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yasmin 2d
are you the ink
on this pad,
or the hand
guiding the pen?
Both living and dying,
Awake and asleep,
Eyes opened wide and still so blind.

Ears to listen, a voice to share,
A mind to wander and a heart to feel.
Rarely used, taught to shut.
A technicolor being in a noir world,
A vessel of which the whole universe choose to reside.

The divine in the flesh.
Who believes these are two separate entities.
Or is it not?

Forever a question with no answers,
it is an abstract infinite loop with no alpha nor omega.
Existence itself is a rational paradox
and a corrupted masterpiece.

As we learn that there is no creator without its creations,
and no creations without its creator,

Are we able to exist without the ego or the soul?
To truly live with no purpose? Or is that in itself, a purpose?
Bhill 2d
Can you make up your mind?
Why, oh why, did you decide on that?
Oh, I get it....  
Not really but...
I have to admit the end result is pretty good
Remember life is a series of decisions..!

Brian Hill - 2019 # 248
Life is full of decisions...
Alexis 3d
all these poems I write
start with I,
I swear I’m not self centered
but they say write what you know.
So in a desperate attempt
to learn this soul of mine
All I write about
is me.
And you,
Yes, I write about you.
I write about the beauty of you.
Of how I would love to leave fingerprints on your heart and caress your soul .
I mean if you would allow me
To love you
There is a riot inside my body
My heart against my brain
Fighting over you.
Don’t promise me something you won’t keep
My body can’t take another civil war.
Surrounded by broken promises when all you had to do was to stay
Purple, blue, orange and red these colors of feelings that I won’t be feeling anymore
Because my heart is in flames and my mind is in control.
There is a riot inside my body
A war that no one can win.
Amelia 3d
Cradle me in your arms
And wipe my tears away.

Tell me that you’re here for me
That’s all you have to say.

Today has been a treacherous journey
But tomorrow is a new day.
It’ll be okay - MentalHealthAwarenessDay
Akshay 3d
Something's burning,
A deep desire is lurking,
to be in these thoughts
it's daunting.
mind is a sick place. I need to learn to control it.
mind wanders
and sometimes mind gets lost
but mind always come home
to you
finally, i can post again.
it's amazing
to wake up a sea view
and drink too much eaux de vie
and dance to an old jazz
and love you way too much
The trailing traffic
Too loud
Jumping signals in my mind

The music divine
Freedom is mine
Jumping signals in my mind

Darkness thins out
In broad Daylight
Jumping signals in my mind

Lost, never around
To be found
Jumping signals in my mind
Just for fun
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