i stand in a graveyard
i see, though i am blinded by the past.
i see millions of tombstones surrounding me,
each one has words i dare not read.
i am scared,
and i am alone.
though i am not alone, there are ghosts who hold faces that are familiar around me.
they tell me that the light shall come soon.
they promise me this
i do not believe them,
i have been fooled too many times.
and as i walk throughout this graveyard i come to a realization;
no matter how many ghosts stand by my side,
i am the only one who is of real flesh and bone.
who stands above the ground and not beneath it.
i cannot come to terms if this is good or not
You are not the person you want others to believe you are.
I see the real You, the beauty of your mind.
Deeper than the blue of your eyes.
A girl that is a constant surprise.
A girl that is smart, funny, true, now all I want, is for you to believe in You, just the way that I do
standing in the darkness with these little balls of light spreading across the whole sky. I wish I was one, so I could be far away from you as possible. I would be free, not a care in the world...instead I'm here surrounded by nothing, yet I'm surrounded by everything. I simply cannot understand why I put up with such hatred and disapproval, I guess I'm just stupid to think that you actually cared for me. I lay myself onto the bed and all I can think about is the first day I met you and how if I were un-illuminated you wouldn't have had the boost to come and claim me...CLAIM such a strong beautiful word yet when I see you, all I can think about is how I hate it.
why love?
screams the mind
why not?
sings the heart
Lîla is the Sanskrit (लीला) for « divine play ».
You can find a million reasons not to take part in life,
but when your crush asks you to dance with them,
won't you say yes?
I sit and look at your picture, in pride of place.
I want to tell you how much I've missed you.
How Every Day is a struggle without your love.
When will this feeling leave me?
Until the next time you see me?
Will I be forever blue, living my life with out You?
What if when it passes, I don't know who I am anymore, without the weight of the grief dragging me to the floor?
I didn't just lose you, I lost me too.
I search every corner of my mind because it's you I still hope to find.
Amanda 1d
I do not want to get too attached
Latched onto this idea that you won't go
It seems my heart you've already patched
We're a perfect match, don't you think so?

You've emptied out the grief in my heart
I found a lost part of my soul
I'm embracing this brand new start
If you leave I'm afraid I won't be whole.

It's your companionship I crave
This relationship is what I need
Your kiss is the only one that can save
My lips from crying out with greed.

I want everything, the good and bad
And the grey area in between
I would try my hardest not to be sad
If for once you'd just say what you mean.

I'm in the process of being repaired
Filtering out what was once broken
I don't want my anxiety bared
Or my messed up past awoken.

Sleeping dogs are better off dreaming
There's no need to open their eyes
Since you've arrived my heads been teeming
With thoughts that buzz like wounded flies.

My only anchor is your voice
Tying me to the universe
With you it seems i have no choice
But to succumb to this wicked curse.

This fear withers my state of mind
Leaves me paralyzed with wonder
Until I'm left with no hope to find
And all my dreams are torn asunder.

I love the way your touch makes me tremble
Excites the atoms under my skin
I'm shattered, but you reassemble
The pieces of me that I'm living in.

You're my armor, my stability
The guard that keeps my demons at bay
Only you have the ability
To make every problem go away.
Written 2/6/12

I do like how this flows, and how I can still relate to it but for a different person.
Kaumudi 2d
For me, a poem is not just for display, an appealing art piece.
It's just I'm  v om i t ti ng  the excess of emotions to be at ease.

For me, a poem is not just a  ran d om  rhythmic rant on a  ra n do m  topic.
It's a description of memories where words create a graphic.

For me, a poem is not telling the world to appreciate someone I appreciate.
It's my perspective about someone which is shown in the poem I create.

And lastly, I don't write poems to please YOU.
It's my mind's whimses I'm catering to.
©2018, Why Do I Write Poems? by Kaumudi.
Rose 2d
Long nights stretch into months
I should have left when I had the chance
But now I’m stuck here
My feet trudge when I walk
My mind is sludge when I talk

I wish I hadn’t met you
I’d like to think it was inevitable
But my fate was apparently sealed
I’d love to say goodbye
But I can’t take back my “hi”

Every word you speak
Is an IV dripping poison into my veins
How could someone I love
Say something so mean
Especially when I try to keep myself so clean

Don’t tell me again
I’m not listening and 
If I’m really  as dumb as you insist,
Then what’s the point of telling me again and again
If I’m never going to quite comprehend

I was born with you inside of me
It only took tragedy to bring you out
They cradled you
They nurtured you
And I never had any clue

I was the one feeding you
I wanted you in my head
I wanted your words echoing inside
I was the one who wanted you here
I was the one who held you near

You are me
And I’m you
I don’t want to feel you
Can’t you go away?
Can’t I have any say?
Overthinking, I love you so.
Overthinking, I won't let you go.
Overthinking, you're breaking my heart.

Overthinking, you're making it hard.

Would you kindly
leave my embrace.
I could use some

fucking space.

Not freeze in time
everywhere I go.
Overthinking , I love you so...
Surrounded by love,
It’s my highest priority.
Making others smile,
Ignore the negativity.

Don’t listen to the hate,
Not healthy psychologically.
Enjoy every moment,
Listen to all the positivity.
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