They thought
that at some point I will stop,
that it's only a childish obsession
and that one day I'll quit,
become a man,
who has no time for silliness,
because heavy is the burden of life.

Many times I myself
tried to make her gone,
shouting I don't need you!
Leave me alone!

But Poetry, like a loving mother,
has never left me alone.

I'll never stop writing.
If I said that I will, I would lie.

I've never stopped writing,
since I died.
Fight with your all,
But sink deeper,
Further from who you call
your all.
Heather 8h
Little girl
Optimistic in life
Little girl
Naive as can be to the cruelty of the world
Little girl
Aspires to be what she is told
Little girl
Through her eyes she sees
Rainbows butterflies and unicorns
Little girl
No longer little
Big girl, all grown up
What does she now know
At the blank pages I
Stare in annoyance to the empty spaces
I shake with the fear that the writings may not please
My pensive nature

My hands, my brain fail to develop good
Ideas that satisfy my heart and soul

I stare at the blank page and wait
For creativity to return
And paint it with words

Hanging in the smog,
I see an image that
I want to paint
Hovering just out of my range
As it slowly fades away, out of my focus

I don’t have enough inspiration to
Bring the fading image
Back into my focus

I strike the keys,
The words appear
But the words don’t seem to strike a bright bulb,
In here

I change the form,
It stays that way
For seconds
And soon, Days

I think long about the
Mystery, as to why
The keys don’t
Unlock the rooms in me

It takes time to find the right words
Combining them to paint
A piece of art
That rests deep inside
A poet’s heart

I am impatient
Restless, Lost of

Eager to find the words I need
I rush it, write to fast
Not thinking about what the artwork
Will turn out to be

I write a bad poem
Stare at it with shock

The impatient poet retires again
Hoping it won’t happen once more
As I rush again, I failed to learn from the past
Poetry needs time I noticed at last.
he knew his love for her was beyond his existence , he knew that this bond would be the death of him but when she called he ran , when she cried he broke and when she needed him he appeared. his love for her tested at every corner but never wavered , he held strong and gave her his all and he knew she would be the end of him. the night came and he world became dark , she called his name and he ran , racing through time and red lights with dead street lights throwing him in and out of darkness he never stopped , he never slowed he drove and drove he knew her called his and he knew she needed him, he knew this would be the end of him....  He ran into the room , engulfed by the sounds of beeping and screaming he was dazed , where is she ? he ran to the white clothed hero and begged and pleaded with the savior to let him see her, to take him to her but he was denied. he sat in a room full of people but he was never more alone, he lost everyone , he flashed back to the days when the nightmares haunted him , before he met her, before she showed him what it meant to be loved and to love, he knew she would be the end of him but his heart knew she was the one for him. they came for him , they looked at him with sorrow and he knew this was the end of him, he saw her , for the first time he saw her , tubes and wires blood drenched hands but he saw her and he had never seen her more beautiful that night , he had never seen her look more mesmerizing , even the night she wore that black dress and it rained and her got wet and she captured his heart for the first time could not compare to this. she was dying they said,  and his heart sunk , he would make a deal with the devil if he could , he would sell his soul if he knew how , but the devils ears were shut tonight , heaven had closed its doors and he was alone , the depression had taken her away from him more then the cancer did, the pain of seeing her decay cell by cell day by day had changed him , he knew this would be the end of him , he knew that this was his last , he knew this was her last , she touched his hand and the tears began to fall and she smiled and he smiled and he knew this was the last , the last time he saw that twinkle in her eye , the last time he would ever touch her or hug her ever again this life.  he decided long ago that if she goes he goes and she left him, on that gloomy Tuesday night in April she left him...she left the promises of forever they had , she left the dreams they made together , she left him with the choice , love or leave. he walked that night , he walked with the intention of end , he walked to free himself , free himself from the devil within , free himself from the demons that bind him to her. he walked and walked until the waves touched his feet and they felt freeing , they felt warm in the midst of winter they hugged him the ocean called him , it called his name and he followed like the calls of a siren he fell into the arms of the ocean. he sank and the empty deafening silence spoke to him and he heard her voice , he heard her scream swim. he knew she was the end of him he knew she was the end of the his soul but he didn't know she was the end of an era and the freedom of a curse , he knew he had to live , he knew her death meant he lost a love but gained a strength and he knew she was with him because his love for her did not die with the cancer , she did not die with the cancer or blood loss , he knew she lived and he gave her the life , he freed her from the bounds of death and he found his freedom in her death
Amanda 5d
I was in love, you in too deep,
Drowning in a decided miserable sea,
Your addiction pulled you far away,
Heroin's waves took you from me.
It wasnt really the drugs, although that was a big part of it, but I can't help but believe things would have been different if you weren't a heroin junkie.
If you are looking for love  
you won’t find it
Pain has held it hostage
It performs on an empty stage
Only the brave can watch it perform
And Appreciate
it’s worth
Lips so tender she feels
Like velvet on fire,
Soft yet hot enough
To remind me she can hurt,
Just enough to remind me
‘Twas her inner core
I fell in love with
In the first place.
I can’t repaint the start
Nor it’s tenderness
To understand
The complexity
Of it’s cottons -
But know I am soft,
And I will always
Keep your heart
To love is as good as learning to swim,
Afraid to get  into the pool of love,
Sorry, you will never learn,
Love will pass you.
Be brave, take a deep breath,
Dive into the deep end,
There will be fireworks,
The sky will be ablaze with love stars.
You have three options to learn to love,
You drown into the pool of love,
You learn to stay afloat,
Or somebody rescues you,
The choice is yours.
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