Skin was made of milk,
vocal chords of silk.
Eyes were of rhinestone,
but the bones were just bone.

Sadia 5h

She was painted in the colors he desired.
She was heaven to him, breathtaking and beautiful.
The moonlight in her eyes and the words she spoke touched him.
She was like a fine painting framed in his heart.

Dawn 20h

naked blades there--
tickled by
the intrusive gaze.

Whispered words
in ripples
they graze the epidermis
hesitant as softened sighs.

A crying mane,
weighted by a straining hand,
begs an intercessor
to define its relief.

Taut the skin
bowed, reaching
to embrace a sullen blue,
yearning for a heated breath.

Intrusive eyes
divulge their obsession.
Encroaching flora
covetous of the exotic bloom,
with parted lips
ache to soothe.

inspired by this lovely image:

Catching moonlight
Behind your eyes
Looking down
Even the stars sigh
The night sky
Gorgeous reflections
Never to die
A love struck gaze
In a moment's time
Kaleidoscope eyes
Purely divine
Perfect beauty
Caught by you tonight
Dazzling crystals
Catching moonlight.

Ari 1d

She loved people
She hadn't meant to love.
They'd take her heart
But it was never enough
They'd hold her up  
Throw her down
Leave her trembling on the ground.

They often made her listen to their laughter
always seeming to be after
The leftover pieces of her weary soul
But when that girl was alone
Her eyes would close and her lips would cry

"One day Ill climb so high
I will own the sky
I will never cry again.
One day the sun will rise
And I'll be right by its side
Together we'll forever shine."

She hoped for things
She never should have dreamed.
Like a loving man
Who always brought her peace.
For with that fantasy inside her head
She looked for love
In an unkind man.
He'd hold her close
Kiss her lips
Say she's beautiful
And she'd always be his.
But then he'd let her fall
Say its all her fault
Get angry and hold her
Much too hard.

She'd stay curled up inside her head
Arms protecting herself
From the words that had been said
And she'd cover up the sting of his song
By singing her own little verse

"One day I'll climb so high
I will touch the sky
I will never fall again.
And when the sun does rise
Ill be right by its side
Forever part of its light.
When he looks up to the skies
Ill be burnt into his eyes.
He will never yell again.
I will never cry again."


Every smile
Each step, skip, jump, and run
I ache for you
By my side
Wishing in each moment
You could be mine
Smiling so close
With our eyes glistening
I continuously long to reach out
Hoping your hand
Is there to hold mine
But my arm extends
And I remember you are not there
Yet I can feel your warmth
And your fingers
Holding hers ever so tenderly
And the breeze flows through
The gaps of my fingers
I have loved you too late

Dharker 3d

come over me
in your eyes
I see me
Wonder why
I'm there

You kept me there
for a long time
the way I find

I find
that's how you
want it

emme m 5d

I wake up. Quiet. The sheets beside me are cold. The sun shines trough the dewy windows. I look down at my brown knees. The nail polish on my toes is falling off. I close my eyes for a second and open them again. I leave my bed and look myself in the mirror. My eyes are as blue as the ocean, and I’ve got freckles on my nose. My lips are dry, so I wet them with my tongue. I can feel the warmth from the sun on my thighs. It’s silent.
     My mother enters the room.
     “Who?” she asks.
     “I don’t know” I answer. She leaves.
     I look at myself in the mirror again. I look pretty, with my tan skin as a contrast to my blue eyes. An eyelash has fallen off and landed on my cheek, but I don’t remove it. I look away, at the sun. It shines again today. I miss the ocean.

just a lil story for u.

Read my eyes ...

sweetheart mine ...
eyes are full with it's bright ...
as all stars that you watch ...
with every night into your sky ...
it talks more and so deep ...
about the love that i keep ...
even ask that sky ...
ask all your nights ...
which you kept in ...
awaken all night ...
while you been thinking ...
thinking so hard ...
only of me ...

it will answer you ...
because you seeing me ...
seeing always my eyes ...
and it's love inside ...
the love that i keep ...
keep only for you ...

please look with a deep sight ...
to see how it hold ...
love inside ...
to see how it talks ...
talk with no words ...
talking about you ...
and how it care for you ...
care only to give ...
to give love for you ...

please sweetheart ..
see from my eyes ...
see and feel ...
how much i love you ...
read my eyes ...
please sweetheart ...
please do ...
to see how honest it ...
how much my love is true ...
please sweetheart ...
read my eyes ...

hazem al ...

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