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A M 1d
Pluperfection of the past
A passive exists yet not to be
King to corruption to the loved
Dogma in the barbarian’s anarchy

New pages to fill
Old ways to rebuild
A birth irreplaceable by mockery
The earth salted yet again

Superimposition ex hollow, hallowed knowledge.
Power in our holy heresiarchy
Fire in the humble hearts of our pious clergy
Closure in our medial devotions

Nocturnality, of the space between passivity.
Thoughts of past and future orders.
Magnificent putrefaction of our holy books
Together beyond the demon-blinded sun
Eleanor 1d
i told you my secrets
you told me you cared
you pulled me in closer
when i said i was scared
but now im scarred
you moved on so quickly
expect me to stay there
you’re right in that thinking
because i still care
i've been waiting.
"what for?"
for when i don't have to answer that question.
when i won't even be able to hear that question.
when i am too far away to hear any questions.
when, one day, i get in the car.
and then i drive.
i'll just close my eyes, and pick a direction.
and i'll keep driving.
i'll only stop when i meet the setting sun, and everything has an orange glow.
i'll stare into the light, and forget your name.
i'll throw my phone into the desert, and bury my memories along with it.
i'll count the stars and change my name
i'll shave my head and burn my possessions
i'll lose myself and become a mirage
i'll paint my skin with the sunrise's pink
i'll find a million different ways to love, and ways to say '"i love you"
i'll kiss a thousand lips, without having to hear them move once
i'll be a hundred different people, a hundred different stories
i'll be in the middle of nowhere, but i'll know where i am
and you'll say
"what ever happened to her? she's just...gone?"
but i won't have to answer that question.
i won't even be able to hear that question.
Jedda 3d
It doesn’t matter
You can wake up to this later

I just wanted to say
I wish we could’ve stayed

The people we use to be
In each other’s company

But we’ve long moved on
And we don’t belong

To each other anymore
You’re still the one I adore

Leaving hurt like ****
Part of me still can’t tell

If it was meant to last
But now you’re in my past

I could never forget you
Or what we went through

But that was some time ago
And it feels like I should go

So I’ll say goodbye
Before I begin to cry

Sweet love of mine
Gino 6d
If i run to the edge of the cliff,
what would i see?
a rainbow as a gift?
or is it death awaiting me?

Colors are gone
figures are black
the world is clasped by hand
call it a doom shot

the crown of hope shatters
the ruin of love castle
throne seated fear
feelings bow to despair

stationary time
empty minds
all wears them down
humans merge with land

i'm eaten from the inside
i'm sweet coated from the outside
i'm dead yet alive
Carter 6d
I’m tired
Sleep alludes me

I’m crying
My eyes are dry

I’m lonely
My friends are over

I’m in love
You don’t see me

I miss you
You don’t speak to me

Im leaving
You don’t listen to me

I’d tell you
You don’t care any ways

You don’t care anyways

I smoke so I don’t think
I think anyways

I want to hate you
I love you anyways
i wonder if you still think of me
as i still think of you
we haven't seen each other in a few months
haven't touched each other
haven't looked at each other
haven't talked to each other
i wonder if you remember
any of the unique little things about me
like how i love gas stations
or how i think bumblebees are cute
and how i love the way bruises look
i wonder if you remember the simple things
like my favorite color
or the type of music i like
i sure remember those things about you
maybe i wasn't important or good enough
for you to remember those things
you thought i was weird
but i take that as a compliment
why would i ever want to be with someone
who couldn't handle my weirdness?
we are complete opposites
and yes, it's true
that opposites attract
we saw that from the very beginning
but our relationship was bipolar
a disorder of sorts
at first, we were alright
the magnets inside us were strong
we attracted so well
then we would repel
we had our ups and downs
we would be fine one minute
and fighting the next
it became manic
our love's mental health deteriorated
and the disorder kicked in
in that moment, we were already gone
we would have never survived
the disorder grew
the attractiveness gone
our relationship died
committed suicide
and our love for each other with it
written 8/15/18
When they reached his house he entered in hurry
She stood in front she was not happy
As she remembered her husband ,she was married
He wanted her to enter and she wasn't ready
He said "why do not you come and you will be funny!"
"You would have here a lot and will gain happy"
This clothes will dismiss and we will without thing
We will spend all day with love and I'll return you in hurry
She remembered her husband ,she remembered her holy tie
When the man said "do you accept him as your husband?"
She said "yes" she strengthened  that bond
She said no to the ***** of blind
She said yes faith of feeling of ***

