Hope 2h

Perhaps tonight,
Listen to the stars as they shine
For you,
Carrying worries through their rest
Misty-eyed, lost, but alive.
Keep their laughter in your heart,
And at night, when it gets
too dark for you,
They’ll whisper and lead you to the silence,
Setting you free.
Their pained eyes will cry for you
And give you perfect light
So the shame hanging over you will clear,
the shadow following you will leave
Letting you find yourself again.
Then when tomorrow comes,
The melody of your heart
will remind you
of its song to you,
And even as you falter
and stumble in the dark,
the stars will lead you,

they'll lead you home

Madi 5h

You know me, but you don't.
We're great friends,
but you don't know how much I want to be with you.
How much your presence gives me butterflies.
But we're just friends, right?
And it's not like I've been friendzoned,
because I've never even told you.
You have no idea.
So when you ask another girl, I'll have no one to cry to.
Because sometimes you just can't cry
to your best friend about what they did.
The worst part is,
you told me how you were up all night thinking about her.
And I know that she's going to turn you down,
if you ever get the courage to do it.
Because we're friends too.

When I first heard what you were going to do, I panicked.
I didn't know how to react.
It wasn't even you who told me.
But I hid that feeling and went on with my day for another hour.
I guess the shock made it easy.
But when I saw you, I wanted to start swinging.
But I still didn't want to mess up your perfect face.
You were so perfect, until I heard your secret.

I'll be fine tomorrow.
I'm sure of it.
I'll tell myself I don't care.
But then the next day I'll start crying again.
My emotions will be a rollercoaster for the next couple weeks.
Thanks for that.
Every song I hear will be about you.
Thanks for that.
And yet I shouldn't be mad.
Because you didn't know.
And you never will.

Stars spill across the skies,
And my eyes are a magnet to their beauty,
Ever entranced by their snowy glow,
Wondering softly how far their shine goes

Strolling on the bridge
above the lake
as the boards shake
rumbling under your feet.

Shades of autumn glow
in the midst of the nightfall
paints of trees so tall
around this lovely land.

Take in the scenery
as it glares off your eyes
bringing a pleasing surprise
each and every color.

driving late night
moon low, lookin like a street light
slow down, got some red lights
caterpillars growing up and startin to take flight
hand on your hand got me feelin right
and gos, the feelins so fuckin tight
thinking about your lips how i bite
when we're drivin late night.

and you've got this glow.
this halo
around you.
and my eyes should be on the road
but god knows, I can't control myself.
like wanting to taste the lemon
when i've got theses cuts on my tongue.
like gasping for air
when the room feels too tight
and all these fuckin feelings
and we're just
driving late night

i wrote this in my head while driving my love around late at night until the early morning.

Sweet Saint of the Stars
Silver-haired and sea-blue eyes
Lips of tickled pink

Poem by Lyn-Purcell

"Flower and stars"
"Beautiful things, for beautiful people"
"My dress and your eyes?"
"I'm looking up again, am I?"
"Keep gazing Wanderer, I don't mind"
"But let my hand fall behind your head?"
"Only if you promise to stay beside me"

"And we can stare at the night"
"And you might give me a fright"
"Don't be scared my dear!"
"With me you've got nothing to, fear?"
"Where else should we go?"
"With you, no place we've known!"

"So finish this champagne with me"
"And one last bite for good"
"This one, looks perfect in your hair"
"You seem to be my own constellation"
"Will you bloom near me?"
"Will you pass me by?"

"Keep me close to you
On the ground, moving up"

"Let me see you
High up there, high on our luck"

Those moments when you're so in tune with a person that even your dreams are aligned

Moonlit trees of stars
Near a calm and still rivers
Flowers for ripples

Poem by Lyn-Purcell
DCgirl 14h

its the middle of the night
im afraid
through the glass i see
a face; two eyes
a nose
chapped lips
unblinking, staring back at me -
im afraid
when i see them move in dis-junction;
the eyes stay put
the nose retreats
but the lips separate far enough to inquire
'will you come with me?'
you step out on the frozen lake
and tell me its fine
you have a new helmet
and you want to be free
but im afraid
because i never learned how to skate
the ice is thin
and im afraid
that i weigh too much
that just one step
will sink you down below
where my rope cannot reach
so i stay back
watching you slide
with a gleeful smile from your lips to the cheeks
that never makes it up to your eyes,
its beautiful irony-
but i cannot waste time;
i have to keep you safe
so i push you to my peripheral vision
as i busy myself tying knots in a loop
wide enough to fit your waist in
just the right amount of stable-
i plant my feet firmly on the ground
wishing that they dont give way under me
a breeze flips my hair around
i clear it out of my face
to tell you how wonderful it feels
but somehow i know.
im afraid-
when i hear it whistle,
turn into wind
spinning everything around in circles
knocking you over
picking you up
beating you down like a leaf
whisking you away from me
my wish was too strong-
like the ice
i am frozen in my steps
i curse at the wind
try to throw a loop around your waist
but your arms are flailing far from me
i bargain with the playmakers
'i dont care how solid my strides are
just set my body free!'
surprisingly, they listen
with jelly legs
i jump on the ice;
but the cracks only grow wider
and i gasp in horror
as the ice splits
a stinging reminder of how i went off my diet-
im truly afraid
at what my eyes see;
a helmet
a pair of skates
bobbing around in the water
a pair of unblinking eyes
staring back at me
im afraid
i went too far
and not far enough=
im sorry i was too stable
im sorry its too late
to make me see
that all ive ever needed to do
was take skating lessons,
build a raft,
carry a lifeboat-
or just learn to adjust the sails
to keep the wind
from bringing you down with me.

Hello, mother,
It's me again.
Remember the monsters you used to check for underneath my bed?
It turns out they are all inside my head.
I know you couldn't see them at first,
I couldn't either,
But I heard them whisper,
I heard them chatter,
They listened to me weep.
I don't think you understand,
No, mother,
I know I'm not a child anymore,
But the underside of my bed is all cleaned out,
Yet they still remain.
Empty pockets,
Unopened boxes,
Light switches turned off.
They're intensifying,
They're horrifying,
And they're-
You have to go?
With the lights turned low,
You shut your door,
I'm all alone.
What about the monsters, mother?
I know you can't see them,
I know,
But I hear them,
I listen to them,
I no longer weep.
You said they weren't there,
I believed you.
You said it was the nights anticipation,
But it was my damnation.
You're still not listening to me.
They're inside my head,
I have this sudden feeling of dread,
I have to get this feeling off my chest,
Lay me to rest.
That is my last request.

From the daughter you never seem to listen to.
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