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Open your heart
Let go of fear
no wasted thoughts
if others care
To dance and play
Or paint and sing
your heart is filled
The joy it brings
This beauty is
what matters most
No more nightmares
And haunting ghosts
A big mistake
in life to make
To foolishly
For granted take
True value much
Like currency
Eyes often shut
And can not see
Our family, friends
Those who are close
The ones we love
And cherish most
With them time spent
Cannot be faked
These moments are
What memories make
And that is what
Life's all about
It's not that hard
To figure out
Sure you can build
Mountains of toys
Aquire things
And find some joy
But what you feel
Will quickly leave
You'll cry in pain
As you bereave
Yet sadder still
You never knew
What matters most
A love that's true
Cause shiny things
May make you smile
That only lasts
A little while
An instant fix
Is what you sought
An instant fix
Is what you got
Like getting high
It did feel good
But not the way
That true love could
It's lacking depth
Was empty, shallow
Sent down stream
Without a paddle
Love does not
Only exist
Inside the arms
Or lover's kiss
In any place
It can be found
With open eyes
You'll look around
A subtle smile
A stranger gives
Can be the light
So someone lives
Of course much less
Dramatic still
Small gesture or
Act of good will
When reaching out
With open heart
And open mind
Great way to start
Just stay the course
And follow through
Cause what you'll find
Surprise to you
The love and all
The kindness shown
To others gift
But returned home
The happiness
you freely delt
Inside you swelled
Makes your heart melt
Written: September 12, 2018

All rights reserved.
Arms spread wide
knees bent in respect of tension
attention on your insides
spiraling out in spirit
hearing your heart beat

Feel the hum of life
teem within the absence
Carve your sorrows in my skin
Writing the words I’ve already spoken
Break them down and be free
There’s no point
There is no point.
Be free.


lips lush as cognac

open softly to kisses

urgently linger


rob kistner © 1973
Stumbled upon this while paging through my older handwritten pieces.
I wrote this one 45 years ago. One of my very early haiku.
Forgot I'd written it. Liked it, so thought I would share it.
Heera Sep 9
There are good people,
You have to believe that.
Just some of us get unlucky, that doesn't make love non-existent.
It exists.
It does.
It did.
That is why there are people writing poems or stories, even after they think love hurt them.
I'm no love expert. I have my flaws.
But what matters is at a given time, how much a person is loyal to you.
You have to trust that.
You can see that and you have to believe in that.
But if you throw love away and complain of it being gone..
Off course it would go
Not because that person got tired of you
But because all of us are humans,
Capable of making mistakes
And there is only a limit to which a heart can take pain.
So please don't discard love
Thanks to someone who made me think this.
Kora Sani Sep 7
i don't
wake up
when my eyes
i haven't
been awake
for some time
julianna Sep 4
My door had opened so wide that it broke off of it’s worn-down hinges.
I guess that’s why you stopped knocking and left.
WordsHelp Sep 1
i have so many tabs in the books i read
they are color coded and when you flip open the book
i usually have some sort of comment there
these comments range from witty to cynical to dark to brutally honest
either with myself
or a general statement about the world
no matter what it says
whether silly or serious
those comments are my secrets
the tabbed off sections of my mind that i keep for only myself
the bruises i keep concealed
the words i’m too afraid to speak out loud
secrets between myself
my book
and my future self
who will one day read those tabs
those comments
and think back to the reasons they were left
thank about all the obstacles i had overcome
and all words i had once related to
my truest self lies within
the margins of books
highlighted quotes
and color coordinated tabs
that no one knows the meaning of
i am terrified of someone reading those sections
someone picking up any one of my books
and knowing how i really feel on the inside
it would be as if someone had stripped me of my clothes
and left me for judgement
one day
i’ll be able to let someone open my books
to let them observe my truest self
and i hope that person is willing
to show me
their tabs too
WordsHelp Aug 28
opening up is hard
when you’ve been burned too many times
by the fire you thought was lit by the desire for your love
but discover it was only started
to burn off your clothes
Scarlett Aug 28
The puckered skin is healing
it will stain my skin
like the other two
reminders of the shame I felt
the pain inside
and the war that was going on in my head
The puckered skin is healing
raw skin showing
pink in colour
soft to the touch
The puckered skin reopens
spilling its content
emptying my mind
startling clarity
The puckered skin reminds me
of days where I felt the world was against me
of days where my heart and mind were too full
filling me with a fire I could not extinguish
The puckered skin will heal
The puckered skin will heal
The puckered skin must heal
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