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i thought
i can read

after all
this time

i still
figured you out
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Something bad happened in 1990 on the 28th of May.
It turned out not to be such a great Memorial Day.
I saw a very beautiful girl who looked like she was sixteen or seventeen.
She was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen.
I wrote a note and put it in her storm door.
She was younger than I thought and her parents were pretty sore.
She was only fourteen, that was four years younger than me.
They told me to leave her alone and I agreed.
But I really liked her and it was painful not to be able to date her.
I wonder who she's with all these years later.
now we aren't
'just two drunken
looking for closeness
secureness and
a friend in the night
everyone else
was already asleep'

we are
more like

on the best way
to become
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Don’t know what I’m doing here.
You’re so far out my league, but
I saw you standing there
And I knew I had to speak.
I swear
I’m not usually this shy.

I’m not tryna be your guy.
The last one left you jaded.
I wanna make you smile
And maybe get faded.
I swear,
There’s something waiting for us tonight.
And I
Know I’ve been drinking
But I
Really have been thinking
Of you.
What I say is true,
I just wanna be in your world.
maybe you're just
really good
at hiding
your emotions

so maybe
you care
about me
than you
oh the things we tell ourself to not lose hope...

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there is always an awkwardness when you talk to a girl,
why that happens? well maybe that's because its something,
you have never learnt,
you just stand there in front of the crush, trying to speak so much but so little comes out,
and there she goes to the cooler ones, so you always blow the chance.
this feeling," always thought she liked me too, lets talk to her, ask who she is into",
this conversation will do you no good,
as for you are the awkward one,
no one would give a **** to!
so yes, you should learn to talk, learn to respect,
have a clear prospect,
dont do anything sudden, not anything random,
as for people are chosen on their hearts,
and if yours is not the good one,
ultimately you will be left with no one.
You love to get the words out of me
The words I wouldn’t use, they sound *****
You love the way I look at you
I look into your eyes, and something sets free
You love the way I listen to you
I remember everything, Mr. Perfect doesn’t
We both love crushing
I crush on you
And you crush me  

You call me your tomboy
And get so possessive
You say that you need me
And then act submissive
I adjust your dresses
Sometimes your shoe laces  
When you keep me waiting
I say you are allowed
Don’t call me bro
Babe, what is the ground  
We both love crushing
I crush on you
And you crush me  

You say you love me  
Every time you text
I say, “I love you”
You shoot hearts and rainbows back
You want to know about my crushes
If I ever loved a girl
You wink and dance with me
Say I’m the only one to make you twirl
We both love crushing
I crush on you
And you crush me  

You love when I play gentleman
Opening the door
Letting you lead
Walking you back
Paying you heed
You  gush about  my  skills
The  way  I  move the  swords
The  way  I  calculate
The  way  I  play  with words
Close  discussions  and debates
And  then  we discuss
How  Mr.  Perfect  and  you  are  hanging
We both love crushing
I crush  on  you
And  you  crush  me

We are best friends
And you want us to be, forever
You want to hang out
And go abroad together
I would stand by you
In all platonic capacities
Even when Mr. Perfect marries you
And claims you stupidly
We both love crushing
I crush on you
And you crush me
I thought it was the molly,
Your hands lazily in mine,
Your whispers tickled my spine,
Swimming laps inside my mind.

I thought it was the wine,
That flushed my cheeks,
Turning my stomach to knots and my heartbeat to peaks.

How silly to convince myself,
That it wasn’t you.
You make me
So sad
And you don't even
Know that
For a fact

It frustrates me
To keep on waiting
For something
That isn't going
To come

It's like waiting
For stars
To come brightly
When it's clearly
Going to rain

I know that this
Will just get me
Disappointed in the end
Still, I ache for your light
To even close my eyes

But I know
That this longing
And aching
Will soon come
To an end

So just let me
Hold on tight
Until I no longer
Feel like I'd die
Without you in my arms
دema 6d
I hope that when you make a list of all of your favourite things, I’m somewhere on it.
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