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Aleena 2h
Hope pours down on me
Like last nights rain:
Still fresh, And yet
Not really dry
But still not wet

Hope spills from the heavens
Returning every time I need it
But Sometimes
it doesn’t come for awhile
Which makes me wonder
If it ever will

I need to regrow
But how can I do so
without the rain
Which fuels my very essence
So when I am deprived of the thing
that keeps me going
How must I continue?
ok okay 1d
It was so utterly calm outside today
The weather was lacking
And the sky was grey
No rain or sun
Maybe the sky was feeling numb
Although sleep will come
Flickering lights
The TV knows night
Eyes seduced by its temperament
Out goes my light
Jules 1d
As it rains
I feel some sort of way
A feeling so deep
I can't possibly say
the things that weigh
upon my mind
How do I change it?
Where do I go?
It takes me hostage
more than you know
But as I sit here
on the side
You gaze right at me
One of a kind
Ju Temo 2d
After the rain the fills the ***
And leaks out the side
At the last drop down the roof
Even when the wood is wet,
I’ll leave.

The freshness of the day,
Can’t match the lightness in my heart,
It’s biking past the bridges,
Pushing past the grass in the stream,

Soaring down the hills,
That pour out from the purple sunset,
Hanging down cherry blossoms’
Open hands reaching out to every path.

The train has yet to come,
But the heat already settled,
Cooled by the sun far back,
Windows mirrored in its light,
Peppered a village under me,

Going through all its tall corners,
The rails build themselves above me,
As I run past every shop,
My reflection follows along on the ride
Ju Temo' is a freelance poet that is inspired by songwriting.
All other poems can be seen at:
It’s October
And, you are still here
You can’t always love
What you love

Pack your clouds, retreat
There is a time and place
You have rained, pretty
And showed us the rainbow too

Let winter take over
I so love her too
It’s beautiful and has lovely grace

Soon, we are to welcome Diwali
Light  up the diyas and wear festive dress
Decorate the yards with colourful rangoli
We need pleasant weather and light breeze

Rain rain go away
Please, pack your clouds, retreat
There is a time and place
You have over stayed
See you again, next year
A plea!!
It was dry
Hot and humid
Dusty and nasty

It rained
Cool and wet
Soothing and cozy.
Rhino virus in my flesh
My right knee has bursitis
Aching body, stuffy head
Hip to toe arthritis!

I've been slowly going deaf
Bad teeth in my mouth
I'm a "Rice Krispies" critter
My plumbing's going south!

I need a new body!
NOT the one I own!
I've dry-rot in my muscles
And acid in the bone!

What CAN make me joyous
When I'm in such pain?
Who is my umbrella
While I'm dancing in the rain?
I think you know the answer
But I'll repeat again...

Don't find it strange I'm happy!
No, don't find it odd!
I have a gracious Savior...

Jesus Christ's my God!
The litmus test for the value of a faith, I believe, is how you can handle trials in one's life. I should feel REALLY rotten... but instead I have joy!! Hallelujah!! ♡♡♡
I tried to sweep the feeling
Of missing you
Under a rug
I keep tripping on it.

I keep falling
Through the cracks
In my heart
That a cloud
Is the only thing
Soft enough
To break my fall.

It always rains
And when it rains
It pours.
I pour myself a glass
Then another.
I need more sleep
Going to those places again
Is not the same without you
It's like they have lost their value
They're finally not as special as I thought they were

Even though the sun has replaced the rain
I would rather choose a rainy day by your side
Than a sunny day without you

I can still hear your voice and laugh
I can still feel your look over me
My empty hand feels lonely now

I thought that I belong to that city
But I actually belong to you
Sharing this umbrella with you
Is the reason why
I hope it will rain
Every single day for now on
Because for some reasons
I always forget mine
When I know that I am going to see you
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