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Ikaw ang iniisip bago pumikit
Kaya pati sa panaginip ika’y sumisilip
Ang hirap palang umibig
Yung di lumilipas ang araw na hindi ka naiisip
Kaya natutulala nalang bigla sa gilid
At iniisip na maging tayo kahit lamang sa panaginip
zb 10h
i see you from across the room
i see you, and you shine under the lights,
and i miss your face

i miss your earnest smiles
i miss the sweetness of your gaze
i miss the gentle tone of your voice,
familiar and warm and everything that calms me

i see you, and i think of you
even as i look away
even when i can't see over the crowd
you pervade my thoughts in a way i never wanted

you dance, i dance
i wish it was with each other
but i am content with seeing,
with absorbing
the sight of you like a plant in the sun

i see you, and i dream of you
i tried, tonight, to forget;
the ghost of you that lives
in the deepest part of my heart
wouldn't let me

the ghost of what could have been
the ghost of what i could have been,
you could have been,
we could have been

i see you from across the room,
eyes bright, smile wide
i see you, and you do not see me
later, you said you looked for me
by that point, i had stopped glancing your way
but i never stopped looking
Grace 16h
Anderemo a guardare le Stelle
Ma sarò perso nei tuoi occhi
Sarà ancora una notte perfetta
We will go to look at the stars
But I will be lost in your eyes
Still it will be a perfect night
Grace 17h
“My dear, no one is Perfect,”
He whispered,
“But you are still all I want”
Perfect doesn’t exist, so just tell me I’m enough
Grace 19h
Holding you in my arms
My cheek on your shoulder
Your eyes looking at mine
Watching you lean down
Then closing my eyes
Pressing your lips
On my lips
A feeling I can’t forget
A moment I can’t describe
But will undoubtedly
Last a Lifetime
Why am I smiling
With a look never ending
Without such reason
I found myself in a season.

Why is my heart tickled
With a swift increasing rhythm
You were just walking near,
I heard your loud chuckles.

Why do I consider your voice a music,
Your hairstyle ultra fantastic
As you look unto my eyes,
Time freezes like an ice.

Why do I look crazy staring at your dimples
Studying your face, haven't found any pimple
Oh, please don't use that smile of yours
I'm not ready to fall down from these stairs.
I almost wrote you a poem
Except for the unfortunate fact
I’m hesitant about how I feel,
And all the information that I lack.

I don’t know what fills your dreams
Or what monsters fuel your fears.
What sweet joys make your smile beam?
What fills your eyes with tears?

Do you cry for the small injustices?
Do you smile for a beautiful song?
Do you paint broad strokes with small brushes?
And speak without fear of being wrong?

I almost wrote you a poem
Except I just don’t understand,
I barely even know you,
This is not what I had planned.

I never thought I’d feel this spark
Before I got to know your heart.
Never thought I’d have this crush
Yet your thought can make me blush.

You’re beautiful and surely kind
Talented and most devine,
I know this and not much else
I see you and my heart swells.

Even with all the knowledge
This would still be true:
There is no beauty in this world
That could accurately compare to you.

I almost wrote you a poem
And perhaps I already have.
One day we may look back on this
And have ourselves a laugh.

1:31 am
zb 1d
you took your thumbs
and brushed them over
the bruises nestled above my cheekbones

my eyes, half-closed, but so bright
because the warmth of your palms on my face
kept me from losing my mind

i'm so tired
my fingers, my brain, my soul
i'm so tired but you still hold me
Ilang taon ka na ring laman ng puso
ngunit napagtanto na tigilan na ito
naging prince charming na nga kita sa isip ko
at ayoko ng maging prinsesa mo.
kaya titigilan ko na ito.

Alam mo bang tayo lagi sa panaginip ko, sana ganon rin sa paggising.
Ngunit ang layo pala, ang layo palang maging tayo
kaya pipilitin kong kalimutan ang mukha mo
at di na aasa sayo
dahil sa una palang, kaibigan lang ang turing mo sakin
at ako naman tong si tanga, umaasa na mamahalin mo
at nilalagyan ng malisya lahat ng galaw mo
kaya sa huli, laging nasasaktan ang puso ko.
kaya titigilan ko na ito.
draft draft daraft
Bk 1d
We hadn't shared any moment since years
But whenever I had a dream , I find you
still cuddling , playing with my hairs
Rubbing your nose against mine

But it hurts when you say
I'll have to go and I had to readily accept it
With a hope that one day
I'll wake up just to find you laying beside me
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