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Karliah 27m
It's a most weird feeling,
When someone you knew,
Blends right back into,
The sea of strangers,

And you pretend,
To have never swam in each other's ocean.
Laura Nov 25
I want to believe you were scared
because I was nothing you ever knew
when you laughed and asked
"who even are you?"

the newness of it all and you couldn't help but fall
for the girl who has spirit
but answered days apart when i called
you couldn't stand to be near it
magnetism above all

but I've been in your shoes enough times to know
that's not the case and you were ready to go
so i'll sit here and wonder where i went wrong
but not for much longer
i hear my favorite song

your silence spoke to me in screaming whispers
but now i hear it as a roar
it's not your voice, it's actually mine
"let go of the people who make your heart sore
and give you no time"
Kai 1d
Darling where did you go?
Entering to find you
Artistically strung up
Tipped over stool in your room
Hopelessly deaf to my screams
Part two of a series called "The Little Words" that I'm writing right now.
October, 31
I've got painful on my own,
It's break to my bone,
When you are gone.
My love shall be shown,
For the hardest known.
I know that you won't
Feel alone,
I know that I want
To be your lovely one.
As the sunrise and goes down, as it come and gone.
Do you remember that one day?
One day we were happy together.
Together we where a lot.
A lot of love I had for you.
You were next to me when I looked in the reflection of the window.
The window of your room.

You were mine for a long time.
Time did not exist when I was around you.
You was all what I needed.
Needed to stay alive.
Alive I don't feel so much anymore.
Anymore minutes without you will **** me.

How can people date anyone else after a breakup with their love of their life.
Life they liked the most.
Most of me doesn't even want to let it go.
Naoki B 1d
I shared with you my world
From secrets to all I adored
But now you’re gone
And you know what hurts more
There’s nothing, I could’ve done
I have a friend who ignores me
I have a friend who does not bore me
Their smiles has begun to avoid me
How can I feel not like *******
I’m interested but, I’m starting to feel boring and potentially painfully mourning
Oh how warring, that feeling is now boring
I’m thinking of getting friends I pay for since life’s kinda going that way anyways
And now,
letting out the evil.
Retreating into shadow.

I trusted.
No sound came with trembling hands,
they scattered under awkward clutchings.

Don't hate me.
If you had asked,
I was depressed,
you were gone,

Wake up!
I could damage you.
I know you’ve heard these words before
I've said them many times before
I wish that I could use them more
To make things better like before

There was a time these words had meaning
Sheathed in heartfelt cries and feelings
But shaman who can not heal
Is just a man and nothing more

Like worn-out, old and ***** pennies
Become diluted by the many
There are so many, many pennies
No care if one lies on my floor

My cries of “wolf” no longer heeded
When these words are truly needed
To the darkness they've receded
With blindness searched for that door

In my chest still beats a heart
Painful regret tears it apart
Can't fix or go back to the start
And you don’t want me anymore

My anger and my finger pointing
Foolishly like I'm anointed
Not the one you are annoyed with
You were wrong; I was so sure

Attentively I listened to you
In-and-out my ears your words flew
Silenced; Gave no value to you
Truth revealed strikes at my core

Awakening finally have
Gaining awareness of how bad
Taking for granted what I had
A rolling tide erodes the shore

Alone I sit and think of when
We were not lovers just good friends
Fun times together that we’d spend
And from that my heart starts to soar

Reality then brings me back
Jolts like a sudden heart attack
A deep sharp pain gives me a whack
I scream until my lungs are sore

The memories can't fix or replace
Woke by nightmares; tears on my face
Past filled with guilt, shame and disgrace
Start questioning what life is for
October 13, 2017

All rights reserved.
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