It's hot and sweaty in the apartment
So i decide to take a walk.
I throw on some slacks and some slip-ons.
Grab my headphones and my iPod.
I'm leaving my phone behind.
I get my car keys then realize that i wont be needing them.
Where are my room keys?
Oh, there's a light on my phone.
Who's texting me at this hour?
I check and it's her,
I'll tell y'all bout her later.
Yeah, yeah.
Her message: if you want to go heaven, take my hand. (There's the hand emoticon attached)
I swear i am fucking marrying this girl.
I throw my top off and dial her number.
I guess I should stay in and skype with her.
Sorry guys.
I guess we'll go on that walk at some other time

Arid Nights in a Nigerian Town

Rolling down the street,
like a die on the table,
what you roll,
is what you get,
the number shows,
surprise arrives,
a hint of beauty cross you,
you can't believe your luck.

Lost in the waves
By the sweet salty sea
Watch my thoughts float away
Deep into the breeze

As the tides pull away
They always come back you see
Like when I push you away
And you come back to me

The ripples in the water
Come to wash away our sins
Second chances are rare,
So where do we begin?

Now the seeping sand weeps
And burns away our past
It buries the skeletons away
And the shadows that they cast

You told me once before
That together we'd finish this fight
That we have to wash away our demons
If we want to live right

So walk with me for now
Away from our problems, into the night
Walk with me for now
Away from our shadows, into the moonlight

grow old
in pain
in laughter
keep on growing
for the world
for yourself

Ryan Kane 17h

You and I were miles apart,
but connected through the stars.
I guess their lights must've burnt out
because now you're nothing but a memory
I sing to a empathetic tune on my guitars.

(c) Ryan J. Kane 2017

You make me calm within the chaos,

You never leave me behind,

You are there beside me...

as I fight the chaos in my mind.

i love you

Maybe you are just a crush,
But literally too much.
When I first saw you,
My heart's stops a beat.
When you smile,
My heart's wants to live.
But somehow I try to keep my feelings to my own,
Not because I can't tell
Just because I can't lose you as a friend.

The right person,
the wrong time!
The right script,
the wrong line!
the right poem,
the wrong rhyme!
and a piece of you,
that was never mine


Does the universe play favorites
I know it is happy to have me
It is happy for my brother
And for its every single creation
But my god, its smile
When it looks at you
Scientists will never truly know
Why the stars burn
Why galaxies form
Why the universe expands
But I do
And it does
And it was never sorry

mjad 1d

When we walk I just  
Stare at you looking ahead
Like your eyes are trying to escape your head
And your feet are not moving
Swiftly enough for them
Your mind holds the future
And your mouth tries to say it
But your lips fail to move
Fast enough to explain it
My eyes are trying to
See into you and understand
Your arm that’s swinging pulling
Me along quicker with you
When we walk

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