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Yenifer 38m
I am a being, says
I am a human being, says
I am Mexican, says
I am American, says
She is not an American, says
She is an alien who should be dragged away immediately, says
Revoke DACA, says
Don’t trust the police, says
You’re aunt got deported, says
She doesn’t belong here, says
Our holy country full of freedom, says
Full of opportunities just not for you, says
If you wanted rights you should have come here legally, says
Go back to your country, says

You are a good daughter, says
You are an older sister, says
You must set an example, says
No don’t do that, says
You were supposed to be the good one, says
We trusted you, says
We’re not mad just disappointed, says
It’s okay, says
It's not okay, says
You shouldn’t have done that, says
Why did you do that, says
What if you’re siblings found out, says
Don’t tell your uncles and aunts, says
Pretend it never happened, says
Pretend it's the same, says
I don’t care, says
Can I leave, says
No, Come Back, says

He’s gone, says
He killed himself, says
Why aren’t you sad, says
You should be sad, says
What’s wrong with you, says
What are you feeling, says
You should be feeling, says
What are feelings, says
It’s so he can go to heaven, says
You need to be here, says
God will help him, says
God exists, says
You should believe in God, says
Why don’t you believe, says
What’s wrong with you, says
You’re not normal, says
You should be normal, says
Why aren’t I normal, says

You’re an adult, says
I am a child, says
Focus on school, says
Go to college, says
I'm trying, says
I need to be successful, says
I want to be successful, says
I’m not good enough, says
You're so smart I wish I had your brain, says
We’re gonna get a good grade she’s in our group, says
A “B” isn’t a bad grade, says
Why isn’t it an A, says
You could do better, says
You have to do better, says
Wow second place, says
Only second place, says
You should be happy, says
You make me feel stupid, says
I don’t mean to, says
Stop complaining, says
You did good, says
Why are you bragging, says
I’m just proud, says
Stop bragging, says

Your posts make me sad, says
Why are you so depressing, says
Sorry I’ll stop, says
Why do you always look so sad, says
Why don’t you talk more, says
Sorry I’ll stop, says
Stop being so sad, says
What’s there to be sad about, says
This you is no good, says
Sorry I’ll stop, says
Be happier, says
Fake smiles, says
Be more likable, says
Talk more, says
Suppress it, says
There that’s better, says
More friends, says
Funnier, says
This you is good, says
This is better, says
Why doesn’t this feel better, say

I’m here for you, says
I don’t remember, says
Why didn’t you tell me, says
You should have told me, says
I tell you everything, says
Tell me about yourself, says
Ok cool, says
Why aren’t you talking, says
You’re so nice, says
Why are you always so neutral, says
You’re such a good friend, says
I am horrible, says
Are we friends, says
I don’t know what a friend is, says
I don't want to hurt you, says
Let’s be friends, says
I have no expectations, says
I guess we’re friends, says
I love you, says
You don’t mean it, says
What’s love, says
How can you love others if you don’t love yourself, says
Write an essay about love, says
I don’t know how to love, says
Can I get another assignment, says
Don’t say something you don't mean, says
I care, says
Sure, says
Tell me about yourself, says
You'll forget anyway, says
I care about you, says
We’re friends, says
Trust your friends, says
Don’t you like us, says
Why don’t you trust, says

I am uninteresting, says
I don’t understand myself, says
Who am I, says
I am lonely, says
I want someone to understand, says
Others can’t help, says
They don’t care, says
No expectations, says
They won’t understand, says
Deal with it on your own, says
It’ll get better eventually, says
Don’t make them worry, says
You’ll get out eventually, says
Just be yourself, says
Who is myself, says
Figure it out, says
I don't know how, says
Stop being yourself, says
It’ll be fine, says
It’ll be fine, says
It’s okay, says
You’re okay, says
Smile, says
Don’t let them worry, says
Don’t let them know, says
Calm down, says
Stay calm, says
It’ll get better, says

I HATE myself, says
The me I am, was, and will be, says
I hate myself more than anything in the world, says
I think about this hate every second of every day, says
Get it out of my head, says
Hate is a strong word, says
Hate is just as strong as love, says
I’ve never felt love, says
Be kinder to others than you are to yourself, says
You know what it feels like so why would you want them to, says
I really hate myself, says
How do I make the pain go away, says
This is the strongest feeling I have ever felt, says
I’m so scared, says
I don’t know how I feel or how I’m supposed to feel, says
Who hurt you, says
I did, says
Why am I like this, says
I just wanna feel okay, say

I am an infinite string of atoms tied together to make the being I call myself, says
I am the most complicated equation, says
I have the deepest history, says
I am the oldest story, says
I am a cliche, says
I hate cliches, says
Don’t be a cliche, says
I am the hardest metaphor to understand, says
I am a piece of poetry, says
I am an unfinished poem …

