A cabinet,
Holding something,
Displaying or containing,
Sometimes the simplest things,
Can hold the most complexity.
Violence makes this place bloody
we need it to run the world peacefully
we keep are guns at home dearly
who cares if someone fires on unknown
innocent dies, our heart cries for a second
we close our newspaper and feast on the cookie
and we move on to something new to lean on
and leave our home to see the world no differently
human life has never mattered much in history.
For some reason.
It will always bring us closer.
In ways no one wants.
But everyone needs.
To be able to realize.
Life is short.
One minute you are here.
The next you never know.
So cherish one another.
Be thankful for one another.
Be kind to one another.
Because once the other is gone.
Don't let their death be the reason you return.
You'll never forget.  
What you once said you'll never forgive.
To the ones who have left us.
From the celebrities.
To the teens shot just for being there.
Or just the friends we saw around christmas.
I wish you only peace.
Because we will never be able to.
Now that you are gone.
katerina 19h
She sits in the shade, delicately resting her head on a sun kissed hand
Coffee on her tongue, her words scribble onto paper
And she breathes the warm spring time air,
As the breeze paints the air with her brunette hair
Feeling tired is as familiar as her name, and today- she is ok with that.
When I look at you,
I'm pretty sure my heart melts.
I don't know how to explain that
but it's how I feel and how I've felt.
You're becoming my happy place,
you're making me brand-new.
I thought I should let you know that
I think I'm in love with you.
this is about you jordan
Sanny 1d
We need each other.

The mess and I.

We're like magnets.

In the moments of silence, one of us calls.

The calm and peace kills us both.

Without chaos we wouldn't exist.

I no longer know who created who.

But I do know,

we're like yin and yang, the mess and I.
When I was young,
I was like a safe kept hidden
Staying inside a shell
Following, Obeying what was written

I was ignorant yet curious
What was happening out there?
Out in the reality world?
Is it much as peaceful right here?

Til I was ready to be set free
Molded and taught first by family,
Before letting go in this world,
That I thought I could be happy.

But no, I didn't
Seldom I felt peace, always wars.
Yet not bombs and jets flying,
but death and life between bars.

Now everything was contaminated.
It's more like a contagious disease.
Spreading out the bad vibes.
Every turn, every corners increase.

Curses and blames were the words.
Out here, even children were used.
History repeats itself.
Depending whether either are abused.
Spread Love not hate <3
A loss of intention
Shrouded in emerald
Its sparkles simmer
As they spread
Throughout tyme
And into the cosmos

One could protest
Their abundance

In exchange
For self-repugnance
It is the way of men
To challenge and dissent
But perhaps diversion
From traditional paths
Will leave that flower be
To grow into itself
And spread its seed
Of universal harmony
How magnificent it must be to be written about.
Your name replaced by descriptions of the way your pink sumptuous smile looked in the shoddy light of your living room last night.
The people read his paper for entertainment.
So could you call it progress?
Possibly character development.
To read about yourself flourishing into the miscreant you were always destined to be.
How engrossing it must be to gradually watch that pink sumptuous smile turn into nothing but a starless hole.
The critics are bored and dehydrated. On their hands and knees, they beg him to compose more.
That's why he stays in the living room and stares at me.
He waits for me to make one wrong move.
But there is no more life in this room.
Only a pen and a subject.
I don't need you to write anymore.
Lana 2d
In a steady pace,
Your silhouette draws closer,
I can't help but wonder,
How can one figure hold so much grace?
Then it presses against the vapid darkness,
Intertwined and set aglow,
Always buried within the whimsical afterglow.

Living everyday,
Like it's my last today.
Nothing else I'd rather feel,
The only thing I want to breed;
The kinetics of the rush,
The lyrical harmony of our love thrush.

I reside in paradise,
Shot down by the bullets of your glistening opals,
You call your eyes.

Compelled to submerge in this guise,
One day we shall witness our prize,
The one event more beautiful than our sunrise.
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