Janae 4h

cinnamon is how i would describe
with spice
no sugar and not everything nice

makes you think twice
could never tell what's going on
behind those eyes

take my advice
though cinnamon smells so right
but you know if you would
just taste

you'd be disappointed
because cinnamon isn't so great

Daisy Rae 19h

       you're beautiful.
                      but not in the way most
                             people see
                      in the way your eyes blend
                             from brown to green
                and the way your freckles scatter
                             along your face
             and how more beautiful can you be
                      when your eyes light up
                                your smile appears
                                        & laughter springs
                                            out of your chest
                                   what a beauty you are
                             special, like the stars

long eyelashes rest delicately on flushed cheeks
midnight hair cascades over his face
Blue eyes collide with brown
your soft lips grazing against mine

Mikaail 1d

I don't get vision
I've studied science too

Light through pupil
Image flipped
Produced on retina

But here's the thing?
I don't see the light
I see nothing but darkness
There is nothing ahead
the Void


It’s a beautiful sky tonight,
I can’t help but look up and wonder why,
In your eyes I see the night?
And why I’m sending kisses to the breeze?
Send them rustling through the trees,
Like leaves. Like stars.
Your memories are bountiful and they surround me.

I sit there, I sit here,
Looking up in disbelief
The stars they dance in the air.
Your beauty perfumes the spaces between.
And again you have invaded me.
I’m a helpless bum on the street
Roaming, searching
For what I need
I need you. I need the magic tea,
You brew in me
With your touch
Fire blazing chest deep
It’s addicting to me.

While I’ve collected every movie and song,
I’ve remembered every verse to each one,
Every romantic symphony.
The colours now that I see
They swirl to meet
And there it is
Your soul they reveal.
There it is, the night
In your eyes.
Once more you drown me.

But here comes relief,
The sun is coming up soon
And all the dreams I dreamed
Seam a bit more real.
Getting lost in the heavens
I’m finding my way back to land,
As you reach for my hand,
And the fantasy is made real.
Here comes the sunlight,
Yet still in your eyes I see the night,
In the mysterious darkness
That’s where love hides.

Cheveux noirs,
mystérieux comme le soir,
sachez que
pour vos yeux verts
mon coeur est ouvert!

* * *    


Hair of blackness,
Mysterious as the night,
Know this:
To your green eyes
Open is my heart

a dedication with a vague translation
- to Viktoria
Chan S 2d

Open your eyes to realize the lies that have been placed in your brain so meticulously.
Every word that is heard planned strictly to a 'T'.
What are They trying to hide from you and me?
You sit there like an obedient dog, waiting for your next command.
Being sure to never bite the hand that feeds you.
But what are They feeding you? 
Do you ever stop and look,
truly taking a look
at what you are allowing into your body?
Or do you just accept the 'bull-ogni' that is coated with sugar
and said to be
Open your mind to define the words that your ears truly hear.
Don't be afraid to allow your brain
to reach a higher atmosphere.
Don't take refuge because all of this seems
so inherently huge.
Learn the truth,
know the truth,
be the truth.
Truth is hard,
truth is real,
truth is sometimes pain.
But we need to gain
the knowledge
to remain
From the aspartame in our food,
to the fluoride in our water
‘They’ tell us that it's for our own good so we don't even bother
to learn what we consume from day to day,
we just accept every word
and believe what They say.
We think that we're free,
but I find that hard to believe
With the Patriot Act being changed, taking away our civil liberties.
Now called the Freedom Act
we're being stalked on the internet. Leaving me to suspect
what’s coming next.
They say that Martial Law is here to protect us, in their trigger happy way,
but there are far too many bodies for me to feel safe.
And so many stories that have caused me to feel this way,
Like there are no more truths
to what anyone has to say.
Gerald Massey, an Egyptologist
has a quote that I believe
couldn’t be any more honest.
He says,
“They must find it difficult
those who have taken authority as truth,
Rather than
truth as the authority.”  
So little words
with such powerful meaning.
Proving that we no longer think,
only ‘watch’
as our brains sit bleeding.
So, I have taken a stance
to enhance
with knowledge
to improve myself.
Which to me holds so much wealth.
We have become so complacent
with the way life is,
not thinking about our kids
and what they'll have to succumb.  
Already our privacy against the Invisible threat
over the internet,
so many warnings
and no eyes opened yet.
As an invincible society
is waiting patiently,
quietly for us to kill ourselves
so that  they can delve
into their plan of action while the masses
are distracted by the media.
Throughout the years,
so much blood and so many lost,
I wonder who’ll have to bear that cross.
From fallen soldiers to the husbands, wives, and kids.  
Still the question to myself is,
what are They hiding from ‘u.s’?
What don’t They want ‘u.s’ to know?
So my mission is to go beneath the glacier
and truly show,
there are lies
we’re all being told.
Not for our protection,
not for our own good,
but so there’s a
covering our already blind eyes.
Lying is not the only method of destruction they like to use.
They also use fear tactics so they can abuse
all the unknowing sheeple
walking around.
Living for authority,
and no truth to be

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A man can only write as much as what he holds behind his eyes
And if you were the last sight to see
I can guarantee that you needn't be surprised
If he runs away from such of sight, occasionally

Because the expression is either all about you or nothing at all
There is no in between such things
No inner lining between the eye and the mind
Of what a man has always seen, in you

There is just the wall in front of him
The key to turn, and the inanimate door to find
Don't take it personally
But a man can only write as much of what he holds behind his eyes

Sometimes the silence I sit myself down is...is a necessary silence. Time to reflect and prepare for the future. Other times its because I'm thinking too much and simply need to stop. Such thoughts are corrupting. They seep into my tongue and spoil the expression. Twisting the verse to fit the topic which is most prominently on my mind.

So you were for some time. As I was silent. #needed

The most difficult thing about knowing more
About realizing that someone else is capable of more
Is that you may come to expect, and desire more
Which becomes more apparent when only one mind adores
Be it less or be it more
The other

A little random blurb for the eyes and back of the mind
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