the paradise
where you
see the
sun, and
It's light
the fairer
In radiance,
In the
As the
a cloud,
rise to
the places

The more she untangled her soul,
The more she discovered how deeply in love she was.

I do efforts to get away from you,
The farther i move,
The closer i get to you. ♡

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I once threw a cowl
that wrung upon my shoe
while it vegged but flew afoul
so truant like a kite
knew my carbazole as a butterfly in flight
this quasi-stellar garment
whet these galaxies afar
with their assertions I jogged
a dwarf star scoped such constellation
with incredible clarity unblemished again.

Wordsinalign Apr 13

She lies to the world that the five percent is all there is to sea,
but she wanted him to feel the depths deeper than there was to see.
She needed him to anchor and not let her slip like the sand through finger,
She needed a love that left an everlasting effect linger.

He stepped on the same grounds,
Looking for a love that saved him from his drown.
On the outside he was tough as steel,
Deep inside he could no longer feel.
He hummed songs from the spirited waves,
Drove deep into them to rescue her from coral caves.

He was the Persian Gulf and she was an Indian Ocean,
Yet they breathe salty summer air and gaze at the same clouds in motion.
She flew the skies, wondering if she lost him behind a floating cloud,
And went into places, she knew she wouldn’t be allowed.
Meeting him would be a miracle she thought,
Her chances were drying out faster than water during a drought.

There she stood at the Arabian Gulf in the warm sea breeze,
There was something about her that put his heart at ease.
Breathing the raw summer air,
Locked in his view paralysed by the depths she saw in his stare.

He lifted an empty shell and poured the ocean in,
His charms travel pore to pore and loving him felt like a sin.
Her eyes had storms that were painted in grey and silver,
Knowing she felt the dagger, his love would kill her.

the sky turns grey
and then the patters
softly fall down
dampen my clothe
it feels so cold

stand between the unvailing decisions
stare at the old fool
cry for the unsure
stuck in this skittish

i know i should run
unchain my soul
should i let this cracky heart
just fall onto miserable surface?

People ask me who I am,
What im like?

Put simply,
Im like a rubber band.

Streatch me too far,
And I snap.

Im easily damaged
And wither with time.

I get lost easily
And you probably wont find me.

Put me too far
And you'll most likely forget me.

Forgive me my sweetheart for deep I have fallen,
Into the stars of your eyes.
The prettiest of problems on which I shall thrive.
My heart has been kidnapped,
Held hostage by love.
Each kiss placed on my body,
Is electric lashed with lust.
Tantalising and gorgeous,
Silky and enduring.
Your lips are so velvet,
With every kiss to my neck,
Shudders down my body with pure pleasure and delight.
Exquisite to my taste buds,
She's like the finest of wine.
Aged to a perfection,
My lady is utterly ripe.

Bailey King Apr 5

I held my pride,
I really tried,
My body cried,
For I didn't try to hide,
He was my guide,
On this ride,
But all feelings aside,
He already had his bride.

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