Angie S 1d

many people have told me
my name is beautiful
i never truly understood that
until you said it for the first time

in that moment my name left your lips
i think i fell in love
somehow in your voice
every phoneme sounded like a song
that i wanted to hear on repeat

if i said your name aloud,
would you think the same, i wonder?
i practiced a few times in the car
a few times in the mirror before bed
and in the morning before school too

my voice does not hold your name
quite as smoothly, as naturally,
as yours holds mine
but i hope you don't mind that
i hope that you come to love that
just as i have come
to love your name

today i thought so much of names! memorizing names in history, learning names at work, thinking of a name... ahaha is this written for someone? the world may never know.

i practiced a few times in my dreams, too
Blois 1d

Trying to beat the heart in the head. I am
trying to find the place I left, that I loose,
when I sat out to come and find myself.
Blame it all on me, it's a natural conclusion.

Felt good, heard fine, while I was going,
it felt so easy and quick, lines where crossed.
To be a broken somebody, somebody else,
more than you care and less than you know.

The girl that I knew under the trees
has also left and in her flight she took
the gift and the time, the love song,
the moon the boy was looking in her eyes.

And I don't know if I can do it anymore,
go back out through the windows, back to
the milky swirl of stars, again start.
I don't wanna talk about it but I'm saying it.

Overall, this is about everything and it's not.
This is not a sad face, a broken poem, a peakhole
into and angry soul, if you can understand,
the words are carefully arranged.

I'm fine thank you, and you? How much time,
tell me, do you think you can stay, I'll sleep
in you. You are, some say, the monster under my bed,
you are, i'd say, the reason I can breath.

I'm doing it again, materializing, I am
halfway there to cross another window. This is it,
I wanna talk about it but I'm not saying it,
would you meet me halfway there?

The places are adorned with light,
The shops, cafes and more so bright,
While she's dressed up in pink and white,
At this gleaming plaza tonight.

After the chilly times of noon,
Up in the sky there shines the moon,
With clouds of dust who stars have strewn,
At this gleaming plaza tonight.

While walking in the chilly air,
The wind fondles her hazel hair,
Who makes her looks so fly and fair,
At this gleaming plaza tonight.

Delights and fun lie in this mall,
From sweets to smiles, you'll find them all,
In tones of smooth and soft pastel,
At this gleaming plaza tonight.

Where should I be after my days,
Other than walking in this place,
Accompanied by this sweet face?
At this gleaming plaza tonight.

What is it, though?
Why do you smile and pierce my heart with the sweetest dagger?
Why do you sing looking down at your hands, fondling the keys, or with your eyes closed?
Just look at me; let me enjoy this moment with an awkward glance back and forth
Let me know I exist
But most importantly, say yes.

Sanny 3d

Beer cans all over the place.

Sad songs in the background, to provoke me.

To help me feel.

Please help me feel..

i look for you in
the center of
the sun

but it sets
before i
can truly
find you

based off of “find you” by nick jonas
Blake 3d

Dreaming jellyfish
Sing their song
And sleep on the gentle shore
And long through the night
With their glittering light
They sing their songs evermore
Their song echoes out
Without volume or shout
In the colors that hang in they sky
Their voices bound
To a silent sound
Then drift to the heavens up high

Oculi 4d

Her name was Suha
I'm not like Suha
I wish I wasn't like her at all
Dear God, I hate myself, let me fall
Why has this world cursed me so, oh, let me die

Suha told me it was okay
She told me there is a way
Why do I not believe her at all
Why do I think she's so wrong, let me fall
I'm old enough to want to leave so just let me die

I hate my body
I hate my personality
Why do I have to be like her all in all
Why was I born to be Suha, let me fall
I'm breaking my wings and jumping, just let me die

I am nobody
And love doesn't want me
Why is this fretless guitar of mine my all
It can't play any notes, just let me fall
My music will sound off in your head, just let me die

Hold me with pride.
Keep me with passion.
There's no need to cry,
But I'm not leaving in any ordinary fashion.

Release me with sorrow.
Allow me to be who I am.
I might see you tomorrow,
But if you're not okay with it, I am.

My hands got tired of holding on.
My nails ripped through your flesh.
You can go listen to a sad song
Because I sacrificed it all to hang on.

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