R Jan 8

Now I know how it feels
when you get drifted away
from someone you love
but they never did leave
I pushed them afar

I didn't want to
but I just did
but trust me
I didn't want that to happen
I didn't want you to leave
I didn't want you to keep distance
I didn't want you to be gone
I didn't want to
but I just did

I did it because I'm sick
I did it because I need to heal myself
I need personal time
and I don't want you to be sick, too

but now I know
that having you gone
is worse than
having me sick
but it's too late
you're all gone
you're nowhere to be found
I can't find you
I can't see you anywhere
and I feel guilty
I feel all the negative things
surrounding me
and I'll be taking this burden forever

I am guilty
I am guilty of missing you so much
A sorry can't heal any wounds
but hope does, a prayer does

and I just hope you're fine
I hope you're okay and well
I pushed you away from the black hole
because it's for your own good
It's for you

I did want to
and I did

This is for my friend who went gone because I was not able to be a friend when he needed me. I wanted to, but you know, I got depressed and I badly needed a personal time to fix myself and when I'm healed, he's gone by the wind. So, yeah. I hate depression
Onomatopiyya Jan 8

This guilt
They coloured in peach
Had some stitch
Have you seen how they preach

This melancholy
Wasn't so holy
Drives some crazy
Throughout their daily

This curiosity
Wasn't from sympathy
Thick nor tiny
Longing for tranquillity

Scarlett Jan 8

I think of the days
That I woke in those cardboard beds
Not knowing how I’d gotten there
The nurse’s pity filled stares
Burnt a hole in my chest
I remember
What that lump in my throat was made of
Something bitter
Something cruel
I felt guilty
Not for consuming
The drugs
The drinks
The pills
I felt guilty for wasting their time.

Amanda Jan 1

Inside of me
Itching, scratching
It rubs so raw
It bubbles with heat
Like a pulsing sore

I can’t let go
This rock, this stone
This secret is so dire
If released into the world
I would burn in hell's fire

Don’t ask me, I beg
Don’t make me tell
For if the truth was known
You would offer no mercy
And seeds of hate would be sown

My name, you ask?
Your curiosity is sparked
Yes, I believe that is something, I can part
Though it will not relieve the heaviness
Of this betraying heart

My name is very simple
Many share it, of that I am sure
A common sound it holds no fame
I will give it once then forget me
For Judas is my name.

Sometimes, we ourselves do not even realize our own faults,
until they are so blatantly pressed to our eyes
that we cannot refuse to feel the heat seeping from underneath
and burning with each touch our hand releases to the outside world.

Then, we either find ourselves trying to eliminate these faults,
or we wait until they eliminate all that is good in us
to the point that we no longer know what is right from wrong,
and we no longer remember who we were as a child.

That person whispering in your ear, it can be you or someone else,
but know, it will tell you not what you want to hear,
but what you need to here, so go.

Nayana Kb Dec 2017

I am 17 and I'm scared.
What if I am old and all I do is whine
I dread I'll become reckless and get drunk on beer and wine.
What if I'm playing around and I end up with a knife
I fear I'll become hopeless and give up on my life.
Will I still crave for him when I'm finer and I'm wise
Or will my mind lose interest and think of other guys
Tell me if Ill end up happy and have my dreams come true
Or will I be filled with guilt and end up mean and blue
All I know is, I'm 17 and I'm scared

Nayana Kb Dec 2017

Boiling from my heart.
Evaporating from my cheek.
Condensing on your guilt.
Freezing within your soul.

Conchúr Adams Dec 2017

a heady cocktail to consume.

Me from a year ago -
I wouldn't have expected this.
I mean,
you gave me your first kiss.

LiqouricePepsi Dec 2017

Teacher Death, stop crying
For I have stopped trying.

You won’t be alone anymore,
it’s all over soon, my soul won’t be sore

Perserving made me sad
And my grey hairs make me feel bad

To suffer is why we’re born,
and I make every heart forlorn

Friend Breath, I must say goodbye to you,
because to say friends are for forever, that’s not true.

Ironatmosphere Dec 2017

Sometimes life feels like
a punishment
Like it is this thing
that is keeping you,
Stopping your soul
from being intertwined
in the treetops
Or roaming free
in the waves
And dancing
in the wind

And then the guilt comes creeping
Shouldn't you be happy?
Shouldn't you be content?
You have so much
How dare you ask for more?

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