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Carlo C Gomez Apr 27
Metropolis is dust,
the smoke of unfaded coffin nails,
she's a sensual bonfire
littered landscape,
the burning lust running in my veins
between safety and risk,
circumcising the stage
where Dylan went electric.
"I didn’t belong to anybody then or now.”

Swing-shifting to mercenary mode,
but sinking my face value
by ordering takeout religion,
sharing a cab with Hepatitis C,
and all those sky-high boxes
and rectangles
—existing in one, spending nights
with her in another.
"Oh, lay me down to sleep
upon the trickery of time."

Morgan Vail Apr 22
these sheets so incredibly warm
wicked, yes, i think the window is shattered
like everything else in my writing, my
it is shattered
covered, tossed aside
i feel better alone
there is nothing of value in the present
i am the 5 am paranoia kicking in,
the work lying there on my desk
as time ticks past its due date
each line in the wood floor
watered by tears
there is
nothing of value
selina Mar 28
i wish i had known how to hold on
to good things while they lasted
and appreciate them for what they were

but alas, i am a coward
a selfish coward who never learned
that the weight of my words

was just as painful as the blow of a fist
and the spark in your eyes
were drowned out by the fires in my mind

my insecurities and paranoia
drove even the kindest away
this was why the good never stayed with me

                         shakespeare spoke the truth
                         the fault had never been in the stars
                         but in my own self
Kennedy Mar 20
i am either entirely paranoid,
or presumed to be deaf.
the walls in the bathroom are either
incredibly paper-thin,
or just thick enough.
it was either the anxiety,
or secrets about me,
that weren't meant for me.
i want to imagine i imagined it.
NAL Jan 22
Paranoia runs through my veins everywhere I go.
I don't feel alone when I'm at home alone;
I feel watched and stalked as I roam the streets alone;
I constantly feel dread and think of the worst,
you can tell me your loyalty to me but I'll question your words.
You can reassure me and occupy me,
but I'll always come back to how I was-
plagued by the paranoia of the unknown.
evelina Jan 19
i compare my bipolar disorder
to a roller coaster ride
everything is unexpected
some days i am very happy
while other days i am the opposite
i care too much
or i don't care at all
i am constantly fighting a battle
between who i am
and who my mind wants me to be
it's all in my head, stuck
just some thoughts
Nylee Dec 2020
Maybe I have it
It is showing its sign
Maybe it is all
inside my mind
dreaming, sleeping
all I think about

I should wrap it all up
this month's seventeenth
it will be the umpteenth
time I'd think about
should I prepare
or let it happen
the natural way.

Should I mend fences
should I grow tulips
should I throw olive branches
Or let this pass.

it is going cold
my hands are turning pale,
my eyes are burning up
the vision disappearing
I am seeing white washed walls
the chemical smell
It is happening, I am turning
It has seeped in.
Ashlyn Yoshida Dec 2020
Once more I hear the sound of footsteps following me
Once more the fear and warm breath tickling my neck
It has always followed me, this sudden panic
This feeling to pack everything up and run
Run as far as I can see and further
Past the mountains and seas and worlds
Until the footsteps make no sounds
And the breath rustles not a single blade of grass
at my feet

Is it my own footsteps?
Is it merely the wind?
I don't know anymore.
Fleeing now would be futile
Jennifer Nov 2020
cold and empty as
the winter sun
it slithers in
the back of my mind
coiled around every
doubtful thought,
encasing them in a prison of

i wonder who i am in
your mind,
a withering flower,
a wavering voice over
the phone?

i am afraid of how you
see me,
how one day, my fear may
overflow, making me

oh, how i try so hard
not to wither in your eyes,
not to fall or need

i try to be a fairy,
a maiden, a wonderful
but the spell has fallen away
leaving only myself,

and i have never felt
more alone.
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