sophia Sep 29

every morning
i wake up half asleep
wishing i could hear your voice
instead of a longing weep

everyday i miss you,
but the boy
that filled my heart
will always be here

and i know
that my love
will never
fall apart

Richard Grahn Sep 22

When I see you there in the brisk, fresh air
I’m watching you without a care.

To be with you is all I need.
Just little seeds of thoughts I’ve dreamed.

To walk with you down the garden path.
To breathe with you is all I ask.

I have so very much more to give.
Inside your mind, I want to live.

Into your eyes, I love to look.
Your heart is such an open book.

Your feelings they reach out to me.
They teach me thoughts I’d never see.

I do believe I’m mesmerized.
My mind is floating across your sky.

The clouds drift by, your light shines through.
I’m loving you with all I do.

Please let me stay another day.
Let the passing years take us away.

Let me dream with you
Till the creek runs dry

And sleep with you
In the bye and bye.

This was commissioned as a poem to accompany a marriage proposal. For some reason it came easier than other commissions. I guess I just like writing about love.
Jobira Sep 15

Love is
a poison
a relentless pain not a passion
Love is
a cruel tyrant and a cancer
who kills mercilessly without care
Love is
A painful ache on your chest
a pain that tears your heart apart
Love is
a dry weather that brings drought
which chokes rainfalls above in your sight
Love is
a drug that numbs your nerves
denying you of your basic needs
like eating
and sleeping or thinking
even simple feeling
a messy destruction that
rearranging your way of living

Despite its cruelty
Love is the only thing
with an everlasting beauty

What is love, in your own definition?

@jobiranyc (9/14/2017)

Fill in the blank
Lyn-Purcell Sep 12

Gazing wonders in the sky,
shine upon me and hear my cries.
I want to awake and free the fire in me.

Shatter the rain and sun!
Turn the shackles to ash and dust.
Through thunderous screams,
bury past my sad, sad eyes.

I'm so weary.
Sleeping soul, reach down and touch
and pull the flames.
Make still waters rage!

Though I am on rocky seas.
I want to consume and burn you all
Shatter and free!

Short poem from my journal I wrote. Currently walking around my local area.
Seems to be rather therapeutic.
I Barker Sep 3

And here I am
Screaming at the
Top of my lungs
Praying that someone
Will hear me

I Barker Sep 3

I know that feeling of being lost
I know that feeling that there is no one out there who understands
What you're going through and the emotions that you have

But listen to me
Hear these words that I'm about to say
I understand what you're going through
The emotions that you are feeling
I understand and I want to help

Because once ago
I was going through
The same thing

Gabriela Sep 2

you move me, darling
you know we aren't here for the sweet talk
we are here for the joy and the fear
the thrill and the chase

i want to survive this world with you
kissing like we've got stars dusting our skin
singing louder than the storm inside us

for what I dream speaks the desire of my soul
every second spent looking at you
brings me life, leaves me breathless

because you are all shades of brown, my dear
golden in your skin
coffee in your eyes
caramel in your hair, melting under the sunlight

because the universe was made of the same material as you
and it never dies, it never fades
you will change and so i'll do

but you're here with me for the joy
and the fear of loving so much
that your heartbeat matches mine

Lyvana Nyx Aug 21

Sometimes all I can hear
In the ever deepening chasm of silence
Is the steady




Of my heart bleeding out.

The words that speak
let the words speak

May you find what
your heart longs for

May you find who you seek

Screaming silence is
what the Soul hears

You gotta find it,
the meaning that these
words bear.

ig: @voicesinthewild

From the days of old they say that freedom is a mindset...
but as I grow old I'm having a hard time keeping my mind set

Slave mentality, even with spirituality.  Returning to my vomit
like we living here in savagery.

Few will understand the words from the pen in my hand,
but it's not hard to tell that they are mightier
than the sword of any man.

ig: @voicesinthewild
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