Drowning in a sea of fears
They have made themselves blind,
By their misery which shed a river of tears
They are wistful for words that are kind

Like microscopes, they magnify their troubles
And forget the world is a bigger picture
Their narrow minded thoughts block out
The rest of the image, out of their vision

If only they would take effort
To turn their heads
And walk forward
Gripping the railings with firm hands

As a lion would walk in his kingdom
We must own our ways
And betray our fears
And join the human race
To a better place

And help someone else keep up with the pace
See things in a different aspect
If I end it all today,
Remember I didn't mean to.

It was just another mistake.
I was trying
To fit in.

Into your company.
That lull of the corporate life.

If I end it all today,
Remember me for what I was
So many years ago.

When I didn't thirst for another's comfort.

Forget what I am now.
This shadow of my past that died many deaths now.

If I end it all,
Take the red and make it blue.
Pen verses that make me live.
Hey, temptress!
You pretty little thing.
You wrapped around my neck,
Then you began to sing.
You breathed into my mouth,
And I took all of you in.

Hey, crooner!
You sultry seamstress...
My only Eleni Mandell.
You were lulling me to sleep,
So onto my bed, I fell.
And I thought I was in heaven...
Never thought I'd wake up in hell.
And I am never coming back...
This much, I can tell.

Hey, Betty!
You told me...
Everything's gonna be alright.
But my momma's been cryin'...
All day, all night.

Shit, Betty!
You told me...
You were gonna set things right.
But, everywhere, there's just fire,
And it has set my soul alight.
Rain 10h
Is it more of a sacrifice,
To love life, and die for someone other than oneself?
Or is it perhaps harder
To hate life and yearn for death,
Yet live for the sake of one you love?
I'm thinking it's the latter,
Because clinging to life here in misery for their sake
Hurts so much more than choosing to leave forever.
You do not only have to stay alive for you. Sometimes it is enough to stay alive for your mom, your brother your S.O, anyone. If you have no one but your cats, then stay alive for them! If you have a dog, think of how much pain you'd cause him/her if you left. Point is, find something, anything, even a temporary thing, to live for, and live for it! If you must, find a new something/one to live for. Just don't give up.
Suicidal thoughts and feelings
Seep out of my blood and onto the ceiling.
As they stay up there, I look up and stare.
And I realize once again that I don't really care.

Life is unfair.
It is what you make it.
And maybe one day you'll want
To get out of bed and take it.
Whisper 1d
I see the world in terms of tools;
exit devices.
A mallet for tenderizing meat—
my broken mind would be such
a pretty color on silver.
My sweet blood would paint
those knives like Picasso, and
the parasites would crowd for
a drink.
If I swallow enough pills will
I cough up my last breath?
And it’s you.
It’s you, it’s you and it’s you.
Finger pointed at the ones I love.
Love is the worst tool.
It’s the shovel digging my grave,
and I fall in blindfolded.
Enduring the torture that my own body gives me, cramps and stings and knives that bleed me.
A flood of red liquid many know as blood, I imagine it on my wrists when I feel the tingling warming sensation at the bottom of my arm.

I’m lost in a current when I remember back to being with the bright blue sky, but then I think to now and how I’m pushed under your ocean deep octaves, and dark brooding ground eyes.
These waves that crash over me take a drastic turn as my own stomach churns, constricting me, bleeding me, killing me.

Like my own thoughts weren’t enough to drown my head with the sights of him, but it would continue and I’d see her there too, and then I’d imagine finally finishing it.
But how do I do it?

Do I slit my wrists? And let my body dribble dry.
Do I swing from the ceiling? And let my body sway from side to side.
Do I jump off from a high place? And let my body crumble from gravity.
Do I swallow and choke down pills? And let my body finish the job of killing me inside.

I can’t eat, I can barely sleep, and the stress keeps letting me get depressed. More and more I sink.

Underneath the deep blue sea
Elliot 2d
Slow down
Hold my breath
Is it defeat?
A little treat
Left for me
one so weak?
Life’s lessons learned
But none to teach
Who was she?
Why was he
Th’ air’s a sea




La mort petite.
Important note to readers: However you read this, suicide is a very serious topic and should never be taken lightly. If you need help in any way big or small there are many places to turn. This is just one of them:-
(United Kingdom)
Samaritans – for everyone
Call 116 123
Email jo@samaritans.org
zero 2d
The Baphomet at
the bottom of the bottle
said he'd drown if I
didn't drink.
He said he'd drown me
if I tried to throw him out.

Seeker 2d
i wanted to go back to my old room so bad.
because of the colours of the walls,
the view from the window,
and the memories of my mom.

the memories are the exact reason why i should never go back into that room.
its my past self.
never go back.
always move forward.

that room holds secrets.
secrets i cannot tell and secrets that have been told.
i was suicidal in that room.
i even attempted suicide in that room.
i wrote my suicide notes and cried myself to sleep in that room.
i was physically and emotionally abused by my father in that room.

my current room is when i shed a layer of myself
and began to see that i needed more help than i thought.
and thats really the first step.
the most important step.
the hardest and tallest step.
realizing you're more fucked up than you ever thought you were. but realizing it in a way that makes you want to change for the better.
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