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David Hilburn Jun 16
Time passes a thought
To another, in a climbing sense of renderings...
We see the call to unify, in a shy voice ought?
Today was a marveling hour, we could marvel's ends...

Bite me...with a resolve?
They said the sour news is a welcome sunshine
With pets and history to come at all...
Of a younger moment to be quiet, for a composure of time...

Hours as we know, a fixation on else
Can be, the truth be found in a place of sin
Was this imagined tongue, the saying of wealth
Yet to be, the stir of justice of what is a craved wince...

Of passion over a legend to become, our friends
The tale we notice, and simplify by devoid and avoid
Is but a loose remark of such to roll and imbue, the like we end
As if the world knows any better: the fight of certainty's choice...?!

Sly or slime?
Tows of redoubt, between lovers or a heroism of dry finality's
Sunny as we should note, is about the hour I am trying
We see the traitor of commonness and pence, our humor is...

A rushing eye, to know a catastrophe
That is being a silent opportunity, to approach though
And worth the implied key, we find in the future feat
Of lying to the misses, when a game is for those we hosted, should first owe...?
No, brain disease smells like glue with a sesame bun in it (not, hamburger)
What do you get when you cross a cow and a vampire bat? something that needs less iron in its blood, bud...
Ever restless mind of
Mine, I wish thou
Would be still for
Once in my life.
Sophie Mar 23
A moment in time and space,
a white scar against a fawn hand
indigo iris inside a colorless eye,
and burning rose into pale cheeks.

This was permanence, before it was
torn apart by its own user,
in anxious desperation for the
imminent future, which promised
absolutely nothing to her.

And they wondered why she couldn’t
get on with the others.
More to be seen and less to be
a quiet life to be lived out,
alone; painlessly.
a girl who cannot fathom the external world in relation to society or other people. she cannot make herself perform for the others, which is all they want her to do. she is promised nothing in return, and should only hope for the best outcome in life, but she does not feel the need to make excessive efforts if the outcome is not fixed, or if she should not get anything she wants. she wants more certainty in her future, she doesn’t like the open-endedness of things. she would prefer to live alone in peace than take big risks without knowing whether or not they will pay off
Anya Feb 9
To know or not to know that is the question. I mean; I already know, I took it once. Yet that once was back before the continuous onset of diarrhea (which could have been caused by the accidental switch up of my stir fry or the unending pastries I filled myself with), before the sniffles and the sneezes (caused by the cold wearing a too thin jacket to the gym), before the exhaustion (wack sleep schedule). I knew before all of that. And even then, that know was a rapid test (but still a test) which could’ve been wrong. So, should I? Should I take it again? Or should I go about my day, and attend dance practice with none the wiser?

…still there? Hey, where’s she gone?

Oh, she’s at dance practice.
She said baby pick your poison
We'll silence all the voices
we'll **** the Paranoia
we're hopin'
we're hopin'

We don't know where we've been goin'
but I know that we've been glowin'
we're rollin'
we're rollin'
we're floatin'
we're floatin'

Shorty you and I was getting high and living up the moment
saw your eyes and they had me feeling golden
oh hold it
Didn't know where it was goin
I'm broken

I'm not one to tell a lie, my cup was overflowin'
hit my line a couple times and I was falling
for it
oh ****

I just want to freeze this moment
I just want to hold it
I just can't leave this moment
and now I'm frozen

I said shorty pick your poison,
all the **** the we were smoking
all the fear and all the loathing
Wasn't loving only coping

And I been feeling so numb
pale skin n frozen blood
in my lungs
falling in and
out of love

And I know I ain't living right
but you know I'll pull up when it's right
and I won't deny I'm living quiet
on the low
dreaming coast to coast.

She said baby pick your poison
We'll silence all the voices
we'll **** the Paranoia
we're hopin'
we're hopin'

We don't know where we've been going
but I know that we've been glowin'
we're rollin'
we're rollin'
we're floatin'
we're floatin'

and she's been living on the low
said baby pick your poison
if it's me then I'll be goin'
if it's me then I'll be goin'
I wish that I could trust my brain
To, at the very least, remain the same,
Forever wed to depression's corner.
In the dark, growing colder.
But now Paranoia like a flower blooms,
And I hear the footsteps as he haunts my room,
Breathes down silky skin of neck
To prove he's there and away I shan't get.
His shadow lurks around every turn,
And he taints the world with smells that burn.
I am lonely in this terror
Of stalker and murderous specter.
I tell them he's coming to get me,
But alas, only I can see him.
I wish that I could trust my brain,
But it makes monsters all the same.
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2021
"Satellite, oh, satellite
who sits upon our skies
how deep do you see
when you spy into our lives?"

This is for when
coyote called
into the ether
connecting heaven to earth
For when
glasnost sang
and velvet revolution
twinkled in the humming air

This is for when
the quiet hedges
of lilies and remains
came out of darkness
For when
the misty curtain man
shopping for codes and antiquities
poisoned the salt shakers

This is for when
a spy in an alcove
twisting the thermos tops
to his dark-eyed sister
shelled the transmitters
of Radio Free Europe
For when
his wife refused

This is for when
working in the glass structure
of a Cold War
made spider and I
a measured room
an arc of doves
For when
the last step from the surface
was the end of a thin cord

Carlo C Gomez Nov 2021
See you everyday
haven't seen myself (in quite a spell)

my brain is
an abandoned building, a dry well

I traced your phone call
to some viral spiral

I'm connected to you
in a spider-like way

--webs, phobias and decay

the essence of life is
reproduction and mortality

see you everyday
in shivering downloaded depravity

your starry smiles
your synthetic ciphers

and I'm all alone again

this body is a safe house
this fear, a panic room

but the enemy within
is always right under my skin
Ryan Seth Cole Jul 2021
A man in his suffering bridaled by his toungue. A collection of thoughts that are reduced to a sum. With his fate at hand at the rolling of a thumb. His attempt at redemption is met to be shunned. He will forever be held by the passing of the moon and sun. He watches helplessly wanting to say so much but never does. He is his own prisoner. He want's to be but never does. He is the man who does not understand true love. He is the man that once was.

Watching the world pass by and never making any real changes. Feeling like more of a spectator than having participated. About to make a move only to stop yourself.
Leaves it all to chance.
Never really caring enough.
Paranoia, can mess with your mind,
So much confusion, we sort through,
During this short, limited life time.
Each of us only live in this passing,
A few short moments, compared to eternity.
We are here to stimulate, our brain,
AS we try to discover, our purpose,
Being creative, understanding, while staying sane.
The biggest cause of paranoia in life today,
Leaders forcing us to live, or life,
Based on their systematic delusions,
That they are right, our thoughts are invalid,
We must follow them, or be removed out of the way.

                                                                                                                                    The Original :Tom Maxwell ©
                                                                                                                                        6/11/20 AD
                                                                                                                                            6:55 PM
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