Arjun Raj 3d

Well, I sat down to write a happy one,
But all I can think of is the need to make more money,
As the song “Blue Christmas” played along to the thoughts inside my head,
As if the symphony and melodrama hung around to make me take the leap,
Of faith, grit and courage,
The one that will help me fly like an eagle they say
Or maybe take the free fall like the dead duck
straight from that 90’s video game, duck hunt, I say
Either which way, I will get to fly for a while,
But why fly high for just a while,
when you can cruise at the same height
with the stash kept clean and ready to be lit,
I sat down to write again,
A happy one this time for sure, I said to myself
As I lit, and flew all over again

Little Samantha McGee was climbing up a tree.
Branch by Branch she went further and further up with glee.
Till she got to the top, it was quite a drop.
Poor little Samantha McGee lost her grip on that tree.
Down and down to the ground she went yelling, "oh dear mother please catch me."
But it was not to be, for you see it was all a dream.
Little Samantha McGee won't be climbing in any other trees.

Copy Right Michael Robert Triska
It's going into my nursery rhymes book.

What lovely trees,
Nature's inspiring tower.
Climbing to the heavens,
Of every moment of every hour.
It's only quest is to reach,
That never ending blue.
How high it grows,
Is left for the tree to do.
One day it will grow,
Quite green and tall,
Cut down and destroyed.
For a new ones call.

She is going out,
By breaking all the protection of her house.
She walks straight and confident,
Without the fear of those society omnipotent.
When she smiles and lifts her pants,
It switly distract the man who is behind her back.
Wearing those raiment, which make her feel comfortable, without the shame of those thousand of trivials .
Hanging out with different peeps, won't make her character cheap.
By calling her a slut , whore or escort
You are just showing up your own tawdry thoughts.
                  Komal :)

The gals are so good-looking
At Platform T.
The Tea is so SATISFYING
At Platform T.
The Atmosphere is so COMFORTING
At Platform T.
I don't need no Marijuana
'Cause I get my Rocky Mountain High,
Drinking TEA
At Platform T

George Krokos Apr 10

Can you imagine what it would be like
to ride the wind high on a kite
attached to a string held by someone's hand
while moving around on the land?
The experience would take your breath away
and make you wonder how you could stay
forever there up in the sky
looking down with a bird's eye.

Written in 2017
medicine Apr 8

You just don't know if you are just being critical or judgemental. Careless or stupid. You got excited and bored at the same time. Loving the moments but still want to go home. Laughing and feel condescended at the same time. Feel pity but have no courage to help. You think before you said something but sometimes you just rambling nonstop. You feel motivated as fuck and then you wondering if you could just vanished. You pray, pray, and pray but you still feel not content about yourself. God will guide you when you lost. But you are not lost. You are on clear paths. Gun on your sleeve. But you just high. High of hurly burly of life. Cause you unintentionally took the wrong pills and then your life suddenly change.

Came down from my high
To my surprise, nothing changed
A druggie's relapse

Terry Collett Mar 29

Norris turned around
and looked back
Biggs was beside him.

Hey Coles
I could beat you
in a fight couldn't I?

Benedict nodded
guess so
he said.

O'Brien was beside him
at the back of class.

Norris asked
other boys
who likewise

You could take him
O'Brien said
in Benedict's ear.

I know that
and you know that
but he doesn't
Benedict said
it's Biggs who's
the problem
he follows Norris  
around like
a big bulldog.

Norris turned around
to the front of class.

There was chatter
amongst the boys
as the teacher hadn't
showed yet.

One whack
in Biggs's fat guts
and he'll go down
O'Brien said.

You reckon?
Benedict said
looking at Biggs's
wide back
and large head.

Sure he'd go down
O'Brien said.

If Norris tries it on
I'll thump his nose
Benedict said
and see what
Biggs's does.

The door opened
and Lee
the science teacher
entered the room
the boys stood up
the chatter stopped.

You could
as the saying goes
hear a pin drop.

Zan Balmore Mar 28

That feel when
re-burn fills bowl
out of gold
No clean smoke
No hairy rip
I scavenge
for oasis in glass
ash trays
Expect the soft
kiss and faint
sex sweat of old dreams
but the smoke
blows out and once
more the world shifts
For free

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