I am the truth
that sound so weird
doing the things others never dare
making them mad
Always shocked and scared.

I am the truth
watching over them like a shepherd
overprotecting his herd.

I am the truth
they become terrified
as the snow deepened
their hearts will be explode.

I am the truth
They aren't ready to hear
they couldn't bear
as they fear
they won't get out alive
i couldn't even spare.

I am the truth
i really care
wherever they need me
i am forever near.

ever flourishing
my bloom will never fading.
'To be or not to be'
leaves you to wander
then flee

'Become or not become'
That is the true question.
As much as I love Shakespeare, become or not become should be the true question. For we are put on the crossroads to become greater than who or what you are.

Be back soon!
Lyn x
Mary-Eliz 19h
oh such humility
is found here

not a cocky one
in the lot

no narcissism
or conceitedness

not a word about
butt so taut

not a one thinks
he's better

than any other
on the site

or in the world
for that matter

who thinks he's
always right

not one thinks
that he is

God's gift to

or that others
swoon for him

because he's so
very fine

at least most
don't write it

a bragging
load of poo

if you have to
write about it

it's certainly
not true!
"The truth?!...you can't handle the truth!"
Glory 1d
Does anyone else ever feel like
No matter how loud you scream
It seems that no one speaks the same language.

You spend countless days
Pent up in a contained part of your mind
Careful not to let any light in

Hoping someone will listen to your cries
But not quite ready to share your pain

You hope that someone will just look at you and know
Because talking is so hard
Words become slurred
Your eyes will fill with tears
Just from the anxiety of thinking
"Where do I begin?'
"How much do I reveal?"

Don't you just feel like rolling over
And fading out of the stitch of the universe
It would be so much easier
"Don't think." You whisper.
"Just keep still your breath, and go to sleep."
His talking faster now for he knows his time is shorter than before. He flies from the Law to fresh words of grace and I struggle to keep pace with his passion that threatens to overwhelm his frail, well-travelled frame. Words that inspire, even as they are inspired, fired thick and fast, finding their target, embeded in my inscription as I seek the gift of accurate Word-made-flesh-made-word on paper transcription.
And now as I sit with fingers quivering, taking time out while I can while he's sleeping, I pray that the inspiration for the words that he's speaking will be equalled by my quick ears and matched by my quicker scrawling so that the church will hear just what the Lord is saying and can read the truth that is their's for the believing.
Thoughts on the guy who transcribed scripture for Paul.
The immeasurable fortitude  intertwined
with succinct courage stimulates the
of a pronated septum ,

as is desired?

Thy  loveless ovary  obsequious emulsification baffles
thine  heretic  upon  sullied

Henceforce, yee lay down
upon thine bed,
like  rose-bud napparies,  I spendlish  the immiserated

for  a moon-harvest,

and living.

real shit nigga
I'm Sorry (Duet)


Two months had passed, not a day was he late.
He said he'd never let me down, I thought he was great.
But today I sit here, is this the end?
Is he gone forever?  Will I see him again?

I'm sorry for the argument, we had last night.
But I thought we were ok?  I thought we'd ended the fight?
If I could turn back time, I would make things different.
How can I go on?  Without his existence?

It's five past nine, where could he be?
He said he would, never leave me.
Please my love, know I still want you.
I thought we'd always be together; I love all that you do.


I'm not actually late; I'm punctually lost without insight.
A reoccurring excuse; oh well, these things happen.
I'm sorry that, I can't see you tonight,
It's my parents fault; these things can't be helped, again and again.

I'm sorry I was late, I wanted to give you time to get ready,
Would I lie to you?  Never!  I want us to go steady.
I'm sorry when we met if I embarrassed you, did I mention?
But I was simply trying, to get your attention.
I wasn't trying to make the others look bad.
Just to make you adore me; make you happy, not sad.

I don't have time to be with you right now,
I'm sorry for this; I’ll make it up to you somehow.
I'm sorry; I was ignoring you at the function.
Just another job; just more tax deductions,
From a wage we earn, to have money is to have pride,
To give you the things, I believe I should provide.

I'm sorry I was drunk,
This always happens when I'm nervous;
It helps me think clearly, about the two of us.
I'm sorry I didn't know, how to make it perfect;
To ask you a question and to have no regrets.
To fully believe, we could last forever.
The two of us happy, like birds of a feather.

I'm sorry I didn't ask earlier,
For your hand in matrimony;
For you to be my wife
And for you to love me for eternity.
To have and to hold, until death do us part
And for eternity my love,
You must know you have my heart.

I'm sorry my dog ate my car keys
And we had to hitchhike to the vets.
I'm sorry I got diverted,
But I must get these words off my chest
And tell you my love I'd like us to wed;
Be together on Earth and lay together in our bed.

I'm sorry if I'm late, I thought that you knew.
I'll be with you soon, just me and you.
I'm sorry I’m not on time; I would be if I could.
I’m doing all I can to be there, but I'm not feeling too good.

I'm not actually late, I'm early for tomorrow.
My death came a day early, along with your sorrow.
I wrote you a letter; it's in the post.
I'm sorry it's my last, but now I'm a ghost.
I'm sorry I didn't write earlier; I couldn't find a pen.
I'm sorry I've lost you, my only true friend.

If you cry,
Because I didn't arrive.
I'm sorry I'm late,
But today I died.

(C)2005 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Erica C 1d
"i love you" she says
"i'll never leave you"
"i love you and only you"
but it wasn't the truth was it?
you avoid me in the halls
you had to block me
we used to be happy
but now
our story is filled with broken "i love you"'s
and heartbroken "i'm sorry"'s
do you still love me like you say you do?
do you really want me to fight for you
you said "if you love me, you'd fight for me"
but my love i am fighting
but nothing will work
for we are two broken hearts, filled with lust, love, and hurt
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