me and her we barely talk
like spies for different governments
I've tried extracting information
but I'm cut off, passing out
and I wake up every time
17, heart-broken with silence

blank stares scan my every evening
somehow I am still invisible
turning this into a cold green light
to explore the dark corridors of my heart
my thoughts turn to microfilms
and battle plans and secret blueprints
my cover's hanging by a thread

I'm now a fugitive with everything to lose
a secret agent in love with their handler,
the disembodied string of signs on glowing screen
how much emptier than this is it possible to get

because there is no home
and you can't just go back to the agency
one wrong step and charges vary
from espionage to treason
and there've never been any right moves
at all

so now it's back to basics

Im sitting in the car
Trying to think out another bar
Have I come to the end
What's become thus far
...Writers block
Still no juice pumpin
No ideas jumping
No thinkers dancing
Just standing & glancing
Just searching & searching
Lurking & yearning the higher thinkin
I get to rolling
Get this shit  going
I'm blowing
This shit
Oh shit
Help me ..
I can't breathe;
Gardner I hear you too
Because I can't fucking breathe
21 but lungs 50
These bills got a choke hold on me
So I let go with some weed
Here's some sugar for this tea
sally Mae is to greedy
Like college is to family
Like Family beating down on me
For this degree
Spent two years for a degree
In a logic I learned to disagree
I had to finally be in the tea
To see the bitterness in me
So here's to the sugar in my tea
Mary is to me
Like Mary is not to family
All because of a little weed
I admit it's what I fein & need
I feel the need  
To not need what I feel
Then it hits me
it's too real
Life hates me
She's out to kill
My minds hazy
can't stand still
My soul is taken
Taken to hell
Cs when I get to thinking
I cant prevail
Words left unspoken
& so many more to tell
Dwelling in a heart that's been broken
but none of that matters when I'm smoking
So here's an ode to Mary
for lifting me off my feet
& emptying a heart so heavy
For all the happy highs  given at my saddened lows
With a cheery smile & eyes a glow
I truly owe.. this ode to Mary

So high,

thank you for this life,
amazing you are,
as open as you are,
I love your tattooed scars,

I live your light,



so beautifully,

addicted to your rhythm,
my God Goddess your goodness,
your religion is alive I love you,
leave flowers in the form of gestures at your temple’s steps,

always yes,
all bless no stress,
yes yes yes,

in ecstasy,

is embodied in your body,
the depths of your generations,
your intuitive inspirations,
making sin seem so Godly,

God we,
are so high…

So high,

thank you for this life,
amazing you are,
as open as you are,
I love your tattooed scars,

here we are,
blasting through this universe like a shooting star,
remind me please,
who we really are,

free enough to be,
strong enough to seam,
these hands together while awake in this Dream,
so we can stop Time from ticking and History from repeating,

ring ring,
so goes the phone,
ringing from WhatsApp,
“What’s up?” I answer the call coming from India,

I answer the phone even though,
I’m in the middle of a Gambling Game,
“Don’t come to Bombay in June.”,
says the girl who’s advice I always take,

my everything I want to request of her,
but she’s on a boat on a lake in India,
and I already know her answer is always yes,
because she’s as in to me as I am into her,

definition becomes infinite as the Lines blur,
definition becomes infinite as the Lines blur…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

from '777: Alphas & Omegas'
available worldwide:

He's high but I'm higher
Why hide what you desire
Am I all you desire
Cs you , you you you
I admire
Like flames of a forest fire
But I can't breathe
Inhaling your smoke
While your smoke inhales me
Help me
I can't breathe
You're flames are smothering me
But I can't leave
I inhale your smoke
You exhale my hope & me
Lost all that I admired
In this extinguished forest fire
I'm high off his
But off hers he's higher

alyssa tombs Jul 17

i'm scared that when you grow up without me your self destruction will only worsen
trading smoking leaves to shooting amber liquid into your bloodstream
and tearing those same veins out simultaneously with a dull switchblade that i wish would just collect dust at your bedside table
but i know it never will

i'm scared your insomniac ways will worsen to the point where you don't get any sleep at all, unless you pass out from exhaustion
and even then, night terrors rack your frail body and your organs contract from the fear running through your bones
straight down to your frostbitten core,
cold and numb

alyssa tombs Jul 17

rosy skies and cotton trees
black sand beaches that sparkle with stars
walking on constellations,
breathing in minty air
and choking on sweet cyanide

When She gets ready
She always thinks
'Will He like this? '
Before She puts on
The day's outfit.

In math class
She imagines him
Sitting next to her
Laughing that cute laugh
That She absolutely adores
So She can get
Through the period.

When She lies in bed
She can't ever sleep
Without imagining him
Wrapping his arms around her
Whispering how beautiful
He thinks She really is.

But when He passes her
In the halls,
He sees her as another girl
Blushing in his direction
as He turns his attention
to someone else.
The beautiful, blond skinny girl
With all that confidence and all that perfection
Who can never be with him,
Never hold him at night,
Never love him
The same way
The shy girl
With glasses can.

Chris Neilson Jul 17

Sting crossed the Atlantic
in a plane gigantic
with a passenger frantic
for sex that's tantric
didn't mean to be pedantic
but he's an old romantic
so this tryst titanic
with a stranger who's manic
for a mile high liaison organic
placed him in a panic

A slight re-work
Rianna Jul 16

i'm your weakness,
your own personal drug.
I'm your high,
You're my low.

Probs gonna delete
Maria Etre Jul 11

I have read and seen
written and tasted
all the letters
in a cocktail
of words
with the after-taste
of meaning
the effect
of a poem
and the resonance
of a

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