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JRF 5h
The dance of you,
Where embarrassment meets happiness,
That I got to see.

For one moment in my own world,
You were mine.
The sway of your hips,
The kiss of your lips,
The brown in your eyes.

The stare fixed,
When it's just me and you.

Feeling of silk,
The calm after the storm,
All night I'll spend,
For you to wake.

Just so I can feel calm,
Without worry,
With you safe,
I can finally rest,
With you on my chest.
The feeling of happiness I felt, one winters day.  With someone perfect.
Arianna 1d
"... I have exchanged robes of purple velvet
for a cloak of gossamer stars,
though even that
is now torn from my shoulders
as the whirling of planets
halts the twirling
of my limbs,
flying out from under them,
into the Vastness..."
Faces covered with
All shades of

Yet, her sweaty face after the dance was the most radiant.
Feeling this energy
It's racing through my body
Making me feel extra witchy
Pulling out out some herbs
Time to dance this out
Burn the sage
Shake & Shivey
Let my witchy out
Raise it high
Use it to empower me
© Jennifer Delong 1/18/19
michael 5d
Feeling so serene,
I dance within a shadow's caress.
It who sees me dancing within its only embrace,
sees only an intruder of grace.
It speaks,
"Who are thee who flocks to my abode?"
I say naught,
I only continue to twirl and twirl until my heart drops.
"You must leave!" it shouts
"This is my only home and I wish it to be still."
However its words do not affect,
I continue to direct my limbs in great effect.
Soon after I leave,
without a word abandoning it to its desolate peace.
"What a fool" it concludes.
dancing in the shadow realm
Yuki 6d
I’ve never been good at dancing
but I tried my hardest
to not step on your feet
on the dance floor
just to prove to you
that I always made sure
not to trample on your heart
even if
I’ve never been good at love.
Thank you for teaching
me some moves,
thank you for teaching
me how to love.
Even if right now
I find myself
dancing all alone
with an empty heart.
i reached for your hand
and suddenly i was
in the stars with
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