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Naoki B 4d
I remember as a child
To be told love
Is only fleeting and mild
To refuse to believe such
Was naive, a dream so wild
CM Lee 4d
Two hearts connected by a string
Broken pieces perfectly aligning
It was a fairy tale beginning
Two people wishing for a happy ending

We were fireworks in new year’s eve
Everything was possible with you and me
Beyond the stars there we would see
Our future as bright as it could be

But one day, all of a sudden,
For some reason, you stopped coming
No words, no reason for a certain
Don’t you think I deserve an explanation?

Now, I’m just wandering alone
We used to walk together in the sun
Today it’s just me, on my own
Tomorrow I hope you’ll finally come around

I don’t care if it’s dumb
I’ll stay here and wait, no matter how crazy it sounds
Because you understood me unlike everyone
I’ll be right here in our corner, waiting to be found
Jessica 5d
How do you let go of something
that you could only love pieces of
but still loved just as ferociously
as if you were to love the whole?

It’s like trying to let go of something whole
when you only held a few pieces of it to begin with.
Jessica 5d
The smell
that once
used to linger
in my hair
because of you

now only lingers
in all the places
you are not.

- Everywhere.
JJ Inda 6d
I know nothing of my neighbor’s freedom.
his limits; if any are placed upon him.
seems to come and go as he pleases,
seems content, at ease.
Still, I don’t know when he acts or why.
When does he take action indeed?
Is his mind free of oppression?

I wonder...
But, it is not my concern.
I have my own thoughts
and my own actions
to consider.
A cup of coffee
or death?
Jessica 6d
When they ask me why I stayed so long
I explain that because of you
I never ran out of things to write about.

Looking back,
I wonder whether all along
I was looking for a lover
or a writing prompt.
Make no mistake,
you reveal yourself at the bottom.
It's dark and cold,
your pale with black hair,
And **** yellow eyes.

You float,
in your prison.
Void of breath,
and golden rays.
Bringing life,
and color.  

You’ve hit bottom.

Below this,
you feel helpless.
As a trapped animal
waiting to die.

The weight I carry,
was all for you.
Now you left me,
at sea.
I’ve drowned,
months ago.

In 2018, I hit bottom.

Below this…
Glass like,
motivation shatters.
Further you fall,
into darkness.
Your voice,
no longer ripples.
Let it take you.

How much further?

With struggle,
I can’t sink like a stone.
There are souls,
who need me.
Your hand pulls,
me down, it's heavy.
I kick you,
I punch you,
I struggle,
to let you go.
Your grip is,
loose and careless.
Like the past three years.

With a swift kick,
I am free.




I'm yours till we both go
home, forever hope that
will be true for so much happiness I found since
Emailing you
You message me at the start of my day that give
a lift put new Perspective
on my day
And then I go wandering  through my thoughts of the day and think of Terry how Is your day going so for did you have enough time to get done all you needed to do before darkening skies
descended on
A poem for a special friend thinking of her though out the day
I think myself what Is my friend doing right now
Maxim Keyfman Dec 10
I fell into a dream fell into a dream
I fell into a dream and watch cars
all around cars going where they go
and where is the sun and where is the shore

i lost that sea lost pictures
i lost that simplicity that breath
now there are no candles around
only breathing current iron dial

HeyItsJakeXD Dec 10
i was so foolish
i was so dumb
after i've let you go
there's been nothing in my mind but sorrow
i wish that i can be
by your side
no longer feeling lonely
if i could just turn back time
and hug you tight
if i could just turn back time
and kiss you right
if i could just turn back time
and tell you every night
that you are
the love of my life
feeling sad T.T
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