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Tenant Jun 7
The plains held no hold on us
The dust that saturated our throats
Meant nothing,
An easy fix
A lick of that German botanical stuff
Was enough to keep us spitting soliloquies for years.
We were cowboys.
Mo on my donkey and you on your camelback,
Or was it a Marlboro?
The point is it didn't matter.
You'd light up, and ask me to step out on that back porch, and
It wasn't the city skyline.
It was the plains.
And looking into the stars on those nights
I swear we could make out the platonic ideal.
We were Greeks.
Descending down into the Piraeus
Wrapped up in lion robes as if they were togas.
Hercules and his bronze was but copper in our golden age.
And only the most noble grapes laid at the foot of our hilltop vineyards
We were kings.
Nothing was beyond our reach.
The divine sactioned all that we touched,
And the heavens laid at our feet as if to say
We were cosmonauts
Floating through space.
Our journey unfazed by the nature of time.
But it didn't matter,
Because we were solipsistic modifiers.
Brains in a vat
Growing fat on our phantasmal  navel-gazings.
But we weren't.
We were absurd
Rolling boulders up cliffs
Only for them to fall back again.
But it didn't matter because we together
And you were my brother
Opal Wood Jun 1
Grief is the never ending burden we attach ourselves to because we can't forget our loss and what it changed 💔
-In memory of my brother and Granddad I wrote this x
A long time is becoming
Sooner than the grasp of its coming
Once, i could take the drive
Without specifying what time
Until a message would be sent
At only a moment’s notice
In warning of my arrival
Not asking permission
Simply stating i’d be there soon.

Once, the coffe shops defined our friendship
As we sat and spent those thoughts
That would otherwise swirl in rumination
Locked inside the mind only for another
Sleepless, endless night,
But we spent those thoughts on eachother
Digging a deeper hole of understanding;
There’s something about them
That I can’t help but miss.

Once, Drinking felt more healthy than it should have
When it wore down the wall so that all was left
Was the genuine heart breathing in our chest
So many moments
Oh, so many memories that defined us, inseparable
My brother of which i share no blood relation
But the bond formed won’t be shattered
By the miles away you ventured;
We’ve still miles to go.
29 lines, 218 days left.
Cole Aug 2019
While I sit in my room,
You are down the stairs.
Father is yelling and blaming you.
You don't know how to feel.
Your voice is trembling.
I know you're about to cry.
I want to shout
And shove him away.
But it wouldn't change a thing.
After your "talk" to
You stumble up the stairs.
You'll go to bed and
Cry quite hard,
Missing your sweet mother.
I was there, open armed
To give a goodnight hug.
I whisper that I love you.
And I hear your honest reply.
I'll always love my brother.
I'll keep him within sight.

7 billion super ****
i wonder too about all this
my idle mind goes into overdrive
i think of the 7 billion humans
the ruling elite may or may not **** off
leaving just 500 million left alive
they don’t need our taxes
i was thinking 'sensibly' how they would do this?
a virus is too iffy
nukes too destructive/radioactive
how about sending unmanned space probes
to asteroids with spare engines
put the engines on the rocks and fly them to earth
all gps guided
either say the rocks are for mining for recourses
or just use them as a weapon to **** 7 billion
my idle mind lol...
Them breaking and entering isn't because they seek some sort of hospitality,

Them breaking the law effortlessly, meaning; destroying humanity,

Became their drug, their simple way of gaining sanity,

Sickness is its base, they haven't seen health in this plea of insanity,

Since the world keeps her mouth shut, afraid to lose her own vanity.

Such a poor mentality.

And for the oppressor,
Who washes his hands with genocide, his head with immorality,

If reason doesn't reach you to stop this act of criminality,

Know, you've never earned what you took, but in the end of days you will earn for your act of brutality.
May Allah be with our brothers and sisters in Palestine.
Opal Wood Apr 29
June will mark
Three years of your death
The years have been so cruel
Yet I know
You will always be beside me
I often dream of our childhood
The way you laughed so softly
Your smile always was so sweet
What a cruel life
I often think of
You were twenty three when you died
I am twenty four now
When you left I was twenty one
I often wonder if you're watching me
Praising or scolding each action you see
I miss you my brother
Rest in peace forever
No more tears or heartbreak for you
Just the soaked fabric I weep in sometimes
Peace will never be an option for me
My late brother
Goodbye for now
I hope we meet again
You are searching for stability,
As the ground starts to shake violently,
To settle down,
You hold on firmly to your base,
Burying maternal strength, like a ship striking its anchor.

Ignorance sought for what has been anchored, for centuries only to be obscured.

In the eye of the hurricane,
I stand with you,
Estranged from one another,
Yet having the same escutcheon;  أمي.
It is she who taught us how to lace our shoes,
Who taught us how to walk,
Using the heart as our ultimate compass.

Ignorance transfixed the compasses of our brothers and sisters,
in order to make us wander off.

Don't they know?
We shared the same womb,
Even if we don't share the same name.
It is our vision,
With which we maintain our reverberation.

His ignorance did not recall the ground on which he tried to march.
Nor was he able to understand that her compass was not born,
To be destroyed.

Like an unbreakable ship,
She is equipped with unprecedented durability.
Once again,
Not to be destroyed.
To all my beloved brothers & sisters!

Dutch version is coming soon!
why did you leave me?
we had so much to do
yet you still left
like you had nothing to lose
i miss you so much
Duckie Apr 10
As kids we were close,
Pushing each other on a swing during humid afternoons,
Scrapping over the biggest piece of cake,
Singing and strumming old rock songs on a video game,
Cheesing in the odd school picture together,
Hiding the family dog upstairs, cartoon shows on the tv,
Volume at its highest, all to drown the rows vibrating the walls
From downstairs,
It seemed back then we had each others back,
Sobbed for the same reasons at night,
Nervously bit at the skin around our nails over unknown noises,
Shook a knee with every thought of fleeing our hometown,
Yet now we don’t even know each other,
The distance runs thicker than blood,
He said she said infiltrating a possible recovery of a bond,
I often wonder how it can be, two people from
One home, both living on different planets,
Almost generations away from beliefs we once shared,
Pinching at each others emotions from another continent.

I found a journal from when I was my angsty teen self,
Words of fury coated most pages,
Some rhymes of regret,
Plenty of mischievous essays,
Page 94 had no explanation, just a date, some doodling
And one sentence,
“You were the first one to break my heart.”

As kids we were close,
But what do kids know.
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