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Jeremy Betts Jan 22
I'm not trying to be all "poor me"
I just write what I know
I'm not trying to make you feel sorry for me
But what I feel and what I see is what I show
I know how sappy and pathetic my writing can be
But again
I just write what I know and I know a life full of sorrow
I'm glad that maybe you don't get why all my pieces are a bit gloom and doomy
Just please know
I am SO glad you don't know

Ander Stone Jan 13
you shimmer under both the moon and the sun
as I stare deeply into you,
lost in those roasted chestnuts
that stare back at me.

a night so dark
that there is no starlight
to gaze longingly at,
but for those constellations
that embroider your fae visage.

from deep within
your heart's fire.

I can see myself
find a future
beneath this most heavenly vault.

empyrean strands whisper
above those windows to
your effervescent soul,
beckoning me to
burn away all that pain
and sorrow
that I carry upon
my mortal shoulders.

in a second you light up
my entire azure sphere
and chase away
the spiders and the vipers
that hide in the ever-dark corners of
my remembrance.

I beseech thee
shine your firelight upon
my yearning flesh.
for her.
Man Jul 2023
Continuity and infinity,
Why they have to be
Is beyond me.
The end of all things, I
Wish I were lucky enough to see.
But more than that,
I wish I were free.
Theamage Mar 2023
Today I feel gloomy,
So long, So long, I feel glommy,
Why does it has to come back?
Oh, I feel so gloomy.

Who am I? A cold hearted?
Not so, I am so soft, I am
I wish I could cry, I wish I could
I can cry but I dont want to weak

Why does everything is near me?
All the sad things are near me,
Hate today, I want it to be yesterday,
Hate tomorrow, I want to be happy today.

I am so overwhelmed, I am so ashamed,
But I don’t feel gloomy now, I feel pity,
What a strange! A human brain,
I wish I couldn’t think so much.

Pity me, I am feel with hatred,
I have nothing pure to give,
I have nothing to share, just hatred,
Make me clean, make me pure.

I wish to be no greedy, but I am mean,
Who am I? I am so soft sometimes,
I don’t know what or who I am.
I am just overwhelmed, take me away!
Danica Jan 2023
You're the rays of sunshine
In my gloomy weather
My safe haven
I love you more than you know
Amrita Tiwari Mar 2022
You have your eyes on someone else
I am happy gazing at the shell
It's a nagging zeitgeist, well
I tried to keep a pretence
Could you tell?

I spinned in endless circles
Blinded by the sparkles
Thought there will be tell-tales
Measured self on  bad scales
Contemporary delusions hail
Careful calculations also fail

I am trying to move on
From something
That was only drawn
In my thoughts, which pawned
My heart, which still prolongs

Tell me
What should I do?
Everyday I am filled with blues
I could throw this forever
If I knew a little, how to!
Or if I had the slightest clue!
this gloomy,
these cloudy,
the softness in,
these Fall days.
Poet ancient dear
Stay with me ink lover
I take the heart not just a hat"
The sweetness you given me,
poems ink more mystery
takes my breath away
stay with me.
Timeless hour glass.
Where you hold me tight 
In your arms deep in the night  
you enchant me with your charms
all of the night I hear your heart
beating against my own
you paint my gloomy sky with
each one of your sighs
wrapped around me
many lifetimes can't suffice
I crave to see the me in you
silver E.T mine melt my gold
I live under your willow's
dream spell, stay with me.
Mr and Mrs Andrews
@ Karijinbba
Inori Kimimoto Sep 2021
the meaning of an apology:
echoes of a thousand I’m Sorry’s;
the silence of deceit, its awful slink;
the humbled hope to atone,
to pay amends where due,
to mend the maimed,
and trust renew.

forgiveness is a sad word:
it bears the scar of a wound;
to forgive is to hope with hurt.
it is to trust in tide to wash ashore;
for in lack of trust and hope,
it is noble to sink with the ship.
it is bolder yet to hop asea,
and let tide be guide.

the parable of the builders:
the wiser built his house on  rock,
the rain came down,
the floods came,
the winds blew,
and beat on that house;
and it did not fall,
for it was founded on a rock

the foolish built his on sand,
the rain came down,
the floods came,
the winds blew,
and beat on that house;
and it fell — and great was its fall.

determination's downfall;
for, is a house still not a house
despite its foundation?
fortune's fortress looms;
our sandcastle holdfasts hampered in comparison,
but home is neither keep nor battlement,
neither moat nor bailey,
neither portcullis nor drawbridge;

home is where you touch the ground,
where you choose to grow...

the rain will retain its hiss;
but the rain is still the rain,
the floods remain the floods,
and the wind is just the wind.

~ Inori
After a long hiatus from writing to focus on my academic life, which currently is in shambles, I present my apology: an I'm sorry for allowing negativity, doubt and youthful ignorance to get me down to the point of barely functional soon-to-be drug addict ; an apology long overdue.

~ Inori
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