I’m nervous to be with you,
Little fireworks dancing in my stomach.

I’m nervous to speak to you,
Afraid that I’ll end up speaking in a different language.

I’m nervous to hear you,
Something so foreign yet so familiar in my dreams.

I’m nervous to smell you,
Will you smell more like the cappucino you swirl in your cup each morning
Or more like the panettone you help your mamma make on Sunday’s?

I’m nervous to look at your eyes,
To see those beautiful chocolate brown occhi stupendi stare right back into mine,
Little do you know I’m swimming them.

I’m nervous to see those perfect lips,
Lips that I would drink in like the red wine I swallowed like a pill,
To try to forget about you.

I’m nervous to see your face,
A face that I would recognize with my hands if I were ever blindfolded.

I’m nervous to touch you,
Even the slightest brush of hands would make my body tingle.

I'm nervous for you,
what will you think of me?
Obscrea 17h
I write poems whenever
I'm in love so please,
Don't ever pull me out
Of this misery

Because I'll be writing
Endlessly for days
With pencil and paper
Making beautiful poetry.
Obscrea 17h
Some boys don't
Even know what
They do to me-

And I pray that
I'll never escape
This ecstasy.
Obscrea 17h
You are the reason
Why I am up so late,
I think about you
Too often-
Yet not enough.
Obscrea 17h
You looked at me
And I smiled.
If only we knew,
What we felt.
Amanda 19h
I’ve noticed the way you look at me,
Across the room we lock eyes,
We smile,
And then usually someone comes along and our attention is redirected.
You wish me a good morning every single morning,
I can see you trying to hide your excitement to see me.
Can I tell you a secret?
I’m excited too.
But alas, you have a girlfriend.
Of course you have told me about her,
&& Of course all of her faults,
Trying to pretend she doesn’t exist
For the brief moments we spend with each other.
Your friend,
Or should I say HER friend,
Can feel the electricity between us,
So he puts himself between us any chance he can.
It’s what a good friend would do after all.
We laugh and I tell you all my crazy tales,
And I can see the twinkle in your eyes,
Wondering what it would be like to love
A soul as wild as mine.
But every night you go back
To the safe cocoon she has created,
But I can see the fire in your eyes,
Wanting to break free
Of the hole you have created you call a home.
We could be a thing,
I have let my thoughts wander
To think of the stories that could be written,
But I can tell you aren’t brave enough
To break free of the quiet life
Of societal expectations of what you should do.
So I’ll take your quiet stares, the compliments you whisper,
The times you race to ensure we share brief moments together on our coffee breaks.
And have a quiet satisfaction knowing
That when you kiss her lips,
All you can taste is mine.
my fluttering heart, it sings.
the morning song of spring.

my skin it aches and burns,
for your touch alone it yearns.

your gaze melts me here,
your eyes look into mine, sincere.

my love is still new,
my soul only wishes for you.
wowowowow this sucks, god, my rhymes are so cheesy it's actually cringe worthy
Robert 1d
it was a day when my eyes
didn’t know what to do
they travelled across the room
until they met you
that’s when they stopped
you came into view
my pupils expanded
my brain suddenly knew
just what it wanted to do
zeebee 2d
it's one am
i'm still thinking of you
my bones have so many words
but not enough letters

your fingers twine with mine
two sources of warmth,
one bright
one tired
both touching the other,
red and blue light make
the prettiest of twilight purples

steady, solid,
you're still here
you've stayed,
you don't know
how much that scares me
because no one else has
the same way you have

i'm still drawn to your smile
i'm still a flower to your sunlight
i'm still yours to hold
so please, please hold me
finals ate me, and they haven't even started
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