Lisa 10h
there are poems that i've destroyed in an effort of denouncing being a poet
an outcry for every word that embraces the pretty in ugly situations
i sit with shorts too small hugging my waist
i'm an overgrown plant listening the same thing i was hearing 5 years ago
a fly in her own honey trap and the taste is too sweet to untangle
sometimes i'll look outside my window and see that red sports car zooming past
like a whisper telling me to go back to the pacific ocean
where there's a sidewalk that does end but the earth never falls it only shakes
the shade is only for tumbleweeds it hisses
a shallow reminder that i don't speak to the people that i said i would never ignore
I am a human,
I have emotion,
I act like a fool;
It depends on my mood...
I scream and I cry,
I argue and I fight,
I mess up every little thing that's good in my life...

I'm sick of my heart ruling me; it doesn't do it very well.
If I mute the pain, will I be able to escape this hell?
I will lock it up inside, and I will let my heart grow cold.
My mind will have it's time because my heart has let my weakness show.

I am not human
I feel no emotion
I feel no pain
I feel nothing
I'm unable to cry
No matter what I try
Oh how I want to feel something and know that I'm alive

I'm sick of my mind ruling me it doesn't do it very well
Now that I've gotten here I hope I'm able to escape this hell
My mind knows of the love that's there but my heart is a deadly cold
I have become mechanical a statue nothing more than gold

I am half human,
I feel some emotion
My mind fights to win,
To lock up my heart again
I'm not sure what to think
Should I float, should I sink
My heart is fighting for its life, but my mind can't blink
Helena 12h
the lights are off
under my sheets
devils heat
I take them off
the air is cold
and now my body
eli 14h
what is trust?
is it someone you can talk to without them repeating the words you whispered

is that trust?
or is that just someone who knows how to keep their mouth shut

i know a lot of people who wont spread my darkest secrets
but i still don't "trust" them

what is trust

think about it
Lure Pot 17h
Give me your soft mind
Because you are so kind
Let me see your eyes
Because they are so nice.

I need an ocean full of love
Don’t be shy, is that you have?
I look for a bright morning
Which ray is shining on your face.

Give me your happy smile
Let me follow your style
Give me your young heart
Let me enjoy your voice.

You impress me with your honesty
I want your love, not your beauty
Don’t let me wait, say something
I will be waiting till you say, 'Yes'!
Haleigh 23h
Dear, let me startle you by slinking my hand into
your smart, ethical decisions while I touch
quite gently
ripping to shreds
your photon ends.

Dear, let me caress your supple virtues and vows
until they blow out of proportion
merging your interests with mine
like the longing of eyes
uncanny in its distortion.

Dear, let me rip off your clothes as I grip your tight notions
ideas slipping carefully into place
like a sterile, unflinching blank slate
inching towards computed devotion.

Dear, let me carry out some foreplay
as long as you bend, not break,
delightfully stroking the edge of your plate.

Dear, let me come so close to your face
so close that it becomes blurry.

Where are my glasses in all this flurry?

Of feelings resembling photo reels on fire
shooting flames out the window
beyond everything you’ve ever known;
beyond anything you desire.

Dear, let me kiss you to submission,
your brain waves in motion
as I twist and slip into them
hormones ablaze
lighting up for days
your synapses recapturing
in a binocular haze.

Dear, let me flop on top of you
like a floppy disk, uploading your lips
into my hardrive.

Do I make you hard as fire?

Slowing burning
my hot fingers curling
up your robust spine
cracking it into
chiropractor sublime.

Massaging your tired broad shoulders
like large sofa ends.

Is this keyboard only
made for pretend?

Dear, let me mind fuck you
take you and light you
brighten your screen
uphold and unseen
neurons fighting as I whisper dirty words
directly into the folds of your tulip ears
too large to hear, and

Dear, let me engage my rage
into a productive haze
bolting out words, unheard of for days.

Dear, let us become undone together
like the battery of a computer
rebooting after a hectic hardware phase.

Dear, let us breathe and walk through this maze.
My Mind a boardroom
Many 'mini me' hold a meet
On a repeat
Day in ~ day out
They are quite a clout

The many 'mini me'
Arduously Debate
Strategise and Plan
Follow Time Span
Decisions to be made
For the very Me

The  chatter inside
Silenced .....
Not a word spoken outside
Acoustics fixed...

Now it's only me :))
Something from the Mindbox
I got a taste
of your mind
and my
taste buds
a thing for
for your
Amanda 1d
I have wasted an eternity
Figuring a way to change my heart
Now I see that all I needed
Was you to keep me from ripping apart

If I counted the healing ways
You hold me together better than glue
I think you would be surprised to find
It is a lot more than just a few

Day after day you patch the holes
Sew the tears in my heart and my mind
With your love I stay alive and well
You are just the healthy choice I've been hoping to find
This is one from 2012, i added the third stanza today though, it just didnt seem like a good spot to end it.
Do you know what the stars
spell out as they fall from the sky?
They tell us that we are just as fleeting as
the next thing; just as fleeting and
just as beautiful.
Take these words out of my mouth before
they come back to haunt me,
I never was good at cutting ties and letting
the pieces fall into place.
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