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Snipes 2d
We can draw anything
We can be born under enlightenment
Connect the dots
Our life is far out of alignment
We can die under the night light
Balance the vibrance
Our life is held near the sky-watching trace
Our eyes capture the past and the future
The sight is your direction
The light is your guidance
The night is your medicine
I’m stargazing
Black holes and quasars
The light lives in the dark
The heart beat lies underneath
F* being complete
Explains why the thoughts are so heavy
We continue on eating the bread we’re feed
And I’m stargazing my way too the already drawn destiny
TD 2d
tenderly turned petals
drooping lips and dew glanced
seem to draw a searching finger
to its fairness caressed in relief

like moisture on a naked shoulder
pale and sparkling in the light
its purity unblemished
evokes a yearning much the same
Snipes 3d
I’m praying to Stained Glass Windows
Here are my prayers
I know you can hear
You act so clever
I’m just trying to mirror
No answers to whoever
You let Karma handle what you fear
Who never seems fair
Verses as pictures
I’m just tryin to mirror
Stained glass stories
I cannot see what’s going on outside
Stained glass stories
I cannot see the truth of the outcome
I cannot see what you want me to be
Stained glass light color me
I see the air through the light freeze
I live without knowing
I cannot dye without dying
The reflection without seeing
It’s a beautiful thing
I’m praying to stained glass
Lord, please believe me
The texture ends in the scripture
While the textile dresses the style
The temerity admits to the scribbling
All while I’m overthinking everything
I rise and now the world is beneath me
The Stained Glass Windows are my ceilings
An I’m screaming you can’t handle me
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a hell in heaven:-\

is it the truth that we are miserable?

because my tears are dry and I'm tasting the hellish invisible

love---a feeling not for me to be soaring

hate---a being I am destined to be drowning

not of others yet nonexistent in my life but own

the numb and empty teared my veins into the cored bone

north kills south

east kills west

never had my archer aiming the unknown quest

am I a devil???

if I want to surf the hells

yearning a scar and pain just for a feel a meaning to my cells

Sky 6d
When days are long
When days are dark
When days are hard
When there just no spark
Let me remind you

When you're sitting at the counter
Thinking if you matter
Promise you, you do
Just don't be mad as the hatter
And let me remind you

Blue skies in, gray skies out
Two deep breathes
Is all that counts

And I know
That you know
That we know
That you'll be okay
And I will be alright
A little bit of motivation for anyone who needs it!!!
Summer’s heat.
A blazing storm.
A soft breeze.
Thunder and lightning.
Birds chirping.
Loud crying.

I can’t tell you what life is...
It could be a feeling,
Distinct and distant,
Present and close.
If I could blend all its colours
It would be the brightest of lights,
The most brilliant of whites,
Shivering in fright,
Shining with might,
Flickering in and out of sight.

How can I be here,
And you can see me?
Both of us
Pulsing like waves
Upon waves
As the perfect harmony plays.

Each pulse, a chord.
Each move, a dance;
Every emotion is a trance.
And if I bring all these sounds together,
I couldn’t bear it.
My heart may burst out of my chest,
Because I cannot possibly experience
These many faces
Overwhelming my senses
Rendered senseless.

So it is with a heavy heart that I admit,
I can’t tell you what life is.
Stone slabs descended down,
forming a staircase straight to hell.

A sea of screaming miasma suffocated
either side of the winding venture.

The light of the world above no longer
registered as darkness swallowed this place.

It seemed that whether forward or back,
this road was infinite.

Finally, after endless time, the monument
of this suffering came into view.

The blackest Obsidian rose beyond
comprehension and without feature.

Voices wailed and tension bloomed
in ominous agony.

And as it called out, a liquid wave of
familiarity poured in and around me.

The door, once unmarked, split down the seam
as I came within the final stretch.

Understanding drowned my mind,
as I pressed my palm against its surface.

Instantly, with a deafening boom,
it swung open on ethereal hinges.

Walking through, in bewildering clarity,
what was one became two.
Oh hunny
We’re so different and yet the same
We move like the moon and sun
Everyone thinks we’re crazy
As we move 671 million miles per hour  
Some say we light up the world
While other want to see us burn

Oh huney
Nobody knows me like you do
You treat me as I’m the only one in the world
But you’ve been distant
Like you’re in another world  

Oh honey
You’re barking up the wrong tree
You left so long ago
All the wounds have sealed
And while you regret that day
There’s no turning back
We’re past the point of no return

Oh hny
You’re just a distant memory
I wish you the best
What we had was special
But my real love has arrived
And it’s time you let me go
Snipes May 9
One day
I’m gonna have to
Open up a door
To a bright light
Or a dark escape
I’m gonna have to
Walk through
One day
Wake up too
A door
Ready for
What’s afterwards
One day
I’m gonna have to
What’s afterlife
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