Asami 1h
On the branches of dead leaves
They're all standing in grief

Facing the almost full moon , seeking its light
To ease the gloom of this murky night

Will morning end this pain ?
Lylock 5h
Tears hear thoughts
Better than a broken sky
Or a whispered kiss

Great hearts talk strong
But a sad perfection
And a night's small
Told me
That it's time to go
Lylock 6h
I'm still sleeping
Time creeping up on me
Hey there
Push the hair up from your face

Morning's a graceful enemy
But I'm mourning the night
Mims 7h
I had a dream last night
It reminded me why I never go to bed early
Because I dream
And rest
Is simply

Fix sleeping schedule?
Or fix my head?
luxe 13h
Nighttime is not lonely
Until everyone else is asleep
And you live in the city
And all the cars are busy
And the stars are drowned out
And social media creates different images
Snapshots of people's lives
Making it seem more busy then it is
And the mountain air is pushing the trees around
And i realize I am longing for the same hold
The wind has on its branches
And it is painful to see everyone fade into their dreams
When I am up
And I am up because everyone fades
And because I can not keep feeling that loss
and the moon is hiding behind the clouds
and I begin to see
how much I have relied on its glow
to illuminate me
and when my eyes start to close
and I lay my head down
and for a second I think I can do this
and then I see
everything I do not want to see
and then........

the nighttime is not lonely
Until you are lonely and it is nighttime
Last nigtht I slept with my loneliness
It was better than sleeping all alone
It was better than nothing at all

She didn't leave in the morning
She made a great company
We shared the whole night
              with all her stories

We talk for hours until dawn's coming

Perhaps today I decide to invite her again
to have a coffee with her, go for a walk
Maybe I'm starting to fall in love of her
I can barely know what's on my head
so I can't tell what's on my heart

Maybe I'm start loving my own loneliness
and I find that kinda pretty sad
Madolyn 21h
she called out into the void
the void responded
it took her by the hand
leading her into a
fatal candle dropped
i leaned on the cottage door
and let myself unfold
the ugly, twisted shapes
only i could see

beads of mercury
from the skin
glowed like milk-eyed moons
in the black vault night
i tasted blood
when i bit my cheek

first teardrops fell
and there was nothing left to know
in the whole wide world
i was forever lost
but never alone
i miss the days when you were sweet
and everything between us was soft and new;
we had the whole world at our feet.
now we're stuck in stalemate, no clue

what to do, where to be, who we are
i miss your gentle words and honeyed kisses
how you said my eyes were like stars
but you were the one granting all my wishes

and you were shooting, burning, fast and bright
perhaps we lost touch in this way:
you were only meant to be but a moment in the night
then the sun shines and it's time to face the day
with thier dances
have they



when they

freak out
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