Lights out,

The night does not reward rebellion,

Feral creatures wait in your soul,

Lights out,

No End Times could revive a monster,

And such is what you now are,

Lights out,

You cast aside the eyes of man,

Buried your body before you ran,

Lights out,

But close your eyes little demon,

For you dance with the devil tonight,

Lights out,

Yanamari 45m

Inching forward
Face down
Flat on the ground
On the verge of a coma
The strength in me almost
Lost in the darkness
That has encompassed me

Holding out an arm towards
A light I can't seem to see
Awareness towards the pain
Increases continuously
Alone in the darkness of
My soul's demise
It's corruption pulls blindingly
It's whispers of sloth snaking
Through my veins
And into my finger tips...

My hand is slowly giving way
And so is my will
It probably won't stay
Not after my hand touches the ground
And my veins become still
My eyes permanently blinded
My heart completely darkened
That supposed light...
Sucked into the darkness.

Inside, I know her light is there
Radiant, beautiful and strong
She doesn't believe or understand
Judging herself, all wrong

Beauty is of soul, and heart
The greater part, of sums
All are the women, I have known
That shine, as bright as suns

Without any reservations
It's not easy, and never said, and done
Believe me when I say and claim
I know, that all, are one

Why do people (the ladies in this case) find it hard to believe they are special or worthwhile, even if told such? :)
Chins up ladies, eyes ahead, and ever head held high.
It's an easy noble trip, realizing dreams that reach, for sky.

Sunlight beams brightly
Mountain of flowers and fruits
Robbed in mystery

Poem by Lyn-Purcell
Dori 17h

I’ve only known darkness,

never the light.
I’ve been surrounded by shadows that have blurred my sight.
I can still picture their faces,

red eyes and all.
But today I’m the light at the end of
hells hall.


Stars are
fireballs of death.
Being alone in the dark is
a quiet spot to think.
A girl smiles to
hide her deceitful lies.
A storm is
a chance to listen to the calming rain.

Climb a mountain then
die on the way back down.
Divorce prepares
children for life.
don’t last.
Wars can
stop nation-wide racism.

sting and bite like hawk moths.
let people go to heaven faster.
has to end.
brings us peace.

Darkness and lightness

Got this idea from a friend.
Dori 1d

I can’t think of the words to describe how the vacancy in my chest is crawling up my spine and ringing in my ears. No one’s going to understand that I’ve made a home by stacking my broken bones, glued together with my blood because you don’t get recognized for trying. People notice your smile and the light in your eyes only after you’ve swam through the deepest depths of hell.

always on the edge
between life and death
between fire and stone
always knew I was alone

always in the light
no time to breathe
no time to sleep
no time to feel alright
but darkness calls
and I must fall

always bleeding fear
leaking everything I hide
always linger here
just outside
always outside

having a really shitty night, so thought I'd attempt to glean some catharsis from a depressing poem I just thought of. lemme know what you think, even though I don't really care one way or the other, I'd just like to know that someone's reading this and understands
Ella 1d

I think its the lights,

or maybe the sounds?

that make late night car rides

so peacful.

With the radio to drown out

all your demons,

of stress and depression.

And lights flickering by,

making your eyes look like galaxies.

Staring out the window,

watching the sleeping world

as you drive passed.

car rides

I stand under this lamp-post
Not really thinking
Lost in all my dreaming
All the darkness that surrounds
Amplifying ever sound
The little light
This Lamp-post gives
Never penetrating the darkness around
So here I will stand
In the light you give
Because you are the light
In my darkness
And without you
I would be doomed
To walk this never ending eternity of darkness

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