I was announced
By flying crows
And there was blood
In the new white snow
Heavy hands
Deliberate and slow
Around my neck
In the new white snow
I was left alive
But never whole
Twisting through the wind
In the devil’s bowl

Alec 12h

I need to write
Because I'm still awake
And everything feels fake.
I'm stuck in my fantasies
Unable to figure out reality
I can't seem to sleep,
I'm waiting for the rest I seek.
I am trapped in my mind
It's as though my soul has been signed.
To whom I do not know,
I only know that to dreamland I do not go.
I am stuck
Seemingly out of luck
True is false, false is true
Moon is day, Sun is night
Sky is down, Earth is up
Me is I, but I? am not me.
I write
For I cannot dream.
I scream
For I cannot shut my eyes, I am forced to see.
Why am I not fatigued?
I was tired only a moment ago,
When did that leave?
Why is my sleepiness low?
What is missing that causes me to stay awake?
What ails me so that the road to sleep I cannot take?
I know not.
I simply write,
And hope that reality is not fake.

Wejdan 17h

Like a person who got blind
everything slowly fades away
in my dreams

I could never forget the way you stared at me, and I'll always feel suffocated when I hear you in the breeze.

Time lapse of
sublimation of melodies,
blurred caffeinated visions,
the smell of breeze,
with a tinge of petrichor,
cold wet grass,
the bare feet,
an impulse strikes the heart,
capillaries dosed
with sugary love,
eyelids popping,
turning like red sprinkles
of kesar,
in a cold icy lake,

this never-ending dream,
defeats an unpredictable life,
or maybe we are dreaming only,
unable to see the tombstone
of reality,

waiting to wake up,
away from the monotony,
from barren heartless lands,
to ourselves,
to create,
a life destined to
eclipse these dreams.

Oh bubble bath..
I look forward to you every night..
My escape..
From the world..
From my worries..
From unpaid bills..
From all the unkind..
I look forward to melting away in..
My one special place..
My safe haven...

I look forward to the warmth of the water..
My nakedness..
Engulfing the steam and heat..
All at once..
The candles a glow..
That radiates the smell of lavender..
Filling my nose..
Soothing me..

I look forward to sinking down into the water..
As the world around me finally..
Becomes silent..
I look forward to closing my eyes..
Drifting away into a day dream..
Where I'm lying on a tropical beach..
The sun is just setting..
My faceless lover kneels down and surprises me with a kiss..
Carries me off into the sunset..
Into a bunglow a top the tropical sea..
Where we make the greatest love..
Two people in love can make..
Drowning in each others passion...

And when I open my eyes..
I'm happy in this moment..
If only in my bath tub..
Filled with bubbles and sappy day dreams.

My mind is mine,
at least I think it is,
but my body honestly,
I’m not so sure,

see I left home,
a runaway,
and most of my past,
is totally blurred,

sometimes I look at my hands,
and think they’re not mine,
sometimes I see my parents,
and think they’re not mine,

and I feel trapped in here,
like a Ghost in a shell,
and the only way I know to get these messages to you,
is through these letters I spell,

like a message in a bottle,
sent by First Class Mail,
letters messages bottles,
it’s all adding up as far as I can tell,

and I’d explain it all,
but I don’t want to get too specific,
it’s not that I’m scared I’m just not sure,
which side I’m on and to which alliance I’ve enlisted,

so I continue to just write in code,
to spell sentences with these letters,
ABC’s are my 1’s and 0’s,
because I program Emotionalist,

and that’s Emotionalist,
not Emotionless,
there’s a difference,
please make a note of it,

here we go again,
for worse or for better,

they made me a weapon,
but not the kind that kills,
they taught me how to destroy,
by teaching me how to build,

see whenever I feel anxious,
and people tell me to chill,
I tell my self to behave,
because it’s just the Ghost in my shell,

see my mind is mine,
at least I think it is,
but my body honestly,
I’m not so sure…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

We wear stained jeans
Blood red
Our hearts are made of metal,
oh, well, oh, well
Our brains are made of glass,
mad, yes, mad, yes
And for eyes we have black holes instead
What a curse, always wrong
Sought by savages among us,
They rip out our golden teeth,
sing, pretty
sing, pretty pretty little bird
They cut out our silver tongues,
oh, speak, bright angel
I thought you called my name
What a curse, always right
Sometimes the pools of tears are all we find
I'm not ready for the knife

We see trouble straight
Glass eyes
Our fists are made of bone
Oh, shit, oh, shit
Our souls made out of paper
Sad, yes, sad, yes
Sent by death, the living seek us
What a curse, telling only truths
Can you hear us coming?
Crawl inside a jungle bed
Mad dreams make life deadly
I want you to think about my head
Mad dreams made life deadly
What did we put in them again
We remember tomorrow but we prefer to
All go back to bed and sink into the past instead
What a curse, telling only lies
Shadows are all we ever came here to find
I already told you twice

We chose this life
Devil's souls
Our fears are made of roses
Why, then, why then,
Our lungs are made of ash
Dark, yes, dark, yes
And now our minds will never grow old
What a curse, oh never mind
Fight back emotion win the prize
They show us our failures,
pray, sinner
pray, sinner sinner of the lord
They tell us our reputation,
oh, stand, little bully
I thought you called me weak
What a curse, good luck next time
Blinding bright light is what we will find
We've never been wrong before

We are weird creatures,
Made to stumble in our own feet.
Struggling to stay in our own path,
We float on dreams that will never be realised…

We kill each other and love each other.
We hope to feel something real,
And yet we hide our true feelings
Like the weird creatures we are.

Humans are weird

Because of it all
Not in spite of it all
Take the step
Palms softly open
Heart trembling but willing
The gentle, truthful tremor of not knowing
I do not know
I do not know
I love
But I do not know
Cannot know
Should not know
But what you do know is that you must
You must step toward
Don't think
Feel and act, feel and then act
No doubt
Fall into the vortex
The flow, the pull
Step into it
Allow yourself to be swept up, holding soft center but allowing the momentum
Allow the undoing
The becoming
Slowly, slowly, slowly

~ ❤️ ~
A unique soul who shone amidst
bleeding roses and crying lilies.
~ ❤️ ~
One who blurred the line between
realism and divinity.
~ ❤️ ~
One who had a golden nimbus,
two wistful blue pools, and carnal lips.
~ ❤️ ~
A woman intact with her inner child.
~ ❤️ ~
A mirror who shone even with all the
cracks shown.
~ ❤️ ~
An iconic image, underestimated and
~ ❤️ ~
An angel who fought off all your demons
and in your death, never fell from grace.
~ ❤️ ~
A dreamer who held and achieved her dreams.
A dream in lace, a poison in place.
~ ❤️ ~
Greatly loved to this day.
For every little girl is a walking star.

Poem dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. I just finished watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She was charming from start to finish...
A soul as beautiful and strong as she was tragic.
RIP Marilyn Monroe
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