the two lines leading
to her tiny chin
when she smiles,
they are
my poem.

the two lines when she
sips from her coffee mug
by each eye
I clearly see them.

the neck lines
between her collarbones
beneath her necklace
those two I breathe them

the first sip
and the two frowning lines
at the heat of the coffee
I don't believe them

and neither
do I believe
the coffee was more
than an excuse
for all of our skin lines
to meet

Glass 4d

It's a five hour drive to prosaic
patriarchy, that I have sacrificed
my own anatomy affiliated thrones of bones
& francais sun burnt
senility with your ephemeral trepidation
like "no one saw the moon
pheromones in apologies”
and the alley knew “stone perception
in indignant rasps” even though
April is not wearing a yellow raincoat,
but a dark red one
with a pendant of your loss hung against
my cold skin

- G

LCappo Apr 16

Everyone says that Diamonds are a girls best friend
Everyone says that jewelery are a girls best friend
Everyone says that make up is a girls best friend

but they do not know the truth
i do not think they understand

if she could she would be a shadow
which no one can see
away from society

in the night she stays awake
because he is cold and unforgiving

I don't think you understand
she'll never walk away
because she has no where to go
she is alone in this world so cold

she puts up a mask to not answer the hurting questions
so she can go further on the hurting road full of diamonds

if she had the choice between life and death
she would choose death
because she can't stand the pain anymore
the pain of diamonds cutting through her skin

Celaine Apr 14

I am often told that I am lovely.
Yet, whenever I take a look at myself in the mirror,
I only see the blemishes and dark spots on my face,
the deep dark circles under my eyes,
the thick and unruly hair
and pale lips.

I would touch my skin while I watch
myself in the mirror.
I would let my fingers linger on my arms down to
my hands and feel that my rough palms are not meant to
hold anyone’s hands.
Because in the first place,
who would?
Then, I would stare at the green veins crawling like
roots at the back of my hand, feeling a little displeased.

I would dare not to show my teeth while I laugh
and would always keep it hidden behind a silver wire.
Who would even dare kiss those
lips and its cracks where tears sink through,
because isn’t it a little salty for someone to taste
such lips?
And who even want salty when the sweetness of
sugar is yearned?

Staring at the mirror I would
watch myself sip through a glass of
sweet red wine.
And who would want to taste an intoxicated being,
when sweetness only masks the bitterness of wine?

I think we can all agree that beauty goes way
more than skin deep.
I only want myself naked
when it’s dark.
Without the lights.
When it’s dark.

On a side note, I have someone who never cease to amaze me by his constant endearments of "you're lovely, you look nice today, etc." and it really helps a lot especially when you have lingering insecurities.

I looked upon your mystic skin
When your clothing arced
The heat in my face
Said what I couldn't
Beauty marks

Dotted your legs
On my lap in the dark

I could wait
And I know I will
Until it's far too late

I was better when I didn't have something to lose.

Zan Balmore Apr 8

Can't claw the

bugs from my skin.
The bullet I fired years ago has
come back around time to sever
the tightly fed tape that splays
my life over brick and stone.
Deja Vu. One step behind. I
can rarely find the words
you want to hear the most.
Patronize my heart, dear child,
for your sustenance. After all,
the bomb we dropped together
left the hungry world wanting
safety above all. Go for it. I
can't claw the bugs from my
itching skin, so bathe me in

Makula Hala Apr 7

Within the creases that
outline your eyes,
I can see
traces of the things
that have made you smile.
In the hearty whistle
that is the gunshot of your laugh,
I can taste the places you have lived.
In the wrinkles
in the palms of your hands,
I can feel
the happy you have
tried to spread in the world.
In the sighs
that you whisper at night,
I hear your successes,
the dreams you have lived,
your setbacks reconciled
before the close of the day.
The scent of your skin
emits hope
and all that is good
and peaceful.
The dust
and tatters in your clothing
bear witness
to your honest attempts
to stay true to you.
The gentle strength
with which you hold me
at night,
screams promises
of your intentions
and the tales
of your own past bruises.
My mind searches for these words
so I can tell you in my way
that my soul sees you.
I see where you've been,
what you will do -
I see your errors as well as your winnings.
I see your flaws as well as your excellence.
I hear the shame in your voice
when you admit a mistake.
But my soul,
it still cries out for  you.
Despite anything you've done,
I see you,
and I love you.

elowen morey Apr 6

I need to get the feeling of you
off my skin
it’s been so long
but yours is the only touch
I’m familiar with

Kaya Apr 5

Dear skin, I'm sorry you feel a certain way
it's just that today,
the rays of the sun, you once knew has gone away,
and is unaware of who you are
and your pain,
I'm sorry you have to face
the ignorant new rays
just bare with it, for today
and I'm sure that
it will go away


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