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The ******* who we call mankind
Is a place where we're all to reside
We move forward by using our mind
But in the end, on our hearts we rely

We are raised to feel the compassion
We are taught to spread our warmth
But a perfect world is hard to imagine
For on every rose exists a thorn

Grief hardens around us like a shell
And inside we may be flooding with strife
But though mentally we see war and knell
There's always the goodness that lives in life

But despite the evil alive today
There are still others who rely on you
So catch that kindness that wanders astray
For in the end you rely on them too

-- OrcasTogether
We all need someone in this world to rely on :)
There was a time when I was trapped
On an island none could see
As I waited there on the darkened lands
For someone to find me
Days and days spent gazing out
At the still, empty waters
Never knowing when the day will come
That my life here would falter
I wonder if there would be a day
I would want life less than death
But if I tried jumping into the sea
I know I would hold my breath
Staying here, I am confined
On an island of my own making
Wondering if this day will be my last
But next morning I keep waking
There’s no way off this silent place
No way to end this pain
And I can’t stop my will to live
From continuing to drain
As I gaze upon the shimmering blue
I know no one’s here to save me
And as I watch the days ticking by
I know no one’s here to free me
But now I know as I continue to live
My freedom’s not defined by others
And I cannot keep waiting here
To be freed by another
So now I know never to wait
Until the tank fills to the brim
When no one’s there to witness you drown
You teach yourself to swim

— OrcasTogether
Fight for yourself :)
Where have all the flowers gone?
Their delicate petals have withdrawn
They’ve curled up, like they are scared
Their bright colors no longer flared

Where have all the waters gone?
They no longer gleam at dawn
The river and the streams run dry
Leaving the many fish to die

Where have all wildlife gone?
The subtle birds and the baby faun
The chitter and chatter leave only an trace
Of the wonders that have been erased

Where has all the sunlight gone?
It used to wake at morn and yawn
Only a memory of warmth upon my skin
A ghost of what things have been

— OrcasTogether
Nature is failing and we must save it.
sometimes love can be evil
but don't get discouraged don't blame all us people
deceitful to trust and be mad when it's lost
you are the giver taker and receiver
you make your losses
and you chance your tosses
until you are dead you are your own believer
your own lovely keeper
no maids for your mess you are the only sweeper
use swiffer be swifter don't sniffle don't fall
don't let the dust get in your cracks on the wall
hang up some paintings a picture or four
each of your memories stick them in drawers
no room for bad company kick out remorse
open their door
vacuum the floor
clear out your vents
and make way for what's more
spring cleaning is fun
isnt clutter a bore?
not knowing what's here, and never getting much more
A memory abound in the people here
Leaving behind a trace of their fears
Don’t mark me if you plan to leave too soon
And see me only when my plants are in bloom
A thousand beings, in my life
Staining me with tears and strife
Don’t take a main part of my home
If soon you’ll go back to roam

— OrcasTogether
Nidhi 3d
In the morning there's sun
And at night there's  stars
You're never alone in the dark
Shadow 4d
The Truth was a mirror,
that fell far from the sky,
and shattered into pieces,

Each person took a piece of it,
and saw themselves in its reflection,
thus they thought that they possessed the Truth,
whereas the Truth lay in the hands of everybody.
It is together that we shall find our truth.
Let me get deeper
Let me hold you
so tight
that your soul
can be linked to mine
Reappak 4d
Eluding the tunnel,
I adored the sunshine, above the yellow sunflowers

                           Which later blinded me!
A little too much is harmful guyzzzz!
Behold the Man upon His steed
Who comes to comfort those in need…
Yea, in The Deep of fear and death
Where sons of Asaph hold their breath

He fashions rivers from The Sea
And sees the leaves of ev’ry tree…
Yea, even now, from Hollow Ground
New life is springing all around

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