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Aileen 2h
Take my thousand thoughts
My questions
My answers
Take my ability to think
Take me into your arms
I want to stay there for a thousand years
Let me drift over the sea
Forget myself in the wind
I want to be my own breath of fresh air.
I want to be that breath you take,
after you've been trying to hold it in for so long.
That cool cotton air that comforts your soul,
when all you've ever breathed was the world's bitter rancid odor.
I want to be that breath,
letting me know I'm still here.

I want to be my own calm in a storm.
I want my sheer existence to be enough to keep me grounded -
despite the troubled waters around me.
I want my purpose to give me reason to never fear getting swept away into the chaos.

I want to have inner peace.
An unshakeable feeling of calm reassurance that I am going to be okay,
no matter the circumstances around me,
I want to feel okay.

Because at the moment,
I feel like I'm going to decay.
No matter the circumstances around me,
I always feel like I won't live another day.
I'm still holding my breath.
I still fear the storm.
But I promise, I don't want to anymore.
Brynn S 10h
Chase me like sweet syrup
Running down my throat
Plunging into the swirling pools
Esentric flames, bursts of passion
Only in minutes do I hold your time
Clutches of eminent divine
Glory blossoms
Fawning over youth
Rise lover’s quill
Awake the beast
I’ve been having writers block, my mind has not yet been cleared.
I seek you.
Through a forest of hollow dreams
I search desperately
Through holes in empty trees.

I panic
With out you here
I cry
In deepening fear.

I cant lose you.
I'll paint the lies.
And search the world,
Heaven, and skies.

The clouds the color of choked up grass
I don't believe I've ever ran this fast.

I'm bewildered in agony
As I scream.
And the possibilities
of what this means

I wake up yelling covered in fear.
It's nothing new
To no longer see you lying here.

But the pain still hurts
Like frozen deserts and glass
I don't know how
To find peace atlast
the very moment we’re conceived
free of the world’s conditioning
we’re in our purest, natural state
before the world takes that away

we’re branded, labeled, from the start
to make sure that we’re told apart
a gender and a family name
are always sure to segregate

and before long, we’re always taught
to stray from certain paths of thought
and how we talk, the way we dress
can label us as more, or less

from education, soon are formed
behaviors that become our norms
a set of values find their home
and we reject what’s not our own

and by the time that we are grown
to some degree, we’re all alone
but it don’t have to be that way
what once was pure, can be today
Who are you?
and who am I?

without these titles to define

not young,
not old
nor woman,

we’re souls that seek to understand

remove that which you hold so dear
the pure, untarnished truth appears
just shed the colors and the names
and you will see we’re all the same

so who are you?
and who am I?

just common shells for the divine
inspired, in part, by Beach ***'s poem under the same title
T daniels 23h
I enjoy staring into the divine
and listening to the empty spaces of time,
fossilized under the ash of ages.

Valleys full of silver and gold
a world to innocent
and old.

I've tried to convey my fears,
afraid of how the future will feel-
will that word "feel" be extinct like a High culture from antiquity?

Will feeling be past its prime?
perhaps only in mine.
The girl was the heaven's dream,
poise and she had a gleam,
she had everyone's attention,
her soul was an ever flowing stream...
They gave her soul to redeem,
certain of her fate,
They sold away her beauty, for luxury, limelight and her name...

The boy had a way with words he said,
He moved with grace yet chastity,
Then stormed away, a gesture out of place,
Said he'd be back any day,
He didn't hesitate, he said they saw,
With open eyes and were left in utter dismay...

The thing was that the girl and boy,
had met somewhere, they had a flair,
to understand each other's plight,
they won't give in without a fight...
To each other, they gave away,
whatever they hesitated to say...
Oh! It would leave the world in utter dismay...

The war began, they moved with flail,
a battle for souls, not for a share,
they lost the war against the world,
he was locked, she was kept away...
They didn't hesitate, to the whole world,
they gave away, what they really were...
Oh! It just left the world in disgust and dismay...

Their souls were painted like the wings,
of butterflies, yet all would think,
they're evil; they don't deserve to live,
and did them with a slash and ****...
They didn't hesitate, to stay right there,
the angel of death, upon them glared...
Oh! It painted both of their skies all grey...

The people thought they'd burn in ****,
stocked them in a corpse's shell,
they shut the coffin, dug the nails,
in their lover's eyes, they'd always dwell...
They didn't hesitate, to let their souls away,
to a liberal town, and tell their tale...
Oh! Would that leave the town, in utter dismay...?

They found a castle, far in flight,
quickened their pace, it neared in sight,
there they met a king in checks,
confessed they liked the same ***...
They didn't hesitate, despite their fate,
poor valorous souls, we lost to hate...
Oh! Did it leave the king, in utter dismay...?

The king looked deep inside their eyes,
their burning ache; he realized,
then made reforms and legalized,
melting all the hearts of ice...
He didn't hesitate, to end the hate,
among his subjects, for true love's sake...
Oh! It didn't leave the world, in utter dismay...

Feelings of hatred all minimized,
all thirsty souls; they reconciled,
these sacrifices proved the right,
in heaven, they spent afterlife,
stood by love, and won the fight...
Oh! The change *** saw on his world,
us children of His got the joyful array...
This piece of poetry ventures towards bringing about change in the stereotypes held by mankind against the LGBT community since forever
jerelii 1d
so you may explore life
in your own
questions are boiling
in your mind
wondering where to go?
the path that you really want
but perhaps
have you ever ask yourself
what do you really want in life?
does that “why” is the one calling you?
questing out life
giving out so many clues,
doing it perfectly and fine
but what does your spirit
leading you to be?
that one direction that will make you happy
and contented with life.
time could tell if the search is over!
and you found that real purpose in your journey.

just some random thoughts
that i’ve learned from one of the people that inspired me and help me organizing my life

December 18,2018
Kids play differn't these days
not so flat, more points of focus in less time,

more  POVs and Portals and Morphic Resonance and such

Minecraft. If you never watched a child at play
building a world from available resources,
near-infinite, digital resources limited
by algorithms based on

Eco-industrial-only-mortal-home-known science.

