Question me not, my butterfly flow

And see me up high, how far will I go

See, Karma is real, and soon you will know

These wings are of power, they bring joy or woe
With a single flap, I send a message

And too through of that, Maybe a wreckage

BUT calm of this will, I a butterfly

My karma can kill, yet I'd rather fly
Bring life of the Earth with radiant love

Shower your worth from skies up above

May peace come at birth, as it needs a shove

Looming of the day, at night, I a dove

I'm fragile yet beautiful, gone with the wind

Karma Butterfly then will win in the end.

Butterfly; a powerful, majestic, yet tiny and fragile creature. Beautiful, unique, mesmerizing, yet neglected and mistreated. A symbol of power through its wings as one flap can create a hurricane, or its death can send a ripple through time. You and I, we are butterflies.

Karma; a casual yet relentless and merciless killer of the wrong, and a loving gifter of the right. Karma is like a guardian angel always watching. See to it that you never upset her.

Karma Butterfly; Majestic killer to the bad. A wave of blissfulness to the good. Intimidating and hypnotizing. Colorful and dashing. Purely improvisational. Wonderous, powerful, effective, impacting, simply one of a kind.

Hope you understand that you're a Karma Butterfly too.

If you look at everything a little sideways

     You would be amazed at the intricate connections between everything in this life.

       Everything is poetry, just as poetry is everything.

If I told you secrets
the deepest part of soul
I don't believe in sins
but I do believe, in holes

Everyone's abyss
where darkness, is domain
the things I've done, not done
in light, they would complain

Doors that never open
keys discarded, melted down
no way allowed, be rampant
coming once more, around

If I told you secrets
forevermore, you'd change
knowing every weakness
and thinking me

This is about as dark and deep as I've gotten in awhile :|
Not really personal, but looking around, the world has way too damn many secrets.

Sleep my dear
Cause the demons are near
No they can't touch you
But they'll hurt you just the same
No you're not to blame
You're just caught up in this wicked game
Like all of us
Oh, like all of us

But be strong, love
Just give your all
That's enough
Stay alive
and that's enough
You got your role I got mine
And I've got to stay tough
For the both of us
For the both of us
I hope that'll be enough

As I stumble over my words
choking on my memories
pleading to forget...
I realize the beauty in it all, the fall...

To know that everything was not here just to be forgotten
But that there was more to this story
Every mistake
Every replace
Every risk I can take
...I awake with new scars.

Barbed by life's cold wisdom
Trespassing it's sacred ground; death.
I attempt to transcend into the depths of darkness
I'm in hope of a light and warmth that shall surround my body...

I am unstable
In pain
It hurts...

The robotic empathy humanity embraces as sincerity
Yet here I lie empty...
I don't want your pity...
Though why do I want you to help me...?

We are connected, but we have a short.
A pause in our power
The problems that segregate us from blossoming like flowers
Can't you see why I cower?

I can see something many choose not to see.
The choice to watch others suffer and stumble
That is something I can see.
I just wish someone would say that it hurts.

This pain, this short, this darkness.
Humans are so heartless and yet we march into the next day just to restart it.
This is NOT a game....shame that some would disagree.

How can you plea with someone whose truth is but depravity.
This is why we live in tragedy...
All I want is to be free...
But that'd be too easy.

I need my connection.
The people I grew with.
The destruction and constructive.
I need you and everyone else...
Without you, without all of you...I'd only have myself.

Thus is why some crumble and others flourish. The true flower was killed for the artificial one

The strength of the fabric depends on the strength of the string.
If fate is fabric, then the will is string.
The strength of the string depends on the strength of the will.
If the string is strong, then the fabric will come out well.
If the will is strong, then your desired future will come out well.
What you weave is fate.
What you weave is the future you desire.
In other words, what you weave is your fate.
If the string is weak,
then the future you desire is unstable.
You let the cosmic power take hold
play around
roll dies
make bets
and decide your future.
Though I suppose they're already doing that right now

Dina 3d

don't fight the ropes that tie around your fragile barrier of skin.
don't scream, there's gauze on your mouth.
dont walk for chains forbid the legs to move.
love is a drug.
until you're in so deep they have you strangled.
dont, dont, dont you say as they crumble your dreams.
but you wouldnt have it any other way.
the pain, the sacrifice, may never end but as long as their smile is in your eyes, not a single thing matters. not a single thing

oops it's gross, just feeling

car glides on the road
the wet cement crackles sharp
life keeps moving on

Meet me in my emotional depths,
And settle with me among the waves,
For I can get lost there sometimes,
And not come back for days and days.
But if you cannot meet me there,
Do not drag me into the shallows,
And dismiss my ocean of passion,
Because you can’t handle the shadows.
It can be dark and, oh, so cold,
But only on my darkest days.
It’s clean and pure and true,
Whether or not you understand my ways.
My depths are real and here to stay.
My depths are part of me,
So you cannot tread the deep,
You had better leave the sea.
If you choose to stay on shore,
While I am swimming in the surge,
Then be prepared to say goodbye,
For I don’t dwell amongst the verge.
It’s all or nothing, sink or swim,
But the shallows are not for me,
So come and meet me in my depths,
Or walk away from this empath sea.

Sometimes you just have to let go of someone who isn't willing to meet you amongst the waves of your emotional depth. Don't ever let an emotionally shallow person dismiss your depth.
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