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tia 19m
would you like to dance, my dear?
waltzing above the fiery pits of hell,
oh my, it would be very tragic if you fell.. !
so please hold on tight and stay near

you must wonder who I am
I'm the one with a heart caged behind feathers
a holy being made from perfection and pressure
time is surely ticking until I let go of your hand

dear, dear, why do you scream?
I thought you no longer feared such trivial matters
feed me your soul and all of its shatters
oh? no no... this is not some dream

you wished for me to come, did you not?
I do as you ask and dangle you above death
yet here you are, clinging to me with all your strength
do not worry, your body will have use when I leave it to rot
When the crime is right
      & the devil wet
             the nocturnal forrest is a skin
                     and ceremony thin dreams broach reason
            they poach me with a caustic blooded rash
approaching as nippy darts  ; visions of shard and coil
a metallic eggy rot
                           and pan to the darkness
                                                     snapping electric

        irregular from that darkness
spaces between the trees comb
                      form a hyper hectic wealth of flushes
a blush burst discharges in the body
           booming pulse
          blooming rabidly
salivating to a ******* savagery
a nature to express
             within permeable forrest

i have energy amazed limbs
             daring a dance
                       screamin' hole The Frenzy
             dog-shaking the head
legs flung and planted
crushing ferns
             this hefty simian sway
                      a broadcast challenge
           a power coward
commanding a matching of kinds
       no longer to be foetal and cowed
             an aching unmend amended
a call is placed
the spell is rendered
                                 - resonate
Companion to ''Spring Gland'
Abraham May 10
I bang my elbow in the shower,
takes a second to realize why

not that I was careless
or enjoy pain, again

but the cascara
cowbell, saxophone,

hands around my shoulders
that are not my own

sunlight squeezing lemons,
flower dress upon the hill

potato enchilada
with my footwork



    I was careless.

Showers are not the place for salsa.
Clive Blake May 9
Don’t always march to another’s drumbeat,
Nor always dance to another person’s tune,
But march in time to your own heartbeat and
Dance and dance, till you reach the moon …
Elliott G May 7
Sickness, death, disease,
rats, bugs, ***** fleas;
Royal knights at ease,
not trying to appease
the masses anymore
as bodies amass on the floor.

Stomping down the corridor,
black-gowned conquistador
in court known as le docteur.
Majestically pointed beak,
leather satchel, utensils squeak
as one two three and four
the man takes to the floor-
And Waltz!

Clack the Castle door.
The wicker-faced figure
grows taller, grows bigger,
and one goes to figure
who first pulls the trigger
And Clasp!
Hands come together as one
step by step, step on the gown
almost trip and fall down,
white as silk and black as dawn;
A smirk met with a frown.

Endless days, deadly gaze
from beyond the red-glass eyes:
A mosaic from the skies
as God's son met his demise,
idolized by commonfolk,
glass sculptures embedded into walls.

The ******* of angels,
interlacing strangers;
masked visage from nature
in the form of bustling bees
busy beguiling Byzantine baronesses,
backstabbing brides, burning bioessence,
*******, burdens, nature's reconnaissance.
Tiny creatures nestled into wooden crates,
by the hands of humans' race;
the beekeepers their only living grace.

The two figures intertwined
Ying-yang dancing under starlight
Snow-white and the seven plagues
dressed in crystal, black parade.

The court jester coughs and gargles,
the monarchs paint the floors with blood,
as the silk road lifts embargoes;
a thousand-year old flood
of plague-infested spices,
time to roll the dices,
is it rats or mices,
who really cares,
everyone's already dead.
Luisa C May 3
my heart has learnt to move to the rhythm of your touch
your fingers wave the spell, and it starts to dance
sweeps across my skin, and it slips into a trance
it has memorised the steps, and remains mesmerised
even now, long after the puppet strings have been cut,
still it sways to the memory of our dance,
any song sending it flying, mystified.
forgive its foolishness;
it is too familiar, it is too
easily reminded.
Cole May 2
There I am avoiding
every looming, towering glance.
While my thrown away lover
Keeps trying to intercept morse code
And the SOS I keep sending
As a girl is vying for your touch.
I wish I could drown myself in every drink
I want to smack myself into oblivion.
I am nothing wilting away
We are slow dancing in a burning room
It really is your bathroom
But the fires are all around us.
Soon there won't be enough left of me
To burn into ash.
You tell me you'd chase
after me if I ever left
Your side. The truth is,
I ran away hours ago, maybe weeks ago
And I haven't seen you since.
All I wanted was you.
Dark Dream Apr 30
And although I danced
Into a thousand hallways
Gliding into millions of minds
I halted at your doorway
To see which direction it took
There were four forks
Leading to little lost lanes
No guidance to the reality of you
So I sat at the foot of a window
Waiting for your words of wooing woe
I heard hammers and nails
Working and waning...whining
I slipped into a tired state
Of boredom and nonchalance
I saw you peeking
Yet your addiction to inaction kept you still
There were other dances in hallways
With music for my thoughts
Heard in the distance
It lured me and I skipped off
To find that melody
That would make my soul dance too
Estel Apr 28
we'll dance among the falling leaves
of the chestnut trees
while we sing of unreachable dreams
Whenever I’m with you I feel at ease
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