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Kelsey 21h
I am alive
In harmony with nature
The trickle of rain drops
Bounce off the orange and yellow leaves.
To soak my feet
In the damp field of green blades.
To sink my back
In the silence of the soil.
Inhale and exhale
To the beat of dancing thunder.
Cleanse my body with your beautiful, mysterious tears
Mother Earth,
I am your body
Mother Earth,
You are my soul
There’s dirt on her shirt, after the rain.
She rubs it off a thousand times.
'It's not coming off.'
She wanted to cry.
She lay on the pale bedroom floor,
with her dirty white shirt,
with the rain outside her window.
A flash fiction.
Let it rain,
Everything will look better than,
Before afterwards it.
Piku 1d
i was nervous and my hands were turning cold
thunder and lightening striking bold
you were waiting for me outside
while i'm stuck with a hold
you were dripping wet
i wanted to bring you under my fold
that's when i saw the love of my life
outside my home, wet and cold.
As I lay on my comfort king
fading in slowly from falsehood
splatters of moisture pain the leaves
and drip on to other things
that gravity has claimed for its own

Splatters of rain on aluminum
liquid flowing through it's crevice
gathering momentum' s energy
gliding down the metal channel
giving it's soul back to the earth
Summer rain,
mesmerising pearls from heaven!
Single drops turning torrential
as it nears the earth;
amorous as it readies to hug it.

Sunbeams slicing the raindrops
bringing out the rainbows hidden inside.
Misty drops dancing to the
music of a hallucinated wind,
bewitched by the grandeur
pouring from the heavens.
A parched earth drunk
with the heavenly nectar,
released a heady aroma
to soothe the dryness around.

Summer rain!
It left a solitary drop on a blissful leaf.
Gleaming and luminous,
it hangs on the green shoot
in a deep embrace,
to bury in its soul
the radiance enlivened by the
spirited dance of rain and sun;
to treasure for eternity
the splendour the first rain has gifted to
the dry earth.
She was beautiful
And dangerous too

We danced under the rain
I fell in love with her fragrance

Her thorns were too sharp
Nobody could touch her body

When the sun shined on her
She began to smile at me

She was my beautiful flower
And I never let her dry out for a day
when will the
sun come out
to play?

Rainy days
are necessary,
but sure could use
some sunny days.
skez 2d
he was just a passing rain
and i'm looking like a fool
waiting here
to be poured again
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