He had given her his
And it killed him
This is how love kills

Sixty words per minute// no errors
Five hundred plus poems// written
Thousand firm handshakes// given
Countless prayers cried out// frantic
And if you ever saw me work// well
You'd be surprised

Keeping this one a mystery. ;)

I'm still hurting
still devastated
that I lost you
all of you
because I was worried
to see how you were
I wish I never sent that text
how I miss you so much
the worst is
i worry that you
already moved on
already forgot me
that you don't feel
the same as I do
marking every day
since I lost you

Do you miss me?
Do you cry for me?
Do you wake up &
wish for my body
slumbering next
to yours?
Have you moved past?
Have you got a new lover?
Have you found
someone lovely
someone better
than me?

fuck i miss you

I guess I love too much and dive too deep. Sorry for all the insecurities in this poem.

I think I'm ready to surrender,
to raise my white banner,
done with pushing you away,
open up to you once more.

You already know my wounds,
the deep scars I carry,
I'll let you touch them tenderly,
I won't lock you out.

See, I only felt love; I forgot to show,
Love is also an action, sacrifice,
I let go of you and held onto myself,
But I miss you and long for you.

I don't care how ugly you say you are,
you're fucking beautiful in my eyes,
and if you're messed up, so am I,
I'm with you always.

~Your best friend

Another birthday... you never have let me buy you a birthday gift. I wrote you Sprezzatura last year. This year I'm giving you a renewed dedication... I'm sorry things have gotten so difficult around me. Please believe I'm doing the best I can. I'm tired of you seeing me at my worst, so I'm giving you my best. I don't think you've ever understood how much you mean to me, and I don't think you will until you accept that you do. I don't want our friendship to be half-broken anymore. I'm giving this everything I got.
Jack Jenkins Apr 17

Glistening light
refracted by glass
Perfectly pretty
your sunny smile

They say a smile is a woman's prettiest curve. :)
Jack Jenkins Apr 16

True love:
Loving perfectly
an imperfect person

True love:
Giving everything
For only one

True love:
I love you
I love you too...

Jack Jenkins Apr 14

You're feeling every brick
of your house falling down
each thud you shudder and
shake because you're scared
of all the elements you're
going to be exposed to now
that everything is collapsed.

Hold onto what you believe
you're not a bad person at all
I promise you're going to live
I promise I'm here to hold you
up through this hardship you
are going through. Embrace
the challenge and overcome.

I believe in you.

I'm writing this to inspire my friend who's going through a difficult time in her life. I hope she knows there's still somebody that cares about her.
Jack Jenkins Apr 13

A country that the world left behind
when rubber could be made by man.
The country that slaves found home.

I love this country
that I haven't set
foot on it's soil

I want to walk it's
dusty trails into
rainforests and
hidden tribes.

I want to sing with
all the vagabonds
ragamuffins &

It's a country unknown
a frontier to discover.
A place to call home

Jack Jenkins Apr 13

We talked for the first time
in forever it seemed.
Actually talked, I mean.

I forgot how nice it was to
trust you with me.
See I lost my way with you.

We're just two battered souls
trying to scrape by.
Come fly with me, girl.

Had a talk with one of my most valued friends. We talk almost daily, but it was like last night we actually did talk for the first time in forever.
Jack Jenkins Apr 11

Bless the Man crucified
Bless the slain Lamb
Bless He who bled
Bless God in flesh
Bless the Savior
Bless Jesus
He Lives

How I live my life is totally different from the praise I put in this poem. #hypocrite
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