Cat Lynn 20h
I am awake... Dont think I'm sleeping in peace

How can I when the silence is devouring my ears like a feast

I cant scream back at it... I can't slam it again my wall

I'm shaking... I'm trying to fight it as it yells out my flaws

I no longer welcome the night...  it is no longer a time to rest

But moment to cruel up to avoid falling to temptations pest

I was doing pretty good.... but I guess time has begun its torment

I cant talk to anyone... I've been left in phsysical isolation

I have been fighting, dont think I haven't

The battle has been going on for far too long... I hope it wouldn't

I've blocked as many lies as I could...

I've slayed many doubts like I said I would

But now I've been slaughtered in a weak spot in my armor

And now I'm down... bleeding... starring face to face with deaths color

So now I'm ready to take my last breath and welcome the silence's abuse

So tell them that I love them and good bye for me... because this princess has to loose

Because in order to end silence's rule... it has to think it has won

So welcome the image of a ****** beaten body, for it's just a weak shell... Guilt is no living fun...
I swear... I will come back stronger someday... and I will scream so loudly in Silence's ****** face...
Bibby 5d
Relating to religious trauma.
To those who get it, I'm sorry.
Do I ever get a second chance
To things i could never have again
To love i  could never feel again
Is guilt and regret that necessary
Why can't I just get
A second chance
Make sure you spend enough time with your loved ones... because once they are gone their is no second chance and I really miss my grandmother these days hope her soul is in peace ❤️
The sweetness that I thought,
It came out from my mouth.
I never could imagine the vice
That came forth from it.
As the resonance of the sound
Bounced off the glass of their being,
Pieces of the fragile flew all around.
The return I received induced
Guilt and shame, but most of all

The parasite in me I fear.
Regardless of my consciousness,
I am forced to exhibit such hostility.
The reflection I see through the broken glass,
Is the broken image of myself.
Audra Jan 11
“It’s fine”
Gives permission—
It says, “you could
Do it again.”

“You’re forgiven”
Removes guilt
Acknowledging the work
Required to forgive.

Will you allow life
To hurt you repeatedly?
Or remind it that hurt
Is not fine anymore.
A lesson in life I didn’t learn soon enough.
I’ve been scarred from head to toe so many times, it’s impossible to tell the old me from my recent history

My mind scarred from disease
                                       My feet from anxiety
My hands from guilt
                         My stomach from impurities

My heart scarred from betrayal, never to trust again
My ears from stupidity that never fails to turn on me

                                   My face from insomnia
My arms from inability
                                             My gut from fear
My shoulders from loneliness
                                         My fists from fights
My eyes from violence
                                     My knees from failure
My bones from pain
                              My ankles from weakness
My reputation from mistakes

And my soul from these dark clouds that refuse to fade...
Devin Ortiz Jan 8
Mistress of Celestial Blight,
I have scorned thee again.

Light leaves as darkness
breaks the rhythm of harmony.

Vibrations of twilight,
split both mind and body.

Whispers of stars,
recall the old oaths.

Sins spiral into the gravity of
blood and guilt.

Forgive me oh mother,
I will break one thousand times more.
Van Byrde Jan 5
i don't think i like nice people
i feel guilty around them
like my past stains me still
and they see it all
Sindi Kay Jan 4
Those taken for granted
Will fly away home
Those who took them for granted
will be haunted
by their deaths
In spaces
they called home.
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