Hg 2h
time travel
in heartbreak
lets say
your heart has been broken
for a while now
even dust has collected
on its empty shell but
you are living in the moment
it slipped
and broke
by now it couldve been swept
and glued back together
but your stuck in
the moment
it broke
and over.
its a vine
well guess what?
that moment?
and vine
are dead!
click bang
just the same
youve been living that moment
when your
heart shattered
instead of living in the moment
you made art
from its pieces
mars 4h
Golden on the tip of my tongue.
Still summer.
We are golden in the slow of time- rolling of the hip.
I love you too much. You and your slow moments.
Hot windows croaking birds 74 degrees and no wind.
**** on our pants, on our breath, in your hair.

Sweat on eyebrows, slick on our skin burning the car as smoke fills our lungs. Earthy tastes and red eyes.

I miss you, I miss you so much
mc ish 2d
it fills me with warmth
i don’t remember feeling
ever since you left.
She's the type of girl you get ****** to
Late night conversations
Broken down wrapped tight
The type of girl you laugh & trip with,
Without intention of escape,
A means of quick get away.
The type of girl that's good for your mental.
Filled with hopes & dreams
Down for whatever, at anytime.
Not the average high you'll find.
Shes not a shot type of girl.
Out in the height of the night,
The one you turn to
to run away from your problems.
A bitter taste chased one after another.
She was the girl not everyone is familiar with
But has heard of.
Her type of high one of intellect
not easily found on the block.
Friend of a friend hipped on game

She was the type of girl that put you on the real.
The type you tilt your head to the left and puff.
The type of high you only dream about.
Real tokers know her brand of intrigue
The kind of high you keep to yourself
Getting high on drugs, alcohol and the likes
Doesn't solve problems nor fix issues
The best they could offer is temporary distraction
Which later fades away into worse negative emotions
Haylin 7d
I am in the Guard
Tis where I belong
There is no other
Group or throng

All I know
Is twirl this dance that
And I do it all
With the grace of a cat

I thrive on flags
Rifles and poles
Bruises and bumps
Adorn my skull

Guard geek I am
Stand proud and tall
Nothing I wouldn't do
To give my all

To give my all
And then some more
Is the only way
To enter that door

At Perfection's door
I knock and plead
I aim for its glory
I sweat and bleed

I am a Guard
This is my creed
To have that card
of Perfections breed.
ollie Jan 9
“You’re going to do great things”
She says to me
“I get that a lot”
“But I never really know how to respond”
And I don’t know why
You’d think after so many times I’d be able to formulate a response
I’m not used to it after so many times
So many adults with that same look
“You’re going to do great things”
And it’s not something everyone hears
There’s not a manual on how to react
Sometimes it hurts
Because I often feel like I can’t live up to those expectations
I am made of those expectations
And I wanna make it one day
I want to show them
That I am made of more than the same type of joke and the same ferocity towards grades
I’m willing to fight back
But maybe that’s not a great thing
Because that’s an incredible thing
The fight I’ve placed inside myself to keep going could be incredible
But they told me I’ll be great
Leading marches and showing kids just how fun being alive can be
I am so desperate for the next high that I would do anything for it
This world is full of highs to reach
And maybe great things are relevant
I try to be someone people admire
And pausing at railroad crossing signs isn’t how most people accomplish it
But I’m so adrenaline filled that sometimes the people in the trains wave back
Throw your energy into someone else
I wanna go home
To a sketchy town
Where no one ever looked at me like that
“I know you’re going to do great things”
My brain is on fire
Picking apart the way they try to look me in the eyes when they say it
I used to look back
And now I look above the head and beyond what is capable of being displayed physically
People stopped judging my performances when I was twelve
Because it got too much
“Sometimes I forget it’s you” she confessed
“You stare into my soul, I can’t explain it”
There is hurt here
That cannot be mended by fourteen year olds
Who are told all too often
That their expectations are going to climb so high that they’ll never come down
That was the high they’d been trying to reach
n Jan 8
One thread came loose with alcoholism at a very young age.
She recovered. She forgot and proceeded.
One thread was yanked loosed by a growing tendency to self sabotage.
She clawed her way out of the spiral.
One thread pulled at others when she learnt she didn’t need alcohol to have a good time.
She felt deprived by self-restraint. So she slightly caved.
One thread burned along with her personality when she became a stoner again.
She was suffocated yet high.
One thread was singed by ****.
She fell back into her ***** habits. She found herself here, but not quite present.
She became dependant. As she flooded her body parts with superficial happiness, just a quick release, her mouth grew dry. Then the peeling skin on her stained lips began to stick together and she regressed into a still and faded silence. In the end, she was in shreds and blissfully unaware, alone with nothing but one solitary thread left to grasp at.
Based on my own personal struggle with addiction and how instant highs can lead to long lasting lows that i am still dealing through.
Helene Marie Jan 8
high on fear and messy dreams
running on caffeine and gasoline
empty bottles, no one to be seen
the party’s over, no longer pristine
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