Seema 4h

I am a fool, who fell for love
A wingless angel, from the heaven above
Waited and waiting for the promise virtues
Sitting with the deads among momentary statues
Alone, thinking of the fortress I left behind
For the sake of love and mankind
But no one notices me and neither my deeds
Everyone is so busy with their wants and needs
I pray to thee, to grant my wings back
So I can fly to my realm and be with my pack
Angels have become a myth over here
People laugh at me, when they often hear
Say, am a fool, a mental retard
So shameful of how we are been regard
Beautiful creation is this earth, Dear Lord
But fading away is your righteous teachings and word
I have seen the demons in disguise
Playing like a hardcore dude, pretending to be wise
The hell gates are lose, leaking out the evilness
The untamed beasts, walk out with their wickedness
I have no place of peace but this burial grounds
Where I seek your help Lord, as the darkness surrounds
I am powerless, as my time on earth is finishing
Seen how innocents survive the wrath through punishing
Tonight, I shall have my wings back to flee
Else I'll be dead before I can make another plea...


Fictional write.
Star BG 21h

I fly,
as a human angel
not with wings
but with dancing steps,
a smile,
and reached out hand.

I fly,
in winds of compassion,
steading the energies
to feel peace,
as my inner soul
comes to surface.

I fly
encompassed in moment,
listening to wisdom
of sacred bird, animals
and to
align with neighbors
near and far.

I fly,
who I am,
and why I'm here.
Here to pass the love,
in hopes that it goes viral.

StarBG © 2017

I saw the word human angel and took off with this poem. Blessings all.
Natasha Aug 2016

Sometimes I look up at the skies and wonder
Is there really something up there?
Or is it just a feeling.
An eye in the yonder
Or just the trust of upbringing
Is there really an almighty power?
 Or just your conscience.
A voice telling you right from wrong
Is it the voice of heaven ?
Or just a quiet song?
Is it the almighty that brings blessings?
Or the love of thy neighbour
Are we puppets of the divine ?
Or is that a mask under which we cower
In the name of God many battles we have fought,
Many martyrs have we slaughtered
Is it God who divides brother from brother?
Or is it man's intention to divide and conquer
Is it religion that teaches us to slay a brother?
Or is it man's hunger for power
To answer these questions is an endless battle
A sword which has seen many deaths.
For answers we look in the books and scrolls of old
Though in the humbleness of a child they hold
For what is religion? The toddler does not know.
But with all his might goodness he  shows
A rebel am l to say this but what I say is true -
With age the true meaning of life we subdue.
The sacred bond of family we break
And in turn for love, we ache.
For in our race for money forgotten have we
The mother of all religions


Mighty waves traverse across
The realm of time and space
They Leave behind some faint imprints
While horizon slowly shrinks.

   2. Observance

The boatman gives a vicious call
And the nets are put in place
If tides take a winsome turn
He would fill up his plates.

    3. Discovery

The sunset lass builds sand castles
While sea breeze soothes her tender skin
Enchanted by her gentle smile
I write about my April muse.

Prashant Shaurya ©

All rights reserved.

Thought it was good,
Better than most,
In the end,
It most likely never was,

dante 2d

i lie on the grass,
feeling the breeze,
as it blows
on my body,
tickling trees
to a slow ruffle
as it passes

while i lie,
i see dandelions
pass over me
floating and twirling
like ballerinas
doing a pirouette,
letting the wind
carry them anywhere
as they please

like the dandelions,
i let my fate
carry me
to wherever
it takes me

Dreaming near a pond
Winter snow enhanced by light
Restoring pleasures

© Poem by Lyn-Purcell.

There in the stillness, the whisper of angel's wings
There in the stillness a place for beggars and kings
There in the stillness a fluttering of the soul
There in the stillness someone broken is being made whole

There in the stillness and silence of this room
Like standing there in Easter's empty tomb
There in the stillness and silence of this place
I open my eyes and find myself standing face to face

There in the silence I think I feel you say
There in the silence that all will be okay
There in the silence I hear my heartbeat still
There in the silence you hold me and you always will

There in the quiet a word of blessing and peace
There in the quiet there is freedom and release
There in the quiet I sing and praise and dance
There in the quiet a part of the sacred romance

There in the rest a river of life overflows
There in the rest a fruitful garden grows
There in the rest I am anchored and secure
There in the rest is a joy so real and pure

There in my life a battle day and night
There in my life a war between darkness and light
There in my life the Lord is always by my side
There in my life my God be glorified

Praise and glory to God on high
Prayer and song fill the sky
Lift your heart and raise your eyes
Please dry our tears and hear our cries


Mary, in your life there was great sorrow and pain. From the very beginning you knew it was going to be a long hard road. Seven sorrows you endured during the life of your son. You bore them all with fortitude and divine grace. The number seven is for fulfillment and perfection and it is through our sufferings and trials that we are shaped, refined, and perfected. Not once did you give up or give in to despair; rather through grace and faith, you remained steadfast. How your heart must break for your children, Mary. There is so much pain, violence, and hate in our world today. Grant a deep peace and love in my soul Oh Blessed Mother, that I may do what I can to console your sorrowful heart.


A case filled with trinkets,
Of times long past,
Twinkling twilight,
Of nights faded away,
If they could speak,
Mayhaps they would,
The watches and broaches,
Sit silently in this place,
Trapped inside a solemn case,
Whispering tales,
Of things gone by.

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