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It was so abrupt
Like a string being snapped -
Like a door being slammed -
Like a voice being shut -
An unforeseen slap
It was
a ledge too short
a goodbye too soon
a sudden break -
- **** -        
my heart aches.
Being frozen in shock and then frantically looking for answers - that's how it feels when something we care about ends so suddenly.
We all need closu-
The Untold May 29
I can't reignite it
    I can't go back
         I only sit helplessly
             Waiting for your return
                  Then I'll be a shadow
An art in your heart.
It will be easier to let go by then.
Dark Dream May 19
my hips Ache
they need to be
over and over
by a body
on me
or riding
a ****
need that
Loosen me up
from behind
or below
Hold me down
Pound it out
then do it
and Again
erase the Ache
replace it
with another
Anggita May 17
yesterday my thoughts lost in the pines
i heard a rustling of leaves crooned
the sunlight sheepishly trespassed between the thick branches
and I stepped forward, and I slipped
then I stood up seeing the hollow
it was left ajar
although undeterred, I was afraid
of uncertainties thrilling my veins
suddenly my body flitted like water roaming in a drainway
my mouth spoke an unknown language
of pain
and ache
unfamiliar faces cherished my appearance
it was vague, not that dim
and they said I was born.
FC Azaele May 14
The land was cold, and dark and dreary
Spotlights couldn’t be seen
nor sounds be heard
I took a step forward
And decide it wasn’t enough
The woods was cold, dim and soggy
down the roads where footsteps of another
drifting apart, acting no more as a flocking-fleeting friend
The crate lay heavy in my arms
perhaps I should've chosen another
but I'm too far out
to dare go back and ponder
If perhaps.. the crate had been the right one.
but maybe all wouldn't be laid fair,
until another day
where I make it back and choose what
could've been a tranquil road
The lands were cold, and dark and dreary
there's a cottage nearby
but still I stood by the dark pavement
being me,
deciding still one step after the other wasn't enough
to ease myself despite the aching pain
I doubted myself
despite the warm home nearby
that I..
I travelled by
pushing back the aching pain
and went along my way
Ignoring all the protests the soles speak -
I guess I'll have to save my pain for another day
Raven Feels Apr 20
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, just a magical night in October that I ache for:}

when the telephone rang and his pleas sang

when the station blurred and the tables turned and the light burst

when he ran for the chase never minding the haze of desperate achieve

when he begged for the day for my beloved stay in the seconds before leave

when he refused to leave in the fight of disbelief in the fear of a disappear

when the stairs he walks to embrace the lots that we missed along the nighty watch

when he saves the gush in a surrender to his touch and an affection to my feels

Lily Priest Apr 18
It's a bittersweet thing
That makes me out of moments
I only half remember.
All those moments are you,
Tuned to the melody
Of how we used to meet,
Twirling together like syncrinosity
Was our name
And every other defining feature
Had died in the face of our love.
It wasnt enough,
Life takes as often as it gives
And we just had to live with it,
Disjointed and jarred,
Stepping on toes as we tripped away.
All the mistakes are
Sharp stones clutched my palm
As I make a fist
Revisiting every step and dip
Every wondrous lift and fall.
You are all
And the ache,
The sweet, profound pain
That makes up the whole of me,
Now that you're gone.
This was for a competition somewhere but lost the link before I could send it off.
Raven Feels Apr 12
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, my heart aches for the wounds:\

is it when a matter is in the faults???

the puts of the words and the spits of the secrets

moon I swore the hells to I would never say loud

it's like the repressed in her

in her stashes

her hidden ashes dancing in the rests

fearing of the miss

of the outs of the mists

too much of bliss or not

deprivation an official ****

when my chest aches

blessed with the silence

cursed with those disgusting chaos of a waste

transforms to the addicting

an incredulous taste

menaced to me on her fazes she spills

psychotic on the egos what is this???

drown me in an ocean of misery

won't matter as much of the mockery

                                                       ­                       ------ravenfeels
coralium Mar 28
Wisps of cloud whispered how you’d leave me midsummer night,
sound summer rain still washes away the drought you left behind.
the year I learned to love the rain
Three months have passed and I hate to say I got used to you
Your touch
Your scent
Your quirky ways
A shadow of you stands by me now
Yet Im beside myself
Grieving the lose of warmth and comfort
Three months it will take again to rebuild the wall I broke down for you
So that no one else can make their way through
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