i like you so bad
but you won't let me
your head.

Mims 1d

I wanna be your friend so badly,
And do so many fun platonic things,

you found out someone called me out, and I'll admit you got kind of weirdly defensive for me.

Because it'll hurt so much worse if you think,
I told you from the start.
Please just listen to me,
I Care about you,
But don't get attached to me,
Not like that.

That isn't me.

What do you see? Please, lets be friends, platonic,

Right from the moment I met thee
You were someone special, I knew
Shall I be meant for thy destiny
I’ve never felt this from anyone but you

JG 2d

it took
1 person
to let
me know
that love

it took me
2 seconds
to fight back
and never believe it

it was
3 minutes before
12 midnight
when you dinged
our chat box
and that's
where it
all started

it took me
4 subjects
2 majoring classes
and 2 Prof Eds
just to hide
my phone
and continue
our endless
online banter

like the rest
of the world
never existed,
never mattered.

i had
5 lines
all flooding
our chat box
just to annoy
you out
you were so
yet you managed
to beat that number
causing a ruckus
over my crappy phone

it took me
6 different ways
on how to keep
the conversation alive
upon the
last seen chat

it took me
6 different girls
to think
that you are
spending their
company somehow

it took me
7 sighs and a poem
to finish the thought
that my heart
is breaking
and the tears
overflow now

have i really
done something

or am i all experiencing
this one sided love
in the first place?

my heart breaks
and I badly regretted
the decision i made

how i wished
i didn't do it
to let it stay
what it was before

but this stupid heart
falls so deep
my eyes fail
and the tears go

help me out,
cure me in.
before i go insane

insane because you
damn exist.


tell it sooner, you'll regret it like what I did. (and oh, he still has the last seen)
Ella 2d

They drew tiny sketches

On eachother journals

Ignoring the video

In my 8th period spanish class

No words where even spoken between them

Just side eye glances and smiles

I gave then disappointing glares

To get back to the lesson

They rolled their eyes

And got back to the notes

Who would guess

Such a small moment

Would be the last they had together

Before the man in a mask walked in

And stole their childhood

With the pull of a trigger

Maybe if I had known

I would have let him keep making her laugh

For her last time

some people wont understand but some poeple will.

once you graduate high school
you see people for who they
really are

people change and
sometimes not for the better

your best friend is now your
worst enemy
the person who intimidated you
is now one of your friends
the boy you had a crush on
is now irrelevant

some people enter high school
with tons of friends
and leave with a few friends

others enter high school
with a few friends
and leave with none at all

- my high school experience

my high school experience in a poem
C531 Aug 31

You wipe the tears you've bestowed on her beautiful face.

You're bare and honest.

You expose yourself to her reveal your heart and dont give a fuck what anyone thinks.

You say, "I was wrong. I'm a mess without you."

You caress the heart you left wounded and jaded. You're words hold truth backed behind evidence and action.

You tell her about the nights you lay awake with her face permantely stained inside your brain.

Tell her it was hell without her, and that seeing her green eyes again is the first real sign of heaven youve seen in months.

Tell her how much of a fool you really were to ever let her go... And howd youd walk through fire for the rest of your days just to be beside her.

And lastly, tell her youre world would never be complete without her in it.

If you can picture your life without the person you say you love then let go and move on. But if you try and picture your life without them in it and you dont feel a pit of emptiness then its not love... Not true love anyway.

Everything is good
The sun is shinning
But the wind breaks the heat

I walk and shiver
I see the grass is greening
Except for one yellow blade

Looking out past
The people walk calmy, but quick
Right past a homeless mans feet

Giving him my shoes
I walked along looking back
To see him trade them for a hat

Barefoot now
I walked along an even surface
Even though it was graveled

Walking quick and light
With two young fresh legs
I splashed through a puddle

Bathing in the warmth
I let it soak into my skin
However quickly it became cold

Then I spotted her
My friend from across the field
Just a friend...

Its good... just good

At first I thought you were just a friend
Then we touched
A friendly way--
This happened every day
Then one day you held on--
Would you hold on if I was yours?
And you were mine?
I see you in the halls,
and sometimes you say hi,
or sometimes don't notice me.
Your three years my senior,
and we see each other almost every day.
Inside and outside of school,
if only we could have time alone, to talk, to pretend I am home,
in your arms.
So I'll keep holding on,
to your hand,
until I know for sure.
This is the ends

I bet you will smile.
after this next sentence, you'll see.
That this was about you

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