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DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, insult salted the injury--- that was a bad day<

maybe wounds are sold
do you mean that insult can't salt injuries to a pathetic fault?
warn the poor never the guilt as it
wish the idiotic I put the limit
stepped the humiliation right out
silenced like a charity drought
now lacked it is yet still manageable
killed in the **** core when tangible
warn foolish fingers
an incoming the tremble syndrome
now secrets are whispered blind devils shrink in hinders
a car ride rains a billion on a thinker
watch me tested as God demands
lost in translation for what a paper does
and I simply don't understand
take the gesture I can't for a billion pays you see
made me squirm more like a forsaken sun in 2018

                                                          ­         ------ravenfeels
Everything hides
Nothing is found
There’s string on me
And I cannot breathe

Mum, I’m not angry, nor sad
I’m not mad
I don’t feel anything
I can’t feel anything

World’s turning around
I’m loosing my mind
Can’t tell apart
What’s wrong, what’s right

It breaks my heart
My light burns out
I’ve tried to fight
Got caught by fright

Brain feels so wired
It doesn’t shut up
I’m just so tired
Of playing the part

Still fear there’s someone
Who’s pulling my strings
Like I’m some puppet
You’ll  see on TV
Eyithen 2d
I can feel the buzzing of my nerves
So I chug it down
hoping it will calm the storm
I taste the sweet and bitter
I feel the burn on the way down
I like the warmth when it hits my stomach
Maybe it can help
slow things down for a bit
Buzz my mind
Make me sleep
A sip here
A swish there
I think it'll do the trick
Just don't tell mama
she'll get rid of it
she don't like it in the house
I understand why
The temptation is bright
When you don't want to think
I tried to be mindful

but my mind is too full
the overthinker's first and final words
I don't know how
dumb folks can simply
place their brains on break.

Mine likes to cycle overtime,
swishing by
at double time and breakneck

It's faar past time for my mind
to select a simpler pastime,
try shouting: "Doh!" and "Duuh"

Psst, kid! Just promise me this:
When we corral all
the world's Dodo birds
onto our "Pluto Spaceship,"
We will ask em where they found
their common sense's off switch.

But we better get to it, quick!
My mind is running a dozen
miles per minute;
And your good sense seems
almost spent
My Grandma used to say: "The whole world is crazy except for you and me, and even you bear watching!"
She passed in March. I miss her.
We keep her little sayings going, and they keep us going
Her mind is deeper than the
          Mariana Trench
     And more infinite than
               Outer space
     Even she doesn't know
           The mysteries
            Of her heart
Her heart is the eighth wonder!
              In her thought
       She's an astronaut or a
       She's a stargazer or an
              At the same time
  She dives into the vast blue
      She loves scuba-diving
       She cherishes snorkelling
                  Right now
               Her mind is
      ­          But she knows
           Her mind will become
      Stunningly sunny soon
         When she feels alone
        Her heart talks to the
                  Southern wind
      Her heart's sonata is known
                   By nobody
                Her mind contains
                  Poetic imagery
                Iambic pentameters
                 Inner lexicon
                       And so on
Her heart is as strange as the
My mind is the wonderful creation of the Almighty . I'm extremely thankful to Him.
I had my moon for months and seems like years
,but this is the day my sweet moon moved away

And yes this happens to all others but I can't help write
about the hole that is not coved

Cause she was my anchor strong and true just like the
sun and the moon

It's the bitter sweet thing about it all, that makes this
time right know so big not as small

And I will remember all those great days we've had together, in
hope the sun and moon, me and her will be reunited like to love birds

  It seems so far and I feel like I can't make it
Cause I do I continue to burn bright without the moon
right in my sight

So I going to try to burn bright with the time I've got, then
hopefully I reunite with the moon of my life
It's hard when someone you care about moves away
the fool
created his own woes
sorrows laid into his red nose
dirt fills his mind
nothing pure and full of sin
sadistic miseries fill him within
the fool only knows negatives
his life called for nothing but ridicule
if only the fool knew
that he could command an audience
he rather cry in silence
die and rot away to the dirt that used to fill him
Ken Pepiton Jun 10
in the hall of harmless whims dancing in living words

