As it is Aug 2015


An obscure mist, blocking the view.
What will become of me, him, her, you?

Opaque and unsettling the future has become.

Curiosity peaks and settles happily under thumb.

While I insist on crushing its bones and pressing its blood.

I know only one thing is sure amidst this vague tedium...

Whatever comes to pass or why...

I will embrace it, chest to chest, eye to eye.

I will make love to it, heart to heart, thigh to thigh.

I will remember it.

Should misfortune befall me.

I will smile.

Fearing not long periods of turmoil.

If anything, misery makes me shine brighter.

It encourages me to laugh.

Fate is fate.

Why fight her?

Eyal Lavi 13h

Amidst the solace of a night
When all appears as if it's right
I look towards the Eastern shore
And realize that it's black no more.

The sky in hues of purple-blue
Gives hint that soon the sun will rise
I listen for the silence which brings peace to all my sleepless nights
But in its place the birds awake
They're chirping should bring peace to most
But not to me, not when I see, through reddened deadened weary eyes
Which haven't had the peace of sleep
Not on this very night at least

At least if sleep brought constant peace
The chirping birds would be so sweet
Instead when sleep comes randomly
The solace of the dead of night is dreaded with the end in sight

The sky now hues of softer blues
The sounds of morning traffic grows
The sun breaks over Eastern shores
If only I could see in it the beauty that most others see

But it's been years of sleepless nights
And years of dreading morning light
But soon enough the sky so bright
Will call me forth into the sun
And then, sometimes, I feel it's worth
I see the birds
I see the world
And everything seems to be right
If only for a moment I find peace and that's a cherished thought.

Running for a shelter in the middle of a battlefield
Bullets screamed through hearts and minds
Fall for the pits, or on the mines trapped
Now the terror will survive, doves fought
Burning the leaves and turning ashes vanish
Awaiting the phoenix burn the way out
Smell the flesh in the flames and bombings
Let the soul rest in peace, let it breathe slowly
Huh? Hell in the direction, dust stuck in eyes
Light headed, hit on the ground, to the death mud
47's spitting golden fire, steal the cold, the soul
Mind the way, dirt mixed with fragments of dreams
Invitations, ring designs, birthday gifts
On the blood mud, the view, slowly faded, blank, then darkness

A slodier's experience.

The plants and trees,
That dot the urban cityscape,
Bring forth a sense of peace,
Amongst the bustle of life,
Small patches of stretching green grasses,
And miniature farms trapped in backyards,
Summer and spring bring this place forth,
Before the encroaching fall,
Turn the wonderland to winter,
And brings the plants to a cold sleep.
and full of rest.

When in Spring with leaves turned to green
Eyes, hands & face
There lived one man with a thirst
To live in the moment between space & time
Selling his pots and pans to get by
Although the years would pass he had every reason to grasp
The true message of his heart was found in a book

Inside was filled with a deep look on dreams
Dark conclaves of dungeons with kings & queens
Deep demonic screams
Cray's from out of the belly of Hell
What a strange way of a story to tell
Howls in the village square piercing shrieks
All found in this merchant's handbook

It will make you think perhaps take another look
One day the merchant was working
He lost his book when he wasn't looking
Inside he kept a hundred dollar bill for keep sake maybe for a cheap thrill
Now the book was gone and so went his mind
He once could see but now he's blind
The merchant was a very timid man very kind
But now the madness ensued he was in a heavy bind

A reward was posted at the local post office
Over the course of time he would find a knock on his front door
It was none other but a local minister
inviting the merchant to his home for dinner
The merchant agreed to go and at the end of their great feast
The minister confessed and admitted
For he was the one who had stolen his handbook
Was very tempted to draw insight for his sermons

For the merchants case instead of outrage he was left in a haze
When he came to his senses he forgave him
Taking the book back, to his surprise
there was thosand dollars inside
The seed he had planted a time ago grew
He didn't really know what to do
Had bitten far more then he could ever chew
Next thing you know the merchant made a personal donation
To take a break on a long awaited vacation
Then he wrote in his book to finish his story
His book finally of dreams was bound for glory

Hush! They're sleeping,
Below the grass,
Not a single heart beating.
The silence a comfort,
With the whisper of the wind,
Here they lie,
The rich, the poor, the saints and the sinned.

Their lives portrayed,
On concrete slabs,
Monuments a story of time,
As simple as a date and even taken before their time.

So much chaos amongst the living,
All these issues, and pain lay about.
Yet there's peace amongst the dead,
For they aren't even allowed word of mouth.

Silence! Just sit and clear your soul.
There's a warmth in this place,
Though bodies run cold.
For their makers they have all met,
But in sadness there's that moment of peace, the beauty found in death.

the painful word lingering on the lips like a sour aftertaste,
morphing the eyes into pools laden with too much weight  
teardrops spilling and being wiped away in haste,
yet nothing can uplift this dejected state

we met after so long only to be separated once more
who knows when we shall see each other again?
grew up together, young and innocent before
undeniably close at heart even back then

our bonds are stretched back to seven seas apart
we will fade in each other's minds but will always stay
and with this new peace of mind and strengthened heart
promise we will never go astray

Come take out your bible
Let us start a revival
Unification is the plan
Grab your bothers hand
We shall all live to  understand
The drunkard in the gutter is still are brother
This nation is drifting further apart
Blown away by Satan's fiery darts
Look to uphold one another and pray
Others may claim it ought not be that way
We all need unity you see
Let us break through all the hate & negativity
The black, brown, yellow & red
What is going on inside our heads
Stand tall with the gay, trans & straight
Stop all this violence with deep hate
While Trump is in his ivory tower
We all need to relax & take a hot shower
This is the time the moment the hour of power
Flirting faces in certain traces
Got folks out running the bases
Stand up for who you are on the inside
Many just want to play games & run away to hide
but these are desolate times yet we settle
for ill but faded rhymes
Both Jessie Jackson & Reverand Al wants you to join hands to be a pal...
Please stop the racisim my man
Seek for unification as a plan
Not a break on a long vacation
Plant seeds of kindness
Close up wounds that bind us
Learn to take baby steps in the sand
Like Obama once said, "Yes We Can".
Stop sticking it to the man
May have to reach through party lines
Lift your head up high with a face that shines
Pray with all of your might
Stop living each day by sight
With time your faith will grow
May have to knock the wind out of your sail to inflate your ego
Love will keep us together and the way we should go
Let's look above for the heavenly love
Merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder
Stop the senseless fighting as our nation grows colder
In time we shall shine
Don't turn around when your hands on the plough
Unity is where we should all be
Living in America the home of both the brave & free

I   long  for  a  place
Breath of fresh air.
A place to call my own .
Such a big dream.
But for now I'll  Be content to have
Peace within my  soul.

In silence lies your absolute truth

The darkness within you clouds your mind

These thoughts must die in a funeral pyre

The silence of body and mind can bring upon a stillness

This stillness can save you from burning into this fire

The clouds that fuel your mind will slowly begin to clear

The dust settled deep shall now disappear

You will rise into a light that conquers your heart and soul

You feel liberated from the demons of your own

You found your peace

You are finally be home.

By Tanushi

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