Cheyenne 18h
can you hear me yet?
the song that plays on in my heart doesn't seem to be the same melody
it used to be so happy and light
now all i feel is water crashing over  my hear
i'm sinking
i'm screaming
crying out for your affection yet you turn your back again
your only hear for a little while then you leave
i wish you heard my cry
i wish you could feel what i'm feeling
save me
don't let go
because i cant
turn around
hear me for the last time
i love you
but you love her
you hear her
i'm can't be there anymore
goodbye my last love
Staring through a frosted window
At a girl that is paper thin
Heart on her sleeve, chained to a pen
Crimson blood poured onto paper
Forming words out of alphabet soup
She cannot decide, she cannot choose
The words form themselves
Whether she’s happy with them or not
I squeeze my eyes shut,
I cover my ears,
I take deep breaths,
because I don't want to hear.
I try to shut my mind down
because I don't want to know
what is going on outside of me.
Mr Passerby Mar 6
We wonder what separates us from the others
We wonder what makes us different
We wonder if there is more like us
We wonder if we're just ignorant...

We're all in a room
We're all friends here
We're all wearing costumes
We're all hiding something here...

Why are we so blinded by our interests
Why are we so deafened by our shouts of happiness
Why do we turn our heads away from the horrors of the world
Why do we shut our ears from the desperate cries of help
Because when we do look, nothing's there
Quiet, silence, calmness

Even in the same room we hide things from each other
We eventually kept to ourselves
We eventually don't talk anymore
We eventually became selfish
Our friendships still last virtually

The room exploded, shining lights everywhere
We covered our eyes
We blinded ourselves from the trouble
We shut our ears so we don't hear the cries of pain

We pretend not to see, not to hear and ultimately we say nothing
Our lives remained normal
We went back to business
It didn't affect us
Why Should we care?

We went back to our daily business, pretended nothing happened, but still kicked the bodies with our foot, pretending not to feel anything.

Life was normal
We here things on the news everyday. We think it won't happen to us, therefore we don't care because it doesn't involve us. We grow into this cycle. Every morning we turn on the TV, watch the horrors on the news and resume business as usual. We don't contribute any help, simply just pretended it didn't happen and someone will take care of it. Change that, please, don't ignore the problems, the cries of help.
Tick tock tick tock.
"When will my breath stop?"
Apparently not appropriate conversation to make at my family gathering.

The chicken is delightful. Would you give me the recipe? (murmurs of agreement around table)

"I wasn't kidding. I avoid pools, yoga and beautiful people that take my breath away so I don't have to deal with slight fluctuations in my oxygen intake!"

The table was set up perfectly by the kids, don't you think? Granted they forgot the wine glasses! (adults chuckle)

"I can't help but imagine those pillowcases in our chests that expand occasionally, as if rotating fans face them. It's an obsession of mine!"

Oh I think Johnny's about to fall asleep! Is there a guest bed room I can let him rest in? (assistance follows)

"Why won't you listen! When I take off my T-shirts, I count down and gulp the air before pulling the fabrics off, out of fear of being found dead, half-naked due to suffocation."

Oh Laurie I really shouldn't have dessert, I'm trying to watch my weight, but let me help you bring it out? (chattering of women on the way to the kitchen)

"Don't you know that I carry both an oxygen tank and an assortment of plants and trees wherever I go. I insert the tubes or the vines into my nose so that even when I'm gone my lungs may never stop rising."

(speaker dies the next day in car crash)
never again
will I hear that sound
too beautiful it was
too beautiful for me
oliver Feb 20
She's a song
you'll never hear
because you never listened.
Mystic Ink Feb 20
Cause everyone can hear
Cause some may think

Cause few may support.
Genre: Rational
sung to dead sheep
they are led to the slaughter
tear drops
they have yet to weep

mowing grass
with their
never get fed
their love
false belief

their wool worn
over the eyes

as they sleep
as they sleep
the Shepard song

we still
v Feb 17
I hope you don't mind,
This only almost rhymes –
These things I meant to say –
It's more fitting this way.
We were never in sync,
On two different wavelengths.

But I held back so much,
Briefly felt and left untouched:
Like how you made me feel
Like lowering my shield
And laying my heart bare
To entrust in your care.

But they rapidly passed;
Those warm feelings fled fast,
For you chased them away –
It would have just delayed
The inevitable pain,
Ignited more destructive flames.

Still, I got burned away
Despite what I didn't say.
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