Such images in my head,
Eyes that softly touched,
A so called bed as a frame,
Skin warm like a flame.
And then arms, fingers,
bellies and endless laughters.
No wait, it all ended instead,
That dreadful moment,
There in the street when I left...
I had to let go my home,
To return to that house:
the place I'll never belong to.
Now all I have
Are the images in my head
James 1d
Here I stand on the balls of my feet,
Watching as the time passes by.
The day fulfilling the dreamers,
The night exhausting the lost.
Why must I move on?
Why must I go?
I don’t know.
I don’t know.

Here I sit under a stately willow tree,
Accompanying me with its hospitality.
It droops as it stands so mighty,
It rises as it slumps in humility.
Why must the tree persist?
Why must the tree grow?
I don’t know.
I don’t know.

Here I lie in a box of plastered wooden veneer,
My eyes encumbered by pitchy darkness.
I breathe my gratitude of this quietus,
I cry my despair of my own creation.
Why must I wallow in my regret?
Why must I now feel this woe?
Now I know.
Now I know.
I already have too many addictions:
Alcohol, cigarettes, heroin
The worst one is your eyes

Nor the most expensive rehab will save me
Helena 1d
Take a jab at the sinner
Weeping in the corner,
lips pursed in fear
and knuckles bruised

Cut the skin of the bleeder
with the
Sounds of broken ribs
And ugly truths

(that were made just for him
In your workshop)
Autmn T 2d
Blue Eyes
Blank Stare
Doesnt want me
Doesnt care
Says I love you
Doesnt show
When its over
He will go
there's freedom in your eyes
sweet escape in your smile
warmth in your touch
comfort in your voice
Brown eyes are soft
They don’t speak too loud
But they catch my attention
Amongst all the noise
They are simple and beautiful
Full of wonder and purity
They are open to you
Drawing you in closer…
Closer for a kiss
Yet they hide many secrets
I can see why they’re dark
And the harder you look
The more you’ll wonder
What hides behind them?
Its easy to get lost
Lost in beauty?
Or lost in despair?
All I can say is…
The longer you stare
The more you’ll know
And the more you’ll wonder
And the deeper you’ll fall
With no escape

If it wasn’t you
My eyes could be your usual blue
Instead they pour,
More than an ocean could ever hold
If you only could be told
Maybe then I wouldn’t be a mess
Something one, could never never access
A mind full of dream
Yet, you’ve seem to put there too
If it wasn’t you

                                         - Letha
I swirled in a ocean of brown.
Venting in steam.
My drown overlapped by current
On top of current.
I swirled around and around,
swimming in sugary spec.
I once dreamed of dry land.
Loosing my footing on the edge of a spoon.
The top of a pink packet torn off.
Sprinkled on my head.
There was no sense in fighting.
One single serving brewed.
It was exciting to feel myself swirl,
All I'd ever know.
around and around.
All I'd ever know.
The more I drunk the more evident it became.
The here after in addiction.
Sweet in taste.
My skin dipped in heart of something so delicious.
I swirled around in an ocean of brown.
Her eyes.
Never once did it occur that I couldn't gulp them.
I still tried.
Lost forever in Mocha flavored aroma
These red roses represent the passion in my eyes
The passion, that inferno like desire that burns within my very bone.
A woman so ethereal you are
A radiance so bright you emit
You are simply beyond my articulation.
I wonder what beautiful treasures your mind hold that I can explore.
How vast and encompassing your love is.
How your soul is one that can give a mortal a taste of Nirvana.

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