Candice 2h

I believe at the end of my life,
the credits will read tragedy,
that with the last blink of my eye your face will cross my mind,
and I'll go back to that day
in the dead of winter,
when I was warm,
because I had your arms,
but for that moment they were mine,
that night all you wanted was me..
and my last breath will be taken away at the realization
that all I've ever wanted was you...

In a mind where it
never stops chatting , I sit
in a boat and wave

Sometimes it can be annoying especially when anixety creeps in but  I'm use to it now. A nice walk outdoors and a goodnight sleep helps lots x

Be sure to
have a heart
and a function
to think about
everything/all times.

Is this heart?
Does it function?
Think about it.
everything/all times.

Be clear here,
Do you function?
Are you here?
everything/all times.

The Heart met The Mind,
And both were stuck in time.
The Heart adored her brand new love,
The Mind thought they'd fit together like a glove.
But The Mind was sick and logically gifted,
But when he saw her, he swore he was lifted.
The Heart felt love, pain, remorse and could cry,
But The Mind had been damaged and only wanted to die.
The Mind created storms of brilliant images,
The Heart sat and reminisced about her previous scrimmages.
The Mind thought it had nothing to lose,
Now that he had a new friend.
She was his muse,
The inspiration behind every new note,
The face behind every single brush stroke.
His thoughts, did she provoke, and opened up his sky.
When he was with her, The Mind swore that he could fly.
The Heart feared him.
Oh yes, she was very afraid,
Cuz when The Mind got upset, with her emotions he had played.
She was vulnerable. The Hopeless Romantic,
He was a cold thinking being that would've sunk the Titanic,
She soon realized this and became frantic.

She knew what had to be done,
And she knew it meant pain.
Did it quickly, one day she came,
And said, "Baby we have to talk,
It's something important.
It seems my view of you became distorted,
I've taken some time to get my feelings sorted.
There's no easy way to say this, my dear,
But I cannot stay only because of this fear,
That one day I'll wake up and you would have disappeared."
The Mind was shook, he sat back staring in silence.
He then realized what he always had to lose,
Left the building and went to hit the booze.
The Mind drunkenly sat at the bar in silence,
The Heart felt glad he didn't resort to violence,
But that was never him, even when he couldn't think.
Then suddenly, The Mind began to quickly shrink.

This is an old tale,
So old it's timeless,
The Mind met The Heart and quickly became,
The Mindless.

A tragic love story between the Mind, and the Heart.

I silently sit and wait
as dawn rears its head
my mind and breath is still
entranced by the meditative stridulation
of love making

© 2017 Case Coniglio
All rights reserved
Jasmine 2d

With the storm, it makes me less anxious and paranoid
About my own life and the uneven road it tends to navigate
because it reminds me of the wild, untameable world we live in
And how the fruit just keeps falling from the trees, it's unbelievable
How many ripened delicious feijoas get squashed and then they are swept away by this storm,
I should be out in that storm
With a raincoat, long enough to reach my ankles
Big enough to encompass my body in a cocoon of hopeful dryness
Some rain boots to protect my feet from the puddles and the branchy, sloppy, slippery and gravely path that awaits me.
I could've saved those ripened, mellow green and smooth feijoas
Or at least picked them up once I'd seen them on the ground.
But I chose to walk around them, ignore them, until the funky smell just subsided and they were washed away with the rain.
Next season I might just take them in a basket,
Sell them and buy myself some warm socks
until the storm subsides and I have
Made it through the winter.

Fire 2d

She was beautifully broken
Her voice was not spoken
Her tears stained the lining of her cheeks
Her life could never seem so bleak
With news like this
The world has now become a dark abyss

Take me now
Take me far
How can you
How can I

You leave me in pieces
Beaten and bruised
Just then all life just ceases
And all your turns have been used.
Check mate, you loose

Take me here
Take me there
How could he
How could she

A heart so brutally used
So with a scar it can be fused
Don't leave me here
Oh can't you hear
The devil cries out to endear

Take me back
Take me up
How dare you
How dare I

This pain will not forfeit it's prize
It only wants its disguise
It hides in broken futures
And cries in broken lies
I seem to not recognize my face anymore

Take me out
Take me down
How dare he
How dare she

The mirror reflects your face now
Your obituary will be my vow
I'll keep you close
I'll keep you near
Maybe you'll find me here

Take me
Take me
How could you die
Take me
Take me
How should I die

And what the heaven
And what the art
Could heal the sinews of my heart


You shift and turn through the night
Sweat and screams you left behind
You moved and scoffed as you hide
You were safe but he was was still chasing you in your mind.

this is my very first published poem I'm sorry if its bad .
Jobira 3d

As nights get darker,
My mind too, a bit fuzzy,
Always out of lights.

I really stole this from my note from my poem " Dancing on my bedroom windows"

The note sounded to me that it can be a poem by itself.

you trespass in my heart
when my mind isn't looking
hopping the low fence
I thought you were art

the roses I planted
your slender fingers wrap
and tear them from their bed
I used to think you enchanting

you dismember my apple tree
smirking at the snap
apples were your favourite
my sweet delicate gemini

and so i restart
replacing the trampled flowers
fixing the smashed birdbath
in the garden of my heart

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