Hit it big
Hit it strong
Back to life
Back to cold

Dance alone
Laugh when dark
Be the raven
And the shark

And forget
Who forgot you.
Back to skies,
Why won't you.

Back to dark,
Or bight the dust
Let lose your demons
And feel the heart burst.

Just forget.
And after midnight don't you cry.
Back to lonely.
Back to dry.

I don't miss them anymore. No that crazy at least

I thought it was a one time deal
No, it was way more than that
Way more than I was bargaining for.

One hit, then I was done.
No my body screamed
Control it I said, explore it I said

Wanting instant gratification
1 hit 2 hit 3 hit 4
My new friend became the floor

Lights blurred, walls moved
Pins and needles all over me
Nothing ever made me so happy

Immaculate to the touch
Occasions became daily
Music never felt so heavenly

K Harris Sep 9

I wasn’t expecting it
But I wasn’t surprised either
Maybe id seen it coming,
at least I should have
There had been signs of course.
I should have noticed
but it was you

I wasn’t expecting our paths to cross
Let alone to have so much in common
a love for animals, a overlapping sense of humor
And a deep love for words and poetry

Meeting you was like meeting myself
Close birthdays and both of us just reaching as
high as our hearts and bodies will allow
Dreamers dreaming of each other but
me more of you in the literal sense
You’ve appeared in two of my dreams now
Once just existing and another time stealing
a stolen kiss in an empty cafeteria
A room that my stomach is normally flipping and panicking in
but this time out of affectionate longing

Love poems are cliche and can be repetitive but
Similar to how I feel about you, I can listen to them all day
We seem to compliment each other perfectly
Like two solutions to the same puzzle and
here I am still puzzled by my feelings towards you.

for my class and for my confused mind
Jewel M C Sep 6

(the pleasures of daily life are free
                    are you kidding? nothing is free)

the monotony of the everyday is included in your life (experience not required)
the thing is, if you want to forget the responsibilities of the daily tedium,
if you want to become numb from your reality, on most occasions there is a price to pay
          whatever you desire, there's a bad habit for that;
          alcohol, nicotine, amphetamine...
          take a chance and indulge yourself
          in your favorite inhibitor for your inhibition
          (just don't let yourself fall into submission)


your face, illuminated in the firelight of the Bic
held tightly between my blistered and burned fingertips,
radiates before the flames as they reflect the fire in your eyes
igniting the deepest desires that lie beneath mine

the flickering flames fall dim
& I see nothing but the silhouette of him
outlined by the glow of dashboard light
while I wait for the moment our lips reunite

I watch him close his eyes as he takes flight

          now, inhale
   & let yourself set sail


your eyes, they're filled with stars
so why don't you talk to me like your mind is on Mars
because the world, it's much too far
from the privacy of your car

where we sit in silence
as the clouds begin to surround
us without warning or sound
& we become enclosed
in a thick cloak
of blue smoke
swallowing us whole

          / exhale
let the fumes feed your mind & fuel your soul

Hanna Jordan Sep 5

Your love is like a drug,
except I crave you so much more.
When your lips touch mine it makes me
feel like I'm floating on cloud nine,
unable to come down from
the sensational high.
When your laughter floods my ears, I can't get enough. I truly want more.
When I feel your fingertips softly graze my skin and your sweet scent dances
through my nose,
I'm suddenly wide awake craving you more than any other drug
on this planet.
It's amazing really, this thing you call love. It's more addicting than anything.
Maybe, that's why we can't help but turn to alcohol and drugs when we're heartbroken.

i hit the blunt again
after it was passed to me
for the fourth time
i said yes to it three
times before
because with
every inhale i felt
more and more numb
i felt my fingers start to tingle
and my chest got heavy
and i was smiling
and my face was warm
and i could feel my
heart beating so intensely
i said yes because
for the first time in
a long time i
was interacting with a
group of people
because if i had said no,
i wouldnt be high

so many people
write about love with
a joint
a crutch

i don't have a crutch
and i don't have a crush
and two negatives equal a positive
so what does this poem even mean?

Maria Etre Aug 23

Call out
to the muses
for I have lost
my inspiration
to the sickness
that has boiled my
body feverish
and my mind

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