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Níla 40m
I wish I could want for this to purely be platonic
Instead I daydream of your voice until I'm sick to my stomach
I imagine it hovering next to my ear, trying so hard to suppress a moan
Delude myself into thinking I'd be brave enough to ask you out
If it wasn't for your girl at home
Níla 7d
When I glance at my phone there's news after news
I swipe them all away unless there's some it from you
Then I put away the paintbrush
Lay the book down next to the pile to be read
I dearly love to paint or read but I'd still rather talk to you instead
Níla Jan 24
Now the paper's all used
Trying to write about you
Crossing every second line
But crossing lines' a thing of mine
In the quiet spaces between our whispers,
I find solace in the trust that lingers.
Just like Adam trusted Eve, I trust you,
In the garden of our love, where skies are blue.

The heavens may brand us as sinners, it's true,
But what's sin to the depth of me and you?
The first sins were woven in trust's embrace,
Just like Eve and Adam, in love's trace.

They trusted, and so do I, in this dance,
Where rules may crumble, and judgments glance.
Perhaps we offend Gods with our entwined affection,
But love's essence outshines any celestial objection.

Why seek heaven's glow in distant height,
When beside you, my love, is my purest light?
On a crisp autumn evening, in your warmth I find,
A paradise surpassing what heaven designed.

Because what has heaven got that I can't find sitting next to you
RC Jan 6
You have the kind of beauty that inspires
and lovers
Venus gifted you with more than you know what to do with

Truth be told
I don't know
who couldn't handle who

You melted every part of me
and I let you

You could do it again
just like in every lifetime I've met you
I wonder if we'll talk again.
starry night Dec 2023
you are a question that i ask to myself everytime i wake up in the morning, or when i'm laying down on my bed at night while looking up to the ceiling, searching and imagining an answer

you are the taste of coffee that i usually drink, bittersweet, as the bitterness makes my stomach hurt yet the taste of itself is addicting, while the sweetness crippling my mind, can't think straight, elusive, indeed

you are there in the air everytime i breathe, the parfume of longing, as i aching trying to exhale the essence of uncertainty of your presence and love
Nicole Dec 2023
They call it "chemistry"
But it feels like much more to me

Everything else ceases to exist
So nothing but Us is relevant

Our souls found a secret place
A quiet piece of the universe's space

Somewhere to breathe and intertwine
Your energy dancing with mine

A place where people rarely meet
Yet we found ourselves so naturally

And maybe it's insanity
But you feel like magic to me
Níla Dec 2023
A summernight in Mid-July
We'd talk and talk until my skin
Was covered in mosquito bites
I didn't mind, I let it sting

Those bites they kept me company
In the days you weren't around
I itched and scratched so angrily
They could stay forever on my account.
Brumous Nov 2023
I wouldn't simply flick the brush
in regards of painting you;
You're more than that to me.

I'd stare up high looking at the real ones
and use them as reference,
to at least be able to paint you in the same league...

You've captivated me
unlike any other nebula I've seen.
To the point, that urging myself to look away
and move on comes to the scene—

Because my mum told me
to never look at the sun directly.
Funny, how I never listen
knowing I got blinded by you.

I also think of you as the moon.
Cold and very far away,
Unable to reach you.
I'm no astronaut,
But if I could—I would.

You've got me wishing for you,
Like lovers longing for each other.
But you are a star,
and I am but a man.

I'm nowhere near
the level of other women,
I'm mediocre at best.

But, I would have painted you better
than any other woman could.
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