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Maelynn 3d
Fire crackles as I take my tea
–2 creams 3 sugars
The heavy drops of summer rain
Fall to the parched earth out the window,
A symphony on aged tin roofs

I let out a contented sigh
My movement inspiring a small chitter
My furry companion curls tighter
To The the alabaster skin of my hip
At peace once more.
Diesel Jun 5
I miss wet rain on buses
I miss crowded subway stairs
I miss noisy streets in public
I miss breathing ocean air:

I miss walking in the snow
I miss snowmen building high
I miss concretes slushy flow
I miss children stepping by:

I miss eyes of pretty girls
I miss old men sitting too
I miss seeing squirrels creep
I miss streetlights switching hue:

I miss walking to and there
I miss waiting crosswalks tick
I miss coming home all wear'd
I miss sleeping after six:

I miss waking up at nine
I miss dreading morning days
I miss my recurring life
I miss living life again.
Adrie Jun 1
It's raining
And all I want
Is to be in your arms..
Silently listening to the rain
While my skin
Is enjoying your kisses...
You can offer me all the riches in the world
And from time to time I’ll get tempted
To sell my soul
But whenever I think of you
I remember my simple words
Time is the most valuable thing
In this whole wide world

All I need, is you by my side
Let’s go out and have good time
By the sun
The beach is vast and I hope today will last
But if it doesn’t
At least we had some fun

The blacks from your eyes
Move from left to right
What do you have in sight?
Can it be me?
Or just a blank stare into the night sky

You think you know me
But you’ll know me better
When the rain has settled in
And you’ll stare at my soul
In between the sheets

You can offer me the riches of the world
But nothing compares when I see you smile
And if you don’t today,
Then at least we’ll have tomorrow
But one day you’ll hold my hand
And forget and let go of the past
Because all we have today,
Is all the time In the whole wide world
PiLomus May 30
A downpour doesn't feel like rain,
Unless it make you run,
To relive that redolent fun,
Of racing against the next drop,
But still wishing it to not stop.
Today after a long time, rain made me run And euphoric mind and soul, pick up the pen.
Ziploc May 28
Soft, a damp; an umber forest. a mossy way.
rain; wet trickled dirt. distant ravens.
boots; crispy ferns. snapping twigs.
just breathe; a deep gray whisper, the irresistible scent of fern.
falling back into the dark musty bristle of a bear, quickly being submerged by deep grey, smokey clouds.
Look up, in the feathery pines - a flying squirrel! his eyes, lips, and spirit all at once smile saying,

"hi. little duck,"
Just a little thing I wrote a while back... makes me feel good
George Krokos May 24
Dark clouds in the sky
gathered there all seem to be
messengers of rain
Written in 2020
Simon Piesse May 24
Schizophrenic Rain
You hurt my brain
Please refrain from staking claim
To tiny changes in the blame
I’ve won for myself
To tame
The cats and dogs that
Preen and scratch in my outrage
Spitty spots of ***
Blushes and rushes of blood to the tips
Of fits of that’s so unfair


You foist your stubby fist into the tryst
I’ve got with Him upstairs
He hears
The sacred notes of ‘who actually cares’ if I’m
Low or high or mashed or smashed
Some sorta daughter-enforcer
Your pifflely drops
Tingle my locks


What starts and stops,
For missy chubby chops
I’ll say  
If today’s tides subside,
Or turn me flip flops
Inspired by our very violently changing weather pattern and working with teenagers.  Who knows what's going on in their brains or in anyone's brain, for that matter?  Who are we to dictate?  Happy Monday and stay dry!
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