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KHY 8h
My lovely precious bee,
The hive isn’t for you
It’s for us;
But we’re dead together ?
So its dust
I have a broom
June 4d
I want to lie down
in the blanket of your cogitation
and taste your subconscious
as a blush wine.

I'll trace my fingertips
under the tip of your iceberg
learning the curves and oddities
between each line.

I'll caress your most untouched spaces
and give the unlit places
a shower of delicate sunshine.

I want to be the key
to the locked doors of your mind.
Open yourself to me
or else I will always be blind.
It's all open through
without leaving a gap.
Got the meat in the curve.
Sophia 7d
dear attention,

I have a few words to say to you.
You caused me to grovel before the feet of others
and forced me on my knees in surrender to my fear.
You changed my heart into a fickle one,
I left you once and I came straight back.
I'm furious that I lost myself entirely to you
because no piece of me is my own anymore.
God opened a door and I shut it,
only thinking I wanted you and you alone.
I wanted you so badly, but I never received you.
Because I couldn't obtain you, I desired you.
I put you before myself, before everyone else.
I forgot that I do not need you to tell me what I'm worth,
I am stronger than this, I told myself.
I didn't need you.
But whenever I look at you, and see what I don't have,
my heart fills with jealousy all the more.

I wish I could leave you completely,
but I'm thankful God opened the door again after I closed it.
I wish the  stars                        c/u/t    like
ripping                                            op en  
s k i e s                                           I’ve never  
Open your heart to some people
         - The arteries go choke-a-block
       Open your heart to some others
                - Surgery they perform
                  - Bypass or stent
                    -The stunt    
  Choice is all yours
All good,  just some thoughts in words :)
Julischka Jan 13
Rain is pouring down my skin
And I’m not moving.
I’m standing here notionless
And let the drops wash away my pain.
Dilute the poison.
Cleanse the pores.
Just that my soul could slowly creep back
Through the open doors.
Not an artist Jan 13
Trapped in the open
A closed mind
How to escape
Soon, it'll be time
You could
We can't
What if I tell you
I don't understand
Right now,
my thoughts are alive.

My mind is currently being flooded with negativity.

Each and every thing that i am thinking is screaming loudly to be heard.
To be heard over one anothers' voice.

There are some louder than others,
desperately seeking attention.

The only way to silence them would be to talk myself,
because they are burning my throat just trying to make me speak my mind.
To speak their mind; they have a mind of their own.

They know I need help, but cannot find the words. Or guts.

It's a punishment for being a coward.

They will scream the words at me that I so badly need to say,
until it is unbearable.
Until I can take the noise of my wretched thoughts no longer,
and finally speak up for myself.
Speak up.
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