Lilly 8s

The birds are singing in their sleep
And my brain paints its fevered dreams
Amidst the stars; and my heart starts
And asks if ships, seen from above,
With their lights on, form constellations;
Did someone ever tell the moon
Her light is merely a reflection?

I fly..
through the capacious sky
sit gleefully
sing my favorite song in heart
I open my pink note
write the date of the day
I still with my old sneaker
for the first moment stepped on unsimilar land
start to use foreign language to express
seeing the different architecture
differ with my country
I feel so amazed to meet new people
It's where Chaucer is born

Sun 2h

Can you remember the Shepard boy with the brown blue eyes?
He no longer waits for the country girl on the river bank so passionately
No longer draws her picture of deep dark eyes on his torn paper-book
No longer gets his feet wet or drenched in rain to see her smiling face
No longer brings daisy for her

The time passed by
They left the county
Lost in the crowds

Their heartbeats were echoing in the same rhythm on an unknown voyage and they drifted apart unknowingly.....

May be now they live in the same street, six yards after in the buzzing town
Do they still wait to meet again, want to share thousands of stories what left unsaid?

Life always happens to change with small events, insignificant moments
What if they could say where the next journey begins
What if they would look at the stars under the open sky to whisper their wishes, to share the dreams together..... forever!?

Awoken I receive a sight of celestial beauty,
Awoken, I gracefully lie safe in your affable aurora,
Awoken, our fluent dance of both heart and mind appears only eternally foreseeable.

Awake, the mere construction of you dwindles,
It was just a dream, I should have known.

This is kind of scary
We are almost too similar
Places, books, things we do for fun
But we are just texting
Hopefully I will get to meet you soon
Hopefully we will become one
Because I feel like I already know you
Because you are the female version of me

I found someone on tinder of all places and we are so similar it's eerie.
Dhaara T 11h

I woke up to peace
Our planet was filled with love
But then, I woke up

Star 12h

"To live in gratitude, is to fuel the heart.
To fuel the heart is to live in dreams."
To live in dreams, is what were meant to do.

A quote to encourage people to live inside gratitude.

Quiet lands
Silent waters
Lovers hands
Thus joined together

Stars ablaze
Like hearts on fire
Both amazed
By silent splendor

Unions deep,
Rings of gold
Passion they'll keep
As the moon glows

Strong sometimes
Fading others
Never truly leaving
From the other

Thy only dream
For peace and thee
To find love
Not in a fantasy

Emmanuel O 13h

Open Eyes
But I reside in my mind
Your beauty, truly divine
My dreams are of a different kind
This vulnerable heart of mine
Treasured memories of mine

An ordinary springtide breeze
skipped lightly upon pungent
amassed trillium felicity

an arousing spring cadence
wafts lighter than yester night's
vague hope silently stirred
between ensconced memories

squandered dreams benumbed
by a chilling need to forget
what tarries unforgotten
in mending hearts broken

more than any practical sense
beyond fleeting lifespan :

for a candle burns more dimly
just before the wick's smolders rise ,
evanescing smoke dissipating ;
like tears that dry on their own

a candlewick gasping for wax
before vanishing into its own ash
a fading memory of light ―                                                                ­        .

April 23, 2017

Notes (optional)

something simply scribbled that seemed to speak out-loud in a moments single brush of thought spilled without edit ― without intention and before over-thinking after thoughts ...

Thanks for reading my recent happens and the process will be,
regrettably what it is meant to be, unintentionally taking me away from publishing for personal reasons soon...I'll keep sharing until "Stormy Seas" flood.   I hope to be able to return if the stars realign" ― if it were not for hope the heart would break"

Doubt is the storm ― love is the purpose, and we do not say goodbye ...
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