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You smile, i smile
You cry, i cry
You get upset, i get upset
You get happy, i get happy
You loved me, i loved you

Then why is this
You left me, i can't let you go
Sarah 1d
i dont want to write another poem about you
i dont want to be thinking about you
i dont want you inside my head
but how could the best thing that's ever happened to me
hurt so bad?
J 1d
Clenched broken glass
cut deeper, which takes
a longer time to heal.

So let the jagged pieces loose.
Let it slip between your fingers.
Let it fall into its place.

Let it go.
Let it go.
I tell myself I would forgive people,
Those that have done me wrong.
Forgiveness, will allow me
To let go of my heavy heart.

In reality, the ones that I want to forgive
Are the same exact people who,
Wouldn’t even bother to forgive me.
And we wonder why we can’t let go.

Glory 2d
My life is full of
Perhaps, one day's
And small dreams
Of someday's

Switching between
Countless maybe's
And simple songs of
Busy lately's

Never quite ready
For fearless okay's
And nostalgia for
Crazy 'those days'
Blue 3d
Beneath my skin
In between my nose
You are a sin
Chaos chose

where do I go
when I lose my mind
tell me where to find
because I don't know home
Sad Boy 4d
Do you wanna know what happened or are you good?
Is it cool that I tell them what I did?
In order to get over you I had to be like...
Collect their hearts and put them in jars like
You, boo...
Brandon’s song Verse 1
Illona 4d
The moon be up at sea
Hey you darling my sun
Always change the direction
Holding hands for a moment than you let it go
You make a space but then you want us to collide
The smell of you reminds me of the clouds
Giving me these comfort feeling
Hey sun please don't make gray line
Just tell the sign don't give the warn
One time you let my hand walking alone, one time you put your head sleep on my shoulder, one time you push me away, one time you melt in my embrace
It's really hard to always getting hurts
I fon't have any clue
It's so blurry
So sun please tell me if your heart longing into mine
But if don't let my soul know so
I will leave the sky and love you from afar

- S.I
cobwebs yawn at worn out corners
shame will sing my whispers warn
fireflies fade in burning bulbs as
memory-making wings are torn

forever's filthy broken promise
lash the back of wounded past
marooned upon my stepping stone
where lucent limbo never lasts

i’ll ignore the worn out corners
turn my back on fading light
as cobwebbed feathers fight the fall
my patchwork wings intent on flight
kk 7d
Day one.
I spilled all I felt
On the ground around your feet
And with great relief,
You picked up all the pieces
And held them close to your chest
In a humble wooden box.

Day two.
We both laughed at my petty jealousy.
At the time, I thought it was because
There’s no need for doubt
Since we found each other.

Day five.
We sat close,
Smiles on our faces,
As we continued with our everyday life,
Knowing something was a little different.
A little happier.
A little more beautiful.

Day seven.
Not many words were said,
But they weren’t needed either.
We simply needed to glance
At each other once
For a the corners of our lips
To curve upward just a little.

Day nine.
We looked at each other
With the innocence of children
And after
Our share of laughter,
You opened your arms
And we held each other close
For the first time.

Day ten.
The nervousness in me
Subsides like a wave
With just a bit of your

As we sit side-by-side,
When the sun begins to set,
My mind wanders from
The spectacle before us.
None of it really matters to me,
My head is too full
With the thought of you.

And when you call my name,
Everything seems so perfect,
And even more so when
We hold each other close
For the second time.

Day twelve.
As quickly as it went up,
The tint of rose comes
Crashing down.
As I blink away the tears,
I’m surprised to find the world
Just as it was before
I began loving you.
Untouched, unbothered,
Just empty.
Amongst the broken glass,
Sits the memories of days
One through ten.  
And despite the pain,
I bring
Each memory close to my chest,
And hold on desperately,
Like they will fade if
I let go even just a little.

The end.
living in our day ten
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