The fragrance of love lingers in the air
like the scent of white jasmine
like the fragrance of rain soaked earth
whisked by a summer wind.

It stays day and night in the mind
like incense,
in thoughts,  it spreads
forever the scent of roses
forever a scent in red

It fills the senses like heady ittar
though but a dab on the skin
in what is felt and touched -
makes the senses spin

It lingers forever in the heart
a fragrant melody, one so true
forever it sings and plays
a song of love
and you

Angie S 19h

A shell on the beach
shines with brilliance against the sand
it holds all the colors of the world
in every beautiful band on its surface
and inside, it echoes the rolling ocean
whose song its always lived beside

But the rain batters the innocent coast
and cruel winds scramble its peace,
boasting its power over that
brilliant little shell

Its surface dulls in the storm
and its smooth colorful form becomes distorted with cracks
all its hues, it wishes were subdued
it wishes it could hide under the cold sand forever
and inside,
the ocean is still

i wrote this one in music theory today! i probably should have been focusing on the lecture but for poetry it's excusable.

the shell on the beach has stories that you cannot hear,
no matter how closely you listen
Kon Grin 20h

I have said the words of bitter truth
Lips been sailing in her love but now they're kissing dust, Fate
Is eloquent but she'll learn
All the brighter days that she is yet to earn

Holy days and bank of stone walls
Has a human filmed a colour like the queen's before. Tell,
Will Me ever have this saint
Ci-ne-ma-tic love affair
Will we fruit again

Two o'clock
The door is shut
What a fool ignoring knock on her back door. So hot
Me felt, you felt,
In our wineful breath
Sixty times been chewing rhymes
Enslaving our rest

Let. Out. The. Sigh.
Let. It. Flow. Wide.
Over horizon over moon hanging high
Let. Out. All. My

ML 1d

Who knew
comfort was in the shape
of sweaty palms
and lullabies?

We took this trip
                 across the universe.
                                 Walking on sunshine,
                                        Black Hole Sun.
     What I am is what I am.
Carry on, my wayward son.
Hey, Jude,
                    Dear Prudence,
                 Johnny was a school boy
           when he heard his first Beatles song.
              Rag doll living in a city.
                        Living on a prayer.
             Your love is like a prayer.
Just beat it,
           beat it,  
          beat it.
Hit me with
your best shot.
I'm hot blooded,
hot blooded,
fire away.
                I want to fly like an eagle.
Come sail away,
                Come sail away with me.
     Bermuda, Jamaica,
             Ooh, I wanna take you.
In the shadow
of the moon,
Terrapin Station...
Oh, black Betty...
She's a brick house.
She has me like
a Pisces always will.
I'm a simple
kind of man.
I will be the flame,
an eternal flame.
                How can you sleep while
                           your bed is burning?
                   Burning down the house.
Little Pink Houses for you and me.
Don't speak.
I got a fast car.
Losing my religion.
Blinded by the light.
Hungry like a wolf,
I want to dance
with someone.
Purple rain.
Purple Rain.
by the
Kick start my heart.
I love rock and roll.
Put another dime in the
jukebox hero.
He sure played
a mean pinball.
Bye, bye
Miss American Pie.
Time after time,
I wish you were here.
Kristy, are you doing okay?
Shine on, you crazy diamond.


This fun write is  in part inspired by Howard Hilde's most recent poem with several references to Beatles and Nirvana songs in it. I decided to write a poem with only song lyrics, no extras.
Thanks for reading! K:)

I've been trapped inside a memory
and I can't see
what's in front of me

Taking steps backward into my past
thinking it won't last
but I'm gone too fast

and I'm losing track of all my tracks
I'm going back
I'm going back

and I'm losing track of all my tracks
I'm going back

And I don't wanna know tomorrow
And I don't wanna see tomorrow

Taking scoops out of my brain
I'm going inane
From too much pain

Wish I could erase all my mistakes
But it's too late
Oh, it's too late

Don't know how much more I can take
When I'm awake
When I'm awake

Don't know how much more I can take
When I'm awake

And I don't wanna know tomorrow
And I don't wanna see tomorrow

It's too late for me
But please don't cry
It's too late you see
But please don't
It's too late for me
Please don't cry

And I don't wanna know tomorrow
And I don't wanna see tomorrow

The first time I met the Devil was at a college dorm party,
She had been sent to this world, and that dorm just to harm me.
Deceiving little witch. Shorter than expected,
About 5'3, she was surprised by my history.
Dark eyes, weird laugh, long hair,
Large hips, a small waist and soft stare.
She said "I like him for the simple fact that we connect.
I like him because he's another person to infect."

A tribute to both my baby's mom, and Atmosphere's song "Modern Man's Hustle"

Keep her warm
and hold her tight
She sweetly stares and say,
"I love you, my love, I do"

As he pressed his lips to hers
His heart embraces hers
He knew he loves her dearly

When their fingers intertwined
The worlds collide as one,
A garden of roses, blooming.

And as they both whisper,
"Heaven's in your arms."
Everything seems to be worthy of a love song
"Keep each hearts, play this song
In life that sweetly grows—
like a life of a rose"

Sun 5d

I feel you in my favorite songs
I meet you in the sidewalks
people passing by
holding hands

I see you
      in moonbeam’s shine
         I miss you in the
           dawn's sunrise

I dance with you
under the silver glow of moon
You are the lyrical poetry
spellbind all of me

Your eyes are so wonderfully wild
I love to get lost with all of my mind
You make me smile
with the touch of endless hope

I embrace my
      empty yet placid thoughts
        with the colors of sunsets
             Idiosyncrasies match
On the roads
        Standing with the
               pounding heart    
                    for the cherished

                             ­ Dawn to Dusk

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