fall-flowering leaves –
unfurled by arms of sylvan charm,
sent to places i once was and now wish to be,
breathing back in a better life.
woven branches beckon cascading sunlight –
holes pocket galaxies,
time, and age-old questions,
like the ones you’ve got caught inside your throat,
and so i’ll hold you for a lifetime of forevers,
between my fingers and in my palms –


CG 41m

You are the wolf,
wild, reckless, free
Howling up at the moon,
Breath seen in the cold night,
From or to - unknown.
Instinctive, predatory, beautiful
You are the wolf.

Madeon 3h

Through the bloodstream
You put me that you are alone
I give you back no I am to you
Do not even feel like I smoke in my sad ones
Through the bloodstream
You put me

I miss you more
Than Icarus missed his feathers
Because without you here with me
I feel as though I am falling
Down toward the sea

I saw you pass by,
and while I follow your gaze I know that your light feeds me,
that your very presence is a mixture of my turbulent loneliness.

Your memory gives me mental calmness,
While i trying to define how you light up
and blur the rest of the galaxy in anesthesia.

And then there's only you,

You, elegant and absent
without being aware of having turned every corner of my mind.
You, walking indifferent
making people into inert statues
before the light that you give off.

I have never had you
And even so I miss you
it's this blessed poison
it's the craziness I inhabit
it makes me want to be good.

And i would be more between your fingers.

You, impossible as the sky,
unachievable as the past,
And me as far from death when I dream of you by my side.

Mims 10h

Caring is stress,
Love is a mess.

Is this stressful
Is this beautiful
Is this us?
alan 15h

Your country flag is faded
come cascaded into space
this was your home, this was your place,
aka, shiro, and ao
you lived here but it's gone now.
Empty, broken, its colors washed
your people wanted change now here's the cost,
you're just like me
because now you're lost.

"Gunshots and gun wounds


Firefly crossing.
Yeah, as time goes on the reality that we are nothing sets in

It's a fire to be put out, but it's a part of us all the same

Hey. It's what I live for to be challenged and crushed by truant fools and falsehood names

Stayed away.

But then I saw the closer tides going out-

And I was angry, having fear and doubt

Why enter my life just to leave so quick

Calling back to new things? - frick that makes me sick

I mean, I can understand children cutting off their own hands

(It's not a literal thing, but a drawing in the sand)

But such a strong connection, oh my- what a collection

And as the shelf falls off the wall

I can't help but think of myself as small

Porcelain pieces strewn across the floor

Such loud noise, you can't possibly ignore

But you do.

So silent and uncaring, a bountiful tree no fruit baring

Caught staring

Let me steal back the flowers

Endless hours, counted by the flowers

And still

So mighty was your name, banner brought no blame

The same in shape all over

Clover four leafed, created the world- the world over

Show her my life, as you would have given

It's okay I guess, as long as she lives

And doesn't take as much structure infection

As the tower you once called an amalgamate effort."

FINV "y.c.p.i." v1 (5/25/17) by Evi D. Halo
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