the quiet moments
Between each breath of my lungs

I hold on to you always
But you shouldn't see
The broken man I now am
The bitterness I contain

Yesterday I finally opened a box
The box you occupy in my mind
And I looked at your picture for the first time
You're always more beautiful then I can express

Taking a few moments away
Remembering you... us...
It took the sting out of life for a second
You are always my best friend...

I miss you so much.
Jack Jenkins Jul 5

There was a swaying moonlight
the night I was drunk on your kiss.

You lifted my soul to the sky,
what happened to the denim jacket I gave you?

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