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If only had one chance to a say farewell to you my darling but knowing now what I didn't a year
That you were dying and this was to be the very last farewell I would held you my arms and never to let you
go kissed your sweet and tender lips and begged to
never leave me for I was frightened to face life all alone
And wish I could have gone with you my love so I didn't have remain In this life here all alone one last farewell to my
But know this will n
  ever be, but It will never stop me from dreaming to where I hope I'll say my last and final farewell to
you there
Having never got to say my final farewell hope at least to
dream of you to where I can say my final farewell
He knows to play the songs
you wish to sing with him.
He smokes a pack of cigarettes,
he does it on a whim.

He has five tattoos,
does he look hot with that?
He did well in school, perhaps not a truant,
just love to smoke a lot.

A bottle of alcohol
for him is not enough,
he drinks with friends on Friday nights
maybe a little, maybe too much.

He's twenty-five, has vices, but he's not bad.
There's a lot of reasons why you should admire him, he'll be glad.
Offer patience to the shadows
that dissolve with veil of night
Strong outlines of your being
Dark reflections from the light
I see the crowd all coming through,

But all I ever want to see is you.

Here I am again waiting for another maybe,

Like I used to, only prolonging my agony.
I try to leave pieces of proses and poetry whenever I can wherever I go written in uppercase, pink letters. This is the third one I left on my seat on the last place I've been to on 01-12-19.
You will give it to me
Then you'll take it away
Because somehow for you
Love's a game with to play
My intensity doesn't
Revolve with the days
Or a carousel ride
Love does not work this way

Love can always be broken
And rebuilt like clay
It's not just black and white
In fact often it's gray
But it does not run off
Once it's here it should stay
Not a pendulum swing
Should not back and forth sway

You will love me tomorrow
Could care less today
It is something I did
Or perhaps did not say
A small piece of me dies
Each time you pull away
I'm left here asking 'why?'
On my knees I will pray

The light dying inside
Now a barely lit flame
Have my eyes opened wide
Before I was insane
I try taking the blame
You're the one who will stray
On this coaster we ride
Love's a game not to play

I won't breakdown and cry
Get unstable today
All my feelings have died
In your game I won't play
So I must waive goodbye
'Cause no longer I'll pay
I must do to survive
Love does not work this way
Written: January 8, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic tetrameter format]
let me get you lost in my eyes.
darling, iā€™m already trapped in yours.
let me trace your smile in my notebook once we stop and rest in the park,
watching the leaves go from red,
to dead,
to new;
to you.
of all the days i miss you
today i miss you the most

ps. it will always be true
      no matter which day
      you read this
Was it wrong for me
To fallen hard for you?
Seanathon 12h
Falling is either a joke
Or just that
A fall

No tripping or catching
When you fall
You fall
You Fall When You Fall
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