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Cox 2d
Little flower behave.
You’ll get your turn,
your chance.
Just wait until the sun rises,
then you can dance.
Let's meet to dance ...

let's meet sweetheart ...
to dance together ...
a sweet soft dance ...
at our passion's stage ...
while bodies hugged ...
and eyes ...
into one other ...
dancing ...
with hearts beats ...
our hearts ...
as our bodies do...
while we thinking ...
with no one ...
caring about nothing ...
just only ...
about you ...
and me ...
to feel all happiness ...
as we are dancing ...
at our heaven's stage ...

let's meet sweetheart ...
to see the bright sweet lights ...
into one other's eye ...
while we dancing ...
and never stop ...
what we do ...

come sweetheart ...
dance me ...
and keep do ...
until the sun rise ...
with it's smile ...

hazem al ...
Guntang 4d
ballerinas of silk
dance between the footsteps
of the sullen past
as marble cranes
pick pleasant deeds
between the tip-toeing
of the future's feet
Guntang 3d
an orange fire-lion
prancing in an empty void
at war with motionless ink
until a voice which says
don't touch the killing stones
the silver shimmer of mocking dance
breaks light-beams from the pale
scattering the blossoms of the burning
into the folding of the dark
until a voice which says
are you the tin-man or the straw hat?
I’m the black cat
the black cat
The red wine on the table sits opened and half poured
And next to that sits a barely touched attempt at a cheese board
The floors start creaking loudly beneath our twirling feet
Perfectly matching the sounds of our quickening heart beat
You’re smile morphs into laughter as we stumble about
I can’t find the adequate words to quite figure you out
But you hold my hands tightly as we glide across the floor
I can say with complete certainty this is what life is meant for
LC 6d
life, for her, was a masquerade ball.
her purse was full of colorful masks.
each mask was carefully crafted,
designed to impress everyone else.
she was always watchful
with one hand in her purse
so she could switch masks.

he walked into the ballroom,
slowly approaching her.
she took off her mask,
fumbling in her purse
for a different one.
he caressed her arm
and shook his head.

the breeze tickled her face 
for the first time during the ball.
he quietly gazed into her eyes,
smiled to calm her racing heart,
then pressed his lips to her cheek.
they danced for the rest of the ball,
and her masks were never seen again.
it's wonderful when someone finally sees you.
I danced today
I danced away my sorrows
Let me teach you how-

Don’t play that song and wander off with your thoughts
Let it flow through you
As if it is a part of you
Close your eyes
Because your mind is a sculptor
And it will create art with the sounds you let inside

No, those words are not for you, my love
They were written for someone else
But listen
For music is a strange language -
It speaks to us all in sundry ways

So hold your breath
And when you exhale
Melancholy will lift off your shoulders and join hands with the wind
All you will feel is this melody
On every inch of your skin
Between the raised hairs and the little bumps
Until your body starts to sway
And your feet aren’t grounded

Now take my hand
And let’s dance away our sorrows
Eva May 17
Dandelions carelessly dance in the wind
to the songs of the rustling trees.
What was left of the afternoon sun,
buries itself under the ancient pines.
Insects fill the fields with a mesmerizing lullaby.
Luminous flowers steal the last ray of sunshine,
and hide away into the night.
I hope everyone is doing great in quarintine, stay healthy and stay strong:)
IMCQ May 20
Footprints in the sand
A tapestry of our waltz
Witnessed by starlight
Take my hand.
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