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In the Light of a New Day
At first I wanted to Run away
Even Zen off in a Sense
However to be fair
We are on this Planet to Share
So I am okay
With the Blank Canvas approach
Flow naturally The Way!

Solaces Jul 9
This light was not only beautiful.  
It was what you call heaven I believe.
The onslaught radiance sang across the cosmos.
A song about a forbidden divinity that should never occur.

No darkness there could stop it.
All shadows died and became light.  
The light crunch had taken over.
And I was the last darkness.

The balance was gone.
No darkness for the stars to roll on.
No darkness to sleep in.
Just eternal dawn and forgotten dusk.
The false all heaven had shined even through true heaven itself.
Eric Jul 3
<If life and nature is the ultimate creation of human intelligence,  then life and nature is endless . It can be formed and created in many different environments and laws of living . Though Intelligence isn't a cheap price , when it comes to value and worth of being here today . Experiencing sight , feeling, smell , hearing . Senses that all paint a beautiful living Experience in the minds eye . The view of every day after waking up from our daily slumber .>
yıldız Jun 30
In times of darkness, fear and strife,
Our guardian angel brings us light,
A flame eternal, burning bright,
Guiding us through day and night.

With wings of love and watchful eyes,
Our protector from the skies,
Forever by our side it stays,
In its care, we find our ways.

No storm can quench this sacred fire,
No force can dim its heavenly ire,
For in our hearts it will reside,
Our guardian angel, by our side.
I behave like a baby many hours of the day
Please believe I don't decide to be this way
Someday ill learn to stifle my tears
The sogginess blurring my eyes will clear
When fleeing fears
Run straight into a wall
Instead of arms so I end up on the concrete and crawl
And there I ponder the cause of our confrontations
Looking for obstacle blocking negotiation
Both our lungs breathing in identical air
Clouds of smoke stop from witnessing what's really there
And I am blinded I am afraid to admit
I am lost with clenched jaw refuse to submit
But little by little realize I'm in the wrong
Too stubborn to surrender I stagger along
Eventually begin losing hope of finding our way back
You grab the reins and somehow steer us on the right track
Sometimes touch your surface and my fingers melt through skin
Can't tell if a nightmare or a dream we're living in
I would give any belongings for us to have a fresh start
Careless and free
No wounds on your heart
In blue hues created I tread water so deep
Listen for answers but hear no peep
Earth on axis keeps spinning around
Days passing quickly I lie on the ground
I'm afraid to move too fast so I end up standing still
I feel the person you desire wears shoes I cannot fill
Your warmth a blessing that I truly don't deserve
Putting sun in my sky but what purpose do I serve?
Your magnificence reminder of everything I'm not
So busy drowning in sorrows can't consider the good I've got
Can't imagine a world without watching your smile
Yet I take it for granted by acting hostile
I long to unfold like a paper plane
Flatten folds so I can translate contents of your brain
If I could press a button I'd erase all your concern
A blank slate is impossible so trust I must gradually earn
So I'll write words on pages until you finally agree
You are the only one with the privilege of having me
It is my wish you open your door
Disarm your defenses protecting your core
I know in absence the nights can seem long
Will never break because connection is strong
You take up a large portion of my head
Sometimes don't call just thinking about you instead
Thanks for existing and even more for being there
There are moments I weep over statements said but I never doubt you care
You are simply trying to share wisdom with advice
How you express cannot always be positive and nice
But daily impact you have on my routine
Bigger than you are aware of
Though results are rarely seen
You are refuge from the storm when it rains too severely to stand
Shelter to protect my safety though why I will never understand
Our souls balance like yin-and-yang
I am shade
You are white light
Struggles threaten us
You pull me close and I'm sure everything will be alright
If I wasn't so **** stubborn we would probably fight a lot less... I blame me being a Taurus!
Robert Ronnow Jun 18
Spring morning,
quiet. One coyote,
three deer
running in snow.

What else have I seen?
A sparrow hawk in mid-air ******
a robin, a sharp-shinned hawk catch
a rabbit in its talons.

A deaf mute in a pear tree.
Not one wolverine
in Utah or Italy.
Nor a famous samurai.

A young black bear
traverses the lawn in August.
Also quarks. Also oaks.
Do not disturb its progress!

A red fox
alert, no limp
flows silently
across the meadow.

First light, green tea.
A person thinking
epochs and eons.
A platoon of chickadees.
--with lines by Gary Snyder & P.K. Page
James Cushman Jun 14
Trust in the earth
And the grass
And the dirt
And the trees
Trust in lakes
And the land
And the air that you breath
Trust your mind
And the heart
And the brain
And the pain
Trust in time
And the space
And the life
And the flame
Trust in success
And in failure
And in loss
And in gain
Trust in experience
And what made you
Who you are today
Trust in trust
And in truth
And in good
And in right
Don’t ever mistrust
That you’re wrong
In your fight
Trust your words
And your thoughts
And your prayers
And your faith
Trust in math
And consequence
And in science
And in fate
Be who you are
And trust that you will
Be who you are
Until you are filled
With love
And with life
And with joy
Oh it’s great
Be who you are
Till you meet the wraith
Don’t ever be afraid to show the real you. Be your true authentic self, so when you grow old you will have no regrets!
preston Jun 11

Sparkles and stars,
there is a brilliance in the sky
and a darkness, all around it

Child of wonder
child of Light
Oh my Lord, child

Please hold on tight

The worst of monsters
come out at night
A wingless child

Cannot take flight

Wonder, young child
Let the Light  in you
emit from your wild

Chasing all you have known
that causes  such fright

A grass covered field
A rolling, green hill
On your back,  you look up

To a sky, brilliant blue

Until the blue  I see
becomes the vastest  of oceans
now, below me

On a windless, cloudless day

Wonder, young child
And watch all the monsters
float away

I looked up at the tallest building
Felt it falling down
I could feel my balance shifting
Everything was moving around
These streets so fixed and solid
All shimmering haze

And everything that I relied on

Downside up, upside down
Take my weight from the ground
Falling deep in the sky
Slipping in the unknown

All the strangers look like family
All the family looks so strange
The only constant I am sure of
Is this accelerating rate of change

Downside up, upside down
Take my weight off the ground
Falling deep in the sky
Slipping into the unknown

I stand here
Watch you spinning
Until I am drawn in
A centripetal force
You pull me in

Pull me in

ovo xo
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