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High school.
You try to fit in.
You make yourself a fool.
You try to make friends.
But it get hard.
What if they don't like me.
What if they pull the "loser"card..
I'm scared and worried.
What if they don't like me.
What if i'm just alone.
Where do i find the key,
The key to make friends,
To make friends,
To make everything.
Freshman year.
Your scared,
You don't know what to do.
Everyone is all big and different.
You hate it.
Sophomore year.
You are getting used to things.
You know the way things be.
You made friends.
You want to fit in with the crowd.
You are getting a little exhausted.
Junior year.
You're used to the way of high school.
You are always exhausted.
Done with school.
You start to worry about your future.
Senior year.
It's your last year.
You're happy it about over,
But also sad.
You wish you did more.
Made more memories because it's about over.
You worry about college and your future.
You are growing up.
You're leaving the place that has been a second home for the past 4 years.
You wish it wasn't over so soon.
Graduation day comes.
You have a tear in your eye.
Finally saying goodbye to this place,
That you loved,
That you never thought you would leave.
You don't wanna face the fact you have to leave and grow up.
High school.
You might hate it now,
But you will miss it when it ends.
Make memories,
Don't listen to others.
Have fun because you only take high school once.
High School.
Hope you guys read this and actually felt something
No matter what we think
No matter what we do
The truth is all things, all places, all people,
All are a reflection of everything
That exists, a melting *** of universal life,
Dreams and you.
FJ Davis Oct 3
The purest
most impactful poetry
is virtual soul-speak.
While he is stretched out in bed sleeping peacefully,
She is wide awake, sitting up straight,
About how once upon a time ago she used to love him inside out.
How she loved his head that is full of curls.
And is dimple that formed when he smiled.
How nothing, I mean NOTHING could compare to the cute tiny kisses he would give her on her cheek.
But then as time when on she started to hate him.
Every-time he reached out to touch her,
She tensed up and placed her hand limp in his.
And meeting his family was a simple fake smile, she said “hi” and kept it pushing.
They’re conversations with each other were dull and boring.
Matter of fact, she barely spoke at all.

And he always wondered why?
Nica A Oct 4
... so many times.
so many opportunities, i let pass.
i say, i learned from my past,
but falling down the same hole,
do i ever learn, or do i just fail the same test?
i try. i try but why
do i... rush and develop an attraction
for another girl that i call my crush.
One, two, three people from my past, oh boy did it last?
no. but little by little did it break me.
so now i say i'm done until you came in.
afraid to face the truth
or maybe i'm just a fool.
Nica A Oct 4
a guest inside a head,
welcomed a stranger to bring it danger
a reflection easily spotted
revealed not only a heart that's haunted
a soul trapped inside the head
would love to stay, laying in bed
buried underneath the earth
trapped and summoned the dead,
to come back
among problems did it lack
the antidote to cure,
no signs of how much it had endured
soul felt trapped, heart was under attack
Give it a map, it'll soar and come back
hopeless not quite
Give it business, give it work
happy sun
begins to rot
Limited freedom hinders its growth
give it space, give it time
lonely moon
drowns in an overwhelming typhoon.
AnneMarie Sep 29
It used to be so easy for me to write how I feel,
But now I constantly scribble, erase, and rip out that piece of paper addressed to you.

I used to feel safe expressing my emotions,
Today I constantly bite my tongue, smile, then nod, and leave what is on my mind unsaid.

The last thing you said was that you only came to say goodbye,
It just hurt because after all we been through we didn’t even bother to try.
if i found the right words to say... i would have said it, but i  honestly did not want to beg you to stay. i wanted you to stay because you wanted to.
everyone's going to hurt you, but how willing you are to forgive that that person worth it?
Noah Thibault Sep 28
Who am I?
I who thinks he can live
Hopefully I doubt the purpose of life
Hopefully, I can escape the pain of purpose

Dying is bitter, but death is sweet
Living is better, but life is deceit
You truly never will leave us
Life truly is still meaningless
I hope I can find reason
I doubt I will reach Eden

Foolish is the wise
Who does not experience his wisdom
So too am I a fool
To doubt the truth

Hopefully I can be happy in this life
Doubtfully I hold tightly this knife
Hope is the strength of the blind
Doubt is the reality of knowledge
From the ruins I could be led
But only if God was dead
Mitch Prax Sep 28
Can the human mind
figure out the human brain?
Let's think about it

11:01 PM
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