you loved me with every bit of your cocaine heart, and i guess i overdosed.

written about a childhood love.

If love can heal
And pain can kill

What will it take to get over you

Haki 2d

A bottle of wine and a dinner so fancy.
Long conversations about life and misery.
A long night deserves the right company,
So the story begins with a little bit of gluttony.

A night ignited the need for many other.
Feeling they can't get enough of each other.
He and She became a need so they got greedier.
They both wanted to satisfy the need to be together.

Their feelings within came out like gust.
They both believed and slowly placed trust.
The slowly starting trust ended up in thrusts.
They were in love but got lost in the sin of lust.

Envy was summoned in the form of Jealousy.
Why be bothered when they trust He and She?
A question that exploited their vulnerability.
Soon they'll become fools who were too foolish to see.

Testing each other, initiating a cause to divide.
Knowing one way or another, they both won't abide.
Happy moments indeed always have a downside.
Slowly but surely, they will be coated with pride.

Finally the sin of wrath will make them bend.
Everything they had will come to an end.
The hearts and souls, they decided to rend.
The damage they brought, they cannot mend.

Now, they are both Sloths idly waiting for something.
They both know inside this something is worth saving.
Realizing that something won't come by just waiting.
Still they do nothing, consumed by sins, they stop repenting.

Inspired by the manga series, Nanatsu no Taizai.
Favorite Sin is Gowther!
R 3d

there is a grey mist hanging from the sky
behind miles of its skin is a raging war
a calm firmament, but peace is yet so far
it is weak, and so, it yearned to die
roars were heard, and light brought the bath
the war is already won, sing an aftermath

We are asked to write a poem with a ABBACC rhyming scheme. I am actually not so used with the use of any rhyming scheme, so here it goes. :> Enjoy! God Bless!
kylie 3d

a smile that could cure cancer
eyes that can light the universe
a laugh to diagnose depression
stories that make you laugh until you cry

he will literally make you die inside

kylie 3d

write on my body with your lips
take my heart in tiny bits

touch my skin softly
read me to sleep
hold me when i cry
dazzle me with your smile

deceive me with kindness
then hurt me the next
your hands can do wonders besides just sex

my soul is fragile
but of course i have to bow down to you, my king

MyDystopiA Sep 13

Rinse repeat
the soul clean
walk the tightrope
to my dreams
pull apart
my stitches and seams
bleed out the bleak
buries me beneath
drowning in defeat
living on my knees
upside down
the yellow screams
in threes.


Sora 4d

What a word
What a feeling
What a thought
As can be
Thats what I am
Thats what I think I am
Sane as can be
Normal is me
Insane is what I believe

An eternal nightmare I wake up with no hair. Fortune favours the bold. How old am I? I've been here for years racked up a few enemies and a few fears. Who will follow me apparently no one so I have no responsibility. Bill it G. Bun that lifestyle run for a while- one number- speed dial.

What dialect is this? They say violence isn't the answer but in my life it's been hit and miss. Misguided from the truth. I glided through life with lies then I became the scapegoat my incapable to kid anyone

Everyone abandonned me so you became the ghost at my shows my number one phantom. Embarassed to show face. I embraced my faith accepting anyone rubbing me up the wrong way like a chaif.

A chef created a dynasty my destiny was saved. A coward in the making crossing the feline a catt-le became brave...

D-epitomy of deep.
Amma 4d

It's blindness
no mercy
It's foolishness
It's fancy

slowly slowly
I fell down in a deep hole
sorrowful to take this role

Can you hear me screaming, calling to the lost souls?
It's the silence among the walls

Waiting is hurting too
I have no choice either stay or go..

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