I want to know that there's hope
I want to know that there's a future
I want to see that there's a sustainable place in her heart for me
And yet, if that's not the case
I need to learn what I need and can
And then I need to leave

Honest, true, me.

Okay, ive paused x
i need to roll a hash i want to relax with this
it will be beaitiful
3 mins ill be quick
Oscar Franklyn-Rudd
Ill roll up a Joint too x
yeh nice XX
you need to add the other 2 i can only see one or you sorted it?
Oscar Franklyn-Rudd
Im afriad i only have time to listen to one song though as i must leave in 5 minutes for the meal, so chose the one you think means the most x
okay burial come down to us
Oscar Franklyn-Rudd
Wait i forgot you are rolling

ex is T


empathy+polarity and life and death

miles you're soooo true
ylruceiram Oct 2015

A beautiful lie
inflicted by a beautiful liar
that caused a beautiful pain


It's an amazing stone did you look it up?
Yes no bad dreams.
It protects
Like I protect you
Because you are my friend
It will reject anything you do not need
any vibration your body and mind does not want xxxxxxx

(little risky - so see intent not belief. i must for you and i must for me.. back to my flower.....pretty daisy
now i should stop, her poems beauty
no need to ad, explain, change
ok my sweet process)

They say it will be sent back from where the engery came from but that doesn't mean to say that it was negative energy. Just a vibration the receiver did not need. Sender will be asked not to send it again xxx

Thank you for the poem

we said that
hardly my words
you are the poet
still me

you are the poem, flower
now i seee xxxx

I live amongst the shadows
Lurk in shades of black
Keep my voice echoed
And leave my heart upon my back
Because my heart beats in cages
And yearns to be free
But if it weren't for my ribs
Then I wouldn't have been me
I live amongst the people
The ones with open eyes
They sleep in the shadows
And I bathe in their lies
and when the sun is shining
We hide under the clouds
Because a place so perfect
Is a place we're not allowed
So if you come looking
We would never be found
As we're locked in our cages
And our hearts are unbound

Keep your eyes open
For every truth that you find
There is another

Lies are sweet
Truth is bitter
Lies will make you glad
Truth will make you blister

A bowl of salad
A basket of sweets
Given the option
You’ll take the treat

Do it today
Or wait for tomorrow
Easier to pretend
The future will not follow

Slow down a bit
Let the time pass
Ignore how short it is
Until human life is past

Say it never happened
So I won’t have to think
About the consequences
Of all those forsaken things

It doesn’t matter
You’ll be okay
But the things you left behind
Will catch up one day

When it gets too hard
To keep the truth at bay
It’ll envelop around you
And wash you away

Lies are sweet
Truth is bitter
Lies will make you glad
But they’ll make the issues bigger

Sometimes it feels easier to lie to yourself when times get hard...

Lust is a malady,
Carnal for two bodies

Love is a lyre
The warm embrace of
two souls

Love and Lust and Hate
all cross with fine lines

In a world where we all
fight to survive,
very few have the
to live

J 2d

Back broken my obstacle yet avoids unsettled pleasures of a whispering pine - Low was her voice down a meadowy road she collapsed - Hand vacant a distant shadow of a love she screamed deep horror - Reality hit backside measures a fervent plea for a love so deep - The cracks lay wide beneath the echoes of her feet did tremble - Seemed only miles did separate oceans across fields and time a different light broadcasted - A new moon one he will see only after she has reaped the pleasures of time fast forward a day elapsed he follows her close behind - Scream a name letters blank only pronounces a whisper never in person words transcribed technology helpless - Leaves want desire untamed desires flesh wounds so deep - I and her minuet dance two separated eclipse darkness shadows something solace I long to call mine - Truth forbids perpetuated bliss I shall dream forward pull grasp touch long desire happy smile content in our story one to tell move forward time.....

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