In the freezing cold,     blood rushes inwards.
Dance with me, move me     to be warm again.

12:30 - 25/06/17
State of mind: curious; deep thought..

Thoughts: from paradoxes - when affection is not received, the affected may become distant to their surroundings and begin to internalize the process of neglect. Distance is accepted when closeness is needed.

Questions: How can you give what you need?
Vlassis 15h

So many words I told you
Meaningful and meaningless
wave vibrations through air
with the hope to percept
that I'm not a poet
But you are poetry.

Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Even if I move on
I can never stop loving you
I can never forget you
Even if I'm with someone else in the future
you will be in the back of my mind
but locked up in a box titled "happy memories"
Which they should be called "lost memories"
Even though your lost now
you still wonder in the past
and sometimes I cant help to take a step back
Because it brings me satisfaction just thinking about you
Even though they always tell me to move forward
but sometimes I can't help it
Even though I'm single now my heart is still taken by you
I can be with someone else
But I would still be loving you

Not finished but yeah

Thank you, oh thank you,
I had forgotten what love is,
You came and I was reminded.

You had me healed very soon,
Healed I was to good health,
Thank you, oh thank you.

Thank you, oh thank you,
I forgot what heartbreak is,
You left & pushed me into one.

You gave me a permanent one,
I had forgotten what pain is,
Thank you, oh thank you.

Thank you, oh thank you,
Deceit was not novel to me,
You cursed me into loneliness.

My HP Poem #1605
©Atul Kaushal

You’ll have to be insane to
feel sane.


it was no longer even a question
he was there
he was what I wanted
and I was going to do
everything in my power
to make him believe
that I was his

I knew not what love is,
That was,
Before I had met you.

I knew not what caring is,
That was,
Before I did care for you.

I knew not what feeling is,
That was,
Until you kissed me.

I knew not what lust is,
That was,
Until I kissed you.

Yes, I have always missed you,
And now,
I don't feel like loving anyone else.

My HP Poem #1603
©Atul Kaushal
Amanda 1d

The moments when I miss you,
Still come and go with ease,
Memories flutter to and fro,
Doing as they please.

When I pass someplace we know,
I feel just a little bit sad,
Because then I have to remember,
All the smiles we once had.

I know i will find someone new,
But I don't know when or how,
And i cant help but wish that,
You were here with me now.

Under the sky, a heart starts to heal,
Whimpering cries of regret,
I'm still haunted by your words,
the ones I wish i could forget.

Goodnight, sweet ghost, tomorrow awaits,
And ill see you again in my dreams,
Stitch by stitch, I'm falling together,
Slowly repairing my broken seams.

isa 1d

you have overstayed your welcome
and im overdressed for summer
but its ok to sit here at this summit
and wonder, will there be another
because you know i do too
but we both feel the strain
from reaching out over mountains
to fumble at eachother
even when the sky is clear

and the wind is at our ears
im sorry ive never seen winters
sheen or autumns eyes
summer has never ended
and i cant bear another season
of tears

Jacob 1d

I can tell you my crimes so let me shoulder your pains
You looked at me funny and said
"Do you know what you're saying?
Jacob this isn't a game
I can't be feeling the same
I told you not to fight for anything there's nothing for you to gain
And now things are harder between us
Because I don't feel anything for you
There was a wall for a reason
Please, stop trying to break through
You told me you love me, and it's been on my mind
I know you're lying every time you tell me you're fine
I met him before I met you
Trusted him before I met you
He's still on my mind even after I met you
But what can I do?
Because I think you're still not getting it
A few months earlier with you and maybe this would be different
Maybe you do really get me,
That's the thing that upsets me
I want him, I'm in your mind
I think it's best you forget me."
Maybe you're right, I think I'll never get it,
Love is making me blind
I picked up the phone and I slammed it down
I realized, who am I to go around ruining the happiness you found?
I went and told my friends, and they told me I'm dumb
I'll be drowning in alcohol until my heart goes numb
Until I can realize I'm fucking done
"You know my heart wants more"
I say that, thinking you wont break it again once more
You can tell me I'm wasting all my time
But I've been looking for all the signs
And I've been finding it in you

Ever read the lines from her eyes?
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