Shofi Ahmed Jul 1
When you see
me no more.
At last look
at the mirror!
Kissing, you
Pressing, you
Every day, I come home to something right and true
A life, + you
Subject myself to the topic
Masochism and apathy
Misanthropic logic
I'm past living, beyond being happy

Houses smell like carrion
Clothes feel like rags
Waist no time caring
Only my soul needs a bath

Everyone gather around as I bend over
So you can
I just want to vibe to good music with you...

If it ain’t you i’d rather vibe alone...
mjad 3h
I cover your face
With little chlorine kisses
While your eyes drown me
Haikus have never been my best work
I have suffered God's wrath
Punishments for my sins
Fate be we crossed paths
You're ment to tear me from within

I see now I deserve it
Reap the fruits of my karma
I still seem to think you're worth it
Even if you choose to forget our love

You're perfect
Cursed to be froze just below heaven.
den 4h
no matter
how hard
i try to forget

no matter
who i
try to love

no matter
what i
try to do

no matter
what time
it is

no matter
where my
feet are

no matter
who i
am with

no matter
what happens
in this lifetime

my heart
always belonged
to you

it never
stopped beating
for you

no matter
what you're doing,
where you are,
who you're with,
always remember

i love you
to the moon
and back
even more than
you'd ever know

and if
this lifetime
is not enough,
i'd be
more than willing
to spend
the rest of forever
with you

i love you
and that's all
that matters to me
Fire flies undulating in rhythm with staccato lightning flashes.
Campfires that have smoldered down into cinders and ashes.
Scintillating swaths of planets and stars that illuminate the night sky.
In my moment of time these sights and more have brought you to mind.
When ya got feels, ya got feels.

Skies are beautiful
They have clouds
But they still cry

Why wouldn't you?

You are beautiful
You have poems
You can cry too
Because crying is honesty to your emotions, and honesty is beautiful ;)
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