When the world all around is sad and gray,
Looking up, start to pray,
In a quiet corner, out of sight,
A small prayer has more might,
Than any evil in the night.
Hello Poetry is full of dark and depressing poems lately, I'm just trying to spread some light.
Full glass
We blow our feelings away
Parallel tracks in the end
die on the same burden

And appearances and duties
They never meant to die
And these tight walls never did too

Someone needs to drown and
Someone needs to contaminate
«Are you pleased to intermediate
I just need to throw me off

All my pain, all my rage
Won’t stagnate, won’t accumulate
Today, tonight»

Empty glass
We blow our feelings away
Parallel tracks are clean mirrors
We blow our feelings to fade
And we fade, and we fake
And we fade
T R S 19h
All the skin that covered
All the skin had died
After all I tried,
Turns out truth is how I lied

Living life in envelopes
Sitting on a couch
Over and In my lover
My heart is covered in a pouch
Polaris 21h
My inner demons you say?

Hah, don't make me laugh. They're all around you, can't you hear them?

They yell they scream, they're there but not seen. Their only purpose is one that's not clean.

They tease and they taunt to get what they want, they lure you in with the smallest of sins.

They is a plural, yet meaning just one, because all them together is me, undone.

What is it that makes me so sane?

Nothing. Just that, simple and plain.

I'm losing my sanity, facing mortality, yet cling to ideals that are a falsehood reality.

I build myself up while breaking back down, I am my own rundown town.

The buildings are bleak, the sky is grey, there are no pathways that have been paved.

No signs with words, no stores with worth. Just an empty hollow hope filled with sorrow.

I say again, can't you see?

My inner demons, yes....They're me.
There once were a group of flies
They wished to hunt for filth no more
They wished to hunt for the light instead
Like the regal moths during the night

So they went to the queen of the moths
And said: “We're no lesser than your moths
So please permit us to look for the light

The queen was amused, and said to the flies
Go forth then, like my moths, to find the light

The flies went forth with great delight
And with eagerness they found many lights
and returned to the queen to report their finds.
But they found no moths were waiting there

We’ve outdone the moths!” they said in delight.
We’ve found the light, while they're lost in the dark
The Queen was amused and said to the flies:
Those who only 'look' for the light, return to me,
Those who truly love the light, are consumed by it.
My take on an old mystic fable.
Sometime I feel,
I am dead
I pinch

Sometime I feel pain
Sometime, I don’t

I live, I die.

I turned my head around,
Too many figures.
asked myself,
If I am dead,
What they are?

I used to live.
They used to live.

For a reason.
Theme: Autobiography. when, nothing matters.
M 1d
They didn't want to hurt me,
but I wanted them to.
They didn't want to break me,
but I begged to be broken.

Maybe it was me who was
the monster, but how could I be?
I knew what I wanted,
I wanted to feel something,

Pain, anger, relief;
I needed to feel something.
I was drowning in my
own mind, I was
loosing myself, and
I needed out.

Pain would have been
better then nothing,
and that's what they gave me.
They gave in, breaking me,
corrupting me, and replenishing me
all at once.

I was to be used at the
disposal of my own
dark whims and self denial
of scorching need and
brazen ambitions.
The wheel keeps turning, and the chains never give.
You've seen life a thousand times, but nows the time to live
You love..
and you cry
You hate..
and you wonder why
Why all these times and now I'm just learning.
This love in our souls,
forever instilled
forever yearning.
I know love, and I know where to find it
You see, you took the path most traveled
and the truth, you can't find it.
The trees and wind could tell you so much
But the gap inside you has torn you too much
Reach within my friend, the path is you.
You pave the road, with good intentions too.
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