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Strying May 13
Sometimes I feel like all of the ink in my hand has run out
I keep making the motions
But I don't feel the emotions
I keep drawing in the air
But I can no longer sense anything there.
Sorry I've been so inactive, school's been keeping me busy =)
Hope everyone is doing great <3 missed ya'll
Yuen Viii Apr 15
Not going out tonight
Staying by myself it's fine
Reminiscing about our lost flame
Perhaps just a tutorial to the main game
Listening to the wind whistle your name  
Looking at the clouds coming together to form your face
Leocardo Reis Apr 14
What had burned
turned to ash.
In the end,
even a violent blaze
turns to nothing.
Which flame lasts forever?

I give ashes
as proof of what once was.
Judge me, as you like,
but know the dust before you
was once with form;
warm and bright.
Keen Apr 6
As I’ve looked at you,
Your eyes shimmer in the dark—
Blissful perfection.
blackbiird Mar 11
I burnt you in the palm of my hand
now all I have are the ashes of your ghost.
Clay Face Feb 28
It’s another day, the sun’s left a twisted mess of vigor-less dreams and wishes faintly seen.

I’d lay down and cry if I saw any meaning to anything, but UV bleaches my guts and everything.

By now you would’ve realized, the sort of world, cruel and curious, we seek to sow.

But how can anyone walk around stating what they know?

And the pain seeps cold at night.
Aspirations, lies I hold tight.
Maybe not tonight.

Days bleed by, numb and opaque it heeds and blinds.

The pain seeps cold at night.
Aspirations, dreams I hold tight.
Not tonight.
Not tonight.
Clay Face Feb 7
This time please don’t feel sad.
I’ve tried to fade away.
Stretch thin to reach me.
Gone un-scratched for an eon.
As a breath on a death bed.
Can’t be savored for too long.

It’d feel nice to know who I am.
I’m pressed to find a way.
Dressed in his slime and his slop.
It’d feel good to know who I’m not.
Bottle up and conceal.

It’s all moved away this time.
I can feel.
No Fawkes whisper to reveal.
It’s all been changed.
But for me.
I feel the same.

I’m broken and poured.
All vivid, but defamed.
The color I had in my fingers.
Is distant on a tether.
I just coil it back in.
Before I grow numb in taste.
I'm in love with a photographer,
because, he says I am his limelight
I'm in love with a sailor,
because,he teaches me to sail in the ocean of love
I'm in love with a painter,
because, he draws lines of me that no one notices
I'm falling deeper,
Do you know who will catch me?
Well I'm in love, with a gymnast
because,he is always catching me when I fall
I'm in love  with an archer,
because, his aim never falters and he hits the bull's eye of my heart
I really tried you see,
but even the photographer with his best shots,
He  couldn't win my heart
The sailor was amazing,
but he drowned me
To the point I couldn't breathe
The painter even with his fine lines,
Left smudges of me everywhere
Now I'm nothing but a blurry image
The gymnast was to break my fall,
but instead he broke my bones
Now I'm no longer intact
The archer won my heart
but even with his never faltering aim,
His shot bled me dry,
Now my heart is in pieces
I'm sorry that today,
I played my part in love,
Although I'm no player,
I lost I admit defeat,
but even after a dark dusk,
There is a bright dawn,
so tomorrow I'll try my luck again
and maybe next time
Lady luck will smile on me
Searching for the one
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