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Emily 7h
Like a dog on a cold winters night,
I just wish you would let me in.
Hold me tight.
Kiss my pain away.
It is like a door.
With hundreds of thousands of people,
knocking and hammering on it all at once.
They kick and abuse the door until it is run down and beaten,
damaged and unreparable.
Yet still no one answers the door.
And likewise,
I am unresponsive.
And until someone answers that door,
they carry on knocking.
And again,
Until I speak for myself,
those thoughts wont be put at ease,
they will continue nagging,
until I get the help I need,
that would make those thoughts disappear for good.
Open hearts with folded cards, broken into.
A lap dance is the last chance, following through.
Your make up gets ****** up, slightly improved.
The door is shut so the world is cut, holding onto.

You put my hands up on your waist
And I like the way you taste,
I've got a mind to recreate,
A scene from silver screen mistakes

Though we're not Romeo and Juliet
Though we're not star crossed lovers 'till the end.
I love our ***.
Alexander T Oct 31
The pain
It comes and goes
A startled shame
That nobody knows
This is my chipped cup,
This is my broken mirror
This is my burnt lover,
This is my other
My partner, my boyfriend, my love
Who knows where this goes
But he's my 'us', our 'we',
And he's with me
And we're both free.
Thunder breaks open.
Through the gap,an insane rain;
Killing in cold flood.
Pure Bliss Oct 29
As I look into her eyes
I see endless skies
I see the definition of infinity,

As I watch her energy
I see the possibilities
I see not the end but the beginning,

As I see her soul move with grace
I see her life moving at her pace
She has the definition of potential,

As I see her look into the mirror
I see in her eyes rejection and doubt

As she looks into the eyes of society
She sees a **** fat person who'd be better off dead,
But what she doesn't know is that she has the looks of a queen, the personality of a comedian, and the strength of a worrior,

Woman be not afraid to be your self and let your potential come out,
Woman be brave,
Woman open your eyes!
This is dedicated to the people who I call my closest friends. You guys have so much potential it's not even funny. Please widen your eyes and make light of the endless possibilities!
Spitz Oct 26
I’m not saying you have to be ready,
because I don’t think anyone
is ever truly ready.
There will forever be some fear there
because the best things
are always going to be scary.
You’re never going to feel
like you’ve got it all sorted
and figured out.
But I need you to be open.
Open to the possibilities,
to the chance,
to me.
When you’re just a little more excited
than you are afraid,
then you go for it
and say to ****
with playing it safe.
I need you to be curious
and okay with letting me in,
just a little bit.
It doesn’t have to be fast.
Slow and steady can create
the purest connections.
I need you to want me.
Not what I can give you,
not my ability to comfort you,
but both my perfections and flaws
that make me who I am.
It’s okay to not be ready,
just be open to me.
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