Summer’s here

Summer’s here at last, so laugh;
Enjoy the sun before God takes it back.
It’s only temporary so enjoy it while it lasts
And pray to God it’s not your last.

Let the sun shine down on me, let it pour down all around us;
Let the sun shine so bright that it blinds us.

Looking at the sky in wonder
And wondering why it shines so bright.
Does this mean what I think it means;
That the time is right to find love and change my life?

Angels cry in summertime,
As love is lost, because you chose to hide.
You can’t go back and change your mind;
Your choice is made and now it’s time to die.

I believe in a better place than this;
I believe I deserve to see someone I have never seen.
The sun must shine in Heaven and I hope we do live in bliss,
Because the summer will soon be gone to become a memory.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
You and I - Us

I’m going to marry you someday real soon;
I’m going to take you around the world.
I’m going to show you Heaven beneath the Moon.
I am in love with You; I want you to always be My Girl.

We are going to fly so high!
That we will be as high as a kite,
Or a Condor flying out to catch a little sun.
Let us bask in the beautiful light.

Let us pray for some hope,
For a better tomorrow;
For a better day of sun,
To come out from underneath the clouds
And bring back the fun.

I want you to be happy always,
Because I love to see the smile on your face.
Every beautiful day, I awake to your grace.
I thank every God ever imagined, for the Heaven you portray.

So kiss me quickly, before I am gone.
I ran so easily, when I thought you were The One.
She’s never going to marry and be faithful to a loser like me;
So goodbye my love and hope; hello ‘So Called Easy Street’.

No love for me?  Then no reason to live.
No problem for me?  Then what’s the point in me playing?
Mr. and Mrs. to the Nth degree,
Decree this decision to allow you to be free,
Is far from folly to me.

So marry me and stay forever faithful to our love,
Then I will be your husband always
And then we can forever remain as You and I – Us.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Amenah 7h
infinitesimal shards of glass
glisten fiercely underneath neon lights of prospect
a reflection of shattered hopes and aspirations
now lay asunder for being trodden to dust
carpeting over splashes of blood long gone brown
a silver ring or two coated in red
pearls scattered like a life torn to shreds
rag-like bedsheets torn at the seams
as if the fabric of reality was chewed by cruel Fate
emptiness echoing through the debris of humanity;
with a room torn of its plaster wallpaper
paint chipping off like rain
the conconcrete within never looked so ugly as now
hideous and disformed
by weathering the storm of conflicting ideals and isms
numerous cracks snake through concrete body
at any moment ready to crumble to naught.

can anyone fathom what wonders gave birth within these walls?
first loves promised in wedlock,
difficult loves resolved clemently,
impossible loves grew to become the greatest,
broken loves coalescence to wholeness,
platonic loves strengthen for lifetimes,
familial loves strung back once more.
Tis was the Rose Room of Ethereal Wonders
that harmonized the tragedies of humans
unfortunately even the worst of chaos is meant to remain unbridled
of which to leave asunder is better
or less You’ll just be a soul sacrified in vain
Solaces 16h
It was a boardwalk on the stars it seemed.. On the otherside of the universe.. I got to walk it.. It was raining light here and there.. The air smelled of star jasmine..  I could see your eyes every now and again as a raindrop of light would pass by them..  They were a deep dreamy brown that seem to swirl away all of my worries.. I was in your dream.. Somehow I made it here.. Or maybe you summoned me here somehow..  I wonder what I look like to you in the fallen light rain? Do my eyes shine as bright as yours?
In her dream...
The cliché "contrast" is black and white
But in reality there is much more to contrast:
Success and failure,
Night and day,
Living and thriving.

Once living the dream, now living the nightmare.
That's reality's contrast
Once being confident, now being sceptical.
That's reality's contrast.

The only visible light and dark contrast in reality is whether you cry during the day where everyone can see you and your sufferings or during the night where no one can see the real you and what you have come to.

Darkness might be beautiful, but only when you see glimmers of light.
You'll go out into the city and describe the darkness as beautiful just because of the light you see within the darkness.

