Reflections of you
In the mirror of my eyes
Have sparked my desire

valentin 11h

p  o  p  !
goes the
eyes   of
when   in
her hand
laid    the

no    such
she    had
looked­ at,
like a still
before her

where  is
the pearl
ion she'd
ened out
f     o     r
herself  ?
where  is
the   eyes
she    had
s   e   e  n
herself th
rough for
the    past
century  ?

"what is
t   h  i  s
ction ? "

s  h  e

"it  is  the
i m a g e
of  souls,
d  e  a  r
it  shows
n  o  n  e
but    the
t r u t h,"

said   the
y o u n g

the    dear
a       mere
m o r t a l,
the  immo-
rtal,    who
d  a  r  e  s
tell        me
who i am ?

she  took  an
other     look
at   her   own
i   m   a   g   e

the   too   pale
skin   and   it's
effect   on   her
bland         face

and           then,
she     smashed
the       imagery
of      her    own

s                            l.
   o          u

How can you tell me
that your truth is better
than mine?
Head to the floor,
hands on my heart,
you're burning my eyes.
You've blinded me now
and I have nowhere to go.
If only I had anything
to tear apart my apathy,
no one would know.

~~ I gave you all. ~~
Ella 1d


All I feel walking through a silent life.

Until I catch her eyes,
And oh her sweet eyes heat up my soul so fast I get dizzy and loose my breathe.

Just one glimpse and my whole life turns on, like flipping a light switch.

One glance and my life was flooded with endless warmth.


Hair of deep obsidian
Eyes of crystal ice
Heart a bloody river
A beauty with a price

For her mind was a chaotic jungle
A stony ruthlessness replaced her nice
Albeit only to protect the shards left
When a swamp replaced her paradise

You're the reason she turned from an innocent maiden into a foul Medusa... she was already broken, you didn't need to shatter her...
gee 2d

My eyes don’t shut
It’s as if they are glued open 24 hours a day
My brain doesn’t shut up
If it was a person, it would speak all day
I try to count some sheep
But my eyes never seem to sleep
So ill just sit back, relax
and stay an insomniac

Sometimes this smile covers the ugliness that goes on inside my mind.
I say "I'm fine," but that always sounds the same, even when it's a lie.
You can't even imagine how wrong everything seems at times.
I look fine on the outside, but my fears scream inside.
There's jealousy in these green eyes,
And there's rocky waves in this sea,
But I'm trying to not let it destroy me.
I'm not always sunshine and rainbows,
I have my gloomy days, and I've learned it's okay to rain,
And I hope when the storms come you don't run for cover, but rather stand with me.

You're just to good to be true
Can't take my eyes off of you
You'd be like heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much
At long last love has arrived
And I thank god I'm alive
You're just too good to be true
I can't take my eyes off of you

Pardon the way that I stare
There's no one else to compare
The sight of you leaves me weak
There are no words left to speak
But if you feel like I feel
Please let me know that it's real
You're just to good to be true
I can't take my eyes off of you

And I need you baby,
If it's quite alright, oh pretty baby
To warm the lonely nights, I love you baby
Trust in me when I say okay

And oh pretty baby
Don't let me down I pray
Oh pretty baby
Now that I found you stay
And let me love you
Baby let me love you oh baby

(My Verse)
Your, feet must be tired you've been joggin through my mind
You're like a star, that has fallen from the sky
You're Wonderwoman, but who has lost her powers
Man I'm workin at the sushi shop I get off in an hour so
If you don't mind, would you come & pick me up?
Give me lovin' & a hug 'cause I've been strugglin' and stuff
There's no other like you so I know that I'm lucky to find
A girl so fine and kind & so explosive hot like dynamite
We can wine & dine and do it again a couple of times
I thank god, everyday, girl you bring my life to life
Twenty years old, but with you a kiddish fool
Living in the windy city I never took you for a fool
Girl you're a blessing I guess you work miracles
The most beautiful girl I know, appointed by guinness rule
Beauty like yours, is just an urban myth
Usually a cool dude but with you im a nervous kid
You're dressed to kill so your clothes are murderous
We connected faster than my internet service did


I've loved this song since I was a little kid and the verse was just something I came up with in high school about this girl I had a crush on. I changed the Melting Pot line to the sushi shop line since that's where I work at now ahaha. It's not that good bc I wrote it forever ago but I sang it at karaoke the other day and went through a nostalgia trip. I would have a friend beatbox for me at a pretty steady tempo and perform this at open mic events in highschool, if someone can supply me with a beat so I can do this on video it'd be greatly appreciated
Jan 2d

you bare a soul entwined with love tides,
so let me rest at your shore and stare into those deep blue eyes.

How do you describe brown eyes?
Dirt, mud, earth, none of these suffice
Too much to beauty for most to realize
Too much depth for some to think why

Seeing them first thing in the morning,
Warmer than a cup of cocoa on a cold winter day.
Deeper than any earth on which we stand
They welcome you. They make you want to stay

Sweeter than chocolate, they'll relieve all the pain
One good look into them and those thoughts run astray
Like with a sweet tooth they are something you crave
Please make sure they don't melt away

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