I was seven when I saw this light,
shining dimly through my bedroom window
Didn't seem much but that was my light,
My call, my way out
The light was my future yearning me to hold on
To stay
For one more day.

I was seventeen when I saw the light again
It shone brighter than before
and took a human form
Six foot tall, with bright blue eyes and brown wavy hair
With a cute smile and crooked teeth and when he spoke,
I swear I could melt
And when he touched, I was paralyzed with fright

My future's here, but will it stay?
Will it want me as I am, 'cause change doesn't accept me
Panic absorbs through my skin and freezes my bones

Can I make it?
The dim light is here now, shining brightly with opened arms
Should I stay?
Just one more day?

melancholy 14h

I thought God was calling me until I realized my phone was dead and
my brain was just reverberating the ringtone that was ingrained in my head next to your name.
I'm so fucking lame, because
it was just the static along with the 100 miles with no signals.
a you showed me what love was when I thought my savior had left me.
I thought you were the one, darling..
only to have you smash my heart as much as my fucking phone screen.
it's okay though,
I have my network to back me up after you left me.
so more more dial tones.

Men loves to play god; but if you are to play God; you must acquaint yourself with the Devil.
As for ever man who plays God, must also play the Devil too

Sleep, little child.
Embrace the wind
In your hair.
The sun kissed your cheek goodbye
To let you sleep.
Sleep, little child.

Pure love and light
Shall keep you safe.
Stay put,
And make no sound.
Close your eyes,
And sleep, little child.

Smiling in your sleep,
The wind cools your skin
As the sun kisses your cheek goodbye
To let you sleep.
With pure love and light,
Sleep, little child.

originally written 2/15.16

Sunlight considers
It’s memories while dancing
Light everlasting


Struggled with this one over the course of a day--just coming back to it every so often. The last line came like a light switching on and there it was.

my mind is blind
with this soft sweetness of wind
where dry leaves are blown
Again I find myself alone

An echo on the other side of the wall
I hear a mystic call
but on my eye
the light saying goodbye

Red 2d

The only light in the vast expanse of darkness
When there are no stars to light up the night sky.
The moon, in every phase, continuously illuminates
With the right kind of light, not the blinding one.
It brightens my day in a way that the sun can't.

The sun has a wondrous beauty of its own
But I have always loved the moon.

ƛrtie 2d

chills as
your fingertips
crawl inside me
or just in the thought of it
i was hoping
for a fullmoon night
it was moonless
cause you emit
all the light needed
to highlight
the habits of my heart

ƛrtie 2d

roses blooming them
my lips
crawling cruelly
your watering
to wake up from lethargy
to appreciate you with all the honey that is left to them
and whisper to you
the most valuable artworks
as the water drip dripping,
together with love

ƛrtie 2d

give me
some love
she whispers
it's not some
you can't get it in pieces
he shouts
-why are you shouting?
cause the most pure things
in life
have the meanest
ways of appearing
in us.
if i shout you will be in pieces
and some wont be
a choice
whole will

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