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JJ Inda 3h
Innocent is the unborn,
till it's first breath.
A product of guilty parties,
thus ignorance allows it's visceral cries.
I beg,
condemn them not,
their fate (like all) is sealed.
not one soul has yet forgotten.
The look in your eyes
Became my demise
I get carried away
I can't hear what they say
The feelings still there
The butterflies everywhere
I'm melting inside
From you, I can't hide
I don't know if it's real
I don't know how you feel
This isn't me
I'm lost at sea
This lifeguard can't save me
I think I'm going crazy
He has my devotion
But I'm drowning in your ocean
noren 3d
I repent for an irreversible folly, again
but its lingering unpleasantness
doesn't forgive my painful guilt.
I had a poem,
but I
lost it.
Somewhere between
When you clenched your fist
and I hugged my knees.

I had a poem,
but I
lost it
Somewhere between
when the remote went flying
and when I was trying
not to breathe.

I had a poem,
but I
lost it
just like I lose

I found the poem,
in my head
after you'd already
long gone to bed.

I had a poem,
but the words
wouldn't fit
and my thoughts,
they just wouldn't quit.

I had a poem,
but I
ruined it-
just like I ruin
I know it isn't really my fault, but the guilt still circles.
You “

Those were the words
That never left my lips

They were always there
Sitting on the edge
A daunting drop
Awaiting the ground beneath them

Those were the words  
That never came out

It didn’t feel safe

And so I’m still waiting
for a day
that will never come

But if you can hear me now
That I loved you yesterday
and I will love you
until there are no more
You walked into my life
When I least expected.
Knowing each other taught
Values of friendship
Love and hatred.

This friendship was not
Formed overnight nor easily.
We had gone through storms
Heartbreaking days yet still
Care about us deeply.

If only friendship comes
In four different seasons.
You are spring, for you
Bring joy and happiness
In all occasions.

You made me want to be
A better friend than today.
I'll strive harder to find
Ways to forget hurt and
Pain of yesterday.

You have given so much
To I who have nothing to give.
It is I who scars still vivid
From the past that I am
Too afraid to believe.

I shed tears many nights
Knowing this is sincerely true.
Little did you know
I was preparing myself
To leave you.
Joie Yin
I don't know what's going on,
Don't know what went wrong!
In my mind, nothing's clear,
Seems I've turned my life to over-steer.

I just want to disappear,
In my loss everyone's here to cheer!
Feel so empty in here.
Losing you was my only fear!

Then you turned on your way,
It was my darkest day!

When we stayed up all night,
Made me feel so safe and right.
Holding you meant world to me,
Felt so alive and free.

I must have done something wrong,
To you is where I belong!

We fought so many times,
exploded like the freaking mines!
Should have been me to leave you,
maybe I was scared of this view.

I wake up all these nights,
remembering all our fights.
When you first screamed at me,
Should have been me to leave!
Earlier I relapsed
Cutting away my woes and letting my pain seep out;
But then I stopped,
Realizing how many promises I was breaking
And how many hearts I was shattering

I felt weak in my knees
Falling to the ground I cried
Ashamed and guilty
How could I do such a thing to those I love?

Panic set in,
I can't let anyone know
Because I don't want to go back to that ****
That cursed and wretched psychiatric hospital
That's more like a prison with schedules and timed everything;
Painted over windows and white walls that hold tallies of torturous days and child-like scribbles
That makes it more of a trigger than everything else

But soon enough I gathered myself;
I took a hot shower,
And stood in front of the mirror practicing my smile
While I planned what outfits to wear with foundation to hide what I've done

So now all is okay and fine,
And I'm alright;
At least,
I think so...
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
Kelsey 7d
A monster has crept up on me,
Claws are at my neck.
Part of me wants to fight,
Part of me wants to succumb.
These claws rip and tear at me with a question--
"What more could you have done?"
A poem about teacher guilt.
I haven't done it in a while,
But seeing the faded outline of my friends,
The scars that make me feel calm,
Made me want them back

I used to run my fingers along the cuts
As if I was reading braille to soothe my head;
Because I felt like those fresh wounds,
Were my only friends along with my blades

Those blades and the scars that accompanied them were something I could count on,
No matter how bad my day was I could cry all night
And sit in the bathroom mirror and talk to myself as I stared into my own eyes
Letting my blade dance across my skin,
Leaving a beautiful red trail;
The stinging sensation that came after that turned into the blissful pleasure
That wonderful feeling I once loved was something I couldn't remember
Until today;

I wasn't even sad at the moment
It was just something my mind drove me to do out of sheer nostalgia
Because seeing the faded outlines of my scars
Counting each one replaying the night I created them
And remembering how close they were to me and that they were once my friends

So I threw a little self-harm depression party once again,
I created this little get together
And invited those old friends and demons of mine
Where my blade once again danced
And my scars then cried red;
Where I stared into my dark chocolate brown eyes
And let tears of my own claw their way out;
Where I smiled and laughed, talking to myself saying how much I missed the stinging pleasure
And relapsed again for the first time in a while

I thought about how what I was doing was something so wrong
And I told myself I was sadistic for laughing because I missed the sensation
But my *** does it feel so right
I guess that's why so many people
Do all these things that slowly **** them;
Just as I do with self-harm...
I apologize for my actions.
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
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