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Growly Wolfus Sep 26
To cry without hurting would be a blessing
To be heard without making a sound
Struggling to find the strength to stand
only to fall onto my knees
Lying prostrate on the ground
weeping silently

People look at me like how they gaze through a window
to see past the glass, forgetting it's there
I want them to acknowledge my existence
to see who I am, to know I am here
Shadows, faceless forms peer in with empty stares
looking in like the others before they disappear

I watch solemnly as life flies by
here for only a moment
The color of life dull in my eyes
Black and grey and white
The color drained from the environment
emotionless in my sight

A single light shines in from above
a white, flickering flame, so menial
A symbol of hope in this cage
I reach out to grab it
The fire looms above, somber, ethereal
a pure and holy spirit

Grains of sand fall through my fingers
time slipping away
I'm trapped in an hourglass constantly flipping
suffocating in secret
Hidden beneath the things others say
suffering from the torment

Tears turning to blood and blood to pitch bile
a frame holding broken glass
Drowning in the dust of ages
forsaken and alone
The cracks grow larger as shadows pass,
a black hole where a star once shone

I sit, frozen in time, forgotten but still here
darkness enshrouding me
Sinking into the ground, the glass finally shattered
Time slows to a halt
I scream, sobbing helplessly
everything is my fault

I draw the attention of glowing eyes
sand pouring out from the cavity
The hourglass runs empty, time continues onward
sand falling into nothingness
The shadows move along, ignoring me,
lost in the abyss

The crimson blood, the only color I see
staining the fire above me
Forever out of reach, the light dissipates
gone from this world of darkness
Absent from the world of grey, never to be seen
hope swallowed by sadness

Trying to stand a second time
inevitably falling
sobbing loudly in the dark
no sound coming out
Death has come to my calling
the only one to hear my shout

Time has run out for me
this living hell closing to an end
No longer trapped in the hourglass
Death has set me free
With no sand left to spend,
I'm finally released
A prophecy:

In an age when all
Our cars are

With Breathe (2 AM),
On the 2005 album
Wreck Of The Day,

Anna Christine Nalick
Will reenter
The Billboard Hot 100 Songs
20 years from now
I accept self-fulfilling
Prophecies as
Alex Sep 16
Falling in darkness...
Arms out for help...the void extends its hand
Sadness and despair embraces me...
A blindness overtakes me...
For now I see the truth
The once fading light of a candle was the creator
The smoke that rose once gone...his ghost
For it fades into nothing...
Nothing from which it came from and which it returns...

In measurement of time man is a grain of sand in an hourglass as big as the universe itself. Every moment captured in memory makes that hourglass fill...Every failure...every triumph is another gain that time it will be covered by time we shall all be forgotten....Can you tell me what moment in time did the first gain fall? What moment will be the last? Who will tilt the glass in the end?
Every time i listen to Samuel Barber - Agnus Dei I feel the highs and lows of every moment I have ever lived. I have never truly been a religious man but if I was to ever believe in a higher being it be that which let man create music such as this.
B D Caissie Sep 5
I'm cross-legged on a sandy floor encircled by a seamless wall of glass.
The future lies beneath me and clouds above cast shadows of my past.

The sand beneath is spiraling down and with each grain a speck of time.
Lost in my complacency until I slip through the hourglass that's mine.

Your despondent eyes are watching me while my world is turned upside down.
Then the sands of time come pouring down and bury me in the ground.

Carmen Jane Aug 31
Muffled noise of traveling cars
I hear through my open windows
At night, underneath the purple stars
I rest my heavy head on pillows

Across my room, the baby coughs
In secret codes, for me perhaps
I also hear your gentle breath
In all my movements, I am stealth.

Across from me, in the same bed,
You dream away, your best dream yet
Of childhood places, from faraway,
Of freshest milk and childhood's play.

The times you stayed on your grandma's porch
You stayed so still and ignored the urge
To run barefoot in the tall soft grass,
Gold sand of your childhood's hourglass

You stayed like that, like lost in space,
Letting the sun to caress your face
Eyelids kissed by warming rays,
That's how you spent those morning days

I feel how  heavy are  my eyelids,
I smile, thinking you'll tell our kids
About your dream that you just had
God knows how much I love their dad!

I am thrilled, the weekend's  really here
Everything is changing in atmosphere
In the morning you'll make us coffee,
You'll even put on top some toffee.
A love note :)
AsianTapWater Aug 12
It's all right,
He's not going to snow for a while.

Black and white sand
Shifts through the hourglass.

A large black pile collects
While a couple flakes of white drift on top.

"Enchant this inkwell to fly up, touch the ceiling once, and fly back into my talons."
"Enchant this bracelet to shield the wearer's thoughts from mind readers."

As time passes,
More spells are cast.

More white sand falls to the bottom,
As much as there is black.

"Enchant my scales to be invulnerable to harm of any sort, heal instantly, and shield me from any threat of death."
"If I can enchant my body like this... what could I do to others?"

The hole is too big.
We're going to fall into it forever.

The arctic wind howls around me
As a whiteout erases the dark.

"There are definitely going to be consequences."
"Now I know who has to pay."

"Cut out your tongue.”
"Rip open your stomach, and show us what you're really like on the inside. Pour your life out on this stage."

Fear me. Respect me. See me.

It's too late.
The sand is falling.
I recently reread Darkstalker and was inspired to write this poem. The poem is about Darkstalker (of course), his soul reader (hence the sand), and how he slowly goes insane. With a few quotes from Whiteout. The title is a reference to another quote from Whiteout, and the fact that the Soul Reader uses black and white sand in an hourglass to show how much good and evil is in one's soul.
nishta Jul 25
i etched the shape of an eye
on the sidewalk
but the chalk was washed away
the dust running in rivulets
down the street.
lost it's way,
lost it's reason.
been feeling quite lost for quite sometime.
what am i even doing with my life?
Chris Lazzaro Mar 10
Although life slips away like sand through glass,
I continue to defy death,
for each breath is not yet my last.
Star BG Mar 4
Inside hourglass,
sands of time drift dainty.
As if a conglomerate
of footsteps
dancing within its path.

Sands glisten
collecting sunlight
making way
for diamond moments
of memories to anchor.

Each particle to be climbed
as if I am mountain climber
and IT beckons me to
rise toward dream visions.

I hold glass menagerie
up to sun celebrating
passing moments
good and bad,
as if I see their gift.

As each grain holds
endless possibilities
in my child like mind.
inspired by Nish
My patience tends to run out
Like the last bit of sand
That falls oh so quickly
In a second's span
As if she is at the end
Of my life's hourglass
In order to get to her
I must conquer my past
The girl who awaits me
She, who shares the same soul
The one I am fighting for
Who stands above, on her own
The character that I long for
She, who embodies my goals
Nurtured by the love I will give her
Can't wait to see how much I've grown
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