Sometimes the blind
Lead the wide eyed,
Even in darkness
And glimmering light,
Our hearts skip once
For echoes to show -
hiding in shadows
when love starts to grow,
I’ll whisk you up -
The cyclone of love.
My muscles pound
My limbs become sore and bulky.
My mind spins a million thoughts in
a single jiffy of emptiness,
and yet I cache it to myself.
Fear takes over and silence turns up.
The struggles are my own, not for the care of others
Why strain anyone with shit that
even I can't feel?
So I just remain here.
With the stars and the moon.
-Khushi :)
Done work early this evening,
home I'm heading,
As I get there I'm wondering,
What tonight I'm eating,
I  walked into the house,
As I'm entering
Upstairs I can hear banging,
So I'm start rushing upstairs wondering,
What happening,
I hear in my wife in the bedroom Moaning,
I'm thinking maybe she got a new toy and I’m a horny boy,
So I enter to enjoy,
As I open the door,
I see her on the floor,
Getting it by some guy,
I start yelling you are wore,
I knew you wanted more,
I was so  angry and my chest felt sore,
But what should I do,
Should I throw them both out the window,
Or let it go
and walk away,
Start a new life,
Never think about today,
But I have so much to say,
And ask why,
Then I looked at the dresser, Remembered where I hid the revolver,
Walked over,
Pulling it out,
Told my wife it could have been us forever,
Shot her
Look at him,
Then pulled the trigger,
looked at the mirror,
And Said life could have been better If I never married a cheater,
Then raised the gun and my life was done
This is a poem/verse
Drowning into

Deep feelings
Deep space
Deep you

Save me

Before I get lost
in the mysterious and chaotic universe
Before I get locked
in the dark depths of the infinite ocean

Your ocean.
He is a mystery.
I’m hopeless, says everyone
I’m trying.
I’m trying.
My eyes feel as if they are gonna ooze out blood
My mind feels that it’d burst up
My mouth feels dry and muddy
My face feels anaesthetized
I’m waiting for the time but it’s running out.
I’m waiting for the bus to stop, but it never waits.
I’m waiting for her to show up, but she never does.
I’m waiting for a miracle to occur, but it never happens.
My dreams haunt me every night.
But I know that
I know nothing of life
I’m just trapped in an abyss of wretchedness.
I’m a mystery wrapped in a coffin.
And that coffin is my body.
-Khushi :)
"There are two types of people in the world," he laughed after a heavy swig. I laughed and anticipated a mindless reply.
"Those who are pens, and those who are pencils".
An eye-roll dismissed the statement but a curious brow stayed in place.
"All I'm saying is that some folks have a certainty about them. Everything glides off their tongue like cursive dipped in black ink".
I thought of where I might fall on the spectrum.
Imaginary conversations series...
I'm waiting for her
Like a kid waiting
For merry-go-round.
Little excitement and
Little fear of someone will take
The merry-go-round.
Hey darling can you hear my silence?
My soul is chilling,
My heart will stop,
My last breathe will whisper to you
I love you...

Hey darling
I'm missing you,
Every second.
Waiting is so hard
But knowing you'll never come
Is more harder.
I start to walk to the end
But there's no end.

Hey darling,maybe one day,
You'll love me too.
With the hope of that day,
Goodbye my dear.
True feelings.
sorry love
can't keep it
simple and sweet
if all i am
is complicated and salty
The sun and moon may fall down, but they always get right back up.
let me fall asleep,
before i fall in d
                              ­     e
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