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With the knowledge that my skin is healing
That my cuts are fading
Makes me want to create more
So my "friends" never leave
And my little relapse depression party can rave on
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
I lied when I said:
I don't like myself
I don't love anyone


I loved myself with you
I love you


Everything changed in an instant
Girl that started making me feel okay, but there she goes
I'm told not to speak my mind
That I should hide my emotions
And that I can't speak the truth
Indirectly and secretly they say,
"Just let your mind **** you."
Feel free to share revision ideas :)
saffronne 20h
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
I promise, this is my final call.
And even now, this is just a stall,
but I swear to you, there will be no more.

Mirror, mirror, I now recall,
you've told me once or twice before,
to mind my step or else I'll fall,
so I took two steps and reached the shore,
here I belong, no where at all.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
how many pills until I hit the floor?
~ s
I have a vivid memory of this one night while I was sitting on your front porch. It was twilight. The streetlights shone dimly, with a warm orange glow in contrast with the dark blue sky. The wind rustling through the leaves of the trees canopied above, with a chill that made the atmosphere itself shiver. My thoughts were so loud through the whispers of the winter slowly freezing over. It felt like I was being consumed by the kiss of the Dementors. It was beautiful yet maddening, like breathe on mirror.
Regan 1d
they couldn’t see past my smiles.
my hurt was invisible to them.
they didn’t see the blood drip on the tiles.
my wrists burning from the blades.

they saw a happy face,
but didn’t know my pain.
I would find myself pace,
with a gun rested on my lips.

they never heard my cries
or how i would scream for help
i was ready to die,
but you never noticed.

they were oblivious to my troubles
so i’m more dependent on myself.
even if the signs weren’t subtle,
i’ve moved on from my struggles.
Lisa 1d
Feelings i wish they could fade it would make things easier i know u just wanna smash me then pass me i was hoping i could change your mind you don't love me u just love what u could do to me so don't tell me u love me
Summer 1d
“Poem for Paul”

He carries a revolver in his hand
He tells me he hopes he’s going to the promise land
Playing Russian roulette wishing for death
He carried that revolver for around for 12 hours never feeling safe or sound
His soul weeped and his heart cried
He so badly just wanted the pain to step outside
He smoked and he drank to feel more than just pain
He said his heart was broken and it could never be replaced and his sins couldn’t be washed away
He said his soul was like black tar ******
And after those words I knew I would never see him again
I knew the old us was the end us
But my heart still beats for him and I wish I could comfort him
His soul was purer than he thought
He used to talk me out of my suicidal thoughts
Losing him would be like losing my other half
I would be dark and cold submerged in a bath
His voice is so sad and his eyes are so black
I wish he wasn’t being attacked
I just wish I could win his soul back.
shiv 1d
and he stutters out a world
wherein he is sadness more than boy
and i can not help but think
he deserved so much more
than the agony ripped into his skin
I wanna express, what is on my mind,
But all i can do is smile and say nevermind..

A home was all i yearned to find,
But yet again i was left in a bind...

They say i spark with a different shine,
What is it of use when you turn away blind...

I guess my fate is already aligned,
So should I leave my thoughts confined?

I expect too much from this mankind,
When all they know is how to leave behind...

In the end there will be nothing left to find
Except a body, on a rope unkind...
"This house no longer,
Feels like home"
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