I'm going insane
Stuck in place with nowhere to go
And the she-devil on the way
My sanity left with the two I had
One alone and the other away for the night

So I sit and wait
Until someone saves me
From what I know will happen
Reminding myself to bite my tongue
And hold back everything

She'll be gone soon
Then you can hide from the world again
Run to your room and close the door tightly
Hopefully this will all be over soon
And someone will find you alive

I'm becoming part of the world's worst disappearing act
And now it's my turn to step up
I wish I could say this is my first time
But I've lost count
I could do this blind folded

The show has started
Look closely,
Or you'll miss the trick
But watch yourself
Don't get too wrapped up in it

The closer you look
The easier it is to fool you

I made my partners disappear
Did you catch that?
That's because you seem to have been too close
Now they're gone
And I'm up next

You called yourself an adventurer, a
pathfinder, one who like to take risks,
explore places no one else would brave.

You were young & curious,
but old enough to know,
old enough to stop.

You called yourself a friend, someone
to be trusted, but you took away the
cloth, stripped naked the virgin, greedy
eyes and hands, slippery words, oiled
whispered consolations, assurances.

Your tongue took paths too raw,
journeyed to depths too young to
understand, but did you care for anything
but the sweet, almost corrupt taste?

Your fingers made of ice and lead,
delved deep into forbidden passages,
ripped through pink innocence,
now bloodied devil red.

You painted kisses on a tender, fledgling
canvas, murmured sweetly to soothe,
but you could not take back the knowing
that she would never again take back
the innocence you had
wickedly Chased.

Raw, unadulterated writing courtesy of my recent nightmares.

Lucid dreams used to take you away
Give you control
Now you seem stuck in the same loop
Looking for your way out of this nightmare
Or trying to hide from the monsters

My memory shows your lucid tears
Cried over seas where we were together
That memory plays back every day
Showing me your pain
As you hold it in till you close your door

I want to dry your tears
But your door has been closed
And your heart was broken a few times
So I guess I'll wait
Keeping my door wide open at all times
And hoping you'll take up my offer

She was everything to you
I can tell that much
But how she could hurt you this much puzzles me
Because she said she cared
Now where is she?

So I walk myself to the cliffs edge for you
So when you say jump
I can ask how far
Then maybe she'll come back for you
And cut my rope from around your ankles
Freeing you at last
From the monster under your bed

The door is still open, always. Take advantage of that all you want, it'll always be open.
Agent G 2d

I should let go of this emptiness
It is Parasitic. I can't explain the feeling
I've longed for forever but it seems too far
Our glass house, filled with cracks spiral-ling out of control
Tossed, tattered lay my despair
Claustrophobia - the perfect spot for my longing
The sun has stopped shinning
No one to share my frozen thoughts.
We've danced in circles - clueless
We emptied our chests but our hearts wouldn't budge
We've driven ourselves to places, we didn't pay attention
Maybe you think the taxi-man doesn't know isolation
You are so proud of your fortress
Your perfect thoughts so euphoric
the sea; our spot, perfect reflections
But my luck has gone bald, it cannot be saved
Looks picturesque, not in the grave
Trapped - thoughts feed the monsters
In shallow graves we sing the song of lonely birds
Breathless, barely awake, carefree I stutter;
I will miss you but I know what I must do.

How in the flying fuck
do I begin to place an ad?
My body hasn't known
touching love since, hell
I don't remember when.
I want your love on me
Deeply free, brave bedroom
eyes. I want my love all
upon you, too. Lonely
existence, isn't it? Livin
vicariously through friends
is often your biggest and
loudest indicator of a good
day. Who? You gave head
to who and who blew you?
Never wanted children
with my baby for a reason,
but now the reason has crept
upon us, this house regardless.
I say to my friends, Who?
You gave head to who
and who blew you?
I say, Who? You
gave head to
who? And
who blew

valerie 3d

i remember you once told me

i shouldn't allow fear to

control me because i

could lose that chance and

opportunity with someone.

and i lost that chance and opportunity

with you

Starfire 4d

As the sparkling water falls down
My love for you grows stronger by the minute

But when the sparkling water flows upwards
My love for you dies by the minute

Till there's nothing left

Dogs play in the park
Wind blows through my daughter's hair
I look down, she's gone.

unnamed 4d

You left with no whisper.

No discussion.

No note.

Leaving me with empty hope.

You're oblivious to the scars.

On my increasingly fragile heart

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