I saw the stars and touched the light.
When you looked at me I fell in love.
You used to shine so bright.
I knew you were sent from above.

I never thought such perfection could cry.
But I stole your heart.
And made you die.
I never thought I could make you fall apart.

I miss how we used to be.
How your smile made my day.
But its all over because of me.
And I don’t expect you to stay.

New beginnings begin with the end.
So I hope you will still be my friend.

think good thoughts - it (truly) shows
once inside, but out it flows
(you) ride a certain frequency
and everyone around you knows
it's up to you, these thoughts you (brew)
your choice to vibr(a)te how you do
high or low? it all creates your (divine) glow
keep this (knowing) always flowing
and even more (in) times of growth
you are god, don't you know?
you have the power to lift (your) tone
fill your (mind) with happy notes
to manifest which way you go

(you)r life is what
you choose to (see)
this truly is a lucid dream
with (endless) possibilities
there's magic (in) the way you breathe
stars pump through (your) entirety
and sun (shine)s through
your crooked teeth but

(you're) responsible to look higher
to conspire and admire
all you (currently) acquired
you asked for
(all) you see right now
there's no other place
for (you) to bow so
please (will) you just allow
what(ever) it is you endow
it doesn't matter why or how
release the (need) to disavow

(the)re's something you arrived to do
you're needed here and so (love)d too
the moon it smiles as (you) groove
the sun it wakes for you to bloom
the nights may last too (long) at times
but darkness brings (for)th new insight
and soon the morning (is) so bright
you have such power (in) your fight
keep (you)r head up to the Light

truly, you brew a divine knowing in your mind
you see endless in your shine
you're currently all you will ever need
the love you long for is in you
Billy 2d

On that cold, dark night
I felt the breeze
Felt it on my cheeks
But its alright

On that cold, dark night
How did I get to stay here?
Somebody tell me please!
This world's confusing me.

With clouds as mean as you've ever seen
Ain't a bird understand your song
Then my heart whispered a thing to the brain
Am I selling my hope away?

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There's a heart, a hand to hold onto.
Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There's a place, of Somebody who needs you

When you're lost out there and you're all alone,
A light is waiting to carry you home.
Everywhere you look.
Everywhere you look.

Hour by hour the moon continues to rise.
She's way too bright and he's as dark as night.
Oh what big lies you live.
Why are you both so deceiving?
Oh look how hard it is to forgive.
Where's your excuse for leaving?
Run away, get away before he swallows your sanity.
She's built her argument on vanity.
You found love in the darkest parts,
The place where you can't have a heart.
She built it on a dream and a delusion.
He grew out of that plot and that illusion.
She loved him true, the only love she ever knew.
In her safest hour on his dimmest day, all she wanted was for him to pay.
He meant no harm and she did no wrong.
We know they hurt and they're not strong.
Little red, my friend,
there is no need to pretend that you didn't know this would eventually end.
At least in fact, you're both still intact.
You're not the victim and you're not the villain.
Both born of moon and light, they would always fight.
Now the wolf and red are in separate beds.
Their story together is a memory.

Another 2013 poem, written about a toxic relationship my friends were in.

All my life
I lived in fear
And cowered away
From the light

But the light
It wasn't the refreshing light
Or the light you're happy to see
After being in the dark so long

This light was different
It was the light from people
The people who judged you
If you lived in darkness

Because darkness
It's associated with death
And despair
And sadness

And sadness is associated with weakness
And if you're weak
Then you're not worthy of living

And so you shy away from that light
That damned light
Afraid of being discovered
Living in the comforting darkness

And once you're discovered
You get sent away
To a place full of bright lights
And supposedly soothing voices

They hand you medicine
But to me
It's like they're shoving it down my throat

And every night
When I take that pill
It's like I'm swallowing my life
Drowning it

Because the medicine doesn't help
It makes me irritable
And angry
And serious
Because I can never see
With that horrid light shining in my eyes

They took me out of the darkness
Because they thought I wasn't happy
But then they trapped me in the cursed light
Where I am now petrified

You were the soft wax
           I the wick...

And we burned all night

Moulding ourselves
         never drowning
the evanescence
   as we evaporated into each other.

My soul came to this world as conscious daydreamer hypnotized in ecstasy of sunlight like stars drinking sunbeams during day to shine bright in darkness emitted by all human faces in this world and light candles in sanctuary of human hearts. Sky must absorb human shadow to let Universe breathe. Sun must be God for stars, the Source of Loving Light. I hear stars praying every night for darkness not so vivid to survive, for darkness not too deep but perfect enough to be called part of their God, so they forget death. Stars like human beings need shadow to come back home. Stars are living proof world is too dark to keep pure light. Darkness is part of infinity. Without darkness soul would be mortal and Heaven empty. Darkness is God. The smallest star in the sky wishpered last night into my ear 'Be careful what You pay attention to in your mind, darkness or light. Let Your actions shine in the midst of storms. Actions are prayers. We are Angels watching over you from above. After death You will be God in Hell or God in Heaven. Remember that these two energies are deathless. Maybe some souls after death will split into two souls. Are You God of Day or God of Night? There is only one God, the One existing in Your heart. Be innocent like a moth dancing in moonlight. Harm nobody. Kiss flames.'

Blake 3d

Dreaming jellyfish
Sing their song
And sleep on the gentle shore
And long through the night
With their glittering light
They sing their songs evermore
Their song echoes out
Without volume or shout
In the colors that hang in they sky
Their voices bound
To a silent sound
Then drift to the heavens up high

Aleeza 3d

I have never understood
why people gravitate towards light
when it blinds the eyes that cannot adjust
when it can be traitorous

how long have they taught us to reach for light
to reach for a hope that is not really there?
how long have we been fooled that it is purely good
that it will be the salvation of all?

I have found more comfort in darkness
for it does not choke the life out of the shadows
for it does not parch the lands with its severity
for it does not deprive

and i do know
that with darkness there lurks an evil
a doubt that traps you in its embrace
a danger within the shadows

i have been so afraid of such a love
so afraid that they will cast me out because of what i want
for it is not what they dream of
for the shadows are their fear

but i will stand by it
because in darkness
i have found the cure
for the unending light

Arasynya Cain Aug 2013

I never thought I would be the one who was broken.
The one clinging to the last hope of something solid.
I never thought I would be the one seeing my family ripped apart.
Gnashed and clawed by the beasts of sin.
I never thought I would be this scared.
Having no honest clue of what I was supposed to do.
I never thought i would have to beg for help.
But still be ignored by a friend.
I never thought i would lose my love.
But hardship can make even the strongest bonds wear thin.
I never though I would lose my passion.
But mostly I never knew this pain,
could bring it all back.

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