Raindrops and falling leaves:
all one needs to be happy,
yet the people here are so sad.

The rain is falling
you're not picking up your phone
my heart might just burst

Con el temporal
Dios nos devuelve
nuestras lágrimas

With the storm
God gives us back
our tears

Waiting is not my vocation
Patience then not my forte
I could say I've been
standing in the rain forever
But the Sun always shines
in LA

I hear there's an LA Woman
Maybe here is where
She again will appear
The clouds blew through
for just a few seconds
But here in LA
all the skies are
bright blue
sunny and clear

They say She lives
by the ocean
She walks barefoot
in the sand by the sea
Behind Her ear
there's a flower
All then take notice
of She

Her whispers
barely but silent
resound throughout all
conscious thought
Her aura is of love and passion
hoping and never to be lost

There is an LA Woman
The wind makes a carriage
for Her grace
She smiles as if
by Her magic
the moments of
Her movements
are blessed

I will wait
a little bit longer
An hour or maybe
much more
Where minutes
cascade into later
Until again Her beauty
is once more revealed

Waiting is not my vocation
Patience then not my forte
I could say I've been waiting
in the rain forever

But everyone knows
the Sun always shines
in LA.




Originally posted on
August 2, 2017, my first day
with HelloPoetry. This poem is a personal favorite. I wanted to share it again now with those whom I didn't yet know just a few short months ago. Thanks.


I stare out the window
Thinking of you
About all the things
We used to do

My reflection stares back
Somber and tired
Things drift in my head
That were once desired

I hear the rain
Pitter and patter
Thinking of things
That no longer matter

You aren't here
You're too far away
I wish you were by me
At least for today

For those who miss the ones they love

As your falling asleep
Rolling over to turn out the light
Pulling the covers over your shoulders
While the rain lightly falls outside
I hope you absent-mindedly say my name
I hope the habit
Of sleeping beside me
Has become so ritualistic
That for a split second
You forget I'm gone
And you hear the echo
Of your own voice
In the vacant studio
While the murmur of the
Machines whirl outside
Your closed door
you close your eyes
And remember what it was like
To wake up next to me
With the coffee bubbling
And the cat purring
I truly hope
It stings
the moment the vowels of my name come rolling off your tongue
You're struck with the blinding guilt
You'll never have that again
The blonde hair
On my old side of the bed
Will never be mine
The coffee bubbling will never be made by me
I want it to grip into you
As you lay awake
Thinking about the world we created
And easily you let it break.

Probably shouldnt miss you - but i do
Seema 1d

Patches in the sky
Behaving like small spoilt kids
Blocking the bright sun

Rumbling noise alerts
That it will soon be heavy,
Rain on most places


5-7-5 syllables
Anna 1d

Wrapped in a blanket,

hearing the rain pouring down

at this cold night.

Hoping for tomorrow

sun to show its happy light.

Mita 2d

it was a sunny day when i first met you
you were glowing and shining
just like the sunflower and rainbows
and butterflies and all the good things

but then it turned cloudy
when i caught you laughing with her
in the cafe next to the campus
i start to think about myself
and how i treat you and how
i'm doing wrong to you

suddenly it was raining
you decided to hurt me but
with no explanation at all just like that
you broke my heart and just like the other day
i found myself feeling guilty
thinking what i did wrong

one night it was a thunderstorm
i decided to open up and told you i was hurting
but you said she was just a friend
and i guess i accepted that
because strangers turn to friends
and friends turn to a more complex relationship
sometimes and then turn again to strangers
but with memories

weeks passed by and it was sunny
with rainbows again and sunshine
and clear skies just like the old times
but this time was different
i decided that i didn't want to be hurting
any more and then you set us free
i let go and you let go too
nicely, kindly, peacefully
and i learn that this rainbow is somewhat nicer
than before because i realize
rainbows come after a storm, after a rain

i know that when you're gone
all it does is rain
but there's no need to worry at all
because rainbows come after that
so enjoy the rain and the
thunderous nights because you know
rainbows come after that

- p.a -

it was sunny, cloudy, raining, thunderstorm, but then it turned sunny again... with rainbows.

Tomorrow's morning light
will it be as bright,
will it clear the dark of night,
or will there be shades in sun
a very cloudy turn
maybe calling the rains.

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