This thunder
reminds me of the old times
when I would climb into your bed in fear.

I sleep alone now,
for the same thunder  
is now the lullaby
you sing for me
from heaven.
In memory of my late father
The smell of rain
A constant reminder
Of all the pain
About the lovely moment we shared
At the park
Hand on my damp face
And a passionate kiss
That’s when i realized
I only want you
I love rainy days
Rain tap dancing on windowpanes,
and dreaming of all those guys
with no name
Joliver 2h
Rainy days
Make the world smoother
Breathing easier
And my head clearer

Rainy days
Are a tranquilness
And contentedness
Anxiety competing with perfect silence

Rainy days
Oil the machine called life
Sanding off the rough edges of strife
Halting the reaper's ever-impending scythe

Rainy days
Are a gently cozy reprieve
So when the sun comes, please believe
This lost bastion of peace I shall grieve
Rain drops, some little,some large
Penetrate my skin as i stand here waiting

Waiting for you, thinking about you
Who are you, where are you
Why do i miss you
Are you even coming
Riddled and dazed i stand....

Drenched in thoughts...
Soaked in lust...
My bones shivering from the rain, but a small flame in my heart keeping me warm...
Is it you who is lighting the fire
Who are you, where are you
Why do i miss you... i ask my self
As i stay here waiting for you....

Wind and water crashing into my face
Can barely open my eyes
Shockwaves passing through my veins straight to my head...
I shiver, i blow
As i stay here waiting for you.....

Saoked and heavey clothed
Broken and heavey hearted i stand
waiting patiently for you to arrive
Is it love or is it lust
Whatever it is
It is true that i want you !!!
Come fill my space and complete me
It is you that i seek
You and only you!!!!!!!
Getting drenched in the rain can sometimes do wonders to you.

in the wild, drumming rain
blossoms sink, confetti pinks,
riotous whites, collapse
in spring’s paper mache pools.


on a hot tin roof
the rain plays her wind
guitars and percussion
while the sea recharges
her engines with the
thunder of the waves.


the sound of the rain, chiming,
a crazy singer on the forlorn
lawn, stretching like an
accordion, wild in her
wilderness,  crashing
like the waves
drawing me closer to you.


you kiss me and
my heart skips a beat,
flutters with excitement.

i long for summer with her
gold sun, warm, rushing
streams and bottle-blue sea...
Now what's with this rain and romance?
I could really hear all those drops,
One by one reminding me of all,
That I have all over me.
The dim lighted sky almost lit my long dark times.

You promised me a walk in the rain,
And I'm waiting here all alone.
I know for sure,
That those drops had already reminded you of me.

Think of me now,
And don't forget to touch those drops
Don't forget the promise you made!
There's something between this rain and love. Its always been inseparable. Especially the rainy nights!
Aishah 13h
the night I decided to let you go
and stop feeling sorry
for the both of us
the world gave me things
that She knows would help
me go through another night
without you

my mum's voice
to help me soothe the wounds
before it turn into battle scars

the island breeze
to help me carry the blades
out from my heart and into
the darkness of yesterday

the midnight rain
to help me stay calm
to help me sleep and
to help me dream of rainbows
and healed soul
She give it to me because she knows I'm ready for it
AIA 21h
"In the cold rain, I shiver at the thought that maybe I can have anything I want in this world except her. Never her. Even when it's so close... even when I touched it.
Even when I can almost taste it."
Good morning! This is from the POV of one of my favorite story. I post this cus it hits me real hard.
PS. It's a man's POV. hehe
Matilda 1d
Perfect smile,
Flowing dark hair,
Staggering grades,
Nice house,
She's a single child;

As she leaves school,
Her mates say goodbye,
Walking home alone in the rain,
Open the door,
Sit down,
Homework and bed;

The next few days go by the same,
Until after one walk in the rain,
Her Mum is on the floor,
Mouth bloodied,
Tears flowing;

A test the next day,
Where teachers say,
'She didn't do good today,
Obviously no revision';

Walk home in the rain,
Text books under her arms,
Open the door,
Cook dinner and kiss Mum on the head,
Revise and bed;

Yeah Miss, sorry Miss,
'But you knew homework was due in today',
All the goody two shoes in the class,
Laugh at her weak excuse,
She turns her eyes down,
Teachers now frown,
Upon her;

Walk home in the rain,
Open the door,
Don't sit down,
Cook dinner,
Help Mum do math for the bills,
As she lies in bed relying on pills,
To keep her alive,

Detention now,
All former friends fled,
Writing lines,
wishing she had time,
For revision,
For homework,
For fun;

Walk home in the rain,
Tears joining the race,
To the ground,
Puddles wrecking her shoes,
Lost the keys,
Mum lets her in,
Fainting as she stands up;

Teachers heard the news,
Of the death of the Mother,
She had to move away,
Didn't want to move in with the father,
They say;

Now in a care home,
With no one who cares for her,
But she can do her homework now,
With no bother;

After school she gets onto the bus,
Missing the lonely walks in the rain.
Thank you for reading my poem, I hope you enjoyed it ;)
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