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You can come quietly or violently
Either way, I’ll have your heart on a platter
You know we’re both past the flattery
While I sit here silently
A burning sigh escapes your breath
Trying to ignite a conversation
A little longer then I’ll change the situation
But first I need you to beg with your eyes
Like a little kid in a game
I’ll be your prize
Why care if this is your demise?
You’ll never see past my disguise
So take it as it is
And in every sweet kiss
Never sense the air of my lies.
I could never finish writing off your name, with your strawberry scent vibrating towards mine and your hooded eyes that covers the wrinkles and your cheek dampens when you crook a smile, I could never stop writing you.

Maybe I was just drawing a thin line with heaven and a tightrope with my eyes close and hell bent towards the unending loophole of my forsaking fantasies, I guess I might stay here. There was something about you that I cannot forsake nor repaint with foreign colors and another texture — you were as a majestic being in my lucid dream.

That even though I cannot recount my fingers one or two or five or ten, I can picture the deepening hole of your dimples whenever you give the world another unbreathable cheeky beam and I sulk here, waiting for another neon glow of that majestic world in my dreamlike prophetic future.

Something told me it was you. As I bear witness another beauty in the realm of my alternative home, maybe then, peering at the sky while I was on a tightrope is worth every penny of sleep and drowsiness gulping another 90's wine.
Wrote this waaay too long ago. I just turned 21 this month. Still not fine, doing a little better, improving and growing.

Hoping for a better future. Hugs to everyone **
My Dear Poet May 9
You can take
every part
of my heart
the truth
and the lies
every page
from the start
but please
give me
your eyes

You can steal
my will
every seal
of my soul
every piece
of the whole
take my breath
and my sighs
but please
give me
your eyes

You can take
every chapter
for free
every part
you can see
what lives
and what dies
but leave
me your eyes

take all
you can find
from the lines
of my mind
to every piece
you can break
leave nothing
so may I
for my sake
make your eyes
I need you to see
every part of me
you take
there may
   or may not
certain colours
that the human eye
is unable
to see
an insipid
an unpalatable
each said
to be impossible
for our eyes
to process;
if seen
it could appear
in all manner
of forms
but would remain

they say that
butterflies can see
the ultraviolet spectrum
and that
the honey bee
sees in infrared;
and so
it would not
be too absurd
for a person
to dismiss
the "impossible"
to believe
in the possibility
of the as-yet

the only way
to perceive
these "forbidden" hues
is through trickery
and constraint
by forcing the brain
into seeing both
antagonistic colours
without reprieve
until the border
the opposing shades
finally dissolves

there may be
a truth
but it is hidden
somewhere between
the plausible
   yet impalpable
and the proven
   yet proselytised
Yemaya Apr 21
Iris framing a soul's song,
a black pearl for which I long.
LC Apr 15
they stuff "yes, no matter what" / "you're always wrong" / "what will people say?" / into a flimsy puppet skin / rigidly moving the strings in one direction / whenever someone comes over / they mount the puppet on the wall / proudly showing off their prized creation.
but when their eyes come to a close / the puppet feels scorching strings on its shoulders / it reaches inside / gutted by what it sees / one by one / it examines each phrase / it takes everything out / replaces it with "no" / "I am not always wrong or right" / "what do I say?" / and slowly snips the strings off its shoulders / so it can walk freely.
Escapril Day 14! Prompt: taxidermy (the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with a lifelike effect).
This is my take on the prompt! Thank you for reading.
Eléonora Apr 14
I crash into your eyes cold as ice
I am deep inside them
I love you, man
Lay me down on the floor
Make me want you more
I can't calm down without
hearing what you want to do with
my hips moving around

The way I see the love in your moves
They way you are whispering
I can't refuse
This is my realest fiction
Like sweet addiction
I never want to be healed
Alienpoet Apr 13
If only we could be lifted
a chance to love
I threw mine away
in the cold shadowy day.

I would of gave you grace
bled my out stretched arms
given up all my magic charms
for one night with you
I am a poet I feel things deeply

And yet I can’t imagine a world where we are together
your eyes of soft radiance glowing
all seeing all knowing
your smile lights my dreams
candle lit scenes
and forever I hear your voice
entangled in my head like my dreams.
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