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I cannot say the thoughts that fly around my mind
because they can't be caught fast enough.
Even if I could, how could I put them
together so that they may make sense?
I want you to blow my mind
Out in the backseat
Of your Volkswagen Notchback.
You can determine whether
I mean mind-blowing ***
or homicide.
I'll take it either way.
My mind is an endless void.
In the midst of it is an obsidian cliff.
Abstract wisps of thought swirl around that central cliff all the time.

I am drowning.
I am barely hanging on to the cliff, to myself.

The thoughts keep attacking me, not one at a time.
Tidal waves of thoughts are crashing down on me, trying to drag me under.
Away from my sense of self.
Into that endless void.

Into endless void...
A glimpse into my mind palace at its most chaotic.
your words are a pampered art; combination of an italian riviera tide along with french reverie aura
This cold feeling has got me heated
I need some spring cleaning before I fall
It’s not a secret to adore
I know how fast word travels
Give another fact, full cap, like a Snapple
What am I waiting for?
You’re not number one anymore
Got drunk, spilled guts, cold pressed apple
But we are never out of your mind
Natalie 4d
They’re scary
Some are in the closet
Some are under the bed
But you want to know a secret
The scariest monsters
Are in our heads
I am my own monster
Zhanara 4d
I am losing  my sleep
Cuz I think about you.
I am missing my bus
Cuz I think about you.
I am stopping to work.
Cuz I  think about you.
It's not me
When all of my mind and heart are yours...
prim' 4d
I curse my head,
I curse my body
To make me walk through spiralling hells
From the soft sheets of my bed.
Ashes of my past to choke my lungs,
Dark mud to dirt my mind
To shiver with the wind of my dissatisfaction,
And sweat under the heat of anger.
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