Chameleon 21h
He asked me to come over and he would make me dinner tonight.
I am trying my very best not to read into this, but it's very hard when he says,

"I'll light some candles, and make sure no one interrupts this time."

I'm also kind of making myself doubtful this will happen even though we set a time, he knows what he's going to make.. so it's a "date?"
I feel nervous, kind of sick to my stomach.
I've never really been able to eat around him, not very much anyway.
What if he's a bad cook and I have to pretend I like it?
What if he kisses me?
What if this will just become another memory that I replay over and over in my head 2 months from now.
Haleigh 4h
Almost asleep when my phone ticked;
'A notification,' it says.
Your name was there, you liked my photo.
And my stomach drowned in butterflies--
Scratch that--moths, surely they're moths.
Stronger, buzzier, like your power
To occupy and stay in my brain
With that single heart emoji beside your name.
Thinking that the double tap
Is as if you love me just the same.
Along the way, I lived in fear
But with you, everything seems so clear
Like a whale to the sea
You complete me
With the steps, I take you aren't far behind
Almost as if you control my mind
Your love is contagious like a cold
And for this, I will behold
A smile on my face every day
Hopefully, it will keep you at bay
A kiss keeps me awake
All of them I can never shake
This is in my head
While you lay in bed
i’m trying to see what you meant
-when you said she was our kind of beautiful.

our skin is the same, a pimple in the same place,
and the same hair and color.

but have you seen your eyes?
in mine they looked golden.
and then green.
and then yellow, brown and back to gold again.

i know you’ve felt my hair,
and it felt softer in your hands
-you made it beautiful.

the comb, the brush
and my only regret was i didn’t do yours.

i also remember this
-you said you liked this clip,
this dress.

well the dress is still hanging,
and you can be sure i’ll wear it,
next time.
I would like to get you to hear me out for a second.
Am I the type of guy that you could be down for?
Because every time I look at you I feel like we could be much more
and I am convinced you’re the type of girl I should make a move on.

I know it’s no secret to you, but it’s better if I tell you what’s going on.
I could be wrong, but I think inside your heart something as well is going on.
The more I’m with you the more I want to lead you on.
It’s become so clear that you have brought back what was gone.

I know no one strives in the world to be lonely.
We all search for that special someone to spend our lives with.
Maybe all you need is someone to make you feel you’re his everything,
if that’s the case, then I’m willing to make you my everything.

If you need someone you can trust, someone worthwhile your time,
then he’s the one standing right in front of your eyes.
I’ll dedicate all my love, make all my time your time.
I’ll try my best to forever stay by your side.

Because I want to be with you,
be part of everything you go through.
I want to be with you,
make you love me if you give me the chance to.
I want to be with you.
be part of everything related to you.
So, if you want to know if my feelings for you are true,
go back to the top and start reading everything I wrote to you.
Written on July 22, 2004
Composition number: 188
the other girls do strange things,
but they don’t mean it.
i can explain.

it's infuriating,
like the way my laptop won’t scroll.
i can’t read the comment section.

but it also kind of feels like the intro to a song
-the first flute, the first voice, the first breath of air.
the beginning of a story.

when you add that first swab of lipstick,
it has a voice like my crush:
sweetheart, you’re gonna be beautiful.

because sweetheart,
you are so much more than beautiful.

strange -i’ve never used the word sweetheart.
but it fits, because never have i ever,
never have i ever fallen.

i swear i didn’t plan this,
but i’ll dance to this music i’ve made.
it’s great music.

offbeat though, isn’t it?
because i think i’m dancing to another beat,
and wondering if you can do it too.

the other girls, they think you can’t dance,
but they don’t know anything about us.

honestly, you’re the only one of those girls,
the only one that exists.
i wish the others knew i was here for you.
Megan 1d
i think in colours
i only hear your voice
would i be yellow,
if it was your choice?

do you see me?
do you know my name?
my idiosyncracry
it’s making me deranged

if i was a instrument
would you play me?
it’s detriment
and ambivalency

your are strong
and i am weak,
i want to belong,
to your mystique
Never my second option
always wanted to be first
Swallowed my pride
over the years  kept my distance but still at arms reach if you needed me
if you wanted me
probably not
But still somehow you imprinted on my thoughts
Crushed always
every little conversation  is meaningful
though I might never get the chance
I can stay hopeful and if not now or then well
in another lifetime I guess
The serene silence resonates across the room
Depictions of creative minds coloured the walls
Her footsteps crawled across the revered tomb
As her mind drifts into the artists' realm

Little did she know that I glimpsed from behind
While she was deep in thought, I appraised her mind
And I questioned myself, "Is this fine?",
My emotions and amour slowly pushes pass this fine line
I have fallen for you
since the first time
we met.
Wanting to know
more about you
was the goal that
I set.

You caught me
off-guarded whenever
you would gaze at me;
I looked away quickly—-
Heart pounding but
feeling all giddy.

I want to get to know you more
but I know that I never will;
My flight leaves at seven—-
Can’t we make time stand still?

Even though I didn’t get to ask
for your name;
There’s this hope inside of me
that our feelings——
are the same.
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