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My veins like glass shards
   itch beneath a memory
of aging brackish memories.

I couldn't lift my arms for they
fell like a breathless moment
                                 in a forest of regrets.  
                     No one heard them descend,
they just bled sap slowly, till all was hollow.

And all that was left was a time that fell,
                                      and the cuts where silent.

I was a moment standing in grandeur,
        but beneath it didn't really matter
                         was a hollow moment,
crumbling beneath life's weight.
like everything else
are manufactured
to give meaning
to the passing world around us

the concept of time
may be nothing
but an illusion

& time
like everything else
holds no more weight
than what the human mind
allows for it

when our clocks
show the symbol
we conjure up a hope
that four 1's
side by side
may impact
what is to come

as that number echoes in a row
everything aligns
becoming pleasurable
to the mind's eye

we allow this illusion
to take precedence
we have nothing to lose
everything to gain
TH 7d
You are glass that fell down
You’re a king with no crown
You’re a sea with no water
You’re a book with no author
You say please don’t let them see
The broken glass keeps hurting me
You say it’s too much you have on your plate
So instead you expect me to carry your weight
And I want to help, I’ll do what I can
But you have to remember that I’m just a man
What you need I wish my love could do
But me and my love can not rescue you
I keep saying,
"This would be so much
more bearable if..."
But maybe
it isn't supposed to be
more bearable.
Maybe I'll train
and find new ways
of bearing the load.
Maybe I'll feel
that much lighter and stronger
when the load is lifted.
Danika Feb 8
These worries like weights rest on my shoulders
unwavering, burdening
and it feels like some burdens can't be cast aside
and the race feels more
like the march to Calvary
as we all shoulder our crosses,
these heavy, heavy crosses.
Shofi Ahmed May 2018
Though I wanted to have
each and every patch of earth,
Now it’s clear I need none.
I am good to go with empty hands.
But one that has none
doesn’t that have any pain?
No skin nor veins?

Going with empty hands
but with feelings and with faith.
Perhaps the belief puts weight
more than the mass of any land!
I'm now remembering back to the time when I gave to Helen an
engagement ring
she was so happy we were sat on the settee

All of a sudden she was forcing something Into my hand and closing It
then stormed of upstairs I opened my hand and there was the engagement

but as she was leaving she said I can't marry you I'm to fat believe me she wasn't but I said to her I gave you an engagement ring didn't askyou to go on a diet

but fortunately her daughter was upstairs so she talk some sense Into her mother she came back I put the ring back on her finger not long after that I married her we had twenty year before sadly she passed
I gave Helen an engagement didn't ask her to go diet
Kaeli Hearn Jan 30
my body weighs more than a number.

my body is the weight of the sea -- the stars, moon, and galaxies dancing around the corners of my soul.

my body weighs more than a number.

my worth is the airplane rides, deep conversations, dancing, laughing, crying.

my body weighs more than a number.

my legs have taken me across worlds of sea, land, and mountains.
my arms have hugged. my lips have kissed. my hair has been washed in salt water and seaweed. my fingers have playing white and black keys, painted, created and traced the corners of his palms.

my body weighs more than a number.
my value weighs more than a number.
I am m o r e than a number.
c Jan 28
Is weighing
So much heavier
Than I remember it
But I still
Only blame
Dear book weight,
I dreamt of you
As my sweet fate

Dressed all on burgundy
Bragged of those elegant seams
Those that made you candy

And as foolish as it seems
A great desire awoke in me

I had no money to spare
Only if I miss my bread

So in a summer night
I swapped three meals
for your delight

"It is not even windy,"
My mother said,
"why would you want that instead?"

"I dream of windy nights,"
I replied
"one day my pages will try to fly"

What if my thoughts have no ground?
Who will plant True words in my mouth?

Only something heavy enough
Something that could make me tough

My elegant book weight
The things I'd do for you
Throw my phone out the gate
'cause my purse can hold a few

Off it goes
On the rue

Now come on
Inside my purse

~          *           ~

Dear book weight,
It's January and its Winds
They've come to haunt me

But they don't know
I am ready

No longer a boat without anchor
You hold me down on earth
No longer in need of my rancor
to daunt me from my death
January 25th, 2019
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