These scars you inflicted that only I can see, they do not reside on my body.
These brutal acts that can not be justified, maybe ripped flesh would be easier to console.
These wounds take longer to heal, almost always becomes infected.
Infected on purpose, because I rub dirt inside, every time I allow you back into my bed.

What is this m feared of,
Which can't be seen and touch.
Sometimes I feel it in my thoughts,
Dressed in daydreams ,dark and deep.
Drowning me in
& Stealing my moments and breath away.

The sun rised
And so did she
Each alone–

The sun shined
And so did she
But that to the world
And she to the sun

The sun awoke
and so did she
But that to the world
And she from the world

For the world was her nightmare
The sun was the alarm
She rised for the sun
The sun rised for her nightmare

She doesn't know
She's lost
Where to go
She doesn't know

She stayed–
In her nightmare
And left the traitor–
The sun

But the sun set
And left the world
Should she try
And catch up with the sun


Her trust has faded
The sun's a traitor
The sun set
and she left

This poem has hidden meanings behind the lines, my friend understood it in a complete other way. Please tell me how you percieved it; different perspectives are interesting.

a mix of feelings
several meanings

it can be tragic
but not when its pure

love is an addiction
may be good
may be bad

love is just
its ALWAYS unfair

keywords here:
sometimes and always
was that confusing??
just like love

I mean, love is a formula
with an indefinite variable
it's an experiment
that breaks your heart
or makes it malleable
depends on your x,y values

one thing I know for sure
about love-
when it's pure
is that love means
it means care
it means butterflies
that cause a flare

love is a gift
given to whom deserves it

J 2d

All our lives grovel and moan - Discourse torn from the penetrated beauties undisclosed deep within a hollow tone - Do we breathe to live or live to die - Discovered only in the settling beat of an afterlife - I am he and he is I - Flesh wounds near - Besieged by a shattered sigh -   Fly beside the torn down spectacle - Learn to spread wings fetch knowledge alone - Become solid bone stronger than stone - Often I sit down and write never really knowing direction or perspective - My eyes see deep - Deeper than I gather to observe - Am I just scared - Frightened to find something id rather just leave behind? Explore I must and try to make sense of what is happening - One day ill realize the whys, hows, whens, and mights - Sit back relax and realize iv always been here - right here at home
My home

Lonesome child all on her own
how sad to see she's all alone

Trapped inside a desolate home
too afraid to wander or roam

Lonesome child shadowed by gloom
locked inside her lonely tomb

As days that pass seem almost endless
the girl feels more isolated and friendless

Lonesome child who needs affection
why are you so afraid of rejection?

The love you seek is within your clasp
and yet you let it fall from your grasp

Lonesome child all on her own
how sad to see she's still alone

Sometimes I feel like that lonesome child
mimi 2d

It's what I hear from you,
It's what I hear and see when I visit you in your hospital bed.
I wait for something,
Anything hoping some day you'll wake up,
And I'll see those beautiful green eyes again.

It eats me up every single time.
I want it to end.
I have come to the conclusion that silence is violent and cruel.
You not waking up and lying in a hospital bed is violent and cruel.

You've grown too close to me.
You have become like air,
Everything I need in order to survive,
But it's time for me to unhook you from my veins,
And to say goodbye.

You are no longer needed,
You are no longer welcomed into my life,
Because you have brought nothing but anger and frusturation.
I look for something different now,

I want you to bleed away,
Carry yourself away and the emptiness you've brought into my life,
And into his.
Leave the way you came into our lives,
You are now dead to me.

I believe beauty
resides in thought,
for the world

is only as beautiful
as you see it


Psychology majors to the rescue. One Love

Bring victory to the lost souls
Peace to the ghost laws
what happened to the world? who knows'

On a stary night as I get to sleep, but before I do let's get high.
Richard 4d

There was a glorious deer,
the deer thought he was a beautiful lion.
Some rainy day he was hungry,
he thought he could hunt weaker predator.
So he was waiting in a bush,
thinking about his enormous teeth in a fresh meat.
And then he saw hyena.
It was easy to catch for a lion,
he jumped from the bush,
the hyena was surprised.
But the deer believed.
He did it.
But differently.
The hyena jumped at him in the fight,
he jerked his head, the antlers penetrated.
Intestines burst from the belly.
And the blood on the tongue of the deer,
it gave him the feeling, feeling that something,
something is wrong with him.
It was not him, not his terrifying teeth,
he realised he is not the one who he thought he was.
And the love he felt for yourself changed,
it was unquenchable hate.
He is not fearsome lion,
he is just a harmless deer.
He hated his new appearance he realised he had.
He had done something terrible, he killed the predator.
The predator could have the family, friends.
And the killing deer is not a secret.
They will be looking for him.
So he hated his new self even more.
He was not able to do nothing brave.
And all he wanted to have, was love.
The same love he felt when he "was" the lion.
But now without mistakes like this.
But it looks to be impossible to love yourself again,
again with the view.
Hopefully, the hind he loves will help him to find it,
to find his lost love. To believe in yourself again.

Metaphorically I'm the deer. And this is the story.

I mean, I have never killed anybody, it just represents the situation. The reverse.
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