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Rebecca Kay Sep 12
Can’t you hear the rain?
It’s loud in my bedroom, but I guess you are further from the walls.
You can’t hear the rain?
Thunder? See the flashes of lightning,
less than one- less than a mile away,
and you still can’t hear the rain?
I hope the corn fields outside our neighborhood don’t catch on fire.
Or any houses.
I’d be alright if the school did, though.
But it’s loud. Pouring, yet
you can’t hear the rain?
We were just talking about it, the unusualness,
the strange in our wet summer, when
everywhere else is so dry.
But you can’t hear the rain?
Work, at the pool, was canceled, and
don’t you see the lights have gone out?
Well, not see, I guess.
It’s dark. Hot, as the AC isn’t working.
The fridges are off, and the candles are gone, but
you can’t hear the rain?
Each one of us desires to be heard
hence forgot to hear others. But
we should be willing to listen,
cos, they too feel the same
i remember what it felt like,
but i can't feel it
i remember what it tasted like,
but i can't taste it
i remember what it smelled like,
but i can't smell it
i remember what it looked like,
but i can't see it
i remember what it sounded like,
but i can't hear it

i remember Love,
but i can't
If you could read my mind
You won't want to hear me out
If you could hear me out, you'll be speechless.
If you could read my mind
You'd drown.
You would drown listening to the rhythm of my tears
-dont ask what I'm thinking about.
He was a quiet listener,
He would patiently hear everything that went in my head.
He would say,"Get it off your chest,breathe".
Move forward,
There are many sunrises yet to come,
Many dreams yet to be fulfilled,
Many oceans yet to be crossed.
There is more to you to be discovered.
Find the reason and beauty behind you.
Bryce Aug 31
Sweetlove let me chase your hair like fairies through the mist

Let me kiss the lip of honey

and lick the sweet bliss

I have never wanted to be consumed more than anything

than by you

Your mind, your soul

I see the verdant glow in your eyes

the answers that lie inside the sleepy meadow

the endlessly surreal nights

getting to feel you.

Because when we're together

the steel spires decline

the roads emerge with floral hues

the city bows her youth to you

you are the old soul

the honest truth

the searchlight casting a deep rose

through the fog to land on

those blackrock shores

Let me chase you through the days

let me have you in every way

I have been a man of possessions few

I'll give away each day with you.
Imara Vaglez Aug 20
there's a little spot i go to sometimes
where the air is a little cooler than usual
underneath a tall old tree
with branches like fingers reaching for the sun
casting shadows on my face.

there's a little feeling i get,
a sinking in my stomach
with no sign of relief
it plunges deeper and deeper
and all i feel is empty.

i guess all i'm doing now
is waiting around to escape-
to get away from here,
and find refuge somewhere much, much farther.

my heart is a little empty
and alone.
all i ask is that you hear it,
and figure out
the irregular beat.
that calls for you.
Hollow Steve Aug 12
It squeezes my head.
I'm pulled aside,
I'm left alone,
I'm left with company.
It squeezes my head.

No other place left to go,
nothing else left to see.
It squeezes my head.

Nothing else left to say,
nothing else left to talk to.
It squeezes my head.

If it could hear me,
I'd say it's squeezing my head.

It doesn't matter...
It'll keep squeezing my head.
Poetic T Aug 9
Visual delusions:

Scrutinizing the acuity of
            what is visualized.
But sight is only validated
by the morality glazed over.
Until narratives are edited
to mimic a reality of self delusion.

Oral formalization

Dictation versed within syllable
            delusions, never sounding
the reflection of thought to breath.
But sour exhalation collects on
vacant windows, spelling other
          than what is breathed outwards.

Auditory silence

Auditions drummed within,
echoing on shallow walls,
           nothing wrote within
A tirade of failures woven with
three perceptions. Collective ignorance
Astra Jul 26
Haven’t written in a while,
The reason or reasons seem jumbled in my head,
I know what I want to say but I question if it wrong if I feel a certain way,

Lying in dread,
From these thoughts, I try to escape,
Lies I remind myself,
Feelings are lies,
Allowing yourself to hide is the greatest gift you could give,
Keep on tryin to believe you're alright,
But at night it’s like the light can’t even help

You’re fine,
There’s nothing wrong,
Well, nothing significant,

Roof over head,
Bread in tummy,
Plates to parents,
Air to heat,
Sheets to shoes,
All it is mind over matter,
As long as you don’t mind it won’t matter,

I mind,
Does my mind matter?
Do all the thoughts I think matter?
Is it wrong to feel what I feel?
Is it wrong to believe what I believe?
What’s right?
Why’d I stoping writing?
Why'd I try to silence myself?

Is it the thought that my voice is meant for silence,
That I should be the girl in crowded hallways who bears her soul inside the books, walking quietly,
Smiling at strangers, trying to remember no one sees the chaos in my brain,
That it’s all tall tales I tell myself,

So I’ll sit and type the feelings I feel,
Allowing the silence to fill the voids of speaking,
knowing I’ll be judged for them,
Believing my life is meant for more  keeps me going,
And one day showing the respect of a voice that just wants to feel heard,

Silence is deafening,
Let me know if you can hear it too?
All rights reserved
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