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Eloisa 18h
I became prey again to grief’s treacherous maze.
So I dashed barefoot
in the forest last night.
Though the Japanese redwoods welcomed my rage and wild.
I’m still lost beyond
the gates of gloom.
The beautiful melodies
seemed to whisper dreadful things.
Then it started fading,
the music’s gone.
Even the stars are nowhere in sight.
The silence is deafening,
I need the moon to keep my light.
some people are oceans
some people like puddles
some people are wizards
yet others like muggles

but don't dim your colours
for those deeming them bright
there will always be someone
in love with your light
15 v 22
You of youth speak out and take action upon your dreams and aspirations for it is only you who holds the torch that can light the path before you for the possibility of not only reaching your dream but putting your light of a dream on display for all to see
To live without tradition
To live without religion
But rather to have faith and hope ... for all
Simply to be one and not divided
Not to be seen as man or woman
Neither black or white
But as a person
Is that really so much to ask
Not to be a race or gender ... but a being
Just a being of self
No ugly ... no pretty ... no rich ... no poor ... no status
Just a person ... an existing and living being
Radiating Love towards all
To know that the light needs the dark
And the dark needs the light
Both need to coexist
No-one can perform a good deed if there's no evil to conquer
The street sweeper won't have any work
If there weren't people careless enough to pollute the environment
And so also the ants carried your breadcrumbs away that you left on the kitchen counter last night
But still it's good to dream
To dream of a perfect existence
Of a place where there is only Love and peace
A utopia I believe does exist beyond what we know
The perfect dream
The authentic dream
sean achilleos
Shane Leigh Apr 30
To create a new vision
one must stare into the dark.
Make out all the ticks,
Speckles of light that flash
with a quick blink of the eye.

It's the quiet working of the imagination.
tick tick tick

If you stare into the dark long enough,
you'll find more than the shadows
that you decided not to see.
This just kind of happened, not really sure what to title this lol I hope you enjoy (:
© Shane Leigh
LC Apr 30
the sun wears a cape on its shoulders
and when it fades below the horizon,
the cape cloaks the world in darkness.
the moon finds its place in the sky
to help the sun bestow its light
and guide us out of the shadows.
the stars twinkle to support the moon,
and we find the light in the darkness
until the sun returns to the sky.
Escapril Day 30! Prompt: it's getting darker.
I can't believe it's the last day of April! This challenge was so fun, and it helped me practice my writing skills. I also love seeing how other poets interpret the prompts.
I would love to do more challenges like this in the future!
Kai Zhang Apr 29
I was no Harry Potter
Didn't have that much goodness in me
But maybe I was a Draco Malfoy
Trying to figure which road to take
Light or dark?
But somewhere along the journey
I scattered 8 pieces of my soul
like Voldemort
Gabriel Apr 28
i've always liked space.
the idea of exploring
the final frontier; beyond
and into everything.
when i was in university
i wanted to be an astronaut
with a literature degree—
i thought hey,
why take maths and science
up there, but not language?
not poetry?

it's all well and good if we meet aliens,
but what will they know of us
without first knowing how we love?
i would bring a book of love poems
to the extra-terrestrials
and explain that the finest human condition
is one of devotion.
science got us upwards,
but love gave us the idea.

i'll never be an astronaut.
i think some people are destined
to become the dust that made us;
that shaped us. some of us
are our mother's children,
born on earth to die here too,
but we dream. what are we
if not made of dreams?

at night, i look at the moon.
sometimes, it is so big and full
that my heart swells with it.
my chest bursts like i've stepped
into the light of a space station
without a space suit.
that tiny little moment before death,
in which i am one with the universe,
and it makes me so small.

but, oh. out—
out into the glow of a thousand suns.
little poet in the wide universe,
loving his way upwards.
loving someone so much
that he understands
what it feels like to take
such a great leap.

with her, i know the stars.
i asked my girlfriend what her fav space thing was and she said she liked jupiter. it's a fitting title because this is for and about her
Allesha Eman Apr 26
I reached into my chest
To free these sutures of moonglade
Reaching deep into the pulse
That is sinking into this still water
My boat, tethered to my hands
Cuts its ties, taking this heart
Deep into the moonlit sea
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