Did you toss and turn
Thinking about me
Did your heart skip a beat at my sight
Because my heart stopped
And my cheeks flushed
And all I got was a slight smile
A curve of that mouth I knew so well
Almost unnoticeable
Just like the connection between us
But I still feel it
Weak, but still pulsing
Is it just me?

Idiot 1d

Into the woods,
We adventure,
Feeling the excitement
given by Mother Nature.
Into the books,
We adventure,
Feeling the happiness
given by ancestors.
Inside the dreams,
We adventure,
Feeling the excitement,
given by ourselves.

Spencer 1d

i keep seeing flickers of what i should
what i could be
i see bugs on the wall
i see myself as i should be
and i see a stage with my voice echoing
in the ears of the rest of the bastards
my heart aches the way it aches when i read
what could have been
what should have been
how do we strike the balance between
learning from the mistakes of others
and making the mistakes
others will learn from?

i'm back in my depression, which means more poetry writing. funny how that works. i'm severely deficient in vitamin D.
Ari 2d

You look at me and think I am broken
For you've seen the scars kissing my skin
You think I am jaded
For you've not seen the vibrant places I've been.
You look at me and see
A little girl without a dream
A little girl with no degree.
But if you'd open your heart, open your eyes
You would see

I've been a hiker
Climbing foreign mountain peaks
A swimmer exploring a clear blue wild sea
I've been a lover to a foreign man
I once even had the ring.

I've been a traveler
Asking for directions
Asking which way I should go.
I've been a foreigner in a foreign country,
Oh you've no clue how much I've grown.

You see the slight limp
Of my tired right leg
My hand rubbing the pain away.
You see the scars wrapped around my ankle
Snaking its way up to my knee.

You see the lines
Trailing from my tired eyes
The sun spots, on my neck.
You think I'm exhausted; I'm worn out
You've no idea what those marks are about.

I've been a hiker
Climbing foreign mountain peaks
A swimmer exploring a clear blue wild sea
I've been a lover to a foreign man
I once even had the ring.

I've been a wanderer
Finding home wherever I'd go
Finding a thousands eternities
Wrapped up in flowers; wrapped up in families
I would become a part of.

You look at me
You see nothing
But inside
I am everything.


Dawn 2d

I think
I've lost the desire
To create art.
It's no longer pleasing-
Nor is it peaceful.
It's become more
Of a hassle
Than a way of life.

And I don't completely
Understand why.

"You're a really good artist.."
"Are you planning to pursue it as a career?"
"But.. Why not?"

I think
The American way of life
Has crushed my dreams
Of living the way I wanted to
And made me believe
I have no other choice
but to live
as the puzzle piece
they want me to be.

why must you take part of us away

I was jogging through a long hallway
I was so eager to see the voice that echoed through the halls
I turned the corner and realized it was my mom

What was she doing here??
I didn't invite her

Then I noticed a breathtaking ensemble sprawled out before me
Beautiful wood tables with crystal clear wine glasses which were complimented with big circular plates

I couldn't believe what I was seeing before me
I was only in the bathroom for ten minutes
Changing into a old sweatshirt and light blue shorts

I decided to scan the rest of the room quickly
I firstly saw the angel I spent the entire day with
Next to her was her dad
When I made eye contact with her dad he responded with, "Of all things you did today you did two things right. You showed my daughter an amazing time and secondly when we asked you to stay for dinner you said yes without hesitation. We coordinated this with your mom a couple of days ago, because you are the man, that my daughter deserves in her life. So this is a thank you."

I was still confused because I had no idea where my dad or her mom was

Why was I put in this position when she was talking to another guy
She seemed so set on him but did something happen? Regardless...

A feeling of fruition consumed my soul
I sat down in one of the chairs
I took a bite of some of the shrimp on my plate
Then I woke up..............

I hate when dreams feel so real. Ughhhh I want to go back to sleep.
Lori 3d

engulf me
said the blue atmosphere

take me away
from the glare of the sun

make me fly
said the ambitious bird

take me close
to your superpower

watch over me
said the roaring wind

take me away
from my soaring sores

comfort me
said the rising sun

be my blanket
a cottony cushion

engulf me
lay me to rest

you should see the clouds today. i stare at them in awe of their grandeur. there is only this one moment and i will never see their formation again because they never
do the same thing twice.

I think about the future like
I am trapped inside of the recurring dream
That I have had
Every single day leading up to the one
In which I meet you.

I ask you in sheer vulnerability
Honesty floating between our lips
Why you love me
And your answer, I will never forget
Your response carved itself  
In the memory, that I am yet to make

You take a breath, open your eyes
And spill to me the hottest tea of
How your love came to be...

I pray that my cup runneth over.

I slowly sip every word
And every verb quenched my thirst
I pray that chamomile never goes out of style
This is peace.

Like honey, slowly it flows
And it settles at the bottom
Sweetens my soul
I wonder if you know.

As the last drop settles on the back
Of my tongue
I am certain,
You have infused your love within me
Now, I am calm.

Time passes by, I get lost into your eyes
And I’m brought back to earth
As I open mine,
The sun shines through the windows
Lighting up my room
I hold on tight
Already missing you.

I will impatiently wait
To see you again when I sleep
One night closer, to the day we meet.

You are my forever.
Temporarily trapped in my dreams.

I don't know who he is, but he is mine.

I have found my purpose
I was put on this planet to lead
Yet I wasn't put on this planet to be seen
I can lead a horse to water but I cant make it drink

I will push people to be great
I will make people laugh when they are sad
I will give people hope when they don't believe

I just want to see people succeed
Succeed emotionally
Succeed with accomplishing goals
Succeed with being themselves
Succeed with finding what they need

One thing I won't do is give up on me
I will do everything I can to be there for someone
But once I lose myself
Then they no longer see what I see when I look at them
Which is such a sad and helpless feeling

There is some people that you can give everything too but some will just overlook it because they don't see what you see.
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