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I find myself too lazy
to lift or ****** my pen

I've got my words, aplenty
thoughts ladies, and women

Sometimes its best to keep inside
the sewer of my brain

So here I'll rest, and hide
the pleasures and the pain

No ink to page today, my friends
but rest assured, I will
this is a pause, and not the end
of hot ink that flows
from the fountain and
my quill
Hehehe, **** is still just **** ;D
I seem to have it in abundance LOL
werdnaZ 12h
I took an arrow to the heart

It kickstarted my mind falling apart

Stuck, lodged in my heart, you left it there

Left me in that undying nightmare

Left it buried in my chest

Burning with the memories you carved into it

Bleeding in the misery of my numbness
im fine
misha 1d
i turn a blind eye
to my fears
but when it comes
to you,
i can't help but

i don't know what
it is but there's
something cliche
that captivates me
even if i despise
you more than
i'm not scared anymore
Lisa 1d
Feelings i wish they could fade it would make things easier i know u just wanna smash me then pass me i was hoping i could change your mind you don't love me u just love what u could do to me so don't tell me u love me
She said that her mind was a diamond
Formed under the pressures of human existence
Her ideas and inspirations rigid, yet brilliant.
She said she longed to be graphite
Soft and layered-
She said that her mind was a cage without a bird
Protecting things that weren’t there
Trying to barricade things that had already been set free
Denying entry to things wanting to get in.
And then she said her mind was a forest fire
Fueled by its desire to rid the underbrush
Not realizing that beautiful creatures lived there, too.
Its 3AM, and i´m all alone
nothings around me, just the walls of my empty room.

I´m sitting in front of the Window,                                                          ­     Just my silhouette, black and grey.
Listening to the songs we used to hear together,
but now you're gone,
and i´m sitting here all alone on my empty Throne

Hope your journey goes on and on,
maybe you will notice where you belong
Watching outside, the rain keeps falling down
just one word to describe it

Behind the window I see a lonely soul,
like yours, but no peaceful mind at all
just full of useless things,
despite everything, I still think about it

Now the sun comes out, and steals the sadly beauty of the rain away
There's nothing more to say, just one simple
way to keep you in my memory
I have to catch every raindrop that falls down on my skin,
I am looking into the rainy clouds,
just the see your teardrops falling,
falling into my Soul
I just want to cry
I can't seem to do that lately
My mess is all bottled up inside
But the cork is ******* on tightly
Tears don't come as fast it should
What an unnerving feeling
My emotions has betrayed me
Has drained me
I am feeling nothing and everything at once
It makes the room spin slightly
A hole where the loudness started
Has grown bigger each day
Sneaking its way into my dreams
To torment me awake
I lay in silence til dawn breaks
I do not feel safe
Sleep, old friend
Come as soon as you can
It's 3 am.
One of those days where everything is too much
you feel the weight of everyone's expression
words and emotions drag you down
suffocating your fight
every sentence slowly drains you
every light is too bright
noise piercing your every cell to the core
the sky begins to fall on you
gravity against you
your body is dragged down
the pressure is too much to bare
the world weighing down your mind
your mind weighing down the world
the ache for silence
the need to be alone
the anchor of life's energy attached to you
the demand of everything needing to be felt
the prison of forced empathy
one of those days where you feel everything
It's all a haze
a frustrating haze
feeling too much
thinking so deeply
I see the outside life
the routine
the race
a bystander watching
the life we're all abosrbed into
I can't explain
I can't put into words
It's too big
too complex for the limit of our vocabulary
I'm left here in a haze
looking for the words
truth will never just be there
behind the focus we are taught to see
I'm trying to see
It's all a haze
You're a dangerous place
but I can't help it
your darkness intrigues me
you pull me in
I find myself coming back to you
you change me
how I feel
how I look
how I think
in silence you're all I hear
lost in darkness around you
so powerful
so strong
something, someone no one understands
unfamilarity but I want more
you drain me
you take every ounce of energy I have
but you're above all
your knowledge
your ability
I must know more
you're my bestfriend
you're my enemy
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