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Sam August Sep 14
Smiling is an easy way,
To make those rainclouds go away,
Just try it if you don’t believe,
And you will feel the sun again.

If you don’t know what to say,
Then smile, let the world see,
That you will try, that you’ll be brave,
And lighten up a darkened day.

That’s all it takes, now you’re okay,
That’s how it works, that is the key,
The clouds have gone, and you remain,
The sun is here to see your face.

So smile, smile every day,
Even when you’re feeling pain,
It’s such a simple remedy,
That fixes almost anything.
Sam August Sep 14
Some people need lies, some need truth,
whether it’s wrong or right, the proof
Is in the pudding.
Sam August Sep 14
Now that I am in the present,
No longer in the past,
The future holds me and my words,
From first unto the last,
And so, I say, from break of day,
Until my final wink,
That I shall try this living thing,
Before I am deceased.
Sam August Sep 14
I am a man, without a friend,
And many enemies,
I can’t pretend, to seek an end,
With any pleasantries,
So what can I, at thirty three,
Without a single friend,
Do with only enemies,
And no one in the end.
Limem Ali Aug 24
I keep searching for you
Not only me searching
It is me and each smallest piece of me
My soul, my heart, my mind and certainly my whole.
Even the walls, the windows, the doors and the places we used to stick to and see and talk to each other are asking for you and we all missing you; and for this, we all have this message to tell you!
So, this is for you!

You are the sugar in my blood that is enough to make me smile, laugh for ages and enough to bring me joy and happiness that never ends!

You are the breath going in and out from and within me at every single beat
You are the oxygen that circles inside my lungs and keep me healthy and well.

You are pills that cures me from each pain i face or i have! You make me feel safe and only safe and forever immune!

You are the electricity i ever need to keep my body up and working.

You are my lovely rainbow that colors my days and nights with a new painting and make each glow and shine!

I don't need the moon, i don't need the stars cause i have you! You are every things i ever dreamt of!

With you i see this life from another perspective and see it different. It has a sense and clear meanings! You make it simple and easy to understand!

Before you, i never wanted it as much as i do with you and
I'll never want it if without you!
I'll always want it with you
I'll always want you
Only you
My darling ❤️
ky Jul 19
I have to forget.

That's all I can do
if I want to be anything
like I used to.

When I was whole,
when my heart was in one piece.

A few months before
your careless love destroyed me.
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