Willow 3h
It's funny how when you were younger, you would say in your mind,"I would never do that." Here I am doing all the things I said I wouldn't do, self harm, anorexia, suicidal thoughts.
Larri 6h
loving me is a suicide mission,
only psychos join this round of roulette
victory is lost on my mind,
every time i let myself love you, i'm dead
idk anymore i'm out of ideas halp <3
No: 7

I wonder, if feeling and emotions are the driving force of our actions
What do you feel when you look at me
What do you feel when you hear my voice
Do you feel !?
Where is your heart !?
Where is you mind !?
Are any of them with me !?
Are you with me !?

Rex Verum Regem
Mahati 16h
Feasting off the crumbs i see
trying to fit a melody inside my head
trying to piece together something normal
and i fall
into the black hole of my mind
putting together a mine for the next time
i fall
Trusting somebody
is not that easy
when all you can hear
is lies and cries for help
and i am sorry
for leaving and hurting
my mind is hunting for pain
it's as unstoppable as the time we believe in
Letting in is hard
because i'm trying to block my thoughts
so that all of this could stop
so letting in is not an option
Stopping time
can be done with the heart
but when the heart is locked

I am feasting off the tears
and i fall
into the black hole of my mind
Yanamari 20h
As my body lays frozen over
By the ice that continually cools me,
I gently float, soundlessly in the
Tower surrounded by icy waves.

The landscape that I always look out to
Is unchanging and lifeless,
Sounds in the distance seldom
Resounding around my heart motionless.

I kick at stagnant air,
Almost as if something was there,
The tunes playing in my head
Enough for my heart and mind to share.

As my frozen body moves,
I continue to gaze out towards the landscape.
Not because the landscape is motionless,
But now, because my heart and mind
Have melded into the tunes
Playing in my head.
Wedding bells in mind
Play the harp with all her heart
Answering fortune
Watched a video of a woman playing beautifully on the harp.
Lyn xxx
I keep finding flaws
In my natural reflection
And keep searching for beauty
In my unnatural reflection
then sit and wonder
Why am I bereft
of any sort of happiness
some's ambition gives way
like a young sapling
faced with a blade
submit to complacency
and you'll see no danger
but we the few
run against the blade-
embracing pain-
keeping one eye on our dream
and one eye on our name

our young lives
are all uphill climbs
some slip down
and decide
that dreams aren't worth it
if they must
work to get it
we see all of the doors
and none of the keys
before long
we've snapped out of
our american dream
do what inspires you and never stop to explain yourself.
She sits by the banks of my slaving heart
tossing hair and teasing the breeze,
while my tender achings gather course
through her fingers, like a winding stream...

She tells, then she laughs a hearty one
yet my envy finds her company good.
Her husky voice worms into my head
like a desire awaken in unending loop...

She opens the door and in a rush,
the hinges turn loose on my guarded longings
As I piece together my dark remains,
in she walks and makes my mornings.
Quietly justifying
The existence of the other
The lines of his jaw
The turn of her hair
But not in hand
For its beneath the surface
Of the conscious mind
That the search began
And there it will end
There it will end
Just beneath the surface things. Next to the shadow, just to the right.
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