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Bones of ebony ivory drunk ate sing
Shaping the plates numbered nailed
Narrows nine hanging sneakers.
A fading necklace
Tying her laces.

Know yourself to the wells of valleys,
She sang, her voice was swelling
Understand yourself like the
Valleys leading wisely
To the eternal tides.

Cliffed-edge hanging dresses blowing
A flag below her waist over wheels
Of her brave weathered suitcase.
Crystal wing bends portraits of
Dinner plates in place.

Lush hair lady ebony-pale ivory sang Through the valleys dressed like
Her portraits of dining plates
Which weathered storms
She would have chased.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
1943 Jan 2019
There is a butterfly
A beautiful butterfly
that comes by sometimes,
She talks to me
i can hear her in my mind,
I want to go with her
to the valleys and farms
and see what she sees.
basswaite Jan 2019
Everyone has their struggles and their mountains to climb and it sometimes seem like I'll never reach the top of mine
And yet there are moments of rest and solitude where I'm able to look back
and see where I have been.
Look back and see the beauty of the valley.

The funny thing about looking out upon these valleys is that while they in their full form are magnificent,
when you get down to details,
it's flawed.
There are cracks in the pavement,
broken street lamps,
and cracks in the foundations of every home, though seemingly small.

You get a different perspective of life looking back.
Like they say,
hind sight is 20/20.
But still there is an overall beauty.
The fact that you created that all.
The fact that even the small seemingly insignificant moments have made lasting chances to where you are now on the uphill climb to the top of your mountain.
My peaks is far ahead of me,
but I'm further up than when I started.
I've gained greater insight as to what has caused the problems,
the slips on the trail that pushed me back a little
MicMag Sep 2018
impact me
so invigorating
you raise me high
from the deepest valley
to soaring peaks of love & life
pointing me in the right direction
all I have
all I want
all I need
You point me toward the heavens
Stereo Joy Aug 2018
Yeah, we aren't exactly the most athletic of people
But we did make it up that one hill that's claimed to be a mountain
Yeah, we arrived at what we thought was the top until we saw that there was more
But that only drove us further up

Yesterday atop the sunset colored land the valleys made the world feel that much bigger
Returning home made the world feel so much smaller
Even though I myself live on a hill with a view of the smog above the highway

That moment atop the hills didn't make me feel at one with the world
I didn't even feel at one with myself
I only felt amazed


But you know that didn't beat the look in your eyes
Seanathon Apr 2018
Mountains take an eternity to tear down and build up, and yet confidence can be drawn from a well within minutes.  All one requires is time, while the other requires the desire.
trf Mar 2018
Ketamine dreams,
induced narcoleptic nightmares,
poles of northern impulses,
and southern stupors.

My equator's equilibrium,
and my catatonic control,
each one in the same,
yet far from reach.

A squeeze of a lime,
its fresh sour scent,
atop three fingers of gin,
match the burn of my cuts,
and i feel once again.

Cocktail straws set aside,
stirring fingers dull discomfort after a lick,
"three more limes please, barkeep",
it's now triple the pain i seek,
tolerance & your fickle itch.
Good evening  ladies and gentlemen. May I walk you through one of the specials that our dear chef has prepared for your dining experience tonight? We are serving a sous-vide of heart confit, which has been posing motionless for the last 6 hours, simmering uncomfortably with no escape, a side of scalloped mind, impulsively diced to ensure irregular frames and a sauteed cauliflower  as your vegetative state of garnish.  Would you like to hear our dessert special now or later?
Timon chukwuonu Jan 2018

As the blue sky never loose his color
Even when night drew here
We still fly above all odds

We once loved

The moment ,I felt your touch as a cold ice on my hand.
You walk away as a mighty shameless cloud that covers the moon
Everywhere absorb into darkness as a night should always be
But I still pray And awaits to spend a daylight with you.

We once loved

As I wait for The birds to sing our daylight songs ,
So I could once more  see your smiling Rocky face in form of imagination only birds could understand.
Sadness, wishes, happiness
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