Svode 1d

I watched the sun rise today.
It welcomed me and made me allay,
but it's not the best sight I've seen anyway,
that title goes to you.

I gazed at the sunset today.
I witnessed the light's dwindling rays,
but it's not the best sight I've seen anyway,
that title goes to you.

I witnessed the late night today.
I noticed the stars; they made me say,
"It's not the best sight I've seen anyway,
that title goes to you."

The sun was bright, and so were you,
The sun came down, and so did you,
Now, the night is as cold as you,
Ever since you went away.

rom 1d

today, the clouds are crying in rage
i observe the embankment where grey water is flowing over
consuming the city with its anger
and i watch this all unfold (water begins to touch my feet)
but i do not worry about you:
i have no need to do so.

your clouds never seethe
the endless stretch of land and sky between us agree
you exist in a place where Babylon never existed –
but instead of seeking the heavens
i remember beating the earth until the soil bathed in blood;
i begged for it to let you go
(who enjoys a place free of sores?)
but as water seeps through the cracks of my home
touching the furniture you once touched
destroying my abode like you did with your absence
and people fleeing, leaving houses;
i am in awe of you:
how does one retain their wit even in death?

you escaped the worst.

part 1/? of A Tribute Series

When I was in 8th grade I remember envying the girls who still got to go home to their dad.

Who gets called princess and actually feels like one when their dad holds them.

Who are brave knowing that whatever comes at them has to go through their fathers first.

When I was in 10th grade I remember crying over girls who still got to go home to their dads.

Who can post fathers of their dad being the best and meaning it.

Who can confidently date knowing if anyone hurt them, their dad would hurt them ten times worse.

Who can be shown what a real relationship looks like.

When I was in college I hurt over the girls who still remembered what their dad looked like.

See, my father is a backwards glance.

My father is a shallow breath already hesitating on speaking.

My father is forgotten.

And I have his face.

inspired by Safia Elhillo

Yes, it is true
I once believed that I loved you
Just as I once believed in faries

it's lonely out here.
Someone save me.
Save me from this agony.

I was your priority. I made mistake. I'm remorseful. But you left, is this your revenge?

"The lover you are trying to contact cannot be reached at this time. This inconvenience may be due to the loss of a loved one, oneself, or the heart may be compromised. Please try again later..."

The deep beeping tone of a dead phone line sounds in the darkness.

I got drunk last night
But all we did was be quiet
You didn’t respond
We didn’t bicker
I just wish you where near
You’re everything I need
And everything I wish
But maybe you didn’t need this

He's hurting
You hear it when you hear him laugh.
He's dying.
You feel it when his touches feel numb: when they feel less than what they used to feel.
He's leaving.
You see it when you see his attention slipping through the cracks and into the hands of another.
He doesn't love you.
You cry when his words are a shell of who he used to be.
He's gone.
You accept it when he's no longer there.

Words are what heals the soul the most.

Over and over i try to write a poem about you and every time i leave it unfinished because i get too overwhelmed with emotions

It's hard to say goodbye when you were taken from me;
I swore I was done writing about you when I accepted
                         that you were gone from my life like a feather.
Somehow I still remember how long it's been.

I've moved on, but there's still a sorrow I feel when I remember you;
I guess that's what happens when there's a scar left behind
                              from the wound that I could not prepare for.
Somehow I still remember how long it's been.

I've moved on but I haven't healed completely;
If I healed then I would be able to see your picture
       or read the words you wrote out in a time that was happy.
Somehow I still remember how long it's been...

It's hard to not hurt, even over a relationship that ended a long time ago, when it feels like that person was robbed from you. Never got to have any closure. :/
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