we’re drastically different
To be in love
With you, someone who is half in love with me
This is a fucked up game
Of feelings and heartbreak
Amanda 1h
Thank you for being
There for me when I was not
Myself anymore
Thank you mom, I know I do not say those two words enough, but my life is the way it is because you helped me up when i was at my lowest.
Ricotta 2h
you make me feel whole

I fear the day I'll stop loving you
just thoughts. I love you and I never want to hurt you, and that scares me so much

in the wild, drumming rain
blossoms sink, confetti pinks,
riotous whites, collapse
in spring’s paper mache pools.


on a hot tin roof
the rain plays her wind
guitars and percussion
while the sea recharges
her engines with the
thunder of the waves.


the sound of the rain, chiming,
a crazy singer on the forlorn
lawn, stretching like an
accordion, wild in her
wilderness,  crashing
like the waves
drawing me closer to you.


you kiss me and
my heart skips a beat,
flutters with excitement.

i long for summer with her
gold sun, warm, rushing
streams and bottle-blue sea...
Yes, you.
I see you.
I see the darkness looming under those ocean colored eyes.
The one you've tried so hard to hide.

Taking over every inch of you.
Enveloping you with the devil's embrace.
Standing across a room,
Looking around to find you.

I see you, I feel you, I think too much about you.

But you are blind.
Blind to my looks and glances.

You seem me, you feel me, but you don't think too much about me.

Skin on skin.
Hot flashes of flesh.
Too much to think, too much to feel.

I didn't ask for this,
But it's too good to be true.

Bite me.

You may leave your mark on me,
But I am not yours.

Because there is no us.
And there will never be...
An "us".
I want this to be the last time I cry myself to sleep.
Even though I know it won’t.
I want to stop missing you.
I don’t know if I ever will.
I want to sleep peacefully at night.
My head won’t let me.
I want to stop my head from leading to you.
But what if that’s where I’m suppose to be?

I don’t want anymore sleepless nights with you on my mind.

                        With love,
eli 20h
I'm sorry I'm so broken,
I'm sorry I pushed you away.

I'm sorry I took you for granted,
when all I really want
is just for you to stay
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