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The world stopped spinning
when I saw your face.
I could taste the hurt you left on my lips
when you left your lips on his.
I could feel the wound split and tear
as if your knife’s still in.
I could sense the burn from within my heart
to ask a thousand questions.
But all I did was sit and stare
and hurt
and ache
and wonder.
Yuki 2d
The ache of a heart
who cannot rest
for it has been apart
from you who were my best,
the best part
of all art.
KMH 3d
My bones ache
Like crumbling stone cliffs
Constantly battered
By a sea of exhaustion.
© KMH 2019
im tired.
-fist clenched around your heart -
chest seizing, lungs wheezing.
-can’t breathe -
stomach twisting, eyes glistening.
-hands shaking-
bile rising, can't stop agonizing.
- overwhelmed -
stomach churns, acid burns.
- crippling fear -
feelings frozen, body broken.
- trapped in an unlocked cage -
no escape, constant ache.
The ache was a parcel:

I knew it'd arrive soon,
but when it did,
it wasn't as great as I had expected.
siinli Feb 11
My heart aches
to the sound of you,
where it is melody
in my ears
My heart aches
to the sound of you,
because I was once
the subject
of the perfect rythm
of your laugh
I badly want to be
the muse
of your laughter
once again
The surge
of my guilt and regret
is so loud
that it's making me deaf
My heart aches
to the sound of you
Let me hear it
One last time
Take me back
I didn't know it
Until i said out loud
As much as you actually broke my hurt
You helped me through
My depression
Or at least
Know that my sadness
Wasn't meaningless
I had to get over it
Yeah i learned it
The hard way
My heart ached through it
But it was a lesson
I had to learn
To wake up
To know i have to get up
And get my heart broken
I have to live
To feel
To cry
To do something
Even it will hurt me
But at least I'll learn from it
swaggmaster Feb 6
heart aches
in a fluctuating pace
deepens the hollow pit
growing to fit

destroy your own psyche
so you only have yourself to blame

dont let others tap into your heart
it'll only make the pain start.
What will I have of you
to show
Why I love you?
What, can I raise in my cold hands
to summon your warmth
back into my blood?
To speak of you, like snowflakes
in space,
to feel the shape of a name in my mouth?
What part of my heart
can I show, to make others understand?
To who can I hold like you did,
in my fever dreams,
to breathe in my whispers and lock them away for rainy days?
To who can I give these tears that betray my love?

Please. What can you leave for me
Before you have to leave me?
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