Dovey 1h
Your smile
Comparable to every ray of light
Your eyes
Glimmering with the twinkles of the night

You you you
are the sun and the stars
and you you you
are my favorite by far

Though in truth, I don't give a shit about the stars in the sky
The one I'll always love the most is the one close by
Sure, there are plenty of stars that have more light to give
But the sun is the only star I'll ever really need to live

You don't know, but your gravitational pull is so strong
No matter what, I always find myself strung along
I would rather be blinded by the light
Than be guided by the dark
corner shop, still lit,
dark night graciously accept
It’s significance!
Helena 22h
Sadness comes
I look the other way
I find peace in the places where the light creeps in
Because even shattered windows are better
Than ones that have been boarded up
I find myself in a room without lights
No switches, no bulbs, no windows
I bleed from the glass I attempt to push through
The glass of a mirror
The glass of a window
I'm stumbling in the dark
My skin
Too fragile to fight against the edges
I lay buried in the dark
So long that I'm no longer able to see my hand
See the window pane
See the hope
I tell myself that light will come
Over and over until the words in my head
Spill out of my mouth and into the walls I can no longer see
I've seen the light before
I've held it as my hands bled
I buried it in the deepest parts of me
It was during these nights
When the light would cradle me
I could sleep at night
And step forward without falling
But by morning the light was gone
I guess someone else needed it more than I did
This poem might be hard to understand and I encourage anyone to interpret it any way they choose. No piece will ever resonate the same with one person as it does another. I wrote this to shine light on what it means to have others take away the happiness you've found in yourself
This will sound like nonsense to everyone but one
Ten has the purest heart of them all
I hope you know everything you feel is everything I understand
I’m sorry it took me so long to believe
But won’t you please forgive me for the sins I’ve committed inadvertently
I was blind and now I see
God, if I believe in one thing it’s destiny
A drunken conversation with a friend has resulted in myself questioning my beliefs and I’m not sure why.
Umi 1d
Facing the day with upmost pride,
Praising each ray of warm, caring, wonderful sunlight,
No matter the weather, they shine brilliantly, as children of the earth
Being happy about rain, these flowers only grow thankful, for what it's worth
Because these rain drops may look like tears, the scene may be sad,
No sound, but the gentle tapping of the falling water onto the ground,
but a lone standing Helianthus won't feel bad,
For it felt joy in this weather,such can be difficult for some to be found
A mysterious, yet beautiful lense, once the sky opens up a little for the sunlight to travel through again, inviting a rainbow through the sound of wind,
My pessimistic outlook of this weather, the raindrops looking alike tears, changed, through it's brightness, rather don't they look like jewels of some kind ?
My heart won't be drenched by sorrow,
Alike a helianthus, I shall look softly, gently towards the sky,
Towards the azure, ceiling beyond me.

Here it goes.....
In another "Blow"
I laugh and take it all in
That walk of walks...
That shows true "Pride"
I never "Hide..."
Here we go..
the powering up to "let it all go"
as I strut down the lane..
To show, from inside of me, the light to release
To light up the world...
In another "glow."
Amanda 1d
I wake up and barely move my body
From my curled up guarded position
Strong struggles bully me into
A difficult state of submission

Our bed is somewhat unhospitable
I feel my welcome is outworn
I whisper to my forlorn pillow
"Have sympathy, for I am torn."

Gazing at morning's wrinkled sheets
My brain ceases to dream shining sights
Breathing the broken scenery in
Tears wash away fear silence invites

Pain is a mat to welcome tall waves
A home laced with stress waiting to be explored
Walls condemned to live in a quiet calamity
Vibrant hues hung along halls in a hoard

I glimpse a small strand of light intertwining
With the unspeakable darkness shadowing my eyes
Willingly taking each wound life inflicts
Love slowly overtakes the pain with every sunrise
Time does heal all wounds. Slowly but eventually.
When I write, you say, "it's a reflection,"
When I write, you say, "it's an affliction;              
       it mirror's my heart's true direction."
YOU prophesied my soul's final

Will you be there to witness the outcome      
                             of your own prediction?

"I'm just another puppet,
  I'm just another tool; like a pigeon on  
          the Devil's stool, one more
                               fool that, The Master of
                          uses to create confusion!"

I must fail miserably for it not to be a clandestine activity!

Who am I to argue with someone, who    
     has a set of detective tools, like you?  I'd hate to be so objective, besides,
who wants to be that predictive?
Surely not me, surely not you!
             ~Venjencie NightWriter69
Hey guys, esp @valerie, I wish I could check this out every day. I love the #tag challenges by #valerie. I wish I could comment on everyone's work that I do get to read but even more than that, I wish I could read every single line of everyone on here. I wished I could write more often. But I know 1 thing for sure if you are in any kind of relationship, spouse, job, family member, etc... then a passion for writing like I have... will break every bond that you have in life. Being if that bond so much has a crack that only let's in a small amount of light. Blessings.
No more

In darkest gloom we wander still.  In a midnight hour we fall.
As the light begins to fade from our eyes, we are breathing still.
In the end, in our darkest hour,
All we can do is fall…

We climb out of the hole and naturally search for the light
And the warmth that engulfs us and breathes into us.
In every dark hour we pray to see the light
And still we search for the reasons that made us become us.

Without this search, mankind would lack a true meaning;
Without a goal, we would remain less than we are.
Throughout our lives we go off in search of new meanings
And as we rise and we fall, we become all that we are.

New experiences rebuild us; our experiences define us.
Still we are searching for what it is that makes us.
What are we to you and what will we become?
What were we to you and what have we as a species become?
In hope we march onwards, wishing to make a change.
In fear we advance no more;
Their steps forward are full of the fear of change.

With age we learn to love and with age our love will grow;
With age we remember more or less and still we continue to grow.
Thoughts without feelings only hurt those we love;
Actions without thoughts will lose us their love.
Through a valley of broken hearts, onward we walk;
When you have walked all over us, will you continue to walk?

In pieces you leave us, shattered into dust;
In time we learn to repair ourselves in rooms covered with dust.
With strength we come back and live our lives once more;
Forward into the future!  Forward once more!

Forever forward into a big bad world;
Onward, forever onward!  We become one with the world.
No longer taken for granted; our lives shape us and refine us.
We morph into what we were meant to be when they gave birth to us.

Mother Earth and Mother, Mom, raise us up from the ground.
When we are lost, they will find us
And teach us how to stand our ground.
Believe in what you believe and fight for your rights;
Because in the darkest of nights, their might will either crush us,
Or make us prove to them that we are right.

With words we can change the world.
What are words without a pen?

In love we let go and give ourselves away;
But when our time has done its ticking, we all fear being taken away.
Desperately we cling to any kind of heart beat that we can keep;
It was ours once, so it shall remain ours always.
This is my life, my castle, my keep.
A man’s thoughts are his own and taken from those he has heard;
We are slow to realise what we have lost, when we let go of love,
Because of what we think we have heard.

Then this life is over and the clock ticks its last tock, one last time.
If I could do anything differently, I would change it all!
And I would still be left begging for more time.

I would remain blind to all the opportunities I had to do things better,
But I would try; I would try!
And I would try once more to make things better.

In the silence we fall, once more to the floor.
In our darkest hour we are lost
And we become no more.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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