Are you truly as kind as you seem to be.
I've fallen in love with you.
And just like every other promise.
All I ask is that you not leave so soon.
The real reason I love you.
Is that you make everything sound so simple.
You've shown me the most beautiful sound in the world.
You've taught me to cherish and hold close these tender
short moments of sentiment.
That somewhere in these moments of beauty, you will
whisper back.
And tell me a secret of your very own.
But deep down, I know you won't.
And you will move on just as swift as you've come.
The reason I love you

“I used to dream about love”
Six words that have suddenly hit me so hard
A nostalgic feeling overwhelms me
Of the days that were easy and planned out
I dreamt of finding love in a crowd of people
I would bump into some stranger
We would hit it off and share a lingering and tender kiss
However, as I grow older,
Those dreams slowly begin to fade
The reality of it all is there is no stranger
There is no lingering and tender kiss
There is no love
Just tears and that nostalgic feeling

Victoria 14h

I don't regret a lot of things in my life
I don't spend hours thinking about what could have been
I don't think about how we were rasied together
I don't imagine what our kids would look like
I don't dream about how much I love you
I don't cry seeing you with her
I don't curse the day I said yes and then got scared
I don't wish we were together
I don't say your last name after mine
I don't act like if I had just waited you would be mine
I don't always tell the truth

I have run from fears
For too many years
Not knowing if you care
But say that, I don’t dare

With lies people spit out
I am beginning to doubt
I don’t know what to do
When the hurt seeps through

All I can do is sip my tea
And pretend to be happy
But on the inside
I have a different side

I am not who I seem
I am not a good thing
I am million broken pieces
I am an empty evil thing
I am a wall built around myself
I am protecting the things hidden
I have a million different masks
To hid a thousand fears
I have buried so deep
I will never find myself
I am not who I seem
I am not a good thing
I am a million broken pieces
Of a boy never seen

zero 1d

Night attacks,
they sit in my eyes,
forcing me to the bed and covering my cries.

My Night attacks,
cowering in the corner,
faced with the fear of their mourners.

Night attacks,
visit me every night,
minutes are hours, and I roll in their plights.

My Night attacks,
allowed to roam free,
after having their way with me.


Listen to their cries,
they are soft.


Don't worry,
When they'll be burning me to the stakes
For the true witch that I am,

When the smoke gets in my eyes,
And clouds over my judgment,

I'll tell you.
I'll tell you of who I killed-
My hopes and dreams
That I thought I unshackled for what it seems,
But didn't.  

I'll tell you of who I am,
Of who I used to be,
Of who I want to be,
And who I need to be,
But what I am now,
Is none of those things.

What I am now,
Is dying.

Leila Shearer Sep 21

I'm in control of my thoughts
But that doesn't mean
I have control of the reins.

You might be steering the horse
But you're not the one that decides
Whether it will listen,
If things will run smoothly
Or you'll be thrown off.

That's how my brain gets sometimes
It charges wherever it wants
And I have to hold on tight.

I'll pack everything up,
Crawl into bed
And latch on.


Something I found hidden away in my draft poems.
Leila Shearer Dec 2016

Inscribed upon silk
Is your raw humanity.

Lessons have taught
That such delicacies
Cannot be caught.

Unless uncovered
From the tomb
In which truth lies.


Jas 2d

How long has it been since you've last gone outside?

Routines are the sedatives of all souls
The wild ones whose dreams bedazzle beyond a pillow
But all infallible ones turn the lights down low,
Lean against the window and count the blows.
The world appears to be wide awake -
It's deathly void of color
The lights from the stereo beacon for party goers in the making;

There's something to be said about life from the second floor.
I can't put my finger on it
'Cause you and your vision never make it to the other side of the window
But I don't want to keep stride through clouds of smoke.

When I succumbed to rest, the leaves were green.
As I rose, the branches were bare and accusing.
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