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Owen Mar 5
And the world stared,
as another man passed
before his time.
We all want to be perfect,
But what is perfection?
What does it take to be perfect?
I look in the mirror
And I see perfection
I look in my soul
And I see depression

I see a beast,
That will never be accepted
A lonely soul,
Surrounded by people
Yet, invincible
I see me yearning to be loved
So,  I cry myself
To sleep everyday,
Contemplating suicide

But when I wake up,
The first thing I see
Is my perfect reflection in the mirror
So, I smile
Hiding my fear of perfection
Little do I know that perfection,
Is an illusion
And suicide is never the solution!
That girl lies in bed with ducts that weep.
She rises from her bitter bed
With thoughts of suicide in her head
She idolises being dead.
Facing the day wishing it would all just end

The only thing keeping her here
Is the golden locket around her neck
As she looks at the photo
And remembers the promises she made
She knows that one day it will be better

So she puts the knife down
And calls the girl who is in the locket
She knows she will make her smile
And remind her she is worth more than she thinks
after the noose, pills, or blade,
i will once again be your phantasm
and i will tear you apart
just as you tore me
i'm sorry, logan
Our eyes met,
Hands touched
And sparks filled the room
You were destined for me

We kissed and snuggled,
I felt your breath on me,
I felt your pain,
I was yours

I showed you off to the world,
I thought death couldn't keep us apart,
I was you and you were me,
I lived my life with you

I learnt how to love with you,
You gave me hope
But death cheated us
I wouldn't stop playing with death,
Till, I'm yours and you are mine again,
See you soon, my love.

sometimes i ponder the thought that if i were to take my own life the sun would sure as hell still rise the next day

that if one day you woke up and i was no longer here
my existence would eventually become something you’d only acknowledge once a year

it hurts to force myself out of bed and stare at this hollowfied carcass of a body that i'm forced to roam

my soul is no longer here
it was ripped from the most sacred parts of me years ago

i don't think im meant to stay here for much longer
though i truly tried to find something to cling to
being forced to live in such agony is wrong

the whole point of my existence here on this plane is what follows after im long gone
Tompson 3d
I shall die in my bed
Knowing that I could be alive
If I only had the courage
To walk out the door
Without any regret
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