I can't say "tu me manques", for it means "you're missing from me". As you're not you're always there in my heart, hugging my soul.

Its just i miss you, your presence.

I don't write anything
Just see hidden reality
and feel deep,
the unsaid i read....

And, and

What people do to me
What breaks me
It fills my pen
And bleed.......

she tasted like rich wine,
and i was drunk on her love.

and i could never get enough.

I'm alone,
Nobody around to hear my soft cries,
I hope for hospitality,
All I receive is brutality,
Somebody must care,
I'm broken and it's not fair,
All I need is a caring hand,
I bury my head into the sand,
It will be easier that way,
Because nobody seemed to care yesterday nor today,

I'm a fraction away from insanity,
Crushed heart in need of help for vanity,
I beg for attention,
Yet I receive nothing but rejection.

Just something I wrote about people who suffer with depression. I wanted to express how they can feel, despite people showing they care, however, they will never truly know. The title represents how they're not alone "almost alone" but they believe they are!

This affliction is my enemy,
This pain is the end for me,
The undying truth of something incurable,
The undying hope of something durable,

My loved one will notice I'm weak,
She will notice I'm brittle,
But it's only true love I still seek,
My strength is very little,

Torn between telling her the truth,
The truth is I'm not as strong as I was in my youth,
Working hard during longer periods of indigence has crippled my body,
And now a fragile skeleton is the only thing I embody,

My grand kids will still be inspired,
Regardless if grandpa is retired,
I will hold and cherish the loved moments throughout my life,
And I'm still glad when time has passed I can still call her my wife,

I will always hold the times I've had,
Because deep down its not been all that bad,
Goodbye my beautiful queen,
I've loved you since I was eighteen.

A story about my grandfather who passed away. He was always a hard shell, but inside had a soft heart.

Look at all of you.
Drunk, out of your senses.
Running along with impulse,
Drowning in tears of sorrow.

But from all of them, you repell me.
You tease for a kiss, in such state.
You triggered something in me.
Not love; thats fake; this isnt!

The rage, the anger, the thirst.
Thirst for your suffering.
You pushed my boundaries.
Boundaries I never knew I could break.

But I am guilty?
You contradict yourself!
You want a future, yet want to die.
Saying that others must deal with their shit.
Why dont you?
Youre as sad and foolish as them.

You wanted to be someones muse.
There you go.
My writing is for you.
My rage is for you.

Things have changed,
Perspectives altered.
The tide has turned;
But not in your favour.

Quiet lands
Silent waters
Lovers hands
Thus joined together

Stars ablaze
Like hearts on fire
Both amazed
By silent splendor

Unions deep,
Rings of gold
Passion they'll keep
As the moon glows

Strong sometimes
Fading others
Never truly leaving
From the other

Thy only dream
For peace and thee
To find love
Not in a fantasy

Charlotte 4d

I may be too small to see
over the edge of the countertop
but I am not too small
to see past your lies
and into your heart,
mind, and soul

I have many good friends who are smaller than I, but watching other people underestimate them, motivated me to write this poem. Enjoy.

the paradise
where you
see the
sun, and
It's light
the fairer
In radiance,
In the
As the
a cloud,
rise to
the places

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