Lost in the waves
By the sweet salty sea
Watch my thoughts float away
Deep into the breeze

As the tides pull away
They always come back you see
Like when I push you away
And you come back to me

The ripples in the water
Come to wash away our sins
Second chances are rare,
So where do we begin?

Now the seeping sand weeps
And burns away our past
It buries the skeletons away
And the shadows that they cast

You told me once before
That together we'd finish this fight
That we have to wash away our demons
If we want to live right

So walk with me for now
Away from our problems, into the night
Walk with me for now
Away from our shadows, into the moonlight

We are not many,
Only departures fill the meaning of the stops,
But we occupy enough sits to be a few
And for the distention of a silence of simple sounds.
The dimension of the others
It´s not much more than departures and destinies.

For now, we are only illuminated
By the last orange lights of another village.
All of us abstain from the others,
Not too much,
Not to the point of forgetting from the their presence,
Until the next straight road shrinks us
With one more gush of blackness.

(Warm lights
Emanate a comfort
Shared by all.)

The journey stretches along the premature winter night,
The bus goes embroiled
By the sequence of light and darkness
And we go with it.
Each variation in the spectrum of luminosity forms a layer,
More the layers, more the bus is light and darkness,
Thicker the journey and the denser the enchantment.
The countenances gain new expressions
As they cross the contrasts,
Though the looks never fail to gaze the vast night.
The looks…
The looks on the scattered night,
The night profoundly diluted in the existence of things,
That form the whole.

(Fingers on the glass
Searching for memories
- They only want life.)

One by one, they leave.
The sleeping consciousness wakes up,
From the breaking out of the world,
For the bus stop.
What do they take with them?
Where and for what they go?
Do they really want to go?
They all fade away in the distance.
There will be no one who wishes,
Like me, an endless night
So that the bus can go without destination?
Time does not even have to stop,
Just a single belonging to that bus.

I should not say it,
However i only want the outside life outside of me,
A mutual indifference
Than can fall asleep all the fatigue and exhaustion.
Let me turn into a silent echo to resound indefinitely,
In the vastness of the night.

(Eternal night
Raises chimeras seeing
Some solace.).

shåi 11h

the oil machine
whirs, stirs
as naked, dirty
lust filled bodies
on bedsides
in their spiritless
oil seeps,
a lethal snake-
pain these bodies
cannot take
as it runs through their
pulsing veins
immaculate temples
stripped by the stars
of the night
their delicate beauty, marred
snatched lotus flowers
crushed in the hands
of affection
oil drips
from dark hearts
broken cities
of love
forgotten, abandoned
its architect-reality
a tale of two worlds


Descended stars nestle in the trees outside the stadium
supplemental moonlight whitewashes the locusts
pearly lines linger on the tar black sea
crickets creak on the screen door of summer.
Round white stars swirl in elderberry blackness.
Stare. Long enough to see them meet head on
Collide. Spinning in slow motion
celestial pinballs sliding across exploding endless night
shattering sparks that rise gold
Embers into purple shaded trees
falling in silver
plating the grass to face the amaranthine dawn

with one hand you paint me
with the other, you hold
in your hand a wine glass
-- a sweet vintage from old

and later, as paint dries
you hold me instead,
both hands on my hips
-- the paint is all that's left

one night stand with an artist
AB 20h

It's easy.
Giving up is simple.
You just stop caring.

It's the lead up that's hard,
Losing friends is hard,
Losing yourself isn't hard,
Forgetting what you lived for
Is hard.

But giving up is easy.

The fear,
The darkness inside you,
It's always been there.
Always within you,
Giving into it is hard.

But giving up is easy.

Living is fucking hard,
Trying to be yourself
In a world of copycats
Is hard. Being who you
Want to truly be
Can feel impossible.  

But giving up is easy

I want to be me.
I want to continue live my life.
I want to do the things I've dreamed of;
I don't want to give up

But it's just so damn easy.

Sometimes I think the darkness inside me will always win and no matter what I do it just cannot be pushed out.
Lori 1d

the path that leads to fear
i face with food's promise in my ear
entering i hear cheerful cheer
tables set for my place here
hesitantly decided to stay
not knowing what to say.

the room was freezer cold
the pizza and cheesecake old
"now, all we share is
the refrigerator," it's
"ice cold, baby, ice cold"
once good as gold!

the leftovers in container
dissatisfaction in retainer
out of place with faces
i once knew in meta-phases
you and i were superglue
i peeled off like Elmer's glue.

the styrofoam's in bins
going back to where i've been
saddened by scissors
i used to cut off incisors
so special but it kept hurting
lost them or me by leaving?

the brain once knew you
but this heart disowned you.

my feelings are raining hard tonight. skeltonic verse prompt. i probably overdid it, tried though because i was trying to fit it to what i wanted to say. was so tempted to just go stream of consciousness style but it doesn't hurt to have tried.

When the circus of the world stops
And night falls
The longing for you
Consumes me
I do not restrain
I dive into the depths
Of my fantasy
And happiness is bestowed upon me.

The sun rises
And the mirage of you is washed away
And the circus continues

Patiently I wait for night fall.

All is silent; still is the deep of night.
  I look below, cannot see what I feel
beneath my feet. One prevailing insight,
  known only in a sense, goes unrevealed.
I do not fear its truth, neither contest
  it does not know me. Within it, I stand.
An absurd sureness, an uninvited guest,
  has touched the base of what I understand,
now all mind and motion acts in tandem.
  I taste the salt of the air, feel the breeze,
the oceans rhythm becomes who I am.
  Rhythm becomes me, puts the mind at ease.
I feel the calm, hear the call of the night,
  look above, see stars amongst the moonlight.

- Sonnet XXV -
16:00 - 23/03/17

This sonnet is about being in harmony with your nature. It arose out of an interest in how an environment affects who we are and how we feel, even think and behave.
rose 2d

me and the moon
have a lot in common
we are both alone
yet whole

wrote this under a full moon
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