It is an indescribable setting of a life.
To feel the cool, beginning of each day
rise over your blankets,
stirring the hushed quiet in your bedroom
as your eyelids flutter open
to let clear puddles of shimmering brown,
bathe in the golden tendrils of light
that softly soak into your sleepy, warm skin.
The air is calm, sprinkled with peach colored contentment
and the creamy jade of a flowing solitude,
where, looking clearly, one could decipher
the hidden soft meanings
behind every single swirling, silver moment
that are lost to the confines of a time glass setting and resetting.
To each day, the calendar beckons for the
soft marking of your black felt pen
when you carefully print your signatures of life
in neat, little, swirls that become decorations and memories
of a single person's existence,
a drawn tale and illustration of the warmth flowing
in your body like a river,
and of the steady beat of your loving, irreplaceable heart.
Your footsteps resound through these roots
of the earth, where you tread upon
cracked concrete roads, newly paved pathways,
woven blankets of green grass,
and the worn, familiar brown forest path
that guides you to your little, hidden creek.
Your hands trace the spines of worn paperbacks,
and coax the stiffness out of newly presented books
as you grace them with your open mind,
maybe to one day create your own to generously share
with the world,
one or two of your free, limitless thoughts,
and a piece of yourself.
Audrey Feb 16
Your arms were open like a book.
Dealt paper cuts but you don't look.
Your firm touch lingers on my skin.
As my heart trembles deep within.
Sorry I've been inactive. The next few poems will be ones that I wrote in rehab.

This poem is about my experiences being raped. He lured me in with "open arms" using lies and deception which lead to metaphorical "paper cuts". He ignored the pain he was causing me. I was very scared but he didn't stop.
Daisy Rae Feb 15
All I want is to hear your voice
But no words have you to say

All I need is to make you laugh
But instead you frown at me

All I see is your exterior
Cold and hard and closed
How I wish to see your inner workings
Where it’s warm and soft and cozy
lets be closer
Lightheart Feb 10
i realized that while i'm an easy person
to have as a friend
i'm a rather difficult person
to be a friend to
and i realize the biggest reason for this
is my lack of honesty
well it's not that i'm always lying
but it's not that i never lie
it's just that i stay silent
more than i talk
because it's

and though i understand the reasons
behind my habits and behaviors
i don't want to remain this way so
i'm trying to be
more direct and honest
and it sucks.

i'm ending friendships that i never liked
and i'm trying to be more direct
with my pain or
in the ones i value

i'm trying to be a more honest person
but it's hard
and my non-confrontional hide
hates every second of it

"close your mouth, close your mouth
"stop this nonsense and spare their feelings
"close your mouth, close your mouth
"who cares about the long run, right now it's hell
"close your mouth, close your mouth
"i hate this and so do they
"close your mouth and stop being so honest
"i'm begging you just close your mouth."

closing my mouth has led to
abuse and manipulation and  
misery and toxicity
so i'm opening my mouth
though it sucks and hurts
i'm opening my mouth so that
little by little
maybe my heart can open up too

heart on my sleeve like people think it is
God knows i'm trying
to just be more open and
This year I wanted to work on choosing my friends more carefully, which includes cutting some off. I hate confrontation and being honest about my feelings, but I'm trying, because I'm sick of being so miserable
I am the spontaneous lover.

When my man and I decide to go on a road trip,
I will suddenly, while we're flying eighty on the highway,
tell him to turn off and park the car.

I am the spontaneous lover.

Without being too guarded,
with my afraid-to-love-too-hard heart,
I won't think about the fact
that the scene isn't scenic;
we will be parked by a rusty guardrail.

I am the spontaneous lover.

And although the car will be turned off and parked,
he won't be turned off for too long or parked
in that driver's seat.

I am the spontaneous lover.

I will unlatch my seatbelt.
I will lean over first.

I am the spontaneous lover.

Our heartbeats will go eighty.
Sparks will be flying.

I am the spontaneous lover.

I will drive my lips all around his lips
like our road trip.
In a world of sand and bone '

     Your words slip through death, of graven years seemingly reaching for youth or miracle.

Surviving are your hangups. Clinging to never coloring outside the lines. Wrap it up in a pretty bow. The bore.
Get over the sexual hangups/ Ugh.
leaving the city lights
and traffic behind
leaving them for a destination
of a more open kind

need to get out into
the countryside
need to embrace
the landscape wide

too long in the hustle and bustle
it's too much of a grind on the muscles

tired of the urban scene
tired of the people there, they're so mean

wandering about the iron-bark stands
smelling the earthy quality of the dampened sands

all of those monkeys off my back
meandering along the old bush track

fleeing the crowded walkways
changing address
out in the countryside
no pressure or stress

leaving the city lights
and traffic behind
leaving them for a destination
of a more open kind
Dess Ander Jan 24
Cloth fibres are difficult to remove from an open wound
Trying to extricate you from my heart and mind is just as hard
Olivia Jan 23
Never apologise for feeling too recklessly the greatest lessons are always learnt through madness.
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