Mims 2h

Where has your love gone?
I looked but I can't  find it anywhere.

Arctic monkeys
Asonna 19h

The window pane leaves morning chills,
Dew fogs up the glass.
Little bumps across my skin,
Winter's coming in.

A crochet blanket, hand-stitched with love,
Strewn across my Duvet.
But when head turned left, there's vacancy
of someone right beside me.

The touch of another human,
This kiss from another soul.
Warmth that would be inside me,
Isn't there anymore.

Somedays I wonder how long it'll take,
till I meet the perfect balance
But until that day comes, i'll sink into my sheets
And let the mornings pass me over.

It's not much, right?
I only can't share this song with you that you really ought to listen,
and can't tell anyone about my dreams anymore.

Ten 1d

Her face is so bright,
Like a starlight of the night
Her smile is so sweet,
Like a candy in your mouth
But no one can notice, the bitterness of her eyes
Because everyone sees her, as the statue of love
Every night she's in her room,
Crying until she fall asleep
Screaming his name,
Wishing that he was still here,
He left her without saying goodbye
She's left clueless wondering why
She might be okay in everyone's eyes
But the truth is, she's hiding behind the mask,
Still waiting for him,
To comeback in her life
Eventhough she knows
The footprints are gone
One day you'll see her,
Smiling under the rain
Trying hard to hide her tears,
Trying hard to fulfill their needs,
But whenever I look,
Directly into her eyes
Tiredness is what I see,
Longing is what I feel
And now she's gone
Like a rain in the sky
Realization hit us
That love is gone,
Pretention is done.

alan 2d

There's no one in this town where I am
there's emptiness in replace of idle sound where I am
the people of this town all left searching for where I am
but I've been here all along hiding until they're gone
wondering where they've gone because they're not where I am.

rose 3d

At least now I know
Their are people with
' , '
' - Fireworks - '
' , ' 
Going off in their soul
One day I hope to find them


Alive or dead, no matter how
We meet people with whom we share vows
Now, some might never be anywhere near
But they are still very very dear
I too met a wonderful true friend
But I still wonder why did the story had to end?
You taught me life was about growing with all
I never knew it was your last call
Seventh heaven was your muse
But why were you in such a hurry to choose?
Why, oh why you did you go at this pace
With us, you could have completed this race
Now that you are gone
Leaving our hearts so torn
Creating void in our heart
Of which you were such a big part
Each day we miss those assuring glittering eyes
Crying our hearts out till our tears finally dries
Stay happy and blessed wherever you be
This is, to the Lord, my final plea

moquino 6d

do not attend my funeral,
many moons from now,
for i want you to know me for the times we had
when i was laughing and dancing around our kitchen table,
not for how you'd watched me get put into the ground.

i want you to throw my ashes to the wind,
letting them waft as freely as they wish
to every nook and cranny of this earth.
that way, when i am gone,
i will be everywhere,
and you can always have that dimpled smile
playing at your lips wherever you go
with the memories of us and all that we had.

moquino 6d

t'was when tears stung my eyes like the harsh wind outside
that i knew she was just a passerby;
a leaf from the tree so worriedly looking in at me
blown and lifted away.

t'was within the pages of my favorite book
that i fought my worst war;
my memories of her were rekindling to an inferno
but fading with the words on the paper.

t'was her, always her,
that saved me.
t'was her name for me,
that i want on my headstone
just as,
was printed on hers.

t'was her, always her,
that took a part of me
when she left,
for t'was her and only her
that was me.

If anyone is confused as to what this one's about, it's about how I changed myself so much that I forgot how to change back. I regret it deeply.
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