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I hate how some humans
Take religion as a barbican
To hide their devil moan
Making people believe on them
With I-Love-*** as a slogan
Little did people know
That these humans give satan their vow
Every single day, every single night
Considering satan as partner of candlelight
Fulfilling satan’s needs
With gestures of evil deeds
But are not judged by people
Cause they have religious eye-lids.

Their hearts are rotten like scorn flesh
Disgusting as maggots die consuming that trash
Their minds are undoubtly abnoxious
Visualizing how to make world hideous
They utilize pious mannequin
And hide their monstrous beings
Yes these creatures exist on earth
Whom cause pre-armageddon to burst.
It took me a long time to write a poem with this theme so yeah, hope it doesn't flop!
Call me when it's dark
I will bring a candlelight
Keep me in within your reach
Keep me in you sight

Call me when it's dark
Let's keep this candle burning bright
Sing to me your songs
We will make it through the night

Call me when it's dark
Bathe in the life of this dying light
Don't hold your tears
We have losses even when we fight

Call me when it's dark
When things aren't going right
We will blow the candle
I will hold you tight

Keep you in my arms
Even after the losses and the fights
Tell you that this world full of chaos
Wakes up to see your light.
Sa susunod muli.
It's been some time
Since the last time
Somebody heard me cry

Now it's not that rare
Here and there
Things that i care
She can't bear

All those nights
It felt right
Even for a slight

Everything happens in a snap
Yesterday i was taking nap
Today everything collapse

Living a dream
Only to found out it's part of the scheme

But it's not all lies
There are good times
Ocean eyes

Moments when i could see the world
I could see smiles
I could see cries
I could see hurricane
I could see victory
With you by my side

But you don't dare yourself
To even try
Hundreds of worth
Not even enough

I know
It must be hard to step into the light

But you should know
It's harder to be pulled back into the dark
Seanathon 18h
You think I’m scared of you?
Oh timeless fear

Of your taste for light
Which gnaws at stars
And nether years?

Well I’m not

I’m indifferent

Staring without impudence
Into the moonlit eyes
On metal roofs
Where feet can fly

I need not hold or soil with soot
My hands to cup the sky
As is, as it wished

No, nameless fear
I fear you not

But to challenge me with ferociously
Just try and see
What becomes of truth

When you tell me I should be afraid of you
Just to terrify the mortal in me
Just try and bend my eyes away
From the first new sight of another day
And I’ll break your iron will in two
With my indifference

Try as you may
Your power holds no heavens over me

As a broken line of sight is free
From the abiding night which is stripped away

With dawn come every newborn day
And spit in it's eye.
Regina 19h
a brethren of bards
nights' romance
write with owls' nod
Lune-American Haiku
Kelsey 1d
Sunday morning coffee
Old books and ***** snow
I don't believe in angels
I don't believe in angels
I don't believe in faith
Because roses can be mistaken for weeds
And the devil can be mistaken for human
But honey, last night I watched while heavens collided in your eyes
Okay so i woke up at 2am last night, wrote this then went back to sleep so I don't know if it makes that much sense but oh well
through the leaves of the potted palm
over the hill at the end of the street
constellations of sweet inhabitance
beaconing safety through a quiet town

the sheets are still
no more do your muscles stir
turning towards me and turning away

i look beyond your empty space
towards the lights along the hill

beaconing safety, yet out of focus
raising trembling fingers
up towards the rippling night sky
touch the depths
look into Her dark eyes
Witch Mother, Misty Maiden
dancing in the raining ice
longing to be in your heart
wrapped in the shadows of your embrace
Destructress of Time
silence these explosions in my mind
oh Darkness, thou art my Queen
hold me so that I can sleep
touch my eyes so I can dream
awaken me so I can see
Insomnia leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
How is it that I am tired to the core
and sleep evades me another night?

The sun rises, as do I.
Haylin 1d
Sleep tight.
Let yourself dream
Feel it until you're drawn into it
Settle in the arms that's holding you
Let him kiss your temple and caress your skin
Forget about the world, live and love

Close your eyes.
Let him whisper the words
Hear him out, hear his undying love
Let him embrace your soul
He love you

Rest yourself in the arms of the man who found you.
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