Dina 2d

don't fight the ropes that tie around your fragile barrier of skin.
don't scream, there's gauze on your mouth.
dont walk for chains forbid the legs to move.
love is a drug.
until you're in so deep they have you strangled.
dont, dont, dont you say as they crumble your dreams.
but you wouldnt have it any other way.
the pain, the sacrifice, may never end but as long as their smile is in your eyes, not a single thing matters. not a single thing

oops it's gross, just feeling
Laura 5d

I knew that they couldn't possibly understand
why I was taking this climb
knew that in a thousand words
I could not explain to them
what would possess someone to jump
to want to fall
so I left no note
and I began my climb
I was intent
oh, so intent
and ready to throw myself to the murky water below
when I found myself at the top
I realized I like it that way
being on top
I didn't want to become
another fallen angel
a meteor hurtling towards the earth
no intent but to reach
the ground
to let gravity pull me down
I didn't want to let gravity pull me down
I didn't want to let anything pull me down
I wanted to stay there forever
stuck in that moment
alone, but content
so, so above
I don't need to jump
I am already flying

Note: This is written in a different point of view than my own. I have never attempted suicide

hanging ON-
for So long
and then,
LEtting Go.
Dizzying High,
come DOWN to find
a CRUSHing Low.
frantically rushing rapids
trickle DOWN to a gentle flow.
flopping heart-
talk it DOWN
DO NOT let it show.
replant the roots,
push them back DOWN
watch, wait and HOpe
for Love to regrow.

When you uproot a plant, or a marriage eventually it will wither and die. Is it possible to recultivate that dried up love? Time will tell...

I knew that this high would end
It was going on for far too long
And knowing my luck
It was bound to end soon

Now I sit here outside
In this rusty old couch
Wishing to rewind the unwinding clock
And see if I could feel the high once again

But that is far too easy
Of course, life has got to be one convoluted mess
There can’t can’t be twists without any turns
Or any angel without it’s horns

The break I’ve been yearning for
Has long been over
Now I must sit here with this crooked frown
With nothing but that high putting me down

Maria Etre Nov 8

My darling
I have placed
all my cards
on the table
with my heart
all in
it's up to you
to take the risk
bet, flip and see
if you win
a full house
with me

Marina Neal Nov 7

it was a heart
for a second
the blood from the line
i made part of me
i went to take a picture
this is art
i thought
but by the time i got the camera ready
it was just a collection of red


Marina Neal Nov 7

i didn’t think of it as a relapse
because i never meant to stop
i just went without for awhile
till i again craved a drop
or more
     i thought
     for me to act this way
     one bit of distress
     and it’s on display
     even though i don’t mind
     if you see it
     that is not to say
     that  i’m proud of these things
     i’m just dealing with pain

yet again.


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