Where are you?
Tell me you hear me
Show me your location
And let’s fast forward to that beautiful occasion
Relieving destiny of her duty
Merging as one
As we obstruct the balance of molecules in the universe
Taking our ordained position in this world
Listening to only our words
Losing touch with everything except each other
Making the carbon bonds in diamonds jealous of our union
Letting them watch from your finger
As we spend eternity together
Where are you?
If you can hear me
Show me

If I were asked to choose a side
There's no doubt in my mind
No matter the circumstances of any situation
I am absolutely, positively sure,
without hesitation
That for the remaining days of my life
After death and beyond eternity's time
I would, I will, I do
Forever pick you

i'd never wish to undo whatever it was we had
because while you may not have shown me
what i was hoping to find through our friendship,
you taught me
who not to be
and what not to say
and how you should never tear someone's heart in two,
no matter how appealing
because letting someone cling on to you
while you leave them behind
or forget about them for a day
has a much bigger impact on their soul
than you'll ever know

you do know
like i did,
and now as someone's heart
lays beaten and battered
in the palm of my hand
i have to stop myself
from picking it up and twirling it
around between my fingers
out of curiosity
because i know nothing good
can come from playing with someone's heart

it was more than just a game to me
but most certainly not to you

i just wish i'd learned that sooner

run while you still have half a heart
he'll beat your soul black and blue
till you're crying and begging for more
'cause that's the only time he gives you his attention

his dark hair and light eyes
are only cruelty
hidden beneath a cheap disguise

girl, you're gonna waste so much of your time on him
thinking his world revolves around you
when in reality you're not bright enough in his eyes to be a star
you're a rocky comet with an icy center, only passing through

When She gets ready
She always thinks
'Will He like this? '
Before She puts on
The day's outfit.

In math class
She imagines him
Sitting next to her
Laughing that cute laugh
That She absolutely adores
So She can get
Through the period.

When She lies in bed
She can't ever sleep
Without imagining him
Wrapping his arms around her
Whispering how beautiful
He thinks She really is.

But when He passes her
In the halls,
He sees her as another girl
Blushing in his direction
as He turns his attention
to someone else.
The beautiful, blond skinny girl
With all that confidence and all that perfection
Who can never be with him,
Never hold him at night,
Never love him
The same way
The shy girl
With glasses can.

i'm shy of your eyes
i live in the wondering shade, i see
you where things are more than ordinary
i'm where flowers refuse to die in ugly vases
and beautiful is not the only but the most.  you
where the hope of loving is a candle flame
flickering delicately.  me
where secrets admire.

like Humpty Dumpty
she also fell
crushed and all broken

Depressing thoughts~
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