When I was young,
I was so carefree,
At least that’s how
It seems to me,
Isn’t it strange,
How things turn out to be?

Full of hope,
Full of passionate dreams,
A thrilling new world
Lay right before me,
Isn’t it strange,
How things turn out to be?

Glass half full,
Then it’s half empty,
My mood can change
So very unpredictably,
Isn’t it strange,
How things turn out to be?

'How Things Turn Out to Be' is, as the lyrics make manifestly clear, a song from one of my episodic ‘glass half empty’ periods, this one dating from 2016.

I wandering walked
In a dream of a well
Soul shivered and shocked
For my hope shattered shell
All bravery balked
At the toll of a bell

Falling from clouds
To drown in dark lake
Crying aloud
I startled awake
Heart and head bowed
I felt my fists shake

Waking’s a struggle to drive
Away dreams of dark omen
Unwary, I close my eyes
They rise before me again

Why is the reward of my past
The return of darkness in my dreams?
When I thought I could rest at last
A new curse is cast upon me
I despair of the chance to ask
Why can I never be free?

Kim Elco 14h

Thrown to the wind, each of me a thousandth of a dream.

A wish


On the B            E
               R E  A Z

My petals reach the four corners
Over waters, rocks, and metals
Concrete, humans, and their houses
Till each one may settle
On expectant brows.

I see eyes
with a vision of
unfulfilled dreams
out of fear
unable to hear
the intuition
of the near.

Guts doesn't come so easily
Only to lasts long
until its unreal
to make it dear!

So many dreams
I wish I could speak up
an make it fulfill!

Mountains of the end
Little griefs beyond this world
Dreaming of summer

Approve of a wish
Playful jest through sands of time
Shadows of fire

Army moves smoothly
Happy thoughts ere farewell voiced
Bells jingle swiftly

Some random haikus that I wrote in my notebook. Just words off the top of my head.

My fears feel quaint and strange these days
I remember a time when my head was filled with dreams
Yet my creativity has gone done the gutter
Losing it like a rush of blood to the head

And yet I’m far away from the one I love
A distinct summer that is warm and humid
Yet in reality is cold and bitter
Again, a rush of blood to the head

I’m not sure if I have my eyes on the prize anymore
I wanted to make it so big
Those dreams have faded away into the dust only at 21
I find myself craving different tastes

I want to find myself in comfort, want to get by
Have a kid or two or three
Make some money
Teach in the long hallways
Simply live a life with my wife

Yet I remember the years of high school
Thinking I could be better than everyone else
Maybe not be another family in the suburbs
Yet all the sudden I want that
The thing I supposedly wasn’t crazy about

Is this a bad thing?
Or simply replacing another thing with another thing?

Or did my old dreams ever want a chance of seeing the light of day?
Maybe they did not

All I’m asking for is one more light
My questions may be answered then

For now I tend to a garden
where I cater to my simple hopes I hold onto in this day and age

Everything else faded away years ago.

Don't take this away from me
This is all I've ever dreamed
Your words are tasteless toxic
And they're deteriorating me.

Everything you speak is venom
Crush my teeth trying not to listen
I'm spinning in my attempts
But still your words get in.

Trying to adapt to your cruel intentions...
no hope of escape.
My big heart pulls me back in
Dying daily is my fate.

How do you not care?
Where do you aquire such a skill?
How can you not hear the cry of my people.
Weak and groveling...

Turn my groveling into gold.

4 21 2016

would you tell me i'm your lover
that i'm running in your dreams?
would you admit that i'm your baby
that i'm all that you need?

kayla 2d

Some days I'm ok...
and some days i am not.

Like waking up and seeing I got an F
because somehow I forgot.

I dreamed of you last night,
just like each night before

It's only been a week,
but i'm broken at the core.

I don't know how to explain,
you left me, i'm in pain

Some days I'm okay...
but mostly I am not.

It's been a week today since I broke up with my boyfriend of three years. And I can't stop thinking about it. I see him every night in my dreams. I'm starting to forget what it felt like- him sleeping next to me.

Sometimes a little thing
Can make your entire world change
By adding some imagination and dreams
You can make It, I swear

My teacher in class motivate me with this short poem
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