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He never much liked to dance,
until he saw me
out on the floor, almost a trance.
Twirling like fire,
he admired
the way I made the breath
catch in his chest.
In his arms,
he could never get the right steps
or remember what came next.
But, because he tried
dancer he was
in my eyes.
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V liv 3d
to be something i'm not
to be someone i'm not
what does that mean
does it mean I can articulate my feelings  
does it mean I can sing
or dance
or rhyme
or cry
or read
or breathe
or love
I don't think I can
how sad
that i'm not artistic
how sad
JAC 5d
I fell into you
like the first snow
fell into us

at first
not ready
unsure of what to do
sliding and slipping
but we both stuck around

soon we found
each other beautiful
we spent time together
in the dark and
in the mornings

you covered everything I knew
in a soft and wonderful blanket

each of us tired of the other
when once we were graceful
now we were relentless

but now
by the fire
I see you out the window
and remember
our lovely dances

so I run to you
and you welcome me softly
like angels in the snow.
Brynn S 7d
Pressed against echother under a veil of stars
The pavement scratched my feet
leaving indents of pebbles at my heels
Covered on a summer night
we watched how each moved
We mesmerized sweet promenades
We understood the depth of memories
I fell into your arms
We danced as one
Two souls lost in a two step
A waltz of our own music
Humming the tunes of Presley
Eyes gazing into each others minds

To know what we were was a guess
You were the artist and I was the dancer
A mixture of spontinity and daydreams
Together we floated
Laughter filled our lungs
The music lasted us forever
It was our forever now

You whisked me away to a land of hope
A hope that still has yet to cease

Giving me a new world and a new name
Lover you called me
Affectionate and graceful
Emotions of children
Accompanied by the spark of an old flame
Joined together now
We felt as if we have met centuries prior
Under your gaze
Comforted by heartbeats

Together we have stayed
Who would have known we would make it this far?
Sanny 7d
Repaint my colours, I beg you.

I was like a rainbow of fresh paint.

Still wet from the brush.

Dancing on rainbow colours.

It's so much darker now.

The paint has dried.
Marissa 7d
Cure me
Hurried energy
Churn inside
Exploding through flying limbs
Arching back

Turn me around
And around
And around


Soft fingertips
Caressing the air
Silk against my skin
Wrap me in comfort
Catch me
Safety net

Anxious thoughts
You cannot reach me
I am empty
Music fills my gaping soul

Every nerve
Stretching to each distal end
Drawing thoughts
Swirling through each wire
Conducting electric currents
Bursting out with each

These thoughts lay dead on the floor

I have won

I am alive
A great dancer once told me that she continues to dance because it is cheaper than therapy
gracie Feb 28
lightning flash across the sky
silver clouds begin to cry
our clothes are cold and soaking wet
but we don't run inside just yet

if I said I'm ready now
darling, would you show me how
to blindly run through fields, unplowed
until the thunder roars?

fire races through my spine
warm hands meet my waistline
let's dance together, intertwined
like flowers in a storm
not an innuendo, unless u want it to be
Under pretense, I
load up Chrome &
full speed ahead, I
aim for romance.

Perfect pictures,
& perfect frames, too.
Perfect images,
charts of attributes,
point towards
possible meet cutes.

Freeways of meat.
Rot shells compete
& I can't believe.
Freeways of meat
get off of their rocks,
to culture deceit.

I am young,
but not that young.
I am old,
but not that old.

Ditch electric spies,
better my life.
Do work on waking,
work on breathing.
Work ******* me.

Find me the grove
within the trees.
Dance like the Earth
is moving me.

Glowing to melt,
no one watching.
Chrome, a distant scar
to my squish parts.

Turn into dust,
leaving the lanes
to open for rust.
Turn into flame,
leaving for reasons
where, no one's to blame.

If I'm spinning wheels,
I will do so. Alone,
maybe with others,
but by chance.

Always the gambler.
Always the spark plug.
Set on pressing knives
into my chances.

Pull the power out,
stop me standing.
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