All the sufferings and  pain
Would one day come to an end

Life will not always be the same
Only  peace would prevail

No thoughts , no sounds in the Mind
Deep silence ..

Waiting for the day to Arise ......

Getting back to the ages where there was No Rush
All were at same Pace
No firsts and lasts

Contentment was  The Norm
And rush would be looked Down Upon

Can we ever get back to the time ????

Or was there ever such a Time and Era
where no one competed for The Race
All were at same Pace
Helping Each Other !!

Deep silence ....
Waiting for the day to Arise.....

I want to say goodbye
Leave all these shadows behind
So you need to let me go
In life there's no rewind

You try to save me from myself
But you can't save someone
who wants to drown

You try to pull me back up
But the only way I can see
from here is down

These cuts are getting too deep
And these whispers too loud
There's no peace even in sleep
And I'm just an empty face in the crowd

See I ran out of plastic smiles
And misplaced my mask
Now my true colors are bleeding through
Who knows how long I'll last

But promise me one thing
Just one thing I ask
Let me say goodbye tonight
Let me escape what's past

Connor 21h

loving an addict is a war
loving an addict is days and nights
loving an addict is weekdays and weekends
loving an addict is dropped cups
loving an addict is tears behind closed doors
loving an addict is finding your money missing
loving an addict is broken promises
loving an addict is still finding a way to smile
loving an addict is loving them regardless

loving an addict is seeing the text message

"ethan didn't wake up" and watching every color disappear from your eyes

i will love you forever.
Skye 1d

as i walk down this road
with the moon shining a pale glow onto my shoulders
i feel weightless
but in a good way
nothing is weighing me down
i’m like a bird
cloaked in feathers
everything is clear
my thoughts
the sky
no clouds
i understand now.
and i’m content.
i’m alone
in a way
but i’m okay alone
for now
because he taught me things
and i appreciate that now
and i don’t long for his name
i’m no longer mad
i’m at peace with who we were
and who we are now
and i hope so is he.

about a person who changed me
about a person who helped me develop
about a person who listened to me
about a person who supported me
about a person who made me feel better
and about a person who i hope to never forget and who won't be forgotten
Mane Omsy 1d

Where would this end?
Wish they'd listened
Peace please descend
Would if I'm terminated

One hell,
Trapped in debts
Believe me, I'm trustworthy

Two hell,
It's too much pressure
You lost the trust in me

Im counting,
This mount is precipice
I couldn't lean upon a tree

Both ends heating up strokes
On fire, life is under a volcano
Let me burst the way out
And melt down into a rock

The perception of life under complicated circumstances.

Every time I sit alone, staring at the ocean waves crashing close to shore, at the expanse of water extending out endlessly to the horizon, I always feel a yearning terror creep into my bones. It is all that we do not know. The freedom and wild ways of the ocean, boundless, ruleless, never endingness. Instead time is filled with laws, expectations, conformity, and limitations. But for a man, you are the closest to the ocean I've observed. Your mind's depths deeper than the dark waters no human eyes have laid upon. Your joy stronger than the ocean's wells that have sunk many a men. Your soul more tranquil than the glassy ocean surface on a breathless day.Your ways of life more daring than the first voyage around the world's seas.
Your entity inspires.

Happy birthday dad <3

Too much


loved ones

plucked from life
like lily or rose

gone in an instant
petals of memories strewn
as we look back
on life's path

all is surreal

in those times
let us turn
to those
not yet chosen
for death's bouquet

let us strengthen each other
struggle together
to find
a core of peace
deep inside

may we love more profoundly
accept life more fully
be more conscious of those

Perhaps even say
the things we wish
we had

to those who left.

Hunters galloping
Through quivering leaves,
Consumed by springs ease.

Gazing about thick foliage;
A union between man and movement,

Cold rains have ended.
Evergreens and cherry blossoms,
How vibrant, how splendid.

Meadows with adolescent laughs,
They bellow across the headland
Until sunlight fades and sprouting
Flowers whisper.

O! Echoing beauty
I remember your music
Strong like hoofs atop stone,
Yet your petals calm even the coldest of hearts.

Frankie 2d

Never have I ever,
Felt so free from loss and grief,
I dignify this endeavor,
I'm so far beyond relief.

A wind that carries me away,
From emotional masturbation,
I can't quite find words to say,
How I've grown from exaggeration.

Growing old is a form of art,
A marvel crafted from that we evolve,
I grasp onto this change as I depart,
A new problem I have yet to solve.

Extraterrestrial feelings spark wisdom,
An epiphany driving an Eldorado,
Leaving me vulnerable to aphorism,
In a mirror I sport a healthy bravado.

Waking up from nightmares,
Crafted by the hands of me and I,
Myself is who is left behind,
A new man who lacks the ability to care.

Wanna cry out loud
But my voice dies unborn
Wanna take off and fly
But it feels like I’m gravity itself
Wanna reach out and touch you
But my limbs are stiff
Wanna see the moon and the stars
But my hatred blinds me
Wanna hear the laughter and the songs
But I’m deaf with my own rage
Wanna live and let live
But death is all I feel
Wanna stand up and fight
But I know there is nothing to gain
Wanna die in peace
But what is dead may never die

25-April 2017
Here's to better times.
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