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meqan 5h
skin on skin,
heart to heart.

i would rather die,
than be apart.
•Don't you think you're standing too close
#But you did not oppose
•Cause your touch is so overwhelming
It numbs my brain
#So does your breath
Falling on my chest
•Maybe it's the lack of air inbetween
That's building this tension
#But this tension of our bond
Won't even let distance do us apart
•Who talks like that these days
#I'm witnessing one,
Between a boy and a girl of Laws
Stuck in the wonderland of Words
•That sounds more like the Never Never Land
#Don't let your sceptic shield come inbetween
Not tonight
•So that you can make me fall hard and deep
#So that I can kiss your wounds to heal
•But the soar soul will bring it back
How will you touch that
#Through that Venus trap you have for lips
•Your beard is no less of spikes
Growing goosebumps all over my skin
Running that chill across my spine
#It's good our interactive field **** our brains
At least for once our hearts can overtake
•I'm such a submissive to your strong gentle hold
#I'm so weakened at the sight of your rising-falling stole
Emma 2d
It is in moments like these that I dream of you.

Why is it that I miss you most

When we are together?

You are like the edges of a broken bottle;

I want to pick you up,

And think that I can see through you.

But you slice through the pad of my finger

So blood beads, salty and warm

Sliding down skin

And falling into nothing.
and if there comes a day where the whole world seems to crumble
if meteorites begin to shake the earth as we know it
and the galaxies beyond us start to swallow our home
if the stars that died one million years ago disappear with the rest of us
tell me you'll still trace poetry on the crevices of my skin even if it's covered in dirt
tell me we'll build a shelter from this planet while it falls apart
nothing can shake this love
asteroids can't destroy us
black holes will never swallow us whole
and know that if the ground we walk ever collapses beneath us
I will find you in another universe- one far away from here
and I'll love you just the same
Not their's. Hers.
Only Hers!
Feeling: Very Good.

Pulling Away.
myrrh Jan 14
It's sad to say that I know I'm not on anyone's mind
Being my friend is just a fad, nothing consistently kind
In just a tad, I know you're going to leave me behind
Wish I was stronger, I wish I had tough skin like rind
Mind Matterer Jan 13
Skin tight.
Bone hugging, more like
- is what is wished for and deemed right

The only way to
Grant this wish, fulfill this desire, correct the wrong
is to get rid of the hiss, right?

And in order to do so,
The Snake
will come slithering up and through your torso,
as a reaction to the bristles on your toothbrush;
Resembling grass
coaxing the snake out of its hiding.

Leaving your body and mind
Empty, relieved, satisfied and pleased.
Yet so fraught, disappointed, fearsome and creased.
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