“Spoken to the world (like wearing lingerie examined under the sun) is a predicament to you who fear exposure.” I urge healing coarse cry’s which wilt and dry rivers of Norwegian stout that flow with grass-fed beef, cauliflower, and smashed potatoes as soulful music plays on. That yellow flower shirt encased like a tumor in pounded metallic armor and boots bought in colored desert garden’s journeys. Love's arrows pierce farther into gaps. Gems form from problems tackled headlong.
2016 © Christos Victor
Sunshine beaches and
fragrant coconut lotion,
enjoy vacation
dreamt of love
my whole life.

boys, barbies, and all of me :
tiny cuts in the system,
tiny wishes

i thought love was

pink cutout cardboard and
subtraction of all
flaws .

but love is just kinetics ,
warmth and
confusion .

love is when it’s
and your cheeks sting and
you look up at the sky
you smile ,

you can dream of love
and still
I’m figuring some stuff out about myself that’s really hard to accept.
austin 10h
my monsters are silent
no one hears my screams
these demons are violent
and they conquer me in teams

look into my eyes,
my synthetic smile,
I'll hide what underlies,
crying's not my style

Through the thick I drag these chains
chronic mental pains
Over me my demons reign
misery my veins contain

Through the dust I try to see
the lifeless creature that is me
I'll set fire to these trees
and my life, I will seize
Time by myself I used to cherish, lovely,vivid my imaginings were, now no comfort, my dreams once precious, now know never, ever come true.

On my own no peace no quiet, worlds at a stop, my thoughts, no silence.
Now no never, ever come true, all due to you.
Time has passed,
Dreams are forgotten,
We've all chased them,
But never have caught them.

Regret will stick to us,
It never will fade,
We'll try to teach them,
But they'll never behave.

Risk has passed,
Opportunity with it,
We think we'll last,
Until we're not winning.

We thought we knew best,
Hiding away,
Never to hear,
That small voice in our brain,

Pushing to act,
Screaming to talk,
We just ignore it,
And end up to walk,

Slow and alone,
Thinking of people,
Sitting on thrones,
But still stuck in our zone.

We have to get out,
Leave all the pain,
You won't know love,
Until you can say,

You've tried everything,
Walked every path,
Felt every sting,
Seen every scathe.

Take the risk with you,
Make it your friend,
The end is too soon,
Don’t stay in your bed,

Thinking of people,
Dreaming of love.
You’ll never know the feeling,
Cause you’ll always run.
Forget the contingencies and do whatever you have to do because the thing that we fear the most is often the thing most beneficial for us :)
PM 1d
I never really understood,
why a laugh is adored by poets - painted as tinkling, lingering, alluring and much more.
Hope the day is near when I see somebody laughing and think, "that's the one" , "that's the laugh I adore..."
Sailing ships
Cotton candy
A purple eclipse
Warm and sandy

This is what I dream

Forever mountain
Swirling by
A moon, grounded
A dripping sky

This is what I dream

Gears turning
My mind wanders
Always observing
Strange wonders
Orphaned Souls falling like coal snowflakes
An overabundance in the heavens? Perhaps
I see them strung together to form wiggle-less worms
Eyeball floaters blocking ethereal visions
They bring phantom smells of lavender and patchouli
Then vanish as if aware of my presence
It’s but a dream

Today, one more was added to the soul heap as she left the body
Another bereaved soul
Why does this force me to breach my beliefs?
Am I not content to be a slave to my own ignorance?
It requires less work and I’m tired

Enlightenment requires a mind as vulnerable as the Universe
Free to fall from grace
And the confines of the caged soul
Each door that opens presents another that is locked
I fear I lack the strength to break open these barriers
But I so desire to catch the wafting souls drifting from dream to dream
Galaxies have collided,
my neurons have gone into a frenzy,
there’s a soundless explosion somewhere,
and god knows why I have a sudden urge to run.

“Run, fast,”
That’s what my mind commands.

But like an ancient monk,
my heart coaxes me into staying.

“Feel the pain, my child” I can hear it say,
“and use me as your sponge…let me soak up all the
emotions, let me wipe out the cunning brain’s commands, for I have a better plan.”

“Your mind is your greatest enemy.” It murmured.

And that’s what happens every time I see you.
Rationality takes a toss, my sanity spills out of the glass.
and my coward heart suddenly becomes a tyrannical dictator.

Every cell in my body is colonized by the thought of you,
and oh my fucking god,
you invaded my dreams too.

It’s weird; you’ve fermented into my bones,
I’m sitting in a fucking boring class,
and all I can think about is
the time when I put my head on your shoulder,
and how we painted a bubble around us;
breathing at the same rhythm,
hearts beating at the same Time.

But there’s a voice at the back of my head;
At the very back, enclosed and trapped.
“You must run,” my skull echoed,
“For our beloved heart is a fool,
and I mean to protect it.

Run, my friend,

for when our dear heart shatters,
and you go to pick it up,
only your fingers will get pricked.
only your blood will leak.
So run, my innocent soul,

constructive criticism please.
This poem is one of my personal favorites.  It's kinda chaotic, i get it, but most of my poems don't have a sensible order. Tell me what y'all think <3
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