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I still hear that voice sometimes.
It’s not nearly as loud or as frequent, but it’s still there. I think it always will be. I don’t try to silence it, anymore. I know that what it says isn’t true. I try to sit with it. I try to find the feeling underneath the words. Is it loneliness? Exhaustion? Fear?
I try to hold it, gently, like a bird with broken wings. I listen, and then I let it go.
This voice in my mind,
Screams at me that it’s time,
To lose control,
And say goodbye to it all!
He won’t leave me alone,
He’s even taken my home!
Arden 6d
Im not doing ok
I havent washed my hair
since last Sunday

I've worn these clothes
For the past 3 days

Just about killed myself
Saturday night

But like nothing is really wrong
Im just ******* depressed
And I don’t know how to get out of it

I almost asked someone how
I know if I need more help
Instead I typed a paragraph about
Why they matter and
Need to put themselves first
One more time, one more time.
I’ll just do this one more time.
One last time and I’ll be fine.
I’ll just do this one more time.

One more time, one more time,
The crimson red is such a beautiful sight.
One more time and I’ll be fine.
Let me just do this one more time.

One more time, one more time.
The silvery gleam greets me once again.
One last time, I’ll be fine.
I’ll just do this one more time.

One more time, one more time,
Fresh roses are piling around me.
Is that you? Cruel angel of the world?

Take me away, one last time.
Another poem about self harm, I never seem to run out of those. It's a bit more compact this time, I hope you enjoy.
Iz 7d
Is it really survivors guilt if
I haven’t survived yet
austin 7d
I'm not sure if the sun came up
I haven't seen it shine
There's something wrong, I think I'm stuck
I'm running out of time

I'm not sure if I'm still awake
I think I might have drowned
There's nothing here, it feels so fake
I think I'm falling down
Zay Oct 7
Where were you,
when I fell apart,
Where were you,
when the beating in my chest ached to end,
Where were you,
when life crashed in and stole my tears away in pill bottles,
Where were you,
when I decided enough was enough.
Where are you?
I don't see you by me casket.
It's okay,
It's not the first time I've been abandoned
fireheart Oct 6
How could He not keep you, once He’d had a glimpse,
Of your incredible light and the supernova of your existence?
It would be selfish to think that we could hold onto you,
When your very heart was larger than all we know.

How could He not keep you, once He’d had you near,
Once he’d heard you sing His praises in reverence and joy?
It would be foolish to think that any being could know
Such a beautiful soul, and let it slip away.

How could He not keep you, once He’d seen your Grace,
Your gentleness and kindness, the way you showed us love?
It would be dishonesty to say that, all being said,
I wouldn’t have done the same.

How could anyone not love you, once they knew your soul,
The way you ran after Jesus, the way you inspired life in us all?
It would be a darker world had you not been in it,
If you had not walked alongside us, a breath of glorious sunshine.

We prayed that you would open your eyes,
But you opened them in Heaven.
Written for a friend who is greatly missed.
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