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When heart melts,
mind is bewildered.

This is the time,
when the flowers blossom.

This is the time,
when love sends melodies,
to you and to everyone.

These are the moments,
when you have to sing,
and take care that the
song, and melody
inside you doesn't get old,
and not take rust.

Please sing with happiness
then, for the universe looks
at you then, with eager eyes,
and waits for your song...

© Manan sheel.
Atlas 2h
Forever lost in the depths of my mind

                                                      ­                                      -Atlas
Latifah 16h
You became
the reason
my smile fades
every time
You cross
my mind.
Atlas 1d
Silence traps me in its clutches
Demons crawling up my throat
How I long for deaths soft touches
My lifeboat has sunk and I cannot float

Bored, I am forever bored
And empty is how I feel
At school, I am forever ignored
I don't know how long I can deal

Although my room is silent
My mind continues to reel
My demons are too violent
The scars will never heal
Yuki 1d
A bruised body
doesn’t hurt as much as
a shaking soul
and trembling heart.
It’s the winter in me.
My ice-covered mind
is too cold to think properly
and my hands so frozen
aren’t able to
reach out and hold
Life can exact a heavy toll
Unless you pay heed to your whole;
Your mind, your body and your soul!
I am very well aware,
Of what you think about me,
And how you feel.
I enjoy it,
I take pride in it.
It gives me happiness,
Along with a feeling of self-consciousness.
I felt it earlier too,
The difference this time is
That I've grown up.
We both have grown up.

I indulge in deep thoughts,
It compels me to think about you.
Even if I don't want to.
It does give me pleasure,
It might to you too,
When you see me.
The ecstasy; coupled with anxiety.
That too doubled,
If after a long time.

I might be lingering on your mind,
You might be obsessed with me,
But I do not know what to say,
Or how to feel,
Perhaps because it is new to me.
Like it is to you,
I believe.
05 August 2015.
Found this one between some old drafts.
I reside in my feelings
Classify myself as soft
Tender is my ego from my tinder experience
On bumble I was stung, only to be left stumbling
No fresh coffee wants to meet a day old bagel

I create fables with my imagination
The open wound on my sleeve festers
Causing thoughts to manifest
They get the best of me, so y'all get the worst
My lifelong curse

I could listen to every song about love
Never finding a verse to relate to
It's late as I write this too, or early based on perspective
I need a Detective, to locate my innocence
Where in then, I might find the man I am supposed to be

Sought out affection from the wrong places
Chasing those that fear being caught
Weary from the pursuit, I become a mute
Ask me to speak up but the point is moot
Run along, practice your shoot dance

Romance, that induces a trance, is an intoxicating aroma
Pity that my presence is nauseating
There is no debating, I know my history
I am no mystery, just misguided by my own hand
I write because I am left with reading between the lines

I'll stand the test of time
Sands through the hourglass
This is the daze that is my life

By Axton Rupp
when it all makes sense
the hunch that leads you to a conclusion
that I had a right to think the way I did
Because the end is clear
and whatever I worried about when I broke, became the truth
and now I’m no longer in the picture
your picture
your experience

but why does it matter right now?
stuck in thought, writing them down and deconstructing the meaning of all it ever was or will be

you are doing you

and so am I

whatever makes you happy

in the end

All is clear

Bad or good

The end is clear

plenty endings sum up a conclusion with an ending as well

and when we die

It’ll be clear
We are always in the middle of something
Shlomo 2d's here. A future. Agile? I was not enough to be.

Black in it's entirety. A new beginning and a new me.

Clockwork. As though a plan hatched by some supreme being.

Dear dog, which came first? Was it the white or the black?

Either way, it effortlessly taints your profoundly glorious genes.

**** this! Atrocious. Drugs?!

Goodness me. How did we get to this?

Horrible, dehumanising, and it's here to stay.

"It suppresses". But really only in the mildest of ways.

Just to remind you of the control you once had.

Killed! And now ceded in it's entirety to a tad bit of a fad.

Let me just turn back the hands of time! 

My fate I leave with you alone. 

Nothing seems to relieve this pressure and irreparable pain. 

Oh God! Could I be spared such a destiny?


Queuing from my heart to yours. 

Respectfully admonishing your power and grace. 

Simply, do I ask for that childlike sense of serenity.

To take me to a place of restoration and hope. 

Unlock my mind. Repair my soul. For vaults of this kind are too strong.
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