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My heart professes perpetuity, and was so faithful to, yet my mortality minds no frame nor memory of you.

This epidermis sheds and skins from disuse; need my heart evidence, might my chill-cracked palms be your proof?

The contours of your constitution, all known by their names, are perhaps now amended by the passage of passing age and days.

The sirens of your voice's sound, awaken me from my dreams; the symphonies of my soul's supplications, now so strange and foreign seem.

My heart professed perpetuity, and is so faithful to, so should this skeleton and its dependents devoice - mon Amour; my heart remains with you.
You can decide. You can create
You are the weaver of spirit
You conquer over whim and fate
Embrace creation - don’t fear it

You are the reason earth is here
Rejoice in your will and power
Share this message for all to hear
And remind yourself every hour

You are the actor of your “play”
So play up an excellent part
Rise up with hope this very day
Each creation a brand new start
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More of your life is in YOUR power than you ever dreamed.  If we aren't consciously creating, then we resort to habit and expectations to form our life.

This poem is about YOU and the ability to shape your life.  Play up an excellent part!
Mark Wanless Apr 24
i see the stars in
your eyes as i dream of you
again my sweet love
Diljeev Apr 22
It'll be salvation now
to breathe you in somehow,
oh in this dire massacre
graves appear,
as far as the eye goes.
Pawn off my soul,
this is my corpse's affair.
It'll be salvation now
to breath in your air.
Diljeev Apr 20
There's no god's belief
I pray to an energy,
praying that you're safe and sound,
praying for the world's relief.
Hoping his arms are warm,
ample to make you feel home,

There's one too many arms
yearning for you outside,
one of the pairs is mine,
the others are those of time,
to be blamed are the soft shackles
of your essence,
compelling all in your presence
to abide,
to your absence.

Lie in his arms before
the arms of time grapple you,
fight your love, fight for your love,
while I stand here everyday
doing the same as you,
for you,
until the end of time.
belbere Apr 19
bright eyes,
your words sparkled
with the same light,
but even empty things
shine if you look
at them just right.
JesseK Apr 19
If not death what could
spring roses from your
palm, if not my
departure what could
lift your eyes from
screen to mine.
If not change what could
erode at this Jericho of a friendship.
I want to take a closer look at the star in the night sky full of light, how it still shines bright enough even though it is thousands of miles away from my eyes.

I sometimes want to be that star, so that one day when you go far and get lost you will find me there, or maybe will see me, and I will always see you from here.

I want you to still like the light, even though sometimes the dimness doesn't always end up disappearing.
Indonesia, 19th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyab Nugroho
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