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Timmy Shanti May 8
you dance with strangers - gifting them your smile
a treasure i called mine (if only for a while)
you laugh at perils when your life's at stake
you live the dream while i'm not quite awake

you wear your finest silks, the world is your stage
new faces every day - befitting of the age
your beauty changes hands of those who hardly care
i'm left to rue the loss, i find it hard to bear

you're dancing with a stranger - wish it was me instead
moved on so fast, you have - it's messing with my head
don't think i'm getting back that part of me i've lost
you dance with strangers - i'm dancing with your ghost
May 2022
Rama Krsna Apr 23
all faces, bodies and limbs
in this variegated universe
belongs only to you.
all feelings, thoughts and sensations,
simply yours too.
all of existence is just your dream!
even the bliss glimpsed in my deep sleep,
a chip of your inner peace

when you wake up from that long trance
to perform the cosmic dance,
we will all merge with you,
like moths to a flame

© 2022
the cosmic person is eulogized here as the sum totality of everything in this universe with no beginning or end
Estelline Apr 23
You have to feel it
To know what to say
It runs into your darkest places
Spreading a new found light
If you really mean it

It’ll change the nights
That crept in, so still before
Where the echoes roamed

Into an open place
Where the trees dance
Holding hands with the wind
And your mind swims
into the thought of knowing
Nothing is impossible

You’ll feel proud to say you’re hers
Instead of hiding away
And having the doubts flash around
As they glare with their eyes
Knowing yours are full of envy

You always knew when it would end
But now you can’t tell
Has the winter come and gone?
All you feel is the summer air
Brushing against your face
Making you feel this really is the place
The place you belong
You’ve finally found it
After waiting so long.
Zywa Apr 19
When I dance, I am

an exhibitionist, yes --

with all my clothes on.
Collection "The drama"
Tichozpytec Apr 16
Dressed in black with mask of gold
Slowly walking towards me
Ice-cold hands that warmth can't hold
A lily made of ebony

Dress made of stars that twinkle brightly
Noiseless walk of nonchalance
Dance with me, her eyes invite me
One can't help but be entranced

Soothing voice that's made of silk
Stories told with flick of hair
My eyes get heavy, so hard to think
As she leads me, beguiled, towards her lair
Zywa Apr 11
Only in Paris

waltzes a fly like flies are --

twirling in Paris.
"Kevadine kärbes" ("Spring fly", for violin and piano, by Lepo Sumera, from the film "Naerata ometi" ("Still smiling" / "Spiele für Schulkinder", 1986, Estonia), performed by Mari-Liis Uibo (violin) and Andres Uibo (*****) in the Organpark, on April 9th, 2022

Collection "org anp ark" #203
Raven Feels Mar 15
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, on the verges of spring:)

not all about that
yet all about me
the sleights redeemed too flat
taking things slowly

my stance
out of that delusional hand
still the intro of that kingdom dance
shook the sight demolishing one land

that debatable glance
the spark of something so vivid
scratched the hint of a chance
not my story & still not a person of livid

yet the better
some women listening to her weather in impact
yet delivering their letters
& they get a hold of a glorious contrast

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