there's that charm in obscure music that you can't deny

there's that charm in obscure music that makes you want to hear it again

that one note, voice or sound that keeps pulling you back

that feeling that it gives off that makes you want to feel it again

the feeling you want to experience in an another city far from here at night

the sound that gives you goosebumps each time you hear it

the art and meaning, or the lack of it, that intrigues your senses

there's just something special about it
Lyn-Purcell Jul 6
With you here, I hear
the whisper of your heart
upon my calm soul
Currently under the calm shade of a tree in the park.
Ice cooler by my side with several bottles of nice cold water
Hope everyone's having a good day, though! ^-^
Lyn xxx
be quiet
don't turn around.
i swear i can tell they're watching me.
i'm not crazy.
can't you feel it?
can't you hear it?
they must be watching...
they are always watching...
nowhere is safe.
not even here.
Amanda Jul 3
I am sorry if I've turned into a mess
You're so strong, you cannot break
I have my fair share of sins to admit
My well-being is at stake.

Your girl was all I wanted to be
Do I ever let you down?
I am not sure if I have it in me
To turn that beautiful smile into a frown.

You say all the special things I wanna hear
Words I've never been told
But it is time to admit I fear
This romance is starting to grow..

Do you like what I did at the end there? I thought I was being pretty clever haha.
Adept Jun 27
i’m afraid that i’m losing you,
and that is the last thing i want.
i’m not sure what’s wrong,
for the first time ever,
and i can’t even get to you.
but We are fading.
please don’t go anywhere, i won’t let us distance
rob kistner Jun 25

The Poet (#1)
damaged in their special ways
they like the path unclear
the route unmarked

fond of stumbling in
fumbling through
finding the way that's theirs

engaged by the obtuse
the uneven
the asymmetric chord
they see grace and form
in brilliant imbalance

seduced by the clue
drawn to the fog
they seek the wonder
it withholds

where they long to go
is always round the bend
over the hill
behind the door

their ears prick
to the distant voice
that calls
just beyond clarity

to all these things
their souls are pulled


down the trail
in the mist
around the curve
over the crest
shut away

the clarion awaits

* * *

The Poet (#2)
the poet's eye is like our eye
yet it sees life's un-shown
and reflects it for our sight

the poet's ear is like our ear
but it senses life's most quiet
to resound so we might hear

the poet's tongue is like our tongue
yet it speaks what is not spoken
and becomes the voice of truth

the poet's hand is like our hand
yet when it reaches out
what it touches is our soul


rob kistner © 1997, 2009
(revised 2018)
These two poems, though written 12 years apart, are both inspired by Bill Moyers.

The first by his brilliant interviews conducted in 1995 at the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival in historic Waterloo, New Jersey. These interviews then became an exceptional PBS TV special entitled "The Language of Life".

The second poem was inspired when I reread, in 2009, Bill's equally wonderful book, "The Language Of Life", which was published in 1996.

I keep them together owing to their shared inspiration.
I held onto you
for as long as I could
It doesn’t last long
When you live in the hood

Came from the sticks
I came from the woods
Rolling stoned
Down the backroads
Of these backwoods
Rolling up backwoods
Bumping Rolling Stones
I never was that good

Of keeping within reach
Of the ones closest to me
Sometimes feel
Like I wish I didn’t have to
Feel at all

Had a ball
It didn’t last too long
Xanax and Adderall
Falling down the hall

But you were always there
To pick me up
Xylos Jun 20
We all speak,

What has been told already,

In alphabets and words,

Yet claim ideas,

All jumbled and curved,

And somehow I believe, everything has already been heard.
Walking home from a local pub
The evening so quiet
With the distinct smell of magnolia
Lingering in the midnight air
I look up at the stars
Suddenly my thoughts are taken back in time
It seems like yesterday I think
Where did the time go
Those endless nights of excitement
We’d throw stones on a stranger’s roof
Dare to ring someone’s doorbell
Then run away as fast as lightning
We laughed so much our stomachs hurt
Now our muscles contract from stress
The needle had reached the end of the record
Lifted and returned to its holding place
The stereo light still burning when returning home
From an intoxicated night of pleasure and dance
Oh the bliss of ignorance and youth
Sometimes it’s better not to know
I continue to walk on
Suddenly I see a FOR SALE sign
Someone else’s dream has come to an end
Or perhaps it’s just begun
You never know how special the moment is until it’s past
The biggest regret is regret
Written by Sean Achilleos 25 May 2018©
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David Austin Jun 17
Just one kiss,
But much more,
A moment of bliss,
The girl I adore.

Just every fear,
But nothing real,
No one will hear,
I don't know how to feel.
My first poem, feels weird to be writing like this but I want to get good at it.
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