luna 2h

the rain is comfortable for hiding
it’s the loudest noise in the house
so they can’t hear my crying
thank you for being a shield

Seema 19h

Cumbersome clouds pile
Dark indigo patches spread
A saddened calm sky
Tearing emotional drops
Onto the barren dry land


Tell me that you see me in the rain.
Not when its silent or when it's a mere mist,
But when it's pounding towards the earth, in all its frustration
Tell me you hear my screams when the wind catches on itself,
Or when my howls of agony are as loud as the tears that fall from my face.

JAC 1d

She'll fall asleep tonight
Hearing the thundering rain
Making love to the impractical skylight
And hating that she can't fall asleep
But rain will relent.

Seeker 2d

normally if its a rainy day
i would be sad
and impatiently waiting for the sun

but today its pouring
and there is thunder and lightning
but somehow I'm the happiest I've ever been
because of you

even though the weather is unhappy
i am beaming
you make me the sun in a storm
and i know this is the cheesiest thing you will ever read
but its true

you're my sun
in the eye of the hurricane

you're my warmth
when the cold water hits my skin

you're my glow
when the sky is grey
and filled with despair

its raining
and all i want to do is

Forget what they ALL say
Forget origin common sense and mood and fashion,
Forget the human in you and unleash your unique inner species,
Light your heart with electricity from the skies
                                       wetness from the rain
                                        rough grains from the land
                                        And BE!

Just be, become endless,
Enjoy the sunlight and forget the smoke
They got thrown in your eyes.

The sky reached out
The earth awaits.

The sky cried out
The earth was touched.

The earth and sky,
They finally met
During that rainy night.

June 22, 2017

"If I were the rain. . . that binds together the Earth and the sky, whom in all eternity will never mingle. . . Would I be able to bind two hearts together?" (Kubo Tite, Bleach)
Luna 4d

Rain pours down my window
Thick streams
Wash away the ugly
(And pretty)
Of the world

A drum beat starts
And thunder deafens
my ear drums
Mother nature sits grinning
Ear to ear 
In her palace
Ready to pounce
Like a cat
At any chance
The fate of our world
Rests in her hands
Worms are smeared along the side walk
Their demise a modern work of art
That no one wants
Guts, intestines and broken hearts
Expel from what's left of their slimy bodies
Exposing all of the good stuff
All of the gross stuff
the blood
The gore
Every thing in between

The tides rise
And the people start screaming
Tiny infants stand no chance
Against what once
Kept them alive

Mother nature strikes again
This time
With winds
That pick houses up and throw parked cars
Goldilocks gets abducted from the 3 bears
She wakes up searching
On her hands and knees
For her missing
Glass slipper
While the tin man makes love
To Aladdin
The end

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