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V Jul 13
I was never the period to your story.                                
A pause, a storm before your glory.
Our part now history,                                                         ­   
the ifs to our theory.

You’re what a woman should be,                                      
No shamelessness, no indecency.                                      

But I couldn’t give up my religion.                                      
We knew the risk, ‘twas my decision.  
I’ll forever cherish our time together.                                
The nights, days, drives I’ll remember.                              

Months felt like a lifetime with you.                                  
A life we both outgrew.

What a lucky guy he is.
Tying the knot is what you wished.

I’m happy for you.  
You deserve happiness, it is due.

You’ll never get to read this,
But if you somehow see this..

I want to say that I’m glad you’re happy.
Wish you the best, a life without worry.

This is the last poem for and about you.
Best wishes! Goodbye and thank you.
To my ideal woman who I had to let go. I wish you all the best, may he love you the way that I should've, may he never give up.
Jammit Janet Jun 11
I’m right where I’m supposed to be
Right here, right now

Letting go
Letting go
Letting go
Of all that does not serve me
Of all that stunts my growth

Breathing in
Breathing in
Breathing in
And compassion

To spread love and light
In the kindest of fashions.
Jordan Ray May 4
I can't say that I'm sorry,
Or wish that I'd written a different story,
The stars may not align,
But at least we can say we tried

I don't see you knocking at my door,
You must be slightly jaded or massively bored,
I hear no voices at all,
Just a whisper of what we used to call


I walked straight into your town,
Before the dust had a chance to settle down,
You never voiced your concerns,
But had enough air in your lungs to hurt

This must have just been some game,
For months now it hasn't quite been the same,
You fade the more that I blink,
Is this what I am destined to think

of "Love"...
I know your pain,
I know your sorrow…
I know your hurt,
I’m gone tomorrow…
I done you wrong,
This I understand.
I hope you’re strong,
With another man…
Please hold his hand,
Let him treat you right…
Make him kiss you,
Till he holds you tight.
I wish you well,
Farewell to tell.
You never needed my love to know… the mental obsessions I fought for so long? This is the beginning of patient art letting you go…
Nazrana Kalil Nov 2021
One day this will come to an end, the weirdness of our friendship that I’ve learnt to hate and love from the hell below to the heaven up above.

Know that I’m clinging to the word ‘never’ when I say “ when that day comes, hold on to these words that I can no longer send you each morning” know that I am neither smiling nor mourning
at our lost friendship.

I’m numbed till the day comes that I have to untie the knot while draining out my tear ducts.
I’m numbed till the day comes that I have to put these memories into a box and hide it up on a shelf while dreading the clock

I sometimes feel your presence linger even when you are not standing beside me. I hope that is enough when years go by and longing is all we feel.
Debbie Lydon Sep 2021
Call for the aid of divinity,
Call upon the strength of my mother's chains,
Call to the resonance felt within my soul,
When my brother would whistle a tune of transcendence just outside my window.

Employ the courage of my calluses,
They were formed in the darkest of nights,
Ask for an ally in my altered form,
She's had to do this before, many times, never been a stranger to Indigo.
CautiousRain Aug 2021
No one warned me about healing,
and that when you begin to let go,
it means working through all the things
you ignored along the way:
every weeping wound,
every halted, furious scream,
every memory you tried to forget,
and even the things you never knew
you'd felt in the first place.

To let go of everything that no longer serves,
I have to go back in time
and tell myself how it is all okay now,
and hope that will be enough
to set me free again.
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