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luz maria Sep 5
what's it like living with vitiligo?

it's a devastating nightmare that comes with constant stares and ugly looks.  what is much worse is what they say about you. i once had a partner that every time we fought he would call me awful names. he'd say i was a disgusting creature and that i should be embarrassed to be me. he would always tell me to put on my makeup with people came around, and me, rushing to go put it on so that they wouldn't stare or ask what was wrong. he would say that i'm an embarrassment to be around, that he was only with me because he felt sorry. he'd repeatedly cheat on me with much prettier girls and rub it in my face, and say i'm never going to be just as beautiful as them no matter how hard i try. in all honesty though, i would have preferred that he was like the other people. in my opinion, pretending to love somebody is much worse than being treated differently. i let him fill me up with emotional and sometimes physical pain until i finally exploded. i thought i've finally found the one that truly loved me for who i really was, with this skin condition and all. however some of it is my fault too. i wasn't completely honest in the beginning, i should've told you about my condition. now it's something i tell anyone i'm about to get close to. i wish you would've left if you weren't going to love me the way you said, and i wish i was strong enough to leave before you cause me any damage.  i stare in the mirror everyday and hate what i see. some days i'd be happier if there was a way i could peel off this skin. i haven't taught my self how love the skin i'm in, and i'm scared that if i don't start my son will turn out to be the same way his father was.

so if anyone ask, that's what it's like living with vitiligo. there's my truth. it's something i wouldn't recommend for anyone who isn't comfortable in their skin. love yourself first, fill yourself with so much love that you overfill and no matter how much people about you, your cup will never be empty.
As pulsing through my veins starts to slow way down
Tiny part of me is relieved
Blood swirling under skin nearly stands still
So subtle it's barely believed

My entire body pauses a moment
Then two
Paralyzed completely in place
As I prepare for the worst
A bed in death's embrace

Hearing goodbyes as world fades away
Quickly turns to black
Shifting from solid to spirit
Released from life to never come back
"We live on the cusp of death thinking that it won't be us..."
mark soltero Aug 4
set in with uncertainty
we watch the sun go down
scarlet beams from the sky illuminate your pity

remember the night you looked stunning
the sky hit your skin
our bodies vibrated in the warm tides

it was wonderful right
LC Jul 28
I'm six feet underground, disoriented.
did I dig the grave, or was I meant for it?
the soil clumps together, stronger than ever
as it presses my chest, never to sever.
as I claw my way up, branches stab like pins.
before long, the deep cuts sear my exposed skin.

my eyes tire, and I rest.
but my rest fails the test.

the soil weighs me down further,
bringing me where demons murmur.
and that is where I now stand,
trapped in a layer of land.
and since making a move burns,
staying gives me what I deserve.
maria Dec 2018
I fixed my hair
and the reflection
of my own brooding face,
stares right back at me.

The void in the windowless pit of my eyes
is feeling a little happy today
a shadow of light peeks through
and my face lights up.

The mark of him
reeks upon my body
The faint of his words
caused the corner of my lips to turn up.

My demon creeps up
from the corners of the mirror
And with its menancing smile,
my breath hitches

It closes its eyes,
And inhales the scent of my fear.
I am nothing but a pawn
as its voice reaches my eardrums, whispering the thoughts I can only bear to keep.

It taunts me,
Daring me to take a peek,
Daring me to take a look
And the rest of my body is in plain sight

The angry marks of stretched skin
is evident in parts of my body.
My skin filled with fat sags
as if it was sad from all the years
it has kept holding up all the weight

My body is screaming right at me.
It said it was sorry to have me.
It said it was sorry to give up before me.
It said it was sorry for the way it looked.

And I cried.
I was sorry too.
I was sorry to be the way I looked.
I was sorry to be me.
I was sorry for existing.

When the faucet in my eyes closed off,
my voice could no longer speak, and
my skin turned red from all the sentiments I have cried off, I smiled.

Not because I am happy,
not because I have finally
finally accepted being me
but because it is the only remedy I have.

The only preventional medication
I could take
for me to survive the day
for me to survive the torment
of being in this skin
of one more day

I hated my skin, you know
and my skin hated me.
Zoe Mae Jul 22
I don't like my skin today
It doesn't fit me right
It's loose in the wrong places
Where I need room, it's too tight
The color doesn't match my mood
I don't appear slate gray
I think I might go back to bed
I hate my skin today
mark soltero Jun 16
his actions speak louder than his mouth
it's a wonder he still lives
lacerations left on his neck lie deep in his skin
their eternal impressions were left for you to find him again
Lily Audra Jun 3
Come on now,
Look at the buttercups,
So yellow, so yellow!
There's no happier colour than yellow,
It dispenses joy like an ice cream man,
Mr Whippy, Mr Softie, Mr Buttercuppy.
I love the smell of your skin,
Not your perfume, your skin,
Your arms are the sky,
A galaxy map of freckles and I'm going to press my face against them all,
I'm going to burn my nose and then cover it in cream,
Scratch my legs with thorns and brambles  and then cover them in cream,
I'm going to sneeze so much, seeds swelling my eyes,
Jugs of cold squash and sticky fingers and verdant footpaths,
I'm going to cycle with my eyes shut and the sun on my face,
Is there a better word than butter?
Bread and butter and buttercups,
Come on now, look at the buttercups.
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