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Don't leave me here.
Not here..
On this vast ocean of "could've beens"
where depression exposes it's dorsal fins.

Don't leave me here.
Not here..
In a nightmare of worst case scenarios
where morbid remorse plays repeat on stereos.

Don't leave me here.
Not here..
Where paranoia makes any sense at all
and claws at my strength already small.

Don't leave me here..
Silent Moon Dec 7
I see you staring at me from up there
A pair of silvery green eyes following me everywhere
My mom tells me you’re not real
That I just need tell you to get out of here

Your voice in my paralytic dreams
My veins filling with adrenaline
Leaving the emptiness with screams

Get out of my head
Get out of my head
Get out of my head

Rumbling underneath my skin
A pair of pale hands slip out of my throat
Gripping onto a latched door that leads down below
I run against you an numerous amount of times to be set free
But how would I know for sure that I am free
If I mistake my imagination for reality?
Sonya Dec 5
Everything is up in flames
only one will take the blame
Everything is up in flames
so lets save everyone

Everything is up in flames
brother and sister are the same
Everything is up in flames
so let her fingers point

Everything is up in flames
purple child gone insane
Everything is up in flames
so let her run away
Take a breath

Take a bath

Take a pill

Take until your mind stills
The chemical formula for love contains Dopamine, Oxytocin, and Serotonin

Dopamine relieves pain, helps with motivations, movement, and is a leading cause of addiction

Oxytocin controls cognitive control, emotional responses, and social behavior

Serotonin  effects appetite, sleep, memory, and ****** desire

Sweetheart when I met you my internal pharmacy went insane

The ****** in me overdosed on every capsule it could find

But here

Here is the kicker

Overdosing on any piece of this mystical, magical love potion can cause a slough of disorders



Extreme Paranoia

Over all insanity


Somehow all this love nonsense

Finally makes sense
siinli Nov 20
When the fire
that used to ignite
our hearts burns out,
Would you still
caress my skin?

When the moon
that used to shine
for us vanish,
Would you still
look at me
as a your own?

When all the constellations
that used to be
the a sign of our love
hide behind the clouds,
Would you still
kiss me?

When all the lights
that we used to stare at
all died down,
Would you still embrace
my frail soul?

When all of this happened,
When everything that
makes us so happy
went wrong,
My love, am I thinking
too deep?
My love, answer me,
Would you stay?
—am i thinking too far?
Baylee Kaye Nov 13
they don’t know.
they don’t know.
I tell myself over and over and over.
it’s impossible,
purely impossible,
for one to know my thoughts.
they cannot see me,
they cannot know,
so why is it I hesitate.
this feeling of paranoia,
so strong it drives me to insanity,
bedevils me even now.
I will myself to persuade my mind
that truly they do not know,
cannot know, will not know.
I tremble in the moment,
the ones that debilitate me,
leave me questioning my own reality.
it feels that they’re inside my head,
beckoning me...taunting me.
but I tell myself no, no,
no way in **** can they know.
for surely it is not possible,
for them to see me.
so why do these anxieties plague me,
over things I know they cannot know.
my struggle with mental illness
laur Nov 8
you’ve got me in your hold,
you’ve got me so shook up
and i just want to stay here
in your arms where i truly belong.
you smile so brightly
like you’re okay and that it’s alright
but i just want to keep holding you tonight,
you don’t have to pretend,
cry on my shoulder and tell me all that hurts
because i am here as you’re always for me.
i wish you knew in a world full of blue
you make feel so vibrant
and full of meaning,
that meaning being i exist to love you
but why won’t you see it?
see the love i have for you?
just let me go,
i wish not to ruin your life any longer  
as you believe i’m full of lies-
please do not let your thoughts
cloud your true feelings
no matter if i do so.
i am in search of your happiness
and if i am not your happiness
or if i do not make you feel nearly as vibrant
as you do me,
then i will leave as i have no place.
that place no longer being in your arms,
no matter how much you made me feel.
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