Sun Apr 27

I wonder which one is more than truth
Memory has a touch or
Touch has a memory.....?
Memory is as old as time

It is a summer night
The Moon is rising white
and casting a shadow of an old soul
on the grass bed of the reading space of our home
Is it me...who grow older with the Moon,
or it's just the shadow that grows taller with the time?

The shadow sways alone endlessly
with the Michael Bublé song
She is lighter on her feet

Memory touches her veins, blood and thoughts
She remembers every bit of small things

She stares at the Moon with deep affection
as if she is her lost best Friends
We say Moon is our Loyal companion
Who knows is she the loneliest.....?

Does she see all of us with her eyes full of surprises?
I keep Talking to the Moon.....

~ :-)
Laura 46m

I still see those nights in blue
the nights that kept me wondering
was it really that special or just
how you made me feel lying next to you

remember the night in your car
driving real slow
not going far
you played me a song
i'll never forget
and that's when i knew
this may be real
it could be true

could we just have one more night
when you fly back home
don't you think of me
when you pass the places
we used to roam

promise it would be alright
I can pretend
that it wouldn't mean anything
to me tonight
hand in hand, head on your shoulder
let's do it now before we get older

letting it rest  
is what i do best
this time I'll let my heart
tell the truth
there is no one that could ever touch your best
and it's been so long
but you gave me something
that made everything else
feel like a nothing

Trying to suppress the hurricane
That expands inside
My core.
It rises and plummets without notice,
Nips me in the ear and pushes me sideways.

My guard slowly loosens its chain, opens it pores and slowly filters and trickles through.
This leads to a ball of excitement, a fiery mass that ignites a smile
It darts into my subconscious and when I am low it strikes fear
When I am weakened it rises doubt -
and disguises itself as a problem
Not a celebration.

The past has sharpened its edges and draped it in animosity
No need.
No need for confusion or destruction.
It is good, it is real.
Allow it, allow.

Metals when combined, turn into alloys
Men with exceptional perspectives visualize
Retinas uncover hoaxes, merely fake toys
Say witnessing the mirage, awakens realize

Sand 1d

Bring back that version of you I fell in love with
Bring back those dreams we built together
Bring back the love we loved with such deep passion
Before life got in the way

Currently at a low point in my "relationship" and I'm getting nostalgic about the first couple of months
Nakia 1d

I am depressed
I am a sad child tossed into a sad world
I hear others speak of me
And cant bring myself to care
Because the comments are true
And I'm nothing to me
In my head I hold no value
Besides support to my peers
A family member to those close
And a love to a lover
Often I kept my poems hidden
A level to my insecurity
Quietly breaking myself down
I'm increasingly quiet
And even more sad
But the thing is I cant blame anyone but myself
I'm trying to hold on
I don't want to depart
It'd be better to stay in bed
And if the day had no start

To be clear i'm not suicidal. That's not me.

We sat there at the bar were I always preferred to hold court .
"Hey man Rebecca tell's me you write".

The young kid said as he took a seat next to me .
"If you can call it that then yes I do bud".

"Well to be honest when Rebecca told me that I looked up your work ", "Your style isn't my cup of tea but you are a skilled writer".

"Oh yeah I'm Brandon by the way ".

The young kid said sticking out his hand .
I shook and braced myself for whatever boredom I was about to endure .

"So you write also I take it or you just a critic"?.

"Oh I'm no critic I write but I write science fiction it's simply a more free forum to me with endless possibilities ".

Wonderful I thought to myself not only am I sitting next to someone who thinks there a writer they have to be a godammed science fiction writer!

"Do you ever read science fiction"?

"Not if I can help it".

"Oh why is that "?

I took another swing of beer decided to light a cigarette maybe the smoke would drive this mosquito of a person away.

"Bud I will be honest I write what I know , "And time travel and space ships and bio mechanics is just a little out my depth you see".

"Well it can get complex I suppose ".

"Well kid honestly if I have to spend five chapters explaining the environment and setting up the story I've already lost interest".

"Yes but the freedom it gives the writer is without limits the pallet is so vast".

"I'm happy just staying in my corner kid and I am no painter so I prefer a page to a canvas".

"Well I think you would really like my work maybe I could share some with you sometime".

"I'm good bud".

I ordered another beer the kid beside me just kept silent least for a second .

I kind of felt like a prick so I told the bartender grab one for my friend here .

I was a asshole but anyone who had the balls to put themselves out there still was owed a ounce of respect even if I didn't dig there style .

"Hey thanks is it okay if I call you Jack"?.

"It's my name bud so feel free".

We sat there spoke about the flustrations of publishers and rejection slips all the normal bullshit that goes along with writing .

"Jack how did you break through"?
"  I Mean you get published you get read how did you do it"?

"It's no secret kid ,I just kept writing through the bullshit ".

"You see eventually if you dont go away and your work is good someone will say yes ".

"It's no different than chasing women , You take a room of fifty women you ask every single one of them to dance someone's going to say yes ".

"I thought all women love to dance ".

"Most yes ,But not all and usually its more appealing from far better looking men".

The kid laughed and replied well I guess you got a point there .

"Jack you ever think about writing about more than just booze and chasing women "?

"Nope ".

"It just seems so limited give me the moon and stars worlds unknown that's the sight I yern to see".

I laughed as the bartender sat two beers down took my money off the bar and stared at her nice round ass as she walked away to get my change.

"Kid you can have the moon and stars I'm doin just fine with the view down here".

They say
The most truthful truth
Is the hardest truth
To face
To stand before
A perfect reflection
And never run away
They smile
White-toothed and greedy
Like villains in a play
But I stand still
For I will not turn away

I sleep with my volume on tonight
Because all I wanna to do
Is hear the words
"I need you"
I sleep in hope of what we might be
Call it instanity
It won't be the same this time
But I promise you'll hear your name the next time
Our relationship will blossom
Others will question
"What got em'?"
It's called trust
It's called love
Something we must never let go of
You're my one
You're my all
I still fall
For the sound of your voice
Even in my mind
"Your hearts racing"
"It's because I'm in love with you"
Well my sweet love
I'm in love with you too.

Good night. Sleep well.
everly 2d

I saw your look and I knew something was up.
You said you were fine and I thought we got past your lying phase.
I want to know what's wrong and
I've actually never seen you cry..
I think you have heard me cry on the phone once..
nope actually a couple occasions.

I wonder if you're up..
if you decided to eat today but it shouldn't have to be that way.

My dad loves you a lot and
he always asks me about you and I'll
always reply with a "he's good" cuz what else would I say right?
The truth.
Like the opposite.
That you're breaking and what's holding you together is..

Only four minutes have passed.

So for those who don't know me, my mind goes really fast and i don't blame you if you got a little confused trying to follow..sorry if I wasted your time I've just been a mess as of lately
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