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I've tried endlessly to make a shift...
to rotate my breathing...
to let my eyes
and my heart steady: like honey
dripping from a spoon.
How sweet sleep would be...

Though for some reason,
the night must be more taken with me
than morning...
for it keeps me hostage during it's time;
confiding with me, tempting me to never
close my eyes again.
It tickles my bones with nightfall stimulants -
what a sleepless impression these chemicals have on me.
Here I am ,exposing every molecule
these are for your eyes only
My feet fell in love with the floor when the moment I took steps
to get closer to you

As we danced , my hands on your hips
my heart on your hand I've started gazing on your soul
eye to eye while the moonlight shines like a Broadway show
In that moment I knew
I loved you naked
as you were dancing with clothes on
all night
aquis 23h
be your own island
surrounded with salt water
tears of joy
and pain, too

for there’s both
and darkness
in this universe

in the hiding sun
and in the shining night

in the sea of dreams

and in the new moon
of awakenings

to become whole
you need both

and darkness
in this universe

in your island, too
This is one of the first poems I ever wrote - After discovering my passion for poetry during the days spent near the sea, under the sun, wind blowing through my hair... One of the happiest times of my life that I will never forget...

Nature has the power to change everything, to make us realize things that we always had inside us but forgot long ago - may we always remember its power and beauty...
Ms Noma 1d
I fall in love with cities
Only in the night
That’s when they look so pretty
With all that twinkling light

I fall in love with cities
Only when it’s silent
No movement or a stir
And nothing is a blur

I fall in love with cities
When I’m the only one
That’s walking down the street
After rush hour is done

I fall in love with cities
If I let my mind soak in
Its spirit and its essence
That permeates my skin
I am selfish;
I want to see you every night
Until the darkness is no more.
My nights can never be too full
of the stars that you are.
Swordlight sparkles on the moon of thoughts
Fragmented puffs of weary golden sparks
Ceaseless screams of brightened draughts
Caught on the night of a summer air

Withering life reborn from aught
Stunted knots reclaim what hath lost
Beaded beaks turn knead for naughts
Caught on the night of a summer air

And lay, hath I, crystal summer breeze
Sunlight blowing through dying trees
Feeling for long gone winter's freeze
Caught on the night of a summer air
I think I'm trying to find what I've lost. It's fun anyway.
Beautiful summer night.
s 1d
"I like to come out to this pond in the middle of the night, because I’ve found, through trial and error, that it is one of the quietest places in this town at midnight.

And, you know, when I lean over the railing and I look down into the water, it seems dark, and cold, and deep. Like if I look too long I’ll fall in, and the fall will never end.

But then I look up. I look up and I see the city lights, and the passing cars. I see the stars, and I think of all of the endless planets and galaxies hidden in the black sky above me. It makes me realize how much is really out there.

Sometimes all you have to do is look up.”

Life moves so fast sometimes. Or all of the time. I often find it hard to keep up. Like if I slow down or stop, everything and everyone I know will leave me behind. Things that can't keep up are left in the past.

But sometimes I find time to pause. When I do, I often find myself looking up at the sky. Not during the day, of course, all that blue in front of me feels like drowning. I look at the sky at night, watching the stars above me: soft, twinkling lights betraying their fiery and ferocious reality. It fascinates me that humans have spent ages finding patterns and shapes in these distant balls of gas. How is it that things that are so far apart can still appear close enough to connect with one another? Sometimes humans are this way, I think. And look, here I am. Ascribing meaning to distant balls of gas. I am no different than anyone else.

But what is the harm? When I found myself at a small pond in the middle of town one night with him, he spoke of the stars in much of the same way. I don't think I will ever forget what he said that night, about the water and the night sky, even though I know one day I will forget about him.

Life might move fast, too fast, but memories like that one cling forever, unchanging and blissfully immobile.
M F 1d
Sometimes the night acts as a cloak,
covering the thoughts and hushing the sounds.
But sometimes the night acts as a void,
waiting to swallow me whole.
I approach the night delicately with caution.
I want it to be my friend,
and I want it all to end.
Your face has been splattered with freckles all over.
I look at you and I'm staring up at a star filled sky, yet to be mapped out.
I give a name to the constellation on the bridge of your nose.
I give a name to the cluster of freckles on your eyelid.
I map the sky out and give everything names and I name them all after me.
they made love
best of love
when they hate
each other
he know nothing but
a furious passion
she loves nothing but
that kind of power
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