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Jessica 21h
My only truth
Painted on ivory walls
In yesterday’s prose
What tomorrow never knows
Breathed out
Like smoke
From the heavy heart
My only lie
To dance in
black satin nights
Crooning potentiality
Like Sinatra
In a crowded 40s bar
An invisible star
Haunted by the burgeoning
When the number of truth-seekers
Exceeds the number of truth-benders
Only then, in that specific case
Will the world be a better place
you lost someone real.
you lost a genuine, good friend
who would've done anything
to make you happy.

I only lost someone
who never gave a ****
about me or my happiness.

think about this
and then tell me again
who was truly hurt by
the end of our friendship.

we both may have hurt,
but you're the only one
who lost something here.

I won.
The wind is picking up
On this peaceful night
My tea is half empty
Or half full
I can never make up my mind

I think of you before the sun rises
My sleepless nights
Have given me superthoughts
Existential crises all around

While you were living life
I stayed behind like a hopeless fool
I blame my misfortunes on everyone
And especially you

But what I don’t want to hear
Or even think about
It’s the truth,  
I was never ready
Much less mature enough
To live hopeful life with you
Renae 3d
I've seen the news
seen what's on TV
Listened to music
looked at you, looked at me
I learned
all about our history
The only light I see
is in the books,
songs &  letters
written to you and me
They've survived
through centuries
telling us what's to be
No, anxiety can't get to me
I rest peacefully
my mind is at ease
for the illumination is
brighter than it used to be
The writings on the wall
the picture is clear
It's never been easier to see
He cannot cheat,
he will not lie
There's no more time to cry
he will wipe every tear from our eyes
Cape Town café

drink up it's gospel brew
as black as ink
and I will ask you
what you're thinking
how you're feeling

is my love only in theory?
does it mystify?

look plainly at
your hot cup of gloom
watch it stimulate the tongue
and give away
fidelity's holy fire
that once lit the fuse
of addiction

within the skin of this burning man
LC May 1
even as the chill of past souls
reverberates through my bones,
warning me to watch my back,
I want to join hands with a soul
and stare into its windows,
hear its ring of solid truth,
and feel its warmth on my skin.
#escapril day 30!
Nana Alli Apr 30
How mysterious?
Cold hands of death lurks around
For no one but all.
I hide my pain behind my smile
And truth behind the lies
And I save them for my monsters
Who come visit me at night
Because they see straight through my lies
And the hurt I try to hide
But they dont say anything
Instead they hold me till the light
mica Apr 28
it's sad to think you've fallen for his pretty face, and the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he keeps you up for days... it's sad to know he doesn't really care, and all of this was just a show because he's run by softwares. it's hard to wake up and face the reality that he never once existed and was only brought to life by mere imaginations and thanks to you, you've been keeping him alive.

it's sad to hear him say, "thanks for playing!" when he's your only escape amidst your tiresome journey through life.
got so much immersed in a game and sometimes forget they never really existed despite casually talking about them with my friends every single day.
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