Lex 3h

rain, rain go away
come again another day
but you don't ever stop causing me pain
whether you were true or feign
you've broken me down again and again
I can no longer use my brain
because all you have done is drained
all the love i had for you.

Paz 3h

As I sit on my bed and look across my room out my bedroom window.
I see all the insane chaos that keeps calling me.
The wind blows through the trees and goes wherever it will go.
It's all too much for me.
All of this emptiness I've been sharing.
It never comes when I want it to.
Sadly even looking seems so depressing.
I can be anything I've forgiven.
I guess that would just be him then.
All this time that I've spent just wanting to know.
Now that I've seen it all, all I want to do is just go.
I just want to leave.

Fuck this shit
I'm over it
I know I said I'd be here
But I don't deserve this
Your anger is valid
But you don't get to take it out on me
I can't change the past
But I can grow from this
I can be better
But not if you're sitting there
Whipping me with your words
Simply because you hate the truth
I'm sorry it happened this way
But it's not all one-sided
Neither of us are perfect
We both fuck up
But I can't keep doing this
We're good for a minute
And then you're mad again
And it's always my fault right?
When my ex was doing this
You told me it seemed unhealthy for me
Now here we are, it's just the same
So maybe I'll take your advice this time

Eliz 5d

And I'll take on the world.
This is me,
Whole again.
Taking every new step,
Conquering it without you.
This is me,
Holding hands with someone
Who wants to keep me,
Cherish me for who I am.
This is me,
Forgiving you for the hurts I've felt.
This is me,
Thanking you for letting me go,
Discovering a life I'd never imagined.
I am blessed that you let me go.
Truly blessed, to had you in my life.

Be strong , be bold.
Don't be afraid to let go of the past that you're holding on to.
The strength of moving on, moving Foward.. Be brave.. In the end, It is you who needs to be saved.
The past will either make you or break you. Its up to you , to get through ..
Live and learn , that's one thing you should never forget to.

Deemz Jan 13

I just want to be happy today
I don't care if this feeling doesn't last until tomorrow

I just want to grow a pair of wings
and fly with you

I just want to feel peace
lingering from my mind

I just want to inhale
something other than overthinking
and cold dry air.

Just how I felt about last night.
Shawn B Jan 13

Sometimes waking up hurts
Try sleeping all week
I slept a whole year once
Didn't get much done
Try Ten years
Less done

Waking up
and staying up
getting ready
and then doing something
I get more done

get up in the


I find if I get up in the morning and face a day it's better than sleeping all day. Most of the time, unless I had a bad week or something... ya. Get up and go, Think, Know (stuff, people, God), Be (someone), Do (something good, for you and others... or others and then you? But be prepared. that's what I'm telling myself).
no one Jan 12

three nights ago,
you were in my bedroom,
loving me,
kissing me,
helping me.

two nights ago,
you were in her bedroom,
loving her,
kissing her,
helping her.

one night ago,
you were in your bedroom,
neither loving her or me,
neither kissing her or me,
neither helping her or me,
because we both let you go.

I've realized that i, too, am deserving of love.
And, no matter how bad i want yours, i have learnt that it comes with... pain.
I do not deserve that. No one does.
So, excuse me, but i must go.

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