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I'm Going On The Run,
Watching silos in the Sun,
Trying to find a place to hide,
From the evil that's inside,
Corn fields in the landscape,
Let's give in more take,
Thoughts they fill my head,
Try to distract them instead,
The woods are dark and baron,
So I just can't stop staring,
4 hours from my home,
I feel so all alone,
Cry myself to sleep,
For the company I keep,
I hope you enjoyed your stay,
I made it through another day!
Her fingertips became a rope around the neck,
A lustful image of an able-bodied african,
Conceiving a brand new life from the teardrop that played into his eyes,
She said, he wasn't black
But the deep voiced cries said otherwise
I don't belong here,
Not in this time...
Will we ever have peace
                     We Do NOT Want to Wait,
Until the afterlife.

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I speak not for man, or know his desires;
   a flower is lost in all he inspires.

I speak not for peace, or know its attire;
   an echo is all the words will require.

I speak not for time; or knows its reasons;
   a clock is measured in equal seasons.

I speak not for love; or know its yearnings;
   a heart is beating;
      forgiven for learning ...
Kerri 15h
It’s as if the bare branches
****** my hair
with the comfort of Autumn
Each time
the soft, shushing wind
whispers through the trees.
Beneath a milky moon
I find peace
Knowing that
The heat between
me and Summer
Has fizzled out.
For a few days, my pen will remain silent.
My mind will be numb and thoughts won't be violent.

For a few days, the writer inside me will hibernate.
I don't know when he'll return but I'm sure it is going to be a bit too late.

For a few days, I am not going to see the rising sun.
Will remain in the state of inactivity with no joy or fun.

For a few days, my face will look like a corpse devoid of any expression.
Expressing it didn't work out so I'll try the other way - supression

For a few more days, my heart will not be dilating just contracting inside my chest.
Hollowing me from inside, eating me up.
For some days, in peace I'll rest.
Hibernation, yeah human does that too..
It's time to take a nap..
The writer inside me wants to sleep..
Josh 22h
I smile, with the biggest
Frown on the inside, but
I smile,

Even when the world is
Getting me down, and,
My feelings overwhelm,
I smile,

Even when I want to cry,
And I’m asked how I am,
But I just stand and lie,
I smile,

Even when I am broken
Inside, all I can do is hide
And fake happiness so,
I smile,

Hiding my pain, nobody,
Sees me drowning in this
Hateful world, so vast,
I smile,

For there’s peace, at last.
Her hair is black
Her shirt is purple
Her lips are pursed
Her eyes read confusion and frustration
I see your eyes they read hello
I see your arms they say why
I see your lips they seek answers
My soul thirsts for peace
When all have left, I listen.
Nothing but the wind of my breath,
exhale of the trees
greet my ringing ears.
I find myself in silent solitude.
In the echoing silence of the night
I open my mouth to speak but stop short,
afraid to shatter this bliss.
Tears begin to trickle down from my closed eyes
as I begin to feel.
To feel Him.
when all have left, I feel Him
This is a poem about the sort of peace that comes after a busy and chaotic day. When you sir in the dark and feel a slow and subtle Peace come in.
“Oh no” I whisper
to no one in particular.
A surge in my chest,
a bubbling under my skin.
My face glowing with radiance
Lips turned up at the corner.
A foreign feeling wraps around my soul,
And as my mind settles,  
the demons don’t seem as scary anymore.
Sometimes living in a world of darkness for a long time makes you scared to embrace life. But I’m hopeful tonight and actually want to wake up tomorrow.
He's no longer human, but a shell of what remains.
The failures of life stare into his soul through the reflection of his son.
Those brown eyes beam with let down and pity for what use to be.
Which is, his hero is now without powers, and utterly defeated.
Death and depression haunt him, his true self is gone, all this time he's been shedding
When you discover what life can turn you into
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