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DW Feb 3
The hero of mine
My closest kin
Protector of fear
Where do I begin?

A mind of books
A wild story teller
Helping me sleep
Brothers bestseller

You took me away
On the high seas
We fought armies
Bullies and Thieves

I idolised you brother
Always by your side
Bikes from the shed
We'd go out for a ride

Long summer nights
Watching the skies
Satellites passing
Stars filled our eyes


Youth escaped us
We were no longer free
The weight of life
Came down on me

The sun didn't shine
The shadows grew long
I searched for you
I tried to be strong

I missed your stories
I needed you brother
We drifted apart
From one another

I tried to reach you
But silence befalls
Keeping me out
Surrounded by walls

Ten long years
Since I saw you last
Only memories remain
Left long in the past

I really don't want
Our story to end
But our bond is..
Too fragile to mend

By Darren Wall ©
My PTSD doesn't just affect me, it pushes those you love away. They can't understand why you are not the man you were before. It's difficult, but it is what it is.
David J Jan 23
Happy birthday dear Brother,
Is it that time again?
But were broke cause of college,
So I’ll take up my pen

I’ll write of your wits and your charms
How you sit alone
As the peak of humanity,
Go on take your throne

But despite it all,
Theres things you don't see,
The way you make us smile
and how you mean so much to me

Even when you tease and cause me strife
Theres these moments your making
These moments called life

I love you more than you could ever know
And I’m thankful for everything
Everything about you bro

So I hope you have a wonderful day
Annnnd that things go by quick,
So that we can go play

Happy Birthday Brother
He’s the best guy in the world
DW Jan 1
I only asked for your presence
I didn't want to call you again
I didn't expect you to mock me
As I, tried to process my pain

I'm sorry I expressed my sadness
I'm sorry I needed a hand
I didn't want to burden you
I hoped that you'd understand

I'm sorry I battled my demons
I'm sorry I shared my distress
I'm sorry but I was drowning
With Post Traumatic Stress

I didn't expect the silence
I didn't expect the blame
I suffered deep rooted trauma
It seems I brought you shame

I shut myself away
I kept my trauma confined
I watched you all move on
As I was left behind

Time has left a stranger
I'm not the person you know
In order to help me heal
I had to let you go
Irakli Beria Dec 2023
Three days ago
my brother returned
from Afghanistan...
And during these three days,
when I was going home,
brother was not there
and when brother was becoming,
I was not...
On the third day, I went out
and kept thinking about the military uniform
hanging on the chair,
which has traces of desert,
which has my brother's name...
I got a call from home in the evening...
A familiar voice was heard on the phone.
"Where are you, Irakli?"
I'm tongue-in-cheek,
quickly went home
and all along the way
I had so many questions to ask him.
I imagined a standing ovation
I imagined a picture of our loud meeting,
but when I entered the door, I was frozen
because I met the sleepless and battle eyes...
We stood for three seconds
and after three seconds
we hugged each other
without saying a word...
daphne Oct 2023
when our home feels too big,
i would glance at the wall
between our bedrooms.
i would trace the faded
pencil markings where
we used to mark how tall
we've grown each year.
i would crane my neck
and imagine how tall you'd be
if you were home right now.
i would never say i miss you,
but the traces of you at home
makes this place a house
deprived of warmth.
uzzi obinna Jun 2023
The son of my mother seems not to talk to me.
I treat him like a best friend while he treats me as his enemy
Hopefully some day he’ll see I want the best for him
And I hope that one day he and I will make a better team.
My respect goes out to those who respects their family.
Only in such  a respect can people give birth to royalty.
Why did you stop breathing,
When I wanted you to have so many more breaths?
Why did you leave this world,
When there was so much experience within it that you had left?
Why do I have to live without you now,
When we got no time at all?
Why does it have to be so unfair?
Why can’t you come back once, or a thousand hundred times more?

Why did you die first,
When I am so much older?
Why couldn’t anyone do anything enough to save you?
Why did no one’s efforts work?
Why did you go from being healthy,
To unresuscitationable?

Why am I stuck here now,
Without ever being able to see you again?
What do you think about and do in heaven?
Do you think about me at all?

I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough.
If I could have had a second chance,
I’d do it all so much better.
I miss you more than you could know,
I love you and I never wanted to let you go.
In loving memory of my little brother <\3
German Rodriguez May 2023
I'll be your guide when shadows fall
A protector strong, through it all
From whispered secrets to shared dreams
In this sibling love, forever it gleams

Though paths may differ, and years may pass
Know that my love will forever amass
For you, dear brother, my heart beats true
Forever and always, I'm here for you
Dad told me to always protect you when you were born. I've always done my best to do so. I love you little bro, You know as long as I breathe I'll always be there for you.
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