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sheila sharpe Jun 11
the cosy little nest that she had made
of their relationship is empty
the straws at which she had
one clutched
strewn all around her
now she runs around as
a headless chicken would
trampling on the empty eggshells
she now recognises
as his promises of eternal love
Estel Jun 2
Whenever I get close
I can feel the walls start to shake
They’re bound to fall
At any moment

But I can’t have that

I must disconnect
Before someone else
Cuts the wire
And I turn to dust

No one will know why
And I can’t tell them
But they won’t care anyway
I was never liked.
Lily Priest May 20
She wanted to travel
Unravel the world
Like famous explorers
Who's wandering was all the will to ask
If there was anything beyond the horizon
That they could see.

Now shes everywhere -

Frozen stare, pigtails and grey red uniform,
Tie needling south with the straightness of a compass
And shes lost.

Where is she?
Everywhere anyone turns
Trapped in the undergrowth
Where cans and cat **** go to pasture
Her wrinkled smile
Is caked onto the branches
Paper machet - ed and as brittle
As an old map.
She breaks apart like bread crumbs
That will never lead her home.

Have you seen her?
Not tumble weeding her news
Across the m2
Or pinned to a lamppost
Weeping her ink into the missing
like a watercolour.

Have you spied her?
Not tied with weak ribbon
to brown stalks who's little
Notes speak of hope
And other things, like Angel's and innocence,
The innocence shes frozen in.

Can you find her?
Not hopefully
Flying her flag of the forgotten
On the tv
Budget crew
Remaking her last seen
With shaking cameras
And discount queens of the smaller screen
Hoping for Hollywood.

Is there a tangible
Left to her name
Thrown as it has been across
State lines, and small places
That only the locals know.
She has Columbus - ed the globe
And she only left home
Walked down her drive
And disappeared.
Estel May 18
There’s always that one person
You can’t forget
Penciled into your mind
On fine white paper
Glistening in the warm summer rays
It’s a spot stained black
With shades of grey

Filled with past memories
Like a tape rewinding
Your mind recalls
All the moments you shared
The sweet whispers
And tears of sadness

No matter how many easers you use
They’ll never be forgotten.
MSunspoken May 13
Choo Choo!
The train of thought
No no!
It missed its stop!
The train is gone….
Who are you?
MSunspoken May 12
One amp
Two amps
Three amps
Nine amps
Ten amps
Eleven amps
Come on!
Thirty amps
Forty amps
Fifty amps
One hundred Amps
Two hundred amps
Three hundred amps
He’s gone
Maja May 8
I was with you for so long,
you became a part of my world.
Like the sun that rises every morning.

Until you were gone.
And the sun didn’t rise.
And everything
got so
It's not until something is lost,
that you understand,
you had something to lose.
Estel Apr 20
You said you miss me
With a pouting face
For a second I felt for you
But you don’t know anything about me
You’re clueless
You don’t care how I am
So how can you miss me…
If you don’t care about me?
Maybe it’s the idea of me that you miss
Or the attention I gave
Always ignoring me
Till it suited you to respond
I feel no bond
So here I am letting go
It’s over now.
Estel Apr 19
The tears rush up into my eyes
Every time I see you
Because I know you’ll never be mine
In the past I would have given it all
But now when I fall
I can’t…
My heart’s too weak
Like a bone that’s broken
It never heals to be the same
And I know I’m not worth your time
But I’ll admire you in the golden light
While your eyes shine like the brightest stars
It’s a lovely sight
J Apr 14
The day I’ve outlined in my head

I don’t know what will become of my life until then

But I hope I can erase the date

Before I erase myself from this world
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