Dear Harlot
You kept my soul in check.
The loneliness encased was spent.
Wonders of unending flesh.
And yet the scent is fleeting.
The seclusion returns afresh.
The ethereal heart deceiving.

What once brought sweet memories.
Now are void parentheses.
My empty arms are bare.
In addition a cadaverous stare.
Skin cold with horripilation.
Trudging on in desolation.

I long for comfort I confess.
To the skies I do profess.
For on the ground my feet shall stay.
Am I worthy whose to say.

Another harlot.
Anther day.
Not my harlot.
Not my harlot.
Not my harlot.

A glimpse of her visage I pray.
Solitude is how I pay.

I wrote this thinking of the regret after a long period of loving someone you wish you could repay for the things unforgiven.

love is labor
and product

its also bullshit, didn't believe in it before, not sure why I ever started, not quite sure theres a reason to continue. The reasons I had before were fairy dust and lies.
mjd 17h

I complain about your silence
but I do not know the truth,
at least the full essence.
You won't tell me why,
what secrets do you have?
What do they have to hide?
Even from your friend?
I feel like the world knows already.
You make me worry.

Paul Jones 18h

All is silent; still is the deep of night.
  I look below, cannot see what I feel
beneath my feet. One prevailing insight,
  known only in a sense, goes unrevealed.
I do not fear its truth, neither contest
  it does not know me. Within it, I stand.
An absurd sureness, an uninvited guest,
  has touched the base of what I understand,
now all mind and motion acts in tandem.
  I taste the salt of the air, feel the breeze,
the oceans rhythm becomes who I am.
  Rhythm becomes me, puts the mind at ease.
I feel the calm, hear the call of the night,
  look above, see stars amongst the moonlight.

- Sonnet XXV -
16:00 - 23/03/17

This sonnet is about being in harmony with your nature. It arose out of an interest in how an environment effects who we are and how we feel, even think and behave.
JL Smith 21h

Memories of my past
Forgive me,
I would ask
Not at fault
But at your feet
To earn your love
To hold my keep

© JL Smith

Lily 1d

Breathe in the hate
Exhale the love
Accept the lies
Discard the truth
Remember the pain
Forget the beauty
Feel the shame
Bypass the happiness
And continue to believe in those
who manipulate others to avoid
their own fears.

-With love
JL Smith 1d

The race I run
Feels endless
The distance
Detours denied
Mountains to climb
Persisting ahead
Hope in the line
Victory in time

© JL Smith

Sun 1d

Be the sailor of your journey
After the storms, if some wounds never close
Don't regret, take time to heal. Evolve

When the dark clouds are gone,
Smile like a rainbow does

If you survive like a wounded deer  
Run faster to reach the zenith

Don't let anyone define you as dark as hell
Be your own light
Be kind to yourself

Don't let anyone to cut your wings
Fly high to embrace the beauty of this life

You stumble, rise again, walk
If you are too much to be hated or adored
If someone tells you are not the One to live a life with
Live your life best

Do believe that~You are more than enough to be loved
You are your own Truth
Just Be You.....

It is heartwarming, being aware of all the stones, knowing they are getting heavy in your becoming-frail hands.
They are stones, no matter how beautiful they are and I carried them for a long while. But I have decided to let them down, one by one, until my hands soften, until my hands are again empty to welcome lightness, to welcome a soft cheek, soft hair, thick eyebrows. To draw the edges of lips, a jawline, an earlobe. To hold a nape, a chest and hands that, I believe, fit into mine.
They will become so light that I'll be able to close all the buttons on the back of my dress.

- LynnAA


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