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I am the one who blocked the sun!
I was created by you!
You slit your own wrists!
Now you bleed ink into the blue!

You were once many,
Now you are so few!

Look at you all,
You are ******* nothing,
Nothing at all!
You are just specks,
On a spinning ball!
You are ******* nothing,
You are so small!

You are just a slug!
Drying up under the sun!
Bodies hit the ground,
After the smoke of a gun!

You think you will live forever,
But that is a lie!
Short you live,
Soon you will die!

Drowning in every cup of water!
Eaten alive by every human flower!
Killing every son and daughter!
Sprayed by the punctured capillaries of a sick mother!

You are all sick!
It is in your nature!
You devour one another!
You are a carnivore!
No different from the animal!

Artificial clouds are where the sun used to be!
The blank hand of death chokes the sky!
You were made for this,
You were made to die!

Breathing through lungs with gaping holes!
Pumped through thinning blood vessles!
Stored inside her dissipating muscles!
The craft of dying,
This is how it feels!
Writing some incredibly dark poetry that even made me sick when writing it. But feel like I needed to write this for an idea circulating through me.
Do you weep,
For those you ****?
Do you feel cold,
Without your second soul?
In the house of the living.
It is like being dead,
But never being able to die.
On the surgeons table.
When you go,
will the dead pass me by?

You opened up.
The bee and the blooming flower bud.
You slammed your petals shut.
Its mouth does not speak,
Therefore, its heart shall cease to beat?
Why does it matter to you?
It belongs to me.
I stole its air,
That makes it free.

Hung it from an umbilical cord,
Tied around a broken crescent moon.
Who knew that its home,
Would be the place to call its tomb.

Sang the carols of the needle man,
Now you hold a dead heart in your hand.
The air around screams ****** ******,
Seeing you through a blood-stained mirror.

A stranger wearing your skin.
Dead inside the home it made within.
A stranger wearing your skin.
Buried inside your human coffin.
Osiria Melody Sep 16
Touch your crown, open with your brains spilling out
Your agonizing screeches electrify me with euphoria
I exploit your weaknesses as you squirm about

Raise your bloodied wrists, bound to a chair and shout
My immaculate world is a dystopia
Touch your crown, open with your brains spilling out

My wrath punctures your skin without a doubt
Harvest your organs of emotions, a delectable cornucopia
I exploit your weaknesses as you squirm about

Inebriated, I slur my derisions at you with an unsympathetic pout
Scar your eyes with the trigger of trypophobia
Touch your crown, open with your brains spilling out

Drown in my waters of deception up to your snout
My wrath culminates into impending dysphoria
I exploit your weaknesses as you squirm about

Burst your bloodstream like sauerkraut
Haunt your tranquil dreams with insomnia
Touch your crown, open with your brains spilling out
I exploit your weaknesses as you squirm about

conjured while listening to ragecore music. morbid, indeed.
CROW Sep 2
Skin them alive,
leave none to survive,
Shred them to pieces,
I am as phantom as cold summer breezes,
Lapping up blood like a good cat,
Eating children rather than a rat,
I can take flight like a bat,
Beat you to death from behind,
Eat your bones fresh from the grind,
Cut your throat pull out your tongue,
Can't find your body its so far slung,
A lil here a lil there,
ThIs MaKeS Me HaPpY
b Jan 2017
what have i become. .
what have you made of me, mother?
what have you sculpted, brother?

carved to perfection,
into an ivory soulless wreck,
a hopeless mess, high off morbidity and agony,

carved to perfection,
to attend to your lavish needs,
of a stripped youth,
hidden under a blood stained carpet floor,

and you do it so lovingly,
as i reach for air,
when you've buried me
six feet under.
You are slowly dying everyday!
Every breath takes a breath away!
You are all going to die someday!
Were you even alive anyway?!

The bodies of man are beginning to ashen.
I leave them to be swallowed by the sun.
The dead remind me of you.
Shedding red into the blue.

Drowning in every drop of water!
Eaten alive by every human flower!
Killing every son and daughter!
Sprayed by the capillaries of a sick mother!

You are all sick!
Sick like her!
You are all sick!
Like your mother!

Artificial clouds are where the sun used to be!
The black hand of death chokes the sky!
Short may you live,
And soon you shall die!

Breathing through the gaping holes in her lungs!
Flowing through her thinning blood vessels!
Stored inside her dissipating muscles!
This is how dying feels!

You insignificant little *****!
You live like this,
And you are going to die like this!
You keep bleeding your mother,
You are going to die with her!

You are all sick!
Sick like her!
You are all sick!
Like your mother!
Tried my hand at an edgy poem. It was hard to write this cause I usually don’t know how to get into a mindset that is this revolting. I tried anyway to see if I can make morbid stuff.
Cut off God’s thirteenth finger,
It brings the world bad luck.

At the supper of the twelve,
It traded life with a kiss on the cheek!
A tree held a rope for it,
So it could trade the life back!

Number thirteen of the twelve,
Died in a non-existent hotel room.

The dead speak tales of the one,
Who’s kiss killed the sun.
Blew out the world’s candle,
And slaughtered god’s cattle.
Loaded three long nights into a gun...
And pulled the trigger!
Kayla Perkins Jun 16
When you think of me I hope that you smile,
not think about how i suffered for a while ..
I'm sorry I couldn't get better
This is my suicide letter...

Please know its not your fault you never could've known
but this sadness has lingered far too long and secretly had grown.
I couldn't tell you tho, cuz i didn't have the heart,
i couldnt bear to see it in your eyes when i told you we would part.
Don't ever think that you weren't enough, i swear you almost saved me.
But this world is so corrupt, please know that i love you baby...
And mother don't waste a prayer on me, I'm unsavable.
I tried to help myself but I'm incapable.  
No meds no therapist no ******* psych ward,
Nothing could save me not even your dear Lord
Your unconditional love was unbelievable
Your kindness and big heart, unbeatable
And to my father, I know im appearing weak
I'm sorry I couldn't be strong like you raised me to be
You showed me discipline but also affection
It's not your fault I took to this direction
To my sister, you were always there for me
I was psychotic and you made me feel accepted and free
I will never forget how understanding you were
But the rest of my life feels like a ****** up blur
To my brother, you protected me and were my inspiration
Teaching me what you knew and your beautiful dedication
I couldn't have asked for better surroundings to grow up by
I know you're reading this and asking "then, why?"

I dont even ******* know...

There's no way to explain this empty pit in me
There's no end in sight to this dark misery
I'm surrounded by loved ones yet i feel alone
I feel darkness deep inside and cold to the bone
Let these cuts release the demons that have made me this way
I'll be free from this world before tonight turns to day
The world will keep spinning and nothing will change
My soul will be free as just my body remains
Be happy for me cuz I escaped the dark
And now i can stay peacefully in your hearts

Thank you all for trying your best
But now i must go, and put my soul to rest
Anastasia Jun 4
she ran
from non-existent footsteps
kicking in
from a lack of meds.

a white
with the stench
of bodies.

a stuffy nose
at the worst time
promised her demise.

a peek
in the window
her curiosity.
with only a splash of red.

another window
left open
to air out the stench
led to
no-longer-****** bodies

and she screamed
but not for very long
because the knife
peirced her neck
and the scream
turned into silence.
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