Dig your nails into my skin and pull apart my flesh
Pick me into pieces and shred my every breath
Beat my blood like morning eggs and take your rightful pound
Spin my head and shake my legs but I won't make a sound

You have eyes like needles,
pulling me together
into something cohesive,
something beautiful.
Soft silk draping from my arms,
cotton dreams, lavender goodbyes.
Canvas memories
written across my eyes
with the sound of sorrow weaving
designs into my skin,
let me in
let me in.
Feel the softness beneath your hands
as you fix my broken bones
with polyester thread,
look at me with your piercing
gaze and repair my wounded soul.
Create a work of art,
literature, mastery,
with the tide of your lips.
Stitches, stitches,
skin on skin.
Now I am changed,
reel me in
reel me in.

~~ Scopophobia, the fear of being stared at. ~~

Don't say it
Oh, don't say it
Saying it changes everything

It's in your hands
The royal flush of my blush skin
You've got the cards to tear all I am from within

May your lust consume from March to June year after year
Before it's much too late for your sick guilt to disappear

All that's said in bed, young nymph lessons, life's not dead
Echo out those ancient stories in my head
Just how I won't say it first
Narcissus can't find the words
Lips so soft and silent
Actions not unspoken

Everybody loves coffee
It became Miguel's song
But everyone needs a whole lotta milk in it
They can't handle it strong

When I say strong I mean black
Black has a very wide range
Everyone loves the light end of the spectrum
And I find that quite strange

Tanned and caramel are popular
They are exotic and sexy
But chocolate is not attractive
Apparently dark is ugly

Being dark-skinned is looked down upon
As if it is a deadly sin
Many many beautiful women
Feel the need to bleach their skin

Many men have a light preference
Some women reject melanin in chocolate genes
And it is these same people
That do not know how to treat kings and queens  

Dark people hate how they look
Because no one gives them a reason not to
They should be taught to love themselves
There is undeniable beauty in African roots

They have hair like fluffy cotton candy
Those with the skin of midnight
They do not need makeup
For they have a natural highlight

Their wide noses are cuter than buttons
And they glisten just when they sweat
If you are lucky enough to kiss their thick lips
You will surely never forget

No one is shaming other skin tones
The point is that dark skin is gorgeous too
Every single person is beautiful
So don't make coffee turn blue

There should not have been a need
For this poem to be written
Because at the end of the day
Beauty shouldn't correlate with the color of your skin

Rebel Heart Jul 15

Burn your name onto my skin
For tonight I'm all yours
And when you leave in the morning
I want to carry you with me...
   A solemn reminder
            That not everything
                      You love

The end to another long and simply beautiful poem by RH. It was listed under drafts from a file years ago so I didn't want to publish the full poem but couldn't resist to share this beautiful part of it with all of you. It had no title either and I'm no good with them but I still hope you enjoy it as much as I did ~BM

let me taste your skin,
i want to eat your sin,
give me your ivory bones,
your eyeballs like moonstones.
                                 let me taste your skin,
                                 i want to eat your sin,
                                 give me your ivory bones,
                                 your eyeballs like moonstones.
                                                         let me taste your skin,
                                                         i want to eat your sin,
                                                         give me your ivory bones,
                                                         your eyeballs like moonstones.

i am a kolossus
i am your superfluous
are you my star?
je ne sais pas

Infatuation does no good

Long covered by cloth
The Sun falls on my pale skin
A warm divine kiss

©LadyofRavenhill July 13, 20107
Haiku #34

I was born when the sky opened up
and polluted my mind
with its brown ash--
an initiation of sorts.

I was born again when the wind cleansed my skin
with its ferocity--
an invitation to breathe from the surface.

Brush my skin,
sepia freckles, moonlit paper.
Touch my face,
cotton cheeks, rosy hue.
Run your fingers through my hair,
silken and earthy.
Look me in the eye,
so bright, so blue.

~~ I'm not sure where this came from. ~~
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