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My Father Just Ask Me

Am I Gay?

Not Like he was kidding

He asked me in a straight

semi-serious way

And I was like *******

I just told you I am pan

He was thinking about

greek mythology

You lost touch from reality

So here is the lesson kids don't go

to the doctor with Sick person

it would just make you way Sicker

And I am

Sick Sick Sick

of you, All of you
******* Dad
If this is the last time
I’ll ever see you
If life stopped its chime
And the distance grew
Just know you’re still mine
And that I’ll always be true

I asked you not to leave
Why are you doing this
Is this a bad dream
Oh please don’t be serious
This is so hard to believe
But this won’t be the end of us

I’ll find a way
To keep us together
Even if it cost a life’s pay
And patience begins to weather
I won’t rest or lay
Until this begins to get better
Mrs Timetable Oct 18
Screaming out
From the inside
Roaring as a train whistle
Only the restless can hear
And then...
Fades away
It doesn't last long but it catches your attention and takes over
Allesha Eman Oct 16
A cloud rests on the surface of the earth
and my heart, like a paperweight,  
tethers me to the stormy waters.  
I can’t foresee where I’m heading.  
But there’s something in the heavy air
compelling my lungs conform to the feeling
of letting go
Jamie Bell Oct 15
Tempting to think that
soliloquies of the morning
on the garden bench radio
drifting in and out of earshot
seagull on the patience wall
tilting heads in confusion
to understand such chaos
well-wishing together to say
stumbling along blind desire
into ignorance forming timely
manner please don’t shout
when you could speak softly
it’s not enough to want
but always better to kneel
to protect your loved ones
elevating the ghosts yesterday
whispering their magic ballads
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Q D Malcolm Oct 15
Go somewhere else where I can see you
Go somewhere where there's light on the
Somewhere where there's the calling of
Where their clamour floats like plankton through the
And you are sitting under the linden
On the spot where you feel most
Between two big
Where do you go?
Before I go, can I try and make you happy?
Should I rewrite that line since it's a bit sappy?

Before I go, is it okay to give one last smile?
I know I know, I've cried for quite a while.

Before I go, can I tell you how much you mean to me?
I'm sorry that I will be leaving, but you'll be free.

Before I go, can I write out my last few lines?
I'll keep it happy with my "I'm fines."

Before I go, can I try one last shout?
I want you to be happy without a doubt.
PM Oct 7
Just take me back to the good days.
No monster to watch out for,
or problems or worries for miles.
To those days where I used to smile.
O how I wish we could go back,
to those days of blissful ignorance.
I like the sound of his voice when he says a warm hearted synonym
I like when my room smells like cloves and cinnamon
I open up my sternum and I show him what’s inside
He will take advantage of this fragile heart of mine
I ask my mama not to worry
I tell her I don’t feel as bad as I look
I’m giving a half assed apology
Worth is not defined by that holy book
Shes vindictive so she doesn’t understand
When I tell her it’s not about getting even
It’s about the loss of a good man
He knows how to make me cry
He knows how to take the sun out of my sky
This phone does not work it is phony
Tell them in person that I am feeling lonely
The next time I decide to open up this sternum of mine
I will be prepared to see nothing inside
You can have the rest of me
I guess this is how it’s meant to be
I carry the weight of my heart and my head
I think of how great it must feel to be dead
I think of him and fill with dread
I think of when we would listen to jpeg together in his bed
This rooms empty without the sound of the static on his face time
He may not have said much but his company was divine
I will never fill this hole
I feel so alone
It hurts to reminisce
Letting go is pure bliss
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