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it has been years
you didn't write nor call
i slithered from the church
for reach out to you
my savior, my redeemer
like an evangelist
im waiting for you
to come in a beautiful dress
and baptise me with your luscious kiss
so that under my spell
you can tell me im the chosen one
i can tell you you are the one i've been waiting for
Kassan Jahmal May 16
Feeling extra nervous, when my phone battery hits
forty-four. Feeling low at the half points of my soul,
Train of thoughts burning all of the last coals. Fossil fuels,
going into being extinct. Less than active when I take so
long to blink. So over a thought, but only after I over think.

Did I set that alarm, the daily one I always check before bed.
“I hope tomorrow I don’t wake up dead,“ hasn’t that phrase
been over said? Who really cares, and why do the corner eyes
of stranger’s have such awkward stares? Glares of my glaring
insecurities, usually when I’m treating my flaws with such cruelty.

Disciplinary, proceedings brought forth to the circles of self
beatings on my every worth. Could never describe myself with
just a single word. I’m bent over myself on a road of life, with
the longest curve.

Where am I heading, when it feels like seven seconds close to
Heaven. All the blessings in a straw nest of Christians still
nestling. Going against the world, and t.v. screen’s weaponry.
Bang, bang, boom! We cares about doom, just take it as nothing,
and quickly move.

Onto the very next thing, and trend. Do what the t.v. says,
playing the longest game of Simon says. Like wrestling bears.
That’s a very short fight of pulling hairs. Ha! Being bold to being

There I go again over thinking ahead of my next thought.
Butterfly fishing, for the wings of a wet slippery effect, I soon
never caught.

By the way, my phone is at forty-one. Rushing to put it on
charge all night for morning’s fun. It wasn’t charging at all.
Well, don’t I feel so dumb.

Sigh! The one time I didn’t choose to over think. Now I don’t
have the device to quickly dot down how I feel.

Being an over thinker is so real.
It's a daily struggle.
Snipes May 12
What’s on your mind?

Tell me it all
Confess your heart
Sell me your soul’s dna
For your peace of mind
You’ll see it’ll be liked later
In the memetime
Favorite your favorite memories
Comment your combative perspectives
Post your voice in a live
Before you die off the line
Hang your life as a bulletin online
While your life has bullets on the line
Trademark dna data usage is being sold
So tell me your what’s on your mind

What’s happening?

I walk bare these days…
Each wire shows truth in the lairs
My fear dies within this air
Hell lives on earth as it spears my attire
Heaven is so sought after as it’s quit with its laughter
Each shoe walks but the souls near retire
I’ve tripped up so many times I still ride lower
I see liquor every time I look in the mirror
The wind in the sky is the dream in my wireless eyes
I say it to the face of time, I am happening
Until my last happy breath
I’ll be what always happens

Write a caption…

…in the meantime
Yemaya May 10
The love left abandoned
bruised and beat up
like the other items
that couldn't keep up
Mark Wanless May 5
love my spaghetti
love my spaghetti mind oh
yah the spaghetti
Mark Wanless Apr 30
a thought in your mind
a wonder of universe
enlightenment    doh
The foe that strikes the hardest
is the one
that lives underneath your skin
and there
you are vulnerable
and there you will feel
the paranoia
of facing the hidden enemy
A paranoid Schizophrenic walks into a bar
Mark Wanless Apr 21
no coincidence
deep mind manifestation
and the world moves on
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