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So many you have,
I wish if you can only be mine.
U making me laugh,
When I cry..
Walked me home,
When night was dry..
Giving me your half,
When I lost all mine..
The patty we shared,
shows you care.
How lovely you stare,
To which i can escape no where..

So deep your eyes,
Just like twilight at sunrise.
And so dope your smile,
Always stop my heart,
But its alright.. :)
So many you have,
I wish if you can be only be mine.
I am not only drunk on love but bit tasting jealousy too.I want him to be only mine. Like the way he make me feel so special.
Eleven 3h
The star is tired
But there's endless, overflowing waterfall of darkness to blanket it and a humming cadence which comes, like a lullaby, from the depths.
I love darkness
The human life is so very strange
We are are filled with such different things
Different desires, different perceptions, different scenes and experiences
It's baffling how we are all living in one world with one another, yet completely different worlds in our psyche
How our fates are tied with certain people temporarily or perhaps forever, though it's rare
We have memories that we will carry to the grave, memories that will carry on even after death
And the ones who are born after us may find our gravestones one day and not think a thing of it
Bored of these games
Screwball scrabble your monopoly
I'll take the risk not pass go or bow to authority

I wanna Poke your face with a hot poker
Just to see your poker face  
I might just be a **** but the queen's I have to chase

And who would of thunk
I lost all my marbles
When I went and played kerplunk
My battle ship sunk
And it's now not the rope swing
I want hang from that tree trunk

So check mate this was my only first draughts
The mouse has been trapped warhammer's looking for a blood bath on the warpath

So don't go and pin the tail on the donkey
Coz' you might get a buckaroo though
But look for the clue'do
And you might find more
But only if your a hungry hippo and can find the hidden meanings in theese words and connect all four
Drugs in the system I can feel the high
There is a lot of fiction to that last line
Or maybe I’m pushin y’all for another lie?
Have you ever woke up and asked yourself “why?”
I play chess with *** and the devil - I’m not afraid to die
The gamble is apart of it
the way of challenging yourself is the hardest ****
Don’t live your last moments pretending to be lit...
I got life and every bit of it
This is just art - poetic justice take it literally and your part of the capture of it
The picture that we paint
Can’t be what I ain’t
My family applies the pressure - my family and crushing
In to a force I can’t measure
Every woman I meet wants me to change who I am
I can’t just be myself and if I truly am they usually think it’s just bland
“Doug you gunna be the man”
That was never said by the men who were supposed to be apart of plan
And I’ll say it again
I healed my mind - trying to be kind
Society likes the wine - a drinking thought is the only thing that seems to resides
Alll “deep” inside...tell me what’s deep inside?
You post a few pics you throw a few flicks
Only to keep the truth deep down inside
Why don’t you bring the truth outside
I think we’d “like” that picture a whole lot better
Don’t look at the world and post up some ish only to look back at it and feel that you got to get better
I’m trying to no longer depend on the eyes
I pray every time I feel the demise
Ask yourself if you lost it all and had nothing left...why the **** would truly be by your side
I feel reborn - no longer a scorn
I sever people now but welded down my horns
Because changing yourself comes before trying to change society
No longer a victim of self born conflicts
Finally shook off that ***** anxiety...
But suddenly I found a way
It was so hard to get what I wanted but I found a way...
My change came with a cost...she went away
I haven’t found my heart since...did it go away?
My family and friends finally loves me...if they always?
Who knows
Questions will reside internally as I speak this externally
But **** my simple mind and what the words say...
Most of y’all haven’t even heard from me
And that’s maybe all on me...
Just feel y’all see who I used to be...
Haven’t seen who I’ve finally become to be.
...but it happens
I’m back now writing again for those who lost they way...
I’m back again to let them know it’s hard but imma help guide you because
I found a way...

Those who know me know.
I’m back
Love me
your quivering eyes
***** my perception
dazzle my heart
Arabian beauty!
save me
save me
from my restless youth

with napping world
I look at everything
like a utopia
your cute love
like a knife
rolling hills
sizzling sand dunes
into an Arabian night
O Jasmine my princess
silken tresses
furious fire
breathe in
keep kissing
don't stop
please show me crying eyes
crush my heart
torment me
give me all your burden
purely control me
no walls
let's try to fly
like a Cinderella love
I am finished with you

torque of love
so high
out of control
loaded gun
just try it

**** me
with your

your ***** eyes
jump off the roof
O jasmine! come back to me
into the heavens abode
torture my lies
unhinged me with truth
I don't want to be normal
free me
capture me

plethora of love
till the night candle burn
tremoring void
with your dew's drop
I sense complete roses,
though you carry
daggers in your heart
like an invisible belonging
mirroring me in a  mirror
tired  footsteps unreward
crying the burden of emptiness
fragile figure
what a void  life
lost expectation
diminished potential
to live without you every day is a boring task
at last
shattering mirror
blade smiling
in your beautiful venomous peninsula
I am not in pain O dear!
comfort me with
your sweet

I have mocked my own path many times
Do you know?
you don't know

now I keep
away from reality

as if

death is incredible
but not as life

biting time
I wake up
into the quest
of nowhere

and a gulp of sorrows
I turned my own look back
ecstasy doesn't last
happiness lost
within a second
without her

and a
river reverberating
my mind
over and over

life is nothing
I don't mean to her
hoping for the day
I will come out of my depression

without her
there is no one
nothing to me

red nails
long fingers
I said lightly to her
let's dive from sky high
and breathe out
diving from sky high
water is cold
depression kissing
into the heaven
I am looking at you in the mirror
the reality changed, so was I
like an unhinged wild shadows
a hollow soul
I elope
you remain
like a curious beauty
never identified by those who don't assume
Listen to Daggers and Roses! O my princess by ravindra nayak #np on #SoundCloud
Leah 3d
Frantic men
Mad at time
Bitter in life
& death
******* for her love
Or beauty
The drunk urge of man
To always want the sun
But never the storm
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