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Luna Pan Apr 30
him and i
it was a love story so rare
from our hometown to europe
two similar souls and a story to be told

him, the boy from upper class
a genious with toxic behaviours
me, the girl with the silent grace
an artist with messy mind

a story of love and cheating
in the second jazz age
we whispered secrets at night, and laughed in mornings
our love was red, burning inside out

i would write and he would read
he would talk and i would listen
our story still lives on in our hearts, yearns to belong
but beneath it there is a sorrow
snipes Apr 22
I see her soul radiants off the sea
the sun’s imagery mirrors
her feelings, escaping
slowly showing the shine
refined for my eyes
as the night shades it
the light tide barricades
my binoculars, dimming
my mind state in full emergency
like I’ve lost what I sought, emerging
what I thought was fully seen
the glistening takes a turn for the worst
the storm delivers colors of true emotion
which is where the truth appears in new motion
Chris Saitta Apr 1
I never learned to weep
But ground my eyes down
On the griststone of a mill
Turned sadness into powder
Then choked on my own weaponized sorrow.
snipes Mar 28
disregard did the damage
this region is the damnation
the sun burns so my eyes can overturn
I see how death is looooming
the flowers poked out glooooming
the sky drips and I fall into its illusion
I’m far out
but I ain’t tripping
I’m far out
but I ain’t tripping
if life is god given
then death is god taken
the soul purpose
of me on earth is to
reproduce and rebirth
the sky calls the distance
this is death’s presences
don’t ignore the calling
because you might mistake
the reincarnate’s fate
Luna Pan Mar 21
i left my youth in aegean
made a trade with apollo
he said "you will be haunted by this summer 'till the day you die"

sirens, wines, sun-kissed cheeks
i laid my sunburnt face to your chest
made a trade with you
i said "this is the only time we will have for the rest of our lives"

horizons, seashells, sands
made a trade with aphrodite
we lied down on beach in the full moon laughing on wine
you said "i will never be as this young and in love as i am in this summer evening"
i left my heart in aegean
Iz Mar 7
Shut, open once more
Mortal eyes to welcome the light:
The modest ushering in of photons
who tiptoe towards the photoreceptors
dancing, gingerly between their fingertips
whispering their electrochemical messages—
tens of millions of data-bits—
bundled and strung up in between synapses
Sent to a distant place in the back of my head
Segregated, sorted
rearranged until the details emerge.
Zywa Mar 6
Quietly she looks

at me -- a comb through my mind,

waving in her wind.
"Wilde gewassen" ("Wild crops", 2014, Bruno van Imschoot)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 0s and 10s"
yıldız Feb 21

as beautiful as you are...
with those cinnamon eyes...
left my heart in pain...
how can i ever look at you the same...(?)

you love i
Close your eyes and open the eyes of your heart.
They will show you the way, enlighten your life, and fill it with purpose, joy, and hope.

Hussein Dekmak
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