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KHY 18m
rain bends leafs to their depths
they ring out colour that fills the earths chest
a coat of white on a heap of life
unto death
Small, weightless forms
Yet striking with such force
Be it blood, rain or something else
Little drops carry so much

So much meaning, the small drops
Be it us, be it the world
The droplets of this earth
They are what makes it work

They're the substance of it all
Little bricks that build our reality
For us to be whoever we want
Or anything, in actuality

It's all those small details
That bring us closer
For at the core of our souls
We are just many, many droplets.
A simple poem i wrote trying to break free of a creative block for something else ^^' it's my first time writing a poem and i hope i can get better over time
In your palms, a lingering remnant of moonlight
traces your fingerprints,
And it illuminates shards of evening rain that have landed on your skin as droplets of hope.
Together a nebula is painted on your hands,

And you find tranquility in evening wakefulness.
old winds hold me all the way down
to the dead hyrax land below;
i am one with the house of zeus.
my thunder scars itch and open
up, the blood red and not golden,
but i know they will close and heal
as i approach the journey’s end.
honey, meet me at the downpour.
Jay M Mar 2019
Standing alone in the rain,
Waiting, waiting,
For you...

Standing alone in the rain,
Can you feel my pain?
The heart ache, the sorrow,
There is more to follow,
Please, let me be your Apollo,
Let me take the pain for you...

I see your new happiness,
Smiling, laughing,
A sense of joy fills you,
Relief washes over me,
then knocks me down,
It was another,
Depression; my parasite.

- Jay M
She looked outside
where it was
gray and dreary
cloudy and
about to rain
what a fitting day
for a girl
who was lost
in her own storm
and couldn't find her way
GRAVE27 2d
While shakespeare closes his book
While Colombus sets his sail
Don't give me that look
I need to bail

Somehow i survive
The killing blow of Kraken
But I wouldn't know if I'll thrive
But I was still shaken
By her words

People cites their science
While Kenway sails away from his past
But I know something was wrong ever since
I saw everything turned to dust

I'm away, now
Sail away
Now you're awake
For my sake
Let me sail away
much more than just words
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