Tell me that you still look for me in a crowd out in public. Tell me I live in your mind, that I don't just cross it.
I wrote down the times that you were eating me alive. The times I couldn't breath the times I did more than cry. I wrote about the passion, the love, the hate. I wrote about sidewalks, the movies and cake. I miss the moments we would meet eyes, I miss the moments we went on nighttime drives. I think about details like the curls in your hair, the way you stared. Your eyes lit a fire I have yet to put out. A fire that's destroyed me So just tell me you understand, this way that I feel. I need the closer so maybe I can heal.

Please let me heal.
Sanny 4h

Walking through the corridors, feeling the judgemental looks burning on my skin.

To them I'm a stereotype, a girl filled with tattoos, a skinhead jacket and a fake smile.

A threat maybe?

No I can't be?
I'm laughing all the time, so no one will notice.

If they only knew..

What's hiding inside me.
A broken sensitive heart.

A trumatized girl,
who only wants to be herself,
without people looking at her differently and constantly.

Do they see the victim-stamp tattooed on my forehead?
Do they know? Can they?

Caught a glimpse of the thinnest line
of which by far the best crucible for lies

Opaqued senses with asinine approach
Desecrating the abyss of the nothingness

Empty as the glass I'm drinking.
Mister J 16h

The eyes of a man
Broken and tested in life
Tell lots of stories

They're windows to the soul
Mirrors to the heart
Books that need to be read

Another Haiku. :)

With the sky so blue
Those beautiful orbs
Your eyes, blue too.

For they shine like the sea
But not green and misty
Like the beaches of white sand
With the water crystal clear.

The shells under the water
Gleam and glow
They bring sparks of color
Like your eyes when the sun is low

There's so much they hold
Most I couldn't bare
But I wonder how they're so strikingly bold.

Your eyes are blue
They shine like crystal water
And see shells gleaming.
But beneath those eyes
There is a person
Behind your pearly white smile
There is a soul.

For features can be beautiful
But nothing can outdo
A beautiful soul.

tsel 1d

you never had me,
or rather,
i never had you.
but i was always yours.
since the beginning,
since the day you talked
to me at the seminar room.
i remember how you looked -
your eyes and the way you spoke -
even in that dimly-lit room
i saw you clearly.
i see you clearly.

i think he was wearing a red-striped jacket.
frankie 1d

for eyes are only eyes
until you look deep into them
memorise the colours
notice all the flecks of gold
see the soul inside

for eyes are only eyes
until you fall in love
with their owner.

Anna 1d

that caring look that pierced my soul
made me recall everything you’ve told me


but all are lies

you never cared
you never meant it
and you never told me truth

but what made me believe you?

your eyes

your eyes captured my attention immediately
making me a prisoner to your gaze
being caged behind the lashes
and i sunk into that black pit
a ring of blue that besieged it

Oh, how bright they were
shining with the tears that had yet to fall
yet you never showed how you truly felt

i believed the words
that flowed from your mouth
like sweet honey

you convinced me yet confused me
i was an unfortunate player in your game
on a quest to seek the answer that can never be found

oh, how i trusted you
how i let you in with open arms
i thought you were my safety
a home where i’d keep my heart
but now, you no longer keep me imprisoned
i am no longer a player
you are no longer my safety
and i now see past your eyes

i was inspired to write this when my best friend/crush just stopped talking to me and i was told by someone else that they hated me. i've known my best friend since 7th grade and now i'm a junior in high school and we no longer speak...

I’m becoming blurry
When I look at myself in the mirror
And I’m beginning to see
His face through mine
Instead of mine
Like my body is disappearing into His
Like if He wasn’t there
I’d be completely invisible

Now I can’t get rid of Him.

Or I just don’t want to
Because I don’t want to vanish
Into thin air
And be another ghost
Wandering the streets
I want to be seen
Even if His eyes
Are piercing through mine
Even if the world is clouded because of it

Every time I blink
My life seems to get a shade darker
Until everything is disfigured
From His pupils over mine
And anything bright
Seems out of place
Forcing my eyelids back shut
Until the dark returns

It’s funny
That after I’ve been with someone
For so long
I become more and more like them
With Him
It’s no different
I chose to let Him stay with me
And as a consequence
I’m fading into Him

It sounds cliche
That maybe I need Him to survive
Maybe I’d lose my identity without Him
Maybe I’d be nothing…
Maybe I’m too afraid
To let go
And find out

He’s given me a reason to live
And a need to die
But who am I to turn Him away?

I wonder
If I’ll ever truly be able
To see myself in the mirror again
Or if I’ll forever
Be looking through His eyes.

how do you make fire,
she asks me.

i steal it off your eyes
every time
you think about him

and it burns.

-- Eleanor

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