tear stained cheeks

my heart feels what the soul doesn’t

reading words bled into paper

written by a hand that’s forgotten what happiness feels like

eyes wander, palms feel cold like metal

similar to the blade you use to remember how to feel

whilst smirking mouths judge you from across crowded rooms

false accusations and lies

hatred cold like their ice hearts

and all the while

you’re the victim but feel the villain

don’t know how to reach for an outstretched hand that isn’t there

that never was

because in reality

people don’t care when it becomes too much to handle

don’t see that you’re drowning in the wake of your unhappiness

don’t see that you’re forgetting how to breathe

forgetting how to feel

forgetting how to be the human you once were

and shards of this broken heart ricochet and the splinters, yes, they crack

shattering the glass you’ve built between reality and the lie you feel your life has become

the lie that your life is

the lie that is all you are

and all the while

escapism is a far off dream and you don’t know how to be

co-existing is pain

when your heart wants only for the soul to be free

when for a fleeting moment you forget

that happiness is an illusion of the brain

and all you feel is hollow and bent

misplaced and out of shape in a world that never really cared for the words

written on your tear stained cheeks

help us
help yourself
so we can

elin roberts voice
shared with
elena ferro kirby

The Feeling that just can't let you go..
The Feeling like there are no one but you.
The Feeling that being with you, around you, somehow, just perfect.
The Feeling that our imperfections that's what made us perfect..

for you. because i was your forever.
Janae 2d

Calm down;
breathe slow
if you need to
just let it go.

Don't let your crown
not even a little bit,
don't give them
the benefit.

Wyatt 2d

I cannot believe that
this is where we are.
Stacking up pain,
tearing down the heart.
I've always dreamed of
being something,
but I've always been
a nobody with a pen.
Where will we go from here?
I've conditioned myself
with the pessimistic sentences
that hold me back and ensure
that I'm never heard out.
I heard you were the same
and the demons, they won.
Where do we go now?

I saw one more light
flicker out now.
You were an instance,
a common feeling.
Is this how we're all found out?
One by one we're all dying out.
I've become a lonely witness.
As another lost mind, I ask
where do we go now?

misty 2d

poetry is not just a rhyme

it is the singing of a song
competing against time

it is touching people's hearts
with no right way to start

it is losing yourself in words
letting yourself be heard

poetry is not just a couple words

IT IS a feeling, masked in tones and forms
chorusing of a place, where we belong
and thus from there, the readers know our song!

JAC 3d

The boy who waves the boats from shore
But never dares set sail
Doesn't get lonely.
There are always boats leaving,
Always boats coming back.
He'll help load the ships
With all they need and more
Then step off as they go
And stay just on the shore.
Every passenger knows the boy
And no one knows why he's there.
There's a dock he'll walk
That extends a little into the sea
Where he sits and speaks
To fishing boats that come to visit
But only for a short time,
His toes in the water.
He can swim, and sometimes
Someone will fall from a boat
He'll jump in and swim to them,
Pull them up, be sure they're okay
Only to swim back to the dock.
The boy who waves the boats from shore
But never dares set sail
Gets lonely sometimes.

Introducing a character you already know.

Go where the people aren't
and clench your jaw

Every breath feels like fire
in your lungs
And every tear
feels like ice

Worry not

Life has a way
of preparing you
for what is
yet to come


I've lost my mind
Somewhere between the hours of
Four thirty
And nine

Or maybe it escaped
When I was at rest
Simply packed its bags
And left
In its place it left you
To haunt me all day
So please green eyes
Just go away

Green Eyes Go Away Come Again . . . Never Preferably

I glanced up from the grindstone…
that was stuck in high gear.
My doorbell was ringing....
Oh dear, Christmas is here?
I tripped in a tangle
of unstrung lights on the floor..
I backstroked through boxes...
blocking my path to the door.
I crushed crystal snowflakes
one, large, candy cane…
I lunged for the door knob
as fear raced through my brain.
What would I say?
And how did I look?
My tree leaned hard to the left
and nothing was cooked!
It was supposed to be perfect
like I planned it ALL year…
it clearly was Not....
as I fought back my tears.
With much trepidation,
I braced for bad news.
I could barely look up,
My eyes locked on my shoes
“I bring you good tidings!”
Exclaimed the young boy…
who stood proudly before me...
his face beamed with joy.
I surely was dreaming...
This just couldn't be...
for the boy at my door
Why I’d swear it was me!
He sang a few carols...
Hark the Herald, Silent Night…
and he sang them all loudly…
Each note high and bright.
He finished up strongly
Shifting to and fro…
We Wish You a Merry Christmas!
A tune we all know…
I snapped my fingers
As the melody hopped…
And I found myself singing
Even after he stopped…
Then he gave me a wave
And was suddenly gone…
As I shouted, WAIT!
Running out on my lawn...
I looked up to heavens….
It was then I knew why
God sent the boy…
and I stood there and cried
I whispered a song
Be near me Lord Jesus, I ask Thee to stay
Close by me forever,
and love me, I pray.
I forgot how to listen.
And to let my heart sing
And to Rejoice in the Glory
That The Christ Child will bring!

gmw '17

This was written just days before Christmas last year. I share it today with you because tomorrow is not...well, you know.
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