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anica 10m
so I wonder
if you think of me
just like how you're in my thoughts
so constantly.
: )
The scent of air
After rain
the stars started showing up
the tingling of water drops hitting the ground
I saw you smile when I squeezed your hand
In the light around us
I felt your heartbeat
Do you know how beautiful you are?
Yamini 1d
Hot dripping air
What I was doing
Was not that much rare
But something was meant to be special
Me clueless of what's happening
We all playing some stuff
But there was a guy examining
The hot driping air

He wasn't the charming one
But he got the ocean eyes
That grib my heart for seconds
And then it ached due to interests
Unaffected by my ache
Not familiar with my crush
He was still examining the air

Me being puzzled in the group
That is known for fun
I wanted to just escape some
Seconds from the crowd
The stuff that they were playing
Was truth and dare
I chose the exception this time
And got the desirable

Task was to company that guy
Who wasn't interested in stuff
Who was so rough
And acts more tough
He being considered the danger zone
Cool dudes thought it would
Be disaster
But that was all I wanted
I wanted that task and
Company the air examination

It wasn't that hard
Nor that easy
I had my guard
But I was also scared
He wasn't taht disinteresting
Yes he was exceptional
I wanted to sit a while longer
I like my friends
And he then became my friend

This is how a dumb *****
Met an exceptional boy
And he passed that smile
Which could carry me to miles
Thus meeting was cosy
And thus was how I know him
Mariazyka Jul 2020
malamig ang gabi
madilim ang paligid
bago ang buwa't
patay ang bituin

sa 'di kalayuan
isang gamugamo'y
'di maiwan-iwan
mainit na apoy

---isang buong kandila
na ibig niyang lapitan
sarili'y pinigilan
'pagkat siya'y masasaktan

umikot ang mundo
---sangkatlo'y naglaho
umikot ang mundo
---natira'y sangkatlo

teka, sandali
anong nangyari
bakit nga ba kay bilis
maglaho ng sandali

kahit 'di nakikita
siya'y naging masaya
kahit sa malayo
siya'y nakontento

'pag naubos ang kandila
saan pupunta
gamugamong nilalamig
pa'no iibig
What will you do when your last happy pill expires?
Mariazyka Sep 2017
Pasensya na.

Pasensya na kung sinasabi ko paring paasa ka kahit alam kong umiiwas ka na.

Pasensya na.

Pasensya na sa mga kaibigan kong tinutukso parin ako sayo kahit siyang tumutukso naman talaga ang gusto mo. Diba?

Pasenya na.

Pasensya na kasi di ko alam kung ititigil ko ba to o ipagpapatuloy ko pa.

Pasensya na.

Pasensya na kasi di ko alam kung paano tumigil, lalo na't hati-hati ang isip ko.

Pasensya na.

Pasensya na kasi ang totoo, ayaw ko. Ayaw ko pang itigil to.

Pasensya na.

Pasensya na talaga. Pasensya na kasi tanga.
P̶i̶n̶a̶a̶s̶a̶ Umasa.
Mariazyka Sep 2017
I clasped his hands
Burning roses struck my heart
─hot blood invading my veins
I laid in his smile
It was an art
We blinked rhythmically together
Once, twice, thrice, and then
─it rains
The sun left, the clouds came
His hands suddenly disappeared from mine
He was shrinking, shrinking, shrinking
But then I realized
─it was just me waking
Differentiate your daydreams from reality.
i wish you were just a chapter in my book,
but i realized it too late.
you were my whole book.
every page of our timeless time had to end.
our love story had to end,
because everything was just written in the way i wanted to see it.
it was seen in glasses of rose colored lens.
When James Arthur said :-

"I wanna Live with you .
Even when we're ghost
Cause you were always there for me
When I needed the most "

It reminded me of you
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