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JoJo 7h
sometimes i want someone to take the rain
but leave the pain
so I can watch my heart slowly die
like it was always meant to.

but mind you,
this is not a suicide note
because my soul has already died.
Anon 13h
Some people,
Unknown to the people around them,
Isolate themselves from the world.
Causing them to have so many thoughts,
Ideas they can't control
Decisions running through their head.
Eventually, they decide it's easier to just, end it.
Not everyone is as happy as they seem
Hey there.
I am looking for someone who can **** me tonight.
Just nudge me off a tall building and run off.
No one would know.
I just don’t have the courage to do it myself.
I need help.
Hey there.
I am looking for someone who can **** me tonight.
Will you help me?
Maggi 14h
I'm dying,
Choking, trying to swallow my tears.
My head feels dizzy,
My heart is full of fears.

But I'm good at lying,
Trying to smile, tell jokes,
"Yes, I'm fine".
I don't tell my problems because those are … mine

You can’t look at me,
Bearing the misery.
I'm dying.
Only the brightest lights of purest white
Will grace our flesh as we ascend
To the highest plain of humanity's journey
Wrapped in skin our forms will bend

Tears were shed by those who fear
What We embrace to end our quest
Red that flows and black that floods
How hollow the mind that deems our quest a test

A face so bright, humbling, yet wrong
Greeted us with arms like fire
Our bodies burn brighter like embers in the air
Our quest has ended, and we waited so long
Written 12/31/18
Even the word "Meaningless"
has its own purpose.
Find your own.
I have feeling, I know I must have
But they are not here, not that I know of
I don't feel anything, I must be dead inside
Or they are just turned off, shipped to the other side

I don't know where to look for them
The must have left me, I don't hear the anthem
Am I going death
Or did I breath my last breath

Where to go
Where to look
Without guiding
Without a path to walk

It's dark inside
It's dark outside
I must have set my feeling aside
To live or to die, is what I must decide
I was young when you attacked.
Young and hopeful, taken aback.
You told me I would die like you, and do things I'm not meant to do.
Then, I couldn't comprehend, why you'd meet your untimely end.
Inside me it began to stir, strange things I suddenly remembered.
Another me? From a different time? Or maybe later down the line?
I was calm, and I was fierce.
Goodbyes were often insincere.
I left my wife  and child behind.
Because of this, they would die.
I was torn, but I was free.
They had not known what happened to me.
I was less than they deserved.
A conjecture, but still, ahead of the curve.
So I went on to see you again, I wonder what this visit contends?
I enter without warning, but here you are, prepared for me!
Your friend who stood behind the door, I dealt to him the killing blow.
I then began to feel regret, but wait! I haven't finished yet!
I wrap my hands around your neck, there and then I felt content.
A soul can't leave your lifeless shell, omega on your way to ****.
If I could watch you die again, I'll do it from my ink and pen.
Iska 1d
There once was a girl
Sitting all alone
Beside a grave
She wished
Was her own.

And as she shuddered
And gasped for breath
She realized
all she longed for

Was death.

“Silly girl”
Death said to me
“How can you exist
So selfishly?”

“For her to die
And you to live
Is the curse that
You deserve”

And as I lay there
In a pool
of blood
And tears
I realize the truth

It’s not my place

Not to live
And not to die
Not to give up
And not to try

It’s not my air to breathe
And yet who am I to deny
It’s not my food to eat
Yet how can I not?

How can I waste
What was hers to claim?
And how can I die
When she lays in my grave?

She didn’t deserve it
But I...
I do
And so I am forced
To consume her food.

It’s not my air to breathe
It’s not my place to greave
It’s not my food to consume
It’s not my life to remove
I am to blame
Slick in My mouth, scorching the inside
The taste is addicting, numbing Me up for another ride
The high is suicide, cell by cell, but I no longer care
My body craves it's sickening ****, a fatal dare

No ***, No Plan, No Life, I die to any and all emotion
I feel so violated, so empty, so blind
The ink has made Me it's *****, a disgusting devotion
All alone, the truth lies, I crawl to find

Bleeding from every hole, forced to walk, a *****
I no longer feel well, I long to die, but I must behave
The nails rust and ******* Me, I think I'm dying
"It's just this one time, You're doing great!" I hear it lying

Malevolent *******, chains through My hands
Crying doesn't help, She's all I am, or ever will be
One last chance lies at the foot where He stands
My insides hurt, I wash it down hard, She's everything to Me
Written 12/31/18
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