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perhaps i'm some ****** girlfriend
but i just like to protect what's mine
i'm not possessive
i'm territorial
and he's mine
you better be careful around me
try to talk to my man in some flirty way
then i promise you you'll never want to talk to anyone again
i seem so sweet and innocent
but you've probably never met someone as crazy as me

In the beginning, there was
me, then I became you and
I, then you and I became
and Johnny then Helen and
Johnny became Man and wife
then man and wife became
parents to our son and now
there's only my son our kitten
and I
Me became I became you and I you and I became man and wife
Let me hold you tonight
Let me tell you it'll be alright
Let me listen
Let me see
Let me in
I won't let you be
Let me keep you warm
Let me calm down the storm
Let me hold your hand
Let me understand
Let me in
I'll ask again and again
Just let me in
Let me...
you said you love the part of me i hated the most. i hope you know you're healing every piece of me.
EP Robles 16h
so, gather round where i
stand & listen:
THAT now by autumn's rumblin'
season; the world & Heaven's
army is moving forward, to
All within my closed eyes:
dream if i could -- i would.
And now All is clear we're
all insane under rows of
personae's saber sharp-tooth'd
kiss and we, dear...are
bleeding beneath a lowering
curtain called, "The robe of

:: 11-06-2016 ::
that little smile playing on my lips the bus ride back to my house. a sense of tranquility. being with you makes me feel at home. i've always looked for shelter in four walls, front doors, bedsheets, dining room tables, and every other little thing. but i didn't ever feel that connection. until i met you. and i realized a home doesn't have to be made of four walls. it can be made of a heartbeat.
i know we're meant to be. i know i'm supposed to look at you the rest of my life.
I wish I could go back in time,
maybe then I wouldnt be crying.

I remember the last day with you,
We watched horror movies in your room.

I often wonder why it is,
You chose him over me your own son.

I understand you need him mom,
But just remember the saying.

Blood is thicker than water.
Haylin 1d
Have you ever been so tired, You're too tired to sleep?
Both mentally and physically?
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