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in the chronicles of our days,
the agonizing ones
are the most

flipping through pages
of history books
it’s always
war war war

expired lives
settling differences
with violence and force

and now the living must
barter time and
for absolution
in order to honor
the dead with tradition

but yesterday was yesterday
and yet we carried around
like dead weight
on our backs
without thought
of letting go

and somehow, someway
the problems we’ve already
countered seem to attack
us the most

as I stroke my beard
and watch them spin
down the endless well
of dread, sorrow
and regret.
A M Ryder Sep 23
We are all alone
In ways no one understands
We drown under
The waves of words
We aren't saying
Sometimes I can feel my bones
Straining under the weight
Of all the lives
Im not living
And I wanted to save you
But I needed saving too

All we've got is
The precious knowledge
Of our own
Self destruction
julianna Sep 1
Out of control isn’t fun
I can’t take the weight of the world
A grown man, a girl, and a child
They’re stepping on me and while...
I just keep going
Left, right, left
Right, left, right
I’m gonna struggle all my life.
What you want

Seems to be the thing you cannot need.

Emotions are just wasted energy

Strength comes from passion

Isn’t that the blood mixture in which we bleed?

Do you need my touch?

Do you need my heart?

Do you need my soul?

Wants are also needs to balance

The human life force energy toll

That takes away strength if one element

Is neglected

Or another is over consumed

Throwing off nature’s balance

The Human spirit falls to the tip

Of unbalanced scales

Of what is valued and what is undervalued

A crazy debate that rips out psychic

Down to blown up pieces and chips.
worm is around body
knows every dummy
go wide and return lazy

worm, worm worm
means circling around
to remind the back of history
your that is great demand

but you will walk late
late as the light will be crippled
but the important to know the step
every step leads to the end
read the time, aims to the coming

you will prevent the worst
if you returned and remembered the past

what does you lose if you walk as worm?
slowly but know the step
and study today to face the next day

past, now future and follow your mind
to lease sad and increase your happy
or even lives without any any bad memory

God will return your right
even the night gets short or becomes weight
the times will go and you must take you turn at the first
KM Hanslik Aug 3
Last time I tried this hard
to add things up was Algebra II
I still **** at math, so I'm working through
each problem one at a time
my therapist says I shouldn't do that to people,
packed into boxes, expected to do what they say
but here I am all the same
four blue lines around your name
I guess I should just be glad you came,
**** an afterthought, I'm the ******* train
thought you could stand on the tracks, white flag in your hand
like I've already signed off on a 12-month lease
well, this year doesn't belong to you
it's doing fine just on its own;
you always saw me as a rolling stone,
a little too loose in the heart or the head
guess I was just that good in bed,
but oh, you wouldn't know, right?
It's not like you spent every other night
******* me in and out of sleep,
my name on your lips along with my skin
& all that ******* about losing to win-
no wonder I'm ******* struggling
to calculate the weight of words
only significant in certain contexts.
150 pounds feels like less on the moon,
unless you're the ******* ground carrying it
(pain is relative)
so go ahead, walk all over me
I'm like carbonation, feeling gravity-free
as pliable as your plastic Wal-Mart bags,
but even those are meant to be used again-
I'm just waiting to find out where & when.
Beauty for me was measured by numbers and shade. The shade of my skin. The number on the scale, the size tag on the shirt, the number of compliments and the number of likes. Social status was defined by the number of followers. And I myself defined through the eyes of others and opinions. But beauty was so much more. It wasn’t all about being beautiful. It is about the words you speak. It is about what you read and watch. It is the cerebral stimulating conversations you hold. It is the way you burn heart with brilliance and engulf heart with compassion. It is the sweetness in your laughter and the humor in your quirkiness. It is the things you stand up for and the things you love. It is the way you are random and weird. It is the way you sow your own garden and give flowers to yourself and others. It is the way you lose yourself in your passions and the way you’re so driven to your goals. It’s all the intricacies of your heart, mind and soul. For there is beauty in all the little things that made you, you. Most of all there is beauty in the way you see, love and care for yourself, because all along you never needed to convince anyone or fit in to the words written to be beautiful. And accepting yourself for the person you are is the most empowering and beautiful thing you can do.
Pedro Vialle Jul 20
I wish I knew why
people keep giving me stuff to carry
when I already have so much on my chest
No rhymes today, just some tears
Millie Jul 16
My approval driven state confused them
But with each disappointment I felt the weight of the ones before
Cement filling my ever heavy chest
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