As he saw her attractive as he saw her a woman
As he was wolf and she was in a weaken
Why did he wait ? He attacked in moment
He cut off her cloths she screamed for save
She said with her pains "fear of your ***"
He said my *** is devil and I was ordered
By him to destroy you and make you appeared
As a  naughty  woman and get you a part
From your husband and he continued
He wanted to make her lie to made his bad
She demanded his kind she demanded his help
He forgot everything except her appearance
He could make her lie he would be mad

She screamed in high ,she screamed at loud
The winds refused that mad, the winds refused the bad  
They were carried the woman's screams to all sides
Of that deaf world ,of that blind universe
Her husband heard her ,her husband knew her voice
He was shocked ,he went to his house

He found no one he found the winds
He remembered the only one, he remembered his ***
He kneeled to the earth ,help me ***
The winds blew up ,they carry him wide
Till he reach there ,he saw the blind
the man who carried hate ,act as a blind
the bad was strong ,the devil gave his hand
the man didn't stand ,he attack without wait
the man stood and hurt him hard
the woman was afraid
that her man might be beat
the husband was completely tired
the husband was completely beat
the winds blew ,the sun shined
the trees moved in speed
the woman stood and she called

she called him strong ,she was not afraid
he thought as she was beat ,
she would do his want
he came with smile saying my darling
opening his arms with happy speaking
you will be my *** and I am praying
To you all days and nights, with I did as you want

he stretched his lips to catch her kiss
he closed his ears, he closed his eyes
he came forward the winds said
with anger "oh wrong comes with bad"
"he must gain his worth"
the woman hurt him ,hurt
he fall to the earth
the winds blew up and carried in a distance
the husband looked at her eyes
she demanded his forgiveness

she said you are worth that as I worth
he looked astonished and said in weakness
She said "you didn't fold me"
You didn't say you love me
You didn't say you follow me
You didn't ask "do you admire me?"
He said "I went to work"
To be reach to live in a rank
As rich people in act
She said "**** rich ,**** all act"

The heart like a plant
Must be watered ,every be pet
If it doesn't get he may be gone
the love is like the plant needed to be watered
Julian Delia Oct 14
A rolling stone, hurtling down a hill;
A smoke-blowing rogue, with infinite skill.
A bearer of ill will,
Tumbling down, in these demons I drown -
I'm just hunting for a thrill.

I am a man fully grown,
With a depth of thought previously unknown.
In touch with the void,
Cold like an android,
Floating through emptiness like an asteroid.
Open your ears if you want your mind to be blown;
Spoken word and a gaunt face is all I own.

Nothing to lose, went through years of abuse,
My body is a ***** to my muse,
Helpless, an illiterate knave trying to read the news.
Wilderness incarnate, running amok -
Gunning with no luck, giving no *****;
I'm just here for the drugs and the carnage.
Hidden pain, glossed over with varnish;
The soul is deeper than the oceans and the seas,
Yet it lives in shallow bodies, heavily garnished,
In narrow alleys governed by the Grim Reaper.

Kick your ego off its throne,
Realise that the time we have is merely a loan.
From realities we cannot see in any degree,
Our souls have flown.
And thus, the stone stopped rolling.
Sunday hangover poetry that started in a terrifyingly boring conference I was coerced into going to, because capitalism. Best read with some rhythm.
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