The love of my life to me, in bed, said,
"I love you truly, love. Now kiss me."

As I leaned in to kiss her, her head
Fell off, screaming with glee, "I'm free!"

With a loud gasp I woke up in bed,
And knew it was just a dream scary.

And then I realized I was not wed.
I was single, and would likely die lonely.
Danneli 4h
Do you know why I'm alone?
Why I cry myself to sleep?
Do you understand why you were wrong
How you chased away my dreams?

I opened up to you alone
For once I was safe, with you
The burden was lifted from my chest
That feeling was so new

I had a friend that I could trust
That could actually handle me
But soon I heard from someone else
That you wanted to be free

No words can describe those things I felt
Or the pain I had to bear
We were so close, but then you left
As if you never cared

So now I don't trust anyone
With my stories, doubts or fears
But I remember all you'd said
I've kept your secrets all these years.
I'm inside my imagination more often than not.
Someday I’ll wake
And find you next to me
Until then I just have my dreams
And my poetry
You only visit me in my dreams
Soft, the outline of you hazy
Whispers and shadows
We waltz around each other
Twirling, you hold me close
Ornate designs on the walls
And a sparkling crystal floor
The scene shifts and we are in a meadow
you put a flower behind my ear and grab my hand
Pulling me close and planting a kiss on my forehead
Suddenly, the world melts away and I am awoken
I am left with only a feeling
An echo of you
And as my memory of us together fades
I start my day with a murmur of your presence surrounding me
And holding me
floating and misting
amongst the clouds
i wish my fickle feet
lay upon the ground

but they prefer to coalesce up
there, amidst
foggy morning rooftops and
forgotten to-do lists

enclosed within billowing
chimneys burping blindfolded
reaches of faith
amongst other foolish things

but what isn’t foolish
when you put your life in
the hands of an
unresponsive god

and sit upon a boiling crust
caked with the blood of happy campers and
stuffed with the entrails and internal organs
of a scrawny thing’s father,

once his only light
burnt out
for good

so my feet balloon-float me
up to dirty roof tiles
where i can gaze upon all the
and try to simply watch
and not partake

so i don’t have to eat the fruit
eve offers me
or even read the so-called
sacred scripture
that creates an inclusive society
through the marginalization of
those who could use it the most

and you say i’m ironic? when
i choose not to indulge in the
bloated belly of american political consumption
that barges out barrels of berettas
bleating and begging for blood
oozing with the right’s ignorance
and the left’s pretentious denial of malignancy
and the once-blue innocuous innocence
leaking red from bamby’s big black eyes

fill up the hospitals
fill up the hospitals
with smiling passerbys

fill up the prisons
fill up the prisons
with father’s taken away from their
true occupation
creating a cyclical neglection of

fill up the graves
fill up the graves
with a pattern of paternal-less
babies shooting at
their brothers
their empty childhoods
their vacant fathers

fill up my mind
fill up my mind
with some words to lose
myself in
because that’s what i
believe in
in a world full of
Short dreams.
Temporary beliefs.
Short-term hype.
Falling heights.
New "dreams" bought with money, dreams as sweet as honey.
It already ended when it started.
Coming back to only leave me dream-less again, with temporary gains.
Stars I want to touch.
Joys I want in my heart.
I want living dreams.
To live in a breathing, moving, real dream...
A dream that is real.
A meaning, sealed.
A goal more valuable than gold.
My goal is to please God! yas
Pay homages to the ones who open
the door for you to climb and
The road to success isn't easy, that much everyone knows!
But there will always be people who will open doors for you, give you opportunities to reach your dreams. Once you get there, don't forget them.
If not for them, you wouldn't be where you are.
You wanna be prideful about it, fine.
Karma's a bitch.
Anyway, be back soon!
Lyn xxx
I am in love, but does she see me
She quickly became my world, she swirled my feelings
She is in my mind, my late night dreams
She is where my thoughts seem to stream
I cant control my heartbeat, something like her, soft and sweet
Can make my heart go wild
Can make my lungs stop the oxygen flow and prevent me from breathing
She wakes my faith and sparks my believing
And my heart breaks when I see her leaving
I cannot understand her
what lies beyond
those painless skies?
what lies beyond
your eyes and sea?
who knows how wrong
your heart could be?
my love,

what if your head
is just confused?
don't let this dream
lead to the wrong
or all you've done
would be to gone,
my love...

easily, you fall, dear.
hold your heart with care.
being young,
dreams are everywhere.
my dear, for it is painful,
to see you run and stray..but
your heart was with your dreams

nothing i say
will stop you now.
the beat of drums,
they sing and call
your fantasies,
you chase and fall,
my love...

go and live your dreams.
in your heart, i'll be.
through the earth and sea,
someday, you will see...

my love.
a word of advice to loves.
choose your dreams with care.
Lisa 1d
i guess this is secondary
perhaps it always is
i'll be riding the bus afterschool
my kneecaps bare and cold
this year i'm into ankle socks and the
girl bands that no one is talking about but they should
this is downtown
and my woolen sweater feels out of place
i can feel my house key in my pocket
i wish i had gum
so she fishes it out of her purse
we land somewhere in Macy's and I can smell
Department store and expensive perfume
the kind i'll later find in angry women at bars with
low cut shirts and crooked wrinkles
as we step outside it begins to rain
i run up ahead, up the hill and the buildings fall
the water melts as my hair sticks to my face
i think "this is my eternity"
and as i look back i see my mother
and i know that these days
will stay close to my skin always
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