Aishah 1d

I was sitting on my bed
clutching fists on my chest

it hurts!
make it stop

I was clawing at my skin
hoping I could dig
deep enough to reach
my aching heart
and stop this beating organ
of mine from misery

Yesterday's mood


Set   Fire   to   the   beach!

T h e  c r u e l  s u n  c r i e d.

While the edge of the earth

licked it's rays with the tide

his skin like a paper; it peels and curls and cracks
the heat like a vapor; it seals and swirls and traps
                     i t s e l f    i n s i d e    h i s    c e l l s                          

   a virus encircles above                    
                                               ­       just a seaside paloma        

                 i m p r e g n a t i n g  skin                                              
                              ­                      with malignant melanoma        

his doctor like a butcher; with hands he chops and stains
his pain like a structure; it stands and burns and caves
i n      o n      i t s e l f

Set   fire   to   his   cells!

The   cruel   chemo   cried

while the wicked bag of morphine

dripped drops at his side


© Mike Mortensen
Anna 2d

Kiss me with your eyes wide open.

Let me feel them tickling

every inch of my skin.

I’ve been feeding it in my head
Feeding the hunger of a man
A man with such thoughts:

Thought of being killed
Killed by his own hand

Thought of being hit
Hit by his own faults

Thought of being hated
Hated by his own lord

Thought of being dead
Dead by his own heart

And I’ve been hiding it beneath this
Hiding under the smile frown
And skin made of stone.


I think I’m happy but never genuinely.
adr 5d

though you can’t see,
there’s poetry
tattooed on every part of me.
from hands I hold,
and tender souls,
and voices that sing harmony.
from words I read,
and friends I keep,
from nights I was up too late;
from unfriendly vows
and who’s and how’s
and “why couldn’t you have stayed?”
there’s poetry,
though you can’t see,
tattooed on every part of me.
each inch of skin
all covered in
the ink life won’t stop giving me.

When I close my eyes I see your face
And wish to feel your warm embrace.
I run my fingers through my hair,
And wish instead that you were there.
I wake up craving the touch of your skin,
The warmth of your breath,
You pull me right in.
Everything about you is extraordinary.
And how you surprise me with the weight that you carry.
The weight of the world you try to rest on your shoulder,
And when you’ve had enough you still balance that boulder.
I wish that you knew that it isn’t required,
That you give up yourself to lift everyone higher.
To think of yourself every once and awhile,
And do something for you to make yourself smile,
Does not make you selfish,
Does not make you cruel.
There is no such reason to stand by that rule.
You may not be perfect in all eyes that see
But there’s no other being more perfect for me.

When you kiss me I feel it down to my bones
My breath starts out erratic and excited before you lean in
As you tantalize me with your fingertips grazing against my skin
I shudder as your knuckles brush against my jaw your finger caressing my lips
I am a waterfall, spilling over myself just trying not to sink
But I fail and as I fall I feel secure
You slid into me and I see nothing but red
Lust and desire tastes like our sweat mixed together
Your eyes are thick with emotions as you kiss my lips. Your hands tangled in my hair, pulling me closer so you can get deeper y legs tremble as they wrap around your hips. Your skin sliding over mine, your hands branding me, fire hot and rough.
You quell the ache inside me that throbs to the point of distraction
Your lips on me
Feels like sweet defeat.
Tangible sustainable fire.

You were the best I’ve ever had.
Vulpes 6d

The moment I saw your face I knew
Nothing could ever satisfy my lust for you
And fate shall be my guardian angel to never leave your side
I knew that every part of me would crave your skin to touch just mine
And every inner part of me jealous of those very parts

I want to lick, to taste your skin
Want everything between my lips
I want to feel all of your skin
With more than just my fingertips

And I know that inside of you will never even please desires
I built up over all this time
And I know that each part of you on me will never meet my greed
To have it all just for myself

I want to cut your skin apart and find a shelter in your hull
I want to be close to your soul
And not just things that carry flesh

I want to have you in my blood
To flow within in my cramping veins
I need to have you in my blood
And feel you pump inside my heart

I need you to be one with me
Not sex, not bride, but one dead hull
That shelters both our souls within

That's all I'll ever ask of you
To stay with me forevermore.

to Love a human being,
is to die.
to open your soul,
is to feel fire crisp your skin,
and to suffer,
is to be truly enlightened.

Short and hopefully sweet

Your name is a forever echo
Screaming through my head
I feel your skin inside me
Coming in with every breath
Your lips bite into my hollow bones
Your voice, diluted by the darkness of night
Carries me to places no one knows
I never know where you'll be
When I open my eyes each day
Whether I will have the strength
To keep your nightmares at bay
Your face is an eternal song
That repeats inside my head
I can't tell whether I want you to be
The life of me, or my death

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