I close my eyes
And dream of a world
Deep in my mind
A mysterious place
Where I grew from the pain
And where I learned I could fly
Sophia 8h
when i see myself in the mirror

i've always dreamt of seeing a different person

a better person than i could ever be

but when i stare into the eyes

of the exact same person as me

i'm faced with cruel reality
As we fall into sleep we wish to dream,
To be taken away from reality.
Abandon the worries of everyday
Our eyes fall shut and we fade away.
Brains spark- stimulated by creativity
Our eight-hour world is filled with ambiguity.
An instance in an upside-down park
Where the water flows up and the sun is dark.
Or maybe on a decrepit moon.
A safari ride.
A storm’s eye.
Or a plain in June.
Wishing to stay, but knowing to leave
Adventure cut short, yet we do not grieve.
Eyes flash open, unaware
Of the joyous, the cheerful, the nightmare?
the dark streets of the foot went
He closed his eyes and began to recall
the sea has come to mind
far distant years
when I lived not in Russia
but lived in Italy
when I lived not in this century
when I lived not in this century

eyes closed
and the light caught fire stronger
and all was suddenly covered by the darkness of the evening
darkness of night blue then again morning
o I remember again how I wandered
how I wandered without thinking about anything and at all
and from the night until the morning at sea admired
admired my eyes my soul my night
in heart

clever 1d
what do you see in my eyes
what do you need to take from me
Poetry 1d
Lick my lips
Cradle my face
Gaze into my eyes
And tell me I'm safe
god must’ve made me , strictly
to be broken open —

you look at me with such innocent eyes ,
i know you see
right through
me ,,

tell me , do you want me to
strip ?

please you?

there’s a hunger in your voice
and i know i’ve heard it
before —

are like everyone and
everyone likes

but i do not falter ,
and i will never, ever break,

every time i touch myself,
god gets on his
knees .
Ive been really interested in erotic poetry lately and have been trying to write more of it, but every time I try I get really embarrassed. The title of this poem and ending lines I wrote a long time ago, and I’d been meaning to write the rest of it because I loved the concept so much but just never wrote something that fit. Yesterday I met a way too friendly man at my restaurant and it scared me, so this is about him. I wrote a raunchier version too but I don’t think it’s as good.
SeaChel 2d
Upon waking every morning,
he'd study my cerulean eyes
so intensely, it was as though
he saw they held the secrets to life
and he was a desperate man in need.
Yet, one day,
he must have found something
dark and terrifying in their depths,
for he never immersed himself
in my watery orbs again.
steph 2d
the vast expanse of constellations i found residing in your windows is both exhilarating and mind boggling
mind boggling in a sense that it just seems impossible to find such wonder through two simple pathways to your soul - if there's that much of everything through your eyes then how much is there in the rest of you?
exhilarating in a sense that there is so much of you that is left to uncover, and i understand that it's impossible to peel through your layers but i'm still gonna try because you are the best thing to ever exist and i want to know as much i can of you before i start to forget

i want to love you as much as you fascinate and confuse me because there is nothing else in the world that i'd rather do
there is no other person that i'd rather adore and there is no other person i'd rather become the center of my universe
ev 2d
my skin is peeling
you still bring up that i’d put glue on my hand
when you’d come over
and you’d put your hand out for a typical handshake
while i’d watch my hand harden
and then i’d rub it off till my hand turned red
while you’d just smirk and wonder why i was so unusual..

quirky you called it.

i was a weird kid
still am.

but im glad we grew up a lil bit.
cuz now i get to hold your hand
and sit close to you at parties without
your mom plopping a chair right in the middle.

still happens
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