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I fell
Mind first
Into the churning water

I saw
My darkest dreams
And my sweetest nightmares
Look for yourself in the ocean waves. It is both horrifying and beautiful at the same time.
Kayal 1d
Ever wondered,
what happens
a few moments later
You say that to me?

Darkness being filled
with fond memories.
my unconscious cravings.
waking up to
my worst nightmares.
Either way,
Giving life to
A parallel world,
never expected to exist.

I would be
at my own funeral
watching over
the heavy tears of
my 16-year-old self.
I would be
reading my favorite book
in a cozy cabin
amidst a dense forest
out of nowhere.

Just pass by,
With me walking
Over hundreds of miles
Of unknown trails
With known strangers.
And somedays
just pass by,
with me dying out of
every possible accidents
I could encounter.
And Few places
are possessed
with people from the past
haunted by
long gone memories,
chased by forgotten souls.
But never got caught
Neither been saved.

So, This is how
my dreams are curated.
Inconsistent mix of
Endless escape games
and clueless cosplays,
with no hints
neither special costumes.
Why can’t sleep make this
Go away?
Yet, dreaming makes this
More of a reality
Than it already is
And I left, got shipped off for who knows how long. I left most of home, all except Dora, and maybe the trees.
And the moon never leaves me anyway.
I was feeling as blue as the shadows of the night.
The fluorescent shining down every twenty steps,
I even miss the tungsten no matter how **** it is.
Walking empty to the store, I found myself as you do in another dimension.
It’s too late to be here in reality.
Wait... was that... oh weird.
What are they doing here? And who is that?...
She talked to me, and the others faded into maybe another aisle.
We walked past bakery goods,
We walked through the arts and crafts,
We walked past the entrance,
Talking the whole time.
I knew you weren’t the one,
You weren’t her,
Maybe you were one of her?
I don’t really know yet, but something keeps happening.
You ran your hands along my arm and pulled me with you.
As the end felt near,
We looked at each other, and the hug sealed the connection that needed a stamp.
We held our bodies to each other until the warmth filled us up.
It still always fades...
I don’t know what I’m going back to now...
Tell me, my moondark one, how come that
our journey remained untraveled;
from mirror to mirror into eternity
our passages were left uncrossed?
For the mirage of shedding a light,
we rather chose to immerse into the outer world
than become one with each other's.
Since when were we this hollow
turning into shallow ones,
who are unfaithful to their dreams?
Tell me, that how come
that the snake is already bitting his own tail
for the circle is full now,
and I still wish to tell our never-ending story?
Two nights I dreamt about you.
One was the night I reached out to you again after half a year of silence.
We were happy.
Two was the night someone gave me real advice :
If you want to talk to him so badly then you should just do it.
And I dreamt about being in your arms and telling you the advice I received.
i need a resistor because
every time we touch
the current burns us up
acrid plastic smoke wisping around us
you don't care

i need to resist(her) because
every second together is
short circuiting my life
I dreamt of you last night
I still remember everything so vividly

when I saw you I knew that I was dreaming
because of the way you looked at me
we didn't have to exchange words
we both knew it wasn't real
we had to enjoy whatever time we had left together
because I would soon wake up
and we'd be back to never speaking again
we'd be back to you hating me
we'd be back to me hating me

I'd call it a dream but then I'd have to admit to myself that I wanted to dream of you
Mountain Forests
Driving through the vast forests
Of Central Oregon
Through the wall of trees
I imagine them talking to me

The trees are whispering
Dark satanic rituals
Voodoo mumble jumble
Evil chanting

Then they speak
Loud and clear
Welcome humans
To our world

You think you are
The king of the world
The lords of creation
Masters of the universe?

Soon, all too soon
God and Gaia his daughter
Will tire of you
Their latest plaything

They will discard you
Throw you down
Disgusted at the world
You have made

You took the world
They gave you for your pleasure
This huge wonderful world
Filled with life

You took a paradise
Beautiful, bountiful
Rich and wonderful world
Turned it into a sewer dump

God and Gaia
Are not happy
Not happy at all
With you stupid humans

They will rise up
Smite you down
And turn you
Into dust in the cosmic wind

And we will laugh
and we will be witnesses
at your funeral
but we will not cry

No one will cry
No one will miss you
No one cares about
The fate of humanity

And so you
Will fade away
Into the distance past
Just dust in the cosmic wind

And the trees started laughing
And the birds and bees
And all the other animals
All joined in the manically laughter

Laughing at the prospect
Of poetic justice
For the enemies
Of the natural world

And the coyotes
And the wolves
Joined in howling
Under the light of the full moon

Thus I imagined
Would be the end of days
The end of the world
And the end of humanity

Another Day Another Shooting

another day in paradise
just another day in America
land of the free
Home of the brave

and guns
lots of guns
more guns for all
cries the NRA

yes another day
another gun battle
another white man
who just wants to ****

the President sends his condolences
Thanks the law enforcement
for an incredible job well done
It was horrible

Hate has no place
in our country
and we will take of it
and do what ever we can do

nothing but false words
empty words
lots of things to do

it is mental illness problem
but he fails to mention
the words gun at all
not at all

and tomorrow and tomorrow
but he at least finally said
hate has no role in country
nothing but prime BS
in my humble opinion

he did not mention
white supremacy
his rhetoric had nothing
nothing to do about this at all

and so tomorrow
I will turn on the TV
and we see
nothing at all

and the dead
will remain dead
the guns will fire again
nothing will be done

welcome to America
land of the free
home of the brave
the End Times Approaches

why do I feel
the end times are approaching
with each passing day
the news gets worst

the hatred grows
the fear grows
the end of time
comes closer to our door

and I fear
the growing power
of the fascists
and their ilk

and I fear
that the world
is ending  soon?Rumors of War

it seems that
we are in the end times
wars, and rumors of war
terrorism all around us

the dogs of war
are restless, just waiting
to emerge from their lairs

to unleash havoc
death and destruction
end of the world

and the leader of the world
our purported president
is every day
becoming more deranged

moment by moment
loosing his mind
as the inner demons
take over

and at such a time
when the whole world
seems to be sliding towards war

Our dear leader
seems determined
to lead us to the ultimate
war of all

world war 111
looms ahead
it could start any day
and nothing will stop

our idiot in chief
from unleashing
the dogs of war
four end of the world poems
Jules 3d
When I was a child, I had all these hopes and dreams.
I believed I was capable of anything.
But now as I'm older, the realization of the world around me finally sinks in.
Those fantasies and stories I once knew became sad tragedies that'll never be my life.
But something in my mind has shifted.
The color and brightness have once again come back into my existence.
Has the world always been so colorful?
It was the way you looked at me.
The look in your eyes sparked a feeling in me.
Almost as a renewal.
My inspiration came back.
And I just wanted to say...
thank you.
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