I the Poet,
Seeker of worlds,
Light and darkness,I possess both,
Looking to see,
Listening to be heard,
Feeling to be loved,
To understand the silence,
Maestro to my music,
I'm completely surrounded,
I,the Poet
Focus on footsteps
(the feeling
          indirect)   head clouds

Focus on loving each other
Focus on helping each other out
Family inside and out

You dont need your old shit
You Are Enough
You Are Strong
You Are Brave
You Are Intelligent
And plenty of love flows
Effortlessly through you
in All Directions
You are Spirit
You are Light
When I feel lost I have to find ways to shift my focus
I start with really good shit but need reminders thoughout the day
This helps me get away from the head game!
we are such little beings
in a world that is fleeting
our problems can seem big
but they’re soulfully-freeing
this life is an illusion
so let’s dance to confusion
i know that there’s pain
but it’s light that remains
it is all worth embracing
there is no time for wasting
the dreams in your heart
they won’t ever depart
all they’ve needed is you
to have faith in you, too
you are all that you need
so go on now—believe
Sirens. ‘Oxygen please’.

It was all in a dream,
that slowly fades, 
till it’s one last beat;
the final T wave.

The eyes of the soul
opened to a new light;
the real orbits could not
 believe, what I saw.

Now, I wish I never
gazed into that light.
Darkness swathes 
my soul, a repetition
of this vicious cycle.

Traffic lights. Red turns green.

The monitor music.
A distorted chime sound,
hidden under their vibrating vocal cords.

Last earthly stop.
I am in orbit.
Return of oxygen, electrolytes, body and soul to the progenitor.
Covered by blanket of expanding space
  with pricked holes allowing gods white
The air is bulked from being water laced
  though flora aren’t lacking by sight!

The coyish love wink through a shaded sky
  is casting an ethereal glow
Daily life will outshine lunar delight  
  yet shan’t match the arduous show!

Two lovers linked by mirror hands in a bow
   as slow breaths morph bench to saddle
Hearts now become bucking riders in tow
  all below the street lamp idle!
Light me up
Burn my remains
Leave my memories to turn
To ash in the forest
Remind the others
To stay away.
This cloak of self-deception blocked the light
So shades of darkness were all I could see.
While the radiance of truth shined so bright,
Intensity of blackness blinded me.

A sorry past saw all future as lies,
And faithlessness had closed my every door.
While I knew light was just beyond my eyes,
My dead soul would not let me see once more.

But hope’s the curse of a defiant mind!
My need for love begged my heart to let go.
Accustomed to the darkness, I was blind,
When I looked at my future’s shining glow.

Squinting I let my faithful eyes adjust,
To happiness beyond me I should trust.
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8 16 2018

Just one guy
Born in march
Not july
On a Friday the 13th

Afraid of his own birthday
With angels and ghosts
Spirits shadows
And even aliens
Such a weird life

His nightmares
His fantasy
To make a game of them
For you and me
Especially me

For my friends and family
To live together
Simply happily
A bad guy in his mind
A good guy in his heart

The darkness he sees
Monsters. Monsters everywhere
So many.
But no one believes

He tries to speak
His brain wont let him
What he has to say
Has already been said
He just repeats himself
But no one listens
Nobody hears

A world in danger
On the brink of an end
Its all his life had ever been
Just waiting for The End

But when he sees
A grim bright future
He would try. Anything
For life. Is all of this world

Fear of fame
Fear of the end
Not his own.
But all his friends
He wants to stand
With his fist in the sky
But how does he try
He cries and cries

Nightmares monsters
In his eyes. Now closed
In his dreams. Hes magical
Anazing powers of word
I suppose

Hes just one guy
He wished he could fly
With magic and superpowers
If only ever
In his imaginations eyes

For the love of the lost
Behind us now
For the love of those here
And obviously now
Afraid so many
Here to stay sad. Chained
He wished for a future
Where happiness remained
In all our hearts

Hes no one to you
Sad blue eyes so cold
Sometimes empty
Turned gray. From old
But anger. Anger remains
Green eyes so blazed
So many things undone
Unsung days
So he stays
Only wishing to play
One more day

If only to cry
Feeling the rain
Washing away his pain
If only for a blissful moment
But everybody calls him
Insane. Psychopath

Dark and light
Its just improbable
The two always touching
Like the flames
Always kissing
Orange flames are held up
By the blue flames

I played with time
In my dreams
Wind fire water ice
I cracked open the ground with my foot
Fought stuff
Just dreams. Fun dreams
We've grown distant
two lonely lighthouses
in the middle of the ocean
our glow shining away
from each other

Sailors come for safety
little did they know

We are searching for
the light too.
“So that was the Lighthouse, was it? No, the other was also the Lighthouse. For nothing was simply one thing” - Virginia Woolf
by Hannah Lee

A forest needs rain,
to flourish and thrive.
A human needs pain,
to learn and move on.

A sunset needs to be bruised,
to produce the colors you see.
An athlete needs to learn to lose,
before learning to shoot their goals.

A child needs to be curious,
to learn about her surroundings.
To love, you must be experienced,
for how can you love others when you can't love yourself?
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