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Piotr Balkus Mar 11
I always open my mouth
in a wrong time,
in a wrong place.

It is:
All the time. Everywhere.

Not because I say outrageous things,
but because it's so easy to offend someone
tryhard Feb 25
opened my heart once
after keeping everything in
years and years
filled to the brim
and now i'm spilled, entirely
maybe nobody
can be fully prepared
when the cracks in my heart
can no longer bear
all of its weight
the dam finally breaks
and i am the flood that drowns them
i am spilled, entirely
you see
victims of a flood
have the choice to leave
and i will be left here, still
caught in all the debris
spilled, entirely
Jeremy Betts Jan 30
I pray I live to the day
I can open myself in a way
That would clearly portray
In full HD 4K on an IMAX display
Just how my mind has done me wrong in the worst way

Bekah Halle Jan 1
The time taken was not what I dreamed
of, craggy paths, dead ends, or so it seemed.
But now, with back a turn, I see a glimmer,
Of the bigger picture, that calls me nearer.
With eyes wide open, listening ears;
A heart full and a spirit clear,
Peace and acceptance: my purified pearl.
She stole my poem,
and so did my heart.
She stole my love
and made days full of open wounds.
She came back,
complaining that she couldn't spell
the words I had written to her in my poem, "how this love is so silent?"
Indonesia, 26th December 2023
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Bitcoin doesn’t really care
The color of your skin or hair
If you’re short or if you’re tall
Bitcoin does not care at all.

And therefore can’t discriminate
By who you love, or who you hate
Save it, spend it - large or small.
Bitcoin does not care at all.

You can save for years and years.
It will be there - calm your fears
Or spend it soon - go have a ball.
Bitcoin does not care at all.

No restrictions, no money games
If you own it (no paper claims)
Keep it safe, for if you fall
Bitcoin does not care at all

Bitcoin CAN’T discriminate
Steal your funds - or seal your fate
If you miss this - if you stall
Bitcoin does not care at all

Bitcoin’s free for all to use
Very soon I hope you’ll choose
If not, one day you will recall
That Bitcoin does not care at all
You can see this poem on a background here -
Karen Lang Sep 2023
How often do we drift and fall into a story of the mind?
A memory from the past
A fear or projection in the future
Or a story on repeat from an event we had this morning
Where are you now?
To be fully aware means we must open our hearts
and invite every experience in
Only then can our minds be free
It's not easy to open our hearts, allow vulnerability,
and be present in this moment.
It takes courage to trust we can live in this space.
Man Aug 2023
Embrace change,
Welcome the weird
And invite in the strange.
Nothing to fear,
But what that yet
We don't understand.
Nothing to fear
But the feeling;
That we have still yet to comprehend.
Psych-o-rangE May 2023
"I dreamt that the river was burning"
"I dreamt that the snow was on fire"
"In dreaming impossible dreams"
"I dreamt that you were my lover"

the river dried up,
the snow had melted,
my eyes opened,

I can't remember
Faith Aug 2022
As a child, I idolized one day getting a license
Now I'm 17 in a red '94 convertible with the top down, loving
How it feels when my metal daisies pull my ears from the force of wind
I like the adrenaline rush I get when I can scream because no one is around
And that I don't have to feel bad for not talking to anybody
I like the way my car shakes when I blast the volume to 35
Or when I push it faster faster faster than it should go
I like the stick on my skin because of the North Carolina humidity
When I reach my arm out of the window, leaning toward a stranger
Summer's almost over, but I just want more time following the sunset home
On the open road
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