mt 2h
talk to me look at me show me love.
like the white of my bed sheets, a sky full of doves
u have me feeling pure, nothing to get rid of
i’d like your words wrapped around me, something like a glove
ur name on my brain, ur eyes on my mind, you’re something i dont want to be deprived of
The tears
They never tell you
How many tears you will cry
Or how painful you heart will be.

You have hurt me
More than you could ever imagine
And I don't even think
You know that I like you.
The thing is my lungs
Are screaming for air
And the butterflies in my heart
Won't go away
And I like you
But that's not enough
Not ever enough for anyone
Oh it hurts
I had a dream.
An imaginary scene.
Unconsciously playing
Of what I may have seen.

But it was not what I had seemed.
In which he sat behind me, smiling.
Then tears rolled down on my cheeks.
Felt stopping him from leaving.

I looked down from where we are.
And found us walking in opposites.
He wrapped his hands around me,
Closer than ever at where he sits.

Comforted me with warm voice.
Realization came at last.
Half asleep-  half awake.
Stared at his eyes- indeed t'was him.

The guy I shouldn't have loved.
The guy who can't even be mine
Well, I've got no choice left now.
Should I stop hoping for the sign?
Some friends say we'd be great together
Chill and calm and cool
Some friends say we'd suck
I wonder which one if them is lying
Maybe we aren't supposed to be together
Autumn 1d
a stirring of gauges and cogs
winds up a smile
I stare out a greasy bus window
moments after our fingers quietly touched
the warmth of your skin revving back to life
this long dead machine
Toothpaste splattering
On the polished wood floor
I am just like this
Kaumudi 3d
Feel so excited by inside
Look so calm on outside
What's happening to me

Your entrance in the room
Drives away all my gloom
What a pleasant view to see

Oh please lock me in your love's cage
Cast your magic that will last irrespective of age
Let me be a bird trapped who still feels free.
Writing this for the sake of no one.
©2018, Love Locked by Kaumudi.
The truth is
I love talking to you
All day
I cling to every word
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