My ceiling stares back at me as I yawn
My eyelids feel heavy yet I can't sleep
Yet here I am, wide awake

01:00 - The usual time
02:00 - The new normal
03:00 - I might miss my alarm if I don't sleep

I stare at my ceiling as I think
My thoughts are jumbled
Messed up, unclear

04:00 - Is there a point in sleeping at all
05:00 - Barely any sleep time left now
06:00 - An hour until I hear the song

Now there's no point at all
I rub my eyes and I yawn
Yet another sleepless night

The usual nights at this point
VS 16h

But for the night
Lights are not bright
Nothing can shine
While out of sight
Can't be divine
Or exude delight
But for the night
The night, the night

But for the night
The glorious night
The night, the night
But for the night

But for the night
Stars can't take flight
Nothing can soar
While out of sight
Can't well rip-roar
Or shoulder heights
But for the night
The night, the night

But for the night
The glorious night
The night, the night
But for the night

But for the night
The night, the night
Stars they can't soar
Can't shine their light
Heavenly horde
Of divine delights
Counted as void
But for the night

Ame Agami 19h

A memory so dear to my heart
From the time when I was five
Playing where the river was nearby
Watching the moon with my mom

I was more than sure
That running around the river will get me to the moon
For it seemed so close
My mother laughed and handed me an ice cream cone
Saying lets watch it together some more

The moon looked like it was tagging along
" look mom the moon is walking us home "
With the most beautiful smile on her face
My mother said
"I'm glad you have a friend who'll forever look after you"
© Ame Agami

Preaching gospel from the streets
Outside of a hostel
Where the sun goes down, doubles up as a Brothel
Black Girl on a step
Her hands raised to her savior
Tall Man, White Coat
He shines bright with elegant behaviour
An Angel
Outstretched palms he quotes psalms
Even talks like an Angel

" Thirty-Seven:Four, take delight in the lord
Follow the white light
It will open doors
Follow me
I am the wise King Solomon
My wisdom is unmatched
You are the great Queen Sheba
Your beauty, untapped "

Beautiful Dark Skin
A nightly lamb
She had never tasted Sin
Six men stand wanting her to let them in
So she glows
Glitter in the nighttime
Venus in the sky
Her tears soft, like watercolours when they dry

flickering stars fall
—you name
every single one.
for this
i kiss your rings
and hang my head

tell me
about sensations
worse than death
and through your eyes
i’ll see
every single one tonight

should i make it
until the morning
to watch the sunlight
dance across your cheek
again... will be so much more
than i can live through.

Friday night and what to do
he can have any girl to screw
but his feet long for something new
beyond the old bip bam boo

Day by night  ...

no need a night ...
without you ...
nor a morning ...
not rising up from your eyes ..
no need any second ..
nor an hour ...
which it running without you ...
just need you ...
all the times with me ...
to feel your breathes ...
to hear your voice ...
to live within your eyes ...
all over my life ...
til the last breathes ...
only with you ...

just need you ...
day by night ...
so , ...
don't try to leave ...
don't ever keep me alone ...
i can't live without you ...
need you always ...
with me ...

day by night sweetheart ...
i keep you ...
here inside my heart ...

hazem al ..

at 1d

(modeled after Daphne Gittolieb's "Why Things Burn")

The sun’s reign came to an end
when its arms no longer know
when to rise and when

to fall.
Somewhere in the heavens,
87 constellations threw an uprising.

I was there. When I walked beneath
your canopy of blue, your pistols
cocked towards the light.

You knew I was singing
lovers song, fighters
song, muzzle against my temple.

There is no difference
between the sun’s blood
and our’s,

sunshine and starshine. I am a body
of adolescence
fevers and you are of dead

philosophers. If we sing proud,
it’s an anthem.
I am so leaden, people have carved

constellations on me: Corvus. Corona
Australis. They bleed
opium smoke. Lovers song,

fighters song.
You tell me to kneel
and vow: ‘telescope,’ ‘empty

night.’ As you pointed
your silver sword of Polaris
a manifesto, I plucked a pair of astronomers'

eyes. Inky. Certain. All seeing.
We were brighter in golden
aiguillettes and it rained mahogany tears

till the sun set. 87 constellations
threw an uprising
in the heavens.

I never heard the battle cries.
Till the sun set, I held my witness
unmoved, like promises

waiting to be broken.

It's a modeling practice but I quite like it.

the nights are a blur
the nights die before my Eyes
I do not have days

just a haiku version
sarah 1d

During the day, words are beautiful.
Warm and fuzzy feelings accompany
the threads of words
that come together
to sew a tapestry of forgotten worries
and left behind fears.

At night, words are cruel.
They tear at my tapestry,
freeing the dismal memories
and cracking my wall,
wreaking havoc among the lies
I’ve tried so desperately to believe.

During the day, words are beautiful.
They flutter upon the wings of a butterfly,
blooming into wildflowers,
putting pressure on gashes that bleed insecurity.

At night, words are cruel.
The deafening silence of the never-said
suffocates me into oblivion.
Winds of razor sharp phrases
cut through my paper thin skin,
showing me that no matter how hard I try,
I’ll always be different.

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