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We give a little bit
then before long
she hears your song
telling you place

to fare belonging
to wear those longings
on your shoulders

now you'll find (you'll find, you'll find harmony)
who shares your carry
pray that you embrace them
pray that you don't waste them

give that give that give that (harmony)
give that place love
give that all that you got
love it all
embrace your falls
you're not lonely because
I see you here
Scribbles found in notebook, remembering it as an impulsive mind-dump. Found myself impressed by this reflection, as it was found later during a hardship and now finding them comforting.
max 1d
I'm such a ******* mess but you love me anyway,
I ****** up that line,
let me try one more time

I'm such a ******* mess but that's okay cause you love me anyway,

Don't you love the way my hair is messy? Don't you love how I don't care about how I dress,
when I go outside?
Your pajama pants on,
death wish coffee,
in these broken down hands
of mine,
I know I say I'm fine,
but I'm-

I'm such a ******* mess but that's okay
cause you love me anyway,
I'll ruin my body with these drugs,
these pills I take like candy and this ****, smoke fills my lungs

I try to cope,
this **** I write,
still, the thought of death
keeps me up at night,
along with you and I,
so I'll go outside and ignore it all,
from my pocket a cigarette will fall,
onto my lips,
one hit, one hit

I'm such a ******* mess but you still love me,
Don't you love all my flaws and the way I cry at night?
What a sad sight,
Babe, I know im a mess but
I swear, I promise
I'm trying to pick up my life,
and make things right,
and make things nice

I'll get my **** together,
I'm sorry I'm always under the weather,
I can't promise I'll get better,
but I can promise that I'll try,
I'm sorry I'm a mess,
a ****** up cluster,
so worthless,
I'm sorry I'm useless

Your love is the only thing
keeping me held together,
since this glue has long flaked off,
soon after it dried,
my hands are tied,
to the pain inside,
I'll figure out how to break free from these chains,
made my brain fried,
but for now, please just look into my puffy eyes,
and tell me I'm fine

I'm such a ******* mess,
I'm sorry,
I'm such a ******* mess
I'm such a ******* mess but that's okay cause you love me anyway,
Its just called "I'm such a effing mess" it's dumb
I'm tired now, night
Seems like a lifetime ago.
Or maybe yesterday.
When I think of you,
time stands still.

Oh, how I wish
I could tell you
just how I felt.
Those days when
you held my hand
would stop my heart.

I know I was silent
'cause I just couldn't speak.
Now I have my voice,
and it's only you I seek.

You were older, wiser,
bigger, braver.
You were everything to me
and more.

Oh, how I wish
you spoke when
you had the chance.
Those days when
you smiled at me
would light the stars.

I know I was silent
'cause I just couldn't speak.
Now I have my voice,
and it's only you I seek.

Too late.
That's all I hear,
it's too late.
You're a million miles away.
It was just fate
that said you'd be
a memory.

I know I was silent
'cause I just couldn't speak.
Now I have my voice,
and it's only you I seek.

It's only you I seek.
as twilight set in
crickets began chorusing
a sameness of song
in their nature its innate
to be well synchronized
awoken by a bleak morning
as the fog came bellowing in
i opened up my window
so i could hear the blackbirds sing

I longed to hear their song
it used to be so nice
the sun used to glisten through the window
the air cold and crisp like ice

since the people i loved dearly
all left me one by one
the sun no longer shined and
the blackbirds no longer sung

i cried out in despair
"Just sing me one last song"
but the fog had scared the blackbirds
and now they as well had gone

One day i hope to wake up
to the sun beaming through the blinds
and hear the blackbirds singing
and a warmer feeling inside

until that day arrives
im left here on my own
ill sing the melancholy song
and hide underneath my throws
not everyday will be bad, one day the blackbirds will return for us all
Akriti 3d
Sat in my old creaky chair,
struggling to reach the window to the center right,
a solid transparent glass unlatched,
which choked the life out of me.
A red vibrant sky,
smudged with desire and disgust.
A fairly fast flowing surface wind,
gushing into my face,
whispering in my ears,
the songs and spells of emancipation,
teaching my untamed hair,
the moves of joy.
You think I am being too dramatic?
I don't care.
Your words were like a beautiful song, yet your silence was like a sacred prayer.

Hussein Dekmak
Ry 3d
On the plane ride there;
The same song came on repeat every 3
or 4 songs out of a 6 hour long playlist.

In my head I thought;
This is a message isn’t it?

Then the song started singing my future events

At 3:30am one month later;
I find myself laughing to it on repeat.

Sacha 5d
He heared our song
Please forgive me
I couldn't stop it in time

He didnt even know
You were on my mind
But i could feel it

He even said that it was good
My heart broke into pieces

I didnt mean to share with him
A moment that was just ours
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