She wished upon a star,
For a love so sweet,
That the gods themselves would be jealous,
Of their love,
She wished upon a shooting star,
For a love so sweet she would be at peace,
And all that came to her,
Was a man,
Not a prince or king,
But a pauper,
Ready to give his life,
And what little he had,
Just to be with her,
As if he comes from the star itself,
To answer her half serious wish.
A pauper?
Not what I imagined,
But what in this world,
Ever meets expectations?

Alyssa 8h

Music doesn't lie,
it doesn't hurt,
It sometimes barely fades.

Music gets in our heads just as easy as the words said
by loved ones right before bed.
The look someone gets in their eyes when they hear their favorite song,

Music can heal,
it brings us together, we stand strong.
There is no race to music, because you can truthfully enjoy anything.

Music combines us together,
So why can't we make love and not war?
why does the world have to be so torn?
Achieving happiness is a deep enough struggle,

So sit down,
Chill out and listen to some tunes,
Because you never know the day that will be your last.

Enjoy the melody,
let it put a smile to your face,
The music will flow through you,
and make you feel whole again.

ayame 16h

you twinkle in my night sky when everything else is dark and dull
and somehow i am never tired of how you illuminate
through the windows and catch my eyes
once in a while

little star, you seem so grand
as you lighten up the shadows and corners
of where everything else went wrong
that sometimes your brightness is so overwhelming
even i can't mistake it for anything else but you

glistening in the moonlight
i see you from afar and yet somehow
you are always here
and i feel your warmth before i go to bed
before i sleep and before i dream

little star, will we ever meet?
through all my smiles and all my sorrows
as the sun sets and the darkness comes again
you appear in my sky just like yesterday
and the days before
and i am left with your light
to which i find serenity
and which i call home

Do peaceful moments just come of their own accord?
How much influence does stimuli have on contentment?
Cant be purely chemical.
Serotonin, cortisol, norepinephrine.
Like everything in life.....trying to find a balance with far to many variables.
An educated guess. A fun chemistry experiment, this life.
States of mind...

A mind ramble
nim 1d

I confuse people
And I filter things
I breathe in
The silver dust of clouds
And breathe out
Golden rays of sun

I take in myself
The bad words and
And out of my mouth
I spill the poems
Of the Earth
And the songs of peace

Nobody understands
How I work
How I filter
Into a daydream

Years pass, and
Filters get dirty
Nobody understands
I keep everything
In myself

Nothing lasts forever
More time had passed
Before I
Was ready to be thrown

I took my
Final breath
Held it in
And as I was looking in the sky
I breathed out
And watched all the
Black, negative energy
Pollute the
Dying sky

There was no before or after you
You didn't cut my life in half
You were just a blur
and a blur can't be loved or hated
blurs can barely be seen
blurs have no definitions
blurs are forgotten with ease
So don't worry stay calm
Don't pity me
Don't feel like you need to apologize
Because there is no need
I have already made peace with myself
And you are not in it
So, Blur away... Blur away

When life is sometimes hard... just blur away

Time out of mind.
Spiritual vacation.
Look inward, not behind.
This is meditation.

Gravitation toward surreal.
Geometry of wonder.
Do not speak, but feel.
Ego put asunder.

Voice rendered silent.
Revert back to youth.
Universe is vibrant.
Nature whispers truth.

natalie 2d

you've gone away,
to a kingdom unseen,
blessed be.

i hope you feel at peace,
and even though i miss you,
you will feel better where you are now.

you are not exposed to the cruel world,
you will be exposed to doves and angels.

rest in peace buddy. 6/18/17

World peace?
Is that possible?
I have been living for 20 years
In this world where I can't find peace,
Even in my own country,
How can I dream of world peace,
I think it is out of our reach,
When a cat doesn't like another one,
When a dog won't let anyone eat it's food,
How can we expect to achieve the peace,
It'll never come true, I know for sure,
The neighboring country are at each other's throat,
But US talks about world peace,
As though it doesn't have its own wars to fight,
India has enmity all around it,
China was born a enemy to all,
No feelings to befriend it,
All are lower to them,
I don't think world peace is possible,
But nothing is impossible,
Maybe we'll get there one day,
When jealousy will vanish from the face of world.

Black holes are consuming nigh
Everything to see
Galactic mess of stars and stuff
All that would ever be.

Neptune sings ‘bout winds and death
While Saturn sings along,
Its rings are light and made of ice
As Jupiter stands strong.

Eight planets (perhaps nine) or so
Could wrap around the sky!
Their beauty is as unmatched as
Venus’ clouds up high.

Empty dark with rocks that fly
Down to our steady lands
This earth, this sky, this ground well meant
Can’t burn it all to shreds

At the start of all we see
The sun’s rays never cease
Until it goes, like us, like those
Like me who’d be at peace.

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