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When I see you,
my heart skips a beat.

When I hear you,
I'm all ears.

When I speak with you,
I stutter a bit
and lose my words.

When I see you smile,
I smile back from ear to ear.

When I shake your hand,
I want to hold
it forever.

When I think of you,
I can't stop.

When I dream of you,
I am left
A special someone...
I wonder If Helen sprite Is able remember me as I do her and how we used to

If and she could reach out her arms to me would I be able to embrace her as did so In

If I was to call her name would she hear me would I hear her sweet
voice once

I think of my darling and wonder, will her spirit come calling one day just to see how I'm
Does Helen spirit remember me as I do her and If she could reach out her arms would I be able to embrace her

your name.
But either I
have lost my voice
or you
do not want to hear me
no more.
I want to speak
that can make
feel free.
I want to
in a way
that others
will want to see.
I want to
in a way so that others
can understand me.
I want to be
and not just die
and become
Johnny walker Jan 28
Never forget the day
I was pushing Helen through town In her
Towards us came a
policeman speaking
Into his radio
Helen say out
allowed for all to
hear look a pig with
a stereo
well even the policeman
had to
He had no choice no
one messed with Helen that Is they had any
sense but Helen never called him a pig to be
she just
said what saw It was
so funny even my
son and I laugh even
today about It God bless
The day my wife Helen called a copper a pig was so funny but It was never said with malice she just said what she saw
distractedpen Jan 27
Do I make sense?
I’m speaking but
Can you hear me?

It seems like I’m speaking silence
I suppose I am since, wait--
Do I make sense?

My words are easily misinterpreted
Even now, you’re listening but
Can you hear me?

Tangled tangents taken
From the context of my mind
Do I make sense?

I don’t. Of course the sound waves are reaching you
Still, I have to ask again to be sure
Can you hear me?

L’appel du vide is all I hear
I want to know you’re not the same
Do I make sense?
Can you hear me?
even i didn't understand what this poem was supposed to mean for a while. it took me about a month to realize why i wrote it.
Star BG Jan 23
I take a breath at morning light,
moving in depths of heart
where gems of words pour
and emotions sprout.

Where light integrates dark
and dreams manifest.

I take a step at daybreak,
where baby day unfolds
and diamond words get worn
on sleeve to write thoughts.

Where steps of dance balance
and light expands.

I take a moment at night
where stars of twinkling words
center behind eyes as diamond verse
to be woven upon page.

Where hand follows heart,
and heart beats with gratitude.

I take a breath laying upon bed,
aligning with gift of sleep.
A sweet place where I dream,
scouting out places of grand mystery.

Where beating doorway of heart
and songs become words dear.
whispering with morning birds
to scribe a poem but again.
Inspired by Sobbingsoul. Thanks you are a gift
OTP Jan 21
Is it possible I feel her from all the way from here?
That I can feel her touch even though she's not near?
If you say no, you're lying, 'cause I swear I feel her hand, and can hear...
her voice saying I love you, like when I'm close to her, right here, in my ear.
There is no such thing as distance, you're everywhere with me.

© 2019 OTP All Rights Reserved.
c Jan 20
After hearing no
All my life
I loved the way
I drew yes
From your lips
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