There are two half-full cups of coffee on my desk
(and one in my car).
But you'd make me more in the morning
If I asked.
Like how you would drive my car in the rain,
Because I can't see the road
(even though I never told you I couldn't)
And then make me watch bad movies.
You're better than the rain,
You're the whole monsoon season,
Shaking the whole world up with yourself,
And making it better every time.

The drama is Korean and called "Save The Last Dance For Me."  I loved it until the final episode.


I watched those silver curtains whose thin veil
Down in the valley blotted trees with thence
But ghostly figures 'hind thet rainy sense
Of nowhere, while the greener Maples' tale
Just whispered on this hilltop like to scale,
And thought dreams were too pretty hence
Wrapt up with love in those refrains, til whence?
But how we punished these in sheer betrayl.
La.  Why must even dramas skew in poor
Excuse the heroine?  She suffered to
Effect and then some, 'til when fin'lly fer
All that they had all, she was crippled through
The villian.  Wherefore must we ruin as twere
E'en that?  The rain gone, midnight glowrs, deep blue.


That goes beyond saintifying her.  I watched movies and read novels to escape this reality, not be faced with it again.  And yes, I still cherish the drama.

Like water running, strange requiem
things I can't recall, though deep in soul feel
these skies, these burning lives
we are wild in the fields
only a sun, a storm, the rain
passing by.

The greatest difference
In Nova and Dublin on
July afternoons
Is the rain's temperature

Thirteen roses in a row
Red rain falls,
Don't you know
Down the window
Pain it goes
In the gutters
Through the nose
Where's the thunder
When it flows...?

Wrapped around
The gauze that's stained
What difference snow?
The same as pain
When it melts
It's just rain.

Withered flowers.
Falling leaves.
It's a howling in the eaves
It's the cult the
Maimed believe
No one cares.
No one grieves.
Cover up.
Long jeans & sleeves.

Razors are a water slide
On track like
A carny ride
Over arms & over thighs
Release all
The pain inside


It's an ocean
Where we sail
A coin that can be
Heads or tails
A lover's letter,
Or junk mail
A piece of garbage.
Holy grail.


(C) 7/23/2017

This song I REALLY want to release. Cutting is a terrible epidemic in our young people. It has almost replaced street drugs as the scourge of youth...

o          o       o        o        o
0         0       0         0       0
O        O        O        O      O
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Yesterday, it drizzled,
or a desire sizzled?
Deep yet steep!

o      o   o    o   o    o    o   o    o
0     0    0   0    0     0    0    0   0
O    O    O   O   O    O    O   O   O
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Today, it's raining
or the desire paining?
Slow yet steady!

My lips, parched as the thirsty desert
lingering upon for a submerged bite!

Only to be seen,
are thunders & lightening
awaiting for a tiny drop of rain
amidst the dark blue sky following!


I am sure you love when it rains,
when the drops fall off the sky,
when you watch them racing down
from clouds too heavy and high.

But do you see what those clouds do
when they pour down all the rain?
They let go what weighs them down
so they can swim in the sky again.

You too are like a cloud,
but you have been heavy for too long
because for you sorrow is weakness
and you just want to be strong.

So you hide all of your tears,
lock down all of the pain.
But if you want the clear skies,
Let your tears be like the rain.

Don't keep the weight you carry,
let it go in the tears you cry,
and once the rains are over,
You'll see a rainbow in the sky.

The rain lasted for months after we said those goodbyes. Maybe it was a sign that even the universe cried for us because we no longer found love in one another.

On a blank canvas
The clouds gathered together
Splashing on windows

Tis rainy day in England today x
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