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It feels like a battle,
Me and my mind,
I don’t want to be the kind to run and hide,
I hear myself quick to judge,
Not only myself but others

I want to be kind and strong,
Adapt to society,
Be comfortable in the skin I walk in,
Protest for my rights and equality,
Raise my fist,
Stand up for what I believe in,
Without being afraid anymore

Instead I look at myself in the eye,
Wonder why I am so flawed.
I failed to see the wild flower inside,
Full of ambition and desire,

Walking around holding my breath,
Repressing my natural feelings,
Supressing the layers of my ego,
Unwilling to follow my intuition,
Repetition of the same issues,
Waiting to be consoled,

I want to wake up.
Accept my place on this earth,
Thrive within my creativity,
Be a decent human being
Share my vulnerability,
Reflecting on my mentality,
Working through my past tragedy’s,
Reclaim my identity,
Get rid of the toxicity,

Recognize my flaws,
Break down these walls,
Reach out for communication
liv 15h
having dreams in your mind
leave you with daggers in your heart
heart of gold but not titanium
Daniel 1d
Take me to your dreamland
A place where we can be forever

As our bones crumble to dust
Our souls will astray
Into your dreamland
Away from endless pain
Our hearts will be mended
Our minds will found
Located somewhere between Heaven and Hell
Let us live for the moment eternally
:') I wna dream happy thoughts
You were right for my soul

But not for my head
Or my heart

That's what makes this so sad
What if our beauty was
Defined by the size of your wallet
Or if it was determined
By looks and looks alone
Well it seems
That’s how this world is

But what if
Beauty was defined by
The contents of your heart
And the capacity of your mind
Who would truely catch your eye
And would you be able
To look in the mirror
Bethie 1d
These words that I write
The poems I make
They come from a lie
Like laughter I fake

Did that sound just right?
My grammar's ok?
The simile's in place?
I'm feeling afraid

I get so much praise
"Your poetry's great!"
Well thanks, but I'm sure
That it's just second-rate

I write what I feel
I feel much inside
My insides are death,
Corrupt as my mind

I hate all my thoughts
The words in my head
They strip me of life
And leave me for dead

The words that I think
Translate into fear
I'll spit them right out
And leave them right here
Amanda 2d
Winter nights bring waves of memories
Alone with my thoughts
He said he is sorry and misses me bad
Words tie perception into confused knots

Truly wish I had nimble fingers
To untie them, see clear
Cursing as truth untangles
Weaves a portrait of all I fear

There is always a catch, a hamartia
A flaw in every human's design
As clique as this next line may be
Love can be cruel, so unfairly blind

I try to avoid reminiscing over the past
Though the memories were so precious before
Shaking hands with no control cling still
Just when I think my mind is free my heart offers more
Just when I think Im finally done a flood will come rushing over me and it begins all over again.
Music in one ear,
Chatter in the other.

An endless stream of thoughts in the other,
A restless mind in the other.

A contested soul,
In the other.

~Robert van Lingen
From where to draw
From which new well?
The night forever never tells

With no ear there
To hear the silence
But to speak another, break the spell

No mind to see what's in the night
Unless the dark is spoken till
The dawn it breaks another dream

With morning come a settled well

Deep to draw
Deep to dwell
A person's thoughts at night... A person's thoughts at night.
K 2d
all this way
for you

for you

for you

but when will you?
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