Jobira 2h

Why cry for the dead
And shade any tears
Or are we moaning for our own sins
For the coming nights in fears?

Sooner or later
Darkness will fall
The waves of the nights
To submerge us all.

But, you better save your tears
And holding on to your breath
Nothing can rescue you from the fires
When you are caught underneath.

Tears don't bring back the dead.

My Jack O'Lantern has a Jagged toothy grin. It is a candle burning with orange lasting light to keep at bay the spirits of the night.
I put you at my door to keep the fear from coming this way, knowing that the demons will be scared off on this special day.
You are my lucky ward to fend-off the demon hordes.
So please burn bright for me the rest of Halloween night my fearless beacon of gentle falling light.
You are my saving flame, warming my heart and giving a feeling of delight as you save me from the scary night.
Thank you Jack O'Lantern for your might against Halloween night.

This was inspired by a history of how pumpkins came about. Some people would carve faces into turnips to ward off evil spirits, later it became a pumpkin. Years later someone added a candle and it became the jack-o'-lantern we see today.
Sanny 10h

How alive I feel.
There's only me.

watching the stars as the moonlight guides my way.
Everything is quiet, all I hear is my own footsteps.

I feel free,
no one knows where I am or where I'm going.
In the daylight I'm lost, but at night I'm home.

I'm absorbed by the dark,
but I know where to go,
I know who I am.

This is where I belong.
How alive I feel when I'm alone in the world.

Dunking choc biscuit
into milky coffee..''tis
like day kissing night

Yums yums xxxx
Had choc biscuits n coffee for breakfast yesterday morn reminding me of this :)

Depression has this funny way of introducing itself to you like an old friend.
When I was younger and the constant moving was too much,
"Mom, I've made a friend,"
I had said and all you did was nod.
"Mom, my friend wants me to stay away from the other kids,"
I say and all that leaves your lips is an,
Depression has friends, mom.
Anxiety was his name.
He takes me to the dark corners and whispers fears into my head,
As a little girl I said,
"Please leave me alone,"
So loneliness came like a lost lover in the night,
My lover loneliness was right.
Anxiety held me by the throat and told me it was alright.
My friend,
With you loneliness came like partners in a crime.
The only crime committed was the way the oxygen left my lungs when anxiety squeezed them with his love,
When you, depression, watched him while loneliness stood in your shadow.
I called this normal
What is normal about my knees shaking whenever speaking to people became a growing fear,
When I'm driving and the thought of jerking the wheel felt like an aching desire,
When at night all I can think about is disappearing like the balloon I held when I was seven escaped from my grip into the vast sky.
Someone explain to me what normal is because I sure do not know what that is.

Someone find me help, this is all I know.

the night
reinvigorates me

evening breath billows past my skirts
soft kisses on my ankles
pinpoints of
behind whispering leaves
glass buttoned sleeves brush (clink)
against chain link fences

fast light cars

— bathe me in headlights | (not spotlights)

while walking to taraweeh
Leonila 1d

The Moon

The moon and stars
are silent witnesses of my love
I can't tell you that I love you enough
Would you laugh at me if I told you?
I love you to the moon and back
Would you remain silent?
Would a response you give back?
The moon...
light post in the midnight sky
she smiles as I dodge the constellations in your eyes
I can't help myself baby boy, I'm just very shy!
so kiss me and paralyze the hands of time
so I might remember this night for the rest of my life

Dulled bright blue as last of light
but time is night.
Where are the stars?
The Summer has eaten the refuse
electricity left.
What is want?
Blame people for the worst.
What is left?

What's left:

(thick skinned upright shells like cars so well developed for speed that the time they took to make is now time we save with quick cuts with content cut from cloth for your hands romantic now only in dream)

Dearest shooting star,
Take me away with you to a place
where the rays of hope can't even tip toe through the dark clouds of despair,
where all the colors fade into grey to ally with my grave soul and
where every detail disappears into the shades of night
just to make his wish come true.

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