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My body is just as exhausted
as my mind, at the moment
I did this to myself
and I'd do it all again.

Walked miles and miles
for a lost cause,
for my fragile pride,
for days long left behind.

A hammer continuosly hits my skull,
I'm being aggressively whipped inside
by the consumption of my own beer,
by the consequences of my own night.
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, feeling happy:-)

persist a tea nurse to the pay off

somehow the way I want work on stuff

maybe all that to the last comes a happy hour long

even though nights oweled till dawn on a true song

reading brightens up in biteless soothe

know the words to my mind when less food

determined to dig my own plant to soil

fuel I motivate in inspiration with not a dropped oil

now fine chance on the watches await in dance and sweet

for a dark to fluctuates a midsummer's dream

rig 5d
'it's just a phase'.

yes, we are all moons.
(translated from my original portuguese)
My pen has now run dry
No longer does its quaint ink
paint dreams of childish wonder
or giddy hopes
that maybe time might turn back
and the bygone days,
(their memories made sweet
with pain and with grief
dead-within the sheaths of past)
might come back alive

No longer does my pen
burn with the same flame of angst
or soothe my grieving soul
of the pangs of it's misery
or provide comfort to a wounded heart
as a catharsis
(setting aside the mythical Sisyphus stone)

No longer do ideas flow through my pen
No longer does it conceive
aspirations of a new dawn;
No longer does it's silent mouth
whisper to my soul
of the void and emptiness of life
of words devoid of all meaning
and of those silent thoughts
left unspoken

The clouds in the sky moved apart
like a lover dwelling on fears unsaid
the stillness of the night
and the silence of the stars
hung heavy in the atmosphere
and suddenly the moon shinned forth
from the tip of my pen.
grace 7d
It’s been four months since the sun last shown.
Since I last said goodnight.
The stars twinkle,
And the lamplights are an illusion.

Sometimes, I can pretend that it’s the same.
Sometimes, I remember that the sun is also a star.
The stars I see now are just a bit further away;
They don’t shine as bright.

I want to get on a rocket ship
And fly far far away.
I want to forget about this sun and its tragedy.
I will find a new sun

The new sun will shine brighter.
The flowers will grow taller.
The world it shines on will be more beautiful.
I will say good morning again.
Do you always wear your smile like this?
Have you tried it from the side, like this?
You’re the highlight of the show.
Let’s live tonight like we’re myths.
Do you always ride the vibe like this?
Have you ever felt the hype like this?
Be the highlights of the night.
Kiss me through your sunset tears.
I might,
Empty my conscious out,
Invite you to newer heights,
A modest view of the sprites,
I might.
rig Jun 4
it is about this time, this time right here, the now,
holy friday night y’all, can i get an amen! (amen!)
drink that beer (alwaysalways beer, yeah!) wooo!!
play that song – excuseme – that countrysong again!!!
raise them glasses, boys and ladies (yeah, one more,
one more) uh, right, somethingsomething my truck
yeeeeeehaaawww how are y’all feelin’ tonight!!!!

          (i’m heading home
          and for the first time
          in my life
          i forgot my keys)
Left To Rot Jun 3
Roaming this empty street
I'm one with the darkness around me,
I don't feel scared,
it boosts my  confidence, I'm self aware.
My combat boots won't give in
through all storms they'll resist,
the trees dance with the breeze,
the streetlights shine and fade.
Your silhouette walks by my side
a hurtful scar of the past
a ghost I won't exorcize,
you became a part of myself.
Left To Rot Jun 3
It's been a full day
now I see the full moon
from the chair I'm sitting
by my bedroom window.
My head is so full,
I'm filling one more glass
to fill the void in me
and fool my restless soul.
Andrew Jun 2
A star dances
from my window
and I watch in awe -

as silent as the night,
and as vast as this sky,
I am empty
and I am alone

but somehow,

I will continue to dance
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