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They said this was a safe place
Then why do I feel like a profusion of
daggers and knives are being thrown at me?
Why do I feel like...      Whenever I speak
They're cursing...     Burning my ideas

Even though I'm invisible
I feel like they'll still find where I'm hiding

Noise surrounds me
As I sit in silence
the sun shines like a spotlight on me
no one else sees
But I can.

I'm safe when my sun is here
When my rain comes my insecurities
are washed away along with the
Bloodstains and knives on my back
I've been hurting from
While I dance in the rain
The sun comes back
I'm the same yet brand new
Things will get better they say. So I wrote this poem hoping things will be better.
Lightning sets fire,
Thunderclaps rattle dark clouds;
Rainstorm declares war!
Daniel 1d
A sullen stream infuses mud with rain
It flows like the blood of an old man's veins
Under the shelter of shrubs animals are in slumber
Rain drops from leaves like the tears of a downer
The rain taps at the roof of a worn down house
It tells secrets of above as it hits the ground
Wind becomes fierce as nightfall arrives
It takes the rain with it and together they unite

As the storm fades the clouds part to allow a glimpse of the moon
I ask the rain “please come again soon”
Rain comforts me a lot. Btw downer, means a person who is constantly sad, not sure if it is slang or not.
eng jin Apr 4
On campus

the morning rain is subsiding  
while the cool air is still flowing
a live band starts to play  
in front of the library
beneath some trees
sweet and beautiful melodies
to promote a ‘happy relax’ theme

while my fingers tap to the beat
a familiar face
appears and sits
between the band
and my seat

indeed a pleasant surprise
but I should leave soon
a revision class is starting

should I stay or should I leave?

ah what a rare chance it is
to find the heart
where it wants to be,
I should stay

yet the tuition class
is where I ought to be
I should go

torn in between
I look up
to the streaks of light
slipping through
the wet foliage,

it then occurred to me
don’t think too hard
just enjoy the stay…
Trickster drizzle peters,
Expectant trees are mawkish;
Rain’s failed sweet promise!
s 1d
i don't even know
what i want anymore,
writing poems in your notebook
on my apartment floor
i opened myself to you
like i've never done before
you roamed those empty hallways
before you slammed the front door

but now you beg me to let you back in
does your love ever end or begin?
i don't want to be hung up
on what could-have-been
but i'm exhausted from repenting
for all of these sins

and i'm running out of ways
to numb the pain
you're gone from my life
but i smell your scent in the rain
all i wanted was my freedom
but you're a ball and chain
all i wanted was pure love
but this one's driving me insane
A green eyed girl
Hid her tears
Under the grey clouds
She got a message
On her phone and
Her heart began to rose
Like the sun on
A rainy day.
autumn rain autumn
somewhere on the streets somewhere
on the pavement somewhere on the arches
both in squares and near monuments
and near the boulevards and near the square

and what is that I see again
and I see the grave fog again
really again again is he
it comes it's about autumn rain again
swims like a fish that was yesterday

Me, my dear
The complex melody of rain and thunder
of sin and danger
Rippling infallible chords to your soul
annihilating your self-control.

Evenoer. 2018
Listen to the rain
Indifferent to the pleas of man
Cleansing all in time
Haiku 5/7/5
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