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I blink the room to a distant light source,
the power shifts, a balance or blue and black,
Black and blue goes my heart,
as my mind argues if I did everything,
My eyes know this haze, heavy workload has weighed down these lids,
Unable to scavenge, left to rely on a system that tends to repeat,
that tends to repeat,
I blink the room becomes a distant light source,
No matter how far I can feel it's indifference,
1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, 4 Mississippi,
Is the distance between me and the next crash,
Sipping on the adrenaline kicker,
That between the moment of here and now is a very long time,
1 Apple, 2 Apple, 3 Apple, 4 Apple,
Seconds don't always repeat,
What should I do today?
I blink the lights to a blue a lot of us know.
emzy 1d
you were in my dreams tonight

when i looked down
so were they

Are you

Can you


And go

Deep for me

Meet me in Another Universe

Or somewhere farther away

You Call


And quietly  speak

To my heart

Gently hold me
And whisper in my ear

For I am a truth seeker

And you


Meet me


In my dreams
And we sit on the porch steps
our bare feet rest on cold cement  
the space between memories and contentment
starts to occupy your lungs
we watch the distant rain, still too premature
yet you, in fear of the future
run inside.
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, sometimes strangers can become the holders of our deepest secrets:>

awaited so long so vast to confess a blurt out a must say

that my hopes came to the ultimate settle to the unspoken overwhelm of this May

hurdled in my lap like a shiny relief anticipation

hidden doors under that rag to a whole new brilliant creation

never have I ever came to express to redeem a share

in a chaotic crowd in a room for that daemon monster flare

bare me the tears

been shed been dear on the angel

on that blanket that saint of the painful

don't get this wrong it was a cry of surreal

of a friendship that I dreamt of a cherish

for those pure souls to come to an emotional peel

an updraft of exhaust
guided high-sky above the overburdened city
the urban breath cuffing your armpits
you're huffed upward in rising spirals
aloft the architecture
further raised by         
                   the tumid human populations
                                        expired waste gas,
                                   ****** perspirations,
                                                  ­ mechanism
                                        and friction heats

survey it all in a dream                             
                          horizon and the tarnishes of mankind              
blinded in your flight turns                      
by the dreams illuminating eye
no gloating your way into Icarus             
            floating beyond your oblivious ability
no groom for ****** and ego                     
         just steady alight and of given being

something in the future is restless to be
wake up
Making you up in my dreams
Is better than reading memes
Cashing out earnings
Or even visiting inns
Somehow Interesting how Some feelings fade away with time
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, things called faded never were:3

losing hope on the the line
a beak of joy once in my lifetime

miracle from the ending
never want to manipulate a bending

the polar of the polar was at that stake
a back to back felt like a heart break

favourite on the eyes
no need for excuses or pathetic lies

goddesses of killers
breathed into a caterpillar

but the butterfly not to live ought to die
on a yellow leaf to rot and cry

a shoulder to hang on not written on that destiny
today of all days the dangerous whispers to bethany

how much of months are upcome to bare the yin
battle of love in a spiced up of a resentment called yang in

melody to fear
connected to the neck right there to the ear

to no one but me

Estel 6d
we'll dance among the falling leaves
of the chestnut trees
while we sing of unreachable dreams
Whenever I’m with you I feel at ease
didn't i give you the chance to dream of me, inside your dream?
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