Akira 7h
That summer day
on the month of may.
I was only fifteen
and you are sixteen.
We were in love
like the doves flying from above.

You find ways
to make me smile every time I'm mad.
We were so sure,
that our love was pure.
We believe in a saying that
"if were together, our love will be forever."

Every night dance of our small town
We danced like no one's watching.
We just let the beat of music
carry us into every step we take.
We enjoy every moment were together.
'cause deep inside we both know it only happens every summer.

When summer ends,
we promised to eachother
that no one can break us,
but months and days passed
the love was gone.
Teardrops from my eyes
every time you say lies.

I miss the old you.
The crazy things we do.
The memories we share.
The time we'd always spare.
I always cry under the night sky.
and the stars, the stars witnessed my loneliness.
Without you I can feel the cold bliss of air.
and every time it rains,
I just lay on bed and feel the pain.
Geanna 13h
They tell me to be happy
They say they want me to be happy

How can I find happiness in something
that doesn't make me happy?
How can I be happy in a world
full of pain and suffering?

I have to find it myself, right?
What if I don't find it worthy?
What if I successfully commit suicide?

You can't help a dead girl
You can't save a dead girl

All you can do is sit there
wondering what went wrong
wondering how did you miss it all
wondering why couldn't you save me

But i'll be be gone by then
There's nothing you could do about it
The pain will always be there
Scarring you forever
Aa Harvey 18h
Beauty in a dark world

Statuesque she stood there silently,
Lighting up the world with her divine beauty.
It’s a beautiful light in a cold dark world,
That guides me to you when I am in need of sincerity.

You are a star;
That is what you are.
I would travel near and far,
To once more have you hold me and love me in the dark.

I knew she had to go,
But I still had hope within my soul.
I am once more left in the dark,
Now that her love has died and she is gone.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 18h
In need of being loved.

Whispering bitter blues, unaware of happy faces;
Life wrapped up in bubble wrap is a caged way to live.
Tongue torn from my mouth; words without fire are wasted.
So have my soul and all I own, because all I have to give is apathy.

I am without passion, so my true thoughts sound false.
All I can say is give me a chance
And you might help me to find my voice.
As I walk along in my little red hoody, I am surrounded by wolves.
As I escape in my Mini Metro, I wish that it could be a Rolls Royce.

But I have forever been a poor boy in a mad man’s creation;
Money is so necessary to become, that I will never be.
As I wave goodbye to my youth, I am in need of inspiration.
I am lost in a shadow of the man I once was and nothing is ever free.

If I promise to change, you would no longer listen,
Because you have heard my words before, so you will know that I lie.
I could tell you with age I will no longer be missing,
But will I still be here in the front of your mind, in the morning light?

Feet rammed into the ground, I cannot be moved,
Unless I hear you say something truly spoken from the heart.
If I could be anything, then I would be just like you,
Because you are capable of doing anything and I love all that you are.

A fingertip away from grabbing my destiny;
I dive into your arms and hope you will catch me.
A bolt from the blue, a memory as a matter of fact;
Your love is worth fighting for, so I will swear this pact…

You and I until the end of time…

Break my heart or love me truly.
The choice is yours, the hope is mine.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
like the sky & sea
somewhere again, our eyes will meet
like the waves & sand
in another world, our hands will intertwine

like the moon & sun
you're disappearing but still in my heart
like the night & stars
stuck in my head at all hours

like the raindrops & rainbows
bittersweet memories i'll remember those
like the thunder & lightning
the nights will make me feel like dying.
Dan Beyer Apr 2
They wont come out and say it
But I can read between the lines
The subtle hints are there
They don't want Him in their lives
He should just go away
But He is Me
So maybe...
I'll go.
Dan Beyer Jan 29
I needed more
She was not enough for me
I consumed all that she had
But hunger is a ravenous beast
She once was my everything
I loved her more than life itself
Together we felt we could do anything
But I left her to benefit myself
I couldn't let her see this side of me
Depressed, broken and unsatisfied
I took all her happiness when I left
I regret now all the ways I lied.
Dan Beyer Jan 29
The heat of the words rise,
Driving us farther from warmth.
Until all that is left is the ice chill
Of distant shoulders.
Nothing left to be restored.
Wake up and smell the coffee,
You're shaking you head.
Wake up and smell the roses,
Soon enough they'll be dead.

All this time,
I was falling,
for your punch lines.
Your bad behaviour,
I needed a saviour.

I was crucified,
with those knives,
You locked me up,
kissed me goodnight.

You kept boulders,
on my shoulders,
Called me darling,
Left me starving.

You bought me a
A ball and chain
Wrapped it around
my pretty veins.

A poison dart,
to my heart,
I must been going insane.
To play your wicked games.
Funny how after all these years
I can still smell you on my sleeves
The scent lingers
It's like you never left.
I know you're long gone, but i still got the same old jumper on, the one i wore all those nights you held me close.

p.s. today would've been our 1 year anniversary if we were still together.
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