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s v e n 8m
I can't help it but I want to know you,
Just everything if you can.
And I hope you don't mind
That I sometimes mumble my words.
And I hope you don't mind me peeking into your heart.
And I hope you don't mind my countless of questions for you.
Do you mind if I listen to your jokes or stories?
Do you mind if I chuckle when I'm not suppose to?
Do you mind if I rant to you?
Do you mind if hug you hello or goodbye?
Do you mind if I sleep on your chest?
Do you mind if I sometimes bug your thoughts?

Do you mind if I might.. like you?
-s v e n
I hope you don't.
[Also guys...i gots his name  because the Prof. said it and ya...i was gonna talk to him..to get his name and idk if I should even talk to him..ahh.. I'm too weird.
Luca C 5h
I would have found my comfort in my blades by now, but I'm done with that now, right?
So i will find my comfort in your voice; when it is at the front of my mind, guiding me.
But when you are gone, with more important things, i will let my mind run free. Because what am I at all, without you, besides me?
there’s a magnetic colored wall around your soul
when guitar strings get caught like light aflame
I’m blinded as stars, extinguished, bright and transcending slowly
can’t see the false magnetic draw to you anymore
falling into the winds, beautiful revealing there
then I see, it’s not a false pull that has been
seeping me into a sky colored in tropic vast delusion
there’s a pole and my sun sets there
you were there before I knew, you’ll be there now
Karo 10h
I wanted to leave
but I couldn't find
the right time
or words to speak
to explain
so I ran away
no I never died no
I was never born no I
never developed no I
never swallowed nothing
I'm not alone I'm not the only one in my
many millions of eyes and deaths
I am the whole world and even the future and
the past has never been in the world
everything was only and only once
once and only just now
all that was the sixteenth century
seventeenth eighteenth and now
and now it's all in one moment
all in a jiffy just now was not
I have a birth and I did not have death
will not be tomorrow and will not be yesterday and was not
tomorrow and there was never and never before

no I never died no
I've never been born no I never
I did not feel nowhere to feel
go after all this whole world of
an unfavorable corner and place
every girl and every man of every character
every word every poem every torch every love
every eye and every color every moon and sun every
clouds all this all this all
this all this is me and only
only and only and only and only
and only me and I and I and I
every time every time every artist
and every composer
every poet every deceased every newborn is all equal
they were never and never were born there was no being
being has always been and is all this
I all this I all this is me

let's be completely honest now,
life doesn't favorite the broken,

but that means we don't have to live
under the shadow of fortune,
and being the best we can be,

because sometimes,
sometimes we can't be at our best,
sometimes we have to put on a fake smile,
and run through a sun lit tunnel,
expecting everyone to be happy,
when we are not.

Let's be honest now,
my life hasn't been all sweet and caring,

but you have brought happiness,
to my life,
to what i thought couldn't be happy,
more than just lonely nights,
more than this wind that it brings
when I'm in these heights,

for a second i didn't know why i was falling,
but now i know i just tripped for you.

and now it's a bother
getting back,
to that lonely place,
where stones talk,
and the clouds race,
where water flows,
enough for the current to live,

let's be honest,
why be as high as the sun,
where everything beautiful stands and is,
it's down here,
with you.
Where do we go when we're asleep?
Where do you go when I'm asleep?
Where do I go when you're asleep?
Are we asleep now?
Where ARE we?
Kids' questions are deep.
sky 15h
Suddenly you weren’t you and I wasn’t me.
I wasn’t who I was and the you I knew was gone.
You killed her with your own two hands, leaving the new you in her place.
The funniest thing about that is we kept on pretending that we didn’t change.
You and I would talk through words left unspoken, believing the lies we came up with.
Simple things were said.
“I love you.”
“I loved you.”
But they weren’t true since we were now strangers.
Your life quickly evolved, and for some odd reason you kept it from me.
I would tell you my secrets, only to have them thrown around, and your secrets never left your lips even though you knew I wouldn’t let them leave mine.
The messages got shorter and shorter.
Repeating, over and over again.
No response.
A deadline.
“I miss you.”
Connection terminated.
I keep feeling homesick
I don’t get to see the ocean at night anymore
There is no longer warmth there
I want to see the people smiling again
I want red bottles
And listerine
I want cologne and listerine
A beautiful full moon in your smile carried itself there
My heart almost left me to go back there
I almost left me to go back there...
oh, how in this dark
oh, how the wave flows,
the sky black and stark-
oh, how the wind blows.

the little dogs bark
their songs full of woes,
oh, how in this dark-
oh, how the wind blows.

the autumn draws nigh -
last splash of the rose,
a withering sky-
oh, how the wind blows!
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