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Leone Lamp Jun 10
He pushed the weight of the world
To the top of the milky way
And he leaned, and he sighed
As the world rolled away

He put the globe on his shoulders
As he prepared to climb again
He shrugged and it shuddered
Spreading fear to little men

Igby! Igby, my boy!
I feel it coming down on me!
This pressure, this weight!
Why can I not be free?

Some weights are corporeal
Like the dumbbells at the barbell
Tabs overflowing, drinks and meals
These simple weights are easy to quell

Then there are the really heavy ones
The ones no eyes can see
The ones that drag us down to earth
That make it hard to flee

Our words and obligations
All form a lofty load
We are all carrying something
Along our personal roads

And our roads, they go forever

But, to where?

No one knows...
"You see, Igby... I feel this great pressure, coming down on me... It's just constantly coming down on me.. Crushing me..." -from the film "Igby Goes Down"

Kassan Jahmal Apr 25
For this love she said to,
"wait on me"
Despite my heavy heart,
love don't put your weight on me.

The long wait has a heavy weight
This was inspired by a long distance relationship I once was in, that I was willing to wait 6 years for her.
StormriderIX Apr 21
A poem can take flight with our troubles

But sometimes instead the weight doubles
We carry something for so long
And suddenly we don't know what's going on
Dreams can shatter
It feels like nothing will matter
We try to move on forward
But we realise we feel cornered
Things happen yet time stands still
Time passes yet it all stands still
Life goes on.
LC Apr 16
they may carry children
with cotton-candy-tinted glasses,
or adults who nudge the world
to align with their visions,
or the elderly who see a path
of golden light ahead of them,
or animals who always beam
around their fellow humans,
they carry children with shoulders
that know the weight of the world
or adults who see their dreams shattering
all around them like a broken mirror,
or the elderly who can only see gray clouds,
wondering when the darkness will lift,
or animals who are suffocated by the noise
and crave the fresh air and blue skies.
these vessels carry more stories than
the number of stars in this infinite universe.
#escapril day 15!
Jay Apr 13
The cursed number
In bone and blubber
The taste inescapable
My thoughts are nonsensical
Shrink it further
To be skinny I'd ******
The burden of weight
All myself I hate.
Evelyn Ann Apr 11
Its is long overdue
We have already wasted enough time

We have carried this weight, these baggage and so much emotional turmoil, for too long, it blinds us and hinders us

Making us uncomfortable, unacceptable, unable to grow, unable to see what needs to be removed from our lives and unable to overcome obstacles

But I am too afraid....

No, we are afraid to remove such a blindfold and such a hindrance

It seem almost impossible
Because these are things that I....

No, these are the things we treasurer the most.
When I say something
It means something
When I say nothing
It means many things
Unconditionally I love
Conditionally I unlove
I am friends if untouched
Foe if recklessly touched
Scrambled egg or egg fry
I make of the liars lying
Poetry of poetasters
Doesn't qualify in their eyes
Weight of their degrees
So high
They crumble under
Light weight poems of small fries
Gate keeping suits them
Guarding security risk to their life
On HelloPoetry
Poetry good or bad
Instrument of healing
On HelloPoetry
Poetry an instrument for feeling
Nobel laureates
You aren't dealing!
Randomly written without much thought. May be reflection of the subconscious.
Doro Apr 1
Why is it so difficult
To change something?
And when I try,
Where is the result?

Is the effort worth the Health
even when it’s heartbreaking?
Or should I do nothing
And never accept myself?

Mirrors the new enemy
And scales like a horror movie
When can I overcome
The fear of my destiny?
I need to lose weight
But I need to love me for who I am
I need to lose weight
But I deserve clothes that fit my body now
I need to lose weight
But I need to be happy the way I am.
Brittany Ann Jan 29
I know how a strong woman cries-

and I also know why.

A hidden lump deep in the heart that festers

into a cancerous demise.

People do not stand on thin foundations,

nor lean on paper walls.

They use up space and add more weight

then you're left alone to bear it all.
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