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The grooves of a grave.
The gruesome gurgle of the ground.
Galdev Mar 30
There's someone who coming with empty bag
The footsteps is stopping in the middle of room
Crying without anyone know

There's someone who thinking about their complaints
Her/his efforts just like dust on air
Flame of vigor is gone

There's someone who so afraid to get out of here
Shame, guilt, worry, confuse
Don't know where she/he will go

There's someone who still standing right here
And someone is me
This is about rest from world business. Sometimes, we feel sad or even exhausted.
At last, a light from the moon
In this gloomy night
Could be my last ray of hope,
Or just the ultimate boon.
Maybe we'll dance
under the moonlight again,
if we ever get the chance.
ZS Feb 7
I woke up and I'm feeling low.
Seems like I've lost the glow.
The day is gloomy,
The night is empty.
A familiar feeling,
I guess I need some healing.
coralium Jan 26
There is no light in the yard,
but there´s been a change in the weather.
Silently, old walls strive towards the ether.
The restless souls, the wardens,
they come and they creep,
striving to rob my own kind of their sleep.
I am driven, drifting, directed astray,
by the ghouls, the gnomes,
those who vanish by day.
Until the bleak morning breaks
I am condemned to abide
in my head, the haunted house,
where the phantasm reigns.
October (when I first thought about heads as houses)
The sun will never raise  
Winter  is dominating
Darkness is accused  
The world of MONSTERS
The story of the girl
Her imagination  
The moon has no light  
Spring will never come  
This world is grey
ce-walalang Dec 2020
you could have been the gloomy day
beautiful in your own way
a blank palette
capable of becoming what we make of it

you could have been a time to reflect and
admire the beauty unnoticed on a sunny day
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Fey Dec 2020
She learned to forget. She lingered in her heedless silence without the reverberation of a comforting echo. She spread her resigned smile across the mouldering canopy, touched the sun-kissed treetops that lined up in the background like green fortress walls.
And she went where he had disappeared to.

The nothingness.

© fey (17/12/20)
I feel like soon
the sun won't shine
and people won't seem good to me
I know that then
I lose what's mine
and kindness, i will never see

When bright light fades
and beauty burns
all cries and frowns on every turn
i fear that i'll no longer be,
drunk in my stupid misery
Amy Nov 2020
All I ever waited for
I always waited in vain

Nothing I desired
Was meant to be in the end
Meant to be mine

Is there something wrong with me?

Nothing and no one
Ever could comfort my burning soul

I learned to live with it
It belongs to me, I accept it

Though some nights I wonder
How it would be
To be listened to and understood
To be comforted and held

Like rain
So sad and yet so beautiful

A gloomy day
Wrapped up in endless hope
An endless disappointment

Still, I pray
My voice doesn´t even shake anymore
It feels like everything is ignoring my existence

Oh what hate I felt towards you
Ever since I can remember
I tried to love you
But I doubt you wanted me to

A month of success
But for who?

My name seems to be missing
On every single list
Like I am outside the circle

Maybe it should make me proud
Maybe I should cry
Or laugh

But all I can think of is silence
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