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lins Feb 6
please, don't worry about me
but I'm actually glad you do
as a friend should be
I worry for you too

you've been so kind
pushy as always
but I don't mind
that's us nowadays
i'm so thankful for our friendship thanks for continuing to be around even after all the craziness

s Willow Feb 4
My up coming death,
you inspire me to write.
Never satisfied even after me last breath.
I hate the way you roar, slither and scan.
Invade me mind day and through the night.
waiting, dreaming ‘bout your cunning plan.
I Idle at your foul play.
You are more able, violent, and deep.
Ice bites the debris of may,
and wintertime has the eternal sleep.
Oh who I hate you and your ways.
I adore and hate your personality.
Your stage style fills my days.
The way you destroy my mentality.
My hate for you is the sarcastic ties.
Now I must away with a stunning heart.
You get us in the end.
how are you so smart?
You’re taken my best friend,
my brother,
and my health.
Once I leave
The works I’ve weaved on the paper will grieve.
Lorrin Feb 4
Circle and circle - around it goes.
pulling him outward
before anyone knows.
Sinister core
flawless face.
It catches - corrupts - consumes
scorning his father's grace.
Eating the mind
decaying the heart.
Fearlessly marching
when did it start?
It started so simple,
It started so small.
Now look how its grown,
eclipsing it all.
My closest companion.
Whom I shared my secrets with.
We were two halves of a circle.
The only person who withstanded my tempest.
Your voices told me stories I will never forget.
You showed me things I never knew about.
We would laugh. We would cry. We would raise ****.
You were eccentric. That’s what I liked the most.
Never afraid to break the rules.
My love for you knows no bounds.
You may be gone, but your memory lives on.
Your spirit is here, walking with me.
My guardian angel.
My friend.
My closest companion.
A brother I always cherished.
A man whom I truly loved.
Where is the breach defined
broken faith and shredded trust
what I thought once was right
love that turned, too dust

Control a needed power
by those who wish and desire
authority, in the darkest hour
control, for only what they require

I'd never thought of family
the twist and turn of funds
one above the other blood
one third of equal sums

What to be said of brotherhood
when nothing matters beyond control
we all thought we understood
what now, one from two
has stole
My older brother has hidden information from us, that I know exists at the wish of our now deceased parent, where does trust end?
I've hit my limit
Dragons fly through my thoughts,
I see you sitting by yourself and I wave them away,
clear up my vision so that I might see your tears as no one else does.

Dragons call to me asking to play,
I hear you denying it all and I ignore them,
turning all attention towards you so that I might hear you better than they.

Dragons try to rule you out,
I remember you forever and always,
and I'll come to your aid if ever you need me.

Dragons fill my mind,
but I rather think of you all day,
and I rather help you than to mind them at all.

I choose you
                    ­                       again.
s Willow Jan 23
Rain falls in the ocean of tears.
Lightning sticks
One the wastelands.
charred trees
withered flowers.
Demons’ screams echo in the wind.
Dried up riverbeds
once flowed with blood.
Soundless crying from a torn up soul.
Black clouds and roll in,
now just a nightmarish space.
kiran goswami Jan 14
Mom told me about the abortion,
Well, it's good that you're home again, little angel.

                          A lonely brother
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