You should see it.

Stones and plants and animals and winds and water
using right, effecting change, shaping things
in her world.

You should see what your grandchildren think.

They have access to tools we only imagined.
Remember what you imagined a road grader could do?

She built heaven with a stairway and I suggested
an elevator.

She said I could build one, a heaven elevator,
for old people in a world I make up.

She had planned to teach me if she had the chance.
She made me several avatars, she knows me.

wizard grandpa who asks if we know
the sweet influences of Pleiades,

his hand points up to the right
because this is the night after the first

quarter of the final moon pre-solstice
and he is looking west.

That one,
that is the one I will be-- wizard grandpa
square head with a pyramid on top,

minecrafty me exploring the undeveloped
fractal morphing algorythms

I'll-go grandpa, go go rhythm of the winds

drifting in what might have been a micro fiber dust bowl
waste land of 8640 chips and Zunes

(you can listen to books and play, Grandpa, at the same time)

Ah, Sam Harris, you asked a reason for the faith that is in me and my grandchildren know it so honor is at stake

and many other pride sourced sorts of things
contention tension challenging the tensegrity of made up minds

working together, serially parallel on every level of the grid, kid

Worlds with no evil intended,
that can be envisioned, practically, tested,
in Minecraft the game in conjunction
with the suggested myth in
Minecraft the interactive story

and Grandpa's story
in the world he migrated from, the journey way and back to

The Desert in The Rain shadow of the Moral Landscape
we can jump off right here

I have photos, in the cloud

trust me, things hap
ex acted
didone done
AM radio
The golden tones of Johnny Gravel
Kay tripple AAAAAAAAAA

A delightful ditty from the fifties programing,
in the fifties this one goes out to Rosemeade

Ah, the idyllic four bedroom ranch
now on the end of a street that dead ends
at the I-5 cliff.

A tune, whistle, while you work,
it's a hap hap happy day all the clouds have blown off

the doors of my perception
my mind expended, spent fi'ty years on the trip,
weary wearisome make ever much
some effort to discover the act

of effectual prayer
which took prayer, effectual or not, by faith, leap
over the edge,
you learn that, day one, in Minecraft Training
by Brynn Aulyn

next is always over the edge,

of my perception
my expent
effort to discover the act

of effectual prayer
which took prayer,
and fasting,
over the edge,
you learn that, day one, in Minecraft Training by
******* Grandpa

next is always over the edge,

but I did not grow old after playing Minecraft as a child.
I grew old after playing with dynamite in a mine
as a child.

Major POV cred Grandpa

My weapons are not carnal.

Is there a monster if jack
finds treasure at the top of the beanstalk
and says to **** with the suffering
mother so he becomes
a ***, in harmony with the giant, doing any good he can?

Let the dead bury the dead.

This is for ever.
What they don't know won't,
will not, would not, has no volition to hurt them, ever.

Good, you know, good. No good is ever bad and
the nintendray dooblay is, like rackabilly,
positioning me for the idle word of the day to be ******
from hiding into the light of
double entendre? how do you mean?

light. OK, okeh, no other resupposings,

there is never light in a creation myth
until some utterance of the idea of light is communicated

which btw
mean there must be sentience from the get go

and mebbe, I thank on it, other wise, as well

as before, the get go,

it was gitgo, all the way down back ahead to Happy Together,
the song,
British invasion,
very creative hope sorta vibe
Turtles all the way down,
Hawking could not put it in words. He could keep time.

You had to be then, it was a brief history. Funny though.

The old ones gone on, they say okeh.
We good to go
happy hunting. Merry Christmas, take any open door
and listen.

The game is making many decisions based on what you pay attention to. In reality attention weighs decisively more than money in any form.
Doncha luvit, life is so unbelievable, until

you die, you think, you've seen something like what you think is possible happen, you've seen death objectively

anybody can do that right? That is evil.

Killing or dying?


Lizard brain.

the great game, neath ever more layers of moth eaten cotton and worm spun silk lace

crocheted and starched to make doilies for the parlor
when the pastor comes to pay his due attention

to chicken, made sacred for the occasion
in boiling oil, not golden,  but
fried chicken could look golden in the right light seen from the right height, apron strings high.

I could say my grandma served the man of *** a golden dead bird.
And the blessing that was said came upon me

because the window in the top of my head never shut.
Air head. hearer of secrets where secrets
make themselves known, as truth sets one free. Jesus knows.
If anybody does. Wait and see. Be good.

Soyal, Yule, Christmas and the contenders, also rans
in the mid-winter hope leverage ceremony
rites of passage missing
or missed? Missed
Messages of a way promised where there seemed no way.

It is finished. The wireless grid. On the AM dial one

wee zero beat beyond simple,

you find sublime. define that. You feel what I said, Merry,

my wish to you, Merry, message of the promised way to you,
make you merry upon remembering

good wins, it never quits winning.
good, we know, personally,
good, right now,
not bad, we can touch, you and me, imagine that being good.
if feels Christmassy, in that good way.

the old way, where good is, find that. Then later, I am the way, believe me when I say I know where the kingdom of *** is,

My granddaughter, somehow, gifted me a Map,
it was delivered by a messenger fly.
No war toys. *******. Watch the boys play Minecraft.
Real world, Christmas Spirit wish from me, KP, may the best be what you have too much of.
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