If I could trade my eyes today I'd trade them with the Sun
to wake up with the world and greet another morning come
I'd watch the shadows bathe beneath the warmth of every ray
I'd float upon the waters in the gentlest of ways
and if the clouds delivered Latter Rain upon us all
then I would be returned the eyes exchanged to watch it fall
I'd never want to miss the chance to see beyond this life
to reconcile my body with the source of Truth and Light

“Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain.”
James 5:7
Seema 9h

It fades the darkness
With magnificent gem flares
Standing through the night
Burning with a longing hope
A red stain scented candle


5-7-5-7-7 syllables

where there is much light
there is much shade
else....there would be
no comfort
to give

cynthia jean poems 2.24.2017

fresh naughty
mix in raw
add optional
use vigorous
like incessant
pour passionate
keep down
or I'll call
the cops!


Once again, silliness rules the day!
Ryan Kane 15h

Baby, I adore you in a special kind of way;
where I only need to think of you
to know everything will be okay.

   You're my warm winter blanket,
even in the sweltering summer.
I was a blank coloring book before
and now you have filled me with color.

   I don't look at the world
the way I did before I met my girl.
  I've never admired the flowers
or soaked in the love of this world.

    You've made everything brighter,
and I don't know what to say.
       All I know is I just want you,
even on your rainy days.

Hey, everyone! I hope you're enjoying life :)

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Ryan Kane (c) 2017

I have no noise to make
with nothing, but little to gain,
in a world of material simulation,
I weep for the death
of God.

Reason has no quarter,
no mournful lesson.
Faith has no hope to
serve the trinity of Man.

(1) Meaningless presence;
(2) folly without consequence;
(3) ubiquitous treachery
lurking from every

Unsheathe thine sword!
Please the Lord! Endlessly.
With mercy through death
and Christmas and sex.
Seduction and presents
devoid of Presence.
Catharsis without
gnosis as Hallmark
Cards disarm

There is no home
in the hearts of wicked evildoers,
nor in the heart of the archetypal Harlot
whom an army of orphans
follow to the end of history,
into the horizon of the non-event
and a world fractured by
infinite regress, chaos,
and resent.

Blessed art thou who have faith
for they shall be subsumed by
a social force so ungodly and
so covered in filth that he is
authenticated by this corruption
conceived of worldly conviction
and invoked for material evil.
Blessed are those who skirmish with the age,
who explode pathological certitude,
who war with the times quietly
with (s)words so powerful
that no soul could bear
the poison.

I have no noise to make.

Silence alone
thus spoke
to shake
the soul
of man.

To spell the end
so all can see
the sword
the blessed
and the damned.

In the end
the world returns
to the Mother
of Chaos
back into the
depths of feminine crush
into the pain filled horrors
that almost never were
but eternal in their
finite existence
fixated by
masculine power
nuclear radiation
liberates flesh
bound soul
into static
the scene.

I understand those that must believe
and those that must condemn.

Afterall, without idealized hope,
Where is your light in this world of darkness?
What is your everything when you have nothing?
What is wrong when all you know is right?

The hatred, the pain and the anger you feel
Where would it all go if not here?

- the persecutor and the persecuted

I came back
you wouldn't believe me
Receive me as gods messenger
I saw crucifixes
You left me there on that cross
Not listening to a word I said
Left me for dead
Like the wisdom of ages
Shut in a books musty old pages.

You thought I said the kingdom of heaven was within you
It was mistranslated you are the kingdom
and this could have been heaven
If you'd worked together
But instead you sever
the ties and die
reincarnated as yourself
In a different body.

To all who have ears
and a mind which isn't blind
We are the rainbow and white light
All colours every shade
arrayed in splendour
a flame is still a flame away from the fire
It still burns and the light yearns
to burn in burning desire
We all burn for love.

To anyone, left here once I'm gone
Hard to say, but I hope you know inner complacence
In this world, its too easy to live on
I hope that I have crossed your mind, every day since

And I've known, for quite a while now
Cynicism only serves the heedless
Hatred is for the lazy, I've found out
And needless, for lives no longer seamless

I'm just

driving layers through my skin
Breaking up, breaking in
Forcing sunshine through my veins

Moving on, taking place
Taking stride, saving face
Never waiting for the chance to change

I wonder, do you think of me at all
Because you live in, deep inside my mind
And although, the past is dead
These bridges burn inside my head
I find, its the eyes that leave me enthralled

Silky smooth, and so untainted
Reminisce, then demonstrate
How my hope has been sedated
By myself
And no one else
A light that will never sate
A couple plans, we can never make
Gasping until I nearly fainted
Breathless from the way

I parted ways

Is it the same for everyone
How it is for me
Willing away uncertainty
Warding against every mundane change

You all saw so clearly that I bleed
Thought this could give me what I need
And I know, someone thought the same

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