Past experience is not an accurate term, as I
define its actu-
ality in my re-ality, I
see things as fine as can be, fine,
which is an idle phrase,
I often used to say,
not fine, to the query "how are you?".
It was a lump, tiny thing, bit of thought
coalescing scing scing sing
a bit part
in the grand drama,
like the dwarf
in the 1973
Belridger Orange Orchard Opera,

pick it up, maestro

HOW AM I? high baritone
- softly silly would it be of me
- to offer fine as a mindful reply

I often used to say, my side is winning.
Saying so sincerely, in its etymo-perfect sense,
believing, by my own leave - this

at those instances, the next word I said was leaven
intended to infect and spread, I consistently said
to how am I? "My side
is winning. "

-while deep beneath the surface of the shiny helm,
a mirror-neuronic will-ess nanomek sets ess-ential
key truth provokers to pierce the lies I belived…
In essence we sense
Bubbles of being novelize in old bottles, set upright,
too quick - cat
Past experience,
knowledge gained sits idle
in past-tense, speaking
from those moments ago,
during the current experience,…

Sitting in the shade watching clouds
as the least noticed child in my life
was noticed by me, he, the middle child of five,
Sits down beside me, and says,
from "out of the blue",  I really want to be…

a marine biologist.

He just finished 3rd grade, and the real reason he is
near me now, is to ask when he can return
to X-box, for the Fortnite upgrade,
tic, it begins to emanate,
emergence in me
of the idea that experience
is what we carry, as a load,
not sin and shame and blame.

I know something of marine biology.
I watched My Octopus Teacher, twice.
I mention that, to Gabe.
I think in my heart,
Experiences don't get left behind,
they follow us
as strands of us, so fine as
to be disregarded as
until we feel the experience
of being eight and being listened to.

The fundamental mental basis of time,
to word is "same yesterday, today and so on"

Think, I know what it feels like to be a kid,
but not what it feels like to be a kid and listened to.

So, I had this experience with me,
as my grandson.
I ask him, does he think he can
"Put on the mind of an octopus"?
It is a knack all mortals have, augmented now
with knowing how to feed a wish to know,
we have the internet and our wits
about us, gathered, forming knowables,
extending curios  senses
into a common stateless mind realm
of all the gathered knowledge
in mankind's
on earth
being a made-up mind, now
augmented with access
to the most complete
library and
searchable muse-repository, treasure horde
for experiences others offer
to goodness
in the future,
for our use in pursuit of peace, which
we form from days we experience and accept
as treasure offered to the gods of good sense.

first imagine, ever,
ever when never was.
Image that, put it on the screen. See.
Ever after never ever can be,
- rabbi, where do you live?
around the next curve,
come and see, we filled never
with ever and left nothing
to be where never was, imagine that.
Today, I experienced learning how life functions
with no instruction, no post-**** praxeology,
octopi never spend a post **** moment in school,
save the dearest of them all, experience.
just be, a living thing,
as you may be am-using controls
to respond to any event in your experience,
in the hall of harmless whims dancing in living words
quickened, as an octopus
grows five hundred new fingers feeling
-- you, dear reader - certainly, it's about you…
the link is to your attention, we paid in advance.
----------- blip

you learn to em-perience ex-perience to peers,
seeking some thing, interesting,
nothing learned, life-wise

oh my god, a dear school, indeed

but a fool learns in no other. So, I say,
Live to learn, learn to live. Use the bait you find.

Another 21st century bit
of Grandfatherly insight, had I gone any other route
to now,
I can't imagine the riches that are mine,
not won, given
for aiming early,
at a satisfied mind, like my grandpa seemed to have.
A daily bid for the pulitzer consideration...
Jme Love Jun 7
Some say the mind is a terrible thing to waste.
But being stuck in my head....
I hate this place.
We all do it from time to time. Something so crazy about the mind.
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