I've never been one to rejoice deaths;
Tonight is different though

What a relief it is to finally realize
That my feelings for you
Are as dead as the affection you once had for me

I've been holding on to my feelings for someone for so long. I don't know why; maybe it's because of the undeniable chemistry paired with luckless timing. But this person just seems to be so out of reach that whatever I do, I'd still fall short of achieving what I want (aka this guy I'm talking about). I'm just glad that tonight, no matter how bittersweet it feels, I think I'm finally letting go of my feelings.

Have you seen her?
Yes, she was here just a minute ago.
Was it a minute or a fragment of a century?
I'm sure, I'm sure she was just right here feeding me thoughts.
But did you hear her?
Come to think of it no, I just felt her.
Did something happen to make her leave us?
Well, there was that time when we both betrayed her.
Betrayed her?
Yes, that moment when you decided I was right, and you put all your strength in me.
I was confused, I was young, what will we do without her?
Most likely go rampant in this vessel.
Will we ruin this one? like we did the others?
I'm afraid so, there's no balance without her.
Where do you think she is?
Locked away probably, the vessel can't understand her anymore.
Has it always been this dark in here?
No, what I embody is taking over.
It's getting so dark and cold in here, where should we go?
We can't leave!
Why not?
If we leave this vessel will be lost, it will roam around with no vitality.
But she left, didn't she ? why should we have to pick up the slack?
This vessel is important.
It's our last one.
Our last chance.
Do you think she'll come back?
Maybe if we unlock all these doors.
Were all of these here before?
They've always been here, you just have to look close.
If we unlock all of these we'll find her again?
Behind each door, there is a demon lurking.
A demon?
Yes, once the door is opened you must conquer it, otherwise, it will conquer you.
Does that mean she sits with one of these creatures, alone and scared?
Most likely, it's feeding on whatever is left of her.
If we can't defeat them what will happen to us?
We'll fade away into nothingness, and this vessel will die of a broken spirit.
Why did you betray her?
We could have worked together!
We could have finally risen and you ruined it.
I remember you being on board, so don't blame me!
I was malleable,  you were strong.
I was stubborn and rash, not strong.
She was strong.
She made this vessel what it was, now it's crumbling before us.
Let's look for her?
Even if it takes the last breath?
She's our path to balance.

Don't wait for her, oh heart.
Let her be gone.
She was like an Air India flight & you're on her no-fly list like Ravindra Gaikwad!

Indian politician from Maharashtra by the name of Ravindra Gaikwad misbehaved with a flight crew member and slapped him just to flaunt his power. He was blacklisted by the Indian Aviation Industry and he can no longer fly to any destinations.

Thanks for the inspiration for this write, Kalpana Arora ji.

A funny poem.

My HP Poem #1601
©Atul Kaushal

Storm strucking
and you are gone
You left all butterflies inside
And slowly
Coldness comes
Darkness covering
I'm walking down the path
Healing myself
A bit struggling
Yet fireflies still sparkling
Telling white lies
That you are staying
Pain disappearing
But it still hurts
It was a lie.
You are still gone.

your hands still burn on my waist
your fingers would pat
and your hand would move

up and down against my waist
almost touching my ribs
our height feeling miles apart

your thumbs would run across my bone
i could feel your hands burn through the fabric
of the cheap red dress

you hummed along to a humdrum song
a song I’d heard a million times
a song I never get sick of

your fingers caressed my back
and moved like they did on a piano
and reminded me what caring touch felt like

your hands still burn on my waist
barely touching my ribs
leaving me empty

Amanda 6d

Nothing could hurt more than this does,
Knowing you don't need me to fill your bed,
No words you say would sting as much,
As the silence you share instead.

You used to text me every day,
Now im lucky if I get a reply,
I know youre busy but it only takes,
15 seconds to type out hi.

I realize im not worth your time,
And you certainly are not worth mine,
But I would still do anything,
To have you as my valentine.

I don't deserve these lonely tears,
I want a man who knows im enough,
I deserve someone who wont let go,
Who doesnt give up when things get rough.

I am tired of waiting for you,
Chasing you when you're already gone,
Day after day i try to let go,
But this broken heart keeps holding on.

Sam 6d

You once asked me how I felt about you, and I answered
"I love you, and I always will."
Now as I lay in my misery, plagued by nightmares and haunted by the smell of your perfume. I pour another shot to take the pain away, and repeat those same words to the spiders in my dark, lonely, room.
"I love you, and I always will."

Eva 7d

Little girl
Hiding in her nest
Doesn't want to go out
Can't pass this test

Little girl
Knows what's best
In her mind there's no doubt
Puts herself to rest

The intensity in your eyes
And how they met with mine
So different than with those other times
with any other girl
It was warm and electric
A jolt of excitement each connection
We'd glance then look the other direction
I really feel something here,
Infatuation and fear
Chopped black hair
Dark and debonair
Phyique and face of grace
But all I wanted was her stare
It's burned in my brain
Engraved and and stained
Something I'll never forget
Especially while holding the regret
Of never getting
Her name.

Sarah Jean Ashby Aug 2011

Written September 2008

Can you hear me now?
I'm standing on the front porch
Looking in this empty house
How long was I gone?
And where has everyone gone to?

And who said anything
About leaving me behind?
Cause I received no letter
No message of any kind
And all I want to know is

Why would you do this to me?
Left me alone
All by myself
Just waiting for you,
Waiting for you
To come back home

Please, come back home.

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