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erin 23m
she was a tundra
the photos were so pretty
but now you miss home
about a glare i still can't escape 2 years later.
Recovery is supposed to be
synonymous with Renewal.
Rising from the ashes,
old flames re-lit,
persona rediscovered.
But what do you do
when there’s nothing to Recover,
the Before
up in flames and gone with smoke.
How do you start over
when you don’t know where to start
when you don’t know who you are
when you don’t want to be an also
a prop to someone else’s story
while yours is left unpenned
And within just a moment,
you are not Less,
but Different -
a shift that feels nothing but Empty,
a tear in the fabric of your soul
ripped by the slamming door;
a gap just wide enough
for salty tears to sting a freshly broken heart;
a laceration just deep enough
for time alone to heal.
Introspection and reflection
deftly weaving silken threads
to bring renewal and resilience
to a mending soul that is now stronger than before.
Filling the Empty
with purpose
instead of validation.
Not destroying the Before,
accepting the damage,
rising from the ashes not to relight but to renew,
beginning unhindered by the past -
letting sunlight stream in
through stained glass windows
formed as you made your peace
with your broken pieces,
igniting beauty from destruction -
a fire all your own.
Roschana 11h
Stinging you with her electric eyes
This is your turn to lose the prize
For you shall burn
For you shall never return
Your heart can not depart the roses, you lay a bed
Thorns shall ***** you but this is not your moment to cry
This is not your moment to scream why
For she is taking the steps you can not reach
Reach for your despair, scream this just isn't fair
But she shall not turn around
Bury yourself deep in the ground
For she is unleashing her round of the hounds
jg 13h

Look at all we have,
Can't you see i'm your better half?

When the world is falling apart,
Who has been there to hold your heart?

When the light seems dim,
I've shown you the way by caressing your golden skin

& when the air gets cold,
I've given you my whole body for you to hold

Baby, please tell me you still feel love when i look into your eyes, because i can't take no more lies...
They told me there's a light brighter
than the stars

I didn't know it was you and your good heart
Oh starlig nights
they keep me looking at your gorgeous eyes
Ella 18h
My peeper peeped through the peep hole
On the wooden door
There was another eye ball
That was not there before

It seemed not to notice
That my eye was there
It didn't seem to notice
Nor did it care

The iris flew left to right
Scanning to observe
If someone was walking down the hall
And the eye it curved

The eye was small and shifty
Fire, one might say
It was also caged and empty
Icy, in a way

I tripped over my feet
It was then that I saw
There was no door.
Eh I'm bored
Rising sun reflects
beaming straight into my eyes
sunglasses missing
This is the 1st of 10 days of Halloween inspired poems.

icy round
the wolf'n eye
soft and round
red riding's *******
wrapped wholly 'round
the grande dame's fear
a circle round
the blood moon's crest

there are lies
in that circled moon
that surround
this cruel charade
they gather
collecting a young girl's tears
'til midnight's debt
is fully paid

'til innocence
is found to want
and purity
so deep defiled
that cold and soulless
lupen eyes
will cleave the sweet
in red and wild

and all that once
was tender
will on this night
turn beastly raw
while guilted
hearts stay locked away
to deny at dawn's light
the truth they saw


rob kistner © 2018
This is a dark take on a 10th century European fairy tale.
Erica C 1d
eyes are the pathway to ones soul
eyes show the truth
look into my eyes when i say i'm fine
you'll know how i feel
it depends on the person i'm around
i feel truly happy around my good friends
and i hate being around the ones who hurt me, and the one who assaulted me
eyes show feelings
never pay attention to my eyes
for they hold what i fail to say
the hold my pain and anger and sorrows and guilt
no one should see that
you'd cry if you knew the real me
the raw me
the feelings i have buried down
the secrets i have
the lies
the things i've done
the things i've said
the people i've hurt
the guilt and pain
im a child i shouldn't have all of this
but i do, because life just decides to throw **** at me
but i can handle it
i'll be fine
but please...look into my eyes if i say im fine
you can tell when im lying
i really don't know what this is not gonna lie
it's kinda a whole mess of things
i didn't know what to really write but thanks for reading it
someguy 1d
Oh, fallen angel, why do you weep, why do you cry?
Have you lost your way, have you lost your eyes
Defined by others, you can never get back into skies
Now, being torn down you must forget how to fly
And learn how to walk among these rats in the hellish fires

And if they see you trying to take off the ground,
They’ll tear your wings off and gnaw you to death in an instant count
dedicated to my favourite poet - Charles Baudelaire
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