The desires of a man are simple:
sex, greed, power,
in that order.

the stars lost their glimmer
twinkling to darkness
in the exhale of the universe
a dim light lost
to nothingness
no longer reflected in my eyes
swallowed by the night
like clouds covering the sun
dew drops on my fingertips
falling to the ground
mixed with salty tears
sand between my fingers
lost to the hourglass
this is the road
i travel

Jack Jenkins Jan 6

One day at a time
Rain, Sun, falling leaves, frost
They have come and gone
Like love when it resided in this heart
Before suffocating
Bludgeoned by those
Who needed it most
I once loved you
Like I once loved life
But with both
Only shards and embers remain
Lost in every teardrop
One day at a time

Jack Jenkins Jan 3

My eyes only focus
on my regrets of the past.

My fingers only touch
my scars that never heal.

My ears only hear
my own vitriol.

My words only mention
me, myself, and I.

Self-absorbed in pain.

Reposted due to glitches upload
Jack Jenkins Jan 1

Bitterness burns,
It takes my breath away;
can I cry?
Do I have shelter,
or shall I succumb?

Jack Jenkins Nov 2017

her name is written with sapphires on the beach
she dances like the wind in the sky
she gave me her hands when i reached
oh, her love i can never deny

Just something random I threw together. I hope you all enjoy. :)
Jack Jenkins Nov 2017

i'm a frozen tempest
there's nothing left to bleed
my body is hollowed
emptied of it's essence
a frozen burn from my touch
fire turned to cold ash
spin me
out of control
for i am cold and weary
a broken sculpture
i cannot hear your whispers
my head is split
the veins trail to my heart
where you left your mark
oh how you killed me
with torture
before the killing blow
you said you would grow old with me
but that turned to a lie
you're a desolate soul
looking for hope & love
yet you killed me
i turned to ice
frozen solid
but melting
i still miss you
i still love you
i still hate you
what can i do?
poetry is the only place
i can speak to you
your face reminds me
not to trust so much
keep my love at a limit
say "fine" when i'm not
i locked you out of my life
but there's still a draft
that carries your scent
& it lets me know
i'm still hurting
from you
you were my best friend
oh you killed me...

For all my words, I'm still speechless when people ask me why she left...
Jack Jenkins Nov 2017

my eyes are open
and it hurts
every time I breathe
the air is a little broken
all my emotions
yet the pain remains
going through the motions
grasping with fingers
gasping for oxygen
a bitter corrosion
the rain comes
I can't hold on
and refuse to
let go

Jack Jenkins Nov 2017

car glides on the road
the wet cement crackles sharp
life keeps moving on

Jack Jenkins Nov 2017

I wrap my life in crimson sheets of paper
         so nobody will notice when the blood seeps through

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