Anna 2d

Kiss me with your eyes wide open.

Let me feel them tickling

every inch of my skin.

A broken girl with a broken brain
Just trying to live her life.
She tries her best, keeps to herself,
But she’s still weighted with strife.
She shares her love and her thoughts,
But so few understand.
She’s too much, but not good enough
For any beast, woman, or man.
She can put herself in shoes
In which she will never have to walk,
And others say they do the same,
But it’s really just some talk.
She can see through others’ eyes,
But her view’s a foreign concept.
It feels like no one will ever see,
Though she really likes the prospect.
In a world with so many people,
She feels so damn alone.
In a world where she knows so much,
She feels so damn unknown.
Try as she might to always do right,
She’s constantly at fault,
For being so different and so strange.
She’s a societal assault.
How dare she live and love and die
With her heart on her sleeve?
Offending the world with what she feels,
With what she loves and grieves.
She knows no other way to be,
So she chooses to live alone.
For it’s far better for solitude
Than to be understood by no one.

A more concise and rhyming picture of my random thoughts.
Mane Omsy Oct 27

Races, casts, religions, complexion
Differing everything between
Your heart still pumps blood
Red blood will flow to your heart
Give your mind what it needs
Not what it doesn’t

Straighten the perceptions
About the people you see
It’s your eyes seeing differently
Discover the reality
Gaze with wide smiles
Through your eyes

It's sad that some people have problems with life
They try, oh so hard, but just get more strife
Not knowing what to say or quite how to ask
Most things go right over them, it's sad but a fact

Such a shame!  But not something you can put your finger on
Just a clumsiness about them, a lack of precision
So what is the fate of these, the mediocre
The ones who always commit that social misdemeanour

What if it's us that really keep them this way?
We never let them in, always push them away
Every individual has the right to a skill
Let's give those who don't have it, some courage, if you will

Encourage them to sort out what they want to be
You never know what talents we may free
Give others the benefit and more than one chance
It may be that this skill will your life enhance

I am wild
I am scary
I am mild
I am lary

Sometimes I can be contrary
One things sure that I do vary
Come to me I'm sanctuary
In this worlds unnecessary

Savage exhale I hit with a thud
Covered in crud and bloody mud
Running through streets is ok for some
No! Run through, forest and woods in the sun

I am wild
I am calm
I am chilled
I do not harm

Lure Pot Oct 25

I am doing great actually
I just have a great smile that's all
I bet, you have a great heart, mind, soul and happy smile

Thank you for having me read your poems
They’re very interesting I couldn't stop reading
I know a good poem when I see one
You're all my amazing, loving, and caring friends like your poems.

Have you seen my recent poems?
It’s weird because I’m very optimistic
But the world has made me bitter and finical
But yet I still always look at the bright side.
So I can write dark poems
But I can always write very hopeful ones as well.

The ones I try too hard on aren't very good
But when I have inspiration they turn out pretty good
If you like,
You should go through and read my romantic poems.

My problem is
My heart is too big which leaves me open to get hurt more easily.

Thanks my firend
Hasani Oct 24

If you’re reading this
It’s a modern marvel
For I thought I completely lost you

My mind reflects 
Flash back to scenes of you and I
I think of how welcoming you were
And how much your soul provided answers

I don’t know
It must have been fate that I met you
And perhaps the same that pushed you away
For I think about those moments
Every other day

I saw you performed infront of a crowd
I was proud
Yet I was bitter
For I wasn’t a part of your journey

How was I suppose to know the rarity 
Of a black queen
That no matter what I do
I can never meet another you

I don't even know why I am writing prose
I am a terrible poet
but maybe it will get my point across clearer

I am so sorry sorè
for being a fuck boy
for being insensitive
for scaring you

Perhaps you might forgive me
If you don't answer
your message is clear


full eyes of pure quicksilver moonlight
dance across the star-struck sky
doors open and close in the house of my heart
empty rooms so full of fading light

crumbling, faded autumn leaves
blow in through open windows in my mind
night whispers songs into my fractured heart
as I leave the light behind

translucent veil over my eyes
falls softly down around my head
church bells ring like hollow lullabies
as I pass over the bridge of death

some things can never be complete
I guess I've always known
that through my mind has lost its way
my heart has not yet flown

Quietness within
Quietness without
Sitting to begin
In silence I shout

Awareness of my being
Of things that I am seeing
Of sounds that I am hearing
Of lives that I am fleeing

In words I am creating
In worlds I am forsaking
It’s all of my own making
I can be partaking

Quietness within
Quietness without
Sitting to begin
In silence I shout

Mindfulness beautiful awareness silence love being open
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