He broke my trust
and took my body
throwing away my affection
and degrading my virtue
ripping open my heart
digging through my emotions
it's controlling my thoughts
listlessly infesting MY mind
and poisoning MY head
seeping into MY BONES
taking over MY SANITY
entirely disturbing MY BEING

Amma 21h

We are reckless
We are incurious

We want to stay
To find our way
                                 Oh wait

This is our fate
I know,
It’s too late

Help yourself
not us

We decide as you see
Struggling to be free...

Inside our home
Everything is safe

Moissa 1d

It's easy to write about the immediate things in your mind,
the things lingering in your mind's eye,
the things crossing on your pedestrian eyebrows,
the things that hover just beyond your peripheral vision,
the things that are to be blamed when people comment on your
"distracted look"...

It's so easy to write about them all and it's in times like this when I'm so thoughtless that I want to get those trivial things back-

My thoughts, that is.

I sit in this car
Stoned out of my brain
Wondering what remains
Or nothin at all.
When you where once my all
I hope you find happiness
I hope you find what you need
Because your happiness
Means the world to me

I saw you pass by,
and while I follow your gaze I know that your light feeds me,
that your very presence is a mixture of my turbulent loneliness.

Your memory gives me mental calmness,
While i trying to define how you light up
and blur the rest of the galaxy in anesthesia.

And then there's only you,

You, elegant and absent
without being aware of having turned every corner of my mind.
You, walking indifferent
making people into inert statues
before the light that you give off.

I have never had you
And even so I miss you
it's this blessed poison
it's the craziness I inhabit
it makes me want to be good.

And i would be more between your fingers.

You, impossible as the sky,
unachievable as the past,
And me as far from death when I dream of you by my side.

And here I lay.
My fingers were concealed beneath the sand, intertwined with an imaginary hand I had fashioned in my mind, along with seashells and starfish alike that had secluded themselves from the airy surface. Subdued tidal waves loomed nearer as they brushed my arm, aroused goosebumps on my bare skin, and receded in silence. This was the handiwork of Serenity: she visited my mind when it no longer desired exertion and instead yearned for a peaceful slumber. Her placid disposition induced tranquility... the calm before the storm, the beauty in simplicity. Her presence invigorated me and instilled in me a sense of renewal, even in the infinitesimal amount of time we idled away together.

When she left, so did her serene ambiance. Not long after, her counterpart Worry arrived, along with his ominous clouds that spilled gloominess. Granted, he did not wish to occupy the forefront of my thoughts; rather, he lurked in the background, jarring my nerves and vexing me when given the opportunity. He reeked of doubt and insecurity; yet while I resented his existence, he imposed on me a sense of reality and purpose, constantly reminding me of my tasks and ambitions. With him I would sprint onward on an obscure path, and he would constantly challenge me with obstacles, which gave me the incentive to surpass him, placing us in perpetual competition.

Rarely did he bring his companion, Fury, with him - yet when he did, the impending storm burst and the ground erupted in blazing flames, inducing a fiery inferno. Fury obliterated everything in her path in a brash manner, acting without reason and seething with umbrage. She roared with the tenacity of a thousand volcanoes and spewed fountains of scorching lava. Her outbursts generally occurred after her prolonged confinement, yet when they ended she was chained again, and grudgingly retreated back into hibernation.

After Serenity arrived once more and mended the damage inflicted by Fury, my most treasured visitor appeared: Bliss. Her vivacity and exuberance were unparalleled, and she radiated a glow that blossomed over everything in its path. From the scorched ground bloomed a meadow of mellow wildflowers, an efflorescence of her joy. Overhead, clouds parted and the azure sky reunited with the shimmering water until the horizon was a mysterious blur, calling me to the unknown.

Over time, more Emotions were born, and each has grown in intensity and meaning. Each has a hand in crafting one as a person, and while they all differ in purpose, they are the essentials of the mind.

Congrats if you read through this entire thing! I didn't mean for it to be so long, but who knows? Maybe I'll continue it in the future just for fun :)

I'm sorry baby.
I know you won't like this one, but this some real shit.
On a real note, you are my everything and I'd do anything for you.
Sometimes I make you mad, never gonna make you sad.
Seeing you smile makes me happy.
Hearing your voice excites me.
When I'm with you, hopefully you won't be on your phone as much.
There's some things we need to change, but that won't happen.
So we have simple sorry poems like the one above.
My level of poetry can go beyond this 3rd grade shit, I tend to keep it this way though.
Always remember you're my drug and I can't see to find you anymore. I'm addicted, but you're gone. I fiend for you.

her lust filled mind
ignited a fire inside
of her

she has such desire
to be touched
to be loved
to be wanted
by someone
by anyone

she wants to be loved

lowkey about me

Life always snapping the heel
never enough light to truly feel
lost broken and kneeling
my soul does need a healing
my heart is torn and reeling
and I can't hear the ceiling
falling beneath my being
hearing is seeing is believing
the mind is leaving.


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