You swam through my dreams like a dolphin
Then stomped on my hopes like a stallion
You answered my prayers like an angel
But you turned out to be just a devil


So why do I miss you?
Please tell me why
How hard can it be
To let bygones go by?

If you’re really the devil
That answered my prayers
And haunted my dreams
Then where are you now?

I should not allow
Your memory to linger
But my hopes are like dust
Just slipping through my fingers

I’d like to let go
And drift through the air
But I don’t have a prayer
When you’re always right there

The rain can stop falling
On this hallowed ground
Any day now
I’m bound to escape

But your binding reach
Inside my mind
Won’t let me go easy
The way that I’d like

There’s no turning back
Or turning around
So you’re welcome to temp me
Through the distance we’ve found

No animosity here ;)
Stephen 13h

We ride the river
Thoughts and feelings
Ideas, dreams and passions
We make the flow
Obsticals are eroded
New courses for life are forged
We ride the river
Others may float on our dreams
Swim in our depths
But we are the flow
We ride the river

Love life emotion dreams

Started off with a bad joke
Then I kept playing my cards
She was eating it up
Loving every word I said
Laughing at everything I said

I was talking to her just to pass the time
She has a though exterior
She has a heart of gold
A body composed by an angel

The way she opened up was so exhilarating
Then she started hitting on me
Telling me about how bold and brave I was
She loved how open I was with her
Although we were at work

Then she added me on Facebook
I would've never guessed
She Is a model with a massive following
Everyone wants her attention
Creepy guys have wrote her love poems
Just trying to grab her attention

Still awe struck by the fact she has a massive following on facebook

The figure was celestial
sensual was its presence
with a full figure
conjuring up feelings intense

The spirit reminded me of woman
The way it guided me gently
guiding me through the desert land
To the ripe fields of plenty

To a peaceful place by the sea
Enraptured and captured by its illumination
As the dusk of the light came over me
Then I woke up to a dream of imagination

Deep in slumber
these days
cannot open my eyes
dreaming sometimes
of what I do not recall
But slumber heals me
from within
I do not forget when awake
but helps me to smile again
with a new sign of freshness.

Slumber gives a rest to the weary soul

I had a perfect picture of it in my mind
Then i went to work
One stroke here and then another there
Some days I painted to put my mind at ease
There were days I would paint with anger
Others I would paint so carefree
Before I knew it I was finished

I hated it
It wasn't what I pictured in my head
So I kept adding onto it
Until it became a beautiful collage
It wasn't what I pictured in my head
But now it's perfect

My life is going so great at this very moment. All my friends want my attention. I feel like wherever I go I know someone or someone recognizes me which is sort of weird. I have been invited to a wedding. I am going camping with a lot of my friends. My job is getting a lot easier. 5 months ago was the complete opposite of what my life is now.

A flower's beauty
Lives not within earthly realms
Only within dreams

Also love, as things unseen
Lives forever, floating me

©  2017 Jim Davis

First waka

Click click click thud,
click click click thud. Click click

Click thud click thud

Click click click thud.

You place my dreams on a butcher’s board and chop them off one by one

As if they weren’t living cells of myself, as if they couldn’t see what you did

You pick one up, like you’d pick a grape, lick it and say too much

You never tell me what too much, was it sour or sweet? Maybe you’d like red if not green

I could have showed you another.

I could have showed you what I could do with them but you have me shivering against the wall,

I am too scared, too scared to move, and no voice leaves my throat or I would’ve screamed so loud the walls would have rattled, I swear the roof could have fallen if the voice inside of my body could only find an expression out

Just an expression out

I look at you and my eyes beg to say, but I know even they are red, just red, or are they green? – which do you like? –

I could have seen them ripen, I could have seen them take me out of this dingy, dark room to a different world and you saw that. I know because you took in the fragrance when you brought them to your lips and you shuddered but smiled, and you said

too much

Star BG 4d

I am a dreamer and the dream,
ECHOING inside a precious heart.
I vibrate to celebrate the moment
as drifting below satin clouds.

I am the dreamer and the dream
MADE from intentions in thoughts.
I dance merging with the wind,
breathing deep inside gratitude.

I am the dreamer and the dream
FLYING inside aspirations free.
I travel to fields of endless possibles
connecting to all inside oneness,
inside the universe.

inspired by Jim Davis's photo
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