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JL Smith 14h
I sense darkness
Something hiding behind those genuine eyes
You've hinted at it before--
The fear suppressed inside
I'm not one to pull, to pry
My heart is patient,
My heart is kind,
But know the whispers of your secrets
May conspire safely alongside mine

© JL Smith
Peace 14h
Walk in my shoes
& feel the sun beam
upon my dark skin

Feel the burdens
pile, inch by inch
depth, width, height
& mourn

Let your eyes tear up


Let them fall
& replace your ignorance
with compassion

I am human
but you fight me
with a shield

Your eyes are the window
to your weapon

Resist the urge
to growl

Close those barrels
in your mind

Relax the tension
in your heart
& breathe
in a new air

Let dawn approach
as you become
a new being

Ready to take on
the ugliness
of the world..

a servant
I pretend I don't know why I take you.
But really,
I like to chronicle my days, my moods, my looks.
Did I put makeup on that day?
Was I tired?
Was I happy? Smiling?
Forcing a smile?
Using a filter?
The truth is written all over my face,
if you know where to look.
Thank you for asking all the hard questions
that I tried to answer but you never believed me

Thank you for that ring you dropped into my bag
the golden one with the intertwined hearts

Thank you for making me love the wrong way
each glance like someone that doesn't hug back

Thank you for darkening the sky over my head
with your horrible grinning and coaxing and breathing

Thank you for begging me to tell you what's wrong
so I can fashion a fantasy of black hoodies and grief

Thank you for letting my lie to your face
slipping through my teeth under lips with a smile

Thank you for making my poetry crumble and
become rambling lines about love

and other awful things
that kind of don't
matter when
it gets
I can’t see their anger.
I can’t taste their rottenness.
I can’t smell their stench.
I can’t hear their screams.
I can’t feel their stones.

I’ve grown cold of this world.
Shutting out all the lunacy
by looking into myself.

And I’m content, calm, ready.
They can’t scare me anymore.
I’ve sent my fears to the gallows.
Find the truth inside yourself.
Renhui Sep 13
if the world stops completely,
i mean stops completely,
and gives you one minute, and a superpower in that minute
what would your minute be?

"i'd save my baby from suffocation in the car when I was on drug"
"i'd return the million dollar diamond ring i stole from my best friend"
"i'd tell the man i've avoided for years that i loved him"
"i'd **** my uncle who ***** my Mom"
"i'd stalk my Dad who deserted us"
"i'd stop my family feuds on Trump or Hillary"
"i'd send flowers to my ex whom I abused for many years"
"i'd get food to all the starving kids"

you've not spoken
what would your minute be?
"i will close my eyes and savor the moment
as the world is now finally at peace
even for just one minute!"
Brynn S 2d
When they ask you how you got that scar,
What will you say?
A beast
A monster
A fall
Or an accident
Oh yes an accident I was
I ripped the routes
And disgraced the victim
Every truth has two sides
Yet you’ll never learn
All ends meet at the the fault line
A place of the mistake
One of haste
One of poor taste
Aren’t I the one who infuriates you
Drives your bones into each other
Grinds teeth of ivory
Yes I am
It is my fault, though...
There’s fault in you as well
Sometimes I wonder
Just what is the point
Of cultivating a dead garden?
A dying friendship?

The flowers only wilt
The conversation scarce
No matter how much you check on them
Defend them from the elements
Encourage and will them to exist
There exist only the hard truth

You can only grow
What wishes to grow
What wishes to be saved.
Rayma Aug 3
I want to leave this life and
Lose myself in these poems that tell my story better than I ever could.
I want to **** myself and
Sprinkle the ashes between the pages,
Put them in the paper and have those words
Printed on my bones.

I never want to lose these feelings.
Out there it’s cold,
and even the people you love can
make you mad or sad.
Inside this cracked spine
my fears are laid bare;
Everything I hate about myself,
Everything I hide about myself.
If I could never tell the truth,
breathe these poems and let them say it for me,
I would be happy

                                                         ­                              to no longer exist.
I suppose i was confined to darkness
For a wee bit of a time.
But they say the light comes,
The things change,
And the darkness loses.
And maybe it is true.
But i wonder if darkness
Really loses to the light.
Then why it always leaves a shadow behind?
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