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Ash 4h
Reach across an empty ocean to see him
Yes, I do
And I will never leave
No, I won't
I suppose this is a series now.
Lacey Clark Feb 2019
When I am fond of someone,
I've always hidden.
Locking eyes with someone I'm so curious about
just has this feeling that makes me want to hide.
I've always hidden.
Behind mom's leg,
behind my locker,
in the details of my lunch,
in my comforter,
in my headphones,
in my fantasies.
Ash 1d
I chase you like I chase dreams
Always just out of reach.
But one day! One day, in summer warmth
Under the leaves of these pines
I will have you, in my hand, in my heart.
he is the joy of all my days.
jl 2d
I tell her how
how I drown
in the sparkle
of your brown eyes
I tell her
how I think
I think im
like an asteroid

she listens and
she tells me
about her sun
and how she
drowns in his light,
their star crossed
how they can

I guess
you're the sun
and I
im the moon
she's the only one that understands
lía 4d
Second place hurts,
but I met you first.

It took a while to get here,
yet my heart raced first to the finish line—

winning you.
for AJ & Paige
Sirius 4d
I lay in my room
It's 11, the time when I normally go to bed
Staring at the ceiling and thinking of them
of our late night conversations
bonding through those deep things that we somehow share
trusting each other more than almost anyone else
I think of them with fondness and compassion
With love and adoration
I wish that I could tell them just exactly how I feel how much they mean but I feel as if I did they would leave
or be uncomfortable
and I look at them and think that no they'd never leave never
But I still don't want to take that chance
So I smile on as they tell me about him
About how they feel and I am happy they've found someone who they feel about
Someone who gives them the same feelings that they give me
Someone who maybe, just maybe, cares and feels the same way about them
and I smile and feel so happy that they can have that feeling
Even if it means I must sit in silence
He makes me so happy, but I wish I could love him in a different way
I've had a crush on him now going on 5 or 6 years
Ash 6d
he is citrine, garnet
dazzling, stunning!
though rarely have I seen him yet
jl 7d
when you look at a star
you're looking back in time

so why then
when I look at you
all I can see is the future?
all I see is him when I look at the stars
Jude Quinn May 10
We are all kids
Looking through windows,
Wondering if someone could come out and play with us.
But no one ever does.

I'll burn the forest with your hair
And bend my soul with your lips,
Cause I'm just waiting
For the day I can see you
Without worrying about who's seeing you too.

You got me fighting with my ego.
I never thought I'd feel so lost
Without me.
How does one hold on and let go
At the same time?

Maybe you'll tell me in your heartbeat
I'll keep my head close to your chest,
When we go to sleep.
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