yúyīn 5h
A nother shitty day
B inging, then throwing up; Hunger
C rying, as usual
D eath sounds comforting
E each day is a struggle
F orcing smiles
G one too soon? Not soon enough
H eaven isn't for people like me.
I nternal struggle—i want to
   die//i want to live ..
J ust one more cut .. Oops, too
   many to count
K ill yourself, my thoughts say
L iving is exhausting
M ore scars
N othing inside. It's hungry. Being
    eaten alive
O h, I woke up this morning, I
    wanted to die
P ain .. So much pain.
Q uit  it!
R est in peace [RIP]
S hut up!
T hese thoughts will be the death
   of me. Tired
U nder the facade is a corpse. Im
    a walking dead
V ery soon i will end it.
W hy should I stay alive? Should
     I kill myself?
X friends, x lovers, goodbye
Y es
Z ero thoughts
26 days since my last failed attempt. I will be successful next time. I have to.
That’s a nice tie
I wonder how it’d feel wrapped around my neck
Taking away my very last breath
When you find my body
I’ll have the same dead eyes
Only now will you notice
how lifeless they are
They say I have a nice imagination. But it isn’t really “nice”
MalakF 1d
Today is the day I'll go down in the calendar, It's the day of my surrender. The day I wave my little white flag, the day I give my life back, the day I kneel down to the enemy asking them to put an end to me.
I surrender,
I surrender.
MalakF 1d
Why am I not allowed to take my own life? I mean, it’s in my hands. I just hope that they can all understand that the only way for me to strive, I must take the knife and end my own life.
MalakF 1d
Happy pill, happy pill you’re meant to make me better.
Happy pill, happy pill I mentioned you in my letter.
Suicide pill, suicide pill help me jump off this hill.
Suicide pill, suicide pill take away all my living will.
MalakF 1d
I’ve accepted defeat. I’m literally on my knees kissing deaths rotten feet, begging him to please let me join his team.
MalakF 1d
‘My Head is in the clouds’ is a saying that I finally understand. But instead of the clouds; my mind is in a rabbit hole. It’s already sitting there in my place, all that’s left is for my body to join and finally put to rest.
MalakF 1d
A girl knows for certain that she’ll die. Not by the hands of others but by taking the great flight.
My heart aches
for who knew;
who knew it was you?

It was the jolly, caring mentor,
It was the happy, kind teacher,
Who decided her end,
By her own terms.

I wish none of this is real,
But reality is just so cruel.

I missed my opportunity
to have you alive with me.

Now my heart is hollow;
Your death is a pill I can't swallow.
For my teacher who recently hanged herself. I hope you are in a better place now.
alex 9h
you have the body of an unromanticized corpse
though you are more like the maggots within
than the soul you claim lives there.
I haven't seen it.

the meat inside your head
is rotting away
you should be grateful
but instead you try to kill it faster.
a rat born inside a carcass
eating the only home it's ever known.
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