When will this poem leave me, says
This unfinished poem whispering to me every day of my life in the back of my head
I just want a normal life, says
Even maybe just a normal day, says
A day without me having to worry about the words that were and will be written in this god damn  poem
This poem won’t leave me, says
This poem is stuck to me like a piece of gum to the bottom of a desk and I know … even if it were ever to be ripped away from me, that it would leave residue and continue to control me
This poem is a part of me, says
It contains the deepest darkest parts of me that I don’t want to think of or even recognize as me
This poem is me, says
This poem has shaped me to be the very being I am today, but I so desperately want it to go away
Please leave me alone, says
I just want to be happy
Anya 1d
Is it better
To have complex sounding poems
With analogies, literary devices, and enriching words galore
Conveying the same message in numerous ways
But sporting a simple ideas

To have simply written
Clearly stated
Easily comprehensibly worded
Sporting complex ideas?
My thoughts float.
Like a stray balloon
wind swept from a child’s hand.

Once tied to my
rope burned wrist.
But removed by life
ever so swift.

I hope for just
a bit more time.
That thought I had
now gone from my mind.

My thoughts float.
Like a stray balloon
wind swept from a child’s hand.
Cherish your thoughts
My mind is a blank page
Well, not blank
More like a brainstorm sheet
Things I tried to erase, but the imprint will stay there
Memories of when I didn’t think I was good enough
I may not be bleeding but the scar still remains.
are like
w o u n d s
never heal:
deep and
you never
- SkullsNBones
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Gettin’ sh!t on like I’m The Villian,
got this queasy feeling on the line reeling,
coming undone at the same time wound up and spun,
I’m done playing but stuck at the table with The Dealer still dealing,

want to throw myself up out of myself,
can escape every position except the one I’m in,
can’t escape yourself if knowledge is wealth,
then I’m loaded & still spending my winnings,

got Karma Credit but I’m morally cash poor,
because I just fckt my girlfriend as if she was a whore,
and I feel terrible or rather horrible about it,
because i think I’m infected by what neglect did without a cure,

no one is pure,
at least I’m not that’s for sure,
I'm tainted with devils in my head painted with what I spilled I’m red,
sick with the sort of illness that can't easily be cured,

in fact got a bad case of the blues,
but instead of strumming a guitar I’m taking things too far,
cut her so bad with my fingernails,
that I fear it might leave a few scars,

tied her up so tight,
that her wrists turned purple,
see she’s attracted to bad boys,
and I warned her that that’s the type of attraction that can hurt you,

little girl shouldn’t be out past her curfew,
nothing good ever happens past midnight,
but we’re both running from something,
both stand outs in the in crowd still something doesn’t sit right,

I’m uncomfortable,
because I think maybe all humans are disgusting,
maybe we just cause each other pain and trash the earth’s surface,
maybe we deserve to feel guilty & that’s why we are all fcking distrusting,

maybe I’m gonna fckn kill myself,
but this is a card game so then again maybe I’m bluffing,
maybe everything’s going to be alright,
maybe I’m being uptight for nothing,

but I’ll tell you what I feel like the butt of my own joke,
but I don’t give a fck so instead of changing I’m just shrugging,
mean mugging every person I pass suspicious of every bloke,
because these days crime pays and everyone’s always up to something,

and I just want to get ghost,
but I can’t and I guess that’s the way it goes,
so I’m sittin’ in the uncomfortable position,
of being both a role model as well as a criminal,

Gettin’ sh!t on like I’m The Villian,
got this queasy feeling on the line reeling,
coming undone at the same time wound up and spun,
I’m done playing but stuck at the table with The Dealer still dealing…

∆ LaLux ∆
One silky spring day
in my bare memories
presents few fine crows
perched on light picket posts.

Gilded yet dark,
the birds spoke in shrills.
Had I looked away,
my mind be pure filth.

An orchestra,
all for me.
The hills swayed,
much with the trees.

But time's no fool,
the sky grew death.
A jolt of light,
a new scene set.

How quick it turned,
the blue gone too soon.
But on they went,
with transient tunes.

Yet, after not too long,

The bluster chewed land.
I woke from my glance.

The troupe had no disband.
I feared them with no chance.


A pale strike it was,
all I can remember.

It slammed its poor body,
so tough, so impishly,
how rough, how inimically.

Its feathers flew,
desperate to escape frightful peace.
Its beak dove down,
an Olympic performance to cease.

And so,
it flew right deep into tender ground.

And what's left of bitter sound,
is all to be ever seen,

yet never found.
Order is ephemeral...
I am a guitar string
I sing, I dance and hum, I instill ecstatic joy in others
I move people and bring them to tears
but eventually all that becomes too much

i break
this is my art
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