Darkness allows you to blend in
Your inner darkness escapes as you cry
As you express yourself to the surrounding emptiness
Eventually you become covered with your emitted darkness.

Cry during the day and the viewers will look, glance, stare


And they know what you're going through?

You get drenched in darkness by the actions of others and your own excretion.

Darkness can house beauty, but darkness is slowly taking over.
Umi 18h
When everything has been said,
What is left to speak, but recurrance in my speach, over and over..
Alike a painting, drawn within a single colour which fades into darkness, as there is nothing left the sweet, majestic ink could cover.
What is the sense for me to write if the message stays the very same?
Verily, I have forgotten the answer for this question a long time ago.
Perhaps it is, but the sign that the message can be conveyed in many possibilities, ways and forms, such as stories what makes them uniqe.
So even if a painting looks all the same at some point or another,
It is still art, brought from the depths of thoughts, from within a heart
A painting is a world of it's own, but so is a poem, or a simple novel.
Because each contains the hopes and wishes, the effort and care of the person, who made it their passion to create a wonderful piece of art.
Return to the same old place, with the same old pace and you might find  joy in what you came to see yet again, before your tired eyes.
Alike an imaginated landscape drawn within your heart, the memories of a happier time might paint you a world in your head.

~ Umi
I want to give up, I really do
We spent hours upon no end talking
I have writing so many exquisite compositions in the name of our love
However until now you have yet hear those nectar like words from my very lips, in my very voice.

I have waited so long to feel your warmth
To have the impression of your lips placed upon mine
The silence the unbearable silence of not hearing your voice and not feeling your warm embrace in the bitter cold nights of separation
It is like the night sky without the Moon's light

Today I awoke and it felt like my soul had been crying for hours
I knew until we meet again that I would not be able to hold you my arms like I once did.
I hate myself for every teardrop I was helpless to stop; For every tear shed I shed two
The jewel that you are is not one that words can encompass. You are My Love, My Soulmate, My Heart and Soul.

I hope that the next time we meet that my presence, my touch , my kiss is more grand than this warm sensation
That it makes you melt, that it shows you how pure you are in my eyes, that it recreates the innocence destroyed by past lovers.
I have fallen under light of the celestial being that you are; one most luminous at my darkest moments
Our love is ever evolving, so am I and it may scare you, however you never tried to stop it even when faced with the possibility that I might outgrow you.

Truth is that you inspire me to grow to keep evolving; you are more than a lover you are my muse
My heart and soul guides me towards understanding, wisdom and the continuity of loyalty to myself along with my significant other , who is none other than you
Look at me like I'm the only man for your soul please don't search for my love in the eyes of others.
Allow my body to be home
Allow our love to be Now and Forever

Stood out from chorus to lead,
You fell for the broken spotlight.
Sweet as a ballad was your attempt to ignite
A burnt out filament. A shattered bulb beyond repair.
Enamoured with the infinite possibilities,
You were blinded by the tenuous flame that
Could have.
Would have.
Should have.

Didn’t you see that the light was long gone?

Exposition in sonata
An allegro on tenterhooks
Your trembling bow on the violin strings
Played a duet for one.
An imperfect cadence

Your symphony; my impromptu
A would-be master piece diminished
You stared into the deafening silence
Where a baritone sang in the minor key.
I didn’t mean it.
The broken spotlight could only flicker for one
Ghost, leaving the stage in the dark
Scores unreadable

Don’t you see that I couldn’t play on broken strings?

An unsung finale echoes in my ears
As a last condolence to rehearsals wasted
Your keys painted a melancholy
I cannot bear to hear
Lost between the black and white, major and minor
Was a harmonised duet never played

Will you hear my Lacrimosa?
Letters I never sent - to the boy whose heart I broke
sara 1d
You were my sunshine,
my only sunshine;
since, you set behind the hills of time,
have finally seen the beauty in moonlight.
never be with people who don't encourage you to be your best self
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