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Amanda Roux Apr 4
Nobody would believe the reason I know I am more depressed today, than I was before,

Is based on the cleanliness of my cats litter box which I emptied every 3 days. Yes. I'm sorry. I worked alot. I was forgetful. I still am. I felt so guilty. I still do.

Now, I try to every day. I try. Every day. So tell me, how can I be more depressed? Shouldn't I be lounging around in bed? Forgetful?

No. Listen to me. I know it. I really am. I know I'm more depressed now because I am taking care of my cat more...which means I'm trying not to focus on me...which proves I'm not focusing on me...oh wait I'm not focusing on me...oh wait......wait me......wait....wait...

I seen you all before,
One too many times.
I fear not what’s in store,
While you hide the crimes.
Petty you, I shadows,
Your standard is failed.
Look up, there’s your gallows,
Dead bodies all wailed.
Your sins were never mine,
All in your dear head.
I no longer benign,
I already bled.
No more we are in sight,
Die alone your own blight…
Ken Pepiton Feb 17
Watching breakers
from below, forms
of foam frame shapes
of thunder clouds,
meeting mountains,
hold, hold this breath,
watch this entire wave
pass over, see, see

we can change
impressions placing

now and then in time.

and time becomes
this ocean, this living
planet's breath's

messaging medium,
telling us take this
thought, not fretting
failure to live under

all we may someday
think we drown in,
time's universe…

not one limited
by how long we hold
a thought.
Becausing this -- seeing that, we cause a kind
of mind to feel at home
in the depths
Toothache Jan 7
quiet high summer nights
waving off mosquito bites
and lips so dry
the tap tastes like nectar
a glass shared is sweeter, better.
soda like opal in the moonlight
should we order in tonight?
leave the window open. though it's raining
this is our little love remaining
His love washes over me /
Pristinely /
Drenching me, deluging me /
In surging airborne streams /

A parcel of wind greets me /
& raises me to Him. /
In the Light of Dreams, of sweet reverie, /
There I find Him. /

Beside me he fulminates /
Making me adamantine, /
Diamonded /
Glistening resplendently. /

A place of concealment, a sanctuary, /
He drenches me in His Light, baptismal, /
Cascades me, /
In its torrential downpour. /

In stillness there is revelation, /
In stillness there is clarity, /
Though our hearts tremulous, may quake & tremble, /
He awakens us anew each morn. /
He unravels the hidden secrets with me, /
As though pristinely clear. /
He shows me that there, /
Exists no reason to quiver in darkness /

Rather, I must /
Grow, learn, flourish, effloresce, & burgeon /
In The Light of the Sun. /
He is my maker, He is my creator, He is my God, Jehovah. /
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2023
Rays of light reach the high watermark,
The sun lovely bathes in the morning dew,
On a rose cradled within someone's thumb,
And in a tear streaming from someone's eyes!"
thyreez-thy Oct 2023
I try to speak, but my throat hurts
Stand ideal as i taste dirt
I wanna say your amazing
But these days my words aren't phasing

I see you everywhere in my head
From the morning sun to my bed
I try and think of why i care
But honestly im just scared

Your near perfect, let me correct
Your more than that, and thats a fact
I miss the days we would sit down
You'd act mad while i played the clown

We're distant now and its alright
These days your always out of my sight
I miss your voice and your black hair
I hate that I try and that I still care

If I could kiss you I'd have taken the chance
If luck had served me, id have asked for a dance
mind thinks of what was and could have been
How you'd laugh and how your eyes gleam

I'm just in lust I'm certain its a lie
If I search hard enough id finally see a shot
But for right now your all that I got
Now excuse me as I try and cry
This was round about the time close to the dance where my crush rarely spoke with me, looking back I surely was an annoyance to both parties
Ever since I met you
I’ve been experimenting with new drugs
Searching for a new high
I found one at the sound of your voice
The vibrations of your voice
Beats the drums in my ears ever so gently
I hear nothing except you
At its absence
The membranes of my drums tighten and sound a tone deaf
Hoping it reaches you and you speak to me
The second high I felt when you touched me
That new high gave me a pleasant numbing sensation
When I touched you back
It felt as if I’m reaching out to the universe, touching beauty at its purest form
Away from your touch my skin feels dry and wrinkled
Everything I touch feels rough and itchy
My skin longs for your touch
My lips are as dry as the desert
Nothing nourishes them
Kiss me, they say; In a trembling faint voice
I close my eyes to picture perfectly every high I felt from you.
That gives me a fix to wait a little bit longer
I hear you approaching, my eardrums beat greater and more lively
I feel your radiant beauty drawing close
I open my eyes and;
My greatest high comes from when I see you.
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