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Claw apart my flesh
to reveal a bleeding heart
Peel me open
to show what is falling apart
Stoked flame burns
brighter than trampled coals
Turn me to ashes
to crumbling charcoal
Once drowning
now buried in storms
A star shines brighter
fractured light reformed.
Nadine Mar 6
When I was small, carefree and young
I would laugh, giggle and have so much fun
Who would of known or ever could see
What I would go through what I would be

The roads I would travel the things I'd go through
I had love and friendship that never seemed true
Break ups and make ups, good times and bad
I lived through the fights and the memories I had

I believed in that prince on a white shinny horse
Will he still come and sweep me up of course
I'm still so young and many years are ahead
But at times I feel alone and in side so dead

I have worries and dreads and flights of fears
Its my demons and emotions that I mostly fear
The nights bring no comfort the day no peace
I wish this battle I face would just ceace

I can't explain and I don't know why
Sometimes I break and all I want is to die
I try to reach out and speak from my heart
But then the pain and emotions restart

You'll never know or understand if you tried
The mental agony and pain that inside I hide
Now I'll be fine and all seems so well
Then in an instant I pull into my shell

I know you worry I know you wonder
How can you calm my raging thunder
You cant help me you can't heal me
Cause I cant explain, I so wish to be free

It comes from within and it blows in an instant
Then from the world I keep my distance
It's emotions and worries and panic attracts
When you think it is over it's suddenly back

Where do I turn to where can I run
I wish to be happy carefree and fun
It raises in an instant and stays for so long
Then there goes my quietness like distant song

People try help and give there advise
They tell me to stand up, they tell me to raise
They say I'm stronger than what I believe
I must try harder and to advise give heed

I have tried this and that so many times
But it doesn't help cause it's more than my mind
Its deep in my soul my gut and my heart
If only I could figure out from where is all starts

How to control it so that it won't last
Maybe it's hidden deep in my past
I've dug and I've dug and pondered on things
All that it does is another one brings

It doesn't help me when you stare at me
You think I don't know but I always see
The whispers and giggles and **** remarks
Don't be back stabbing take of your masks

It's a constant battle to keep it together
I'm even effected by the change of weather
But I keep on going and pray to keep standing
And always on my two feet to be landing

So next time you see me distressed and ranting
Tears in my eyes and heavily panting
Try to be loving, understanding and gentle
It hurts me more when you are judgement

I know that you battle at times understand me
Do you stay away or reach out and hold me
I wish I could change and be more stable
Believe me I would of if only I was able
Amanda Feb 15
I can hear the wind as it whistles
Through my inner spinning cycle
Of questions, as they turn around

I hope the answers can be truth
But doubt is a falling stone
And I feel the weight of a pebble rain
As I am pressed into the dark

I look for the spark of confidence
But it flutters, a bug in a glass
No escape from inside, looking out

I am told they speak a truth
But truth is a promise not yet fulfilled
So how can sincerity be accomplished
In a world full of honest liars
Wolf Jan 19
Rumors prevailing, Forgotten past
Oh a wish in a little clearing in the woods, A nickel of a hope
The signs were obvious, yet the song keep on straining
But with all due time the four elements shattered
Broken Harmony, Four elements scattered across the Earth
Fire, ice, lightning and water.
Two tried to forget, Another eased the sorrow
And one would see it that as harmony broken, nothing could repair the long forgotten oath
Fire and Ice's broken bond
Shattered the earth as neither could forget
Lightning had foretold all
Warnings forgotten, as time does to all
Yet water never failed to forget
Always wary, yet never showing
Harmony in balance, bonds yet strengthened
All in one, shattered bit by bit
Alas, water’s song had failed
Fire enraged, Ice sorrow
Lightning bitter
Water would assure that guilt of time would never cease.
This poem was not written by me. I requested permission of a close friend to post this for all to see, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Ryan Clark Jan 8
I’m tired of these bad days
Im sick of these games we play
I wish i could get some reprieve
From this pain torturing me

I wish i could see where i stand
Am i special or just another man
Do i mean anything to you
Or am i just another tool

If you asked me I would stay
But this indecision is killing me
How much longer can i wait
While I'm crumbling  

You say there is to much pressure from me
But you can’t stand the thought of me leaving
How much more do i have to sacrifice
While you wait around to make up your mind

I don't know if I can see tomorrow
Should I stay or should I follow
Girl will you stand by me
Or have the decency to set me free
Another song i wrote video here
H E L E N A Dec 2018
Rhythmic incessant thuds,
Drum rolls of flowing blood.
They ringed in my ears,
Welcomed my deepest fears.

A fragility of the flesh,
Shredding open with each new lash.
A fortress of stones, bone-brittle,
Shattering like an overflooded skull.

Haemorrhage, haemorrhage
How they gush,
Bright red, lovesick
Always in a rush.

To think that each wall I built
Only heightened the fall.
Each scar was a sensation,
I know they watched in awe.

Of flesh and stone,
They contest my throne.
but eventual.
Which "me" will I be today?
Devilish torment -- her body is my lament.
She crawls beneath the cracks and finds
The dark cellar my "worst" ferments.
She feeds it as it rots, just to make its wine more bitter...
Squeezed from the finest lies,
Designed to make an addict from a quitter.

Like a dark and tempting vacuum that my soul cannot escape,
Attractive in its repulsion,
Its a part of me that loves the way it hates.
Masturbatory and selfish, With a thirst that can't be quenched...
She finds the spots within me, that make even deities flinch.
Their knees ***** and crumble, at its all-consuming "nothing"...
I never knew my zero could be so wholly unbecoming.

She, or it, will surely be my undoing.
Yet, somehow, that keeps me moving.
So uncomfortably I'll admit...
It's the brutal nature of it all,
That I find so disturbingly soothing.
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