If I had 88 keys in my life
I could show you my world
Full of rain and sunshine

Let you feel my feelings
Flow with you through the river
And be toghter like black and white keys

But i can´t

My 55 keys wasnt enogh
To reach my song
Through your ear
To your heart

But I still love
To play with my keys.
‪As I ‬
‪lie on ‬
‪the ‬
‪shore, ‬
‪with a ‬
‪cup of ‬
‪milky ‬
‪coffee ‬
‪and a‬
‪paper ‬
‪notebook, ‬
‪I begin ‬
‪to write, ‬
‪I am no ‬
‪different ‬
‪than the ‬
‪words ‬
‪flowing ‬
‪as rivers, ‬
‪for poetry ‬
‪is the ‬
‪ocean ‬
‪of my ‬
‪heart ‬
‪coming ‬
‪in waves, ‬
‪asking the ‬
‪reader to ‬
‪open ‬
‪themselves ‬
‪to healing, ‬
‪when truly, ‬
‪I am a drop ‬
‪within the ‬
‪universe ‬
‪of my ‬
‪everything ‬
‪and all, ‬
‪the lover ‬
‪of my words ‬
‪and the ‬
‪song of ‬
‪my soul.‬
You are a beautiful song
Beauty enough to turn me on
Forever you make me strong
With your flawless melodic tone.

You are my favorite song
I keep in my heart and singing
To this hard life as stone
We better live before we're gone.

You are my cradlesong
Soothing me as I lie down.

You are that metallic song
With fine drawing body of verses
I dare to keep you long
With those tenacious, beguiling chorus.

You are my song
I constantly reiterating
Only glancing at you
I don't need playlist on you.
any thought of you
consumes me
you're my ultimate
goal to achieve

i'd let go of
everything else in
a moment if it meant
you'd be with me

your green eyes
are my green light
i'll be searching for
the rest of my life

'cause without you
there to live out
our dreams, our dreams
won't look quite right
at night
I dip my feet into a dream,
run my fingers through
its cool, liquid song
I feel nothing,
see everything
as it seeps into my skin,
flows through my veins,
cuts into my bones,
opens up my heart,
healing my wounds
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
Time and again the sun
been through the black box
and comes out of the dark night
absolutely smelling of roses.

Ah, the dreaming firstlight!
Stunned roses lost for words
every bird wakes up singing a song
but the breakthrough sun won't stop!

The grey twilight is a sigh
the sun vanishes away.

Saves every drop of colour
as if it hasn't got a clue
its far from the shades of the blue.

Deep into the dark black night
the light of the day goes unseen.
There is a sea within!
Wish, if only it can colour in.
Love is a force
you cannot escape,
just accept it and feel it.
You deserve it each day.
It's OK to love, don't be afraid to love it's a part of who you are.
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
Touch me not
I am not up for grab
I am everyone's dream
I am happy as it’s
sing me not your lullabies!

Live with me not
I am not for good
time with me is
gone so quick.
Before the cloud
rains down singing
and one response to a tweet.
Then why complain
without happy me
nothing is groovy.

Come to me not
I am not
first come first serve.
But when I come
happy me is spot on
everyone’s rose!

I belong to no one
get me for a song
but in no time
I could be gone.
Then why no one
forgets me not?
Impzz 3d
We all have a little tick
a little something that always sticks
and your mouth it moves like clockwork
...since birth
countdown days on each finger
our days they are numbered and
outside the mirror ages you
but the face inside it still portrays you now

lose yourself and find it again

if you listen to the wind
you will find yourself within it
and as the night approaches dawn
your mind is here but your bodies gone
countdown days on each finger
our days they are numbered and
outside the mirror ages you
but the face inside it still portrays you now
Impzz 3d
Iceberg inside of my heart
winter storm inside myself
clouds pass through my eyes
feel them evaporate in my head

Ive got a numbskull
a numbskull
thats what you said

Playing a game of cards against yourself
the dealer is the joker too
and if the kings the one who wears the crown
then what does that make you?

A Numbskull
Ive got a numbskull
thats what you said

Write in my will "Numbskull"

Anesthesia in my brain
at the bottom of a fishtank
a decoration in the waters from where we used to drink
you stare deep within
see a reflection of your skin
and a numbskull staring back at you with a wide eyed childlike grin
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