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Are you coming to the meadow
where the grass is green?
Are you coming to the meadow
to play with me?

Are you coming to the meadow,
or are you still dying?
Are you coming to the meadow,
or should I start crying?

Are you coming to the meadow,
will I see you again?
Are you coming to the meadow,
will you bring your pen?

Are you coming to the meadow,
will we write our stories?
Are you coming to the meadow,
will we share our glories?
amme 1d
I've been beaten, I've been bruised.
I've been loved and I've been used
But through it all I kept my head held high.
Looking for the bright side
But every time it seems to show,
I'm too scared of letting go!
So I run and I hide.
All these feelings inside.

It's time to break the pattern,
And let them see.
All the beauty within me!

Gotta let go,
Gotta let me know
This isn't me.
You know I try to
Let loose
But what happens when they see
The real me.

I'm no good at rejection
So I never aim too high.
Scared of my own reflection
Am I losing my mind.

No this can't be it
This isn't life
Got to get off this ride.
A beautiful song written in a couple of minutes by a good friend of mine "JustLulle". She did not want to show this to anyone but finally gave me permission to post this here. She does not like attention or anything like that but I told her this is too good not to be shown to the public. All credits go to her!
Under the garment of winter,
I see sunshine,
new dawn,
tulip flowers,
melody birds,
and a hint of spring breezes.

waiting to be awakened by
an act of kindness,
a murmur of prayer,
an innovative idea,
the song of life,
and the whisper of love.

Hussein Dekmak

i heard that song,
and saw where my heart went
and knew i had fallen for you
I'm from a down town, -bigga'
flashin' 'rolls-to-kicks' slicka'
Imma' down town bigga'
Bricks o' cash frame my figure
here I come, son, -bigga'
I'm a down town bigga'

Don't call me,
Don't call me a *****'

From a down town, -bigga'
I'm pound-for-pound bigger
Boy! Watch for my trigger,
Imma' down town bigga'
. . .from a down town Skrigga'
Living penthouse bigga.'

Don't call me,
Don't call me a *****'

I'm from a down town bigga'
living penthouse Skrigga'
Imma' down town bigga'
flashing 'rolls-to-kicks' slicka'
Bricks o' cash frame my figure,
I'm a down town bigga'

Don't call me,
Don't call me a *****'

Staring at me 'cause I'm bigga'
Don't call me,
Don't call me a *****'
I went
to the mountains
for my soul.

Found a
place to worship
like those storied
days of old.

A storm came
pulled me up,
threw me back
in bitter cold.

Talked to Jesus
asked forgiveness,
found redemption
heart grew bold.

When you need him
he will be there
like the good book
always told.

I went
to the mountains
I was searching
for my soul.
Your favourite song, I yesterday listened to,
The lyrics passed by,
And I didn't remember you.
The melody was synchronised with my laughs,
Even though, you said, the song represents,
The pain you've been through.
I didn't remember your talks,
I didn't remember your cries,
My pain won't be watered with tears,
The season of blooming is to end.

Instead of holding your hand,
I held my sorrows.
Instead of feeling love,
I felt you killing me with your arrows.
Instead in living in our dreams,
I lived in endless hallows.
Instead of having you,
I had, only shadows.
There's a feeling deep inside of me,
Something tells me I should be ashamed.
I can't shake what's gotten hold of me.
It's a thing that won't be tamed.

Oh, and I know, I know I know
Rationality has gone astray.
My greatest gift is that I love her,
Even though she's gone away.

Midnight is just another time that I consider
Just how blessed I truly am.
Not everybody gets to know
The love I feel for that gone ma'am.

Can you tell me of another love
Story quite as true and quite as blue?
I really don't think, don't think you can,
My man.
The woman I love has gone with you.

Well, you know I love that woman,
Even though, even though she ain't no good.
She's gonna put you through some rhythms.
Then, she's gonna but you through some blues.

I won't deny the pretty pain,
Because I'd take her back, I tell you true.
She's gonna put you through some rhythms.
Then, she's gonna put you through some blues.
Good ol southern rhythm and blues.
I jotted it in one sitting in about 15 minutes after a groovy ride home which closed out an amazing week-end that I don't think even a broken heart could shade.
cupid 4d
you know when a song starts or an ensemble starts to play and as the first notes ring out and there’s a moment where everything slows and suddenly everything is consumed by music and the feeling that music is conveying

you know when the last measure of something sad plays out and you can feel the melancholia of it fade but you still feel the last vibrations of the song running across your skin and through your body and mind

really i'm asking if you know those moments in a song where nothing exists but that song everything but the music ceases to exist and then when that all ends you don't know what to do
he is the kind of song that makes everything dissapear, those are powerful and bittersweet miracles
excerts from estranged love letters 2
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