Shadow has put some weight on me

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Genre: Clinical
Note: BMI= Body Mass Index
Shadows are the attachment which  make us heavier than we actually are.
Dont want to breathe
Dont want to move
Dont want to cry
Dont want to die

I dont know what i want
But its not this

This feeling of emptiness
And dead weight in my chest
In my head
In my legs

Everythings fading
My chest hurts
Should probably take a breath
It should help
But it’ll come back later
It always does

I can breathe later
My bones break
Under the strain
Of words, fake,
Drowning in rain.

These bones are made of chalk,
Often times too hard to walk.
Despite these times of rage,
Still, I can turn the page
And look into the eyes
Of my own true demise.

These bones, chained
Under the weight
Are left maimed.
No choice, but wait.

These sticks of pale wood break,
Just as the soul can ache.
Under the cracking bones,
Left beneath hollow stones,
Is my own fragile mind.
Feelings I’ve yet to find…
I feel a weight on my mind
That makes every action dreadful
Weariness overcomes my will
All that is left of me is hollow
Responsibility is heavy
Loneliness is an ambivalent feeling
I feel both free and trapped
To be suffocating and breathing at the same time
I want something better
Louis Archer Feb 11
She hears the quiet whisper of the man paying his respect to lost love
Wiping his eyes
And offering her heart to lend

Taking him in
Showing love not deserved
But love she was sharing

was lifted
Singing and dancing!
Sorrow was not his fate

His spirit lifted
And all he can think is...
Thankful enough he can never be
Thank you
Louise, happy birthday! I am so glad you are in my life! If I am being honest... You are one of the most fantastic people I know, and I am so happy that you are someone I talk to. Originally, I had planned to come see you this weekend and surprise you! Things didn't work out so this is what I am resorting to. I wanted to read you this poem in person, but since I can't I'll settle for this little birthday note. I wrote this a week ago, I hope you like it, and i hope it helps you understand what you mean to me. Without being all weird, I just want to say that i love you. You are one of my best friends and I hope you have a wonderful bday.

-Love Sam
Amanda Jan 29
Like a wave,
You crash over me,
Open my eyes with,
The calm of the sea.

Like a book,
Your pages read clear,
Sentences true,
Chapters sincere.

Like a wagon,
You carry the weight,
Of love, hold it up,
As your wheels rotate.

Like a compass,
I use you to guide,
My direction
I let you decide.
Another old one I edited. Much better now. I would love any critique or compliments.
b e mccomb Jan 12
give us this day our daily
emotional breakdown
and forgive us our
blackout binges
as we forgive those who
starve themselves for perfection

and lead us not into
inherited obesity
deliver us from
the mental ward


on mlk day i shut my eyes
and see scenes of
squishy white rolls and
pats of margarine

feeling in my stomach

i can't eat any
more bread

but here it is
in baskets and
coolers in
toasters and

my daily bread
made to sustain me
but turned into
the enemy

deliver me
from risen
yeast in
third degrees

a flour coated
mind control
through sesame


quietly settles
until spring
somewhere between
my hope and skin

you can see me
smile and stand
straight and tall
but what you can't see
is this shouldn't be
my body at all

give us this day
our daily bread
and give us the strength
to chew meat instead

copyright 1/11/18 b. e. mccomb
The measure of worth
depends on the man
Doing his best
and all that he can
Gauges and weights
aligned in the mind
Self worth defined
in a manner unkind
Gold weights you down
as exactly would lead
Knowing the difference
never easily done
but, so easily said
Talk is cheap, and actions, speak louder :D
Brought forward, from the past.
Matt Walls Jan 4
2nd of Jan all revved up
Another cup of tea in another tea cup
Back to work sharp and raring to go
Cup of tea gone, the start is slow

Happy New Year you say with glee
The guy over there is staring at me
I pick up the pace and give it some wellie
Oh crap I think he's staring at my bellie

Peanuts, crisp, Toblerone and cake
Turkey trifle all on your plate
Just eat and sit until you're ill
As you tell yourself just sit and chill

Must get fit and lose some weight
Tuesday arrives you come home late
Chicken Pie, peas and a pint of beer
Same old same old Happy New Year!
Fat bride Jenny,
Went to see Dr.Benny,
Had gas and constipation,
Could not eat her favourite venison.
The nurse asked her to get up on the scale,
The scale gave a yell,
The scale huffed and puffed,
The nurse in fear trembled and coughed,
The scale cried,
"We need your weight,fat bride,
Not Your Mobile number,
Get down, don't mount me ever."
Poor scale,Jenny's weight was beyond his scale number.
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